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Increase and correction of cheekbones fillers


Clear, highlighted cheekbones automatically make a woman's face younger. But with age, their contours gradually fall down, making the skin changes more noticeable, and making the image heavier. And sometimes the natural, genetic form of the cheekbones looks too rough, giving an extra age. In this case, modeling procedures will come to the rescue. And about one of them - the correction with the help of fillers, we will tell you more.

Contour guarding the beauty of your face

First of all, let's remember what fillers are. They are a substance in the form of a gel, which is used for contouring plastics. Previously, it was silicone and paraffin; in modern cosmetology, human or animal collagen and hyaluronic acid are used. In the case of more expensive procedures, the client may be asked to use their own fat.

Fillers can be:

  • natural,
  • synthetic,
  • biosynthetic.

Naturally, the above listed options belong, and synthetic ones are artificial, which are popular in view of their low cost. Biosynthetic fillers - a combination of natural and artificial substances, considered, along with natural enough safe and affordable enough.

When is it necessary?

Of course, you can create the face of your dreams at any time, having the desire and finances. But the real need for such a procedure usually arises with such problems as:

  • asymmetrical facial contour,
  • insufficient volume of cheeks (hollow),
  • flabbiness of the skin in the cheekbones,
  • insufficient fat layer
  • cheekbones unexpressed by nature.

Modeling process

Before a specialist starts to work, it is necessary to undergo an initial consultation, during which you need to determine the condition of the skin, delineate the amount of work and select the appropriate filler.

The session itself will last only 20-30 minutes, and after it the client will usually be able to return to the normal rhythm of life.

In the process, with a thin needle, a plastic gel is injected under the skin, which can be distributed as needed. After the introduction, it increases in volume, thereby filling the problem areas.

The effect after the session will last from 6 to 12 months, depending on the characteristics of the organism and the selected filler. Hyaluronic acid products usually dissolve faster and require more frequent correction. But each subsequent time the amount of the drug used will be less.

The redness and edema that appeared during the simulation session pass fairly quickly, and in a few days you will be able to fully enjoy the result.

Of course, many representatives of the fair sex are afraid of "beauty shots." But the procedure carried out by an experienced specialist using a quality gel promises to have only a positive outcome.

What are the advantages of modeling the cheekbones filler?

  1. No adaptation period. The only rules that are worth adhering to - cancel a visit to the pool, sauna and solarium.
  2. No trace. This is not a surgical intervention, because there will be no scars, and the needle punctures will not be visible in a few hours.
  3. It has no age limit.
  4. The result is noticeable after the first session.
  5. In addition to correcting the contours, the fillers will also help eliminate fine wrinkles and make deep changes in the skin less noticeable.
  6. Most gels are completely recycled by the body, so they do not require prompt removal.

But, despite this number of advantages, “beauty shots” have a number of drawbacks, including:

  1. Pain sensations. Injections can cause discomfort and pain for several hours and sometimes days.
  2. An incorrect procedure can lead to several negative consequences:
  • Occlusion of blood vessels. This occurs when the drug is injected too deeply and leads to the formation of scar tissue.
  • The appearance of seals. Their appearance is possible with the introduction of the gel too close to the surface of the skin.
  • Inflammation. Unfortunately, such effects are possible if all rules of sterility have not been followed. After all, even through a small puncture an infection can get inside.
  • Face asymmetry It may appear due to the use of poor quality materials.

Contraindications to the procedure are:

  • pregnancy and lactation,
  • diabetes,
  • autoimmune diseases
  • dermatological diseases,
  • problems with blood clotting.

Today, cosmetology procedures help correct almost any appearance defect. But it is always worth remembering that the measure and the choice of a qualified specialist are important in this. Be beautiful!

Stages of the procedure

Before a contouring plastic session, a cosmetologist should examine the face, assess its condition and the need for a filler.

The session lasts up to 40 minutes and consists of the following steps:

  1. Consultation with a cosmetologist, elimination of contraindications and allergies in a patient, selection of dermal filler, signing of an agreement for the introduction of the drug.
  2. Cleansing and disinfection of the skin, applying cream anesthesia.
  3. Marking on the face.
  4. Introduction of the filler to the required depth.
  5. The formation of massage movements roller cheekbones.
  6. Re-disinfection of the treated area.
  7. Issuance of a passport to the patient with information about the entered filler: name, expiration date, volume.

Recommended drugs

Yuviderm Volyuma has a high viscosity and is therefore ideal for contouring the cheekbones. The effect lasts up to 1–1.5 years.

Ivor Kontur - Korean-made Vumizer. It is very popular among cosmetologists. It gives excellent results. The effect lasts 12-18 months.

Style XL (or Style) - gel high density. 3D Matrix technology provides a lasting and lasting effect for up to 12 months.

The basis of Radiesse is calcium hydroxyapatite. The drug is shown to people over 35 years. Its benefits - does not migrate, perfectly smooths, increases the cheekbones and has a lifting effect due to the stimulation of collagen. The effect lasts about 1 year.

Indications for use

One of the methods is contour plastic with the help of special fillers - fillers. Used in cosmetology to create new lines and volumes and to correct age-related changes.

Recommended procedure:

  • with sunken cheeks - the collagen in the gel creates a natural frame that fills the voids,
  • sunken cheekbones, making the face less striking,
  • to adjust the shape of the face, bringing it closer to modern canons,
  • elimination of nasolabial folds and post-traumatic changes,
  • correction of unsuccessful plastic surgery on the face,
  • slowing down the appearance of deep wrinkles and getting rid of appearing in different areas of the face, including on the forehead and in the area of ​​the nasolacrimal sulcus,
  • improve skin color.

The result of contour plastics becomes noticeable immediately after injection (after 25-30 days, the result reaches a maximum value). Redness and swelling become invisible during the first day.

How is the procedure?

The use of gels is aimed at giving the desired shape, increasing the volume, expressiveness, elasticity in a certain area of ​​the face.

The process is almost painless and does not take much time, includes several steps:

  • Consultation before a session with a beautician, sometimes the procedure is in some cases contraindicated to a person, after an agreement is signed that the patient agrees to the proposed remedy,
  • skin preparation - thoroughly disinfect and apply an anesthetic for pain relief and removal of possible muscle spasms,
  • the cosmetologist outlines the places for future injections, for this the facial structure is measured and the optimal features are determined,
  • the transition to the direct injection by means of a cannula (a needle with a rounded end with a hole on the side, reduces the likelihood of bruising) - the patient is injected into the gel in the designated areas,
  • with the help of acupressure form the roller cheekbones,
  • re-treat the injection zone with disinfectants.

Patients should be informed about the composition of the injected filler, the country of manufacture, expiration date, volume, effect and price. It is selected for each client individually, taking into account external features. The whole process lasts from 30 to 60 minutes.

Use of fillers in the nasolacrimal sulcus

Correction in this area of ​​the face is more often used by women and men over the age of 35 years. The furrow is a skin fold about a centimeter, directed from the inner corner of the eye to the outside. Sometimes it passes from the outer corner to the zygomatic region. In young years, the fold is invisible, with age the ligaments become not so elastic, sag, bluish bags appear under the eyes.

They struggle with problems with the help of fillers that eliminate wrinkles, even out relief and improve color. But manipulation is contraindicated in infectious diseases, problems with blood, herpes and skin diseases, during pregnancy and lactation, under the age of 20 years.

Plastic surgery is performed within 30 minutes, the duration is up to a year. It goes well with Botox injections or chemical peeling.

The disadvantages include a short period of validity - up to 12 months, (depending on the patient's age, skin type and thickness). Rarely - seals are formed, inflammatory processes occur, swelling and redness do not pass for a long time.

The first result is visible in 12 - 14 days, the final - in a month. After the procedure, the face becomes young and flowering, without wrinkles and tired look.

Best tools

For injection, imported high quality products are used. The most popular are:

  1. "UltraSculptra" - French production.
    As part of hypoallergenic polylactic acid, which activates the production of collagen. This substance strengthens the tone of the dermis and significantly slows down its aging, evens the relief.
    The use of "Ultra Sculptra" always gives a good result, completely eliminated from the body. Deficiencies in its use are not detected.
  2. Shipped from Switzerland "Teosyal Ultimate", an effective means of long-acting (up to 15 months on average), gives the cheekbones expressiveness. To achieve a lasting effect, it is enough to make no more than two injections, so it is economical, safe and of excellent quality.
  3. Juvederm - The product is based on hyaluronic acid. The company produces it in various dosages - for a specific area of ​​the face.
    Juvederm Volift - used for the correction of nasolabial folds, makes the contour of the face clearer, corrects the shape of the chin and cheeks. The manufacturer guarantees visible results up to one year.
    Juvederm Voluma - one of the newest drugs developed by a well-known company Corneal - possesses plasticity and high density, which allows to cope even with serious defects in appearance.
  4. "Filorga Volume" - the product is designed to contour the oval face. Filler for cheekbones has advantages - long-term lifting effect, volumetric modeling.
  5. "Restylane" certified in Russia and CIS countries, actively used due to stable positive results. It has the ability to retain water molecules in the subcutaneous tissues, maintaining youth for a long time.
  6. "Princess" produced by a unique technology using hyaluronic acid of a specific consistency with a high level of homogenization. The product is recommended for women and men, perfectly combined with other cosmetic preparations. After its application there are practically no complications.
  7. "Radiess" made on the basis of calcium and phosphorus. Does not cause allergic reactions, as it is not of animal origin. Apply to correct the lips, cheeks and cheekbones, as well as to eliminate wrinkles. Particularly attractive for patients is the duration of action (up to 1.5 years).
  8. "Teosyal" - produced by a Swiss company Teoxane sa, a leader in the production of goods with hyaluronic acid. It is used for the temporal zone and nasolacrimal sulcus. "Teosyal" Ultra Deep - fights nasolabial folds, adds volume to cheekbones and cheeks.

Preparations of the latest generations are hypoallergenic, can be used on all parts of the body and face, have a long duration.

Treatment prices

It is necessary to carefully consider the choice of the filler, so as not to get a negative result when using low-quality drug.

Approximate prices for (in rubles):

  • "Juvederm Voluma" - from 18,000 to 20,000 rubles,
  • "Juvederm Volift" - 18 000 - 20 000,
  • "Radiesse" - from 17,000 to 19,000,
  • "Yvoire Contour" - from 19,000 to 21,000,
  • Stylage XL - from 25,000 to 28,000.

The cost of the procedure should be clarified when contacting a specific clinic, because they vary depending on the volume of the administered drug, the prices established at the institution and the product chosen.

Recommendations and contraindications
At first, redness, bruising or swelling may appear at the injection site, all these signs disappear without a trace within 3 to 5 days.

In order to rehabilitate faster, you need to follow a diet - do not consume alcoholic beverages, salty, smoked or fatty foods.

Beauty Tips

  1. During the monthly procedure should not be carried out due to lower pain threshold and a greater likelihood of swelling and bruising.
  2. Between sessions with the use of Botox and the introduction of fillers, it is desirable to take a break of at least one week.
  3. Do not take antibiotics during injections. If antibiotic treatment is mandatory, you should inform the beautician about it.
  4. Do not visit the bath or sauna, do not sunbathe in the open sun, do not do other cosmetic procedures, massage or rubbing during the next week.

Gel fillers have contraindications: autoimmune and skin diseases, low blood clotting, viral infections, pregnancy and breastfeeding, taking anticoagulants (stop taking for a few days), exacerbation of chronic diseases, reduced immunity, diabetes and age to 20 years

If you are prone to the formation of scars, you should consult with a beautician, as well as warn him about contraindications, if any.

Side effect

To the effect of the procedure did not bring disappointment, it is necessary to apply to proven clinics and well-recommended specialists. Unscrupulous masters may not follow the rules of hygiene or use counterfeit products.

In this case, inflammation, irritation or ulcers may occur.

Another side effect of the gel - with too superficial injection on the skin may appear grayish or cyanosis, as well as an uneven distribution of the injected substance. If it is introduced to a sufficient depth and falls to the surface from the inside, this does not happen.

Fortunately, it harms health and the drug does not need to be extracted with the help of surgeons. It is adjusted by the introduction of hyaluronidase, which provides rapid resorption.

Olga M., 35 years old.

Not so long ago, I lost much weight, and this naturally affected the condition of the skin - it sagged, wrinkles appeared unpleasant. Yes, and age makes itself felt - even expensive creams did not help. She decided on more radical measures - plastic surgery. But I was advised to make a contour plastics - painless, without negative effects and with almost instant results.

The process lasted no more than an hour, almost did not feel pain. At first, the injection sites were red and itched slightly (it was strictly forbidden to touch them), so I had to suffer. By evening, everything went, a little swelling remained. In the morning I did not recognize myself - from the mirror a young beauty with beautiful, taut skin looked at me. Surrounding also noted my "update", especially pleased with her husband's reaction.

To date, there are many methods and means to correct the flaws of the face and look younger - you should not immediately contact the surgeons. New innovative methods perfectly replace them, and do not have negative consequences that could not be corrected. Fillers are effective, safe, completely eliminated from the body without harming it.

What can be fixed in the cheekbones fillers

The correction of the cheekbones using fillers refers to innovative cosmetology techniques.

  1. Change the shape of the face.
  2. Adjustment of the nasal region. Due to the close proximity of the mucous membrane of the eye to the nose, the use of mesothreads or traditional surgical methods (as in the work with the nasolabial fold) is limited, and fillers come in to help the beautician.
  3. Correction of sunken cheeks or cheekbones.
  4. Raising the cheeks when sagging.
  5. Smoothing deep wrinkles in the lower eyelid.
  6. Alignment of skin color.
  7. Elimination of pigment spots.
  8. Treatment of ptosis, fry.

Thus, in case of undesirable changes in the contour of the face or after a trauma, you can safely make corrections using fillers in the cheeks or cheekbones.

Description of the procedure

The basis of the filler introduction process is the filling of voids with special preparations. Previously widely used components of silicone or paraffin. But they have high toxicity and are no longer used in the manufacture of fillers. Сегодня в состав препаратов входит природный коллаген (растительного или животного происхождения).

Some variants of the procedure involve pumping a small amount of the lipid layer from the patient himself, followed by his introduction to the affected area.

Most often, cosmetologists inject fillers into the cheekbones based on hyaluronic acid. It tends to decompose and be removed from the body, therefore, to maintain the desired effect, injections should be carried out with a certain regularity. Are considered the safest complex compositions, which include hyaluronic acid and collagen. They are effective and affordable.

Pros and cons of contouring cheekbones

Many patients are interested in the positive aspects of the procedure. Among them it is worth highlighting:

  • short term rehabilitation,
  • the effect is noticeable immediately after increasing the cheekbones,
  • the possibility of correction for women of different age categories (elderly women and young girls),
  • preparations based on natural components tend to naturally decompose and be eliminated from the body,
  • use products that do not cause allergies,
  • after injections the patient’s face looks natural
  • as much as possible reduced the risk of adverse symptoms.

The main stages of the correction of the cheekbones

Before the beginning of the session, the doctor must conduct an external examination of the patient, outlines the places for injections. If there are contraindications, the procedure is postponed until the moment of their complete elimination or is canceled. On average, one reception lasts from 30 to 40 minutes.

At the next stage, thorough preparation of the skin is carried out: removal of the excess layer of fat, treatment with special antiseptic solutions. Local anesthesia in the form of an ointment or cream is applied to the necessary areas.

With the help of a syringe, a thin needle of the syringe with the composition is inserted at a certain depth (the volume and brand are selected in advance). The cheek or cheeks are modeled with a special massage roller, which makes it possible to evenly distribute the gel under the skin. Then the injection sites are treated with disinfectant solutions.

A specific rehabilitation period is not required. Swelling and bruising go away after a few days. Among the restrictions is to highlight a visit to saunas, baths, hot baths for 7 days, a long stay in the sun. To prevent dry skin, it is recommended to apply a hypoallergenic moisturizer daily.

Cheek Fillers: the main stages of the procedure

It is possible to lift the sunken cheeks with the help of fillers with collagen or hyaluronic acid. It is prohibited to use cosmetics on the day of injections, it is also recommended to exclude medications that thin the blood (this will lead to the formation of noticeable bruising) at least seven days later.

Before the beginning of the session, the doctor examines external defects and marks out the places where you need to inject a filler. Then the skin is treated with a disinfectant solution and an anesthetic. With the help of special syringes that contain the required amount of the drug, the beautician conducts a series of deep injections. Gentle movements of the gel is distributed evenly under the skin. After the procedure, the surface is again treated with antiseptics.

Rehabilitation after correction

Since the considered technique is not considered a full-fledged surgical intervention, no serious limitations after injections are required. Key recommendations:

  • avoid massaging the treated area for the first few days,
  • for seven days to refrain from physical exertion
  • closely monitor that the area containing the filler does not give in to injury,
  • Do not use makeup for several days.

In order to remove the swelling, you can put on the face cold compresses. Bepantin's ointment will help to quickly restore the skin at the injection sites. As a rule, following all these simple rules you can significantly reduce the risk of side effects and enjoy the result in a week.

Contraindications and side effects

Doctors consider the main contraindications:

  • the period of pregnancy and breastfeeding,
  • patient age up to 18 years
  • the presence of malignant tumors,
  • stages of exacerbation of infectious or viral pathologies,
  • autoimmune disorders
  • increased tendency to form keloid scars,
  • injuries in the places of the supposed injection of injections.

In addition, the client should not be allergic to the components of the gel. In general, the procedure of contour correction is not dangerous for patients, however, if non-compliance with medical recommendations, side effects may occur:

  • swelling and redness of the skin,
  • bruising or spider veins,
  • loss of sensitivity at the site of the gel,
  • the formation of granulomas, nodules or seals with improper distribution of the drug under the skin,
  • squeezing of blood vessels or nerve endings.

Among the common side effects found dissatisfaction with the result. This is primarily due to the qualifications of the cosmetologist and the quality of the administered agent. Therefore, it is very important to give preference to proven clinics and doctors.

Reviews of patients on the experience of filler cheekbone injection

Olga, 34 years old, Moscow:

Colola filler Juviderm. The result was visible the very next day. Slight swelling and bruising remained for several days, then they went away on their own. I can say that the fillers provide the desired effect.

Tatiana, 27 years old, Perm:

I tried fillers of different brands and values. I didn’t notice any special differences, so I don’t see any reason to overpay several times. No adverse symptoms occurred.

Veronica, 45 years old, Vladimir:

I regularly go through the procedure of contour plastics. Very pleased with the result. With proper care, the effect can be slightly extended. Fillers injections are absolutely painless, and improvements are immediately visible.

Answers on questions

Can there be complications after the introduction of fillers?

The probability of a small but unsuccessful procedure can cause infection, compression of tissues or the occurrence of inflammatory processes.

What is the cost of the procedure and the duration of the effect?

The price depends on the brand of filler and the number of sessions. On average, one injection costs from 15 to 30 thousand rubles. The result with proper care lasts from 12 to 24 months.

How many injections to get the desired result?

14 days after the first session, it is necessary to see a beautician, he will appreciate the result obtained. If necessary, the specialist may appoint a second procedure. But, as a rule, this happens very rarely.

Summing up

The use of fillers in the cheekbones and cheeks makes it possible to eliminate imperfections and correct the shape of the face. The method is absolutely safe, and the composition of the gel is hypoallergenic. It is very important to choose a professional specialist who has undergone special training. This will significantly reduce the risk of negative consequences.

If you have already done fillers in the cheekbones, you can share your impressions of the procedure, leave a review.

The essence of the technique

The essence of the method consists in bringing under the skin of drugs, giving volume, smoothing wrinkles. The procedure is ahead of the popularity of plastic lips and eyes. Not surprisingly, the correction allows you to create a beautiful line of the oval, raise the cheeks, to prevent the appearance of flea, nasolabial fold. Previously, paraffin and silicone were used to add volume.

Modern fillers based on hyaluronic acid. It stimulates the synthesis of collagen, a natural component of the skin responsible for elasticity. Thanks to innovative formulas, after the procedure, the risks of side effects are minimal.

Effectiveness of

As an independent procedure is appointed at the age from 18 to 60 years. Has no gender restrictions, is carried out to women and men. Up to 35 years, the main purpose is the desire to achieve the effect of sunken cheeks, to tighten the cheekbones.

In adulthood, the use of fillers does not relieve ptosis and pronounced bryles, additional invasive techniques are needed. Also, the correction of the cheekbones will not cope with deep wrinkles, but visually you can make the nasogubki smaller.

The main effect after the correction with fillers is beautiful relief lines of the oval, smoothing mimic folds, improving the color and structure of the skin.

Effect of the procedure:

  • cheekbone lift,
  • cheek modeling
  • symmetry restoration,
  • pigmentation whitening,
  • prevention of the appearance of flea,
  • correction of nasolacrimal sulcus.

Types of fillers

Surzhiderm - the drug is produced in France, is distinguished by safety, the absence of side effects. The basis of hyaluronic acid, provides deep hydration, activation of collagen synthesis. The general condition of the skin improves, pigmentation takes place, wrinkles are smoothed. Viscous structure allows you to lift the cheeks, to create beautiful cheekbones. The result is about 2 years, the cost is about 10,000 rubles.

Sculptra - unlike other fillers, based on synthetic polylactic acid, which is displayed after 36 months. The formula allows to achieve a long lasting effect, while maintaining the naturalness of facial expressions. A safe drug rarely causes allergic reactions. A special feature is the need for correction in several sessions with an interval of 6 weeks. The cost of 12,000 rubles.

Radiesse - the main active ingredient is calcium hydroxyapatite. Appointed to enhance the synthesis of collagen, elastin after 35 years. Migration of the drug is not in the target areas, the effect persists for about a year. You can buy for 8600 rubles.

Yuviderm - contains hyaluronic acid, the viscous consistency of the drug provides uniform distribution, tightening the cheekbones. It copes well with fine wrinkles, dry skin, stimulates metabolism. The result is stored for about a year, the price is 13,000 rubles.

Princesses - fillers contain different types of hyaluronic acid, allow to achieve pronounced rejuvenation, to create beautiful cheekbones. The effect remains from 6 to 12 months, the cost is 5000 rubles.

Do I need training

At the first consultation, the doctor asks the patient about allergic reactions, general health. The procedure does not require a medical examination, testing. In some cases, testing is assigned to the portability of the filler components to avoid side effects.

Preparation for:

  • for a week you need to complete the reception of drugs that affect blood counts,
  • limit physical activity, sports,
  • To avoid puffiness, exclude alcohol, pickles, pickles.

Introduction technique

Before the introduction, the doctor asks the patient about the observed allergic reactions, the presence of implants, previously conducted cosmetic procedures. When choosing a clinic, it is important to consider customer reviews, experience, qualifications of a doctor, the use of exclusively certified products. When correcting with fillers, the doctor can use a bolus or linear-retrograde technique. In the first case, there is a minimum number of punctures through which a large amount of the drug is injected. Linear-retrograde implies a greater number of punctures, the introduction of a filler with minimal doses. Which technique is better to use, the doctor decides.


  1. Facial cleansing of dust and residues of cosmetics is carried out, performed by professional means to prevent the development of an allergic reaction.
  2. The integuments are disinfected with an antiseptic solution, the treatment is carried out several times.
  3. Areas of adipose tissue and nerve fibers are marked with a marker; it is strictly forbidden to enter a filler into these zones.
  4. A cannula injection schedule is determined, usually it is the middle part of the face under the apples of the cheeks and temples. For these purposes, a marker of a different color is used.
  5. Emla anesthetic cream is applied, which will last for 20 minutes.
  6. Next is the introduction of the drug through the cannula in the vector direction. The entire volume is entered by markup. Not more than 2 ml per cheekbone for 1 session. Perhaps a feeling of discomfort with increased sensitivity, especially when correcting the left side.
  7. The doctor massaging movements forms the zygomatic roller for uniform distribution of the drug. Repeated treatment with antiseptic solution.

The procedure lasts no more than an hour, the patient can immediately evaluate the results of the correction. The doctor then makes recommendations for caring for the face during the recovery period.

Before and after pictures

Healing period

After injections, the face swells, there is a slight swelling, painful sensitivity. Rarely, the recovery period causes negative emotions if the correction technique is observed. The effect will gradually increase throughout the month, holding from 12 to 36 months, depending on the selected drug. Biorevitalization and other injection therapies will help strengthen and prolong the effect. Reduce the effect of various manual, hardware procedures.

Recovery rules:

  • the first 8 hours you can not touch his face with his hands, you must abandon the use of decorative cosmetics for at least a day,
  • sleep for about a week on your back on a high pillow,
  • within 5 days do not plan flights,
  • to reduce physical activity, to refuse to go in for sports, to visit the bath, solarium, swimming pool,
  • be sure to use the cream with SPF-factor, respectively, phototype. Fillers do not provoke hyperpigmentation, but sunbathing is still undesirable,
  • exclude from the menu salty, spicy dishes, provoking the preservation of puffiness. It is also not recommended for 14 days to smoke, drink alcohol, strong tea, coffee.

How much is the procedure

Formation of cheekbones is carried out in many metropolitan salons and clinics of aesthetic medicine. How much will cost depends on the choice of drug, but not on the amount of injection.

The patient pays the full cost of the syringe with the filler, with the remainder doing a pricking in the area of ​​the lips. Beauticians usually use the minimum dosage, after a few days with an unsatisfactory result, an additional correction is carried out.

The cost of increasing the cheekbones also depends on the prestige of the clinic, qualifications, experience of the doctor. On average, the price is from 20,000 to 40,000 rubles.

Precautionary measures

Filling of cheekbones with fillers refers to low-impact procedures, usually all side effects disappear within 10 days. The first time there is swelling, hematoma, painful sensitivity, swelling. Independently pass without additional manipulations. In some cases, pronounced adverse events are possible.

Important! Anxiety should be pronounced symptoms that persist for more than a week, require medical advice.

Side effects:

  • swelling,
  • hematomas,
  • loss of sensitivity at the injection site,
  • seals
  • allergic reaction,
  • redness,
  • fibrosis,
  • itching, burning.

Before the examination, the doctor will necessarily study the patient’s history to rule out unforeseen side effects. It is important to keep a passport with the name of the drug, the date, volume and place of administration. This will prevent unwanted reactions when using other cosmetic methods.

The increase in cheekbones fillers is not carried out under the following conditions:

  • pregnancy, lactation,
  • oncology,
  • the postoperative period,
  • autoimmune pathologies,
  • diabetes,
  • chronic diseases in the period of relapse.

Comparison with other methods of cheekbone correction

The use of fillers allows you to achieve a natural tightening of the cheekbones, with minimal risk of side effects. There are no age restrictions, the procedure not only corrects the oval line, it also refreshes and rejuvenates the skin.

Micro punctures can reduce recovery to a few days. The effect lasts for about a year, after repeated administration of drugs is required.

Lipofilling - as a filler is used the patient’s own fat taken from the hips, buttocks or abdomen. It has an increasing effect for 3 months. A rather expensive procedure, the result is kept for about 3 years. Allergic reactions and side effects are possible.

Plastic surgery - has age restrictions, for general anesthesia is used. Requires a preparatory stage, the healing period lasts at least a month. The result is saved for life.

Opinion beauticians

The forums beauticians share their experience with fillers.

The user writes about the need to check the complete splitting of the drug before re-introduction.

The participant writes that complications can be caused by infection during the procedure.

The recall indicates how to split the filler in case of an unsuccessful correction effect.

The user writes that he does not risk using non-certified drugs.

Useful videos

Raise the cheekbones filler. My experience.

Increase and correction of cheekbones fillers.

What is the cheekbone contour correction?

Contour correction of the cheekbones with fillers is the introduction of special preparations under the skin in order to change the shape of the cheekbones (as a rule, increase, change in size or shape). Most often, cosmetologists use hyaluronic acid fillers.

Коррекцию скул делают не только девушки, которые заметили на лице возрастные изменения, но и те, кто просто хочет скорректировать недостатки в области щек. Возрастных ограничений у процедур нет.

Как проводят процедуру

Процедура коррекции скул – это инъекционная процедура. That is, you need to be ready to work with the needle. Immediately, we note that doing injections in this area does not hurt at all. If you are afraid, you can ask the doctor before the procedure to apply anesthetic.

The procedure itself lasts 20-30 minutes. Then you can safely go home. The main thing to remember:

  • during the day after the procedure can not actively move the cheekbones,
  • for three days you have to forget about the gym,
  • three weeks you can not go to the solarium, sauna and swimming pool.

Important: the effect of the procedure lasts 7-10 months. It all depends on your body.


Full recovery after the procedure occurs within 7-10 days. Remember, if the specialist is experienced and knows what he is doing, the swelling and reddening will disappear a day after visiting the cosmetologist.

You will see the maximum effect of the procedure in 15-20 days.

Important: Doctors say that a more pronounced effect of the procedure can be seen if you do it after 35 years.

Possible side effects

Like any other procedure, the cheekbone correction has its own side effects. Of course, they are far from all. But before you decide or decide to improve your cheekbones, you should know about them. Among the major side effects are:

  • Hematomas and puffiness.
  • Weak skin sensitivity.
  • Pigmentation.
  • Fibrosis (tissue thickening appears).
  • Necrosis of soft tissue.

Remember that all injection procedures should be done only by a cosmetologist with a higher medical education. Feel free to require a diploma.

More often than not, girls are satisfied with the result of the procedure, because in a short time it transforms the face, making it more textured and attractive.

We note that no one can guarantee how long the filler will last. The fact is that the rate of regeneration of each organism is different. And it depends on her "vitality" of the result. Interestingly, after the second procedure, the effect lasts, often longer than the first one.

The average cost of the procedure is $ 500.