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Caucasian Shepherd - a true friend and a great guard


There are many breeds of dogs. To make the right choice, before you go to the store or nursery, weigh all the arguments and take a sober look at the situation. Decide for exactly what purpose you need a pet. Many people believe that acquiring an animal can later be adapted to suit your own needs, this is the most common mistake.

Each breed was bred for a specific purpose. Guide, companion, nanny, hunter, guard. The animal at the genetic level has a tendency to certain actions, and if you are looking for a dog to play with your children, it is unlikely that fighting animals will be suitable for this purpose. And yet, in most cases, people get four-legged friends primarily for protection.

Selection criteria

So, the goal is set, you need a guard. Now there are even more questions. Male or bitch? Adult or small puppy? What is the best breed? Do you train yourself or entrust this matter to professionals?

So boy or girl?

Males are curious and more impressive. Often show interest outside the home. They are stronger, more active, more explosive than bitches. In the period of "falling in love" they are difficult to manage, as their actions become unpredictable.

As a rule, they recognize only one owner, the rest of the family is simply tolerated. Therefore, if you are looking for a caretaker for the whole family, think carefully that males will not become a friend to everyone.

Girls are more obedient and compliant, easier to train, they have practically no interests outside the apartment or the suburban area. Taking into account even such physiological features as “heat”, having undergone proper training, they can fight off instincts and remain always close to the owner. All that is required of the breeder in such a delicate period is to drive away the suitors for a walk.

This is a universal classification, but no one guarantees that in fact it will come out that way. In addition to natural instincts, animals also have character. And sometimes it is quite tough.

Being well aware of all the risks associated with the temperament of the animal, many wonder: is it not better to take an adult individual, where, at the time of purchase, it will be clear what character you will have to deal with?

An adult pet is essentially a ready-made guard. You do not need to monitor the baby and treat for all existing canine diseases in the world.

In general, the period of "baby diapers" behind. But, if you look, you are a completely stranger to an animal, just like he is to you. Therefore, one can hardly count on unconditional loyalty from a dog that came into your life at a mature age.

The little puppy is caring and indescribable trepidation. Without exception, all young animals are unusually cute.

These legs, wobbling when walking, are incredibly touching crying, if the little one was left alone and he was bored. Yes, undoubtedly, a small fluffy lump will bring troubles and excitement into your home, but this period passes very quickly. In a few months you will receive a sincerely devoted friend and a full member of your family. If you have children, then with the help of a little restless one can train in them a sense of responsibility and care for the weak.

For dogs, guarding the home and family is a priority. What should pay attention, preferring a particular breed?

What dogs are suitable for the protection of a private house, and which for the apartment

If you live in a city apartment, the following breeds will suit you:

  1. Boxer. Perfect option. The animal has an average size, so it will feel comfortable even in the smallest apartment. A distinctive feature of the breed is a great love for children. Boxer is unlikely to agree to play with your kids. But be sure that when your child shows interest in the dog, she, in turn, will patiently endure all the trials that the crumb prepared for him. This type is easy to train and remembers the team for a long time. The breed is active, so the mandatory hour walk in any weather should be an integral part of your life,
  2. Cane Corso. Very often, people give birth to this breed, because it, like the boxer, is famous for its delicate attachment to children, but at the same time it has not so much salivation. In fairness, I want to draw attention to the fact that if you treat the upbringing of an animal correctly, then almost any dog ​​will not conceal a threat to your children. But not only dogs, but children themselves need good education. Cane Corso are stubborn in training, especially males. But this fully completes their insight and a high level of acumen. If you manage to win the location of this breed, you can be sure that you will acquire a guard who will follow you like a shadow and is ready to defend his master selflessly in case of danger. Usually the dog’s dedication is directed towards one person, but due to high intellectual abilities, the animal feels and sees its owner’s affection for his family members, and therefore will protect them no worse than the owner,
  3. Rottweiler. Very ambiguous breed. Rottweilers are strong, hardy, are not afraid of blows, even if they are injured, they will fulfill their dog’s duty to the end. This is all possible only if quality and competent training. If you do not pay attention to your dog, then its obedience will end at the moment when an animal has its own opinion on this or that situation. Dogs of this breed are trainable, but this does not happen quickly, so please be patient,
  4. Dobermans. Resolute, swift, complex animals. Have a good reaction. The most active of the dogs listed here are those intended to guard the house. Walks and active physical activity is an obligatory component of the daily schedule of both the pet and its owner. Doberman, who received the right upbringing, is a swift, intelligent, resilient and dedicated guard, not only for the person, but also for his property.

Dogs for the protection of country houses

For these purposes, you need to choose a dog, which would be able to solve the problem not only with the protection of the house, but also the surrounding area.

The following breeds will ideally cope with this task:

  1. Choosing a German Shepherd, you will not lose in any way. Smart, smart, hardy, loyal. A whole gang of hooligans will not be saved from their anger, and the caress will be enough for all members of even the largest family,
  2. Giant Schnauzers. They have the same qualities as German shepherds, the only drawback is the wool that requires attention constantly,
  3. Alabai The perfect hunter and loyal friend. The breed is fierce enough, so it needs a high-quality training,
  4. Moscow Watchdog. Patient, smart, hardy.

But no matter what breed you prefer, and how well it will be prepared, most dogs can not qualitatively perform their duties as a protector. And the blame for this largely lies with the owners themselves.

Common Host Mistakes

The most common errors:

  • the animal is restricted in its ability to move freely around the apartment,
  • There is no dog at the time you open the front door.

Standard household situation. Before opening the door, the owner locks his animal in the far room and only after that lets him into the guest's room.

If using voice commands you can not influence the pet and the only way out is to isolate him in the room, then there are problems with training. What is the use of a locked dog?

At the moment of danger, all she can do is to gobble into a keyhole. Place the dog in the hallway. It should always be located near the entrance door. Even if you plan to go out for 5 minutes, in order to take out the garbage, always take a dog. Most of the attacks in the conditions of city apartments occur precisely in this short period of time.

Regarding the guard rocks that protect suburban facilities. The guard should always patrol his territory! Try not to lock up the animal unless absolutely necessary. Think in advance how the dog can easily enter the house if necessary. Remember, protected animals should have complete freedom of movement, and otherwise, what is the use of them?

And finally, in order for your pet to fulfill its duties with high quality and in good faith, love and respect it. Only having earned the love of a dog, you will receive not only a guard, but also a devoted friend for the whole family.

The history of the breed

There are no exact data on the origin of Caucasian Shepherd Dogs, but some dog experts and historians believe that jackals or wolves were their distant ancestors, and there are indeed external similarities with these animals. There are also versions according to which Caucasian Shepherd Dogs are descended from Central Asian dogs, introduced to the Caucasus by tribes of herders.

And some believe that the direct ancestor of this breed can be a powerful and ferocious Tibetan Great Dane. Anyway, the species under consideration has existed for thousands of years, and its best qualities were formed in severe weather conditions, mainly in the mountain climate.

The first written mention of a Caucasian Shepherd is supposedly dated 1121 BC, then this dog was presented to the Chinese emperor, belonging to the Zhou dynasty, as a gift. Later, the breed came to other countries, and in some of them was considered sacred. According to another version, for the first time a Caucasian Shepherd dog appeared in the seventh century BC in the state of Uratru, located in the Caucasus (in the center of modern Armenia).

In the Caucasus, these animals were used as watchdogs or hunting dogs, and for some they became real friends or family members, this is evidenced by the evidence that these dogs were buried along with people. During the conquest of the Caucasus by Russia, decrees appeared that regulated the introduction of shepherd dogs into the guard services.

Existing breed types

Cynologists divide the breed into several separate and having certain differences types, depending on the region of origin and preferential habitat.

So, the main types:

  • The Armenian type is distinguished by its small size compared to other types, as well as predominantly monochromatic color.
  • The Georgian type is characterized by a more massive physique, considerable growth, an elongated body and long hair with a zoned color.
  • The Dagestan type is also very large, but the body is usually square and wider. Colors can be varied.
  • The Azerbaijani type is divided into two varieties: mountain and steppe. The first in terms of external characteristics resembles the Georgian type, and the second is distinguished by a square body, long limbs and strong bones.

Breed description and existing standards

The breed is characterized by characteristic external data, which include such as:

  • The growth of a dog, as a rule, is about 70-75 centimeters, the females are smaller and have a height of about 65-70 centimeters. The average weight is 50-60 kilograms.
  • Bulky and massive muzzle, blunt and tapering to the nose. Eyes deep set, somewhat obliquely set, having an oval shape and a dark color. The nose is large, black, nostrils are well developed. The ears are located on the crown, hang down, but usually stop at an early age. The forehead is wide and somewhat convex; it has weakly expressed brow arcs. The teeth are large, white, there are 42 of them. The scissor bite, the incisors are arranged in one line.
  • The neck is shorter than the head, broad and muscular, usually has a neck.
  • The back is wide and developed, the loin is short and rather convex, and ends with a fluffy tail, shaped like a sickle.
  • The skin is very dense, quite elastic. The coat is very thick, the undercoat is fluffy, which allows the animal to tolerate frosts. There are both long-haired and short-haired representatives.
  • Color can be the most diverse, there are no certain standards. So, there are red Caucasian Shepherd dogs, tiger, gray and even white. Moreover, each of these colors can be presented in a variety of shades: from the brightest to the dark.

Main character traits

Breed Caucasian Shepherd has a very difficult character. So, she has a fairly stable psyche and is distinguished by relative balance, but at the same time she is stubborn, and sometimes even too persistent and rested, which causes many problems for the owners. Such dogs have developed intelligence. They are able to think and rarely commit spontaneous thoughtless actions or actions, on the contrary, they are able to make independent decisions.

The Caucasian Shepherd Dog will become not only a faithful friend and a full-fledged family member, but also an excellent security guard who will constantly and frantically guard the territory entrusted to him, keeping the situation under control and not losing sight of anything. If you managed to win the trust, then in no case betray the pet, and he will answer you with devotion for life.

It is worth noting that all representatives of the breed in question are leisurely, and this feature should be taken into account when training. They treat children normally, but still it’s not worthwhile to leave the child alone with such a strong animal, it is very dangerous. The society of other animals will also calmly transfer the Caucasian shepherd if it gets used to it from childhood.

How to care for a Caucasian Shepherd?

Care for the Caucasian Shepherd Dog is to comply with the following rules:

  • Every three days, brush your wool with a coarse bristle or a comb with frequent metal teeth. During the molting period, remove excess wool with the help of a skimmer daily.
  • Bathe your pet every three or four weeks or as it gets dirty. Choose suitable shampoos with a moisturizing and softening effect.
  • As it gets dirty, clean your ears and do not allow water to enter them.
  • Grow off claws with a claw cutter.
  • Wipe contaminated eyes with chamomile decoction.
  • Once a week, brush your teeth with a dog brush or offer special cleansing bones.
  • Once a month, conduct preventive treatments against ticks, fleas and other parasites.

Content Features

How to keep a Caucasian Shepherd? It is believed that this is absolutely not a residential breed, and partly this is true, because this massive animal needs a lot of space for splashing energy and developing physical skills. And yet some keep Caucasian Shepherd Dogs in apartments, and quite successfully.

If you plan to keep in a private house, it is best to equip a separate and spacious aviary with a warmed booth and free space for games. It is important to provide a complete overview of the entire territory so that the guard can always control it. Be sure to walk with your pet and let him frolic and run.

It is important to monitor the health of the dog, make all vaccinations on schedule and, if necessary, show the dog to the vet.

Food should be balanced, ensuring the intake of all necessary substances in the dog's body. In the diet, you can include protein foods, such as meat, poultry, low-fat dairy products. You can also enter into the menu a variety of cereals, vegetables. And you can give your pet specialized food. A puppy requires about three meals a day, and an adult dog needs one or two.


The training of the Caucasian Shepherd Dog begins at an early age, and only one person should engage in it, preferably a strong one. The most important thing in upbringing is to designate your superiority and show who is the boss. If this is not done on time, the pet decides that he can dominate and begin to use it in every way, becoming a real tyrant.

It is important to teach the dog to strangers and animals so that it becomes socialized and calmly treats your surroundings and walks in crowded places. In addition, the animal should be well aware and respect all family members, although the full owner will be considered only one engaged in education. No need to rush the pet, act gradually and consistently, moving from one team to another. Let's pet time to think and rest.

Important: in no case do not yell at the Caucasian Shepherd Dog, do not force it to act, and even more so do not use physical force, this can cause protest, aggression, resentment and anger.


If you plan on breeding and breeding Caucasian Shepherds, then pick up a pair of pet, taking into account the breeding characteristics and genes. Sexual activity in females is observed twice a year, in males it persists throughout the year.

How many puppies are born to a female? От 2-3 до 15-18, но среднее количество – 7-9, именно столько новорожденных собака сможет полноценно выкормить.

Как выбрать собаку?

Приобретать кавказскую овчарку следует в раннем возрасте, причём лучше у опытных заводчиков или в питомнике. Щенок должен быть достаточно подвижным, крупным и любопытным. Внимательно осмотрите его: оцените зубы и прикус, шерсть, нос, глаза, уши. Well-groomed appearance and active behavior are the main indicators of quality.

If you do everything right, then the Caucasian Shepherd will become your faithful friend.

Suitable for guarding a private dog breed house

For the protection of a private house, dogs that are more comfortable in the winter in the cold will be more suitable. Dogs in this category can be taken to protect the apartment, but then you have to put up with the pet's molting hair.

So, for the protection of a private house is perfect German shepherd. This is a universal option that is equally good for security on the street, and for security indoors. Well gives in to training, for a long time remembers the learned commands, moderately tolerant to children. Is an excellent defender. Able to cope alone with a gang of robbers. The dog is very active, therefore, requires constant physical exertion.

Fearless and formidable guards are the Giant Schnauzers. Well trained, addicted to the owners, love children. Active, love to frolic with the owner. In order for the dog to direct its energy in a positive direction, it must be physically exhausted to the maximum.

The largest dog breed is Caucasian Shepherd. These are physically very strong individuals. They are distinguished by loyalty to their master and patience to children's antics. Do not require long walks. To maintain the physical shape of a pet, 1 hour of walking per day is enough.

Moscow Watchdog can be described as a fearless, strong, dedicated dog. It is difficult to train. But as a result it is possible to get an obedient and reliable defender. Like Caucasians, do not require long walking.

The best breeds of dogs to guard the apartment

To protect the apartment is better to have dogs of other breeds. Of course, they can also be taken to the private courtyard, but in the winter time they will have to be brought into the room.

In a family with children, you can have a boxer. He is extremely supportive of children. The dog is well trained, active, is a great protector. Requires constant physical exertion.

Loves kids and dogs Cane Corso. This is a little stubborn, but very intelligent and insightful animals. They bind to one person, but protect the whole family.

Fearless and ferocious defenders are rottweilers. Puppies do not grow for a long time, but over time, with proper nutrition and exercise, take their toll. For a puppy to become an obedient dog, he needs serious training.

Fearless bodyguard with instant reaction and amazing power can be Doberman. The training of a representative of this breed must be dealt with in a timely and serious manner. With proper upbringing, you get an excellent guard, obeying the will of his master.

Thus, whatever breed of dog is chosen as a bodyguard, it is necessary to approach the process of education and training with responsibility. In order for an animal to carry out its owner's commands and to cope with its duties perfectly, it must complete an obedience course and a defense course.

Small dogs for children

A small child is better to have a small dog that does not tumble him down by pulling the leash. Moreover, many small breeds are active and get along well with children. Pay attention to the Cocker Spaniel - a cheerful participant in children's games, restless, loyal and good-natured. Cocker spaniels require grooming, but if you are willing to periodically take the dog to the hairdresser, it can become a true friend for your child.
Show your child the Walt Disney cartoon “Lady and the Tramp”, in which the main character was a Cocker Spaniel, and he will surely agree that this is the best breed in the world.

The Poodle is a familiar breed. Regardless of the size, the poodle is always satisfied with the life of the little fellow who is not averse to having some fun with the baby. This dog does not need long walks, but at home it behaves quite actively.
One of the indisputable advantages of poodles - a long life. These dogs live to be 16 years old.

The Yorkshire Terrier also loves children. This breed is very popular and will surely please your child, especially if you have a daughter, because you can dress up and pin him bows on a long bang. It is not necessary to walk the dog for a long time, but she will be happy to make a company to the little owner both at home and in the yard. You should also be prepared to regularly pay for trimming a professional, as well as care for the animal's hair at home.

Large dogs, suitable for children

A teenager can buy a large dog, which will become him not only a friend, but also a protector. Perfect for this purpose, the German shepherd is a nationwide favorite with intelligent eyes and a big heart. This dog will gladly run after the ball and bring a plate, but if necessary, will easily chase the offender.

Labrador and Labrador Retrievers are also family dogs. Little can be more pleasing that the thick-eyed Labrador puppies, but, growing up, these dogs remain cheerful and attractive in appearance. They are active, but appeasable, and will do everything possible to please the owner.

Tenth place - Giant Schnauzer

Dogs of this breed are easy to learn and quickly memorize all commands. Despite the good-natured appearance of the pet, the Giant Schnauzer perfectly protect its owner and his accommodation. With such a dog, no thief will get into the yard or apartment.

Giant Schnauzers easily get along with other animals and small children.

Ninth place - Moscow Watchdog

Despite the fact that this breed of dogs was bred relatively recently, it has already gained the trust of many people. The main feature of the Moscow guard dogs is their size - these dogs are huge and look frightening. The Moscow Watchdog is not just a great guard, but also a devoted friend. Dogs of this breed never have problems.

Eighth place - Alabai

This breed of dog is good guards, but difficult "pupils". Alabai is difficult to train and rarely listens to its owner. In order to never have any problems with a dog of this breed, it must be started only by a person who easily finds a common language with each dog.

Seventh place - Caucasian Shepherd

Caucasians are unpretentious, keep a dog of this breed is very easy. The sight of the Caucasian Shepherd Dog is not just awesome, at the sight of this dog - not a single thief will even try to climb into the yard or apartment. However, despite the formidable appearance, Caucasians are very friendly and loyal to their masters. Naturally, like any dog, the Caucasian Shepherd must be trained and taught, otherwise - problems may arise with it.

Sixth place - Doberman

Doberman is a great dog to guard the house. This breed belongs to the service, so these pets are very clever and quick-witted. The house is supervised by a Doberman, never accepts unwanted guests. With such a dog, you can not worry about the safety of money and other valuable things. In addition to security abilities, Doberman is a great friend and loyal friend.

Fifth place - Cane Corso

Cane Corso is a very expensive and rare breed of dog. Animals of this breed are very kind, educated and patient. But when it comes to the life and health of the owner - Can Corso turn into a ferocious beast that can break anyone. That is why this breed of dog is suitable for the protection of an apartment and a private house.

Fourth place - Boxer

A boxer is a very strong and strong dog. He quickly remembers all the commands and always listens to the owner. This breed of dog is popular all over the world, and very often, these dogs are started up as a guard.

Boxer gets along well with children and other pets, he will always be a faithful friend and an excellent bodyguard.

Third place - Rottweiler

Dogs of this breed are very kind and attentive to children and the rest of the household. Rottweilers are easy to train and quickly learn new information. Due to the calm nature, the Rottweiler can be kept both in the apartment and in the house. It is very easy to care for dogs of this breed.

Second place - Staffordshire Terrier

Some people believe that the Staffords are evil and unbalanced dogs. However, this is not quite true, more precisely - not at all. The nature of the Staffordshire Terrier depends directly on the education. If you properly educate a dog, it will be a good friend and even a “nanny” for children. As a guard dog - the Staffordshire Terrier fits perfectly. Dogs of this breed do not like and do not perceive strangers.

First place - German Shepherd

This breed of dog is one of the most popular and widespread. German shepherds live in a private house and in apartments. For protection, such a pet is great. The Germans are very clever and smart, they are easy to train and quickly remember the commands. The German Shepherd is not only an excellent guard dog, but also a faithful friend for many years.

Choose a good dog for protection is not difficult, the most important thing - choose the pet that you will like.

Comments on the article "Security dogs: TOP-10 breeds"

I bought a private house, I wanted to find a good friend and a security guard not older than 3-4 months, preferably a German breed sheepdog or Moscow watchdog.

Hello, thank you very much for this site. Everything in the case, great photos, I like the fact that first a brief information about the breed is given, and then there is a link to more detailed information. Thank!

Characteristics of a guard dog

A breed suitable for the protection of a private house must meet the following defined criteria:

  • medium large or large size
  • wool suitable for year-round living outside the dog (powerful undercoat),
  • cautious attitude towards strangers: the pet should not trust strangers,
  • easy care and maintenance
  • good ability to learn and train,
  • endurance and powerful strength
  • indifference towards other animals.

For keeping in a private house The following breeds do not fit:

  1. Hunting. Genetically, they have a friendly and indifferent attitude towards people, and the hunting instinct greatly hinders keeping among other animals that are usually found in the household.
  2. Fight Breeds such as the Bull Terrier, the Staffordshire Terrier were bred to participate in battles, they are strictly forbidden to develop aggression.
  3. Breed without undercoat. In winter, such pets are kept in a warm dwelling. If you do not plan to move the animal for the winter home, pay attention to other breeds.
  4. Rescue dogs (Newfoundland, Labrador and others). These breeds were bred for the purpose of helping people: there is absolutely no malice in them. Criminals and thieves, they are unlikely to scare.

Attention! Before you start a dog to protect a private house, you need to study the special literature on this issue, so as not to be mistaken with the choice. Not every breed is suitable for this responsible mission.

Alabai (Central Asian Shepherd)

This is a breed of bold and strong animals that, when properly nurtured, become excellent defenders. The Alabai (Central Asian Shepherd Dog, CAO) should be turned on by tough and self-confident people who can show the pet who is the leader in the team. CAO goes to the top of the strongest breeds.

Important! Alabai must be walked often so that he throws out extra energy.

Handling a dog guarding a private house

Many people, who consider a dog only as a guard for the house, put the pet on a chain and keep it for life. It is inhuman and inhuman. The dog can not be constantly kept on the chain or in the aviary!

These measures can only be resorted to for some time, but the main life hours she should spend in free movement around the yard. Imagine that you have lived all your life within the same room or on a rope: did not you like it? So, with any other living creature to do so inhumanly.

Attention! Let the pet and performs the functions of the burglar alarm, it is primarily a living creature who needs to provide comfortable living conditions.

It is impossible to develop anger and aggression in a dog from a young age. Otherwise, instead of an adequate defender, you will get an uncontrollable evil beast that will bring a lot of problems to both the owners and others. A dog, designed to protect and protect, must be especially carefully educated and trained. The owner must obtain from her unquestioning obedience. Then it will be the best dog for a private house.

The dog must walk, even if there is a large and spacious yard. Watch dog breeds for a private house socialize on a mandatory basis, that is, teach a calm reaction to the world around us: on strangers, on other animals, on cars.

This policy does not imply constant walks in crowded places or daily close contact with strangers. The duty of the owner in this case is to show the pet different places and adapt to different situations.

It is forbidden to expand the circle of communication of the pet too much. From an early age the dog must clearly understand that it must obey and protect the owner and his family members. You can expand the circle to relatives and good friends. Guests should not be allowed to over-caress and feed the puppy, who will subsequently have to guard the house.

Once again, the dog is raised from an early age. The owner instills in her respect for all members of the family. People who believe that the pet independently sings with love for all pets, are cruelly mistaken. You should not get a four-legged guard to people who have no experience, desire and time to practice with a pet.

It is a mistaken opinion that the owner should completely and unconditionally dominate the animal. The dog is brought up with self-confidence, a sense of superiority over strangers, the instinct of the winner.

These qualities are taught to pets even at a young age, so that later they are not afraid to enter into the fight, knowing that they will win. We recommend that you contact a dog handler specializing in raising pet guards, who will tell you special games that develop a sense of victory.

In conclusion, let us recall that in deciding which dog to start in a private house for protection, it is necessary to study the special literature in detail, get advice from breeders and consider all the pros and cons of candidates.

In the future, it is necessary to follow the rules for keeping four-legged guards described above, as well as to follow a balanced diet and the established feeding frequency.

Additionally, see visually the video below on how to choose a guard dog:

The watchman is the result of genes and education

The habits of a guard dog are immediately obvious: she leads herself in a special way, walks and even stands, this can be seen in numerous photos. The true watchman is always in a tense state, analyzes the situation for the presence of danger. When a dog is in a protected area, he with aggression refers not only to strangers, but also to animals that may accidentally run to him. While walking, he is not aggressive and may well be in contact with other brothers. Watchdogs perfectly distinguish their territory and public.

In order for a pet to be able to perform the functions of a hunter, it is necessary that it has a genetic predisposition to it. However, sometimes the dog with the guardian genes cannot fulfill its duties.

The breeds listed below belong to the Molossian group, which is characterized by large size and late maturation, therefore, it is not recommended to bring up aggression in dogs of this group at an early age.

Not every breed is suitable as a guard for a private house.

The guard dog must not only be aggressive, but also have a balanced temperament, and also have a good psyche, otherwise it can easily become uncontrollable.