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10 best books that promote leadership development


Top 10 books that will ensure the development of charisma and help to find and improve this quality:

  1. “Lead people behind you”. This book was written by David Novak, and he knows exactly what charisma is, and he also trained managers, who now skillfully use their skills and develop them. Under his leadership, there are about 1.4 million employees worldwide, so David understands how important it is to be a great leader and attract people. For fifteen years, Novak has developed a management program that he trained thousands of people. He teaches to be a leader: to provide support, encourage, inspire, stimulate and develop enthusiasm.
  2. "Cash flow contacts" Mikhail Molokanov. The author of the book is a provocative and popular Russian business trainer who quite recently spread information verbally and only among privileged individuals: businessmen and top managers. And now this valuable knowledge is available to everyone. The book is a unique guide, which has everything necessary for the development of charisma and leadership qualities: vivid real examples of maintaining contacts with partners, author techniques, methods and models for forming a personal brand, rules for building a matrix of personal contacts, as well as a hundred tips and observations from one of the most famous business coaches.
  3. "Charisma. How to influence, persuade and inspire. This book was written by Olivia Fox Kabain, and she says that charisma is not so much the image and appearance as the real core of the personality, which must mature inside and break out. The author offers readers three aspects of the charisma and ways of their development, and you will get practices that you can practice without any problems to get instant results. After reading the book, readers will understand that charisma is not a talent or a gift, as many believe, but a skill that anyone can master.
  4. "Charisma leader" Vladislav Gandapasa is a guide for those who want to become better. It presents biographical facts from the life of the most charismatic personalities of the present and the past, and views the inner world of outstanding and legendary people. The author conducted an entire study on the quality that many people dream of possessing and gave answers to all the questions connected with it.
  5. "Charisma. The art of successful communication ", Barbara and Alan Pease. This book will help develop the charisma of both men and women, as it is written by representatives of the strong and weak sexes, taking into account the existing differences. The authors believe that success in different areas of life depends largely on the ability to communicate with the world and people. Experts in the fields of communications and psychology Alan and Barbara revealed the secrets of not only business, but also everyday communication, and offered techniques and communication techniques that help to establish contact with absolutely any interlocutor.
  6. “Conquest of the South Pole. Leadership Race. Author Roland Huntford presented to the readers a detailed, vivid and real story of the conquest of the South Pole, which will be a good lesson for all leaders and people just starting to develop charisma and leadership qualities. The writer showed what the difference in mentality of the conquerors was, and proved that it was she who influenced the course of history.
  7. "Drive. “Start” employees and achieve outstanding results. " The book was written by Ross Rek and Harry Paul, and they outlined the story of Katie Adams. The girl, at the risk of losing her position, begins the struggle for her subordinates and in every way tries to provide them with support, regain lost confidence and cultivate enthusiasm. The heroine is looking for answers to pressing questions about how to motivate the beneficiaries and get the most out of them, how to gain credibility, how to awaken the desire to care for others, how to provoke a desire to follow the leader and support him. Michael Allen, the virtuoso of communications, opens for Katie an amazing program that teaches the art of communication and personal transformation.
  8. All those who want to develop charisma in themselves should read the book. "12 chairs" Ilya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrov. At first glance it may seem that this novel has nothing to do with one of the best and most useful personal qualities, but this is absolutely not the case! Readers will be able to get acquainted with the main characters, make sure they are charismatic and understand how important it is to be able to find an approach to people and efficiently interact with them in order to achieve goals. And the characters will teach you to get out of any of the most difficult situations with your head held high and a sweet smile on your face.
  9. "Dove. Three stories and one observation ". This work may also not seem to fit into the list, but in fact it is very useful for those who want to change their lives and themselves, becoming better and learning to live with pleasure. The author Patrick Suskind, who wrote the legendary novel "Perfume", offers readers the story "Dove" and various stories. These masterpieces reveal the writer from different angles - as a wonderful novelist, a subtle and experienced psychologist, and a personality with a rarest amazing fantasy and subtle sense of humor. And all these qualities will help develop individual charisma.
  10. “The power of charm. How to win hearts and achieve success. " Brian Tracy and Ron Arden argue that success in personal and professional life depends heavily on the skills of communication and interaction with others. From the book, readers will be able to find out how the most charming personalities attract customers and partners and at the same time achieve mutual understanding in dealing with loved ones. And the authors list the features of behavior that will help to enjoy the success of the opposite sex.

Who should read these books?

Who are these books useful for? First of all, it is worth understanding the concept of charisma itself. It represents a certain ability to attract and attract people, to influence others, and to have authority, conditioned by talent, charm, exceptional mental or other qualities. A charismatic person is always surrounded by attention, can easily convince an opponent and easily prove his point of view.

Charisma should be developed by all people occupying leadership positions: such quality will allow developing leadership abilities and gaining authority among subordinates, their respect, and sometimes even admiration. Charisma is necessary for creative and especially public personalities who dream of fame and fame. Also, this quality is useful in the profession, involving constant contact with people. And it will have to be the way to build relationships and personal life.

Now you know what to read to become charismatic and achieve success in different areas of life.

1. Robin Sharma “Leader without a title: a modern parable about true success in life and business”

Robin Sharma is named among the top leadership experts. His life credo: “The tragedy lies not in death, but in what we allow to fade within us while we live.”

The book “Leader without a title” is the result of his 15-year job as an adviser on leadership in major companies, notably Microsoft, Nike, IBM, FedEx, etc. He who takes advantage of the leadership system Robin Sharma cites in this book, he will feel how his attitude towards life has changed and will want to “realize his highest potential” in his personal and professional life.

The book is written in the form of artistic narration. The main characters are Blake Davis, his mentor and 4 teachers who changed Blake Davis's attitude to work and life. These are fictional characters, but the principles on which the leadership system is based are real. Acting on them, many people became leaders in their field.

“Victims talk about problems. Leaders offer solutions, ”writes Robin Sharma.

2–5. John Maxwell “21 irrefutable laws of leadership”, “360 degrees leader”, “21 mandatory leadership qualities. How to become a man, followed by others "," Educate yourself in a leader "," Leadership. 25 key principles of building relationships "

John Maxwell, a famous American pastor, motivating speaker and leadership expert, has written over 60 books on this topic. Many of them became bestsellers, were translated into many languages ​​of the world and reprinted several times.

In the book "21 irrefutable law of leadership," Maxwell lists the laws, having learned that, you can become a leader and lead people. And on the contrary, the one who ignores them or violates them will never enjoy authority with those around them. What are these laws about?

Ceiling law says that the higher a person’s potential, the higher his level of efficiency and the greater his chances of becoming a leader.

The Solid Soil Law recalls that every leader appointed to a management position and who comes to a new team has a certain amount of trust. And it depends on him personally whether he will replenish the stock of this trust or waste it. A leader who makes one mistake after another irrevocably loses credibility.

The Law of Influence, the Law of Respect, the Law of Magnetism, etc. - all laws are understood and applied with varying degrees of difficulty, but they must be learned by everyone who intends to become a leader.

6. Rob Goffee, Gareth Jones “Why do people have to follow you? A book about what it means to be a true leader. ”

Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones are the founders and leaders of the consulting company Creative Management Associates. Among their clients are well-known companies Nestle, Heineken, Roche, and others. They are invited to publish business and financial publications.

They collected material for books for five years, talking with successful leaders and testing their ideas in practice. As a result, they came to a very curious conclusion, questioning the widespread view that the leader is certainly an enthusiast with a burning eye and a lot of ideas, a kind of corporate superman.

The authors believe that effective leaders do not necessarily have to have character traits that distinguish them from the rest. Universal leadership qualities do not exist. And what is suitable for one person does not work for another. Therefore, you need to be yourself, well know your strengths and weaknesses and skillfully use them. And the main question that must be answered by those who want to become a successful leader: "Why do people have to follow me?" The answer they can learn from this book.

For this book, the authors twice received the prestigious McKinsey Awards.

7. Stephen Covey “Seven skills of highly effective people. Powerful personal development tools "

This book of American business consultant Stephen Covey in 2011, The Times magazine called one of the most influential books on personal development. The book has been translated into 38 languages ​​of the world, and over 20 million copies are currently sold.

Stephen Covey, after analyzing the lives of famous people, came to the conclusion that for self-realization and long-term success it is necessary to adhere to fundamental principles and to be faithful to eternal truths in any circumstances and in any situation. In fact, in the book he forms his own commandments. For example, “Beginning, imagine the final goal”, “First try to hear, and then be heard”, etc.

8. Radislav Gandaras “Charisma of the Leader”

Radislav Gandapas is the most popular Russian business coach in personal development and leadership. Together with partners, he created the company "Academy of Oratory" ("Oratorika"). Among his clients are leaders of political parties and heads of companies.

Radislav Gandaras also conducts trainings in different cities of Russia, and they all gather a huge audience. Most of the training is devoted to leadership issues: “Cross of the Leader”, “Ideology of the Leader - Ideology of Victory”, “Charisma of the Leader: Image and Mysticism, Psychology and Power”, etc. He also reveals the same topics in his eight books and 13 films.

The book “Charisma of the Leader” is especially popular. The book states the fact that people with charisma have a greater influence on others than those who do not possess it. And if some people are endowed with charisma from nature, then those who have it practically absent can, if they wish, develop in themselves the traits of a charismatic personality.

Charismatic influence on others can be learned to manage, and then with its help the modern leader will find another way to achieve their goals in personal life and in business.

9-10. Manfred Kets de Vries “Mystic leadership. The development of emotional intelligence "and" Leader on the couch. "

Manfred Kets de Vries is a Dutch psychoanalyst and guru in the field of leadership psychology. As a consultant, he is invited by major international companies. He owns many scientific articles on the phenomenon of leadership, and books, the most popular of which are “Mystic Leadership. The development of emotional intelligence "and" Leader on the couch. "

The book "Mystic leadership" about what can achieve a person with leadership qualities. The author lists the skills that distinguish leaders from other people, examines the behaviors that lead leaders to collapse, and the requirements of international leadership. In addition, the book contains practical exercises for leaders who want to increase their effectiveness.

Manfred Kets de Vries speaks to the readers: “Only in-depth contemplation does not lead fantasy to the drawing board. To succeed, leaders need to understand both actions and theory. ”

In the book The Leader on the Couch, the author, based on his work as a psychoanalyst and consultant, lists the types of personalities that occur at work and analyzes their impact on corporate life. He examines the principles of leadership development from the point of view of psychoanalysis and makes recommendations on the correct formation of the company's management policy.

1. “Communication skills. How to find a common language with anyone "Paul McGee

Knowledge, high IQ, professionalism - all this is not enough to succeed. You need to be able to convey your ideas to others and not be afraid of difficult conversations. In the "Mastery of communication" the main focus is on the mistakes that we make in communicating with other people. The book has many interesting stories on the topic and as much food for thought.

2. “How to overcome shyness”, Philip Zimbardo

The author of the book is a famous American social psychologist, organizer of the famous Stanford prison experiment. Instead of abstract reasoning, in his books you will find only a scientific approach and statistics. "How to overcome shyness" is no exception. Zimbardo considers shyness as an individual way of responding to emotions. And in order for you to be able to overcome your complexes, offers a set of specific tips and exercises.

3. “How to talk to anyone,” Mark Rhodes

Tension during a conversation is a completely natural phenomenon. The main thing is to be able to overcome it. This is what Rhodes writes about: how to cope with fears and barriers, start a conversation, gain confidence and get rid of unreasonable fear that you will be rejected and chased away. Universal book about the problems of modern communication.

4. “We turn on the charm according to the method of the special services,” Jack Schafer and Marvin Carlins

Former FBI agent and behavioral analyst Jack Schafer tells how to communicate with people and influence them. You will learn to recognize a lie, to see signals in the behavior of other people, to change their opinion of themselves. Another plus of this book: it has a part dedicated to online relationships. Today, most of the conversations with people on the Internet, and such communication also has its own characteristics.

5. "How to talk with assholes", Mark Goulston

Yes, all of us from time to time have to communicate not only with pleasant and friendly people, but also with completely unbearable. And do not be confused by the name of the book: it will be about a category of people with an irrational and dishonest style of communication. Constructive dialogue with them can not be built.

Mark Goulston, a psychiatrist in the field of business, offers a whole set of techniques: 14 ways to communicate with psychos, 8 ways to cope with insanity in personal life and, of course, recommendations for working on yourself (after all, we also lose our temper and may not seem to be completely adequate ).

6. “I hear you through. Effective Negotiation Technique, Mark Goulston

Conversation is not so much the ability to state your thoughts beautifully, as the ability to listen and understand the interlocutor. Believe me, people like to be listened to. It helps them feel more comfortable and more confident. The main secret of communication is very simple: when you listen to another person, he will be ready to listen to you.

7. “The power of conviction. The Art of Influencing People, James Borg

In this book you will not find NLP or tips on manipulating people. Persuasion is the ability to influence a person by contacting him directly and helping him to make sense of the situation. Only argumentation and honesty, no tricks. The advice of James Borg applies both at work and in personal life.

8. «Секреты общения. Магия слов», Джеймс Борг

Ещё одна книга Джеймса Борга, которую лучше читать в связке с предыдущей. Общение, убеждение и влияние — вещи взаимосвязанные и взаимозависимые. Магия слов, о которой пишет Борг, — это, конечно, метафора. But there is in it a grain of truth: the words we use determine our success in relationships, work, business. It's time to learn to pick the right words.

9. “A strange girl who fell in love with the brain,” Billy Fitzpatrick and Wendy Suzuki

Neurobiologist Wendy Suzuki once realized that she was completely dissatisfied with her life: all the time she devoted only scientific work. But it was her knowledge of neuroscience that helped her to communicate with people, improve her physical form and change her way of thinking.

Its methodology is based on four-minute brain workouts that help restore strength, improve mood, and make thinking more intense. The body and the brain are connected, and if you learn to manage this connection, you will literally transform - both externally and internally.

10. “How to win friends and influence people”, Dale Carnegie

Probably, no such collection of books can do without the good old Carnegie. One of the first books on self-help and effective communication. Classic, proven over the years.

What is charisma?

The word "charisma" is surrounded by a halo of mysticism and skepticism.

Initially, the word "charisma" was used in relation to any person invested with inner strength and power. The list of charismatic historical personalities includes both heroes and villains, due to the fact that past human communities paid very little attention to ethics and morality issues.

Among the famous stories of charismatic personalities are the founders of world religions - Buddha, Moses and Christ. Charismatic groups include creators of trends within world religions - Luther and Calvin, for example. On the other hand, they are great statesmen and military leaders, such as Genghis Khan or Napoleon. In the twentieth century, among such figures are Hitler and Mussolini, Lenin and Trotsky, but also Gandhi and Martin Luther King.

Charisma (Greek χάρισμα - rendered mercy, gift) - a special talent of outstanding people, thanks to which they are able to accomplish what seems to be beyond human capabilities. In the religious sense, charisma is “a gift from above,” “from God.”

  • Charisma is a kind of synonym for the word “success”.
  • Charisma is a completely personal influence.
  • Charisma is power.

Charismatic personalities have a number of qualities:

  1. Memorable appearance. (Not necessarily very beautiful, but attractive, as they say: "with a twist")
  2. Independent. (In everything they count only on themselves).
  3. Optimists. (They see only good things in everything).
  4. Radiate powerful internal energy. (People to them "attracts")
  5. Calm and restrained. (Able to manage the situation).
  6. Trust yourself, respect themselves and others.
  7. Controls emotions and actions.
  8. Possess determination, courage, rationality, a strong motivational sphere, well delivered speech.
  9. Own the art of public speaking.
  10. They know how to listen.
  11. Have the ability to negotiate.
  12. Celebrate the real dignity of man, and not flatter.
  13. Watch their gait, posture, gestures.

All these qualities can be developed in yourself by performing simple exercises.

Exercises for the development of charisma

Start working on your own:

So, first exercise:Building a perfect image.

With your eyes closed, on the inner screen of your imagination, position the image of a person in full growth. This person to whom you trust unlimitedly, but he should not be your relative, friend or acquaintance. This is absolutely a stranger to you.

You like him.

His words, voice, gestures, facial expressions, glance, intonation cause you sympathy, love, respect, they attract you, fascinate.

Notice how this man is dressed. What is his shoes, hair, look at everything in detail.

Imagine that you are addressing this person — how his body and head are located, where the look is directed, how he listens to you, where his hands are located.

Please note that the image of a person emerges in our view almost involuntarily. Of course, because it is “embedded” in us from birth and has been honed in detail with life. Seeing it is easier than analyzing. However, it is to analyze - the goal of this exercise.

It is necessary to highlight the 10 most significant qualities created by us. This experiment on the generalized reflex assessment of personality from outside reflects the stereotype of perception of a charismatic personality in society.

The second exercise: Setting programs for good luck and luck.

In a relaxed state with your eyes closed, start thinking about your goal, how to achieve it and how it will change your life after the goal has been achieved. Think it over several times.

Important! With your goals in mind, you can even help people navigate around them so that their actions are consistent and more effective - let the movement towards the goal benefit them.

If you have an interest in the exercises presented above, I recommend you to purchase the book "School of DEIR skills - the formation of personal charisma" K. Titov and G. Kondakova - This is a whole system of transferring skills to achieve health, strength and well-being.

And in conclusion, I would like to remind you: success is achieved only by one who wants more and more than ordinary people, whose goals are larger, more serious and even more fantastic than those of an ordinary inhabitant.

Dream it. Strive. Reach Good luck!