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Rating of the best hygienic lipstick


The skin of the lips is the thinnest and most sensitive, the effect of negative environmental factors - frost, ultraviolet rays - affects it most of all. If we add to this the love of the fair sex for decorative cosmetics, especially for persistent lipsticks, we get dry lips without natural beauty. The way out is the use of moisturizing, protective and healing balms and hygienic lipsticks that will restore the healthy look to the lips.

AT ranking of the best lip balms Presents the most popular and well-proven tools that have both healing and caring properties.

The best cheap lip balms

Neutrogena lip balm is designed to conscientiously protect delicate skin from severe frosts and dry winds. Its castor oil and bisabolol have a calming and softening effect, prevent the appearance of inflammation and peeling, moisturize and nourish the cells. Also, the balm protects the lips from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. He passed dermatological control and was tested by professional climbers during the ascent in the Himalayas, having received an excellent mark on the results of this testing.

The texture of the balsam is wax, but pleasant, enveloping and not heavy. Lipstick is almost not felt on the lips and worn very comfortable. Heals bleeding wounds, removes the jambs. Does not slip. It does not have a shade, the tube looks strictly, so the balm is suitable for both women and men. Volume - 4.8 g.

  • affordable price,
  • good caring properties
  • suitable for lip treatment
  • protects against ultraviolet radiation
  • economically spent
  • suitable for both sexes.
  • the smell of some seems too sweet.

In winter, the skin of the lips is most susceptible to adverse factors and requires special care. Nivea has taken care of those who are faced with the problem of chapped and "chapped" lips, releasing a balm "Basic care". The tool is produced in a convenient form of a retractable "pencil", is easy to apply, has a moderately greasy texture, not sticky and not heavy, has a neutral smell and taste. However, it should be borne in mind that the balm does not heal already damaged lips, but only protects.

  • Well nourishes lips, moisturizes and protects.
  • Does not cause discomfort.
  • Neutral smell, no taste.
  • Democratic price.
  • not found. The balm fulfills its “promises”.

Restoring Baby Lips Electro balms from the American brand Maybelline in Russia are presented in three bright shades - coral, pink and purple. Abroad on sale there are three more tones (orange, yellow and green). This is a two-in-one product: hygienic lipstick and shine immediately. The manufacturer promises girls resistant neon color and extrahumidification for 8 hours! Beauty blogger Marina Makova (Marmaka) called lip balms from this lineup the best and most popular for every day, and Marina Gronskaya called gentle, beautiful and comfortable.

The texture of Baby Lips Electro is soft, weightless, not greasy. The balm gives a saturated translucent color, well layered, hides dry skin and flaking. Does not spread, comes off evenly, gradually absorbed and leaving a slight tint shade on the lips. Each balm has a pleasant berry smell. Volume - 4 g.

  • low cost,
  • moisturizing lips
  • three color palette
  • economical consumption.
  • despite statements by the manufacturer, durability is average.

Phytotherapeutic balm of the domestic brand "Pure line" provides triple care: nutrition, softening and moisturizing lips. Chamomile extract, aloe juice, natural oils and waxes in its composition soothe the skin, reduce the effects of adverse weather conditions, promote the healing of small wounds, make the lips smooth and tender. This balm is perfect as a base for lipstick. For the excellent balance of price and quality, many girls have recognized it as the best lip balm in its price segment.

The texture of the balm is melting, sliding, comfortable. Does not give a mask effect. Due to the restrained design of the package and the lack of shade, it is suitable not only for women, but also for men. But the average resistance - can withstand a couple of hours, after which the lip balm will have to be updated. Volume - 4 g.

  • democratic price
  • moderate consumption
  • good natural composition
  • suitable for men and women.
  • may not be suitable for dry and sensitive skin,
  • not too high durability.

The best lip balms in the middle price range

Australian balsam Lucas' Papaw can already be called legendary. Make-up artists appreciate it, buy Hollywood stars, like simple users - it has become the best for many. The most popular fashion blogger Elena Krygina does not tire of praising this product and uses it in its work. The product contains papaya enzymes that smooth the skin, saturate it with vitamins and protect it from external influences. This balm can also be used as a lip mask, an emollient for the cuticle and dry skin of the elbows and as a healing agent for burns or insect bites.

The texture of Lucas' Papaw is rather thick, but gentle, creamy. Shade balm does not have. It does not lie down with a film, it is easily absorbed into the skin, heals cracks and wounds, accelerates regeneration processes. Long keeps, does not flow and does not thaw. Available in four volumes - 15, 25, 75 and 200 ml. The smallest tube is equipped with a convenient lip applicator.

  • universal use
  • the ability to select the desired volume,
  • elegant protective properties
  • sustainability
  • economy,
  • Suitable for men and women.
  • It is not cheap.

  • Stylish packaging design.
  • Easy to use.
  • The absence of harmful substances in the composition.
  • Pleasant texture, taste and aroma.
  • High price.

The manufacturer gave the product Cicaplast Levres a solid name restoring balm barrier. Among its ingredients are panthenol, shea butter, niacinamide, and an innovative MP-lipid complex that builds a natural barrier around the lips that protects the skin from damaging external influences. The balm also soothes, heals, nourishes, softens and has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects. It is hypoallergenic, does not contain fragrances and parabens, therefore it is allowed even for children from three years.

The texture of the balm is quite dense, gel. It is colorless, does not spread and does not float, keeps steadily. It perfectly moisturizes lips, and it acts accumulatively - from time to time the skin becomes more and more pleasant and well-groomed. Can be used as a base for lipstick. Volume - 7.5 ml.

  • hypoallergenic,
  • good composition,
  • large volume
  • economical consumption
  • therapeutic effect
  • Suitable for women, men and children.
  • rather big cost
  • some feel a pronounced taste on their lips.

Legendary balm Carmex - a real find for those who pursue problems with the skin of the lips. Cracks, peeling, inflammation - Carmex will cope with these troubles. Also, the balm relieves the symptoms of herpes and makes the skin of the lips even. The product is intended for treatment rather than daily use; it is the best healing lip balm in our ranking.

  • Strong healing effect.
  • Quick action
  • Economical consumption.
  • There are different forms of release.
  • Gruff smell.
  • Vaseline base.

  • It nourishes and restores the skin of the lips.
  • Quickly heals cracks.
  • Does not cause allergies.
  • not suitable for everyone.

Top Luxury Lip Balms

Clinique's Chubby Stick Intense combines a moisturizing balm and lipstick with an increased amount of pigments. In total, the lineup contains eight magnificent intense shades. The product has the shape of a pencil, but it does not need to be sharpened - as needed, the thick pencil lead can be simply unscrewed. Ingredients include mango and jojoba seed oils and shea butter. Such balms were highly appreciated and praised by beauty blogger Elvira Chabakauri.

The texture of Chubby Stick Intense is creamy, melting and tender. The balm gives a translucent coating, it is easily layered to a dense color, it lays down evenly, does not emit peeling, does not numb in the folds. It looks natural, keeps well, comes off gradually, leaving a light pigment on the lips. Volume - 3 g.

What is lipstick for?

Hygienic lipstick for lips - a product of the cosmetic industry, created to moisturize the lips and protect them from temperature changes, wind, sun, etc.

A quality sample of hygienic lipstick provides the lips with nourishment, helps to heal wounds and cracks on their surface, and also eliminates peeling.

It is interesting. The habitual purpose of hygienic lipstick is to improve the condition of the lips.

However, a similar product can be applied to other qualities, for example:

  1. To prevent the formation of corns. New shoes, no doubt, beautiful, but not always comfortable. If, after wearing a newly acquired pair, there are unpleasant symptoms, rubbed places should be treated with a hygienic composition.
  2. For more convenient removal of the ring from your finger. For several reasons (weight gain, swelling, etc.), it becomes difficult to remove the ring from a finger. To simplify this task will help hygienic lip. It should hold them over the entire surface of the ring and in the area above it and try to remove the decoration again.
  3. Elimination of the effects of insect bites. It is enough just to anoint the bitten place with a hygienic balm. The same can be done with minor injuries and abrasions on the skin.
  4. Treatment of the area under the nose with a cold. A stuffy nose often causes various nasal drops to be applied, which leads to dry nasal membrane and the formation of crusts under the nose. Eliminate the latter by smearing their hygienic composition.
  5. Elimination of static electricity on the hair. Lip balm will help make your hair more smooth. To do this, it is enough to put a little lipstick on the comb and process the hair along its length, avoiding the root zone. Caused on the eyebrows, a hygienic tool can perform the function of a fixing gel, preventing hair from bristling.

How to choose hygienic lipstick

How to choose hygienic lipstick? After all, this is not only a cosmetic, and in some cases a therapeutic agent, and therefore the choice must be approached carefully. Before the acquisition should follow some recommendations:

  1. Taking into account seasonality. Choosing a "winter" lipstick, it is better to pay attention to products with a dense texture and a high content of nutritional ingredients. In the summer you should choose products with SPF-filters.
  2. Lipstick should be selected depending on the specific purpose. If you need to nourish the skin of the lips, you should stop the choice of colorless oil balms based on vitamins. If the tool must perform not only protective, but also decorative functions, you need to choose different shades in colored lip balms. For solving various dermatological problems in the mouth area, lipsticks with the special designations repair or treatment are suitable.

If doubts about the choice of lipstick are not dispelled, it is recommended to carefully examine all varieties of this product:

  1. With SPF filters. Suitable for use in spring and summer. In hot weather in an urban setting, SPF 20-25 is enough; going to the beach, you should choose products with a large index.
  2. Moisturizing. Usually the label of this product is marked with the appropriate symbol. Moisturizing hygienic lipstick nourishes the dermis with moisture, preventing its drying. As the first version of lipstick, relevant in the heat.
  3. Nutritious. Eliminates dry skin, cracks irritation.
  4. Shading. Combines the properties of the product and decorative product. It not only moisturizes the surface of the lips, but also gives them a beautiful soft shade.
  5. Therapeutic. Helps prevent the symptoms of herpes, eliminates painful cracks and sores in the lips, heals damage.

Secrets of the choice of hygienic lipstick:

What should be included

The best hygienic lipstick consists of natural ingredients. The latter can have a wound healing, smoothing, sunscreen or anti-inflammatory effect.

The composition of natural lipstick includes the following ingredients:

  1. Oils. It is best if the product will contain one or more types of oils:
  • castor (natural antiseptic, accelerates tissue healing),
  • wheat germ (helps to improve the condition of the dermis),
  • shea butter (most effectively nourishes the skin),
  • nutmeg (has a wound healing, antiseptic and antioxidant effect).
  1. Waxes Classic beeswax helps to create a protective layer that prevents moisture loss from the surface of the skin of the lips. Carnauba wax protects lipstick from spreading in the heat.
  2. Vitamins. High-quality lipstick includes a whole range of nutrients:
  • vitamin A (helps soften the dermis),
  • vitamin E (protects lips from free radicals),
  • Vitamins C, B (have a strong wound-healing property).
  1. Herbal extracts. The most popular vegetable components of hygienic lipsticks for the face are recognized as:
  • aloe vera (eliminates inflammation, regenerates skin cells),
  • chamomile, calendula (soothes, restores integument).

Additionally, panthenol (heals), lanolin (moisturizes), and squalene (softens) can be part of a hygienic product.

But the components from the following list should not be part of lip products:

  • refined products (paraffin, petrolatum),
  • salicylic acid (its constant use dries out the skin),
  • alcohol (dries the skin),
  • menthol, camphor (subject to frequent use leads to swelling of the lips),
  • silicone oil (contributes to the formation of the surface layer, which does not allow the skin to breathe and does not let in useful ingredients).

Various synthetic ingredients, fragrances, dyes and perfume fragrances cause damage to the skin of the lips and the body, without at the same time bearing the special functionality of the load.

It is interesting. If the composition of the cosmetic product is far from natural, you can make the lipstick yourself. For this purpose it is necessary to take jojoba and cocoa butter (1 tsp each), beeswax (0.5 tsp), essential oil (any, 2 drops). The wax is rubbed on a grater, mixed with cocoa butter. The mixture is heated in a water bath, add jojoba oil. Essential oil is poured into the cooled composition. The prepared bottle is placed in a bowl filled with cold water. Small portions, gradually, it is filled with the resulting hygienic mass, which after 10 minutes is sent to the refrigerator for hardening.

Recommendations of specialists

So that the use of lip hygienic lipstick is extremely useful, it is recommended to pay attention to a number of tips from dermatologists:

  1. Store lipstick should be at room temperature, protecting it from direct light. The bottle should not remain open for a long time - in case of prolonged contact with oxygen, the properties of the product may change.
  2. Before buying a product, you should test the probe, first familiarizing yourself with the aroma and texture of the composition.
  3. If a potential buyer has experienced cases of allergies to cosmetic products, you should carefully examine the composition of the lipstick, making sure that there are no "unhealthy" ingredients.
  4. The tool is applied to the surface of the lips before going out and shortly before going to bed.
  5. In the hot season, you should certainly apply lipstick with sunscreen filters. This will provide the lips with the maximum degree of moisture. In winter, dry lips can be removed with hygienic lipstick based on lanolin and oils. In the off-season period of acute shortage of nutrients it is better to choose samples with a complex of vitamins in the composition.

Rating best hygienic lipstick

The rating of the best hygienic lipsticks of foreign and domestic manufacturers is as follows:

  1. Nivea. The list of the best hygienic lipsticks opens the ranking of the best products made in the vastness of Germany. Lip care products of this brand provide effective basic care and include lipsticks and other products based on fruit extracts.
  2. "Aevit" from Liberoderm. Lipstick from the Russian producer, differs in the increased fat content and vitamin structure.
  3. "Hyaluronic Lipstick" from Liberoderm. Hyaluron in the composition of domestic lipstick moisturizes the dermis, giving it softness. Prevents fading of the skin, visually increases the volume of the lips.
  4. Belweder Stick. Lipstick Latvian brand, with aloe vera and vitamin E in the composition. Helps to smooth the skin of the lips, removes signs of irritation and dryness, prevents premature aging of the dermis.
  5. "Panthenol EVO" from Avanta. Another remedy for lips domestic manufacturer. The composition of the product is represented by vitamin E, shea butter, dexpanthenol. Lipstick allows you to deal with cracks, simultaneously eliminating the dryness of the integument.
  6. "Fruit Kiss." A wonderful representative of domestic hygienic lipstick. Leaves a pleasant aroma and fruity aftertaste.
  7. "Sponge-Nezhenki" from Relouis. Lipstick popular Belarusian manufacturer. Помимо основных функций увлажнения и питания предлагает также различные цвета палитры: от бледно-розового до насыщенно-розового. Защищает губы от шелушения и трещин.
  8. «Умка». Гигиеническая помада, разработанная специально для нежных детских губ. Максимально гипоаллергенное натуральное средство допустимо к использованию с первых дней жизни. Увлажняет губы, помогает напитать их и защищает их ввиду содержания в составе масел, восков и экстракта ромашки.
  9. «Морозко» от Аванта. The hygienic lipstick made in the open spaces of Russia completes the rating of lip care products. Suitable for babies from the first months of life and adults. The main advantage of the product is the absence of harmful ingredients. The tool helps to avoid dryness, irritation and chapping of the skin of the lips.

Hygienic lipstick is a versatile product that performs several functions simultaneously:

  • moisturizing
  • nutritious,
  • therapeutic
  • prophylactic.

In addition, some samples of balms and lipsticks can not only improve the condition of the lips, but also give them a beautiful natural shade. This product is most effectively used before going to bed or going out to fresh air.

What is hygienic lipstick for?

Hygienic lipstick is a product that moisturizes lips and protects the skin from the negative effects of the sun, wind, low and high temperatures, as well as temperature changes.

  • In addition, good hygienic lipstick soothes and nourishes the delicate skin of the lips, heals small cracks and sores, smoothes the flaking.
  • Some lipsticks have antibacterial properties.

The shelf life of hygienic lipstick depends on its composition and can range from one to three years. But note that you can store so much lipstick in unopened packaging: it is recommended to use an open one for six months.

What should be a part of hygienic lipstick?

The composition of hygienic lipstick may include different components (depending on its main function). We list the main ingredients that are worth paying attention to.

  • Castor oil has antiseptic properties and accelerates tissue regeneration.
  • Wheat germ oil improves skin condition.
  • Nutmeg oil is an antioxidant, antiseptic and wound healing agent.
  • Coconut and almond, as well as jojoba oil, perfectly moisturize the skin.
  • Shea butter is one of the best nutrients.

  • Beeswax forms the very protective layer that literally “seals” the skin of the lips, not allowing it to lose moisture. In addition, it makes the skin of the lips more elastic and resilient.
  • Thanks to the carnauba wax in the composition, hygienic lipstick does not spread in the heat.
  • Vitamin A softens the skin.
  • Vitamin E works as an antioxidant: protects against the negative effects of free radicals.
  • Vitamin C and B vitamins have healing properties.

5 kinds of hygienic lipstick

Still do not know what kind of hygienic lipstick do you need? We will facilitate your task.

Look for the SPF mark on the package if you need a reliable lipstick for the spring-summer season (however, in the winter additional protection will not hurt). For summer there is enough SPF 20-25 in the city, look for a higher index on the packaging for the beach. Read about other worthy options in our hygienic lipstick rating with SPF.


On the packaging of such hygienic lipstick, most likely, there will be a mark "moisturizing". The tool actively nourishes the skin of the lips with moisture and saves from dryness. Like lipstick with SPF, indispensable in the summer season.


Effectively fights dry lips, irritation and cracks. Contains waxes, oils, honey and plant extracts, known for their regenerating properties (aloe vera, calendula). A great example is Maybelline Baby Lips lipstick. Rescue, which boasts just such an impressive list of ingredients (shea butter, candelilla wax, honey, menthol and eucalyptus).


Combines the properties of care products and decorative cosmetics. This lipstick moisturizes the lips and gives them a light (usually not too bright) hue. For example, Kiehl’s has such.

This lipstick will prevent the appearance of herpes, save from cracks in the lips, will promote the healing of serious wounds.

Clarins Eclat Minute

Not a balm and not hygienic lipstick for the lips, but an ultra-nutritive Clarins Eclat Minute oil that helps to cope with the most serious cracks caused by sudden changes in temperature. The line contains seven tools that guarantee not only protection and nutrition, but also super-resistant color.

Jane iredale Sugar & Butter Lip Exfoliator / Plumper

The super product from jane iredale is a two-sided Sugar & Butter Lip Exfoliator / Plumper stick that has a peeling, moisturizing and enhancing effect. On the one hand, it is an exfoliating cream with sugar particles, and on the other, a nourishing balm based on avocado, jojoba and green tea extracts.

Ausganica Rose Hip Balm

Ausganica Rose Hip Balm, the most delicate lip balm, gently cares for sensitive skin without creating the sensation of a sticky film. Immediately after applying the lip, you can safely cover your favorite shade of lipstick.

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