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Japanese way to lose weight


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The path to harmony is through ... a towel! Not the kind that was used to cover a plate with delicious food, so that the eyes could not see, and the heart did not suffer, but which was rolled into a tight roller and placed under the back. The method of the Japanese doctor Fukutsuji, named after him - is a way to become thinner and slimmer, performing one single exercise. He offers to lose weight, lying with a roller just 5 minutes a day! True, it is difficult to call the position taken in this case convenient, but it is short and effective. So, everything is about the essence of the Fukutsuji method for losing weight, the intricacies of doing, the features, the hidden dangers and, of course, the prospects.

Theoretical basis

At its core - this is Japanese gymnastics for the formation of correct posture. The Fukutsuji method is based on the theory of gradual divergence of the pelvic and hypochondrium bones. The reasons for this may be different, but in the end - a violation of posture, slouching, compression of the spine and, as a result, thickening of the waist and even a decrease in height. "Damned" - they say in the people. With age, people really become lower, the chest becomes hollow, the shoulders "go" forward, the lower edge of the ribs is moved apart, visually expanding the waist and changing its regular contours. The body becomes visually fuller, swollen.

Fukutsuji came up with an exercise that returns the bones of the pelvis, spine and hypochondrium to the site through proper use of its own weight. To do this, you need to lie 5 minutes a day, putting a thick roller under the lower back of a normal terry towel.

It may seem that all this applies only to older people, while for young people everything is still in place and the pelvis has not left yet, at least in the bones. But it is not. The incorrect position of the bones of the skeleton is formed in the youngest, and sometimes even at a young age. A person moves less and less, “sits down” on a computer from childhood, spends a lot of time sitting during the learning process, and as an adult grows, the situation is aggravated by sedentary work. As a result, already at a young age, a persistent discrepancy between the bones of the hypochondrium and the pelvis, kyphosis, and other postural disorders that make the figure far from perfect can form.

Can I lose weight with the method?

If we mean by weight loss a flat stomach and getting rid of extra pounds and fat, then the practice is not aimed at this. But thanks to her waist becomes thinner by a few centimeters, and the figure - slimmer. Imagine a fat plasticine man. If we soften this plastic mass to elasticity and stretch the figure, our little man will become much thinner. At the same time, it was made from the same amount of plasticine as before, which means that its weight has not changed. This is how the practice of Fukutsuji for weight loss works.

The waist becomes narrower, the chest rises, the back is straightened. Fat from this exercise does not go anywhere, but we all know how much motivates success. Perhaps that is why a continuation of the above-achieved result almost always becomes power correction, an active lifestyle, and then a change of clothes!

At the same time, the Fukutsuji method is an ideal addition to the complex work on your body, including a healthy diet, exercise and meditative practice. Works well in conjunction with the exercise "vacuum on the stomach."

What does this practice really do?

The external effect is the result of the formation of the correct position of the bones of the skeleton. Thanks to this, the posture is corrected, the internal organs are replaced, the ribs and pelvic bones return to their original state. Stretched muscles gradually folding back into a hump, relieved muscle spasms, tightness in the region of the cervical region, shoulder girdle, trapezium. The thoracic spine is straightened, the chest visually rises. Breathing becomes smooth, not superficial, the lungs are well ventilated.

It should be noted and the positive impact of the practice of Fukutsuji on a person on an emotional level. It is proved that not only the mental state is manifested in a certain pose of a person, but also vice versa. It is necessary to sit in a sad position, sadly hang shoulders and sit for some time, as any grief begins to come to my head, my mood deteriorates very quickly, melancholy appears, depressive thoughts begin to creep in. If you practice this body position all the time, you can literally earn a neurosis or even real depression out of the blue. Therefore, the study of correct posture and has great emotional value.

What is required for classes?

Inventory for practicing Fukutsuji is simple and affordable - it is an ordinary terry towel, tightly rolled into a roll and tightly tied with string, tape or anything else. Its length should correspond to the width of the body or be slightly wider. There are special ready-made rollers-simulators, but self-made, firstly, it works no worse, and secondly, it gives the opportunity to adjust its volume.

Please note that the diameter of the roll is selected individually. There are no exact recommendations on this score, therefore it will be necessary to be guided by an eye-meter and common sense. It is necessary to take into account its own dimensions, since a lot of weight will give a stronger stretch, and stretching and sagging will depend on the size of the roller. The larger the diameter, the stronger they will be. But, accordingly, the side effects of the load will be more pronounced and may even become painful.

Those who experience back pain or have any other problems with the spine, it is better to start with a lightweight version (small convolution). In any case, you need to focus on your impressions. It should not be particularly comfortable to lie down, but there should be no strong pain.

You will also need a smooth surface with good but comfortable stiffness. It can be a carpet, a bedding made of penofol for fitness or just a thin blanket on the floor. It is impossible to do an exercise on a sofa or bed, it will be too soft. The ideal place for practicing Fukutsuji is the massage table.

Performance technique

  • Lay your back on a flat hard surface, placing the cushion from the bottom exactly below the navel. Be sure to check the accuracy of the situation, because it is very important for the result of losing weight. To do this, put your fingers on the navel and draw a line around the body perpendicular to the floor, as if trying to outline the waist circumference. They should fall exactly in the middle of the rolled roll.
  • The legs should be spread to the width of the shoulders so that turned inside the foot could touch with your thumbs. In this position they remain, but without tension! If it is difficult to hold them and a certain effort is required, a small pad can be put on top of them or even fingers can easily be tied.
  • Hands stretched up above your head as smoothly as possible and placed with palms down, right on the surface of the floor. At the same time, their little fingers should touch each other, and their thumbs, on the contrary, should look in different directions. This is the initial position of the hands, contributing to the stretching of the hypochondrium. If the exercise Fukutsuji is done on a massage table, it is convenient to hold hands on its edge. Keep your hands straight at first can not all. Over time, everything will turn out, but for now nothing terrible. By the way, this indicates the already existing problems with the musculoskeletal system. For example, if you try to straighten your arms and take the recommended position, your elbows involuntarily rise upwards, you can talk about some existing problem in the thoracic spine. Anyway - no violence! The body should be relaxed.
  • Do not tilt the head! It should lie flat, the chin does not stick up, but almost touches the chest.
  • No effort! It is necessary to lie relaxed and gently. Breathing is even, eyes closed.
  • Runtime - 5 minutes. If done correctly, the effect will appear gradually, but immediately.

Actually, on this classic training Fukutsuji for weight loss is over. But you can add additional versions of poses for better drawing of the waist and high breast position.

Rolled roll moves up under the bottom edge of the ribs and the whole exercise is exactly repeated from the beginning. The time is the same - 5 minutes.

Now the roller is shifted even higher, just under the chest and everything repeats from the beginning. This is another 5 minutes of extra time.

Important notes

Turning and getting up after the session should be very carefully, slowly, without sudden movements! First, turn slowly on its side, then sit down just as smoothly and only after that you can stand up.

The main condition for obtaining a lasting effect is regularity! Take time to practice every day.

No need to lie beyond the recommended time, it will not give an additional result of losing weight, but will increase the risk of adverse complications.

Perhaps at first to lie at the right time in this position will seem difficult. You can start with 2-3 minutes, and then bring to the required five. Over time, it will be easier, do not give up, even if at the beginning of the feeling will be unpleasant. This, of course, is not about the pathological complications of classes, which we will discuss below.


  • Before starting classes with the slightest doubt about their usefulness and safety for health should consult a doctor. It is highly recommended to do this to anyone who has or has had any back problems.
  • The roller should be made small first, and then its diameter should be increased, making sure that nothing bad happens to the locomotor system.
  • Do not exceed the recommended time of five minutes! This applies even to those who feel completely healthy, because the load on the spine can be critical.
  • Do not rise sharply! Listen to your body and do not make any quick movements and sharp turns.


This technique can be unsafe and unsafe even with minor problems with the spine. Therefore, in case of doubt, the best adviser would be a neuropathologist or orthopedist, depending on the violations. Cases when to perform these exercises are contraindicated:

  • hernia of spinal column, disc protrusion,
  • spinal injury - any limitation and any department,
  • restless legs syndrome (crawling, itching, tingling in the feet in a relaxed state of calm). Much less often such feelings appear in the hands, and this is also a contraindication
  • fever, fever in any disease,
  • high blood pressure
  • problems with hip joints,
  • any internal and external bleeding,
  • scoliosis (corrected only under the strict supervision of a doctor!).

Complications that may occur during exercise

  • Acute pain in the spine due to compression of the radicular nerve.
  • Loss or clouding of consciousness.
  • Dizziness, nausea.
  • Spasm of the spinal muscles, both during exercise and after it.
  • Growing headache.
  • Discomfort in the back, in the lumbar region, not passing after the gymnastics.

All these complications require immediate assistance, the exercise should be immediately stopped and immediately seek medical attention.

Reviews and results are thinner

Angelica, 29 years old

I tried the Fukutsuji practice on myself. I regret that I didn’t measure growth at the beginning, but that it slightly increased is for sure. I focus on subjective feelings. For two weeks, a five-minute waistline decreased by 2.5 cm and now became 62 cm. What can I say about my feelings: I did not feel discomfort either for the first time or later. It is interesting that after that you walk all day and you feel how unusually the back keeps evenly. In this posture, even when sitting at the table. As for losing weight, with even posture, you involuntarily draw in the stomach. But I didn’t notice big fluctuations on the scales. In general, the method is satisfied and I can recommend.

As soon as I saw the announcement of the Fukutsuji method, I immediately decided to try it on myself and on my husband. From the very first lesson, my waist circumference was 1 cm less, and my husband was 0.5 cm. Subsequently, my figure changed to 3 cm. The back straightened literally right away, as if from childhood she was carrying a basket on her head. However, there were some painful sensations, which with time increased and passed. At the same time, I monitored the calorie content of food and, in general, I can now boast of a thin flat tummy!

Despite my age, I decided to try the method. I tried to find a solution not so much with the waist as with my spine. Lying gymnastics was engaged exactly 4 months, every day without admissions. The result of the waist: the volume decreased from 84 cm to 78 cm. But even this is not the main thing. I began to pass the age slouch, although I thought the bones have long lost their elasticity and are unlikely to succeed in putting them in place. But the most interesting and unexpected - now I buy bras of not 85cm in volume, but 75cm, with the same cup size! Weight decreased slightly, but improved sleep and mood.

Reviews of doctors and specialists

Reflexologist V.V. Barley

This Japanese technique is indeed of some interest. The proportions of the body can vary under their own weight, and if this weight is used correctly, the effect will be expected. But I disagree with the fact that the Fukutsuji technique is often presented as a way to get a flat stomach, or at least lose those extra pounds. There are no such mechanisms in this practice. At the same time, the waist can actually become narrower when the pelvic bones turn. And this can not fail to please the fair sex.

The second point is that the moment of lifting after the exercise can be a great danger. Do this gradually and carefully - first on the side (lie down), then sit down.

And third, I urge people following this technique to be very careful! If you have problems, consult your doctor. Moving the spine and other bones of the skeleton away is serious.

Orthopedic surgeon Alexander V

Recently, patients are increasingly asking questions about this gymnastic practice. When people ask me if this is not harmful, I answer that the absence of harm is not good. As for the benefits, then for the spine, it sounds in this case as "medicine for the body." No tools to solve any problems. But harming your spinal column with independent manipulations is very, very simple. For a medical illiterate person, this is the same as blindfolding, picking up a sword and swinging it right and left.

On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with this theory. This is one of the many exercises for stretching that manual therapists use in their practice. With certain indications, they are really effective. The main thing is qualified, competent use.

The essence of the method of Dr. Fukutsuji

The Japanese method of losing weight is a static exercise aimed at restoring the normal position of the organs and bones of the body. Over the years of practice, Dr. Fukutsuji concluded based on the fact that in people suffering from obesity, the subcostal and pelvic bones are noticeably biased. Deviations lead to the accumulation of fat cells in the upper abdomen. The incorrect position of the pelvic bones provokes the appearance of fat in the suprapubic and umbilical regions.

Women are especially susceptible to various dysplasias of the joints and bones as a result of past pregnancies, childbirth. With the systematic implementation of simple exercises from the program of the Japanese doctor, you will achieve spinal stretching, and by eliminating the disproportion of the organs, you can reduce waist volumes and lose weight. Daily exercise will help:

  • eliminate the symptoms of osteochondrosis,
  • get rid of the clamps and vertebral blocks,
  • normalize the location of the bones of the shoulder blades, ribs, pelvis.

Rules for doing exercises with a roller from a towel

Japanese gymnastics for weight loss with a towel is a type of stretch marks. It is modified to take into account that during exercise, muscles, ligaments and joints of the skeleton are subjected to stretching. The bodies as a result of the exercises occupy the correct position, begin to work in an acceptable mode, which contributes to weight loss. Bones move and do not interfere with the functioning of vital body systems. The exercise is performed as follows:

  1. Sit on a flat, hard surface, with the need to stretch the legs, align the lower back.
  2. Roller put back.
  3. Next, you need to lie on your back, and place the roller at the level of the navel.
  4. Feet should be at a distance of about 25 cm from each other, big toes to touch, heels - apart.
  5. Hands need to pull out exactly, turn his palms down. The little fingers of both hands should touch.
  6. Lay in the starting position for 5 minutes.
  7. После завершения упражнения быстрый подъем запрещен.

Рекомендации по проведению гимнастики

Японская гимнастика для похудения с валиком должна проходить на ровной, твердой основе. Размер валика подбирается согласно личным ощущениям. When doing gymnastics, you need a feeling of tension, but not pain. To begin with, there is enough of a roller of 5 cm of a towel. In the future, the volume will increase to 20 cm. The length of the roller should be at least 40 cm. Exercise in nature is invigorating. The offset of the roller under the chest and rib part:

  • improve posture
  • tighten the chest
  • will contribute to weight loss of the upper abdomen,
  • make the waist pronounced.

Combination exercises with the Japanese diet

Perfectly supplement the daily exercise can be using the rules of the Japanese diet. Its essence is to limit the daily calorie content of food. In women up to 1200-1400 kcal and up to 1500-1700 kcal for men. The food system is very diverse, includes the use of delicious and healthy soups, vegetable dishes. The low energy value of the food consumed will help to remove excess body fat, improve the results of the Japanese method of losing weight.

Video tutorial: how to make Japanese gymnastics for weight loss

Dr. Fukutsuji's slimming method is an effective way to combat obesity, many types of diseases of the spinal column and the musculoskeletal system. Performing a simple exercise every day for a month, you will achieve excellent results. Among them - a decrease in waist volumes, the disappearance of osteochondrosis and a flabby stomach, weight loss. A comprehensive, gentle recovery with the help of light exercises is the main goal of Japanese gymnastics. Visually familiarize yourself with the method of Dr. Fukutsuji, you can see this video tutorial.

Fukutsuji Method Basics

Japanese gymnastics for weight loss with a roller is suitable for people with a wide waist. Dr. Fukutsuji noted the connection between imperfections of the figure and the location of the bones. The divergence of the pelvic bones visually increases the hips, and the divergence of the hypochondrium bones - the waist. Based on his observations, the doctor concluded that the figure would become more perfect if the bones were returned to the correct location.

In order to restore the correct location of the bones of the pelvis and ribs, a Japanese method of correction was developed, which is a static exercise that should be performed daily for 5 minutes. This exercise helps reduce waist, increase height and improve posture. A good result is possible only with daily exercise, in which you must lie on the floor with a roller under the waist.

How to perform exercises with a roller and a towel?

To perform a Japanese exercise for the back with a roller, you need a flat surface (gymnastic mat or carpet), a thin rope and a terry towel.

The main stages of gymnastics:

  1. Roller preparation. It is necessary to twist the roller from the towel and fix it with a thin rope.
  2. Take a horizontal position on a hard surface.
  3. Place a roll rolled from a towel under the waist.
  4. Hands stretch up, placing his palms to the floor so that the little fingers touch.
  5. The legs should be pulled out, the feet should be positioned so that the thumbs are touching.
  6. The neck must be relaxed, the head kept straight.
  7. To lay in this position should be within 5 minutes.
  8. After the time is over, the roller should be removed, turned on its side, and then stood up.

Pros and cons of the Japanese method

The Japanese method of losing weight with a towel has the following advantages:

  • the simplicity of the exercise makes it accessible even for people who do not have special training,
  • the exercise does not require much time
  • systematic gymnastics helps reduce waist girth,
  • exercise is well suited for people working at the computer, as it helps improve posture,
  • to perform gymnastics does not require expensive equipment
  • Classes according to the method of the Japanese doctor have a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system.

  • after the exercise, discomfort may occur in the lumbar region, due to the fact that the vertebral discs will fall into place,
  • gymnastics is contraindicated for people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system,
  • weight will remain, as the Japanese method of correction helps not to burn fat, but to visually reduce the waist.

Reviews of doctors and thinner

Natalya, 27, Ekaterinburg: “I am delighted with the methods of the Japanese doctor. Losing weight is the dream of every girl. Perform an exercise for a month, waist size decreased by 2 centimeters. I was pleased that after performing the gymnastics according to the method of the Japanese doctor, the muscles strengthened, the body became more taut, flexible and plastic. When I started the exercise, I felt tension in my arms and legs. ”

Angelica, 29, Samara: “After doing the exercise, I did not feel any discomfort in the back area. When doing gymnastics, I tried to follow all the recommendations. I recorded the first result in 2 weeks - the waist volume decreased by 2.5 centimeters. After doing the exercise, you feel how your posture improves, your back becomes even and straight. ”

Vera, 65, Khabarovsk: “Despite my age, I decided to try an exercise according to the method of a Japanese doctor. I perform gymnastics regularly for 4 months. Waist volume during this time decreased by 6 centimeters, breast volume decreased by 10 centimeters. Noticed a decrease in age slouch. I will be satisfied with the results of the classes according to the Japanese doctor's method; I will continue to practice. ”

Polina, 34, St. Petersburg: “When I first heard about the method of a Japanese doctor, I decided to try it. After the first lesson, I noticed that my waist size decreased by 1 centimeter, and my husband's waist size - by 0.5. After the first classes, I felt my back straighten. During the performance of the gymnastics sometimes there were painful sensations, which subsequently passed quickly. I liked the technique: for 2 months the waist volume decreased by 2 centimeters. I will continue to study.

Reflexologist V.V. Barley, 62, Chicago: “The Japanese body shaping method can be used to visually reduce the waist. Gymnastics will be beneficial and not harmful to health, if you perform it correctly and carefully get up. If there are problems with the musculoskeletal system, you should seek the advice of a specialist before the start of classes. ”

About human laziness

What is interesting in human nature is that in order to achieve his goals, he tries to choose the easiest path, even if at first. Similarly, in the case of losing weight: I really want to lose weight, but at the same time I want it to happen at once for as much and as soon as possible. And it is absolutely not taken into account that such a weight loss not only does not give significant results, but, undoubtedly, harm to health. This is due to the fact that such techniques are based on the loss of body fluids, which over time will still be replenished. The method of the Japanese doctor Fukutsuji is based entirely on different principles.

Longer ways are diets and intense, until exhaustion, exercises in the gym. But here, too, a problem arises: I don’t want to at all for a long time, and to some people constantly, limit myself to eating. And all the more there is no desire to sweat on exercise machines, treadmills or with dumbbells, highlighting such a necessary time before or after work. It would be desirable not only quickly, but also as easily as possible.

And here comes to the aid of the Fukutsuji method, which promises quick weight loss without effort. And most importantly - for free.

What is the popularity of the method

Dr. Fukutsuji researched and developed his technique for more than ten years, a book about exercises in an instant sold out across the Asian continent with six million copies. The method is popularly called the "Japanese method of losing weight."

The popularity of the method lies in the fact that classes on it occur on the principle of "lying and losing weight." That is, two main desires are fulfilled - a minimum of effort and a quick achievement of the result. At least according to the statements of the healer himself. True, the posture to perform the exercise is somewhat uncomfortable or unusual, but this is smoothed out by a short exposure time.

Fukutsuji method - doctors reviews

Sports doctors all say that it is impossible to lose weight without playing sports and without using diets.

They say that the method of the Japanese doctor and other ways of losing weight can not be compared with each other. The use of these exercises is a Japanese way of improving and correcting posture, reducing the size of the waist, correcting growth, but in no case losing weight.

And all because in fact the amount of excess fat decreases very slightly, and then only due to the normalization of the work of properly located organs. Narrowing of the waist is achieved by lifting the subcostal part of the skeleton and stretching and tightening in the abdominal area.

The proposed Japanese method is a static exercise with a peculiar stretching effect, which is intended to save a person from skeletal problems.

But this is precisely what the Fukutsuji method is valuable for, the most enthusiastic responses can be heard. Joyful Japanese women admire the fact that a few minutes of training per day allow them to reduce waist and increase height.

Even not believing this method, it is worth trying, is it fast, efficient and easy.

What is the method for

A Japanese doctor turned his attention to studies on the human skeleton, finding that increased waistline is a consequence of the fact that the subcostal and pelvic bones diverge for various reasons. Also associated with problems of the spine is a decrease in height with age.

The result was a method that miraculously restores the correct position of these bones. In addition, the spine is pulled out, giving the opportunity to stretch the flattening. That is, simple exercises help people get rid of or alleviate more than one serious health problem.

And the most remarkable thing that Dr. Fukutsuji gives women is a flat stomach. The method allows to achieve the fact that this part of the female figure quickly loses weight.

This exercise and its variations are a kind of static stretching with added additional elements that remove clamps and blocks in the back, caused by a variety of reasons. Also, lessons on this method are well adjusted figure. Systematic exercise improves posture, removes a flabby stomach and tightens the waist.

Who shows the exercise

Almost all people who are not experiencing obvious pain or discomfort, consider that they are healthy. They do not even suspect that the majority with an appropriate examination will find deviations from the norm, leading to problems in the future. Those who are already experiencing pain in the back and joints should try this technique without fail.

The Fukutsuji doctor's method will help those who have back problems caused by clips and vertebral blocks, who have the wrong arrangement of the bones of the shoulder blades, ribs and pelvis. It will also be useful to those who have blocked the cervical region or the work of the internal organs.

As a rule, these problems cause a displacement of the internal organs located nearby, they occupy the wrong position, their functioning is disturbed, as a result, the body begins to hurt.

In addition, when the pelvic bones diverge, fat begins to be deposited in the lower part, and when the ribs diverge, the fat accumulates on top, and the person gets fatter.

What are the results? Feelings from lessons

What results can be achieved using the Fukutsuji method? Reviews of those who performed this exercise indicate that the bones of the ribs and pelvis are in place, the spine stretches to its full length. This result is due to the fact that as the body gets used to the exercise, the muscles become stronger, and the joints and the spine assume their natural position.

As for the subjective sensations, besides the individual ones for everyone, there are also common ones:

  • noticeably easier breathing
  • without effort, it is possible to keep your back even while sitting, and when moving,
  • slouching back straightens
  • gait gains confidence
  • the spine is relaxing,
  • sleep improves, mood rises.

Regarding growth, it should be noted that it rather does not increase, but is restored to natural due to stretching of the spine.

Reduction of the abdomen occurs due to the fact that the organs occupy their proper, natural position.

The waist becomes thinner due to the fact that the ribs change their position, many of them have a feeling of spreading wings after exercise.

In addition to physical sensations, which gives the Fukutsuji method, reviews indicate the effect of exercise on the emotional state, psyche and consciousness:

  • the practitioner has a sense of harmony,
  • the psyche is balanced,
  • there is a noticeable surge of strength
  • there is a significant improvement in memory
  • energy field is balanced.

The method of the exercise

The Fukutsuji method suggests performing the exercise as follows:

  • sit on a flat surface, stretching out your legs and lining the lower back,
  • place the roller in the back,
  • lie on your back and adjust the roller so that it is exactly at the level of the navel - for this you can use the fingers of both hands from the navel through the sides to draw lines to the sides of the roller,
  • legs should be moved apart by about 25 cm, the heels should be apart, and the thumbs of both legs should touch each other,
  • hands should be stretched even up, palms should be placed on the floor, the little fingers of both hands should be in contact,
  • fix the body in that position for five minutes
  • complete the exercise.

What happens during class

What exactly happens during this exercise and why is this position chosen for the body?

Why is the Fukutsuji method so useful? Losing weight is, of course, an attractive prospect. But the exercise is just one of several types of stretching, but modified in such a way that not only muscles but also joints and ligaments of the skeleton stretch.

Up to the stop, the raised arms stretch the subcostal area and place the rib bones in the original place.

Kosolapo located feet of the feet help the pelvic bones to take their natural, normal position.

The organs also move to their places, begin to work properly, the fat is processed.

The practitioner's skeleton assumes a necessary position, so this change can give a slight discomfort, which is especially noticeable at the beginning. With the implementation of several exercises, this feeling passes.

If the roller is moved to the area under the breast, then the breast will rise, it will become slightly higher. If you place it at the beginning of the rib bones, the waistline will be thinned.

Where, how and with what to do

To perform the exercises effectively, you need an absolutely flat and firm base - it can be a floor, couch or sports mat.

For a more enjoyable lesson, you can pick up a relaxing musical composition lasting five minutes and turn it on with the start of the exercise.

Good psychological effect gives the method of Fukutsuji, if the exercises are performed in nature.

As a cushion, which must be at least forty centimeters in length, a ready-made cushion with aromatheras or a tightly rolled towel, fixed with a ribbon, can serve. It is necessary to begin occupations from the roller of small five-centimeter diameter and over time to increase the size to ten centimeters.

To choose the right individual size of the roller, you need to listen to the sensations: during the session you should feel light tension, but in no case pain.

Reviews about the method of the Japanese doctor

Is the Fukutsuji method really good? Reviews of those who dealt with it are full of joyful impressions.

Almost all note that after two sessions the waist size has decreased by one centimeter.

Already after the first lesson, the posture is leveled and lightness in the back is felt.

All involved involved an increase in height of one to two centimeters.

Even not believing this method, you can simply try to apply it instead of taking pills and dietary supplements for weight loss.

The only thing you need to remember - this is not a technique of superfast weight loss. On the contrary, only systematic studies can give a long-term healing effect.

And the results, of course, will be individual. Just do not forget about the precautions and contraindications.

Fukutsuji slimming method

Japanese method of losing weight with a towel, in fact, is a static exercise with the effect of stretching the spine. Initially, gymnastics was designed to solve problems with the back, bones and joints. Only after some time, Fukutsuji noticed that after anatomical restoration of the spine, there is a decrease in the waist, a straightening posture and an increase in the height of a person.

The principle of gymnastics with a roller is the formation of correct posture. The Japanese method is based on the theory of studying the causes of weight gain. Fukutsuji highlights two factors:

  1. Human bones are constantly subject to negative effects - poor posture, sitting at a computer, childbirth, excessive stress. Это приводит к расхождению реберных и тазовых костей, а потом и к накоплению жира в области бедер, ягодиц, живота.
  2. Смещение костей вызывает неправильное расположение внутренних органов, что приводит к нарушению обмена веществ и набору веса.

Механизм влияния японской гимнастики для похудения с валиком на уменьшение талии и бедер, заключается в растяжке тазовых костей и подреберья, воздействии упражнений на позвоночник. If it functions normally, then the internal systems of the body also work well. If there are problems, then there is a violation of the entire process of life.

Japanese gymnastics for weight loss with a roller on weight acts conditionally. Classes stimulate the production of brown fat, which is not stored as white, but burned to maintain body temperature. The process is explained by the construction of the brown cell. Its cytoplasm contains mitochondria that stimulate fat oxidation. Enhanced blood supply, due to the large number of capillaries, helps to increase the amount of oxygen for burning fat. As a result, energy production occurs.

In other words, the “problem” exercise itself does not burn fat - it helps it not to be postponed, to correct the posture, to replace the pelvic bones, which will eventually lead to a decrease in the waist, straightening the shoulders, i.e. the figure will visually become slimmer. Gymnastics supplement with a healthy diet, physical exertion, will help to use the technique to reduce weight.

Japanese technique with a roll of towel - the rules and principles of action

Before you start lying on a towel, you should learn the basic rules and recommendations for achieving effective results from gymnastics. The rules include:

  • Solid surface - for precise fixation of the spine.
  • Compliance with exercise time - excess can be harmful to health.
  • Breathing should be slow and even.
  • Training time - gymnastics is held 2 hours before or after meals.
  • Schedule - exercises should be conducted daily at one time.
  • The dimensions of the roller are 7-15 cm in diameter, the length is not less than 40 cm. It should correspond to the width of the back or be 2-3 cm larger.

To perform the exercises correctly, you need to follow the recommendations. They are as follows:

  • After completing the gymnastics, it is not necessary to make sudden movements - you have to roll to the side smoothly and lie down for a few minutes.
  • At the beginning of classes you will have to overcome the pain of the load on the wrongly located bones.
  • If after 5-6 workouts discomfort does not pass, you should temporarily stop doing the exercises.
  • To be engaged by the method is necessary only with a positive attitude.

Japanese gymnastics for weight loss with a roller requires compliance measures. The first days of class lying should not exceed 1-2 minutes, so that the load was gradual. The diameter of the roller while it is better to use no more than 7 cm. You can increase it to 2-3 weeks of exercise. It is important to listen to your feelings. If everything is done correctly, then the person feels how the bones assume a natural position, and the abdomen and sides retract into the abdominal cavity.

Gymnastics efficiency

The application of Dr. Fukutsuji technique in combination with the regularity of classes, proper nutrition, allow to achieve excellent results. These include:

  • decrease in waist volumes by 5-7 cm in 3 months,
  • strengthening the spine, correcting posture,
  • increase in height by 2-3 cm,
  • getting rid of cellulite
  • improvement of blood circulation, due to which pressure is normalized,
  • reduction of pain in the joints, neck, lower back,
  • breast shape correction,
  • normalization of sleep.

In confirmation of the effectiveness of Japanese gymnastics for weight loss with a roller, it is recommended to monitor changes occurring with the body. To do this, you can use photos before and after several sessions, keep a diary of observations with measurements of volumes, a description of the current state. So you can visually assess how much the stomach was drawn in, the chest rose, the posture leveled. These methods will be an excellent motivation to continue gymnastics.

Japanese exercise for the back with a roller

Exercise for the back is simple. The action algorithm is as follows:

  1. Place the body horizontally, place the cushion under the waist, clearly above the level of the navel.
  2. The legs should be straight, the heels apart and firmly pressed to the floor, and your thumbs should be joined.
  3. Put your hands behind your head with your palms down. In this case, the little fingers should touch each other.
  4. Then you should relax and lie down from 30 seconds to 5-10 minutes.
  5. After you have to gently roll to the side and lie down a minute.
  6. Then get on all fours and slowly rise.

In order to get rid of the problems caused by cervical osteochondrosis, it is necessary to resort to the following method. His description:

  1. Make a cushion of 2 ping-pong balls, which are placed inside the sock, then tied together with an elastic band.
  2. Next, lie on the floor and place the neck between the balls.
  3. Exercise time is 3-5 minutes. The first results will be noticeable after a couple of days.

Gymnastics to reduce volume and improve breast shape

For breast correction, it is necessary to perform the exercise in a manner similar to gymnastics for the back. More process looks like this:

  • Lying on your back, place a cushion under the sternum in the region of the shoulder blades.
  • Hands should be pulled behind the head, palms down with touching little fingers.
  • The legs are extended, the heels are spread apart and pressed to the floor.
  • Foot should be directed inward, so that the thumbs constantly touch each other. You can tie them with tape.
  • You need to lie for 3-5 minutes, in a relaxed state.
  • Breathing should be smooth.
  • You can not get up sharply - you need to roll to your right side, and then slowly rise.

How to effectively lose weight?

According to the author himself, this technique allows you to restore the correct location of the bones, resulting in the correction of individual parts of the body. For example, you can reduce the abdomen already in the first session by correcting the position of the subcostal and pelvic bones with the help of a simple exercise.

To achieve a more pronounced waist - with the regularity of classes and increasing the load by adding simple movements to the main exercise.

If everything is done correctly, the shape of the breast improves in the process of exercising, it becomes raised and looks elastic. In addition, the technique helps to improve posture, add a few centimeters of growth and even solve some problems of the musculoskeletal system. And all this is only due to the return of the bones to the original, correct position. How does this happen?

At first glance, it seems nothing complicated, but simply not be able to lie - the recommended position of the head, arms and legs can cause discomfort. The fact is that when you exercise your spine starts to straighten upcausing discomfort.

Of course, the Japanese method of losing weight is of interest, at least in terms of whether everything that the Japanese doctor promises is true. We will comment on each of the points stated in this program, based on the feedback and comments from specialists.

The effectiveness of the Japanese method of lying down

As a rule, all the recipes for effective weight loss are based on a change in nutrition and the use of physical activity. We do not take into account the use of drugs for weight loss, dietary supplements, and even more surgery. However, even the most seemingly healthy methods of losing weight do not always give the desired result, and this may depend on many factors.

Fukutsuji technique is popular just because it eliminates the traditional approach to losing weight, and at the same time guarantees an effect that will surpass the usual diet and gym. Those who were not too lazy to check the effectiveness of the method and have already managed to try the exercises on themselves really notice a noticeable decrease in volumes in the abdomen and waist.

For some, the result appears immediately after the first workout - in some 5 minutes a person loses weight by several centimeters!

However, doctors advise to pay attention to the fact that there is a decrease in volume, and not weight loss, which is most often attributed to weight loss. They are sure that it is possible to reduce the volumes, and the visual effect is likely to be true, but not fat burning. In general, as experts note, this technique is very useful, and can be used as a supplement to the main weight loss program.

However, “losing weight” by relieving tension from the spinal trunk and returning the pelvic bones and hypochondria to the correct position is not the only merit of Dr. Fukutsuji's method. What else can you expect from the miracle of Japanese medicine?

What REALLY gives the Japanese way of losing weight

Since the exercises of this technique represent one of the types of static stretching, the range of their application is quite wide and is currently actively used in manual therapy for the treatment and prevention of defects of the musculoskeletal system.

If the effectiveness of this method as a way to quickly lose weight in many doctors received a refutation, then its usefulness for therapeutic purposes is not even in doubt.

Those who have been practicing the exercises for a long time, note the following positive points:

  • improving the general condition of the body and increasing vital energy,
  • normalization of pressure and heart rate,
  • reduction of pain in muscles and joints,
  • the disappearance of the clamps in the cervical spine and back pain,
  • facilitating the course of diseases of internal organs and much more,

However, in addition to purely physical sensations, many note the effect of exercises on the psycho-emotional sphere, in particular:

  • gaining a sense of calm and harmony
  • improving sleep quality
  • the ability to relax and abstract from the negative moments,
  • increase self-confidence
  • ability to listen to your body and sensations

Instructions for using the Fukutsuji method

  1. Sit on a hard surface, putting the roller behind you so that when you fall on your back, it will be under your waist.
  2. Lie down slowly, holding the roller with your hands.
  3. Make sure the posture is correct, the roller should be strictly under your navel, and your body should not be under stress.
  4. Relax and tune in to the exercise.
  5. Spread your feet so that your thumbs are together and your heels are apart. For convenience, you can fix them with a rubber band.
  6. Put your hands behind your head without bending them.
  7. Bring your hands to the floor with the back side, trying not to overstretch them, and try to put the little fingers of both hands together.
  8. In this position, you need to spend 5 minutes.
  9. Watch your feelings, if it becomes difficult to lie down or severe pain appears, then the exercise should be stopped.
  10. Rise gently, slowly.

After the session, you will probably feel a pleasant weakness in your whole body, so it will be difficult to get up. The main thing - do not make sudden movements.

Remember, even for 5 minutes of lying in this position, the bones will budge. Get up very carefully, first turn on its side, then, helping yourself with your hands, sit down, and only then rise. Feelings that you will experience after doing the exercise - completely indescribable!

However, no matter how enthusiastic the reviews are, it should be borne in mind that the technique is not equally safe for everyone. There are a number of contraindications and recommendations, which are necessary to take into account in order to avoid possible problems.

Safety methods and contraindications

Before you start exercising, make sure that you do not have problems with your spine, back or hip joint. Scoliosis, osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernia and other diseases of bones and joints - an occasion to consult with your doctor about the usefulness of this procedure for you.

Otherwise, instead of strengthening the body, there is a chance of getting an exacerbation of a disease. Even a healthy person, experts, noting the usefulness of this technique, recommend carrying it under the supervision of a doctor.

If the exercises of the technique are not contraindicated to you, follow simple precautions:

  • the slow pace of exercise and relaxation,
  • control of time compliance
  • observation of the sensations of your body,
  • avoid overvoltage
  • consistency and regularity of exercise,

At the initial stage of training, you should feel a slight tension, but in no case pain, otherwise you can stretch out so that, at best, you will hardly get up later.

Fukutsuji technique can be used both independently and in combination with other methods of recovery. Of course, its impact on weight loss for each individual. But here are the reviews of those who have already experienced its effectiveness.

Reviews losing weight about the Japanese method

“The towel turned as the Japanese showed, pulling with an elastic bandage. I lay before bedtime every day, almost a year, breathing - with a delay on body flex. It helps ... "

“A wonderful technique. Even in addition there is a tension of the muscles, blood circulation accelerates, the muscles heat up and toxins come out. I lay 7 minutes, it was hot. Immediately feel the ease, the abdominal muscles tightened. Doing every day, you will see how your body will change. At this time, there is a release from the slags, and when the body is cleansed of poisons, I do not want to eat some foods. Do not ask who feels what. Do not wait for an answer. Do it now. ”

“The belly immediately went away. I was lying on an orthopedic bed and putting a Nuga Best roller. I recommend everyone to do it on an orthopedic bed, because the body does not hurt at all, but the cushion is strong, not from a towel, it is more effective. And now the legs do not swell (as if the blood begins to run on them). I want to sleep after him right away. And the colossal relaxation.

"Personal experience. 5 min - minus 3 cm at the waist and plus 2 cm to the height! I will explain how it works. Over the years, the spine is bent. This technique stretches and puts it in the right position, that's all. "

Now I do not worry about excess weight!

This effect can be achieved in just a few months, without diets and exhausting workouts, and most importantly - with the preservation of the effect! It's time for you to change everything. The best complex for weight loss of the year!

I took 2 towels and lay only 5 minutes. No more than 2 cm. Honestly measured with a relaxed belly. I was waiting for a better result. ”

Essence of the method

Many include this exercise in their complexes and training programs, even without suspecting that this is the Fukutsuji method. However, he himself argued that it does not require additional physical exertion, that is, it is not necessary to include it in morning exercises or daily training.

What is its essence? It is necessary to lie on a flat surface and place a cushion under a certain point of the back (most often a regular towel is used). A few minutes of such a static pose - and the exercise is over. For greater efficiency, 3 provisions were developed for solving various problems. It is carried out only once a day, but regularly.

Fukutsuji guarantees that in a month the volume of the waist will be 2-3 cm less, after 2 - a saggy belly will leave, after 3 - a beautiful press will begin to form. Everything is very simple and does not require any effort: diet and intensive training are not needed. According to surveys, in Asian countries, this method tested on itself 70% of the female population and 20% - the male.

In Russia and Western European countries, the Japanese method of losing weight with a towel is also very popular, although it is actively criticized for its low degree of effectiveness and for the unpleasant sensations that occur in the back during exercise.

Weight loss mechanism

How can an ordinary cushion under the back contribute to the breakdown of fat in the waist, sides and abdomen? Fukutsuji used two tricks here. The first is in acupuncture points, because reflexology is one of the foundations of oriental medicine. The impact occurs on them. But they are only an auxiliary factor. The main idea of ​​the doctor is to straighten the pelvic bones, which, in his opinion, play an important role in the formation of a slim figure.

During many years of research, Fukutsuji came to the conclusion that with age, a person gains weight and becomes the owner of a round and sagging abdomen due to the fact that the pelvic and rib bones diverge. This is a consequence of aging and a sedentary lifestyle. If this process is made reversible, i.e., to return them to their previous place, the problem of a plump waist and a flabby press will automatically disappear. And it is quite possible with the help of exercises with a roller. But the alignment of the skeleton takes a long time, so you have to be patient so that everything falls into place. So for quick weight loss in the abdominal area, this method is not suitable.

In the book “Lose Weight by Lying”, Fukutsuji colorfully painted the results of regular performance of this unusual gymnastics in Japanese:

  • belly fat will disappear,
  • the waist will be narrow
  • thighs and buttocks will become beautiful (due to the return to the original position of the pelvic bones),
  • growth (!) will increase, because the skeleton will stretch,
  • straighten posture,
  • increase muscle flexibility
  • pain in the lower back, back, spine,
  • relief from diseases such as kyphosis and scoliosis,
  • digestion will improve.

Exercise refers to stretching, which has a positive effect on the spine and intercostal ligaments. The muscles of the back and abdomen become more flexible, which increases their potential by 20%.

According to Fukutsuji, an exercise with a roller returns to its original position not only bones, but also internal organs. In the course of his research, he found that abdominal fat in the abdominal cavity shifts them, which disrupts their functioning, and hence the diseases associated with excess weight. Therefore, the Japanese method is good not only for losing weight, but also for healing the body.

Но в бочке мёда есть и ложка дёгтя: мнение доктора Фукуцудзи — авторское, и научно пока ещё не подтверждено. Многие специалисты, работающие с позвоночником, критикуют его, а некоторые даже утверждают, что в определённых случаях метод попасен для здоровья.

Как правильно положить валик

We spread on the floor a special mat or blanket. We put the roller. Sit back to him. And then it all depends on what kind of position you perform.

Position 1 - lumbar

We lie down on the roller so that it falls into the lumbar cavity. To check the correctness of its position, it is necessary to position the index fingers of both hands on the navel and hold them to the semicircle, going down on the sides under the back. As a result, they should be buried in the center of the diameter of the twisted towel. This position works on slimming the waist and with the bones of the pelvis.

Position 2 - subcostal

We lie down on the roller so that it is under the ribs. To check the correctness of its position, it is necessary to place the index fingers of both hands on the protruding bone of the lower rib and hold the semicircle with them, going down to the sides under the back. As a result, they will fall into the lower edge of the twisted towel, its main part should be above this level. This position works on losing the abdomen, with the abdominal muscles and returns to the place of the ribs.

Position 3 - sternum

Lie on the cushion so that it is under the rib cage. To check the correctness of his position, it is necessary to position the index fingers of both hands strictly under the chest and hold them around the semicircle, going down the sides under the back. As a result, they will fall into the lower edge of the twisted towel, its main part should be above this level. This position works on straightening posture, directly with the spine.

How to position the arms and legs

  1. Legs - shoulder width apart.
  2. Socks bring together. So that they do not diverge in different directions (at first it will be difficult to keep them in this position), you can fix them with an elastic hair band.
  3. Make hands up so that they form a single straight line with the body.
  4. Put them behind your head, palms down.
  5. Connect little fingers.

To lose weight with a towel, you will have to gradually master all 3 positions of the Fukutsuji exercise.

Prefer traditional, dynamic exercise? Read: "Exercises for slimming the abdomen and sides."

Weight loss program

Initially, adjust yourself to the fact that the Japanese method of Fukutsuji is a long-term weight loss. But it is this fact that guarantees a stable result that will last for a long time.

It is recommended to study in the morning (according to ancient oriental teachings, this is the best time for physical and meditative practices), at the same time, which allows the body to get used to the load and minimize stress.

This is not an interval training, so you need to do every day, without missing a single day. If there is no load, the bones will begin to diverge again.

Approximate training program

With such a program for the Japanese method for 3 months, you can reduce the waist by 5 cm, completely remove a sagging belly and straighten posture. If you are satisfied with the results, you can stop training and keep your body in shape with other methods - using proper nutrition and regular sports. But most people continue to practice the Fukutsuji exercise for the prevention of diseases of the spine and joints and to avoid the subsequent bone divergence that occurs with age.

Additional recommendations

Dr. Fukutsuji in his book casually mentions nutrition as an auxiliary means of losing weight to its development. This is explained by the fact that it only indirectly refers to the displacement of the pelvic bones and ribs, which underlie the method. Nevertheless, people practicing this exercise provide valuable recommendations on how to increase its effectiveness in terms of losing weight.

Diet is not recommended, but not prohibited. You can choose a long-term option for 3 months - the Atkins diet or Dukan, for example. If this is not your method, just stick to proper nutrition:

  • Do not exceed your daily calorie based on your individual data (height, weight, physical activity),
  • limit the use of harmful and high-calorie foods, and better completely eliminate them from the diet,
  • drink enough water
  • minimize salt because it is harmful to the joints,
  • eat strictly according to the regime.

As part of the Japanese method, focus on products that are useful for joints and bones - this will speed up the restoration of the skeleton and minimize the risk of complications. The menu must necessarily be present:

  • a fish,
  • soy,
  • olive oil,
  • cherry, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, strawberry,
  • low-fat dairy products: yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese,
  • broccoli,
  • green tea,
  • citrus, kiwi,
  • whole grain cereals,
  • legumes.

For cartilage useful dishes containing collagen. Therefore, at least 2 times a week in the menu it is necessary to include filler fish, jellied meat and fatty broths. In this case, do not forget to fit into the norm of daily calories.

To enhance the effectiveness of the technique, you need to engage in those sports that strengthen the spine and have a positive effect on the bone system as a whole. These include:

  • backstroke,
  • walking race
  • skiing,
  • Eastern gymnastic practices: qigong, wushu, yoga, wushu, katsudzo niches, etc.

It is not recommended in these 3 months of losing weight to engage in those sports that increase the load on the spine and may prevent the restoration of the skeleton. These include:

  • run,
  • all kinds of wrestling, boxing, martial arts,
  • football, volleyball, basketball,
  • Latin American dances,
  • tennis,
  • skiing,
  • horseback riding.

If you work with simulators, you need to know the load they give on the joints and the spine. In case of doubt, consult a trainer.

Fukutsuji is a representative of oriental medicine, for which a healthy lifestyle is the norm. Describing his technique, he drew attention to the fact that for losing weight and effectiveness of exercise it is important to fill with positive energy and not to commit bad deeds that weigh heavily on a person’s shoulders and prevent him from straightening up in the direct and figurative sense of the word.

In addition to his wishes, you need to pay attention to the lifestyle that you will lead. Hypodynamia, smoking, alcohol abuse - all this does not fit into the Japanese method and can reduce all its effectiveness to zero.

Despite the criticism of official medicine and negative reviews, many people from around the world have lost weight and improved their health, thanks to a simple exercise, just putting a roller under their lower back. Maybe you should try it too?