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Fashionable dresses for every day spring-summer 2018: 15 stylish options


Regardless of whether the girl likes to wear feminine things or not, the dress should be in the wardrobe of each. It is able to emphasize all the advantages of a female figure and, if necessary, conceal its shortcomings. Among the huge variety, which presents stylish dresses, any girl will choose the right style and model for her.

Stylish and fashionable dresses

Designers are constantly releasing new models of these feminine outfits. At present, both simple and complex or asymmetrical cuts are fashionable. Classic remains timeless, it will be appropriate in any situation.

Bright, rich colors, large print are on a par with the delicate pastel shades, which give the female silhouette elegance.

Knitted fitting midi length dresses just blew up modern fashion. Along with them, the most popular are stylish dresses with a flared colorful skirt just below the knee. These include loose styles and trendy dress shirts.

Stylish dresses for the season

Dresses are relevant at any time of the year. That is why they differ from each other in seasonality. Depending on the color and material, you can choose both a light summer outfit and a warm winter one.

Winter dresses

Winter is not only the time of warm trousers and jeans. Even on cold days, you can wear stylish dresses, because now on sale there are many different styles.

Most often, winter outfits are sewn from dense knitwear or knitted yarn — wool, cotton, and mohair. These materials have good heat-saving properties.

Of the styles, the most popular are the case, tunic, tight-fitting or loose models. Knitwear most often looks like an elongated sweater.

For winter, dark and rich colors are suitable - black, brown, blue, burgundy, green, as well as muted - pink, yellow and red.

Spring dresses

Spring is a great time of the year when not only nature but also women's wardrobe changes. At this time, you can afford a fashionable dress shorter, brighter in colors.

Knitwear or other dense material will suit for early spring. But for the end of April and the beginning of May, you can look at the lightweight models.

Among the styles of summer dresses can be found fitting, flared and straight models of any length. A sheath dress is suitable for work, a shirt dress is suitable for walking, and loose dresses can be worn in everyday life.

Spring nature begins to play with bright colors, it affects the colors of dresses. At this time of the year, bright and delicate pastel shades of pink, blue, mint and yellow become relevant. Neutral is also not lagging behind - light gray, beige, cream.

Stylish summer dresses

In this hot season, stylish dresses become as light and open as possible. For their tailoring they use chiffon, cotton, satin, batiste. And this list of materials does not end there. They are pleasant to the body, give the skin to breathe.

Among the fashionable summer styles can be identified mini-dresses, fitted, loose models. And the last seasons at the peak of popularity are T-shirt dresses or T-shirt dresses, which are suitable for active girls.

Thin straps, open shoulders, flared skirts - all this is typical for summer dresses. Also do not forget about the beach models, which can be short and translucent, and, of course, they are suitable only for holidays.

Special attention should be paid to colors - white, bright, striped, with a pattern. Regarding the latter, there are two directions. The first is a small floral pattern, the second is a large oriental ornament.

Autumn dresses

With the onset of the first autumn cold, I want to wrap myself in cozy clothes. This will help fashionable dresses made of soft, warm materials. Designers offer to pay attention to the geometric shapes, drapery, fitted styles. Also, knitted models are beginning to come into their own, but they are not as dense as winter ones.

Midi length is fashionable, it can be combined with shoes and ankle boots. Also relevant are short stylish dresses to the knee.

Black is always up to date, but designers insist on wearing it in the fall, diluting it with bright accessories. Autumn shades of outfits are beige, brown, muted red and pink, dark blue, emerald.

Dress with tulip skirt

Its style comes from the name of the famous flower. The product of this cut has its own feature - a wide top of the skirt with a gradual narrowing downwards. The length reaches the level of the knees and slightly higher.

The dress with a tulip skirt is universal, it can be carried to the office, to study, in everyday life, as well as to a social event. It will suit girls with narrow and wide hips, as this style will hide them and give them roundness, and high waist will hide a small tummy.

The colors of this dress can be any - neutral, bright, dark. There may also be a print on the top or skirt.

Dress case

These stylish dresses really look like a real case - narrowed down with a slight emphasis on the waist. The round neck and the absence of sleeves allow you to wear them in the warm season. The model reaches the length of the knee and refers to the classic style.

The case fits the figure, but it does not sit tightly on it and does not fit it. This dress is suitable for girls with proportional parameters, but models made of non-stretching fabrics are able to hide a couple of extra centimeters in the waist and hips.

Sheath dress can be sewn of any materials and have different colors - plain, a combination of two or three colors or a print. In this fashionable dress, you can safely go to work in an office, social event or business meeting.

Cocktail Dresses

These stylish dresses were originally invented for cocktail parties, but now you can go to any special event or restaurant.

Previously, they lacked sleeves and had thin straps, but the designers went ahead, they offer various options - with sleeves and without, a length slightly higher or lower than the knee.

There is room for imagination and decoration. Cocktail outfits can be of different colors - neutral, bright, with a print. And sew them from satin, silk, velvet. There are also models made entirely of lace.

Little black dress

This is a classic that goes back several decades. The little black dress belongs to the category of cocktail and evening, but at the same time it can be worn even in the office, and a jacket over it. Coco Chanel said that it should be in the wardrobe of any girl, regardless of her type of figure.

Now designers offer many models of black dresses. It can be loose, fitted, skintight, with arms and without, with decoration, lace. The most versatile is the case, which will be a godsend for any woman.

Dress shirt

This is an everyday dress in which you can go to the store, for a walk, to a cafe, to a cinema. It is a loose elongated shirt. To focus on the waist, you can wear a thin strap on it.

Cotton, linen, denim, chiffon and silk can be used as fabrics. Among the colors fashionable are monochromatic - bright and neutral. The length of the dress is not limited to the level just above the knee, there are models of mini and floor.

Dress free cut

To hide the imperfections of the figure, you can use stylish dresses with a free cut. They do not hold down movements, therefore, suitable for everyday life. This style can afford a girl with any build, but still, during the fitting you need to pay attention to how the dress sits on the figure.

Basically, this dress length reaches the level of the knee or above. Among the colors you can find any - calm, bright, colorful, with a print. In the latter case, you can often find a strip and large flowers.

Long Dresses

These stylish dresses are united by one thing - the length in the floor. But models can be many - free, fitted, flared, and-silhouette.

They can be sewn from different materials, be evening or casual. Especially love this style in the summer when there is a pleasant coolness on your feet.

Long stylish dresses are unlikely to fit for work, but in everyday life they will definitely find their place. They are sewn by their cotton, silk, chiffon, batiste. For evening options use heavy fabrics, as well as silk, velvet, satin, chiffon.

There are also no restrictions on colors - light, dark, bright, neutral, with or without a pattern.

Fashion trends of fabrics for dresses for every day spring-summer 2018

If the dress is designed for everyday wear, then the fabric goes on it is simple and quality. These casual clothes should be simple cut. Large neckline and loose sleeves (possible without them). Instead of decollete possible round neck cover. The type of matter must correspond to the cut:

  • Jeans Now in the form of a sundress or dressing gown is not fashionable. It is fashionable to be a sleeve-lantern, a large neckline and flared skirt. Dress models 2018 will be unexpected and extraordinary,
  • Wool, crocheted and knitting, knitwear is back in fashion. First, it is practical. Secondly, it is neat and chic. Every day a woman looks fresh and very beautiful. Knitting never held down movements. Wool gives warm in cool weather, and knitwear always looks elegant. Knitted things often hide figure flaws. In 2018, daily knitted dresses will be relevant in the summer. Openwork knitting of light colors in admixture with white will look gorgeous and create some little secret
  • And also in the 2018 fashion are combined dresses with fur. The fur is present not only on the collar, but also on the sleeves, and on the skirt.
  • Transparent fabrics, such as staple, will make a woman a mystery. A dress with such material will mislead any person. Hiding her figure flaws and showing dignity, a woman will look extravagant and mysterious.

The whole 2018 will be fashionable on dresses. Both in winter and in summer. Designers around the world have already made the best new fashionable dresses 2018 for every day.

Fashionable dress shirt for every day spring-summer 2018

Dress dresses are quite popular in 2018. Models as ultrashort, and elongated - very attractive. Underlined with a long braided strap or a wide leather belt waist (as an option - the dress can be cut off at the waist), button closure along the entire length, in some models - alternative zipper, geometric cuts, effectively emphasizing shoulders, figured cleavage line and the complex shape of the sleeves. Slightly lowered shoulder line looks good with a sleeves-flashlight that is romantic-gathered with the help of small folds.

Fashionable polka dot dresses for every day spring-summer 2018

The feminine pea print has become one of the victors of the new 2018 year. The pattern, which is at the same time bright, catchy and girlishly cute, is experiencing another rebirth. Modern polka dots are not the usual print that we used to see in the form of white specks scattered across a black field. Designers decided that the best peas will look on a transparent organza, generously scattering small black specks on the weightless field of dresses.

The use of peas in 2018 can be seen in many collections of modern fashion gurus, emphasizing their and our attention on the emphasized femininity, romance and extraordinary.

For example, fashion designers Chanel and Red Valentino emphasized the grace of translucent retro dresses in peas with bright floral appliqués, Elie Saab combines this print with lace inserts, and designers Monique Lhuillier emphasize the sustained brevity of sheath-cases, romantic multi-layered dresses and evening overalls .

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Sheath Dress

Dresses in the style of the year will suit girls with any type of figure. They have an original and stylish cut.

Recently, these dresses can be seen not only in the maxi length, but also in the more comfortable midi length for everyday life. Therefore, they are no less relevant.

Any woman of fashion without a doubt will not refuse to have a dress with a full skirt in her wardrobe.

This may be a well-known model:

  • in the style of baby dollars,
  • in the style of a new bow,
  • with skirt tutu
  • with a bell skirt,
  • with a skirt balloon,
  • A-silhouette.

Increasingly, designers use fantasy cut.

In any case, both options are suitable not only for spring celebrations.

Dress with a smell

A popular option for a fashionable spring dress is a model of medium length with a smell.

Girls of different statuses will look great in this outfit, which will give them extra grace and femininity.

Charming asymmetrical dress with a smell presented in the new collection of Angelos Bratis.

Dresses of the spring season are presented with different sleeves:

  • classic long
  • bat,
  • puffs
  • wing sleeves
  • very cute and feminine flashlight sleeve,
  • three quarter sleeves.


Asymmetrical dresses remarkably hide all the flaws of the figure with the help of various details, such as an interesting neck or an unusual hem.

They look unusually attractive.

With a cut, neckline and plunging neckline

All these three elements are extremely popular in the warm season and can be combined in one dress. The red carpet is a vivid example.

Excessive sexuality is always condemned. Do not want increased attention - choose one thing:

  • closed dress with a deep slit or neckline,
  • dress with a neckline and a shallow slit or vice versa
  • model with figured cuts in the waist.

Dress with open back

An open back is not only a seductive part of the body, sometimes it is a true work of art.

Fortunately, time has passed strict restrictions. Everyone can wear dresses with an open back, regardless of the condition of the skin, thanks to the bodily backing. The skin is hidden, and the dress itself is not constrained in motion.

The leaders of the spring will be dresses of bright saturated colors. In priority:

  • burgundy,
  • rich orange and the colors of the bright spring sun,
  • coral.

So you can be sure that in a bright dress you will look fashionable and dazzling.

With flowers and print

In spring, various printed fabrics are also popular. Trendy steel dresses:

  • with geometric print
  • with abstraction,
  • dotted,
  • with wide horizontal and vertical multi-colored stripes,
  • with bright zigzags.

No less popular and vegetable print.

Romantic, discreetly cut dresses from the spring collections are decorated with floral motifs, mostly large flowers.

Crochet and knitting

Knitted dresses look very fashionable and unusual, be it the usual smooth, viscous knitting needles or an intricate crochet pattern.

In knitted models you will look incredibly stylish, besides, they perfectly sit on their darlings and well emphasize their individuality.

Light translucent fabrics remain in the trend: organza, lace, chiffon, tulle.

They look incredibly feminine, airy and tender.

For full

Fashion trends are not spared and full of ladies. Habitual for their type of dress patterns are replaced by more interesting.

A dress with frills and drapery will be able to hide the figure's minuses and fullness.

Also, a long, not bright dress with a fine print will sit immaculately on fat women. Visually, you will look slimmer and taller, because there will be no emphasis on the waist and an intricate pattern will attract all the attention to yourself.

To hide the shortcomings, you need to focus on the merits. You can focus on the neckline or emphasize the waist with a voluminous skirt or thin belt. Trapezoid dresses will hide the belly and sides. To hide full hands will help sleeves-lanterns or sleeves free cut.

For pregnant

Pregnancy is the most beautiful state of a woman. And this is not a discovery that it is in the spring that future mothers also want to look fashionable, bright and feminine.

Dresses for pregnant women should be comfortable, lightweight, made from natural fabrics. The main thing is that they do not cause discomfort.

The most relevant dresses will be:

  • high-waisted
  • shirt dresses
  • dresses with a bell skirt,
  • asymmetrical.

If you are not afraid to demonstrate their interesting position, choose tight dresses.

On every day

A huge selection of casual spring dresses will help create a unique feminine and light look. When choosing a dress you can hope for your taste and preferences.

Owners of slender silhouettes will certainly suit a bright short dress. A stylish look will create a free-cut dress in midi length with an interesting finish.

A leather dress with lace inserts will look unusual and fashionable.

It will look feminine in a casual image of a multi-layered dress of muted tones, with an unusual print or in the style of minimalism.

The most practical - shirt dress.

Evening dresses to the floor are always relevant. Очень интересным решением в новом сезоне стало платье с 3D эффектом, созданное из наложения тканей различных по фактуре.

Современная весенняя мода вечерних платьев приветствует открытые ноги. И этим обусловлено появление:

  • моделей с разрезом,
  • dresses shortened in front with a flowing train,
  • slinky midi dresses with a sophisticated geometric print
  • dresses to the knee with a high collar and open shoulders.

There is a reason to experiment with colors in evening dresses. Fashionable remain:

  • Red color,
  • interesting combination of several contrasting colors
  • the evening color remains unchanged black
  • dress made of fabric with glitter and shimmering embroidery.

Floral prints and volumetric flowers have become the new trend in the spring wedding fashion. Also very popular is the deep triangular neckline, which is decorated with a transparent inset so that the image of the bride is not too vulgar.

The interpretation of a wedding dress with various lace inserts is also interesting.

What are the?

To date, there are a huge number of fashionable styles. Fashion designers and tailors try to design and sew in such a way that any woman, regardless of height, weight, or style, can wear them. Every year they try to surprise us with styles, colors and prices. Therefore, it is very pleasant to dip into the atmosphere of the choice of spring dresses.

Spring - different from all others. They are not as warm as winter knitted and at the same time not yet as light and airy as summer dresses. Spring dresses keep warm, which in turn allows them to be worn on a naked body, without being additionally insulated with tights, vests and cardigans.

In the coming year, the below listed styles of spring dresses will be relevant, so if you have been fighting for the title of the biggest woman of fashion in the team for a long time, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with them.

The classic is becoming mega popular. Therefore, the approaching spring, you must buy yourself a dress - case. This is an ideal option for trips to study and work. Moreover, it can be worn with a thin, white shirt. And in the spring fashionable combinations of classic cut and unusual colors will be fashionable. Diamonds, squares, stripes should flaunt against the background of a saturated primary color. Similar options can be worn with unusual tights.

This season, girls will be able to breathe a sigh of relief, because they can change heavily-fitting dresses to more loose ones. In the fashion will be dresses that you will be more on a couple of sizes. They can simply fall to the bottom, hiding the curves of the body, and can be fixed on the waist with a thin belt. The length of this dress may be different. But the most common models will be knee length models. They perfectly connect with ballet shoes.


Finally, the designers began to propaganda not terribly thin women, and sports. The public began to realize that on girls with a good body dresses sit much better than on protruding bones. Therefore, spring sports dresses will be a great success.

Wear them with leggings or tight pants. Complete the look with stylish, massive sneakers or sneakers, glasses and a cool look ready. Sports dresses must be bright, you can use the colors of famous football clubs. Striped dresses in which five to six bright colors alternate are the indisputable trend of the season. Do not forget that in sports there may be a hood, which makes it even more interesting.

Dress shirt

This style is still not losing ground. Do not assume that the dress - the shirt is too vulgar. This is not a shirt, but only her imitation. It is much longer, sometimes it has a maxi length. It has distinctive elements: a collar, pockets, buttons and sleeves. Also, the color scheme of this style should be calm and soft.

Here you will have to learn to understand fashionable combinations. For one style, only neutral colors are suitable, and for the other, on the contrary, only mega bright tones should be used. However, it is possible to identify the undisputed leader of the next spring - it is white. Despite its impracticality, designers recommend wearing dresses of this particular color.

How to choose?

Despite the fact that by the spring of many of us tend to lose those extra pounds, not all succeed. A problematic figure should not prevent you from wearing spring dresses. You just have to pick them right. Depending on your problem areas, you can wear different models.

In order to hide wide shoulders or large arms, you can buy not only dresses with sleeves, but also with a bodice - bustier. And cover your hands with a stylish bolero. In the spring the combination of a dress, a bolero and high heels will be very fashionable.

Girls who can not boast of winding forms should not be shy. Mini length outfits are perfect for you. Show your legs to the world and then all men will be yours.

Dresses for full girls should not be boring black. Stop your choice on the option of a free cut and be sure to use a belt. You come to the aid of juicy shades: blue, purple, green and peach.

For large breasts, it is better to wear spring dresses with a V-neck and secure fixation on the neck or shoulders. Dresses without straps is clearly not for you. Therefore, if you want to emphasize the chest, just wear dresses of a classic cut.

Now you know what to wear in spring. Wear dresses with great desire and pleasure. Because this time is created for you to be irresistible, the easiest, sexy and desirable. Be sure to update your wardrobe with a pair of brand new spring dresses.

Casual Summer Dresses

Summer is the time when every woman wants to emphasize her beauty and individuality. To fashion styles of this period of time include dresses:

  1. Without strapless. For this type will be in vogue cuts "Angelica", "Drop", "Ballerina". The color of the dress should be bright: fuchsia, crimson, yellow, white and black. The length of the dress is midi, maxi or mini.
  2. Long dress with slits. Such a style will lengthen the figure, make it more slender, and also slightly open the legs.
  3. Dresses over one shoulder. These dresses resemble the ancient Greek style. The most suitable material for it is from light and airy fabrics such as chiffon or silk. The color can be any, but the pastel, blue and blue models look better. Below are photos of new stylish dresses for every day 2018 through one shoulder:
  4. Dresses in the style of bebidol. In this style, flared skirt, and below there are folds. Waistline can be either inflated or normal. Dress length above the knee. Dresses of this style look best of lace, satin and shiny fabrics.
  5. Dresses balloons. The style of such dresses will hide the fullness of the hips and emphasize the waist. They gently fit hips. The material of such dresses should be smooth and the color juicy.
  6. In the style of underwear. These dresses resemble a shirt. They are tight-fitting, have a deep neckline and lace. The color of these dresses in pastel colors: beige, champagne, soft pink.

Summer dresses 2018, photos of new products for every day:

Dress length

The choice of the length of the summer dress for every day of 2018 depends on personal preferences. For full girls fit midi length. Miniskirts are suitable for very slim girls.

Photos of long dresses for every day 2018-2019:

Colors and prints

This season will be fashionable saturated colors and bright prints:

  1. Burgundy - the color of red wine, close to bordeaux. Below are photos of the new stylish dresses of this color in 2018 designed for every day.
  2. In the summer of 2018 will be in the trend salmon color. In this color is a mixture of orange, white and red. This color combines accessories in blue, yellow, pink and black.
  3. Peach color. Dress of this color This is a very gentle and romantic color. It can be worn by young girls and women in age.
  4. Lavender - a very bright shade of blue. This color is recognized as the most fashionable among designers. It harmonizes well with sand, pink and lemon accessories.

In the fashion of the summer of 2018-2019, the following materials:

  1. Chiffon - does not require special care, it is quite durable. Skirts for these dresses can be fluffy or pleated.
  2. Cotton - does not let the rays through, keeps its shape well and does not stretch. For the summer season it is necessary to choose the thinnest.

What to combine?

Summer dresses are worn with sandals on heels, shoes or with sports shoes. Long dresses complement sandals with high heels or platform.

From accessories it is fashionable to choose beads, necklaces and bracelets to match the dress or shoes.

Fashion houses offer girls a wide variety of styles, colors and materials so that they can hide all the flaws with the help of midi skirt, dresses in the style of a balloon and emphasize the advantages due to the deep neckline neckline.

Colors and prints

The color palette of the shirt-dress is the most diverse: white, black, yellow, mustard, khaki, burgundy, purple, orange, yellow. Print dresses can be polka dots, stripes, flowers. For tunic dresses, fashionable colors will be black and pink. Oversize dress is available in green, black and white.

What to wear?

Youth dress shirt can be worn with sneakers and sneakers, slip-ons, as well as with shoes. Dress tunics are usually worn with tights, leggings or jeans. From shoes fit shoes with heels.

The spring collection of 2018 is represented by dresses of a free cut that provides comfort and convenience of socks.

Fashionable dresses for every day of the autumn-winter 2018-2019 season

Winter and autumn is a time when you need to wear something warm. Designers offer a variety of dresses for harsh winter weather.

  1. The fall-winter 2018 collections are presented long and fitted dresses. The shades are dark and saturated. Fabrics can be from velvet or velor. The silhouette of dresses on models resembles an hourglass.
  2. Not out of fashion dress turtleneck. It can be supplemented with a collar-collar.
  3. Knitted dresses. They provide freedom of movement and emphasize the bends of the body.
  4. Knitted dresses. Fashion designers are making efforts to make a beautiful image out of a knitted thing.
  5. Leather dresses. Indispensable for creating a stylish image. The skin may be smooth, matte or embossed with snake skin.

Tips for choosing a dress in the office

Many women are concerned about the question: how to dress for work, matching the dress code and at the same time look beautiful and elegant. Designers offer many options for office dresses in 2018, which emphasize the individuality of each woman.

In the fashion of 2018-2019, these business styles of women's dresses:

  1. Classic: no decorative elements, they are simple and restrained.
  2. Summer: more varied types of cut, bright prints and breathable fabrics are used. Photos of the new office summer dress 2018 also you will see below.
  3. A fashionable trend for the office is a dress-sundress style. Instead, the bagels sew a full bodice without sleeves.
  4. For obese women fit dress length midi length.
  5. Dress shirts will hide the belly and hips.

An example of a fashionable office dress 2018 is presented in the photo:


Accessories and shoes

To complement the image of business style will help watch, gold jewelry. The main thing is not to overdo it. In the summer, you can add additional sunglasses. Handbag can choose both classic and bright.

Shoes must be closed. Heel can be high or medium. Shoes are a good option.

Fashionable dresses for every day for full

Today, for obese women, designers offer a large selection of outfits. Among all the clothes, dresses are the most convenient, in terms of wearing, option. You can wear them on a regular day or for some reason.

For women with uniforms, A-shape is perfect, which will hide the fullness of the hips.

Of the new products, you can select a model with a smell that highlights upwards.

It looks very romantic dress with flared hem and high waistline. It is well suited for daily use. The new version of the dress for full-tapering. Dresses of a direct silhouette will balance proportions and perfectly will be suitable for work in office.

Below are the office dresses 2018 in the photo:

How to choose a stylish and fashionable dress?

When choosing a dress you need to pay attention not only to its appearance and quality, but also to many other factors.

First of all, it is necessary to determine the style: evening, classic, casual. Then you can go to the search style. It is important to measure dresses and adequately assess your figure. So, on full girls, tight-fitting models of stretching fabric will look ugly. For thin top and full bottom fit the model with the volume in the chest. Those with narrow hips, you need to look at the dresses with the expanding bottom. Also, when fitting, you need to evaluate how much the dress colors are.

Also it is necessary to take into account the event for which you need this item of clothing. For example, you should not come to work in evening or beach dress. Therefore, be sure to take into account its styles and types.

In conclusion, we want to show a couple of interesting images with the most concise, but recognized classic, sheath dress.

Trends and novelties of the spring-summer 2019-2020 dress: stylish ideas and best models

As always, fashionistas are interested in what stylish dresses spring-summer 2019-2020 will be in trend in the coming seasons.

Undoubtedly, the answer to this question will be feminine, romance, flirtatiousness and tenderness of images, because designers never tire of surprising us with a demonstration of the delightful feminine charms, fragility and elegance of a woman's appearance.

Along with the playfulness and provocativeness of the novelties, women in a new fashion will have a look at the beautiful spring-summer dresses in the spirit of minimalism, which will be an excellent solution for creating a concise evening or cocktail look.

Evening and cocktail dresses spring-summer 2019-2020 are, in the first place, such colors as black, white, gray, red, blue, deep green, burgundy, blue, pink, beige, yellow and many others.

I am glad that baggyness and formlessness lost their relevance in the new seasons, giving the palm to bright and shining, and at the same time mysterious and fragile images.

Among the styles, of course, beautiful dresses spring-summer 2019-2020 will appear in the floor with a magnificent flared skirt, elegant models with a skirt year, a case, A-silhouette, gorgeous lace, chiffon and satin novelties, which you can see below.

As you can see from our collection, in a trend of minimalist spring-summer dresses in discreet and concise tailoring and monochrome color.

To complement a simple cut with original accents, spring and summer dresses will be decorated with fringe, embroidery, delicate floral applications.

We advise you to pay special attention to the smooth cutting of the new products, the style of the bustier and the closed bodice, the dresses spring-summer 2019-2020 with basque, original sleeves, models from expensive and high-quality fabric.

As you can see, in our review there are spring-summer dresses 2019-2020 with a train, long spring and summer dresses, cocktail short and midi models that will please both young coquettes and elegant women of any age.

Among the new products offered are chic spring-summer dresses with floral prints, flawless evening dresses for hot pores, as well as sophisticated models with contrasting combinations of fabric.

As they say, it's better to see it once ... Let's see the most beautiful dresses of spring-summer 2019-2020 right now!

Dresses for spring 2017

Stylish and fashionable spring dresses 2017 can be very diverse. In the trend are models that allow you to demonstrate the beauty and slimness of a young body, discreet options that make its owner incredibly tender and feminine, as well as extraordinary toilets, which are designed to shock others around. A wide assortment, among which there are dresses for cold spring and models for warm days, allows each woman to choose a suitable variant that will demonstrate its advantages and mask the existing shortcomings.

Dresses for spring 2017

Fashion dresses for spring 2017

Evening dresses for spring 2017

Going to a celebration, each girl thinks about the choice of evening dress. Luxury and refined toilets are subject to fashion trends that must be followed in order to look stylish, beautiful and attractive. Spring evening dresses of the 2017 season can be discreet and concise, but most of these dresses are decorated in the most unexpected ways. So, on top of popularity are the following models:

  • decorated with sophisticated embroidery of beads, glass beads, pearls and other elements. In most cases, it is located at the top of the product, for example, on a corset,
  • with complex and multi-layered draperies. This decor looks particularly impressive in models of natural silk, satin or organza,
  • with high waistline, which stands out by any means. This detail looks unusual and elegant and, in addition, helps to hide figure flaws,
  • with bare shoulders that make the image of a girl tender and seductive,
  • Finally, mini-dresses with a metallic effect or pearl shimmer are perfect for a club party.

Evening dresses for spring 2017

Beautiful spring dresses

Renowned designers and famous fashion houses in each season offer their clients a wide variety of dresses for cold spring and light products that are suitable for warm spring-summer days. Выбрать подходящий вариант среди этого множества может быть весьма непросто, поскольку большинство моделей очень изящны и женственны. Чтобы приобрести действительно красивые платья на весну, необходимо руководствоваться индивидуальными предпочтениями и собственным тонким вкусом.

Красивые весенние платья

Beautiful stylish spring dresses

Long spring dresses

Women and girls who do not want to openly demonstrate parts of their bodies often choose long dresses for spring, which look luxurious and elegant and, moreover, protect their possessor from the piercing wind. Although some beautiful ladies believe that maxi-dresses look good only on women of age who are in good age, in reality, this is far from being the case.

Young ladies who follow fashion trends and always want to look irresistible, also often give their preference to this style. Long dresses for spring can have a minimalistic style of execution, in which the product is made of a single-color material and is not decorated with any decorations. This outfit is incredibly comfortable and great for relaxing with friends in the spring-summer period.

Printed models and options decorated with ruffles and frills in Victorian or retro-style, also have a lot of fans, both among young girls and among older women. Especially popular among modern fashionistas are safari dresses that reach the ankle, and maxi-length denim, as they give their owner incredible comfort.

Long spring dresses

Short spring dresses

Young girls, whose choice fell on short dresses for spring, begin to appear on the streets with the first warm rays of the sun. After a long cold winter, you want to undress a little and show your slim legs to others. Meanwhile, mini-options are only suitable for those girls who are not shy about their figure and do not seek to hide from others.

The style of such dresses can be any, for example:

  • case,
  • dress shirt,
  • flared sun
  • safari,
  • A-shaped silhouette
  • club models with an open back.

Short spring dresses

Fashion dresses for spring

All beautiful ladies like to dress beautifully and try to follow the latest fashion trends. In spring, feminine and romantic models decorated with lace, ruffles and ruffles come to the fore. Fashionable spring dresses decorated with a “polka-dot” print, stripes and geometric figures, large and small flowers, and so on are also very popular.

Fashion dresses for spring

Beautiful dresses for spring

Loose dresses for spring

Products free cut incredibly comfortable. They do not press anywhere, do not constrain movements and do not cause any discomfort even in the case of prolonged wear. Casual dresses for spring are very often not tied to a particular style and have a concise design that can be complemented with accessories to your own taste. For example, a light spring dress of a free cut can be decorated with a thin leather strap, thereby obtaining a stylish urban look. If you add this little thing with a wide belt-corset, it is perfect for a party.

Loose dresses for spring

Knitted spring dress

The most popular options among dresses for spring for many years remains the dress-sweater. Although this thing looks unusually simple, it favorably demonstrates the slimness of the silhouette of its owner and gives her unique comfort. Romantic and feminine natures will surely appreciate the spring dresses for girls, connected by the method of openwork knitting. Often, these models look too frank, but if you want, they can always be supplemented with an opaque lining.