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The most popular names of boys in Russia


When choosing a name for a son, many parents consider not only the meaning of the name, but also their popularity. If you make the right choice, then the child in the future will be lucky and happy.

The name Alexander is the most popular in Russia; from the ancient Greek language this name translates as “male defender”. Alexandra are smart and witty, with a strong intuition. As a rule, in childhood, Alexandra's boys are extremely inquisitive.

The second most popular name is Artem. For two years, Artem has not left the list of "the most popular names of boys in Russia." This name is translated from ancient Greek means "healthy." The owners of this name are calm, persistent and sometimes stubborn, but not conflicted. Almost all Artemas in adult life are friendly, responsive and very hardworking men.

Choosing the popular names of boys in Russia, do not forget about the name of Maxim, he is the third most popular. His name means "the greatest." Maxims are smart, well-read, with a rich inner world, they are always friendly.

Ivan, the good old name still holds first place in popularity. The name of the Hebrew origin was so loved by the Russians, that in Russia every fourth boy is called Ivan. The boys of Ivana are both good and cruel, strong and weak, tender and harmful. In the company of boys, Ivana is always in the spotlight.

Another popular name is the name Dmitri. Dmitriy in childhood is very capricious and demanding. Growing up, they become smarter and calmer, quickly adapt to any situation and easily feel in a team. Also in the top ten of popular names in Russia include such names as Daniel, Cyril, Nikita, Denis and Yaroslav.

Popular names boys in Russia:

What names are more common?

The most popular names of boys in Russia:

  1. Artyom. From Greek, the name can be translated as "having perfect health" or "unscathed." Artyom is growing very calm and from an early age does not impose his society on others, therefore, he may seem reserved and modest. But at the same time, he is confident and sociable, so he finds friends easily. The representative of the stronger sex with the same name is persistent, but for making decisions he needs to think and weigh everything.
  2. The list includes the name Alexander. The word has several variations of the translation from Greek: "man", "preserving", "protector". Since childhood, Sasha has attracted people around him due to such qualities as assertiveness, imperiousness, courage. He is a great leader, ready to lead people along and instill in them the confidence inherent in him too. Sasha is honest and fair, he is used to achieving goals, but he is not ready to “go ahead”, which deserves respect. Alexander has a keen mind and excellent developed intuition.
  3. Maksim. From the Latin language the name translates as “the greatest”, and such a value defines some traits of the boy’s character. Since childhood, he is ambitious and proud, but these qualities can greatly hinder, if they prevail. If you send the potential in the right direction, Max will achieve a lot in life, because he is incredibly energetic and active, but still prefers moderation in everything.
  4. Daniel. The name is of biblical origin, and it can be translated as “the court of God,” “judge,” and “just.” Danya is growing very sociable boy. At first, he seems shy, but then he draws in on himself, shows artistry. Daniel is emotionally stable and over the years it becomes calmer, in all affairs and undertakings he is reasonable and unhurried, keeps a positive and sober thinking in all situations.
  5. Dmitriy. The name has Greek roots and appeared thanks to the fertility goddess Demeter, so the translation can be interpreted approximately as a "farmer". Dima is very active, has the will to live and is persistent. But if you knock him out of the rut, he can become disheartened and stop acting. The carrier of the name is a good friend, but in family life it can suppress relatives with stubbornness, to defend their opinion, even if it is incorrect. Dima is sociable and very in love, but feelings usually pass quickly.
  6. Michael. The roots of the ancient Jewish, translation - "equal to God." The boy since childhood is very soft, tender and gentle, seeks to please everyone. Growing up, Misha remains a connoisseur of beauty and aesthetics, rarely shows rigidity and often strives for perfection, paying attention to detail.
  7. Egor translates as "farmer". The owner of such a name is businesslike and practical, but at the same time prone to experiences, often takes everything too close to the heart. Egor is hardworking and diligent, can be given to his beloved work entirely and because of this reach heights and become the best. Negative qualities include a certain tediousness, grumbling, and sometimes short temper.
  8. Matthew. From the Hebrew language, the name translates as “God-given”, and its carrier often hides feelings and closes itself, does not give way to emotions, does not make contacts well. He is not always sure, but if someone inspires faith, then Matvey has the power to change his life and achieve the desired. He is bold and energetic, strives for harmony.
  9. Ivan - "pardoned by God." Vanya is active, may have an explosive nature, sometimes contradictory. Sometimes opposite qualities get along in it, so the owner of a name can search for himself and the meaning of life all his life, rushing from side to side. But he is talented and diversified.
  10. Cyril is translated as "lord", "lord." From an early age, the owner of the name is inquisitive, interested in almost everything. Kirill is smart and has will power, and ambition can be a stimulus. The character is very contradictory and unpredictable, so often the owner of the name performs unexpected deeds.

Rare male name rating

The top interesting and rather rare names include the following:

  1. Mark. There are several versions of the origin, as well as translations, for example, “hammer”, “marquis”. The carrier of a name since the childhood shows egocentrism and gets used to be in the center of attention. He can be envious, but the desire to become the best helps Mark to climb up the career ladder, to achieve success. This representative of the stronger sex is hidden, but is ready to open to loved ones.
  2. Plato is translated from Greek as “wide”. The owner of this name is well trained and literally grabs everything on the fly. Diligence and hard work help him in his life, and achieving goals is the result of the effort.
  3. Proud. The name can be translated as "sovereign", "king." Pride peaceful, quite modest, kind. He does not like to stand out, but takes an active stance in life and develops vigorous activity, becoming one of the best in his business. Creativity can be observed.
  4. Arthur. Translation - "bear" or "stone." The owner of the name is balanced, has a fine mindset, analyzes literally everything. But sometimes excessive stubbornness can prevent Arthur and cause his failures. If this character trait is softened, success is assured.
  5. A lion. The name is translated as "king of beasts." Since childhood, Leo is kind and calm, leadership qualities are weak. But in adulthood, the carrier of such a name can acquire a high status due to ambition and dedication.
  6. Miron - "fragrant", "fragrant." The representative of a strong half of humanity with the same name is leisurely, generous, very soft and kind. Sometimes kindness prevents him, but still clearly manifest assertiveness and the pursuit of goals will help to achieve something in life.
  7. Vsevolod - “owning”, “all-powerful”. In childhood he is appeasable, grows balanced, shows diligence and patience, knows how to prioritize and focus. At risk, he is not ready, but he endures the difficulties easily.
  8. Savely. Translations: “hard work”, unpretentious ”,“ simple ”. The carrier of the name is dreamy, leads a healthy and active lifestyle, does not go into conflicts and is able to find a middle ground, analyzes situations and itself.
  9. Elisha translates as "God saves." The owner of the name has a developed imagination, is leisurely and does not like routine work, but is always ready to do analysis and learn something new. Other qualities - sociability, temperament, sense of humor.
  10. Demian - "humble". A man with that name is reliable, fair, calm, principled, emotional and sensitive. He is strongly attached to relatives and does not forgive betrayal.

Weirdest names

Parents living in Russia also prefer unusual names. And among them there are some that were surprised and made to smile by those involved in registration of registry offices. Lucifer, Gus, Aladdin, Lily of the Valley Skedub, Christ, Dolphin, Lemon, Angel, Irkut, Sir, Crimea, Porof, Ogneslav, Georgius, Almaz, Arkan, Boulevard, Gigabyte, Darwin, Iris, Madagascar, Lord, Ocean, Narcissus Bro, Mercury, Cosmos, Wind, March, Dar, Kit, Luke-Happiness.

Surely you were interested to know which names of boys in Russia are the most popular.

Popular female names of 2015

Currently, in Russia, the most registered born Sophia. This is the most popular name for a girl in Russia as of 2015. Sophia grows sophisticated and successful personalities. In childhood, they are very gentle, like affection. In youth, pedantry and assiduity develop. Sophia always succeeds, especially if it is a matter of principle. They try not to offend outsiders, they are distinguished by delicacy and hard work. Marriage adequate, restrained, passionate.

The second most popular name in Russia for girls is Maria. It impresses with its personal and psychological characteristics. At an early age, Mary is calm and kind girls, very quiet and sometimes vulnerable. Painfully perceive criticism. With the maturation of the owners of this name, weakness disappears, character hardens. Mary is always fighting for justice and family values.

The third most popular maiden name in Russia in 2015 is Daria. Distinctive features are considered impulsivity and thrift. Perfect for families, loyal.

How often in 2015 boys are called

Today, Dmitry is the most popular male name in Russia. In ancient Greek mythology, Demeter was the goddess of agriculture and fertility. The most popular name in Russia for boys in 2015 is dedicated to her. In indirect translation from the Greek, it means "the giver of life."

Childhood for Dmitry is accompanied by persistent diseases associated with the respiratory system. Often there is instability of the central nervous system and capriciousness. With age, the body becomes stronger, and the unyielding nature is transformed into a pronounced stubbornness. Representatives of this ancient name are intelligent, resourceful, sociable, love comfort and beauty.

Next in the ranking of the most popular male names in 2015 is Maxim. From Latin - "the greatest." In childhood and adolescence, he does not give anyone trouble, justifies the hopes placed. Maxims love to collect, go to the theater, draw knowledge from encyclopedias. Adults are distinguished by their creative abilities, diplomacy, and reliability in work and relationships.

The most frequent female names for 2014

It is worth noting that each time period is distinguished by its fashion trends. For example, Anastasia and more foreign derivatives are the most popular names of girls in Russia. Statistics for 2014 shows that almost 8% of parents call it their children. Little Nastya love to dream, defenseless even before the slightest deceit. With age, they become untidy, independent, but loyal to their other half.

Also in 2014, such names as Sophia and Maria were in demand. However, among the others, it is Anna who stands out. These girls are very good-natured, caring and generous to the world around them. Often they hide the inner pain and experiences, so as not to bring discomfort to loved ones. Are conservatives.

Victoria is also on the list of popular female names. Little winners grow silent and a little closed. With age they become sociable and businesslike.

Popular names for boys in 2014

Oddly enough, Alexandrov was born in 2014 more than in the last 5 years. The most popular male name in Russia translated from Greek means "protector of people." From an early age, Alexandra play sports, but their bodies are subject to frequent diseases. The situation changes only with coming of age. They are respected in work, always fair. The only weakness is alcohol. Beautifully care for women, believe in sincere love.

Another popular name for 2014 is Artem. From the Greek translates as "safe." Little Artem should be protected from respiratory diseases before adolescence. Grow calm and diligent, love to read. They always seek the truth in a conflict situation, differ in objectivity. In communication, friendly. They are not careerists, but always go to their goal. Very reliable friends.

Popular names for girls in 2013

In the first place Valeria stands unconditionally. From Latin it means “rich”, alternatively translated “strong”. Valeria and the western variation of Valerie - in 2013, the most popular names in Russia. Statistics show that recently the Russian people are increasingly called their children foreign derivatives. This is especially true of Natalie, Anastacia, and the same Valerie. Nevertheless, in the registry office they prefer to register precisely the Russian variations of names. As for Valeria, her distinguishing features are complex character, impulsiveness, vulnerability and jealousy.

The Greek name Aurora is not only beautiful and unusual, but also one of the most sought-after in 2013. Translated as "light wind" or "golden time." Aurora - difficult people with unpredictable behavior. They are very capricious, impatient, stubborn. Learning prefer entertainment and hobbies. Do well in dancing and music. Often, men are frightened away by their high self-esteem.

The most frequent names of boys in 2013

The first line of the ranking is Artem. In the Year of the Water Snake you cannot find a name that is more suitable and worthy for the future support of the family. Artemas are distinguished by diligence and purposefulness, therefore it is considered the most suitable option for any self-respecting girl.

Next in the ranking of 2013 are the most popular names of boys in Russia, like Alexander and Maxim. Both are stubborn, gallant and strong in spirit. They are ideal companions for romantic persons.

Also in 2013, the name Ivan was claimed. Its owners are distinguished by their hard character, flexibility in communication, tenderness in relationships and purposefulness in work. In love, trusting and caring, they do not tolerate betrayal.

Michael and Daniel are also included in the list of the most frequent male names of 2013. They are distinguished by responsiveness, logical thinking and kindness. In the relationship are true, but can often criticize his soul mate.

The most popular female names of 2012

The rating is headed by Anastasia, but the gap from the others is small. Next is another most popular name in Russia - Julia. Olga, Elena, Natalia, Tatiana, Catherine, Irina, Anna and Maria should also be highlighted.

Returning to Julia, it is worth noting that sociability and intuition are considered the main highlights of her character. In addition, girls are very susceptible and touchy, sometimes vindictive. There are no problems with health in childhood or in more adulthood.

Difficulties in marriage does not happen, but everything depends on the spouse. If he allows himself frequent criticism and laziness, then there is no escape from parting. Julia is reputed to be excellent housewives, caring mothers. Often they stock up on food and money for a rainy day. Very hospitable, good chefs. Do not envy, read a lot.

Other popular names include Elizabeth, Daria, Jan, Alice, Sophia, Taisiya, Varvara and Veronika.

The most frequent names of boys in 2012

Based on the statistics, most of all in 2012, Alexandrov was born. This is truly the most popular name in Russia over the past decades. Following in the ranking are Sergey, Andrei, Dmitry, Maxim, Ivan, Artem, Alexey, Evgeny, Mikhail. Slightly less often, parents called their children in 2012 Daniel, Yaroslav, Kirill, Denis and Nikita.

Interestingly, over time, such rare names in the country as Matvey, Bogdan, Zakhar, Timofey and Gleb begin to gain popularity. In 2012, a considerable number of Akimov and Egorov were registered. Some biblical names were also claimed. Striking examples are Luke and Thomas. Among others, Ilya, Fedor, Vladimir and Roman should be singled out.

Most popular patriotic names

In recent years, in Russia, parents are increasingly surprised by originality, calling their children some sort of “outside” words and concepts. An example would be a girl named Privatization. Several cases were recorded at once in the territory of the Russian Federation, when babies were called Russia. For parents, this procedure is interesting, but the child in the future may experience a number of inconveniences and significant social discomfort.

Из прочих патриотических имен последних лет можно выделить Виагру и Перкосрака. Второе является сокращением от «первой космической ракеты». Летом 2008 года в России было зарегистрировано имя Гус, в честь наставника футбольной сборной России Гуса Хиддинка.

Из каких языков лучше выбирать и почему?

If parents want to call their son a traditional name, then for this child names are more suitable Russian or borrowed from European languages. They are pleasant to the ear, combined with many of the Russian surnames and patronymic names. Such names are familiar to most people and do not look exotic.

In addition, there will be no difficulties with the translation of this name into English. In connection with the development of tourism and the Internet, this becomes very relevant. A man with a simple Russian name will not have difficulties and discrepancies in the design of bank cards, international passport and international driver's license.

The pros and cons of such a boy name

Before you give your baby a popular name, parents are advised to weigh all the pros and cons of such a decision, because it will accompany the boy throughout his life.

The good points about using a common name are:

  • These names are classics that are always in fashion. They are in demand for many centuries, and in the future they will also sound modern. This is important for a man, because the name is a person’s business card, it gives confidence and facilitates communication.
  • Popular names are simple, beautiful, pleasant in sound, combined with the majority of Russian middle names and surnames. To choose such a name is especially important for those boys whose last and middle names are difficult or unusual. If in this case you give the child a more complex name, in the future it may cause him discomfort, look ridiculous. Too unusual name can interfere with your career development or business development - people around you simply will not take a person seriously.
  • The common name is better perceived by others: peers, teachers, educators. As a rule, it is remembered from the first time and pronounced correctly.
  • A small child is easier to pronounce a simple name, especially at preschool age, when speech skills are still imperfect. It helps the kid to make friends, gives confidence.
  • Children with popular names are less likely to be teased by their peers in kindergarten and school.

In the boy’s simple name, there are also disadvantages:

  • He will meet many people with the same name. Such coincidences can confuse a child, and in the case of full namesake, when the surname, first name, and middle name coincide, there may be confusion in the documents.
  • Due to such a name, it will be difficult for an older boy to stand out. In adolescence, this may become important, some children even come up with pseudonyms for themselves or go for a name change.

What is the most common Russian statistics?

In the top 10 in Russia also includes:

  • Alexander.
  • Artem.
  • Maksim.
  • Daniel.
  • Dmitriy.
  • Ivan
  • Kirill.
  • Nikita
  • Michael.
  • Egor.

In the capital this year, the name Alexander has risen to the first line of the rating. The top ten also got the name Matvey and Andrei.

A list of the most common and common in alphabetical order and their meanings

  • Alexander - This is the name of Greek origin, in translation means "protector." The owner of this name is light, charming and cheerful. He is charismatic, able to easily adapt to any circumstances and feels confident in any situation. He has a keen mind and strategic thinking, Sasha tries to do everything perfectly, while he shifts part of the work to others and controls its implementation.

The most successful professional field: manager, marketer, lawyer, physician. In family life, he is gentle and attentive, but stingy on the manifestation of emotions. Andrew - in translation from ancient Greek means "brave". He is always the soul of the company, quickly finds a common language with others. Andrei's inner world is rather complicated, this person is not confident in his abilities and is prone to self-digging. He has extensive interests. Andreev, born in the fall, has excellent businessmen.

"Winter" representatives of this name choose creative professions: actor, director, artist. Andrew loves his family, but the routine and life is not his strong point. This man is quite selfish, loves to draw all the attention to himself and does not recognize advice. Artem - translated from the Greek "dedicated to Artemis" or "immaculate health." He is a calm, confident and friendly man who does not impose his society on others.

Artem achieves everything with his work and can succeed in various fields of activity, as long as it is interesting to him. He can achieve significant success in sports. In family life, Artyom is a valuable treasure for a future wife. He is an excellent husband, a good father, he will always help around the house, and will happily spend holidays with his family. Daniel - The name is of biblical origin and literally means "God is my judge." The owner of this name is a decent person with excellent intuition. He is kind, smart and hardworking, maintains a positive attitude even in difficult life situations. The family is very important for Daniel: he always helps his wife, takes care of the children with pleasure, shares all the joys with his relatives.

The most successful work for him: businessman, engineer, researcher. This man loves hunting, fishing and sports, reaches significant success in it. Dmitriy - translated from Greek as “dedicated to Demeter”, “farmer”. This man is unusually kind, active, strong-willed. He is not able to take the point of view of another and looks at everything "from his bell tower." Dmitry is a good friend, but it is not easy with him, because his main goal is not to let yourself be surpassed by anyone or anything.

For this man, the technical specialty is best suited, he is also able to get along well with people and fit into any team. In a relationship, Dmitry behaves like a real man, marries into adulthood. Egor - This name is the Russian equivalent of George, "cultivating the land." From childhood in this boy manifest business intelligence, practicality, diligence and diligence. He has outstanding leadership qualities that enable him to become an excellent leader.

At times, Egor is bored and grumbling, he does not forgive deception and easily stops such a relationship. In his companion, this man chooses a modest and decent girl; with time, he becomes an excellent family man, support for his wife and owner in the house. Ivan - The Russian version of the Jewish John - "God pardoned." He is an active and strong-willed person, a choleric person who amazes others with quick reaction and explosive temper. Ivan is very controversial: it equally combines weakness and strength, openness and love to cheat, good nature and deceit.

He is very devoted to his relatives, the main goal of Ivan is to create a strong family. He is open to new acquaintances, generous owner and an interesting conversationalist. This man can choose any profession - innate diligence will help him achieve success. Kirill - translated from the ancient Greek "lord". Since childhood, Cyril is very intelligent and inquisitive, loves to read, knows how to behave in society. This man is ambitious, self-confident and unpredictable, loves gambling and betting. As a spouse, he chooses a strong woman who can lead, and with friends, on the contrary, he himself becomes the leader.

Everything in his life, Kirill makes an eye on others. The most successful work for him: a doctor, an industrialist, a judge, a businessman. Maksim - is of Latin origin and means "the greatest." He has pride and ambition, this boy is able to achieve a lot. It is very important for him to be confident in himself, then Maxim can achieve everything he wants. A man with this name successfully manipulates people, in which his imagination and intuition helps him. The most suitable profession for him: a journalist or photographer.

He can achieve success in any business, the main thing is motivation. Maxim is loyal to his family and children, often falls in love, but he will not commit adultery. Matvey - This is the name of Jewish origin, translated as "God-given." This man looks like a rude man, uncommunicative, hiding his feelings and experiences. His strengths can become flaws: Matvey is bold and assertive, or vain, authoritarian and reckless. Such a man is not a romantic; happiness is given to him by a stable and quiet relationship.

The professions associated with his hard work are suitable for Matvey: an accountant, an economist, or those who allow him to work with his hands: a tailor, shoemaker, sculptor and even a surgeon. Michael - translated from the ancient Judean "equal to God." As a child, he is a beautiful, gentle and charming boy, showing a craving for art. Misha is a wonderful friend, generous, hospitable, striving to live in harmony with others. For him, family and children are very important, he wants to find his soul mate.

Michael are extroverts, sociable, but often influenced, especially by their loved ones and their families. This man achieves success where he can help people: in medicine, law, education. Nikita - from Greek translated as "winner". He is a cheerful and persistent boy, with developed imagination and creative abilities. The best profession for this man is the one where a non-standard approach is required.

Family life with Nikita is not easy: he likes frequent changes under the influence of his own fantasies and creative nature. If the spouse does not wish to put up with it, Nikita may simply change his muse, but he will not part with his own desires.

Parents who decide how to name a son should take a closer look at popular Russian male names. In recent years, the most frequently used of them - Artem. Alexander, Maxim, Daniel, Dmitry, Ivan, Kirill, Nikita, Mikhail, Egor, Matvey and Andrey are a little less in demand. These names have Greek, Roman or biblical roots, sound similar in most world languages.

Plus the choice of a common name for a boy in that it is beautiful and sonorous, always in fashion, goes well with many Russian middle names and surnames. In addition, the baby and the people around him will be easy to remember and pronounce it.