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Top 10 longest streets in the world


In every city, even the smallest one, there are dozens, or even hundreds, of various streets and streets, boulevards and avenues, each of which performs its own specific set of functions.

However, there are such streets in the world that have the greatest significance, they are recognized from various angles, described in works of art and, of course, strive to get there in order to at least touch history.

These are streets that are not just popular in the city or country, they have already become its chip. This popularity is not without reason, it is usually a matter of the peculiarities of the street: perhaps important historical events took place on it, or maybe it is the center of the financial life of the city, and indeed of the whole country, the place where most famous clubs or shops gather, the most unusual layout or architecture.

Especially for you, we have compiled the top 10 of the most famous and visited streets all over the world, who knows, maybe soon you will be lucky to encounter such sights with your own eyes. Or maybe, having familiarized with our list, you will be inspired and decide to visit one of them, by all means!

Champs Elysees, Paris

Perhaps one of the most famous streets of the whole world is the beautiful and unique Champs Elysees. The fields are not fields at all, but a large and lively street, which has often been seen in the literary works of French and other world writers, was photographed and drawn by the most famous artists from all possible and impossible angles. The street begins from the Place de la Concorde and extends to the equally famous Triumphal Arch.

In the distant 18th century, Queen Catherine de Medici ordered a new three-lane path to be laid, where a calm and relaxing environment was supposed to be used, for good reason she used Elusia in the name, which translates as “a place to relax.”

Many years have passed since then, the street has transformed, expanded and transformed; now it is always crowded and quite noisy here, especially during holidays and military parades.

Lombard Street, San Francisco

This street is popular precisely because of its unique curly shape, which allows to smooth out the slope of the hill, on which it, in fact, is located. The site is quite small, but what an original one! There are 8 quite sharp turns on the road, which are called “roller coaster”.

Driving along this street is only one-way, the speed limit is 8 km / h, and the driver must have good maneuvering skills! Maybe you should try yourself on Lombard Street?

Wall Street, New York

There are such streets on which, as they say, experts, it is written the real world history. So it was here: for about 100 years, Wall Street was the recognized financial capital of the world, where many serious financial organizations started their businesses, including the famous New York Stock Exchange.

It was here that the Great Depression was born, which provoked the collapse of the stock market in the late 20s of the last century. The economic crisis of 2008 began here, and today, for sure, a new, still unknown, story is being written there.

Picadilly Circus, London

All fans of the series "Sherlock" and the film about the little wizard "Harry Potter" is dedicated, because this street often flashes in these and many other world films.

This is the most famous transport interchange, and in combination, the most popular square in London, which contains the coolest nightclubs, shops, theaters, monuments and, of course, a large number of people, each of which is in a hurry about their business.

Broadway, New York

The longest and widest street in the city, it’s not for nothing that Broadway translates as “wide path”. In addition, Broadway is considered the oldest of all the major streets in the world, and its curved shape violates the well-known New York "square-section" layout.

It is a famous cultural center of the country, it housed the famous Theater District, as well as the most prestigious American opening days.

Rambla, Barcelona

The central street of the city of Barcelona never dudes and does not calm down, there is always a holiday here and a lot of people! Rambla is said to have its own unique energy that nourishes and inspires. There are always many cafes, restaurants, bars, street artists, shops, and it is considered one of the most beautiful streets in Europe.

Bourbon Street, New Orleans

Another famous American street, which is located in the small town of New Orleans. The street is a holiday, the street is a party, the lights are always on here, the most incredible and crazy festivities are arranged on it, and, according to rumors, on Halloween it is here that all the “saints” and even “not saints” come to life.

Bourbon Street is filled with colorful cafes, clubs, and other nightlife, as, in fact, the name itself says.

Gran Via, Madrid

Construction of this street began in the middle of the last century, was spent as much as 25 years before the Gran Via was completely finished. Today it is the most commercial street of the capital, because of which it is very crowded with cars and people, and therefore walks at rush hour here can even be dangerous.

But the rest of the time, there really is something to admire - huge buildings and monuments of architecture, decorated with large columns, cornices and luxurious balconies, as well as the first city skyscraper - the building of Telefika.

As for shops and goods, here you can find absolutely everything, and if you couldn’t find something, as the Spaniards themselves say, you can’t find it anywhere else, you still will not find it.

Nevsky Prospect, St. Petersburg

Once described in the work of Dostoevsky, Nevsky Prospect has become very popular among foreign tourists, and especially students. Naturally, it is not only a matter of literary glorification!

The avenue once laid by Great Peter himself is literally overflowing with the spirit of the tsarist period, its greatness and beauty is difficult to describe with any words. So go for a personal viewing!

Magnificent Mile, Chicago

A peculiar response of the Americans to the French from Eliseevskie Fields. The magnificent mile is always full of life, it is filled with people and transport, it houses the most expensive five-star hotels, various museums, exclusive shops, as well as cozy and inviting nightlife.

In the shops of the Magnificent Mile you can always buy products of typical American brands - Nike, Apple, Disney and so on. Do you like a vibrant and active life? Then you are in Chicago, because the Magnificent Mile will not let anyone get bored.

10 Prospect Rivadavia

Argentina's longest street is located in the capital. Its length is measured at 14 km and 600 m. In addition, it has the largest number of numbered houses. The street was named after President Rivadavia, who, with his political career, left a positive mark on the history of the people. There is an unusual tradition in the country. Near the roads, locals leave mineral water and any traveler can quench their thirst. This is the memory of a woman with a baby in her arms, who sought to free her husband who was captured. According to legend, she went to the enemy to ask for mercy for the breadwinner, but along the way she died of thirst. The shepherds found the body and were surprised. The baby drank mother's milk and therefore remained alive.

9 Moscow Avenue

In the city of Kharkov in Ukraine there is a street, the length of which is 18 km. It is interesting that its name is associated with history. In the 18th century, starting the construction of the road, the direction was chosen for Moscow as the center of a developed civilization. In Soviet times, leaving the former name, the street was filled with large industrial enterprises and assigned an additional name - “Alley of Giants”.

8 Sophiyskaya Street

In St. Petersburg, Sophiyskaya Street is quite long. Its length is 18 km and 300 meters. It is considered the longest in Russia, and in the world its rating is in eighth place. Maybe sometime she will be able to climb a step higher. The government plans in the future to lengthen the street to connect areas. But this is a matter of time. Nothing stays in place and records also change. Any recorded fact is an instant of life that can be redrawn by new events.

7 Broadway Street

The most interesting and visited street in New York (25 km). Tourists and locals love to go there. Stretching across Manhattan, it originates from New Amsterdam (the first settlement was called). Its name translates as "wide street". Indeed, considering carefully you can notice the breadth, beauty and richness. The street is interesting because it completely negates the perpendicular layout existing in the city. Because of the constructed office buildings, she has to bend. On Broadway, life "boils." There are various openings, performances, performances of street actors and musicians. So they test their talent.

6 Dinmukhamed Street

Kazakhstan presents its record and celebrity. In the city of Tekeli, in honor of the famous statesman Dinmukhamed Kunaev, there is a street, 35 km long. It is strange that a small town (altogether there are 20 thousand inhabitants) has such a long road. Kunaev took care of the prestige of the country, developing the industry and boosting its economy. In memory of the leader, the descendants assigned him the name of one of the central streets.

5 Second longitudinal highway

In Volgograd, the second longitudinal highway has a length of 50 km. Its name is well suited for purpose. It connects remote parts of the city, passing a large settlement along. Its various sections have their own names, so the official status of the longest in Russia is not attributed to it.

The abbreviation stands for Moscow Ring Road. A street with a length of 109 km once played the role of a frontier. But after the 80s, the border gradually moved further and the street, surrounded by new houses, became part of the inner life of the capital. Therefore, it rightfully occupies the fourth line of the rating. Now it is an endless stream of driving cars. The existing ten lanes do not help unload the road. The constant circulation and incessant bustle.

3 Primorskoye highway

St. Petersburg again reminded about itself. The length of the street is 170 km. It was built in the 60s of the 20th century. Gradually, supplementing with separate sections and streets, they connected to a long road, which became a convenient way of transportation from the outskirts to the center. Wooden and stone cottages located along the highway is a landmark of the city, a link between past and present. Repin Manor, the house of Dmitry Shostakovich give a point of report to modern residents.

2 Sukhumvit Street

The road begins in Bangkok and ends its way to Trat. Crossing many provinces and cities, the highway as a whole is measured in impressive numbers - 491 km. It is named in honor of the person holding the post of head of the road department Phra Bisal Sukhumvit. This is the shopping street of Thailand, a very busy place. Shops, hotels, bars, cafes. Vigorous life does not stop for a minute. Day is replaced by night, poverty contrasts with wealth. Constant movement resembles a beehive, where everyone finds their destination.

1 Young Street

Canada introduced the world record holder - Young Street, 1896 km long. It begins in Toronto and, dividing the city into two equal parts, continues its journey to the city of Cochrane. There she turns west and rests on the final in Minnesota. Historians say that with its structure the street resembles the old Indian trail, along which the first discoverers moved. The street is named after the famous American Minister George Young, who is an old friend of the founder of the local lands, John Simcoe.

Yes, it’s not so easy to walk down a long street. We'll have to use modern transport to cross its entire length, and at the same time get acquainted with local customs. Any journey ends with a rethinking. No wonder they say that after the trip a person returns completely different. Try to challenge or confirm the statement.

TOP 10. The most famous streets of the world

In most cities there are thousands of streets, but there is only one or two, which are becoming more popular and famous than others. The reason for this is that it is the center of the city, or is it the center of nightlife, an entertainment center, or historical places, or has it become famous for the movie? In any case, these are streets that are always visited by tourists. Popular streets, of course, fall into the list of the most famous streets in the world.

Today we present the rating of the most famous streets of the world based on a survey of readers of the Internet portal "100 roads".

3. Abby Road, London.

Abbey Road is located in north London. This is the street where the legendary band Beatles recorded 90% of their songs. In April 1969, they recorded their last album as a group, and called it “Abbey Road”.

The album became their best-selling work. Today, on this famous transition, which has become the cover of the album, thousands of tourists come to make their own cover of “Abbey Road”.

4. Hollywood Walk of Fame. Los Angeles, California.

The Walk of Fame along Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles consists of a series of stars embedded in a sidewalk. The names of actors, musicians, directors, producers, theatrical groups and figures who have made a great contribution to art have been mutilated on the stars. Today on this alley. immortalized over 2400 stars.

5. Lombard Street. San Francisco, California.

Lombard Street in San Francisco is known for its one-way section on Russian Hill. Here the street turns into eight sharp sharp turns, which the locals called a roller coaster. Because of these turns, the street received the status of the most winding in the world.

6. Boulevard La Rambla. Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Las Ramblas is the busiest street of Barcelona. Most of the people visiting this street are tourists, not locals. This street is often called Las Ramblas, because in fact this street consists of several streets, completely different in style.

7. Orchard Road, Singapore.

Singapore’s main shopping street is Orchard Road. It is regularly visited by local residents and many tourists. No wonder. Orchard Road is surrounded by many shopping centers, nightclubs and hotels. Also on the street is the official residence of the President of Singapore.

8. Khao San Road. Bangkok, Thailand.

Khao San Road is a small street. It is located about a block from the Chao Phraya River in Bancok, Thailand. Khaosan is translated as "ground rice". As it is not difficult to guess the name of the street went from the fact that in former times it served as a place of trade, mainly rice. Now the street is world famous, and every year it attracts thousands of tourists. Here you can find cheap accommodation, bars, food stalls, restaurants, shops, Internet cafes and travel agencies.

1. Piccadilly Street, London

Located in the historic district of London Westminster. Piccadilly, not only in itself is the hallmark of the city, but also connects many nearby attractions. One of the widest and busiest streets of the Kingdom, where expensive shops and hotels are located. Take a walk around Green Park and slowly walk to Piccadilly Circus. On the way (Saturday afternoon), you can jump on the street market of interesting stuff, paintings and antiques.

10. Las Vegas Strip.

Las Vegas, located in the center of Nevada, USA, is a world center of gambling, which in the best traditions of the tourists are always ready to provide their services to tourists with casinos, hotels, bars, restaurants and various entertainment centers.

Vaci, Budapest

Vaci - the main street of Budapest. It originates in the Vörösmarty Square and leads to the Fövam Square. For centuries, it was here that the locals loved to spend their money. Visiting Vaci, you can enjoy the incredible architecture of the 19th and early 20th centuries, as well as fully experience the cozy and friendly atmosphere of the city.

Zeil, Frankfurt am Main

Zeil is the most crowded street in Germany. This is not surprising, because along it there are many shopping centers, exquisite boutiques, restaurants and department stores. It is noteworthy that before the Second World War, the street was famous for its grand buildings, but most of them were destroyed and not rebuilt.

Lombard Street, San Francisco

Lombard Street in San Francisco connects Embarcadero Presidio Park and leads to the famous Golden Gate Bridge. The most interesting part of it is the prestigious residential quarter of Russian Hill, located on a very steep terrain - a small area called "the most crooked street in the world." Driving on this road by car is allowed only in the direction of the foot and requires great attention, as well as special driving skills.

Wall Street, New York

Уолл стрит — небольшая, узкая улица в нижней части острова Манхэттен, Нью-Йорк. Является самым экономически могущественным и ведущим финансовым центром мира. Именно здесь образовалась знаменитая Нью-Йоркская фондовая биржа. Кроме того, Уолл стрит стала истоком печально известной Великой депрессии с резким обвалом курса валют в 1929 году. Кризис 2008-2009 годов, так же зародился на этой улице.

Гран-Виа, Мадрид

Гран-Виа — самая знаменитая улица Мадрида. Work on its creation began in 1904 and ended only 25 years later. The beauty and size of the buildings on it is simply amazing. However, it is worth noting that the street is filled with cars, the traffic here is just crazy. But locals assure that after a while you will fall in love with Madrid, and in Gran Vía in particular.

Appian Way, Rome

Appian Way is a paradise for lovers of ancient architecture. Built back in the year 312, it connected Rome with the city of Brindisi, in southeastern Italy. Along the whole street you can observe gravestones and monuments. It is a tradition of the Romans to honor the memory of the dead. The most memorable is the monument of Cecilia Medulla, wife of one of the generals Julius Caesar. Anyone who decided to visit Rome should not miss the chance to look at the Appian Way, dive into history and enjoy the unique architecture.

Fifth Avenue, New York

Fifth Avenue, located in New York between Washington Square and 143 Street, is one of the most popular shopping streets in the world. For her, the phrase “Shopping before losing the pulse” is appropriate. Here are the boutiques of world famous brands such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Versace and many others.

Champs Elysees: Paris, France

Champs Elysees is considered one of the most beautiful streets in the world. Traveling around the 8th arrondissement of Paris, tourists from all over the world flock to this famous street to grasp the rich history of the country, visit chic cafes and boutiques, and also admire the Arc de Triomphe, one of the most famous historical monuments of France.

The first documentary evidence of the Champs Elysées dates from the 17th century. At that time there were many swamps in this place. Representatives of the French royal dynasty loved to hunt in this area. In 1616, by order of Marie de Medici, work began on the cultivation of the territory.

Khao San Road: Bangkok, Thailand

Khao San Street (or Khao San) in Bangkok may not seem very long, but it is constantly filled with people from all walks of life. People from all over the world flock here. Dotted with countless budget stores, kiosks, restaurants and guest houses, Khao San Street has earned its unique description - “the center of the tourist universe.”

Wall Street: New York, USA

Wall Street is named after the wall, built in the 17th century by the Dutch. The street offers many opportunities for people with completely different interests and tastes. Some see it as the vital impetus of capitalism, while others recognize this busy street as one of the most important financial centers in the world.

Despite its not very high reputation, this eight-block street is a symbol of the American financial sector.

Via Dolorosa: Jerusalem, Israel

The name Via Dolorosa translates as “Path of misery” or “Path of sorrow”. It is said that this is the very street in Jerusalem along which Jesus passed to his crucifixion. Located near the fortress of Anthony, the current route was created in the 18th century.

Royal Mile: Edinburgh, Scotland

The Royal Mile is the main street in the historic city of Edinburgh. It has many important sights such as Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace. In the latter lives the queen of Scotland.

Broadway: New York, USA

Broadway Boulevard violates the perpendicular layout of Manhattan. The portion of Broadway between 42nd and 53rd streets is considered particularly popular. Broadway is the oldest and longest street in New York and is considered home to the American theater and many music clubs.

Abbey Road: London, UK

Most people recognize Abby Road as a bright background featured on the cover of the Beatles album in 1969. Most loyal fans of the group often go to see the road to London to recreate the cover at the crosswalk on their own.

Chandni Chowk: Delhi, India

If you want to pamper yourself with Bengali cuisine, on Chandni Chowk Street you will find exactly what you need. The famous lively street in Old Delhi may seem chaotic, but it is the perfect place to get a real cultural shock.

Via Monte Napoleone: Milan, Italy

The famous Via Monte Napoleone is known as Milan's luxurious shopping street. This Italian city is considered the capital of world fashion, and not a single street in the city embodies anything more than this one. This is an extravagant marketplace with high-end fashion and jewelry stores.

La Rambla: Barcelona, ​​Spain

La Rambla, often incorrectly called "Las Ramblas", consists of a number of shorter streets. It is the busiest pedestrian walkway in Barcelona, ​​passing between the Plaza Catalunya and the famous monument of Christopher Columbus in Port Vella.

Las Vegas Strip: Las Vegas, USA

The charm of Vegas lies in the fact that this city is a real corner of heaven on earth. Here you can meet different people: from gamers and artists to tourists. They come out here with the sunset to enjoy the hypnotic lights of the city during the busy night hours.

Orchard Road: Singapore

Orchard Road originates in the 1800s, when this road led directly to orchards, fields sown with nutmeg and pepper plantations. Today, this is just one of the most popular shopping places in Singapore.

Shibuya Crossing: Tokyo, Japan

Shibuya Crossing is the intersection of cultures from around the world. Some believe that the intersection of Sibuya is the busiest in the world, and it is difficult to disagree with this statement. In the rush hour here you can see more than 1,000 people crossing it at the same time.

Pacific Coast: California

The Pacific Coast Highway passes through Orange County, Los Angeles and Ventura in California. It opens to travelers one of the most picturesque, unforgettable views. The highway was opened in the late 1930s.