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How to wear a bow tie for men: what to consider?


Women have long sought equality with men in everything: in the professional and legal sphere, in everyday life and in relationships. No exception and clothing. In the wardrobe of the modern fair, there are always pants, jackets and shirts. These garments were previously allowed to be worn only by men, but for many decades, women with great pleasure have been trying on men’s-style looks.

Only here such genuinely masculine accessories, like a tie and a butterfly, for some reason are not so popular among women, but in vain. These elements of clothing can revive any, even the most boring image. The girl in the bow tie or tie necessarily attracts attention. It speaks of her courage and originality.

There are many options for clothing that can be added with these accessories. Women in this regard are more fortunate than men. They can combine a bow tie and tie with suits in various styles, shirts, blouses and even dresses, while for men the choice is limited only to classic suits and a tuxedo.

Selection rules

In order to look fashionable and irresistible in a tie or bow tie, you need to know some of the nuances of choosing these accessories.

  • Since the butterfly and the tie are worn in close proximity to the face, they should be chosen for the face, not for the clothes. These accessories greatly affect our perception. Too bright a butterfly may draw all the interlocutor's attention to himself, but, unfortunately, he will not be able to remember the features of your face. The wrong color and texture can change the shape of the face and visually age you. Agree, this is not the effect that you wanted to achieve by putting on this accessory.
  • The size of the butterfly also matters. Owners of a short neck should abandon an overly large butterfly with a volumetric knot, since it can close the entire neck, which will create the effect of its complete absence. This large accessory is allowed to be worn only by girls with a long swan neck. The ideal option is a butterfly with a small wingspan. It will not completely cover the neck and will stand out strongly against the general background, while the image will still be complemented.
  • When choosing these items of clothing should not forget about the pattern on the fabric. A large pea, cage or other pattern attracts much attention, therefore the owner of a butterfly or tie with such an ornament risks to go unnoticed. Clothing should decorate a person, not completely conceal his personality.
  • You need to be especially careful when choosing a butterfly or a tie for clothes that already have their own pattern. If you doubt their compatibility, then you should prefer an accessory made of solid fabric.
  • It is best to choose products from natural fabrics: cotton, wool or silk. Butterflies and ties made of artificial materials do not look so impressive. However, when choosing accessories, it is necessary to take into account the fabrics from which other items of clothing are sewn. Ideally, they should match the texture.

What images can complement?

If you are a brave girl who likes to experiment with her appearance, changing different images, then the butterfly must be in your wardrobe. So what can you wear this fashion accessory with?

1. Garcon Style Clothing. An integral part of this image is a men's trouser suit, as in the days of Charlie Chaplin and Marlene Dietrich. And he may be a little too big for you. The color palette of this style, as a rule, is limited only by dark shades: black, brown and gray. The costume can be supplemented with a waistcoat, suspenders and, of course, a bow tie.

2. Clothes in a business style. The butterfly can perfectly complement not only the classic trouser suit, but also various options for office wear. For example, she would look good in combination with a shirt or blouse and a strict skirt-karanash.

3. Casual wear. We are used to the fact that a butterfly is an attribute of only strict images. However, it is not. In everyday life, she can decorate any outfit. A bow tie can be worn with a bright shirt and skinny jeans. You can also combine it with shorts, short-sleeved shirt and suspenders. Another unexpected clothing option is a feminine dress. At the same time it should be simple and monophonic. A thin belt and a small butterfly will be a great addition to this image.

What images can complement a tie?

This accessory makes the girl more rigid and courageous. Therefore, it is chosen only by strong and self-confident personality. If you want to attract attention, we will tell you what you can wear a tie with?

1. Clothes in a business style. A tie is an integral part of an office dress code. It can be combined with a simple shirt, dress pants and skirts.

2. Casual wear. Jeans, a shirt and a sweater with a triangular neckline, complemented by a tie, are transformed from casual clothing into a stylish look.

3. Evening dress. This “office” accessory can make a woman more sexy. It is enough to wear a short jacket on a naked body and a skirt or trousers, and add a tie to this image.

Experiment with accessories, be bold and then your image will always be unique.


Modern fashion has no restrictions on the combination of butterflies, colors and materials of manufacture. But, any product looks spectacular, a black classic butterfly or a trendy one made of natural wood. They differ in form and fastening. The main types of such species are:

  • Butterfly - a classic with standard parameters of 6.5 cm,
  • Large Butterfly - variation of the increased type, parameters of 8.5 cm,
  • Modified butterfly - with an enlarged jumper between two parts and a lot of folds on the knot formed,
  • Batwing - with the presence of special wings, similar to the bat.

The main varieties are:

  1. Samovyaz. It is carried out in the form of a curly ribbon, pulling under the collar from behind, in front formed in a beautiful knot. The owner does this process independently. Although this work is painstaking, only such butterflies require etiquette rules for ceremonial events.
  2. Ready node. Already out of the factory out of the factory ready knotted knot. For the owner, it is only necessary to distribute the accessory evenly and fasten it under the collar. This option is very convenient, since you do not have to work on making a tie. But, they are more suitable for everyday organizations, but not for solemn ones.
  3. With clamp retainer. These products also have a finished unit. On the reverse side is a special retainer, thanks to which a bow tie is fastened. At the ends there are small hooks that allow to fix it exactly on the shirt. Wearing them is recommended mainly for children's parties.

What to wear a bow tie?

In the collection for a change of the habitual image there should be some stylish butterflies. The modern design of the accessory will allow you to decorate your look and dress it both at a party and at a wedding. How and with what to wear it properly? It is necessary to understand this.

  1. The classic black bow tie is traditional. It looks best with a tuxedo.
  2. You can find such a product with a pattern: stripes, cell or peas. They are not used in official settings, and be sure to carefully select the entire wardrobe.
  3. Color product is not suitable for the solemn event. It is important to combine colors so as not to attract much attention to the image. It can be worn at work if you are tired of ordinary ties.
  4. If there is a checkered suit, a monochromatic butterfly or a product with a small pattern of a calm shade will be suitable for it.
  5. A wool monochromatic accessory will look under a checked shirt.
  6. A bright butterfly will be the best decoration for a single-colored suit, or, on the contrary, a single-tone product for a colorful costume.
  7. A noticeable tie should not distract from the face, therefore, applying it, you must have a vest that reduces the front, part of the shirt that is open.
  8. When choosing the material of the product it is important to remember the time of the year. In winter, accessories from dense fabrics will be suitable, and in summer from thinner ones.
  9. The texture of both the butterfly and the costume should be in harmony so that the difference does not catch the eye and reduce elegance.
  10. For a suit with a uniform structure, a simple weave butterfly will be suitable, and for a relief one - ties made of a material of a complex structure.
  11. It is better to use a larger butterfly for shirts with a long collar and straight ends. Medium size under soft semi-urgent collars.

Where is the accessory appropriate?

After they learned how to tie a bow-tie and managed to pick it up correctly, the question arises where is the best place to wear it?

Most often it can be seen on men attending a formal event - this is the famous dress code "Black Tie". Looks very nice under a black tuxedo, white shirt.

Also a suitable place is a formal dress code "White Tie". You will need a white butterfly without zippers, a self-knit, light shirt and a black coat.

There are no such strict rules in the semi-formal dress code. In this case there is a place for experiments with color schemes of the product with patterns or prints. Will bring a positive in the image of the accessory of velor.

You can also buy a product made of cotton, flax or wool, add an image with suspenders, bright socks and laces.

The choice of color and material

The colors of clothes depends largely on where to go. To make the bow tie look appropriate, you should follow certain rules.

  1. The black color of a bow tie and a white shirt is a combination of a classic, one might say style standard.
  2. A white accessory fits a black shirt, playing with contrast. It also looks solemn with a white shirt, but it is better to choose a silver-colored tie, playing on the texture.
  3. A brown butterfly looks beautiful with a light brown suit or dark blue. A shirt that fits is a hat or light brown color.
  4. Pink color looks beautiful with a gray suit of different colors, purple and dark blue. Combined with a black suit, especially at special occasions. White shirt, light pink and purple.
  5. The light blue color of the accessory is a summer option, often used for wedding ceremonies. His suit would be dark gray or blue, and his shirt would be white or light purple.
  6. An orange bow tie is a summer-spring tone. It fits to a dark blue suit, to all shades of brown. A great option gray suit with white stripes. The shirt should be white or in light brown tones.
  7. Yellow butterfly designed for a bright event. It will be combined with a dark blue suit or beige, and a shirt to choose a light blue or white color.
  8. Red tone, suitable for blue, gray and dark gray suits. Looks beautiful with black, but defiant, and to some extent aggressive.
  9. Color "Bordeaux". It includes shades: from crimson to cherry. Such bow ties are very common and are suitable for a light brown suit and dark blue. Shirt is better to use a light blue or light purple.
  10. Blue tie is a popular color among the male half, emphasizing the restraint, calm and elegance of a man. It is better to wear it with a classic dark blue suit, white shirt or light pink.

How to tie a butterfly?

To look beautiful tie, not only on the hangers in the closet, you need to know how to tie a bow tie.

A classic node has the simplest scheme:

  • put a tie around your neck so that the left edge was 3-4 cm shorter than the right,
  • place the center of the collar at the intersection of the ends, tie a knot, threading the long end under the short,
  • add half of the short part that remains below, in parallel - it’s half the bow,
  • throw the long part to the short one, fold it twice perpendicularly so that the end of the butterfly looks up,
  • parallel to the first end, turn the already folded part and stretch through the middle,
  • symmetrically tighten both ends.

Tie colors

The traditional option is considered a black bow tie. This accessory will look best with a tuxedo. This combination is best suited for a variety of official events. Now more and more often you can see black bow ties with different patterns - stripes, check, peas. This tie is better to use in a less formal setting, combining it with other details of the wardrobe.

Colored bow ties can be worn for less formal occasions. You can wear bright colored accessories to work, if, of course, allows the dress code. However, it is better to wear ordinary ties to important meetings in order not to cause confusion among partners.

If your work is not connected with official office or office, you can afford very bright bow ties. But do not forget about the right color combinations, illiterate color unions can attract unwanted attention to you.

Try to combine such ties with regular jeans and a white shirt. Butterfly complete with such an outfit will allow you to stand out, will give the whole image of ease.

Combination with clothes of different styles

Bow ties of saturated dark colors look very good with a dark suit and a light monochromatic shirt. Suits made of checkered or striped fabric require monochromatic bow ties, if desired, you can use products with a very small pattern. Since the suit of the fabric with the pattern itself looks quite bold, choose ties of quiet, muted shades. Plain woolen bow ties look good with checked shirts and vice versa.

When choosing this accessory is very important not to overdo it. A monophonic costume can be decorated with a bright butterfly with a noticeable pattern or a large pattern, it is desirable to balance the colorful costume with a monophonic strict tie.

If you do not like formal suits, you can wear a bow tie with cardigans or sports blazers. Be sure to make sure that the texture of things combined with each other.

Always pay attention to the material from which the butterfly is made. Consider that ties made of flax, cotton, cashmere or fine wool require very careful handling, quickly lose their shape and fade. Butterflies made of artificial fabrics will last longer.

Buying a bow tie as a bright, stylish accessory, you can opt for ready-made, tied options. In this case, choose models with length adjusters and clasps.

What should be kept in mind when tying a bow tie

A bow tie, or bow-tie in English (literally a bow tie), has a simple scarf as its predecessor, the same one that men wore throughout the entire nineteenth century, only towards the end of which (approximately the 80s) place long ties and butterflies-samovyazam. It looked like this at the time:

Do not try to align the edges, to achieve absolute symmetry. Tie a pretty tight knot, but slightly straighten the ends, move the fabric up and down, left and right, achieve what the Italians call sprezzatura - no one should suspect you of excessive efforts in preparing to leave the house. Look for lightness, the effect of spontaneity. The butterfly should look alive. Only in this case the task can be considered completed.

Image of a man in a bow tie

What impression can make a man in a butterfly? There is an opinion (John T. Molloy voiced it in his book “Clothes for Success” in 1975) that no one will ever trust a man in a bow tie. Knowing that Winston Churchill used a butterfly in his daily business suit, we would assume that the statement was reckless. Many reputable people used this accessory as the main one.

Do not make these mistakes

  • Respect the proportions. The size of the bow tie in length and width should be adequate to the size of your face. Too large butterfly looks ridiculous.

  • Do not wear a bow-tie with a shirt without a jacket, vest or sweater.

  • Avoid pre-tied butterflies. This construction differs from samovyaz in that the knot is still tied in production and fixed so that it is not possible to untie and re-tie such a butterfly: bought - and carry, you will not need special skills from you. Their shape is too neat and symmetrical, it looks cheap, unnatural and childish.

  • Especially outside the style are butterflies made of wood, leather, rubber, etc. They are on sale in a large number of variations. It’s just hard to imagine a person who buys them and carries them (except for the sake of a joke).
  • Finally, don’t wear it if you don’t want to be a newcomer in dressing skills, a bow tie and a handkerchief from the same fabric. Подобные комбинации выглядят нарочито и без выдумки.

Вольности… позволительны!

Сильно жестких правил того, как правильно носить бабочку девушке, не существует. Хотя, конечно, стоит заметить, что нужно уметь верно балансировать и не переходить границы «стильно» и «оригинально», «эпатажно» … «безвкусно».

К примеру, для того чтобы быть оригинальной, совсем необязательно покупать галстук с мультяшными принтами. Sometimes a one-color modification looks so luxurious that it is impossible to look away from the whole image. You can add it with the same pin, with a brooch - medium-sized.

There is one more tendency - to wear a bow tie not strictly in the center, but slightly to one side.

What can a girl wear with a bow tie? 6tu4ka.ru will recommend several options. Each of them is beautiful in its own way.

Office Style

To emphasize the severity of the office style will help black butterfly. However, the “banker” green, red are conservative colors. And if your office clothes are black, then a white tie will do just fine.

Flared trousers, a waistcoat and a medium-sized bow tie will be an excellent solution for a business style. It is desirable if it is monophonic and black. Then the image will be the most solid.

You can also emphasize with this detail the severity of the skirt kit, give a bit of playfulness to the discreet trouser ensemble. And in fact, and in another case, a shirt will appear.

For example, here is one of the options for wearing a bow tie with a shirt. Put on a rather strict sweater over it so that the neckline is deep. It is desirable that the neckline of the sweater had a semicircular or V-shape. Then the tie will fit perfectly.

Casual outfit

Another variation with a shirt - for everyday look. In this case, you should find a bright butterfly. She will contrast well with a light-colored shirt. The image will be complemented by a skirt with pleats or perky shorts. Shoes may be sneakers.

A couple more words about styles and colors. A strict image is obtained if you skillfully combine black and white. Take a traditional white shirt with long sleeves, black trousers and a silk tie to match the bottom. However, you can combine a white butterfly with a dark blue, black shirt. Or choose jeans instead of trousers.

How to wear a butterfly girl: bright prints

And so we gradually moved on to bold variations.

If you have a “polka-dotted” tie, with a floral ornament or leopard color, fantasy patterns, then consider the following. This accessory will be relevant in the youth style. Just do not forget about the reason: this is some kind of party or meeting with friends, where you need to stand out and emphasize your individuality.

Butterflies with fancy prints will perfectly reveal their charm complete with sundresses, T-shirts youth style.

Evening dresses

If you think that the butterfly will not be able to “infiltrate” into the evening toilet for publication, then this is absolutely not the case!

It is important to choose the right part. Let it be a sophisticated tie with decorative elements. For example, sequins. And you can even order a brocade butterfly. The main thing is that there should be no dissonance between the fabrics of the attire (dress, jumpsuit, etc.) and the butterfly.

However, this rule is always relevant, not only in the images "on the way out". The density of materials should be in harmony. And the objects themselves - in hue and style does not contradict the basic.

And here we come to a worthy topic. It is important to properly wear a bow tie girl!

What mistakes should be avoided?

  1. Do not be deceived about the fact that a butterfly can fit only in a trouser or skirt kit. On the contrary, if it does not meet the above criteria, you get a failure. Tie you can even add a jumpsuit, T-shirt, T-shirt or dress.
  2. Do not overwork the image. So, if you have already decided to wear a bow tie, then forget about the scarf, the brooch (if it isn’t in the bow tie theme, which you could just read about in this article), the bezel and other accessories.

Here are some more tips on compatibility in terms of butterfly colors.

If you have a bowtie made of fabric with a small print or monochrome modification, then this accessory can be safely combined with checkered and striped suits.

Do you have a restrained shade of a tie? Excellent - you can complement this detail with a suit of colorful fabric or a shirt in a cage.

Bow tie will look spectacular and on a bare neck! It all depends on the rest of the image. And remember - this accessory is a kind of unusual jewelry, albeit made of fabric. So, keep a sense of proportion! And you will like to wear a bow tie, attracting the views of others!

How to choose a tie

Properly selected women's tie will help to adjust the figure, hide flaws or emphasize the dignity. Everything depends on the goal that the girl sets for herself:

- if a woman wants to stretch the silhouette, then she should tie a thin black tie with a length up to the belt and below under the tight-fitting shirt. In this case, the tie will play the role of “extension” of the figure, visually increasing growth. Especially effectively it will look with a trouser suit and a high heel.

- It is better to avoid full women with breast size more than the fourth tie, because they will lie on the chest horizontally, and it looks ridiculous.

- for the office it is better to choose pastel colors, both in suits and ties. It will look good gray-black and white gamma.

- a wide and short tie in combination with at least a short skirt will create the image of an American schoolgirl a la young Britney Spears. The image is very popular among young people, but it should be abandoned by all who have turned 20 years old.

- women can afford to wear a tie, completely incompatible with the color scheme of the costume, with ornaments and cool stripes.

How to tie a woman's tie

Despite the fact that women's tie on the principle of tying does not differ from men, there are certain nuances that should be considered. Learn to tie a narrow silk tie with a loose knot and hanging below the front, wider half of the tie, narrow end:

1. Put the tie on the shoulders with a seam down, with a wide half on the left shoulder, narrow - on the right. Cross the wide end to the left side over the narrow end (step 1).

2. Fold the wide half in from left to right in front of the narrow part (step 2).

3. Now do the same with the wide half, but behind the narrow part and right-to-left motion (step 3). The wide end should face strictly to the right.

4. Lift the wide end up (step 4).

5. Lower it from top to bottom inward of the knot formed (step 5).

6. Once again, move the wide end from right to left so that it “looks” straight at the corner (step 6).

7. Draw a wide half from bottom to top by the knot (step 7).

8. Loosen the front layer of the knot with your fingers and slide the rest of the wide half of the tie into it (step 8). It should be shorter than the narrow part. Do not tighten the knot tightly, let it hang at the level of the chest.

What kind of clothes do women wear?

- the military style perfectly matches the tie, and the camouflage fabric of the clothes itself sets the tone, and the tie only emphasizes this.

- uniforms employees of a company. A tie gives clothing austerity, but at the same time deprives the image of boredom.

- dandy style, which was coined by actress and singer Marlene Dietrich. It is characterized by the use of men's clothing, hairstyles and accessories. A tie is an obligatory attribute, and it should be wide and heavy, like in men. It is usually tied with a Windsor knot.

- Country-style is most often complemented by a bolo tie, which has the form of a suspension with a clip.

- style yuppie or tie imitation. Suitable for a woman who wants to look strict and business, but certainly stylish and fashionable.

- sexy style when a tie is called to openly hint at "this."

Can a woman wear a tie under a vest or sleeveless

A very controversial question is whether a woman can wear a tie with a vest. In principle, yes, if the vest is one of the elements of the dandy style. But in itself the combination of a vest and a tie is a kind of fetish. In this form it is better not to appear in public places.

How to wear a bow tie

A much more democratic option than a regular tie is a women's bow tie. It can be worn not only with strict suits and classic shirts, but even with evening dresses. Women's bow ties, in contrast to the male variants, do not need to be tied specifically. They are usually sold ready-made and tied or fastened at the back in various ways.

Soft bow ties add femininity and sophistication to the look. They look great in black and white, with pants and a skirt.

A youthful and fresh look regardless of the age of the woman will give a bowtie with a pleated skirt. If a girl is young, slim and graceful, then she can afford to tie a bow tie under the outfit of a white classic blouse and short shorts. But only thin and long-legged persons can afford such an image, because it will look good on ladies with forms.

The butterfly will look good with jeans, and with both a shirt and a feminine blouse. Get a playful and naughty image.

Is it fashionable to wear women's ties

In 2015, women's ties again at the peak of popularity. Especially on the catwalks there are a lot of silk ties, worn under a three-piece suit.

But, thanks to the feminine makeup, well-chosen jewelry and matte shine fabrics, the image is very feminine and sexy. No less popular is the bow tie, which is worn under a suit with tight pants.

A gray solid-colored suit will look much brighter and more fun if it is complemented with a thin black long tie.

Colored ties do not have to be in tune with clothes. They fit everything and blend in with any piece of clothing. In 2015, bow ties made of soft light fabrics are very popular, and they can be doll-like big and fluffy.

The bestsellers are women's ties with embroidery. This accessory will fit even a summer dress. The main thing is that you can make it yourself. Here's how to do it:

1. Take a piece of linen or silk fabric of the required length and thread for embroidery (floss or silk).
2. Select one rapport from the suggested ones and sew it as many times as necessary.

3. After cutting off the unused fabric, cut the linen stripe of the same size (it will be the back of the tie).

4. Place a non-woven fabric between the back strip and the embroidered strip.

5. Sew both of these pieces.

6. Sew a tie on a rubber band of a suitable color.

7. Everything, a homemade tie is ready.

Such a tie will be not only a source of pride, but also an excellent birthday gift. In stores, it is very expensive, and any craftswoman will embroider it in a week and a half. It can be worn under the shirt, and on top of the shirt. And in any case, he will make a woman extraordinary and attractive. After all, needlework will never go out of fashion.
Choosing a tie as the final addition, the woman will emphasize her individuality, sense of style and sophistication.

Features and benefits

Women's tie is an accessory, and a significant detail of the wardrobe of a business woman, and a binding thing. Not everyone and not always wear it. It is desirable that the girls in the character was not a complex of complexities, self-doubt. In their soul - straighten shoulders and straighten the back, going right through.

This accessory should be in the wardrobe of fashionistas who have no problems with self-esteem, figure, and then they will have unlimited possibilities when solving work issues. What has been said above about possibilities refers to relevance, compatibility and ways of wearing.

What is different from the male

Men's tie is an accessory and a significant part of a men's suit, which is an oblong, tailored in a special strip of fabric, which is fixed on the neck. This decorating element was first included in the wardrobe by the Egyptians. In that distant and already forgotten era, he had a regular geometric shape, but they wore it, throwing it over his shoulders. The person who wore it had an important look and a special social status.

A women's tie has the same features as a men's tie, with some exceptions. It emphasizes gender.

  • Male. He always has a strict and symmetrical form. It has the same size, i.e. it's long by itself. He is characterized by modesty in design. Use it when you need to emphasize their business qualities
  • Female Women did not accept the modest look of a men's tie and remade it to match themselves. As a result, he got a variety of forms, models in length, style to highlight their own identity and eccentricity.

If men wear a bow tie only in particularly solemn occasions, complete with a tuxedo or tailcoat, women experiment with it as they like. The fashion in their case is liberal, they select different frames for the butterfly (business, strict, romantic, etc.). Choosing them, achieve complete harmony in the ensemble.

The boutiques sell butterflies made of silk, wool and cotton, which gives complete freedom in choosing other things in the image. More expensive are copies of synthetics, flax and other fabrics. Girls should choose an accessory from light fabrics of absolutely any color, and women - employees of the office of a large company - something more impressive in material and strict in design.

Translated from the French name of this type of tie means "bird goiter". The name appeared taking into account the fact that the designers offered a special finish for the neck of the blouse - in the form of a fluffy frill of lace or fabric. As a rule, this finish does not end at the neck, but from it goes down the decollete area.

The jabot, though not a tie in the truest sense of the word, is still a useful and interesting thing. It is shown to anyone who prefers to choose business-style clothing, in which there is room only for brevity and rigor. To dilute the magnificence of clothes according to the dress code, they invented a jabot in addition to shirts, blouses, one-color dresses.

This model is different from many others in that it is already equipped in the studio with a factory unit. She has a elastic band behind her, which is intended for fixing a blouse on the neck under the collar. As a rule, women do not wear this tie, but wear it only as one of the form elements. Meet with a regatta on a neck policemen, security guards and military men. In addition to the business style, formed from a white blouse and black trousers, do not recommend wearing it.

Thin tie

If male fashion is conservative, then female is not. Both are developing, but with their own speed and with their innovations. For example, now she and the other succumbed to the invasion of the "remnants of the past." In other words, the retro style is now in fashion, and with it the thin or narrow or herring tie. He made popular show business stars. Only after the fashionable women saw him around the neck of the stars, they followed him. This is how the gradual infusion into the masses began. The accessory is exclusive, it helps to stand out from the crowd and perfectly combines with objects of business style.


Such a tie is ordered for women by entire departments. Each of them has individual ties, since it is customary to apply branding on them. If before the police tie was spread in the West, now with him on the neck, fulfilling his official duties, the officers of the traffic police, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the General Prosecutor's Office and the Customs are walking.


This accessory least of all reminds the most ordinary tie. It is like a kerchief or scarf. When sewing, use lightweight fabric, such as silk or satin. Tying it, it is not forbidden to make a knot at its discretion, from some side leave a little more fabric, and with some slightly less.

Another tie, which is sold in a knotted form. It consists of a solid piece of cloth. The stores sell a variety of models, both in size and the type of material from which they are made. In the selection should always take into account what clothes will be worn to him. For example, there are beautiful and elegant bows on sale that will complement the bow, formed from an extravagant red dress with open shoulders and high-heeled shoes.

Of course, the classic of the genre is a black tie, which is universal and complements any set. But besides him in the arsenal of women there are other models. They are different in style, shape, length, width, pattern, pattern, etc. Each woman has the right to choose a model of the same color, striped, flowered or polka-dotted.

If she wants to be the first woman of fashion, choose models with embroidery or with a pattern in the style of a bow. For young ladies offer accessories with images of cartoon characters. The color spectrum is extensive: the eyes of the boutique scatter from the abundance of models of yellow, red, purple, white and other colors. When selecting a suitable model, the style of clothing, its color, the presence / absence of patterns and the material from which it is sewn are taken into account.

Ties differ not only in appearance. On sale a lot of models, sewn from different materials. Valued above all are silk, lace patterns, as well as those that are sewn using satin ribbons or made of beads. Две последние модели – это уже эксклюзивные и оригинальные вещицы, к которым одежду придется подбирать с особой тщательностью.

Как выбрать

Из-за обилия женских галстуков в продаже многие девушки сталкиваются с настоящей проблемой. Они не понимают, как выбирать аксессуар. При выборе всегда оценивают узор и цвет аксессуара, мысленно ту или иную модель сочетают с вещами из своего гардероба. It is necessary to do so, in order not to buy new clothes in return for old ones just because it is impossible to make a pretty bow out of the existing one.

Stylists recommend to pay attention to quality, as such an accessory as a tie makes a girl noticeable. Models made of synthetics with obscure prints are set aside, and something made from cotton, viscose, silk or satin is considered as an option for purchase. What can be said about the length? Especially female length is not up to the waist, i.e. shorter than the waist line.

What to wear

This question also does not give rest to many young ladies, but not young ones. They know that the military style so loved by young people perfectly complements the tie. He sets the tone for clothes made of camouflage fabric. Do they wear it in addition to white blouses, office shirts, under a jacket or with business suits? Of course. It can turn into a wonderful element of the corporate style of an enterprise. Together with him the business suit acquires austerity, but at the same time loses boredom. So said Marlene Dietrich herself.

It is best combined with men's clothing, short hair and a minimum number of accessories. But if desired, combine it with women's clothing, abandoning the heavy and wide models. They put it on under jeans, but choosing a model, they prefer one that is the same in color as jeans and nothing else.

How to tie. Step-by-step instruction nodes

The principle of tying a woman's tie is similar to tying a man's tie, but with some reservations that require strict adherence. For example, how to tie a narrow silk tie so that the knot is not tight? How to make the wider half of the tie hang over the narrow end?

  1. First of all, put the accessory on the shoulders, placing it so that the seam was at the bottom. The narrow half should be on the right shoulder, and the wide - on the left,
  2. Next you need to bend the wide half, making a movement from left to right in front of the part that is narrow,
  3. Next, make the movement from right to left, laying a wide half of the narrow part. Care must be taken that the wide end is looking to the right. No left,
  4. Raise the wide end up
  5. Dip it inside the node, making the movement from top to bottom,
  6. Repeat the movement from right to left, wrapping the wide end. So make sure that he looked strictly straight,
  7. The wide half is pulled from the bottom up, pulling the knot,
  8. The front layer of the knot is released with fingers, and then it is passed through a wide part. As a result, it becomes shorter than narrow. No need to tighten the knot too tightly. The tie should hang at the level of the chest and not fit tightly to the neck.

Stylish images

This season, stylists recommend wearing shirts everywhere and everywhere, but in a special way. A shirt is a piece of clothing that, by its “nature,” goes well with a tie. Only these two details of the image together make the image of the woman flirty. A shirt with a tie is part of a business image or a flirty piece in combination with jeans with slits on the knees. Shirts with a tie are popular among women of fashion. Some of them replace the classic tie model with a bow. But always remember that the collar on the shirt for greater effect should be "standing."

Fashionable to buy a finished dress with a tie. This model is interesting at least in that it does not have to wrestle with accessories. Fashion designers themselves take care of fashionistas. They offer dresses with a classic soft corrugated fabric this season. The sleeve on it is three-quarters, the addition is a graceful belt, and the original decoration is a scarf tie or bow tie. The collar is decorated with "corners", whose design recalls the Wild West and the times of the cowboys. "Corners" allow you to save the collar of a dress in its original form longer, save it from dirt and disheveled appearance due to frequent washings. Dress with tie looks charming and stylish.