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Economical menu for a week for a family of 4 people for 2450 p or $ 40


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I cook compotes: 5 liter saucepan for 2 days; the cost price is 10 rubles. (previously bought a box of juice every day - costing from 30 to 50 rubles) - a saving of at least 700 rubles ..

tea. I brew brewing; it turns out tastier and much more economical than in tea bags
in the end I came to the conclusion, I always overpaid for my LAZY

turns out to be cheaper. Often they are cunning with weight, for example, in Kirovsky, their milk is cheaper significantly enough, and if you look at it, it’s not a liter, but 900ml.

- Chicken minced at 120 rubles / kg is our main meat; I cook soup on special soup sets, not chicken thighs, as before.

instead of "live yoghurts" and "supertwigs", we eat different cereals for tomorrow, with cheese, apples, berries

And, more instead of purchased sweets, I often bake myself

at the expense of the meat, I discovered for myself chicken necks before nikad did not eat them, and then they even tried and liked chot around 50r, and so ofigenski with them stew potatoes or stew

Boil soup necessarily. Let it come from canned food, but it is always in the fridge. And the most interesting is eaten.

For the second, sometimes carcass cabbage is very tasty and cheap. Of meat, often chicken, liver, fish.

For breakfast, I cook milk porridge almost every day, alternating rice-buckwheat-wheat-wheat. Cook in the evening. Sometimes I make the simplest cupcakes, like "from the micro"

turns out to be nothing tastier than their homemade dumplings with cabbage))))) sculpt))))) cost 30 rubles

I love baked potatoes)))) because I have my own, I cut it into cubes and chop it with onions on top, I spread some vodka with mazik and seasonings, I fill it, after 45 minutes the taste is ready

instead of the purchased water, we filter it with acaphor and store it in a 5-liter bottle with a silver "freshener" (just a good piece of what-silver thread) - tasty water is obtained. Side plus - the kettle has been absolutely free for half a year already

My eldest son is always asking for pizza, and my husband is a pie with potatoes .. Cheap, tasty and on Sunday a great breakfast or dinner!

Previously, the baby (he was 9 months old soon) was bought by “MU” shop curds, one curd was about 20 rubles. Now I buy a liter of kefir for the money and cook cottage cheese myself

I freeze everything: seasonal vegetables - peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, carrots, greens, zucchini, apples, berries, etc.

I bake at once a lot of pancakes with a curd mass, stuff the peppers, make meatballs / meatballs - everything is frozen.

in the purchased frozen vegetable mixes, add pasta, rice or potatoes, it turns out to be satisfying, and more in volume :)
and all frosts can be stored in the freezer, which can be put in the garage!
http://romashka77.livejournal.com/17619.html here.

if you buy an expensive brown sugar, and a sugar bowl to it, you can save on sugar, the main thing is to warn all households that sugar is 3 times sweeter, but 3 times more expensive)
it is better NOT to buy products in bulk, but for a week, because with the example of juice, if you buy a box of juice, they will wash the floors, and if 1 bag is for everyone, they will all drink a little bit, then let's go to the store again, time will pass.

in the household, I use the principle of expensive / cheap, for example, I buy expensive butter for children and for adults, expensive olive oil for salads, and cheap for everything else. (good toilet paper for its intended purpose, and cheap instead of kitchen towels, liquid to be collected, wiped toilet bowl)

In general, I make orders in the platypus, I have my own system, how to make bargains, I will tell in a separate post. many products prices are lower.

Calculating the cost of the economical menu for the week

1. The menu compiles a shopping list and in the nearest store everything is bought in bulk. All products are available, you can buy them in any store within walking distance.

2. The total amount of the check turned out to be 3030 rubles (purchases were made in one of the supermarkets of St. Petersburg). At the time of purchase 3030 rubles = $ 64

When buying, cheap but high-quality products were chosen. Including those for which there was a discount (this saved 183 rubles).

Photo of the check with the total amount:

3. The total amount of the check is always more than the amount spent on food for one week. Because the container, as a rule, contains more product than you need on the menu. Example: I need 300 g of oatmeal, but the minimum package is 1000 g. Therefore, I have to buy 1000 g, use 300 g, and leave 700 g for next week.

I was not lazy and calculated the exact cost of all purchases of this particular menu (Excel glory and formulas!). The amount turned out less - 2 447 rubles = $ 40

The entire list does not fit, show a fragment.

Very pleased with the result: the menu really turned out to be budget.


Hello, Dasha. Advise what can replace chicken soup? Ate it to tears))))
Answer: Evelina, you can try these soups here https://menunedeli.ru/recipe/recept-supa-iz-xeka/
Or here in this directory a lot of recipes fall into the category of economical https://menunedeli.ru/2011/01/rebenku-katalog/, look at the soups section, get to your taste.

Drawing up a menu for the week saves both time and money. Very convenient. The only request, as to an experienced person, who knows a lot, is to come up with a menu for people with diabetes. I have to cook for my family and separately for myself, a diabetic.
Answer: Olga, thanks for the comment! Maybe I'm an experienced person,), but I don't have a special education, which gives me the right to make a menu according to medical indications, so this responsibility
I will not take it upon myself. Here we have one menu for diabetics, compiled under the guidance of a doctor https://menunedeli.ru/2015/08/menyu-na-nedelyu-pri-saxarnom-diabete-vtorogo-tipa/. Hope to help you.

Liked the menu. Can I have a list of products?
Answer: Marina, below the subscription form, subscribe and the list will come in the mail. Or write to [email protected]

Thank! Useful information and expertly presented!
Answer: Anatoly, thanks for the comment!

Great menu! Thank you for your work. Can you please send a complete shopping list in the mail. Thank you in advance!
Answer: Irina, thank you! List sent.

Thank you so much. Immediately get busy!))). Could you send the list of products for a week by mail?
Answer: Svetlana, thanks for the comment! List sent.

3000 per week, this is 12000 per month, if you immediately buy products for this amount, then the whole month you can eat a varied menu and it is not economical, but quite elegant.
The recipes themselves are not bad, there is something to borrow.
Answer: Catherine, thanks for the comment!

Thank you, diversified your menu, something to note
Answer: Anna, thanks for the comment!

I was looking for a menu where meat would be used to a minimum ... But I can’t imagine dinner from one soup. It will probably take a long time to get used to ...
Answer: Antonina, you can add to this basic menu a salad, vegetable or cereal dish for lunch. And also take advantage of such an exemplary Lenten menu https://menunedeli.ru/2011/10/postnoe-menyu-na-kazhdyj-den-oktyabr/
Or vegetarian https://menunedeli.ru/2013/07/vegetarianskoe-menyu-na-nedelyu/

So far, just started cooking on this menu. but for now I even like it :) I don’t know why, but fish meatballs turned out with a slightly bitter taste (maybe old fish, there was pollock ...) another time I’ll try another fish. but the meatballs are soft, although I don’t like fish, they arranged me :)) Thank you Dasha! You are a great fellow! live in the IG watched your blanks, you are clever!
Answer: And thank you for the comment! The fish could be both old and broken storage. Good appetite!

Well, I do not know, but what actually do not like? Nobody MAKES to cook exactly as it is written. This is a kind of framework that does not have to be complied with, besides it is also completely free))) Not enough, add, no one bothers, adjust for health. So thanks for the menu. Personally, I used it, but with changes in some dishes by the amount of food and the replacement of a couple of dishes for our family. Plus bought fruit and vegetables.
Answer: Catherine, thanks for the support :)

We have on the amount in the Khabarovsk Territory three times more (
Answer: Veronica, unfortunately, yes - in different cities the prices are different ...

I support the idea of ​​a menu for a week in advance and a list of products. I'm not talking about money, I'm talking about time. Every day I got tired of buying something and this without a clear knowledge of the final dish. And then drag it all + three children and a stroller. and another hour to look in the internet for what to cook. And so stock up in advance, order by phone and all brought. No, well, I have to try. It will work. I have long been looking for a specific menu for the week and a list of products. Thanks you! And to whom the hungry menu, please come to the restaurant.
Answer: Tanya, thanks for the comment and kind words!

Great menu, that's just a bit too much for the amount, we have products that are very expensive, but I spend much less and always cook meat every day (the main glutton will not forgive me for being absent))). Once a month we buy long-playing products, cereals, tea, flour, canned food, a box of milk (1.4 daughters, and, accordingly, a lot of milk is spent), it takes about 3000 rubles. Then I buy meat, chicken, minced meat, heart, liver, which I have at the moment, then I take it and leaves about 2500r. And fruits, vegetables about 1000-1500r. During the month, bread and milk to buy more, also about 1000r. leaves. Only 7000-7500r. and this is for a month. Whether our prices are not so high, or I save so well))))
We have a similar menu, but I usually cook breakfast and dinner, which then goes as a lunch. There are far fewer soups on the menu, all the same you don’t feed them much with your family, and you can cook so much that it’s a pity to feed your soups alone). I can add that it helps to save well without harm to the health of frost — just for those who work, I make many different semi-finished dumplings, dumplings, stuffed cabbage rolls, poses, khinkali, stuffed peppers, stuffed zucchini; on varenniki and vegetables, in time it all takes about two hours. Then I cook appetizers, stuffed pancakes with cottage cheese and meat + rice, cheesecakes, several different raw yeast dough pies (got, grinded and baked for 20 minutes), another baking, until the freezer is over. Baking a couple of weeks is stored without harm, but for breakfast you will only get and reheat. By the way, I also freeze vegetables, it is easier to cut the same carrots in the freezer than to buy them every week, of course, it will not fit the salads, but for pilaf, roasting, etc. just right. We can say that the contents of the freezer saves me the whole month.
Now you need to bring to mind our menu and your basis will fit just right! Thank you for the work)
Answer: Ksenia, thank you for your experience! Yes, you are very economical budget for food!

Great site !! I want to go to work after the birth of a child. Here, I think, how to break away from the plate. There are solutions, and you have provided them to us in a very accessible form. Although I’ve read in the comments about “yesterday’s food” and about “eating soup for the second time in a day”? And laughed heartily. Here a lot of things depend on upbringing, our mother raised us like this: the family was big, mother cooked for several days at once. If someone said that he would not eat it, mom did not mind, if you do not want to eat, then not hungry. That's how problems were solved.
The second is that the compilation of the menu is a wonderful opportunity to spend the whole family having an interesting time and socializing. It is very cool! Especially when children understand that parents need their help, that they make decisions with their parents on an equal footing.
Answer: Krealeksa, thanks for the comment and your experience!

Thank. To save in the winter, I froze a lot of fruits and vegetables.
Answer: Irina, yes, summer frosts help save in the winter,)

Dasha, for some reason I can’t get an economical menu for a week, I’ve tried several times already.
Answer: Natalia, economical menu for the week published on the site. If you want to get a shopping list to an economical menu, please email me at [email protected]

I really liked the idea of ​​making a menu and planning a week’s shopping. And the menu is delicious and varied. But the question has ripened: where is the bread? Thank you for your work.
Answer: Katya, I bake bread in the bread maker.

Thanks Dasha, I’ve taken something into the piggy bank, but our breakfast is always cottage cheese, besides cereals. omelettes, sandwiches and sour cream

I am an experienced hostess, cooking a lot of delicious, trying to save money. But Darya found a lot of useful things on the site, especially in the freeze-cooking of food for the future, my horse, and I make many semi-finished products.

I agree with those who consider such a menu to be on the verge of starvation ...
One soup without meat for dinner ... Suitable for slimming ladies, but to feed a man ... and children ...
My, for example, do not eat yesterday at all ..

Dasha, thank you for your site and articles! It is always very useful to remind yourself that you need a reasonable approach to spending on food. But I am on the side of those whose family will not live on such a menu. When I grew up, we lived in a threesome - me, my mother and grandmother. We could eat this amount for two weeks. And living with my husband and seven-year-old son, if I cook a kilogram of meat for dinner, but from him with a stretch something will be left to her husband for lunch with me. And this is with soups and side dishes. And so that the child with him for lunch had something to take to school - an unreal event in general. (We do not live in Russia and the children all bring lunch to school with them and they have 30 minutes to eat.) But thanks anyway, a useful site.

Does dinner consist only of soup? very little(
Answer: Ksenia, my family has enough for lunch. You can add to the dinner, for example, a salad or snack. You may need this section https://menunedeli.ru/category/recepty-vkusno-i-nedorogo/

Thank you very much, very good menu. We have 4 people in the family - 2 adults and 2 children. Our menu is about the same as here (the set of dishes varies, but the essence is the same), only more fruit. We always eat like that, no one dies of hunger. All are full and satisfied!

Thank you. We rarely buy meat. Chicken in all our meat dishes. For our seven and with our income just right.

Thank you very much! We have only recently formed a young family, quite a bit of money and most of it was spent on food, besides all this, my head ached about what to cook. Now there are no problems with this and it turns out to postpone a denyushka, in general, an excellent menu and website, to all the hostesses on a note!

Thank you It has long been looking for such information. Constantly buying products randomly. And I understand that the money goes more than you need. I started to make a menu according to your recommendation and now my head doesn’t hurt what to cook today.

Good evening. How about drinks? because it is also a cost.
Answer: Yes, drinks are not included. The most economical is water, homemade fruit drinks from frozen berries for the winter and compotes from harvested dried fruits or canned.

I think the dinner is tight, but some lunch is not very satisfying. Where is the logic? After all, in the morning and at lunch, I understand it is necessary to eat normally, and for dinner - easy? Or did I miss something?
Answer: Marina, we have dinner early, at 5-6 in the evening. And for us, a full dinner is logical. But there may be another situation where everyone gathers at home only late in the evening. This menu is just one of the options. You can transfer the salad to lunch. Or leave for dinner only a salad, and transfer the hot dish for lunch. Be guided by the needs of your family.

Very interesting, I'll take a note, thank you. Everything is simple and tasty.

Thank you very much!! All recorded and took an example! I live alone, but at the moment it is necessary to save on food, but at the same time eat healthy food - I took everything into service! Wonderfully painted. Peace and love to your family !!
Answer: Olya, thank you very much for the kind words! I am very glad that you liked the menu :)

Thank you very much! I really liked it.

Very good recipes, and most importantly learn how to save))) Thank you very much I will use it with pleasure!

Dasha). Your menu is just a find) Thank you so much. Since I have a young family, I am 20 years old, and my husband is 33 years old, and we have two children for a girl of 10 months, and a boy for 2 and 9. My husband has been a bachelor for two years and neither eats sausage with bread sticks. There were soups, pockets, and so on. What is a young family is not to say (the wife is on maternity leave, and the husband works every day and weekends too. I am at home with the children, every single day I puzzle over what to feed and what to cook - just awful. APPROACHING TO THE HUSBAND AND AGAIN ASKING TODAY TO PREPARE. -SONOVA'S going to a hitch ((so I try to invent myself, and there is a lot of everything on the Internet (all possible recipes, but when reading their ingredients, you understand that there isn’t enough money even for the basis of the dish, not to mention the taste and beauty) but I also want children ate, and my husband fed up. Today found your site perfect Oh, by chance, and I’m just thrilled. You’ve uneasy made life easier for many families who cannot afford something, not because they are not safe enough, but maybe because there are purchases or debts for each reason (but for every reason they are significant), but you saved many young families in most families both officially registered and civilly collapse just because there is no money to eat tasty and satisfying food and from the fact that there is even in the kitchen both in the refrigerator and on the bedside tables it is impossible to think of someone from ignorance and not experience From this simply do not want to bother. And your website is built exactly on the basis of ECONOMIC MENU FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY from the smallest to the oldest.
YOU CAN WITH COMPLETE CONFIDENCE AND PRIDE NAME OF YOURSELVES A GUARDIAN OF THE HOUSEHOLD OCCASION (and this is the most important thing you contribute to your family.) 3 weeks they will never understand all the romance and value of such things as caring for respect and understanding. As they say on someone else's rotok you will not throw a handkerchief. Yes, unpleasant. but ... Behind your back there are more than one hundred families (where both a man and a woman are standing at the stove) that are incredibly grateful to you and thousands more of whom you even fail to guess. All you the very best. Do not lose optimism under any circumstances and harmony in your family hearth !! Lord to help you!

Answer: Christina, thank you very much!

I also support this menu. everything is very correct and economical. I also sit at home with the child on maternity leave. husband only has dinner with us. I adore soups, and my baby loves everything, except that I will not give him meatballs yet. still small)) and everything is super.

We are also hot, hot dish 2 times a day. And borscht cіma so loving, just uchocherі okrіm of that dish, just prepared sae for the evening tato Ist borscht. the menu is awesome! I'm going to talk

The menu is not even bad, of course, that it is necessary to make all the same personal, taking into account the tastes and habits of the family (for example, we do not eat radish categorically). Twice a day I don’t see a particular problem about soups. For example, my husband has breakfast with soup, because at lunch, he does not have the opportunity to have dinner either first, but in general with something adequate - just a snack. But the salad in the form of a garnish of my husband for dinner does not suit, but, frankly, I do not see a problem about which everyone is so outraged. Cook for a husband a portion of pasta for material costs quite a bit and add to the nutrition of satiety)))

I liked everything. It remains to somehow introduce, that is, to convince the spouse to adopt, and then rather fed up with the eternal wails about cooking.

what are all evil, do not like it - do not apply. if you have more money to spend on food - go! but there is a lot of time spent on thinking and buying and cooking. Thank you, Dasha, for the implementation and example of the system itself. today I finally and irrevocably decided to introduce it in my farm organization!

In my opinion, the food should please both the eye and the body! And so little joy in life, so even over food so mock. I cook for my family (husband and son) in the morning, at lunch and in the evening. I'm not hard!

Answer: I am very happy for you, Julia, and your family!

I bow to your business, forethought and clarity of thought)) It was necessary to develop such a system!
I want to learn everything at once, I have already made a list of what I can cook - and a trial menu for the week. Let's see how it goes.

This particular menu would suit me. In my opinion, an ample amount of food and variety.

I would be hungry. Yes, I swallow :) but you are well done, as I would like to spend on food a little, but to get enough and it was tasty: ((em

Answer: then welcome to the site. There are many tips and ideas in the “save money” rubric, how to save money without detriment to health and taste.

The site is interesting, the menu is thought out, thank you.
True, I have a small remark. The economy menu is apparently not for every time. That is, if you need to interrupt the money, then please, but you shouldn't be forever. Little fruit, not enough meat.
We, too, are fasting. True for religious reasons. One and a half months without meat ... think .... With full-fledged milk and fish every day. And the baby’s hemoglobin fell below normal. After a month of normal nutrition, we again returned to normal ...
We have a big family - 8 people and yet everyone would eat 3 kg and chicken 1.5 - 2 kg every day except fasting meat. I cook meat in a slow cooker and therefore “active cooking” takes about 15 minutes. the price of fresh meat and boneless I manage to buy rubles for 600. So it is for 8 people. So, if for 3 people, then we can safely say that you can buy 200 rubles of meat per week for a small family. Let the food be not for 25, but for 30 S per month, but with meat. (No sausages will ever do not eat.)
But these are just my thoughts, and the site is great !!

Answer: thank you, Catherine! Yes, if you don’t be lazy, choose the right products and cook everything yourself, then meals can be very economical. Even $ 30 a month is very little.
By the way, if you fast for religious reasons, then the Church permits children not to fast (as well as sick, pregnant and lactating women). Although you most likely know it already :)

Super site! I am very glad that you found! As for the menu, I’ll say that we spend even less on a family of 3 people, when it’s very tight with money. But our varied menu is hardly coming out. We are interrupted from buckwheat to macaroni and meatballs for a week are fried in more bread than meat (And the menu you described is just a festive table! I learned a lot for myself and added your site to the notes. I will use the budget menu, this is just for us Really diverse and not boring, otherwise I already sometimes do not know what to cook, so that it is inexpensive and something new. Thanks for the ideas.

Answer: yes, if there was a goal just an economical menu, then it would be possible to spend even less. But I tried to make it diverse, in it there is meat, and fruits, and vegetables. Almost feast :)

When I read this menu, I also thought that the week would be lean (not by speed but in terms of volume), but no, it’s quite enough, morality - something beautiful morality doesn’t come up, in a nutshell, you haven’t tried anything yet.
The experiment is conducted in the city of Minsk. But this does not affect the purity of the experiment.

Answer: there is no experiment to purity, but prices are very even. You have a total purchase price turned out more than my calculations. But, most likely, the products should remain. Thanks for the experiment. And then, after reading the comments, I began to suspect that we were eating air and should die of starvation soon :)

I decided to start acquaintance with the method of weekly menu compilation. Yesterday (Sunday) I bought everything on the list (it came out to the amount of 325,000 rb. = $ 40)
Day one (Monday).
And Roman had a saucepan, and he took it out and set it on fire, he poured some buckwheat and said: Let there be porridge, and there will be porridge. And he looked at the porridge and saw that the porridge is not good and you could add a little less water (but in general, nothing))))).

The story of the patties ended in picking out the filling and throwing out the dry dough.

Ohhhh, the afternoon tea came out what was needed, just spoil it was something not real.

Lunch, for some reason turned out soup-puree)))))

For two, my wife and I stayed for dinner: buckwheat porridge, insides from pies and pasta puree soup (it will be enough for 3 more days). So leave the cutlets at another time.

I will be improved with your help. The one who does nothing is not mistaken.
Although of course you can criticize as some visitors of your site and go to fry eggs, or to McDuck. May God grant you health and family happiness.

Answer: Hello, Roman! I will be watching the experiment with interest. If you have questions about the recipes - ask. And I want to ask the question that torments almost everyone who read this menu: ate? Hunger was not? And in what city is the experiment being conducted?

Thank you very much for the good idea to create such a website on saving money on food, in our family it is just necessary. And then too much money goes nowhere. The menu is also interesting, I want to apply in my family, my husband also approved.

What a miracle I found you! :)) Just a wonderful site. Great menu! Super. Thank you Daryushka.

In principle, for me, hungry, of course, and pull on candy and other amenities. I would drink porridge with yogurt, soup would be eaten with salad, in breaks I would eat bananas, apples, and so on. But I'm always pregnant and nursing, probably from this)
Mushrooms compared with chips is not correct. Still, it is better not to give mushrooms to young children, this can be fraught with unpleasant consequences (chips and so on, too, do not need to be given).

Answer: understand, Olga, my goal in compiling this menu was to find economical, but tasty dishes. I believe that I have achieved my goal. If I had published this menu on any website dedicated to diets, then a bar of criticism would definitely fall on me for eating too much, and a day the human body needs less calories :)

Thanks for the great menu! Just suitable for my family :) Many useful finds!

Super! Practical thank! and those who are outraged, let them go to restaurants))))

Views are good. And servings - at least 5 per day. 1 serving is about one not very big apple, two carrots, etc., i.e. somewhere 200 grams. Total at least a kilogram of vegetables and fruits per day. Potatoes are not included :)
And the recommendations of the same WHO protein (for adults) - 0.8-1 g of protein per kg of weight. That is, for a woman weighing 60 kg, this in real products will be approximately 300 grams of chicken fillet or 350 grams of low-fat cottage cheese. Ironically, many do not perform ..

Answer: yes, there are still vegetarians, ascetics, fasting and just people who do not like meat. It seems to me that if a person is healthy and feels good, then the food system he chooses is suitable for him, even if he does not fit into the WHO statistical standards.

Dasha, you have created an extremely useful website! I have four men in my family and your planning tips are a godsend for me. I read so much about how good it is, but I see a tested live program for the first time. Thank you so much!

Answer: Thank you, Lana! I am pleased that my experience can be useful to other hostesses. For me, this is a great incentive to continue working on the site.

And the fruits in the amount are not included? Because in the menu I see only a banana. Vegetables, too, even the minimum recommendations of WHO will not be typed ...

Answer: And what is the minimum WHO recommendation? The menu of this day includes vegetables: cabbage, potatoes, carrots, onions, radishes and mushrooms. In my opinion, six different types of vegetables in one day is quite enough and varied.

Dasha, thank you for the recipes and helpful tips. I will share my ideas (and maybe this is not my know-how) for thrift. For some reason, my soup is cooked for 3 days. Whether the pan such, or the subconscious mind works. In general, the family eats with pleasure for 2 days, and on the third strike. Therefore, from the leftovers I make the soup puree, adding something from seasonings. And be sure to crackers or toasts. Goes on ur like for the first time. No, throw tomatoes at me, I know that dishes should be eaten within 2 hours of cooking, and then it is horror-horror. But the realities of life are as follows ...

Answer: Slippers can only be thrown by someone who has never tried to feed more than 2 people for at least a week :) I do not mind if soups are prepared for a couple of days I don’t see (I do it myself). Vitamins can be picked up with fresh salads and fruits and vegetables. And the soup is food, not medicine. Idea with mashed soup is great!

In my opinion a good menu. Very similar to how our family eats (just 3 people - mom, dad and child). And certainly not “hungry.” It seems to depend on family habits.

Our family is like that too. My daughter and I, at lunchtime, completely gorge on the soup. I boil it harder for satiety :)
And my husband in the evening, too, will not give up a hot plate, especially in winter.
And the chops will also try to make such. Just need to go to my mother for mushrooms. I also thought that if there are small children in the family and you are afraid to give them mushrooms, then you can take even less, just a couple of pieces for flavor, and add carrots with passerovanny onions in rice. I think this taste will not spoil the cutlets :)

Answer: I'm not afraid to give mushrooms, since I collect them myself in clean forests, I myself prepare the land myself :) Not for reasons of economy, this is just a kind of rest for me. But your option with a beam can also be. I just don't have a very good relationship with onions, so I prefer mushrooms.

And I like it too! :)
Is our

I think everything is fine! )
Something all went to bayonets, I look ...
If you count the calories, then surely it will be enough in the norm!
The title says - “Economical menu” - what nagging can be!
If someone can and wants to eat meat in pieces and a mountain poured with butter, a side dish (and in my opinion, a salad is an excellent side dish) four times a day - and that’s good!
Still, the goal of economy is pursued here, and not just to “eat from the belly”.
I myself do not save much on food and I can afford not to consider every ruble spent on it, but I see here quite an adequate calculation and useful tips for many!
Mushrooms ... I do not think that they in a small amount can somehow harm the child, especially if we remember that children in the mass consume a lot of chemicals like chips, snacks, it is not clear what made candies, drinks and the like ... mushrooms in Compared with this - diet food)))))
And eat soup / borscht twice a day - so nothing terrible here! At this point, everything depends on the habits in the family and on the upbringing - there are very naughty children and husbands)) but it often depends on the woman herself - as far as she lets them sit on the neck)) In general, this is a personal matter - you cannot judge here ...
Dasha, you are well done! ,)

Answer: thanks for the support! I calmly relate to comments, such as “Your family will not be able to eat this, because ours eats differently”. Everyone has their own approach to nutrition.

Fine. Thank you very much. Just our young family is such a menu.

Answer: thank you too! I usually address the hostesses, but it is all the more pleasant to see a man in our ranks!

Dasha, excellent menu, support. We, too, can eat soup 2 times a day, and if the husband doesn’t come to lunch, he eats it at dinner. The thing is how to cook. The campaign that you are cooking is very tasty and with love :) Now I leave the menu from a nutritionist for the whole family - different from the usual one, but quietly both the husband and the son switch to it. Successes, continue your business, you are doing great!

Answer: thanks for the support!

A very strange menu, it’s not just savings, it’s some kind of hunger strike, to be honest ...
Eating soup twice a day is something new. I myself would not even have, well, except maybe there is nothing else, but it seems like everything is thought out beforehand. Secondly, for some reason, for lunch only soup, but there is not a second dish (meat / fish / chicken + side dish) or salad. For dinner, somehow there is clearly not enough normal side dish, because salad is only an addition, but not a side dish. That is, if a woman is on a diet, then yes, a salad without everything is an ideal option, but for children and her husband this is obviously not enough and not interesting.
Some kind of depressing menu you got, sorry.

Answer: we have enough. We eat soup not twice, but once. At lunch - I and my daughter, and my husband for dinner. Since we are at home with our daughter, we can afford to eat four times a day in small portions. We are full. My husband, in connection with the work schedule, has his main meal at dinner, for which he eats first, second and salad. Garnish for cutlets, already consisting of rice, is not needed. Me, my husband and child, this is quite enough.

Dasha! I have a few questions for you. For dinner, rice cutlets with mushrooms are designed for three portions (for you, a husband, and a daughter), and a daughter is less than three years old. But child nutrition experts do not recommend feeding children under three years old with mushrooms. Secondly, based on my own experience, my family (husband and children) would never eat anything from dinner for dinner. Yes, and food should be varied. Does your daughter eat soup for the second time in a day without a squeak? And thirdly, if neither the husband, nor the daughter wants neither soup, nor cutlets, have they already sat down at the table? You have a full freezer of semi-finished products, but you need to at least 10 minutes to warm them up and defrost them? Will they sit quietly and wait?

Answer: for 8 servings 50 grams of mushrooms are not even food, but simply seasoning for taste. In addition, these mushrooms are already boiled and even milled in a blender, so I don’t see any problems for the organism, even for children. Just as a meal I don’t give mushrooms, but you can in such small quantities. In my family, it is customary to make up the menu for the week, and then not to be capricious, if they serve what is chosen in advance :) The exception, of course, is made for the daughter: he wants soup, he wants burgers, but he doesn’t want - he may not eat. Well, the problems in 10 minutes of waiting, while they lay on the table, I also do not see. In general, we cope :)

Tasty and inexpensive: how to combine it?

Today, any store that respects its customers, offers customers various discounts, promotions and other pleasant surprises and promotions. And how to save money and be satisfied? Help in this promotional codes in the platypus. Here is what they can give:

  1. First, it is a significant savings. You can buy products at very nice prices, discounts can reach 60%. In addition, there are regular sales.
  2. Secondly, it is a huge range. Here you can buy a variety of children's products, delicious desserts, dairy products, beverages, confectionery, fish and meat, canned food, bakery products, delicacies and much more.
  3. Thirdly, the packaging will delight young gourmets. It is so colorful and bright that I just want to know what is inside.
  4. Fourth, it is high quality. Be sure that you do not stumble on a fake, low-quality goods or products with expired. Retailer network "Utkonos" is a responsible approach to quality control and cares about customers.
  5. Fifth, everything is so tasty that not only children will be delighted, but also all the household members.
  6. В-шестых, это невероятно удобно, ведь совершать покупки можно, не выходя из дома. Вы просто заходите в онлайн-магазин, выбираете необходимую категорию и начинаете поиск по товарам. Подробное описание поможет сделать правильный выбор и не ошибиться.

Как экономить на всём и всегда?

Сегодня для того чтобы сэкономить на покупке, необязательно оббегать десяток магазинов. Fortunately, shopping is available for online shopping, which is much more convenient and profitable. In addition, there is a handy resource promo codes in Utkonos
, which provides data on sales, and also offers a lot of different promotional codes.

On cuponation.ru you can find offers of the most popular online stores, such as Wabi Saby, Delivery Club or HitFood. You can get excellent discounts not only on food, but also on many other products: clothing, household goods, cottages and entertainment, and so on.

It’s easy to find out when and in which online store a sale will take place. The data on the site is constantly updated and relevant, so you do not miss anything. You do not need to pay for promotional codes, you can use them at any time before the expiration of the promotion.


I created your kindergarten. She prepared all the necessary documents and began to work in it as an educator with her mother. I will receive 6 thousand rubles (subsidy on food for children) plus salary, which will be 8 thousand rubles. All these funds will go only on the allowed for kids nutrition. I found all the necessary information about nutrition in the Internet.

Buying products

I found on the internet a greatsupermarketwhere I buy only quality products. Already managed, of course, not without mistakes, to try various shopping options. The ordering system is simple and convenient. Everything that I order is stored there. it not only convenient, but also economical - nothing extra gets into the order. If you count for a month about 20,000 rubles are spent on food.

Buckwheat porridge - our joy

I do not feed children, as it is done in the West. Only quality products: cereals, fruits, vegetables, cottage cheese products. I'm cooking for the little ones corn and buckwheat cereals. Kids with pleasure eat cereals from corn and buckwheat flour. From flour Not only easier to cook, but also cheaper. Instead of meat, we cook dishes of beans, soybeans and corn. Never buy chips, sausages and canned goods.

My trick is freezing

All that I cook, as well as fruits, vegetables, various berries, onions, grated carrots, pancake with cottage cheese, greens i freeze. In the summer I buy peppers and freeze them; in the winter it costs much more and plus with harmful additives. For drinks making ice: freezing water with lemon and juice. I add this ice to water or tea. This drink is tasty and healthy. Sometimes I add a purchase to rice porridge or pasta. frozen vegetable mixture.

New clothes do it yourself

I am very lucky that mother is a dressmaker. She can redo unnecessary a sundress on a vest and skirt. If the child is small turtleneck, mom replacing her sleeves lengthens. For the kid sews shirts from thin cotton. We buy calico cost 61 p. per meter and sew yourself linens.

Without losing time, we use all free services.

Daughter Marina attends for free modeling circle and drama school. In the district hospital, in the department of rehabilitation treatment, she visits pool. How large children have the right to use discounts for rent, telephone, electricity, free ride services.

Do not save on lifestyle

Family arrange Café every week. The children eat snacks, and my husband and I drink coffee. It is such a joy 1500 r. per month.

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You are welcome, observe our copyright.
Copying the article without specifying the author and links to the site will be regarded as a violation of our copyright.

1. Saving family budget - must become an important financial habit

The first thing to remember: savings - this is not the worst thing in life, but on the contrary, a very important and necessary phenomenon in our modern life. Savings will help you competently, cleverly and right control and allocate your expenses refuse from harmful to the body food and habits.

Very often, we see, at first glance, petty, but fixed costs, which seem to us "fiddling", but in fact we create good holes in our budget.

To learn to save correctly and correctly, you need patience and work on yourself. But then you will understand what unnecessary costs are, and, perhaps, learn how to invest money profitably and make money on it. If you want to know what you can earn money on, then our article "How to make money - TOP-45 ways to make money" - will help you.

Save - it does not mean that you have to refuse everything in yourself, eat bad foods, and live badly at all. To save means to distribute your funds correctly, in order to avoid extra expenses, to reasonably distribute money and not spend it on trifles. Also in this article, you will learn how to accumulate funds using the methods of specialists.

First you need motivation, that is, the goal: why you need to save, and most importantly, how to start it. Maybe you want to buy a new car or apartment? (In a separate article, we already wrote about how to save for an apartment with a small salary). Or need a good repair in the apartment?

To understand how to start saving, you need to consider several steps.

  1. you need to divide all costs for necessary and Not really necessary, that is, unnecessary or those that can wait,
  2. then we consider the resources for which it is necessary to pay, and these are: electricity, water, gas, communication, etc.,
  3. then you need to calculate the cost of food, and also pay attention to your diet,
  4. we postpone the percentage, with the money saved, that they would not just lie like that, but also work.

Even if you try to postpone some 10 % (percent) of your monthly income, in six months or a year you will have an impressive amount.

And once again we repeat the rule: do not need to perceive the economy as a restriction or a bad lifestyle. On the contrary, it will help to significantly improve your life.

Remember: you will not have to restrain yourself, you will not go hungry, stay at home in the dark, saving light, or walk in rags. To save it all does not apply!

2. Do I need to save on food and electricity?

Saving on food (products) does not mean sitting hungry, and saving on electricity does not mean sitting in the dark. All necessary expenses remain, and only unnecessary and unnecessary ones are removed.

Food expenses - These are the costs that we can influence, because it depends on our desire and on our choice.

It is necessary to figure out which stores we buy products, by what criteria we select these products and in what quantity.

Usually, we have extra expenses due to not right diet, the use of harmful convenience foods, shopping is not on the list, unwillingness to cook their own food.

This also applies to electricity: if you do everything correctly, there will be no financial problems.

Rule 1. Properly use electrical appliances.

for example, charging for a phone or tablet, inserted into the outlet for nothing, continues to waste our electricity, and we can even ignore such a trifle or just forget to remove it from the outlet. It would seem a trifle, and our electricity is wasted.

This applies not only to mobile phones, but also to other household appliances, multi-cooker, microwave, TV and so on.

This is one of the first important rules on how to save energy.

Rule 2. It is important to use the correct electric cookware.

Or rather, for the hob. After all, a properly-sized griddle will heat up faster, and the stove will not just heat the air. It's simple, isn't it? Probably, every housewife has a home pan and large and small. The main thing is to use them correctly! In this way, you can significantly save electricity.

Rule 3. Need to know where to correctly put the refrigerator

Do not believe it, but the refrigerator is also a “harmful” appliance, and it also “eats” a lot of energy if it is not properly installed. Remember: the refrigerator will be less "wind" electricity, if it is put away from the electric stove.

Of course, not all have large and spacious kitchens, but you can probably put a refrigerator so that at least it is not on the same side as the stove and does not touch it.

Rule 5. Disconnect electrical appliances at night

Many electrical appliances should be turned off at night and even during the day when you do not use them, and even more so when you are not at home. This is not so difficult: left home - turn off, why should they work in vain.

Only 5 These rules will help you save electricity in the apartment. Not difficult, right?

Here are a couple of tips on saving electricity:

  • If you decide to buy yourself any appliances, then pay attention to its power consumption. It is clear that household appliances, which use less energy, are much more expensive, but believe me: in the future this amount will pay off due to savings. And how much is the overpayment for the year!
  • Very good and good habit - turn off the lightsleaving the room. But, unfortunately, not everyone is given this, and many people just forget about it. In this case, you can purchase infrared sensors that allow you to save electricity without your participation and unnecessary movements.
  • It is better to use energy-saving light bulbs.than ordinary. It is also worth thinking about bedside lamps, because it is more economical to use them than a three-arm chandelier.
  • Use a thermos more profitable than boiling a kettle several times, because a thermos can keep warm for several hours.

If you follow this useful, and most importantly simple tips and tricks, you will see changes in your receipts, and then in your wallet.

4. How to save on products - 10 expert tips

Consider the article 10 tips on how to save money on food:

Tip 1. Experts believe that choosing a product is not necessary for a beautiful package, and the more expensive the better, but you must first familiarize yourself with its composition. High price does not guarantee high quality. Also pay attention to stock, discountsand bonuses. Many supermarkets offer us such programs.

It is clear that at first glance it may seem that the difference in 5 rubles insignificant and a lot of it does not save. But this is a mistaken opinion of most people, because if you calculate the difference even for a month, you will be pleasantly surprised. And imagine how much savings per year?

Tip 2.We write the list of the most necessary products and follow him. We buy only those products that are in the list. So you avoid unplanned expenses. There are also all kinds of applications for the phone, and with them you can save not only your money, but also time. All your information will be stored there, and you will not need to constantly think about these lists.

Tip 3.It is important to take as much money as you need.but no more. Then you can avoid unnecessary expenses. Take a certain amount with you, calculate it, so that you only have enough for the necessary products, and then you simply have nothing to buy not planned goods. Thus, you can significantly save on products.

Tip 4. Did you know that in a hungry person brains do not work in the same way as in a well-fed person? So that in order to avoid the temptations, you need to go to the store fed! And then you will understand that you do not need all these "snacks" at all.

Tip 5.Try not to run to the store on payday. After all, it is on this day that a person feels richer than he really is, and can spend much more money than he calculated. This is where financial difficulties arise, there is not enough for anything, and by the end of the month one can remain penniless.

Tip 6. Experts believe that pay better in cashand not plastic cards. Undoubtedly, a plastic card is the most convenient way to pay for purchases, but not the most economical, because the buyer does not feel real money, and it’s harder to part with them.

Tip 7. Analog goods is the best way to save! Absolutely every product has a replacement much cheaper than itself.. The main thing to run around the shops, see and find this analogue. We need to learn not to succumb to the temptations of marketers, because they will always find a way to “smell” you, something more expensive.

Tip 8.Remember! Expensive and beautifully packaged products will always come across. Look better on the shelves below, "dig around" there, most likely, you will find similar goods cheaper than what you see, because expensive goods will always be in sight.

Tip 9.The rule for similar products also applies to other products.For example, drugs. Most drugs have analogues with the same healing properties, often they differ only in name and manufacturer.

Tip 10.If possible, do not take children to the store! Of course, children are happiness, and sometimes you want to pamper your baby, but children rush to everything beautiful, and these products are often expensive. It is better to leave the child at home, and buy him, for example, cheaper chocolate - the child is all sweet for joy, and you will avoid tantrums in the store.

Eating is useful, and most importantly not expensive!

Remember, eating healthy food doesn’t mean expensive, and you don’t have to starve to save money. And quite the contrary, the costs for healthy nutrition even decrease.

Healthy food, eg cereals, dairy products, lean meat, cheaper than fast food. Moreover, it is not known what the cakes and hot dogs were made in the stall around the corner or in the nearest cafe. And then you cook with your own hands, and you know everything about your homemade food.

Here are some more tips for buying healthy foods:

  1. It is more profitable to buy products by weight, and not in the original packaging. Packed cereals and pasta, as well as sugar and flour, are much more expensive than by weight.
  2. If you buy products on the market, do not forget to bargain! And there is nothing shameful about it. Sellers it is important to sell their goods, and it is profitable for you to buy.
  3. It is better to come to the market in the late afternoon, at which time sellers significantly discount the price.
  4. Meat is better to buy a large piece, and at home already divided into the parts you need. For the price of such meat is cheaper than if you bought it by kilogram.
  5. If you are having lunch at work, then take food with you. Once again, you eat your own food, which means that automatically you avoid food poisoning and save on it!
  6. Try to create a menu for the week ahead - it will help to purchase only the necessary products.
  7. First courses are considered healthier than the second, and even more economical and cheaper!
  8. Compare prices in several stores. Do not be lazy, each store has its own chip and its shares.
  9. It is not necessary to buy expensive meat, such as pork, because you can also cook many tasty and healthy dishes from the chicken! Now on the Internet you can find a lot of recipes that suit you, and you do not have to sit and invent your own. The main thing is not to be lazy!
  10. Yogurts can be replaced with kefir and ryazhenka. Yogurts contain all kinds of thickeners, dyes and sugars. So why not replace them with a more sparing for the body and cheap kefir?
  11. Pasteurized milk is much cheaper and healthier than sterilized. Milk is stored in a box longer than milk in bags. And this is his only plus. So is it worth overpaying?
  12. Try to abandon the sausage, it can be replaced with meat, it is both healthier and cheaper.
  13. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables in season, then you can freeze them. All the nutrients in them will remain, and you will save considerably, since in the winter season they are much more expensive.

When you review your diet, and follow our advice, even at the end of the month you will see the difference. And it's not just about money, but also about health. After all, all well-known nutritionists and doctors remove fatty, sweet and especially fast food from food.

Using these not complicated rules will help you significantly save on products, support your budget, as well as a healthy mind and form!

Council number 1. Arrange financial priorities for yourself

After all, you must understand that your financial budget works only for you, and your financial well-being can depend on you only.

After all, waste can be done both with benefit and without it. But how to understand how our cost is useful? Let's figure it out.

From the lifestyle of a person greatly depend on his costs. for exampleyoung people often succumb to unnecessary temptation. It is clear that there is little experience in life, but it can, leads to financial errors. Young people who buy things for themselves often stare at products that they probably don’t need, but they are advised by friends or the ad is beautiful or fashion has gone ...

The expenses are divided into three types. - this urgent, not urgent and not urgent at all. Try to make for yourself a list of those and those costs, and maybe you will understand that you absolutely do not need, and that you can cross out the list.

Urgent waste - this is understandable, food, utilities, possibly clothing and if there are loans.

Not urgent - This is a family vacation, for example, it can be postponed, or contributions to school.

Well not urgent at all we all know very well - restaurants, entertainment, buying a new phone, if there is an old one, buying expensive fashion clothes, just because a new advertisement has come out. All this can be postponed for a while, and if revised, it is possible and not to spend money on it at all.

The last point worth paying attention first. Ведь важно расставить свои жизненные приоритеты, и понять свои цели в жизни.

If for you the purchase of expensive clothes is a necessary part of life, rather than, for example, getting an education and investing in studies, it is unlikely that you have get save .

And it also concerns entertainment and visiting places such as coffee, restaurants, because this is not the most important thing in life.

Council number 2. We start the accounting of incomes and expenses

All financially successful people keep such records. After all, in an illustrative example, you will see what exactly brings you holes in your budget. For example, it will be a trip to a cafe, such visits will not eat a small amount of money every month, and you will understand for yourself that this can be removed.

After all, when you see all the exact figures of your budget, and not in the way of memorization, you will be surprised how much you used to spend without thinking.

As a very famous speaker, Anthony Robbins, said: "What can not be measured, so can not be controlled". Remember this rule, and it will help you achieve your personal material success.

If you still have additional income, you need to keep records of them. After all, if there are several ways of your additional income, then accounting will help you find out which source of income is more profitable and on which need to focus more.

In general, now is the 21st century, and information technologies have developed various programs and applications, for financial accounting, which means that you do not need to draw any tables by hand.

Just need to try several programs, and choose the one that will be closer to you in spirit, who will be more comfortable interface. Repeat, visibility is financial literacy. Visibility will help identify and direct your expenses and incomes in the right direction.

Experts have shown that up to 95 percent Russians spend a lot more of their money on payday. And these percentages do not apply to income levels.

If you can improve your financial literacy, it will help you to change your life in just a radical way. And you will feel it.

Council number 3. We refuse loans

To learn how to save money and save it, you need to give up loans.

A credit card is an incredible temptation for a person who seems to have no extra money, but at the same time they have it. Thus, a person gets into a so-called credit ploy, from which it will be very difficult to get out. So a very good tip is to throw away your credit cards!

If it happened and you have loans that you cannot get away from, you need to reconsider the conditions on which you took out a loan, it is probably better to take in another bank and close this one if it has more favorable conditions, for example, a lower percentage.

Tip: if you are going to take a loan, then it is better to take for a longer period, then the monthly payment will be much less. Of course, the percentage will run a little more, but you can only pay per month instead of 10 thousand only 5. And this will not hit your budget so much. After all, financial difficulties with loans from that happen, that too much load in a month.

In general, before taking a loan, you need to reconsider several banks, and examine the conditions of each. After all, many banks are simply extortionate interests!

Council number 4. We are tempted to spend money

Leaving work, or from somewhere else, you should not go to supermarkets without your list of products. So you avoid temptations, because marketers have a thousand ways to lure your money from you.

It is better to calmly come home, take a break, make a list of the products you need, and then feel free to go to the store. Better yet, take with you the amount of money you are counting on, but not more. Leave the money at home, they will not run away from you, and you will not spend it.

Council number 7. Bad habits

Smoking, alcohol, food from fast food is not cheap hobbies. Why spend that kind of money on the fact that your health is simply ruining? Try to give up all these bad habits, and not only your wallet will tell you, but also your precious health.

Count yourself, a bottle of beer and a pack of cigarettes are on average 50-70 rubles. Yes, having refused this, you will be able to collect for a year on a new laptop, only on the money saved, on this money! And so choose for yourself what is more important for you.

Council number 9. Install the counters

Put yourself on the water meters, gas and electricity. Change the ordinary light bulbs for energy-saving, and do not forget to turn off the light behind you! All these little things will help you save on housing. Simple, isn't it? No one forces you to sit in the dark, just follow some rules and see the difference!

Council number 11. We optimize the cost of communication, Internet, etc.

Not only bad habits take a good amount of money from us, but also seemingly harmless things like mobile connection and the Internet.

After all, many people connect services that they absolutely do not need, and do not even suspect how much money is being devoured for such services in a year. And the telecom operators themselves also unobtrusively connect such services to you, so watch carefully and balance your phone.

For the sake of saving and accumulating money, it may be worthwhile to get another job, i.e. change it To do this, we recommend reading the article - "How to behave at the interview?"

In conclusion of this chapter, we will give you an example of how to correctly compile a table of expenses.

6. How to save money in a family - a table of 3 types of expenses

With the help of this table you can monitor and control your budget, as well as delete unnecessary expenses. It will help you determine how to save money and save it correctly.

A table of three types of expenses:

(electricity, gas, water)

As can be seen from the table, special attention should be paid to the last column. After all, even if you cross out one point from here, then you can see the result, on savings.

7. How to save money correctly - 4 methods how to save money

Of course, saving money is not so easy. It needs to be learned, and you need a little effort and patience. But even the most disciplined, calculating and responsible a person has the risk of making a mistake.

let's consider common mistakes among people as well as study tips and expert rules to eliminate these very mistakes.

If you have already started to accumulate funds, then this is already good. But how to save money correctly and did you choose the right method? And will you break in half a year? Perhaps your strategy is not as perfect as you think.

Consider further, time-tested methods for how to save money.

Method number 1. That which remains is put off!

So, you pay all your necessary bills, utilities, buy food, and all that remains is sent to the bank. But notice that you have no goal, and you do not even know what specific amount you have left. after all costs, and throw there only remnants.

Try to rebuild your technique differently. When received a salary the very first account, you must have a savings account. Do it for yourself the golden rule.

Calculate how much you can give to the bank in a month, and do it first. And if you fail to do this, well, anything happens, for example, there is no time, or there are some temptations to spend your money as soon as possible, then connect the service to the bank, automatic debit from your card a certain amount to your savings account.

In this way, you can save money and save time. And you forget about these efforts. And then your savings account will surprise you.

Method number 2. Where is the money kept?

As we have already learned that the savings account is wonderful. But it is important to know exactly where your funds are kept in a bank or on a plastic card?

After all, if the money is on the card, then there is a great temptation to spend all the accumulated funds. And to make it quite convenient and easy, just use an ATM on the street. And even if this purchase was desired, then most likely you will regret what has been done.

Instead, it is better to open a deposit at a high interest rate. for example on year, with the capitalization of interest on the deposit account. We already wrote about one of our previous articles about the capitalization of a deposit - we recommend reading it.

So you just simply do not spend your money, just do not invest everything at once, and leave a little in the savings account, and then you never know what emergency situations can occur.

This method is one of the most important, as you need to save money properly, by investing them profitably. Money can be invested in various financial instruments with a certain yield. Here we recommend reading the article “How and where to invest money in order to receive monthly income”.

Method number 3. Each account for a specific purpose.

If you have only one savings account, then you will most likely feel that everything is good and that money is being accumulated quickly enough to meet all your desires. Of course. if you only save for one target, for example a car or an apartmentthen everything is fine, this way is for you.

But if you have several desires, then one savings account will not be enough, because you will not see concrete progress, and this complicates the calculation of your savings. You will be very difficult to calculate what you already have accumulatedand what else can wait.

In order to avoid such problems and difficulties, it is necessary to acquire several accumulative accounts. And let each savings account be designed for a specific purpose, for example, "on the car», «to the apartment», «on education», «to the country" and so on. Rather, it is in this way to save money correctly, since each “account” has its own “purpose”.

Method number 4. Do not give up everything

Do not be too stupid, so dwell on the fact that to postpone, to postpone, to postpone. No need to specifically give up things that bring you pleasure, because it is on these things that our “happy indicator"And good mood.

Of course, many, as we have said, habits and entertainment should be abandoned, but this does not mean that you need to become a hypocrite, half-starving, not going anywhere, and also sitting in the dark.

When your annual savings account ends, you should think about more serious investments and for a long time. After all, you yourself will feel the difference and want to improve your financial situation.

8. How to save a decent amount - 15 tips from an expert

In conclusion of this article, let's look at more 15 tipshow you can save money and quickly accumulate it. Some of the tips may be repeated, but you need them necessarily remember.

Of course, there is no specific set of rules and tips on how to properly save money, but then we will consider the advice of experts who suggest using it to simplify saving and saving money.

So, tips on how to create savings to accumulate a decent amount:

Council number 1. Cash payment

Try to pay all your purchases and cash only costs. So you clearly feel the difference, and say goodbye to the money that you hold in your hands, and it is more noticeable than to spend invisible money stored on a plastic card.

By the way, if you buy goods through cashback services, you can save from 1-1.5% of the purchase price. We already wrote about what cashback is and how to use it in one of our articles.

Council number 2. Save money to your account

Every month, deposit a certain amount on your savings account. At the end of a certain period to accumulate a pretty tidy sum that can be spent on a long-awaited purchase or invest in a profitable business. And as mentioned earlier, acquire the goal, on which the accumulated funds will be spent.

Council number 3. Spend less on entertainment

Try to minimize the cost of entertainment. Better spend time with your family, go in for sports. After all, there are many useful ways to replace unnecessary expenses on entertainment in cafes and restaurants, eventually experimenting with new low-cost recipes at home. And you have good skills, and the husband and children will be happy!

Council number 5. Make a shopping list

If you have such a bad habit, to buy everything in a row, or just to buy something, then make a list of all that you want to buy. And look through it every month, you will see if you still need this thing, or was it just not a necessary temptation?

If you decide that you really need this product, then buy. But most likely your opinion will change in a month.

Council number 6. Cook at home

Try to prepare food at home, do not snack in restaurants. It will cost you a pretty penny. You do not have time for work at lunch at home, and you rush to the close by a cafe to have a quick snack? Think about it!

Prepare yourself dinner in the evening at home, there are special containers for food, which can be warmed in the microwave. This will allow you to save on restaurants, and also agree, you know your homemade food. It is also healthier.

Council number 15. Use e-wallets

Try to save money on virtual wallets, such as Kiwi, Yandex money, WebMoney. To withdraw money from there will take time, so you will insure against unforeseen and unplanned purchases.

In addition, on the Internet, you can earn a lot of money, money is also displayed on these e-wallets.

9. Superstitions and Omens for Attracting Money

And now at the end we have added a little for you. of magic and superstition.

People signs about money.

  • Never lend money on Monday, otherwise you risk losing all the money!
  • Never betray money from hand to hand, it is better to put it on the table, and then take it. And then the negative energy of a person through money can go to you.
  • If you borrow another person in the evening, then just put bills on the floor, and he let them lift. And better remember that in the evening it is better not to lend.
  • It is necessary to repay only in the morning and with small money.
  • When you give a debt, then keep a fig in your pocket on your left hand.
  • In your wallet, keep your money carefully, in expanded form and so that they are distributed on different bills.
  • Paper notes keep to your face.
  • So that the money does not disappear, put a piece of tree from the swallow's nest in your wallet.
  • If you made a good profit, then take one bill from there and keep it in your wallet, do not waste it and do not exchange it.
  • If you decide to give someone a wallet, then put there one money, so that the wallet is not empty.
  • To bring money into the house, put a coin in every corner, and say: "Let him come to my house."
  • Keep money in red envelopes or bags.
  • Get yourself a money tree and take care of him well.
  • Money love to be considered. Always count your change.
  • Never spend every penny, make sure that there is always money in your wallet and money.
  • If you have a newborn in your home, put money under his pillow.
  • Count your money on a clean Thursday.
  • Try to cut your nails on Tuesday or Friday.
  • Never discuss the material incomes of other people, otherwise they will not.
  • Do not treat with hatred for the rich and the needy, otherwise you yourself threaten to remain in want.
  • If you see that a cat or a cat is stretching, then it is to profit.
  • If you saw an angry or hissing cat in a dream, then it is to steal. Be careful!
  • Make sure you have a dog or a cat at home, otherwise there will be no wealth in the house!
  • There is such a sign that a black cat or a dog will save the house from thieves.

In order not to need anything in the new year:

  • New Year's Eve in new socks and underwear. And do not forget to make yourself a new hairstyle.
  • Try seven different dishes at the table and put seven coins under the chair.
  • It is necessary to give a debt before the New Year, you can even at the holiday table.
  • When the first strike of the chimes occurs, make a wish by squeezing a coin in your left hand.
  • Throw a coin into a champagne glass and drink it. And then in this coin make a hole, and wear it like a pendant.
  • On the morning of January 1, wash your face with water and coins.

Superstitions that can never be done:

  • Put empty bottles on the table.
  • Sit down on the table.
  • Putting bills on the table.
  • Revenge trash at sunset.
  • Stand on the threshold.
  • Whistle while at home.
  • To exchange large money for small.

Well, believe it or not, but many people follow and follow all these signs. Signs after all went from our ancestors. The most important thing is to conclude that money should be treated carefully, neatly, don't crush them, do not wag. Do not spend all the money, the wallet should not be empty.

10. Conclusion + video

From this article we can conclude that saving and saving money is not so difficult, because to improve your financial situation, you do not need to perform any great feats. You just need to reconsider a little bit of your attitude to finances, and in general to your life.

And remember one main thing, money should not be a crazy amount, in order to feel in a good financial position, money should be just enough.

Good and stable financial situation - this is not at all millions of earnings, every person and every family can have a good financial situation, even with the smallest salary. The main thing is to manage finances correctly.. When you yourself understand your income and expenses, you will understand everything yourself.

Наглядным примером вы увидите, сколько в месяц вы тратите, что лишнее в вашей жизни и от чего нужно отказаться. Это все не так уж и сложно, главное распоряжаться своей жизнью правильно, не набирать кредитов, а если это уже случилось, то как можно быстрее избавляться от них. Then not only your financial situation will change, but a healthy spirit will wake up, every day there will be a great mood, since you will forget about at least half of your financial problems.

In conclusion, we recommend watching the useful video - “How to save and save money - 31 ways to save”:

Let's hope that all these tips will be remembered by you, and most importantly will be useful. After all, as you already understood saving - this is not the worst thing, but rather the opposite, useful, which will make your financial and personal life easier and better!

We hope that this article has helped you find answers to the questions - how to learn how to save money with a small salary and at the same time accumulate them. We wish you successful savings, and good luck in all your endeavors!

Kokunina Tatyana Viktorovna

Psychologist, Psychodrama Therapist. Specialist from the website b17.ru

Let her husband eats cabbage. And then give him meat, and the children are hungry? As in that joke, "I also want ice cream, but we only have money for vodka,"

If it's so hard, why don't you look for work? Indeed, in Moscow, you can find a job. Any seller or cashier in the supermarket just take.

Buy fish, it is cheaper than meat. More vegetables and fruits, now they are not very expensive. If you are at home, bake, rice and meat patties are more satisfying and there are more than just fried or stews.

is there an oven? Pie or pizza is a tasty and budget dish. Meat is very little, and everyone eats.

3, something I doubt that the fish will cost the author cheaper than meat.

zucchini and eggplants are cheap now, you can make vegetable stews. From apple-sharlotku.

Related topics

Meat costs 50-60 UAH kg, and the fish 30-30 (pike perch, catfish, carp). I do not propose to buy trout.

And the composition and digestibility of proteins - the same.

Harmful meat every day.

By the way, baking always saves - you will make 40-50 pies with different fillings (I have always done with rice-meat, with cabbage, with apples) - for the first and for tea I have two or three supplements, or just a snack.

cereals are economically produced - buckwheat, rice, to whom that taste

It is easier to get a job than to puzzle over how to feed family with meat if there is no money. Moreover, you live in Moscow, and there are much more chances to find a job than any other citizen of the Russian Federation living in another city.

At home go and wine a drop, and give her meat!

Wine is also harmful))))

you make minced meat, from it pasta on a navy, add stuffed peppers to a stuffing pile of rice, pancakes with minced meat and rice, porridge + meatballs, and even better than meatballs ie. meat with rice. can be without meat days. cook potatoes, mashed potatoes or fire + fried blue with mayonnaise and garlic, or sauerkraut, or salad what.
dumplings with anything. On weekends, you make ready-to-cook foods, put them in the freezer, warm them up in the evening after work, the same peppers, cutlets, pancakes or minced meat

It is easier to get a job than to puzzle over how to feed family with meat if there is no money. Moreover, you live in Moscow, and there are much more chances to find a job than any other citizen of the Russian Federation living in another city.

and, still a fish .. from it, too, minced meat and meatballs, and soup with meatballs and in general what you think of

and of course the vegetables from them stew, caviar, breakfast is excellent and all that and about the patties were written correctly and pies.

Contributions to school do not pay for the obligation. I don’t eat meat every day in my family, although I do have food, just eat delicious food and no meat (soups, potatoes, pastries, salads).
In general, the question of how to save more, I usually answer - we need to work more. What I advise you. Sellers, phone operators, etc. always needed.

Joke: Son asks dad: Dad at the store, they raised the price of vodka - which means you'll drink less?
Dad's answer was: No son - that means you will eat less!
Whatever the cruel reality would be, but we have half a country with 5,000 people living and nothing but living the same. Maybe for a week or so ravioli, you look after a week for a potato or cabbage asks. :)

a, lazy cabbage rolls yet

Plan the menu for the week, in detail - breakfast, lunch, dinner, and buy food once a week, in large markets, some (milk, cottage cheese, vegetables) on the market, if there is no car, let the husband help and the children (the older one is not already small) . So much cheaper. Cook soups, cook dishes with vegetables, cereal for breakfast.

1. Braised cabbage is a whole casserole of only 10 rubles.
2. Sausages
3. Canned fish soup.

Buy fish (catfish, pike perch, lash) and cook the ear. Very useful.

I don’t eat meat every day in my family, although I do have food, just eat delicious food and no meat (soups, potatoes, pastries, salads).

Author, you are supposed to pay unemployment benefits on the stock exchange. The first months, it seems 70 percent of the former salary. Well, at least some extra money

buy chicken, it's cheaper.
And the stores are cheaper - "Auchan", "Pyaterochka", "Kopek"

Take, buy meat 15 kg per pound per day - it is 120-150 dlr, vegetable oil 5 liters, more vegetables and flour 1 bag, you buy the rest for what remains. Prepare dumplings, meatballs, borscht, bake more, you can also have bread bake once for the whole week.

The author, if you cook everything yourself and look for cheap products, then there will be enough money.

In Moscow, 0.87% of the unemployed. Did you understand? No unemployment in Moscow! There are lazy aunts who do not want to work. To work! 5000 is on food of one cheldek if to save.

Meat for every day is definitely not necessary for her husband, as well as for children, twice a week is enough. Meat substitutes are all leguminous plants beans, peas,. Cook soups, they are tasty and low-cost, meat can be chopped there. Here such topics about cheap dishes were the sea. Bake pies, make a muffin and buy whole grain bread and macaroni (as it seems called), eat porridge-products that give a feeling of satiety.

33, but this is an amateur who is used to something. But fish and chicken legs can also be used.

Usually in the suburbs everyone buys a bag of flour, a bag of sugar 20 liters of oil, more chicken legs and lard and cook. Costing everything cheap.

1) Vegetable caviar - very economical. And not eggplant, but from cheap vegetables - beet for example. And tasty, and beets - worth a penny. Onion fry, + grated carrots + grated beets - 3-4 pieces, 1 spoon of tomato paste, lavrushka, salt. stew 30-40 minutes.
2) turn the raw potato into any minced meat, or you can add semolina, and it seems like meat smells and satisfies.
3) offal: liver, kidney, scar, lungs, heart. Rassolniki, pies - if you boil and turn with fried onions - the best stuffing !! And just learn how to cook it. And you can buy - in any market at the end of the day - at half price!
Of cereals - rice is not the cheapest pleasure now. Perlovka, chop - if you steam, learn to do in the oven - very tasty! My so even pea puree - if with butter and fried onions on top - lick the plates. Although, we do not live in disasters like.
Good luck to you, the author, the main thing - an inexpensive kitchen is just more time in the kitchen.

36, about offal - that's for sure. The patties are tasty. There boiled rice can be added.

I am an author. Thank you all for the advice. Unfortunately, at the moment I can not go to work, as I take care of my sick mother. And at the expense of not paying the fees, well, as it is, I don’t want the teachers to back up and reproach the children.

Go to Auchan, buy their products poppy = Rki (with a yellow-green stripe) - the same thing, but cheaper. A meat-and-bone soup set is a large casserole of soup, the meat can be taken out and turned over to pasta, and that’s lunch for three days. Ordinary broth turns into a very tasty soup, if at the end of cooking it dissolves the cheapest friendship cheese. Do not buy "snack" - chips, crackers, nuts, sausage and other ***, harmful and expensive. For children, instead of expensive foreign fruits, buy apples from the headstock on the market, from the garden, they are cheaper and better. For breakfast, oatmeal or buckwheat with milk. Every day, meat in the form of meat itself is not necessary to eat, there is enough meat or fish soup.

get up on the exchange, you have to pay money. caring for your mom - the same thing. I do not know your situation, but if a mother is over 80 years old or she is a disabled person of the 1st group or, on the conclusion of doctors, she needs constant care, then an allowance of 1,200 rubles per month is paid. learn about your rights, there is no need for our caring state to make such gifts. does mom get any medications? if not, they should be paid cash compensation instead. Learn about the recalculation of the rent, you never know, suddenly, and there something will turn out to be profitable - the family income has decreased. I don’t see anything shameful about fattening now in taking advantage of what actually belongs to you. maybe a temporary job? Well, I don’t know whether to clean the office or place products in the store on the shelves after closing, go to the nearest stores, don’t take money for the demand.

38 according to the law, they are not entitled to take contributions, they can be sued in general. For example, you want to be like everyone else, let them go through the forest

Meat every day with such a budget is too fat. Nothing will happen if you eat it at least once a week. And it’s better not to eat meat at all than Pyaterochka chicken or sausage. Is there a market in Moscow where farmers sell their products? That's where to buy, albeit small, but normal.
In addition to meat, there are cereals, inexpensive pasta (only you need to cook quickly so that they do not spread out), vegetables, pies again.
Plan a budget for food, calculate what you definitely need (vegetable oil, flour, sugar, salt, tea, coffee, pepper). With any budget, it is highly desirable to exclude purchased ketchup and mayonnaise - terrible muck. Now tomatoes are inexpensive, every time I make them fresh pasta sauce.
If you can preserve, make salted tomatoes, adjika, homemade ketchup. Economical and tasty - homemade dumplings.

Pasta can also be cooked delicious - I'm not talking about simple pasta with butter. It is possible to spaghetti various tomato-based sauces (and for sauces tomatoes you can buy the cheapest, very ripe and beaten ones will go), you can make a wonderful cheese sauce, and without meat it's fine and satisfying. In general, low-income families in Europe do not dream of eating every day. and in general, as already mentioned, this is harmful. And I advise you to go to the forum www.gotovim.ru - there you can read what and how people prepare, and ask for advice on recipes.

plus one to dumplings. there are also dumplings with potatoes, mushrooms, with cottage cheese. peppers stuffed with anything (rice plus mushrooms, for example). everything is beautiful freezes. By the way, if you have a freezer, stock up. the same tomatoes for sauces or sauces themselves. pour out the doses and freeze, then to the rice, and to the pasta nice thing. You have already been told correctly that their own merchandise is sold at Auchan, Perekrestok and Ramstore networks at much lower prices. This does not mean that they have poor quality, this is a system like this - they take these products for sale from the same manufacturers, they simply do not pay for the brand. great savings on detergents, by the way.

Vasilisa reminded about oatmeal - this is the thing! Simple, fast, cheap and very useful. For breakfast, when cooking is lazy, that's it. On the water, too bad. I don’t buy store milk at all (I take it from the market sometimes from trusted people). Milk is not necessary for an adult, especially in large quantities.
For breakfast it’s good to make scrambled eggs with vegetables - onion, bell pepper, tomatoes in a skillet, sprinkle with salt and spices, break eggs into a bowl, beat until thickened, pour on vegetables, close the lid. A couple of minutes is ready.

Dough raskat and chop noodles. Cooked for five minutes. Make fry with onions and one pomior. To mix everything. You can fry it with finely chopped meat. Such boiled noodles can be filled with cottage cheese or cheese with the addition of butter, salt and sugar to taste.

During the crisis of 1998, I saw a note (I remembered because I was thinking - what kind of people we have), where the recipe for meatballs was supposedly the taste of meat is almost the same. Basis - oatmeal. ))

Dumplings can be made.

I do not understand why meat is expensive? It seems to me, than to buy substitutes, meat is both cheaper and better.

gyyyyy. Guest 1 Respect and Respect. In general, the author, your post from the series: I want to lose weight, but I will not give up eating rolls. And you, d u r s, forumnye wake up, coming up with me recipes

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