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Pu-erh tea - the benefits and harm


Puer tea is the birthplace of the People's Republic of China. Puer tea - what is it? The raw material for making tea is the Yunnan tea tree grown on the Yunnan Highlands in China, since this is where the most suitable conditions for growing this plant are. Drinking Pu-erh tea as a drink has a very long history, which is approximately 1,700 years old. This type of tea is characterized by the fact that before entering the store shelves, raw materials are stored for several years (some teas have been aged for 70 years), that is, they allow it to grow old.

Until mankind invented transport, Pu-erh tea was aged on the way to the country in which its customers were waiting. But already in the 20th century, when consumers learned about the healing properties of Pu-erh tea (which played a huge role in increasing the demand for these products), natural aging could not be completed until the end due to the lack of necessary time. This prompted scientists to develop a special technique for fermenting tea in a shorter time.

The fermentation technology was as follows: the leaves of the tea tree from the Yunnan Highlands were placed in a reservoir and poured with heated water. This contributed to a higher temperature in the tea heap and faster aging. According to the technology of making raw materials, tea puer dalts of two types: “raw pu-erh”, that is, fermented naturally, and “forced pu-erh”, that is, manufactured using the method of artificial aging. Many people believe that when using the method of artificial fermentation, the healing properties of Pu-Erh tea are lost. We want to dispel this myth - the properties of Pu-erh remain the same.

What are the healing properties of Pu-erh tea

So, according to Chinese scientists and doctors, the healing properties of Pu-erh tea make it possible for a person to overcome more than 100 different diseases, ranging from diseases associated with overweight and ending with disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. Puer will also help in the fight against high blood sugar and cholesterol levels, cancer cells, hangover syndrome caused by intoxication of the body with alcohol-containing drinks, as well as cleanse the body of toxins and toxins. Many nutritionists prescribe tea Pu-erh to their clients who want to lose weight, referring to the fact that this drink helps to balance the body's metabolism due to vitamins A, D, E.

How to make Puerh Tea

A well-known fact is that Pu-erh tea has a persistent smell and rich color, so it is not recommended to brew this drink in a kettle made of clay. This is explained by the fact that clay is a material that perfectly absorbs odors that cannot be removed by ordinary washing.

To brew tea, you need to separate the small pieces of Pu-erh (about 2-3 centimeters) and put them in the teapot. Unfortunately, there are no exact data on the amount of tea brewing, for example, when brewing ordinary Ceylon tea, as the strength, taste and color of the Puer drink depend on many external factors. To soften the strength of the drink, when the kettle is heated, pour Puerh with cold water, then pour it out and add boiling water. Either do the same action, but using hot water.

Remember, water brought to a boiling point (ie, 100 degrees) will ruin the taste of Pu-Erh tea. Brew tea leaves must be water, the temperature of which reaches 90-95 degrees Celsius. The first tea brewing lasts about 10-30 seconds, the next - 5-10 seconds. Starting from 4-5 brewing, the infusion time should be increased to 40-50 seconds.

Puer production technology

For the manufacture of raw materials used leaves of several varieties, which are preferably collected from tea-type shrubs. Components must have a large size.

After collecting the leaves are subjected to fermentation (artificial aging), the process is carried out under the influence of special enzymes. It is this specific technology that allows tea to retain all its properties and does not deteriorate for a long time.

Properly prepared tea leaves are often “laid back” in parchment or wooden boxes for 10, 20 or even 30 years. It is interesting that after an accident of such a long time Pu-erh does not deteriorate, but becomes even richer, seasoned, bright.

Some manufacturers prefer to ferment tea leaves in a natural way, keeping them for about 7 years. If the process is carried out artificially, then the raw materials are collected in a heap, sprayed with a solution and left to "reach" by 1.5-3.5 months.

After fermentation, drying and further insisting of Puer is carried out for 1 year. It is such a complex technological process that causes the high cost of production.

Pu-erh is usually sold in the form of pressed briquettes, flat cakes, bricks, cubes, tablets, a bowl, a mushroom or a ball. In rare cases, you can find tea, sold tea shops in a crumbly form. If we talk about species, Pu-erh is white, green Shen, black Shu.

Indications for admission Puer

  • overweight, including obesity,
  • excess cholesterol in the blood,
  • low mental performance,
  • poor memory and concentration
  • rapid physical fatigue,
  • Slagged organism
  • blood pressure surges,
  • alcohol addiction,
  • gastritis and gastric ulcers caused by high acidity,
  • impaired liver function,
  • low immune system
  • accumulation of salts in the urine,
  • indigestion,
  • diabetes.

Puer properties

  • has a mild laxative effect,
  • removes excess water, bile,
  • stops the fermentation of food in the intestines,
  • has a preventive effect in the spread of influenza,
  • boosts immunity
  • reduces blood glucose, which is valued by diabetics,
  • removes toxic compounds from the liver,
  • gives energy, improves activity,
  • reduces cravings for smoking and alcohol consumption,
  • removes old waste from the body,
  • cleans the vessels, thickens their walls,
  • removes cholesterol plaques from the blood,
  • speeds up metabolism, in particular digestion,
  • blocks blood access to cancer cells,
  • conducts oncology prevention,
  • burns fat reserves
  • fights gastritis and ulcers, reducing the acidity of the stomach,
  • frees internal organs from free radicals,
  • normalizes psycho-emotional background, calms.

The benefits of Puer for weight loss

  1. The drink allows you to get rid of excess weight without stress for the body. Thus, Pu-erh reduces hunger and maintains saturation after a meal for a long time. Tea speeds up the metabolism, thereby burning fat.
  2. The drug is responsible for the rapid digestibility of food and the absorption of valuable enzymes in the blood. As a result of losing weight, a person does not feel unwell, apathy, or a bad mood.
  3. Pu-erh removes excess fluid, fighting the swelling of limbs and tissues of internal organs. Tea improves intestinal patency, regulates the size of servings.
  4. If the reason for the appearance of excess weight is associated with the inability to control the amount of food eaten, take the habit of drinking tea for a third of an hour before the meal. The stomach is full, you eat less.
  5. People who prefer to follow a very strict diet, Pu-erh is necessary. The drink compensates for the lack of the “hormone of joy”, thus the struggle with the body mass goes in an elevated spirit.
  6. You should not get involved in tea, otherwise you run into a risk of partial vitamin deficiency, headache and high blood pressure. Take a drink three times a day for 100-150 ml.

Use of Puer for Digestion

  1. A separate topic deserves the impact of the drink on the digestive system. Puer is recommended to take with duodenitis, ulcer, gastritis. The drug does not increase the acidity of the stomach, as does the usual black or green tea.
  2. Soft enveloping properties protect the mucous membranes of internal organs without irritating them. When this is achieved the maximum stimulation of the digestive tract, the food is absorbed faster.
  3. In addition, Pu-erh has a laxative effect, cleansing the body even from old slags. The drug removes poisons, heavy metals, radionuclides, fights stagnation in the intestines.
  4. Drink tones the biliary tract, has a beneficial effect on the bladder. Puer restores the function of the liver and the structure of the internal organ.
  5. Drinking tea will relieve you from constant feeling of heaviness in the stomach, heartburn, bloating and other unpleasant symptoms. Puer corrects the appetite, contributes to the rapid disintegration of ethyl alcohol during a hangover.
  6. To enhance the antioxidant properties of the drug, it is necessary to add a bit of brown sugar and milk. In addition, such manipulations quickly saturate the body.

Hurt Puer

  1. When carrying a fetus, girls need to carefully monitor the food consumed. Products directly affect the health and development of the baby. The recommended dose should not exceed 240 ml. tea per day.
  2. In the presence of ailments associated with urinary tract or kidneys, be careful. In the period of exacerbations stop taking tea. Otherwise, the drink will provoke the movement of stones.
  3. If you suffer from insomnia and increased irritability, it is not recommended to use Pu-Erh and similar tonic drinks. In some cases, you can pamper yourself with 1 cup of this tea before lunch.
  4. It is forbidden to relieve pain in the abdomen with the help of Puer, tea can cause even more damage. Consult a specialist for an accurate diagnosis.
  5. It is necessary to completely eliminate the use of Pu-erh and strong tea in any quantities to people diagnosed with atherosclerosis and hypertension.
  6. With proper brewing, the drink does not harm the body. Before drinking tea, it is important to choose high-quality raw materials.

The choice of Puer

  1. Give preference to proven manufacturers of high quality tea, mainly the large factories Shuangjiang Mengui and Menghai and Xiaguan.
  2. Always pay attention to packaging and storage conditions. Quality tea should be stored in a dark, dry and cool room.
  3. Tea is most often produced in the original pack of special materials. Forget about buying Puer in sealed packaging. Such raw materials are susceptible to the development of mold.

Puer Brewing Rules

  1. The smell of tea is revealed throughout the ceremony. The benefits of a freshly brewed beverage are felt after proper aging. The strength of the drink is reached 10 minutes after the boiling water.
  2. In order for the tea to display useful qualities, it is necessary to brew the raw materials in a small porcelain or clay teapot. The taste is most pronounced when brewing purified water without impurities.
  3. Pleasant aroma opens at a temperature of not more than 93 degrees. Bubbling boiling water is prohibited to use, consider this important point. It is mandatory to warm the kettle, then brew the raw material.

According to the rules of tea drinking, the ceremony begins with the proper brewing of raw materials. Well-made Pu-erh has a unique healing effect, and the drink has an amazing aroma.

Chemical composition of puer tea

The chemical composition of the pu-er depends on its place of growth and the variety of tea. So, for example, tea, which grows in Shuangjiang district, has a high content of polyphenols: this indicator is 43% (while the average indicator of this component in other tea leaves is 30%). And in the leaves of the Jinchang tea tree, which grows in Malibo County, there is too little caffeine (only 0.06%). For comparison: in the leaves of the Xinping tea tree (Xinping County) the caffeine content is 6%. In general, more than 700 chemical elements are present in Pu-erh: here there are amino acids, aromatic substances, proteins, polyphenols, statins, sugars, vitamins and other active ingredients.

Useful properties of pu-erh tea

About the benefits of this elite drink can talk endlessly. According to experts, Pu-erh - "tea from a hundred diseases." It is believed that this drink is able to normalize blood pressure and heart rate.

However, this elite tea is useful for the gastrointestinal tract. Unlike green tea, which is contraindicated in gastric ulcer, gastritis and duodenitis, Pu-erh does not increase the acidity of gastric juice, so you can drink it even with such diseases. Puer also improves metabolic processes and normalizes liver function. And this tea helps to remove heavy metals and toxins from the body, minimizes the effects of alcohol poisoning.
Excessive consumption of this drink can cause insomnia.

In addition, Pu-erh has anti-inflammatory properties, so this tea is recommended to drink for colds. Also, this elite drink has a beneficial effect on the state of the organs of vision and teeth. Puer tea is also recommended for depression.

Also, Pu-erh reduces the level of glucose in the blood, so it is prescribed for diabetes. However, this drink contributes to weight loss and the preservation of youth, not for nothing that it is called "the elixir of beauty and health."

For memory and attention

Experts believe that Pu-erh tea is able to keep the body in good shape throughout a long working day. And if you drink this healthy drink all the time, you can not worry about health.

Having drunk a cup on the eve of the upcoming exam, you will definitely get the top five, because this amazing tea helps to concentrate attention and clarifies the train of thought.

It will be helpful for people of mental labor to include Pu-erh tea among their favorite drinks. Good performance will be provided.


For those who want to lose weight - this is an excellent and very effective means.

Due to its ability to burn excess fat, Pu-erh will help make the figure slim and attractive in a relatively short time.

In addition, it removes toxins and toxins from the body, which contributes to the overall improvement and rejuvenation.

For liver

Useful properties of this tea include a thorough cleaning of the liver. The liver, like no other organ, accumulates in itself the waste from food. It is easy to guess what the liver of an average mature person looks like and how many harmful substances it contains. To remove toxins and toxins to keep the body clean, the liver is sometimes difficult, especially if the owner is illegible and unrestrained in food.

Wonderful pu-erh tea helps the liver to remove all accumulated debris from the body. Already for this alone it can be raised to the rank of the most healthy drinks.

For the heart and blood vessels

People suffering from hypertension, which has a negative effect on thinking, are advised to drink such tea all the time so that their life becomes more fulfilling, to be full of bright thoughts and adequate actions.

Scientists have noticed another useful ability - to reduce harmful cholesterol, which plays a significant role in the treatment of hypertension. In essence, for hypertensive patients, Pu-erh tea is an excellent alternative to drugs.

Other healing properties

This Chinese tea is useful for patients with diabetes, because it significantly reduces blood sugar levels. To maintain the spiritual and physical condition of the body, doctors often prescribe Puer to the cores.

From the strong drunkenness of a person all the same tea can lead out. For this you need as often as possible to water the patient with pu-erh, up to the full sobering up

Patients with alcoholism are also recommended to treat this tea. Pu-erh tea helps a person to get rid of harmful addiction and start a new, better life. This is a real chance for alcoholics and their families.

People suffering from gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, Puer tea is not contraindicated, but, on the contrary, very useful. Due to its therapeutic properties, this drink can successfully treat inflammatory processes in the gastrointestinal tract.

Having gained popularity in many countries, Pu-erh tea has become a trendsetter in the field of elite beverages, and it is unlikely that it will give way to any other tea. At least in the near future.

How to choose?

Quality Pu-erh tea has a pleasant aroma, similar to that of dried fruit, sometimes figs.

There are varieties of puerh slightly surrendering to earthiness. Pressed raw materials do not have too small leaves and do not crumble like tea bags, large bright leaves (buds) are visible, it is easily separated from the base with a special knife, without turning into fine dust.

How to brew?

For brewing puer tea, porcelain or glass teapots are best suited.

It can also be brewed in individual cups or bowls. One cup is enough one teaspoon of tea weighed out.

Brewing pressed Pu-erh is a little different from the weight distribution. Having broken off a piece of the tea tile, pour boiling water over it and immediately drain it to wash off industrial dust, then pour it again and insist for 2-3 minutes.

Температура заваривания для зеленого как для развесного, так и прессованного чая колеблется от 80 до 90 градусов, для черного – от 90 до 100 градусов.

Подобрав подходящую посуду для заваривания, вы сможете насладиться не только его прекрасным вкусом и необычайным ароматом, но и удивительным нежным цветом. Meet - this is a useful tea called Pu-erh.

Useful properties of pu-erh tea

In this article we will consider some questions that our clients have asked us more than once. Which one Puer more useful - Shu or Shen Puer? What makes Puerh tea different from other teas? What are the health benefits of puer tea?

Tea has the peculiarity of extracting useful substances from the earth, which have been accumulated in it for centuries, and to give healthy trace elements to the infusion. The tea leaf is a real chemical laboratory. Pu-erh tea contains a whole complex of amino acids, vitamins and microelements, which, penetrating the blood, help to maintain the balance of metabolism in the human body.

All teas from tea plant (Camellia Sinensis) have undoubted health benefits, as they contain polyphenolic compounds. It should be noted that Pu-Erh tea contains the same chemicals as green, white, oolong, or red tea.

What makes Puerh tea unique and what makes it stand out from other teas?
For many years, Pu-erh has been advertised mainly as a safe means to lose weight, due to its ability to burn fat and improve the functioning of the stomach. However, the beneficial properties of pu-erh tea can only be considered as an aid. You should not expect that you will get any result only from drinking tea. Nevertheless, tea does have a number of exceptional properties that can be useful for achieving active longevity and improving the quality of life.

Pu-erh is made from broad-leaved varieties of tea bushes. Tea leaves have antimicrobial activity, which is considered a medical advantage, including antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Pu-erh tea also has the ability to break down fats, which contributes to weight loss and the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. The chemical composition of tea leaves of deciduous trees grown in Yunnan province, provides a unique aroma and taste of tea, makes Puer leaves suitable for aging, which contributes to its quality. Pu-erh begins its life as green tea, but unlike green tea, enzymes remain in the process of processing in Shen Puer (there is no final drying). In the process of aging, thanks to these enzymes, Shen Pu'er turns into dark tea. Pu-erh is tea that grows old over time in a natural way (Shen Pu-erh) or artificial (Shu Pu-erh). Tea leaves that retain a certain amount of moisture undergo fermentation, which occurs due to the action of various microorganisms. The unique healing properties of pu-erh tea are related to the activity of these microorganisms.

For medical purposes, tea (Camellia Sinensis) began to be used about 5,000 years ago. It should be noted that Pu-erh from different parts of Yunnan Province will have a different chemical composition, the number of catechins, as well as theine will vary.

In Yunnan Province, red soil is enriched with iron, so Pu-Erh tea also contains this valuable mineral, which is good for the human body.

In the 80s of the last century, scientific studies of Pu-Erh tea were carried out, during which it was proved that the chemical composition of tea leaves of other varieties is significantly inferior to Pu-Erh tea leaves from Yunnan Province. Tea from this province contains a greater amount of polyphenolic organic compounds that are the most powerful antioxidants - epigallocatechin and epigallocatechin-3-gallate.

Catechins are polyphenols. Thanks to astringent and bitter taste, they also have a great influence on the taste of the drink. Catechins can be divided into three types in free form (catechin, epicatechin, epigallocatechin) and two types of esterified gallic acid (epicatechin gallate, epigallocatechin gallate). The content of gallic acid has the most significant content precisely in mature Puer.

The microorganisms in Puerh tea create not only the final taste of tea, but also endow it with beneficial properties.
In the process of fermentation of tea Pu-erh, large molecules of carbohydrates break down into small molecules of soluble sugar. Soluble sugar is a key factor that forms the flavor and density of Pu-erh, often characterized as a “sweet” flavor. Tea polyphenols are one of the most special and useful substances. During fermentation (fermentation), these substances in the process of biochemical transformations form a pigment, which gives the liquid a unique red-brown color.

Pu-erh tea contains microorganisms that not only endow it with beneficial properties, but also create a good taste, providing sweetness, softness and a unique flavor to mature Pu-erh. In addition, the interaction between these organisms creates beneficial substances that give Puer tea unique health benefits. The health benefits of pu-erh tea are the result of microbial activity. The following microorganisms are involved in the fermentation of Puer tea: aspergillus niger, penicillium, rhizopus, aspergillus glaucus, saccharomyces and other bacteria ... The last ones are bacteria in Puer in very limited quantities and do not contain pathogenic species. The following microorganisms are mainly involved in the fermentation process of Water: Aspergillus Niger and Saccharomyces ocuppy.

We will mainly consider these two types:

Aspergilius niger - It is a type of fungi from a number of lower eukaryotes, worldwide it is recognized as safe for consumption. These mushrooms play an important role in determining the quality of puer tea. The percentage of aspergillus niger in Pu-erh tea is higher compared to other microorganisms. In the process of fermentation, these microorganisms produce glucomylase, cellulose and pectinase. These three substances can break down many organic compounds, including polysaccharides, proteins, organic fibers, pectin and insoluble carbohydrates, as well as natural fibers. As a result of the breakdown of these substances, monosaccharides, amino acids, hydrated pectin and soluble carbohydrates are released. This allows you to isolate nutrients from the tea leaves and easily dissolve them. This process underlies the emergence of the soft, pleasant and rich taste of Pu-erh. That is why aspergillus niger is credited with a key role in determining the quality of Pu-erh. In the process of metabolism, this fungus produces organic acid and many enzymes.

Benefits of Sugar Mice in Puerh Tea. Microorganisms in tea not only improve the nutritional value of pu-erh tea, but also affect quality. During fermentation, moisture and temperature provide the best conditions for saccharomycetes. Due to these factors, the enzymatic activity increases. Other microorganisms in the process of their metabolism use carboxylic acid and polysaccharides, producing a large amount of poly and monosaccharides, which are necessary for nutrition and accelerate the metabolism of saccharomycetes. Rapid metabolism leads to a sweet and mild taste of tea.

Why during the fermentation does not reproduce the pathogenic microflora?
This is because during the fermentation process there is a struggle between the organisms. For example, metabolic products of Sachometsetes and other microorganisms limit the growth of pathogenic microflora.

Which puer is more useful than Shu or Shen?
As a rule, the following main useful properties of Pu-erh can be distinguished:

  • helps prevent cancer
  • protects the stomach
  • strengthens tooth enamel
  • prevents the effects of radiation
  • It also helps in the fight against aging at the cellular level.

These properties manifest themselves differently in Shen and Shu Puer. In Shen Puer, the effect of weight loss is due to the large amount of polyphenols, chlorophyll, vitamin C and other substances. As is well known, the Yunnan variety of tea bush contains a large amount of polyphenols, especially a lot of this substance in fresh leaves. Polyphenol-rich leaves help cleanse the body of toxins and protect against radiation. Polyphenolic compounds, namely catechin and theaflafin, a product of its oxidation, help reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels (fats). That is, Shen Pu-erh helps to control the level of fat in the blood, which contributes to weight loss and blood pressure. Moreover, tea polyphenols kill lactic acid and other bacteria that form between the teeth and inhibit glucose activity. This helps prevent bacteria from multiplying in the mouth. Thus, polyphenols prevent the growth of bacteria, which usually occurs because food remains between teeth. Such useful properties of polyphenols help protect not only the teeth from destruction, but also prevent paradantoz.

When using Shu Puer, weight loss occurs for another reason. This occurs as a result of the joint action of several types of microorganisms. They reduce the absorption of triglycerides and glucose in the small intestine, which leads to the fact that fat deposits at the waist become less. During the fermentation of Shu Puer, microorganisms break down high-molecular-weight polysaccharides into soluble monosaccharides and oligosaccharides. In addition, the fermentation process doubles vitamin C. As you know, these substances play an important role in enhancing immunity. Also, microorganisms provide one of the main properties of Shu Puer, it does not irritate the gastric mucosa. Shu Puer creates a protective film on the walls of the stomach. Very often, the use of Shu Puer has a beneficial effect on the health of the stomach and digestion in general.

Source: http://daotea.ru

Features of the production of Pu-erh tea and the beneficial properties of a perennial drink

The usual black tea, familiar to everyone, which everyone comes across almost daily in life, is actually considered to be red in China. But the real black tea, which is obtained by special preparation and non-standard brewing, is proudly called Pu-erh. The name of the tea comes from the place where those leaves of the bushes were found. They are still brewed around the world.

In contrast to the methods of preparation of other varieties, the leaves of pu-erh tea as a result of careful processing become completely fermented. First, the leaves are collected from the bushes, then the raw material is decomposed into piles and periodically irrigated with water. When the leaves dry a little, they are laid out in a uniform thin layer and left for a period of 1.5-2 months for natural fermentation. Tea can be harvested by artificial means, but with the loss of some properties and aroma. Preparing tea in a natural way takes about 7–8 years. During this time of exposure, global changes occur, not only in taste and smell, but also in composition. This tea is called "Shen", it has a dark color. Artificial drying takes much less time, as a result, a year later, tea called “shu” will be ready, the shade of which is much lighter than that of “Shen”.

More benefits for the body will, of course, tea with a decade of aging. But this does not mean at all that artificial Pu-erh is not good in itself. Varieties of healing drink today, there are about 120 pieces, and each of them is useful in its own way. They differ in taste, aroma, color. The production technology unites all the varieties, but otherwise it is possible to please any taste. Quite a popular type of tea today is one that is made from a mixture of young leaves and old ones with long-term aging.

Elite Pu-Erh Tea: Useful Properties, Particularities and Calories

The composition of this black puerh includes only tea leaves without impurities and artificial flavors. The chemical composition of the drink is as follows:

• kakhetins, anthocyanins and phenolic acids, which are a group of phenolic compounds with antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-cancer properties,

• amino acids, on which all characteristics of the drink depend, starting with quality and ending with color,

• alkaloids, including theine, theobromine and theophylline give tea a tonic effect. The drink improves brain activity, dilates blood vessels, accelerates the transport of oxygen through the cells of the body and increases tone,

• saccharides, thanks to which the puerh has a sweetish taste,

• vitamins C, A, E, P,

• zinc, chromium, potassium, manganese, fluorine and other minerals,

• statins, they are formed by the processes of fermentation of trace elements in the body. Thanks to statins, the level of cholesterol in the body is reduced, stroke prevention is carried out, and the susceptibility of coronary heart disease is reduced.

Per 100 g of black puer have 151.8 kcal. For 1 cup, 1 tsp is enough. dry raw materials, in which it contains 2 g, which weighs only 3 kcal.

What are the beneficial properties of Pu-erh tea?

Black classic pu-erh can not be compared with any other similar drinks. The unique composition is literally filled with unique qualities. No wonder the popularity of puer in the world is increasing every day. Among the useful qualities of Pu-erh are:

• improvement of digestion,

• stabilization of blood sugar levels,

• fight against constipation,

• reducing the chances of a heart attack or stroke,

• cleansing the body of toxins of various kinds, excretion of toxins, poisons and heavy metals,

• prolong the youth of the skin,

• improvement of the liver, its gradual purification and restoration,

• reducing the level of harmful cholesterol in the body,

• promoting weight loss in a regime that is gentle to the body,

• concentration of attention and increased physical activity due to the tonic effect.

Puer tea with its beneficial properties is considered not only a cure for some ailments, but also a means of prevention. It is a potent agent with a wide range of action. Tea is able to purify the blood, liver, intestines. It makes this puerh more efficient, which earned it a worthy place in the menu of popular diets. The skin acts on the skin in a favorable way, improving and leveling its color. Vitamin-rich composition is reflected in the improvement of the appearance of hair and nails. A pectin in the composition prevents the development of oncology by blocking the creator of such cells the Gal3 protein.

Does Pu-erh tea have contraindications? Who should not get involved in an elite drink

The benefit of the drink is huge and obvious, but it also has pu-erh contraindications, as well as any drug. First of all, this includes individual intolerance to the product. People in old age or with chronic diseases, too, should not get involved in historical drinking. By itself, the Pu-erh drink is quite strong, and its properties are vividly manifested even with a slight brewing. Therefore, experiment and brew strong tea should not be.

There are also some circumstances, the appearance of which should be forgotten about the elite drink. Puer tea has contraindications, among which are:

• an increased degree of body temperature - drinking plenty of Pu-erh will provoke an even higher increase;

• invigorating and toning effect will not let you sleep for a long time, so it is strictly not recommended to drink tea before bedtime. At best, the consequences can be sleep and wakefulness, and at worst, stress for the nervous system,

• pregnant women, like most other products, Pu-erh tea is not recommended,

• during breastfeeding for women only one mug of weakly brewed drink per day is allowed, no more than

• young children under 3 years old should not be given an adult drink either,

• in case of hypertension one should refuse the elixir in order not to increase the pressure even more,

• exacerbation of the diuretic effect of pu-erh may be fraught with people with urolithiasis. The drink is able to activate the movement of kidney stones, which causes penetrating and sharp pains,

• people who do not know how to brew tea properly may feel a slight discomfort after drinking it, as well as symptoms of poisoning, even vomiting.

All contraindications can be easily corrected by the strength of the drink or by limiting the number of cups drunk daily.