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Tip 1: How to achieve a good stretch


Today it is fashionable to be beautiful and healthy, to have a slim body, that is why sports are so popular. There are different types of exercises that have different goals. For example, some help to increase stamina, others - to build muscle mass, and others - develop flexibility. Stretching refers to those types of aerobics that stretch the body, make it plastic and flexible. After all, its main exercises are stretching and flexibility. Therefore, we will talk about this trendy sports direction.

Clothing for classes

Stretching exercises are suitable for every person, since neither age, nor weight, nor features of the figure, nor initial flexibility are important. Regular workouts will do the trick. And the best clothing for sports is modern thermal underwear, which does not restrain movement and sits like a second skin. Buy this is not difficult, it can be found in every store of sporting goods or things for outdoor activities. An excellent choice of it is on the Internet, in stores Sportsafe, Alpindustriya, Guahoo.

Of course, you can restrict the usual comfortable clothing: swimsuit, leotard, shorts and T-shirt, top and leggings. The main thing is that things do not restrict movement and stretch along with the body. Therefore, the fabric must be elastic, with an admixture of natural fibers (fully synthetic things are not suitable, because they can not absorb sweat). It is desirable that the outfit tightly fits the body: it is easier to see the achieved result.

Separately want to say about underwear. Give preference to models of classic style, rather than strings or bikinis, without decorative elements and lace, sewn from natural fabric. Bra - sporty or model without stones. Discard jewelry, jewelry, remove shoes. Better to do barefoot or ballet shoes.

What do stretching classes give?

First of all they cheer up. But this is not all that can be obtained from classes. Stretching improves circulation of the lymph and blood flow, restores muscles, relieves pain that has arisen as a result of nervous tension and stressful situations. Training can slow down the aging of the body as a whole, preserve the elasticity of tissues and muscles, improve posture. But the positive effect will be only if you practice correctly, taking precautions, increase the load gradually.

Few nuances

Performing stretching exercises and flexibility, you should consider the following nuances:

  • You can stretch until pain occurs.
  • During stretching, you should hold the pose, but it is forbidden to spring.
  • It is necessary to breathe properly, not to delay and not to accelerate the rhythm of inhalation and exhalation.
  • The best result will be if the stretching exercises to perform after exercise.
  • During the sessions of stretching it is necessary to observe alternately, that is, to strain and relax the muscles alternately. It removes fatigue from them, restores strength.
  • Do not deal with stretching, if there are contraindications, so before you start training you should visit your doctor and be completely examined.

Only in this case, after stretching, will you be able to leave the best reviews. Otherwise, classes will not give you pleasure, but will hurt.

Stretching is not aerobics

Stretching can not be called aerobics in the truest sense of the word. After all, aerobics was born in the west and is aimed at combating obesity, associated with the formation of a slender body with ideal parameters. The tradition of stretching the body originates in the east, and its goal is to improve the body as a whole. Elements of it have a place in yoga and martial arts. Stretching exercises will enable a person to calmly sit on a string, increase the plasticity of the arms, legs, neck, back, joints. That is why gymnastics cannot exist without it.

Stretching (stretching) and its types

Today there are five types of stretch marks. Let us dwell on each of them.

  • Static. It implies rather slow movements, during which a certain body position should be assumed and held for twenty to thirty seconds. Muscles can be kept in tension all this time, and you can relax from time to time. This type is considered a classic, but also the most effective for strengthening the whole body.
  • Slow stretching (see photo below). Optimum for warm-up, as it is performed at a very quiet pace. But it allows you to stretch the body to the maximum possible performance.
  • Pair stretching suggests that the exercises are performed in conjunction with another person who acts as a counterweight, has a reaction.
  • Dynamic stretching, which involves smooth, springy movements at a slow pace. At the end of the workout you need to stay in the pose of the greatest stretching for a couple of seconds.
  • Ballistic stretching or swinging is an active training, during which arms and legs, body (bends, bends) are involved. Movement sharp, fast, frequent. During such stretching (reviews confirm this) body parts are effectively lengthened for a short time.

What do people say?

Many people are satisfied after stretching: reviews say that they not only improved the flexibility of the body, but also became more refreshed, more energetic and even lost weight. Stiffness disappears somewhere, movements become light and smooth. But the most important thing is that a person, having reached a new limit, begins to believe in his own strength, to be proud of himself. And this is the strongest motivation for further growth. In addition to this point, stretching (photos can be seen in our article) is a good base for practicing other sports where agility, flexibility and endurance are important. But if a person does not plan to play sports at a professional level, then for himself he will still do very well by taking up stretching his own body.

The first steps

Before teaching stretching lessons, we want to give a beginner a couple of tips. First you need to set a goal. This may be a simple maintenance of the figure, weight loss, the development of flexibility. And then calculate the number of workouts. For example, to support the body in shape and shape is enough three or four times a week. To combat excess weight recommended daily exercises. You can train at any convenient time and place. It is optimal to perform the exercises after charging or after training with another sport (when the body is warm).

To begin with, it is recommended to repeat each exercise two or three times, keeping the pose for up to five seconds. Over time, the hold time and the number of repetitions increase. But each lesson should not last longer than thirty minutes, while you should listen carefully to yourself. And most importantly: it is necessary to train regularly, keeping a good mood.

What is the secret of flawless stretch

How to achieve a stunning stretch? The main thing is to get real pleasure from the process of stretching muscles and joints, to strive for perfection and not to stop before the difficulties of training. You can get a good stretch at almost any age. The first thing that needs to be done is to warm up the body well before doing the stretching exercises. This process must be given at least 10-15 minutes, otherwise you risk to “tear” the muscles, thereby not having achieved anything. Only a well warmed body can instill the skills of a stunning stretch.

The room in which stretching exercises are performed should not be cold, because the muscles need warmth and comfort throughout the workout. Those people think wrongly that stunning stretch marks can be achieved by making sharp movements with large amplitude kicks. It is calm, slow and measured movements that are companions of good stretching of muscles and joints.

A technique that promotes effective stretching

In order to get flawless stretching, professional gymnasts recommend using the following technique. It is necessary to adopt the posture that is required to work out specific muscles. Stretching is a slow-moving until the moment when the feeling of comfort will border on a little pain. Having reached such a position, you should linger for at least 30 seconds. It is at this point that the muscles work most actively and stretch to the maximum level. Training after training will allow you to become more flexible. The delay in the posture of statistical stretching will no longer be 20-30 seconds, but a minute or more, while the border of pain will move further and further. During the training of muscles, it is imperative to look at the part of the body that you pull. Very important and minutes of relaxation between sets. During this period of time, it is necessary to relax not only the body, but thoughts.

In order to achieve perfect stretching, it is necessary to strive to ensure that the muscles and ligaments are stretched symmetrically. Of course, a noticeable positive result is not worth waiting for after a week of daily training, but after a month or two, you may well enjoy the results of your efforts.

Doing exercises

So, the training is over: how to train, we already know, comfortable clothing for classes is selected. It's time to start a stretching lesson.

We do an exercise for the neck. You must stand up straight and put your feet shoulder-width apart. Put your right hand on your waist, clasp your head with your left hand and lean to the left. It is necessary to withstand fifteen to twenty seconds and return to its original position. Now it's time to change hands. The number of repetitions - eight times.

For the back. Lean against the wall and lean your arms. Now sit down slowly, sliding your arms down, but your back should remain straightened. Hold for twenty seconds, repeat five times.

Stretch your arms and legs. You need to get on all fours and straighten your arms. Now pull your left hand forward and your right foot back. Keep limbs parallel to the floor. Hold this position for at least ten seconds and change your hand to the right and your leg to the left. Repeat each exercise six times.

For the belly. Lie on your stomach, bend your legs and clasp your ankles with your hands. Now lift your legs, feel the tension in your lower back. Hold for twenty seconds, take a short break and repeat seven more times.

Instead of epilogue

To test the effect of stretching on yourself, the reviews are not enough to read, you need to at least try to do the exercises for a while. And only then make sure that this is a very good workout, which has a beneficial effect on all muscle groups and joints.

Stretching the body is suitable for everyone and has only positive moments. Indeed, stretching exercises are as close to natural movements as possible, therefore they do not cause even the slightest inconvenience. Good luck in all your endeavors!

What is useful?

Experts say that stretching is one of the few sports that has a real positive effect on joints. You probably rebel, because any sport is good for the body!

This is true, but the main difference in stretching is that the entire training process runs smoothly, gently, the joints, muscles and muscle groups are stretched out gradually, there is an intense build-up of flexibility, which, unfortunately, is completely lost by the adult generation.

It is believed that the most effective age for the development of flexibility - up to 12 years, after that the body gradually begins to “stiffen” - first of all, the lifestyle of a modern person, mainly sedentary, affects. Time passes, you begin to notice that it’s harder to climb stairs, once again it’s better not to bend over, and it’s primitive to reach for the tips of your toes for most of them.

The aging process is underway, and this is absolutely normal, although it has long been proven that with regular sports, it can be slowed down and not so painful. To ensure that movements of different amplitudes do not cause severe discomfort, experts recommend stretching muscles and tendons, which, in essence, is stretching.

So what can you see with regular classes?

  • Recovery of muscle tone, increased efficiency and physical health of the body, aging processes are slowed down, increased immunity and overall tone.
  • It is not necessary to run to the gym, at home, starting from the complex for beginners, you can see real results in 3-4 weeks: weight loss, increased flexibility and stretching, reduction of cellulite deposits. If you are at home, it is recommended that you train for about 20-30 minutes 5-6 times a week to achieve visible improvements. If you practice more seriously with a fitness instructor, classes are usually held 3-4 times a week for 40-60 minutes, then after 5-6 months you can achieve very good results: general body correction, muscles tighten, posture improves, shoulders melt, and the body is becoming more and more feminine bends.
  • Due to the fact that in the process of training the muscles are constantly moving from a reduced state to a state of stretching, the elasticity of the tissues improves, and at the same time their supply with oxygen, nutrients that contribute to the removal of toxins and toxins from the body.
  • For people of age who constantly complain of pain in the joints and muscles, passive stretching is suitable, which is an excellent prevention of osteoporosis, various salt deposits, as well as other diseases. Due to this stretching of muscles, the bone skeleton is well strengthened, the grace of the body and the manner of movements are improved.
  • Stretching is a good alternative for children who for some reason cannot practice active sports. Training is mainly conducted in a playful way, which allows the younger generation to join the process with pleasure. By the way, this type of fitness training is a good option for those people who are rehabilitated after injuries and illnesses.

Stretching at home. What is needed for this?

Of course, the best option is to go to the gym, especially for beginners, because it is extremely important to perform the exercises correctly, as well as to observe the breathing technique that an experienced trainer can control.

Although in the hall, even at home, you, first of all, need a comfortable form that will not hold down movements and breathing, you can not wear anything at all on your feet, or you can do with cotton socks and ballet shoes.

The first thing you have to learn in class is the correct rhythm, frequency and depth of breaths. Do not strive to bend or stretch as much as possible; all movements should be smooth, soft and steady, without jerks and sharp movements.

Watch your breathing: exhalation should be accompanied with direct stretching of the muscles, they should be level when inhaling, breathing should be measured, even, it should not be delayed or, on the contrary, should be accelerated.

At first it may seem difficult to keep track of your breathing and the technique of doing the exercises, but after just 3-5 workouts you will not even notice how you can tune everything in the right way. And remember, no exercise should bring you hellish pain, if you feel obvious discomfort in the joints or muscles, it is better to stop, because stretching also has its contraindications.

For example, you should be very careful during menstruation, and during pregnancy, you should choose gentle and comfortable postures, and only under the supervision of a specialist with the permission of a doctor.

What is stretching

Exercises for stretching and flexibility are performed in the gym, complementing the training in aerobics or fitness, and independently. All those who sat on the splits are already familiar with the stitch, since one of the elements of the stretching is stretching the legs. In addition, stretching trains the muscles of the upper body, arms, back, neck. As a result of regular occupations, the joints and muscles do not lose mobility, preventing aging.

Stretching is an indispensable element in the training of athletes, but is also used as a separate direction in therapeutic and recreational gymnastics. Alternating muscle relaxation and tension helps a quick recovery and stress relief.

For women, this discipline is an effective way to become elegant, because fat stored in problem areas and stretching are incompatible concepts. With regular exercises, it gradually disappears, but there are relief muscles. In addition to this, the stretching muscles practically do not grow in breadth, which is necessary for an ideal figure: thin waist, graceful bends of legs, arms, body.

Stretching benefits

При регулярном выполнении упражнений на растяжку и гибкость, получаем результат:

-прорабатываются даже те мышцы, которые не работают при традиционных занятиях фитнесом,

-исчезают болевые ощущения и напряжение в различных частях тела, благодаря снятию нервных и мышечных блоков,

-stimulated cardiovascular system, which prevents the occurrence of thrombosis and atherosclerosis (due to the activation of veins and peripheral arteries),

- the body is rejuvenated, gaining flexibility and mobility,

-training man acquires slenderness, posture becomes taut and straight,

- self-esteem increases, mood improves, a feeling of satisfaction and comfort appears.

There is no time limit for practicing stretching. Combining classes well with cardio and strength training.

After a month of regular classes, you will be amazed at the new possibilities of your own body, which you couldn’t even suspect: lotus posture or splits - will not be difficult.

There is no limit to perfection for people engaged in stretching: perhaps after some time you will become available, even comfortable, incredible yoga asanas will be available.

Nuances and features

There are several types of stretching, so everyone has the right to choose according to their preferences.

Aerostretching For exercises on elasticity and a stretching uses the cloths hanging in air. Due to the risk of injury, this variety is not suitable for beginners. To proceed to the "air" stretching requires preparation: you need to do classical stretching for some time.

Stretching Strength at the same time it develops muscle strength and stretches muscles. It is recommended, as the previous one, to people with systematic stretching experience. It is important to be careful and gradual, (this applies to beginners in the first place). Striving immediately for high results is dangerous with muscle overload, even damage. When performing a complex, each exercise should be concentrated for 15 seconds.

Rules for neophytes:

- Stretch the muscles you need before the appearance of pain, which indicate that the current maximum reached in the stretch.

- It is desirable to perform stretching after aerobics or physical activity, when there is a sufficient rush of blood to the muscles, which increases elasticity.

- Proper breathing is the basis of success.

It is not necessary to force or hold the breath: keep breathing smooth and rhythmic. You can breathe deeply in the intervals between the change of positions. After training the muscles, let us relax: do not do strength exercises and hard work to avoid overstrain. Do not be afraid of moderate pain. Be wary of not “pleasant”, but dangerous pain, which is evidence of injury. With systematic workouts, you will learn to distinguish between these types of pain.

Exercise examples

Training consists of several stages:

- Mandatory, i.e. warm up or strength exercises. They are needed to warm up the muscles, which will prevent the occurrence of injuries.

-Exercises for developing flexibility: bridges, twines, bends.

Stretching exercises perform better with a partner.

After a few lessons, the effect of the training is noticeable. Plasticity improves from class to class. Later, the complex is desirable to replenish the ballet stretch, which will lead to faster progress. Musical accompaniment will only improve the workout. You can choose music for stretching according to individual preferences: jazz, relaxing ambient, light pop.

Complex stretching and flexibility:

  • stand up straight, slightly bend the knees in the legs, lift up one hand (as if pulling out an object). Then, lower the hand down and repeat the exercise with the other hand. For each hand, the number of repetitions 3-5 times.
  • From the same rack as in the previous exercise, we perform the exercise: the left hand on the belt, the right hand - to clasp the head. Tilt your head to the right. Fixing the rack for 15-20 seconds, make a 10-minute pause. After that, repeat the tilt in the other direction. Repeat in each direction to perform 8-10.
  • From a sitting position: place your legs wide apart, putting your hands behind your head, reach to the right knee. Fixing the extreme point, repeat the slope to the left knee. For each leg bend 6-8 times.
  • Getting up on all fours, stretch the left leg back and the right arm forward (the most extended position). Hold for 15 seconds. And then change limbs. Repetitions from 6 to 8.
  • Lie down and raise your legs to the head, clasping the feet. After a 15-minute hold, lower the legs. The number of repetitions - 6-8 times.

The secret of stretching is the alternation of relaxation and static muscle tension.

At first, it is advisable to do stretching classes with an instructor or a person with experience in stretching aerobics.