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Interesting and original autumn manicure (11 photos)


Beautiful not be forbidden! Every girl today is trying to match the level of fashionistas. Therefore, following the latest fashion trends and beauty trends, so as not to miss the trendy women's things and always keep up with the times. What is fashionable today in the design of nails, what a manicure in the trend in 2018?

As before, in trend french, moon and water manicure, shining with sparkles and rhinestones nail design, mirror, matte, as well as broken glass, nail art with geometric shapes and patterns on the nails. Manicure novelties are - space nail design, manicure with metallic elements and combined.

Stylish manicure 2018 photo ideas trends

Regarding the trendy shapes of the almond-shaped nails, if you are a fan of square pointed nails, then in 2018 it is desirable to smooth them out, the lines should be smoother, rounded. In length - the appropriate length is appropriate, not very long and not short. But, of course, you need to look at individual preferences and requirements. If you are a young mother and you have a baby, then you should not wear long, sharp nails, it can cause a little trauma. Also, workers with a job where nails interfere should not have long claws, look at the situation. Nail design 2018 will delight your radiance, a mixture of styles, textures and textures. Each will choose its own version of stylish nail art.

Retro style

This season, more than ever, the motives of the 60s are popular, they can be traced not only in manicure, but even in clothes. What does he associate with? These are dark plum and languid colors that reflect the postmodern shades of those years.

Most of the famous designer fashion houses have recently presented their understanding of the fashionable autumn manicure for the coming season. It consisted in matte shades of dark wine, plum and dark maroon shades occupied the dominant position on the short nails of the models. Such drama probably reflects the state of the season and its melancholic motifs.

Another short-term trend of fashion podiums of this season has become black short nails of models, but it seems so only at first glance. In fact, the manicure was created from several layers of dark varnishes in green, blue, red and brown colors, which create a deceptive impression when applying several layers.

However, not only matte shades are in fashion, but also mirror coatings of silver and gold shades, which cannot but attract attention.

French manicure and its variations

Constant classics, which do not get tired to decorate with new ideas, as well as to bring in notes of avant-garde and cubism. For example, it is difficult to recognize the classic French manicure, which is “dressed” in the skin of reptiles, animal skins, The unfading trend of many seasons - the coloring of the “smile” zone with snake prints, tiger stripes or zebra stripes, and also leopard spots.

It is absolutely easy to make such manicure options; it is enough to keep a thin lacquer brush and a toothpick in your stock; you can do with an ordinary needle. You will need these tools for drawing details, but in beauty salons there are special devices that do this work automatically.

"Smiles" marigold can be dressed up and in monochrome colors, use the autumn shades that we mentioned above. And if you want to get autumn drawings on the nails, which will correspond to the time of the year not only in color, then the service jacket will come to your aid again. The fashionable theme of this season, which has spread through more than one nail salon, is the fallen leaves, which peacefully adorn the tips of the nails.

Usually, to create such a manicure, a jacket is used as a base, painting the tip of the nail in a dark color, for example, dark brown. After that, we begin to engage in creativity.

Do not be scared, in order to portray the leaves, you do not have to be an artist, just apply a drop of varnish on the prepared nail that shade that will depict the leaf. After that, using a toothpick or dots, stretch the droplets slightly to the sides, creating the pointed tips of the maple leaf.

When the lacquer dries out, then, for greater likelihood, the outline of the leaves can be brought in a dark shade of the same color, and then add a little shine. Of course, do not forget about fixing the picture with transparent varnish.

Some more autumn ideas

Of course, autumn is quite a long time, it can take three months to go by with some leaves. But this has a solution. After all, autumn can be associated not only with fallen leaves, but also, for example, with flowers.

Of course, it is necessary to turn to those species that grow in autumn, for example, asters or dahlias. To depict such flowers on your nails is very simple, in fact, you need to draw snowflakes with a lot of ray-petals. For more convincing, you can add a few green strokes that depict the stem and a couple of leaves.

Flowers - this is too trite, some may say, especially the girls who are so experienced in this regard. Autumn is a varied season of the year, which is famous for its vegetable and fruit crops, as well as the famous holiday - Halloween.

Cute pumpkins and candles should not be overlooked if you think through creative autumn nail design. Such manicure options are, of course, best suited for young girls with slender fingers, otherwise such drawings may look somewhat awkward.

Natural beauty

Sensual and discreet manicure constantly keeps on the top lines of the charts, not losing positions every year. Delicate shades of pink, beige and cream colors will always look advantageous, and most importantly not catchy.

If you want to add a little shine, you can glue a couple of shiny pebbles or rhinestones that can diversify your daily manicure.

By the way, the baroque theme, which is characterized by a desire for luxury, also occupies the leading lines in the fashionable autumn trends of this year.

The most beautiful manicure autumn 2018-2019

When there is dampness and slush on the street and you don’t want to leave the house, a woman should pamper herself with small pleasant pleasures so as not to lose heart, and even look bad in bad weather.

Fashionable autumn manicure is one of the components of a stylish look at this time, therefore, it will not be superfluous to study current trends and learn about trends in nail design.

Autumn is very different and unpredictable, and this means that the same can be the original autumn manicure.

Having seen the novelties of the autumn manicure, you will certainly want to try some of the stylish ideas of the proposed nail art, which are very diverse and multifaceted.

The good news for lovers of rich colors will be that the fashionable manicure autumn will be bright, because the traditional palette - burgundy, red, yellow, green, brown, orange, coral and golden has not lost its relevance this season.

In addition, among the shades of autumn nail art masterpieces will appear purple, turquoise, fuchsia, gray, sea, calm beige and coffee, milky, which are also able to embody great ideas for new nail art experiments.

This does not mean that other trendy color combinations, in particular nude shades, will not decorate a stylish autumn manicure 2018-2019.

On the contrary, if you idolize autumn motifs, you will have a luxurious seasonal design, no matter what color choices you prefer.

Fashionable autumn manicure for short nails - accuracy, simplicity and convenience when choosing a form

Manicurists unanimously declare that short nails are at the peak of their popularity. Masters claim that any design on a short length will look perfect, neat and fashionable.

Note that the nail design gurus advise autumn manicure on square nails (short), even more than variations on the design of oval nails.

Short autumn nail design is not only beautiful, but also very practical. All sorts of drawings, openwork patterns, effects in a particular technique will look great on a short length.

Beautiful manicure autumn 2018-2019 - proven nail art techniques that are relevant this season

Each woman chooses a fashionable autumn manicure to her taste, given the priorities of lifestyle and her wardrobe.

Business women who do not indulge in particularly creative solutions will undoubtedly appreciate the depth of plain versions of nail design in the current color range with a matte, glossy finish or all sorts of textures that create the effect of a certain surface.

Black, rich red, purple, burgundy, wine, emerald, coffee manicure autumn in a monochromatic version - it is always stylish and restrained.

And if you prefer a light and unobtrusive autumn manicure in pastel colors - natural, natural shades, you will be irresistible in any image.

For women who do not adhere to the dress code, and can afford any fashionable autumn manicure 2018-2019 in a refined and even defiant design, a beautiful autumn manicure in the classical techniques, in particular, ombre, French and moon design will be to your liking.

Moreover, the combination of these techniques with each other also has a place to be in the autumn nail art in abundance, and the more interesting the version, the more elegant your nails will look.

Fashionable autumn manicure for every day - the best ideas and trends

In addition to the choice of everyday wardrobe, you can pick up a beautiful manicure autumn 2018-2019 for every day, which is also able to present you in the best light to others.

Amazing ideas of autumn manicure for every day reflect the most creative associations that occur in women at the recollection of this time of year.

Someone associates autumn with rain, therefore autumn manicure with droplets will create a successful illusion of rainy weather.

Falling leaves, colorful paint, autumn metamorphosis in nature can also be transferred to your autumn manicure 2018-2019 for every day, simulating amazing nail-art composition.

With the help of ombre techniques (smooth and sharp color transitions), stencils and patterns on the nails, real pros are able to create a unique manicure for autumn, complemented by falling foliage, autumnal gifts of nature, lonely twigs, cute animals, for example, foxes, owls, hedgehog etc.

Especially popular today is the autumn manicure with maple leaves of different sizes and color variations. The most interesting golden maple leaf on a dark background, for example, red, burgundy, emerald, black.

For those who do not have special skills, autumn manicure will help to realize stickers that create neat stripes, delicate and colorful flowers, geometric figures on the nails, 3D volume drawing in the form of a couple in love walking in the autumn Paris, beautiful women with an umbrella, autumn girls. d.

Stylists are advised to decorate with such pictures only one or two marigolds, and the rest to perform monochrome.

By the way, everyday manicure is autumn 2018-2019, where monophonic execution is combined with the original idea of ​​designing one or two nails on a hand now in a trend, therefore, make a fashionable autumn manicure in such a decision - you will not be mistaken.

If you are looking for new items of autumn manicure for every day, do not forget about velvet monotonous nails, which are very relevant for the period autumn-winter 2018-2019.

Fashionable autumn manicure 2018-2019 novelties

If the autumn manicure 2018-2019 for every day is bright and extraordinary, then the ideas of evening design promise to be more elegant than ever, emphasizing the beauty of evening or cocktail onions.

Evening manicure autumn is, above all, rich dark shades in combination with glitter and rhinestones of different sizes, shapes, colors, ways of decorating.

Also autumn 2018-2019 manicure is very popular this season and its elements in shades of metals, namely silver and gold.

In addition to gold leaves, women of fashion will appreciate gold and silver strips, gold and silver holes in moon manicure and strips in french design - these and other ideas of autumn manicure will be welcomed in evening nail design, diluting the inconstancy of autumn colds, rainy weather, whimsical cloudy days.

You can’t even imagine how beautifully you can combine rhinestones, glitter, rubbing, modeling different surfaces, and autumn motifs, transmitted by patterns and ornaments in one nail art.

Fashionable autumn manicure for the evening looks gorgeous on both short and long nails.

A discreet naturalness, tenderness and conciseness of design, as well as a game of contrasts in one manicure, are welcomed.

Choose dark tones with the effect of a marble surface, “cat's-eye” manicure and microbeads - it is always important, no matter what fashionable techniques appear in the nail industry.

And now let's use the photo examples to visualize the best ideas of autumn nail design for every taste.

The best autumn manicure autumn 2018-2019. Novelties of the richest in stylistics neyl-design

If you treat women with original stylistic thinking and have a special sense of taste, it will not be new to you that the most beautiful manicure autumn 2018-2019 is able to bring a touch of zest to a seemingly even calm and uncomplicated look in the spirit of the classics set in an office style.

Autumn manicure 2018-2019 will delight you with a rich, like autumn itself, a palette of hues, tones, and midtones, contrasts and combinations, so your nails will be decorated with yellow, purple, deep blue, rich green nail art.

Your nails will transform orange, brown, burgundy, gray, black, gold, purple, red, and silver nail design in the current forms of the nail plate in different techniques of everyday and evening options.

And so, the most fashionable autumn manicure autumn 2018-2019. About him further ...

Wonderful autumn manicure 2018-2019 with autumn stylistics of patterns and ornaments - trends, best trends

Autumn days greeted us with a most unexpected mood, endowing us with sunny, rainy, windy weather, a wonderful period of Indian summer.

Not cold, but not hot either ... - this is how we characterize the first days of this season.

The autumn manicure 2018-2019 will be just as multifaceted and versatile. We suggest you paint the nails with butterflies, flowers, birds, animal looks that will support nostalgia for spring and summer.

Add to the trendy autumn manicure 2018-2019 notes of autumn sadness, drawing on the nails the figures of people, autumn landscapes, the beauty of the overflowing colors of the forest, light abstractions and multi-colored brush strokes.

Traditional manicure for fall 2018-2019 is, undoubtedly, painting in combination with modeling, when fragile minimalist twigs, lonely swaying in the wind, rain droplets, leaves and other autumn ornaments and elements appear in the design.

We do not lose sight of the autumn manicure 2018-2019 with zigzags, figures and lines, paying tribute to the stylish geometric nail art.

In our TOP OF IDEAS, see autumn trends and manicure trends 2018-2019 for every taste and in different styles.

Innovative autumn manicure 2018-2019 with embossing, metal elements, luxury of gold and silver - trends and best trends

A truly unique find will be a fashionable autumn manicure 2018-2019 with chasing, which resembles extruded patterns and ornaments in the form of spirals, shapes, unusual curls, stripes.

The characteristic background for this trend is silver or gold. Moreover, manicure for autumn chasing can be performed as on all nails, and if you need a more modest autumn manicure, you can combine chasing with a monochromatic design of purple, black, coffee, plum, green and other shades.

Trendy this season is a trendy and spectacular autumn nail design with a metallic pattern, which can be achieved by performing original patterns and monograms based on rubbing silver and gold tones.

This autumn manicure 2018-2019 looks very festive and spectacular, so it will fit perfectly into an evening bow for a special occasion.

In addition to the embossing and metal pattern, you can make an autumn manicure with pieces of foil, a metal frame for the basic tone, also foil, as well as a wonderful gold and silver manicure with shimmering sparkles, larger glitter, bright confetti.

Fashionable autumn nail design 2018-2019 with pearl waves and powdery volume patterns - trends and best trends

No less striking trends than chasing, and metal nails, will be in the near season autumn manicure 2018-2019 with original pearl waves and ornaments created using special manicure powder.

As an autumn manicure with mother-of-pearl waves, and nail design for autumn with powdery patterns will help create amazing new nail art, both for everyday looks, and for evening bows with cocktail dresses and models of dresses in the floor.

Pearl manicure is performed most often on one or two marigolds, while other marigolds can be coated with a monochromatic lacquer, a manicure autumn using the ombre technique. Excellent look contrasting examples of this design.

Осенние ногти с пудровыми узорами и вензелями тоже выглядят великолепно, если сочетать контрастные сочетания оттенков, к примеру, зеленого и черного, бежевого и черного, белого и черного, сливового и бежевого и т.д.

Неординарный осенний маникюр 2018-2019 WATERWAY и рисунками по мокрым гель-лакам – тенденции и лучшие тренды

The new WATERWAY equipment allows you to create a radically new autumn manicure 2018-2019 with an original design made on wet silicone.

Even if you are not a master of painting, in this technique, you can simulate a stunning autumn nail design with a very unusual style.

Another completely new technique of drawing on wet gel lacquer with a needle or toothpick allows you to get a fashionable manicure for autumn, which you can create for a long time and persistently, because gel varnish tends to dry only under UV light.

Autumn manicure 2018-2019: the best new products and modern technology

It would seem that in the nail design the masters have already tried anything. But no, every year there is a new author's manicure for the fall with unique and unusual nail art solutions.

Creating stylish sets for this season, try a fantastic autumn manicure 2018-2019 with a light smoky effect, mosaic and origami, which will undoubtedly attract attention with an unusual look.

No one has canceled the current trends of the past seasons, so the manicure for autumn 2018-2019 is a stylish design with rhinestones, geometry, minimalist and impressionistic stylistics.

The fall manicure with rubbing, craquelure, metal and multi-colored foil, natural textures such as stone, which can cover all the nails, or decorate only some, will remain relevant.

In fact, plenty of ideas. Both the classic of nail art and fashionable innovations - everything is present this autumn in nail design.

Dare, and choose for yourself the best and that which is to your liking ...

Golden autumn on nails

Beautiful golden manicure in the fall of 2019-2020 becomes particularly relevant. There are options for a special occasion, for example, autumn manicure with a pattern of rhinestones and glitter, and simpler designs for each day, with one fingernail highlighted with golden decor.

Golden autumn is also associated with falling foliage. Bright colorful autumn leaves will be an appropriate addition to a manicure for autumn.

Leaflets can be painted on the nails in various ways. This may be stickers-sliders with the finished picture, rhinestones or molding in the form of a leaf and, of course, beautiful drawings with a brush.

Variants of manicure on the theme “Golden Autumn” will be original designs with pieces of golden foil, which can be complemented with a stylish geometric pattern or concise pattern.

Girl Autumn on the nails

The novelty of the autumn manicure 2019-2020 became charming and unusual drawings of the girl on the nails. In the center of attention of such a manicure in the fall becomes the face of the girl, depicted on one nail.

Beautiful pretty face with clearly traced features looks unforgettable and very beautiful. Such an autumn manicure should be trusted only to a good master. Alternatively, you can use the same sliders with a perfect perfect picture.

You can add fashionable autumn manicure with rhinestones and light patterns. This autumn design looks better on long nails, because a large nail plate gives you more room for creativity.

Matt manicure for autumn

Fashionable matte nails are relevant in any season. A special feature of the matte manicure in the fall of 2019-2020 were drawings in a matte design.

If earlier it was fashionable to combine matte manicure and a couple of nails with a glossy finish, then today the most popular manicure option for autumn is a matte manicure with matte patterns.

Such an autumn design looks restrained and very stylish. Contrasting combinations of matte shades, various patterns and patterns are permissible. You will find a lot of matte manicure options for autumn with a gray tint, which is a good base for any kind of nail design.

Landscape drawings in autumn manicure

If you can not choose which fashionable manicure for the fall to do, try the original options with the image of the autumn cityscape.

Such miniature drawings require special skill. But if you see such an autumn manicure 2019-2020 on your nails, you will be delighted. The ideas of the autumn manicure with a landscape pattern include any interpretation - the autumn park, the view from the window, the forest, the garden, the shore at the lake, etc.

Mandatory element of this landscape pattern will be autumn trees in yellow-red and orange colors.

Funny animals in manicure for autumn

A fashionable manicure for autumn 2019-2020 with funny and cute birds and animals will be able to cheer up autumn everyday life. Very cool drawings of animals on autumn nails can be very different.

If you want a more discreet manicure for the fall with a pattern - a dog, cat or chanterelle can be portrayed with a sophisticated and elegant silhouette. With this option of autumn manicure, you can safely go to the office or add an evening look.

For a fun everyday manicure autumn fluffy bellied birds, and especially amusing sleepy owls, will do. Such an autumn manicure will never be boring and always pleases the eye.