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How to cook the perfect mead?


Mead is a special drink. Many of us know the expression “drink honey” from ancient tales. Today, the art of medovar practically lost. Despite the fact that technology could become the main idea of ​​any Russian restaurant and bring him fame, so far no businessman has thought about it. Medovukha is a local, local drink that was prepared only in Russia and nowhere else in the world. Unfortunately, today only certain people know how to make mead from old honey. The taste of this drink is familiar to few, as to buy it in the store will not work. Even among beekeepers there are very few who know how to prepare this drink correctly. Today we want to tell the reader what can be considered mead.

Assortment of supermarkets

Indeed, readers may argue that in many stores on the shelves with alcohol there are bottles with the same name. But they have nothing to do with the old drink. Often, you are offered honey infusion, which is prepared by mixing a beekeeping product with water and alcohol. On apiaries do otherwise, they know how to make mead from old honey. But most often use fast technology, adding yeast. In this case, the drink acts out quickly: after a few days and the product can be sold. But this is also a non-original recipe.

Old technology

In Kievan Rus there was no modern equipment, and the recipes were passed on from generation to generation, and the result was fantastic. In the annals you can read how to make mead from old honey. That drink was kept in oak barrels, there was no hop or yeast in it. Berries, cherries, cranberries, plums or wild rose were added to it. There were also recipes according to which various spices were put into the raw materials. He will taste this more noble.

A little bit about the history of the drink

It should be noted that the fresh product of beekeeping at all times was extremely valuable to humans. Nutritious, useful, easy enough for mastering, it is a ready source of energy, vitamins and amino acids. But if the honey stagnated or began to ferment, it was no longer possible to eat it. Therefore, new recipes began to appear. As already mentioned, even in ancient Russia it was known how to make mead from old honey.

In the old days, Russian cities were famous for their medovarence. The strength of this drink was different - from 5 to 16%. In the old notes you can find several options for recipes, each of which had its own peculiarity. Juniper berries, cinnamon sticks, cloves, or even hot peppers were added to the drink.

Waiting time

If you want to prepare this drink at home, it is extremely important to study the technology beforehand, because otherwise you can spoil the whole process at the very beginning. Therefore, today we want to consider in detail how to put mead from honey. The recipe for cooking at home is not too complicated, but, as elsewhere, there are some subtleties.

In the standard version, the cooking time is 5 days. But do not flatter yourself that after this period you can already enjoy a drink. Mead resembles muddy champagne, is aerated, but not too tasty. If after that it is poured into a wooden barrel and left for 3-6 months, then the taste will change for the better. It will become less playful, but more fragrant. The fortress is growing, a young drink usually does not have more than 5%, but over time, the rate can reach 20%. The consistency becomes fluid and dense. And if you add berries, over time, mead will become even more useful, since all the vitamins and minerals pass into the drink.

Old recipe

It was especially popular in the 19th century. Its feature is a stunning aroma. This is achieved due to the fact that water with honey is not subjected to heat treatment, that is, boiling. Thanks to this, it turns out the most delicious mead. The home-made cooking recipe allows you to deliver a stunning light drink that resembles aromatic kvass.

In this embodiment, no yeast is used. What makes the final product is clean, transparent and tasty. You may be wondering if you can give it to children. It is easy to answer this question if you know the technology of cooking a product, what is its composition, how many degrees. Honey from the honey, prepared according to this recipe, contains no more than 2% alcohol. Therefore, it can be used by all family members, in moderate doses, of course.

Features of the process

Making honey from the honey according to an old recipe is not difficult, except for the fact that you need to stand in a wooden dish. So, you need to take a liter of water. There is a small nuance: it needs to be boiled, but be sure to cool it. At this amount you will need 50 grams of honey and as much fresh grapes or raisins. It is best to take exactly the berries. Dried raisins can lead to the fact that the drink is covered with mold.

Rinse the berries well. Then the cooking process is very simple: you need to add honey and water - and let them wander. The jar should be closed and the mixture left for two days at room temperature. If the room is not the warmest, and there is no sun outside, then the fermentation process can continue longer. A lot of gases are released during this, so if you tightly seal the can, it will explode. You can close the bottle with a cloth, but it is better to make a special gas outlet from a regular lid with a hole. The thin hose is inserted into it. One side should hang over the liquid in the vessel, and the other should be lowered into the bowl of water. So gases can freely leave the drink.

Second phase

And we continue to consider how to make mead from honey without yeast. Next, filter the liquid using gauze. It now remains to pour it into a suitable container and put it in a cool place. It would be even better if you lower it into the cellar. Literally in 2-3 months the drink will be ready.

When you are preparing a drink for the first time, you can only focus on the criteria proposed by us. However, after several times you will be able to determine the taste when the mead will be ready. The product of the first fermentation has a sweet taste and many unpleasant bubbles, as if in sour jam. But when the gas almost completely disappears, and the taste becomes slightly sour, like a young jam, then you can already please yourself and your relatives with an excellent drink.

Fermentation products

Speaking about how to make mead from honey, it is worth noting that the risk of poisoning with such a drink is zero. Of course, the fermentation process is the result of the activity of bacteria, and there is always a risk of developing pathogenic microflora. Do not worry about it is not worth it. Kvass and lactic acid bacteria completely crowd out harmful microbes.

Many people think that raisins are needed exclusively for flavor. In fact, its main function is precisely to cause fermentation processes. If you plan to prepare a drink several times in a row, then you do not need to drain the old one completely. Then the young will mature much faster.

Making a drink from old honey

Probably, everyone was faced with such a situation that honey was purchased in bulk in a fairly substantial amount, several years passed, a fresh product was already bought, and the old one no longer wants to eat. Throw, of course, sorry. In this case, the mead from old honey will be the perfect solution. At home, make a delicious drink is not difficult.

If we described above the recipe of put mead, which is distinguished by its exquisite, fresh taste and low alcohol content, then the most often cooked drink is made from the old, candied raw material. For its preparation, beekeepers use any remnants. The barrels are soaked from under the honey, and everything that lags behind their walls also goes into business.

Honey Cooking Technology

So, on the agenda of our day - a delicious mead. The recipe of cooking (at home, of course) of this drink is as follows. You will need 10 liters of water, 1.5 kg of honey, 10 g of hop cones and 3 g of bread yeast. The process involves heat treatment. Water should be poured into a container and bring to a boiling point. Immediately warn that the prolonged heating of honey above 40 degrees leads to the fact that it forms a dangerous toxin. However, we will take into account this property.

Now add old honey to the water and start stirring so that it does not burn. Literally in three minutes we remove the foam, pour in the hops and remove from the fire. Do not forget to cover the vessel with a lid. Now we need to wait until the temperature drops to 45 degrees. Then add the yeast, cover and put in a warm place for fermentation. It remains only to strain the drink through cheesecloth and pour into small containers.

Mead from honey and yeast must stand. To do this, it is closed with traffic jams and lowered into the cellar. After two days you need to reduce the pressure. Bottles must be gently opened and closed again. Now the wait will be 4-5 days. The finished drink has a taste of champagne. It has a small shelf life, so it is important to consume the product in 2-3 weeks. Get ready to treat your relatives and friends with a delicious drink. Degrees in it a little, so it is perfect even for women.

Strong mead

This recipe is ideal for those who prefer alcoholic beverages with a solid degree. Thick, spicy taste is sure to appreciate the men. If you are looking for a recipe for making mead from fermented honey, then there is no better option. Although here you need to pay attention to such a moment. Good honey can not wander, it is bactericidal. That is, it may not quite honey. In any case, if the sweet product is spoiled, you need to use it somehow.

You will need to take 250-350 g of honey and a teaspoon of brewer's yeast. This amount will take 2 liters of water, 400 g of medical alcohol (50%), 5 g of hops and spices. It can be nutmeg, cinnamon and cardamom to taste. A solution of honey and water is required to stand on low heat for 30 minutes. Bringing to a boil is not necessary and it is very important to stir periodically. Do not forget to remove foam in time.

When the solution has cooled to 45 degrees, add hops, yeast and other components. The mixture will ferment for a week in a warm place. Now the drink is filtered, and it is left in a dark cellar for a month. Alcohol is added before drinking. This mead of sour honey will be an excellent option for a warm men's company.

Mead on Bread Yeast

You can try different ways to make a drink. Add apples or cherries, lemon juice or prunes to it - and get a completely different taste, exotic and bright. We want to offer you another option for making mead, which is distinguished by a magnificent bouquet, slightly resembling a delicious kvass.

You will need to take a kilo of honey and five liters of water, yeast and 100 grams of white bread. Black is used for kvass, but here it will break out of the overall composition. The cooking process is not too different from the one that has already been described. Boil the honey dissolved in water for 20 minutes. After that, the liquid must be filtered and allowed to cool to 50 degrees. Now you can add bread and yeast. Leave the mixture in a warm place, so she wandered. About the end of the process will indicate the disappearance of the foam. Now filter and, if desired, add apple or lemon juice.

For full preparation, the mixture should be left in a cool place for 12 days. Ideal temperature from 2 to 4 degrees. Now mead is ready to eat. It remains to be bottled and put in the cellar. For a long time this drink is not stored, so there is no point in preparing it for the year ahead. But while it is fresh, treat your friends.

What is mead?

Mead is an alcoholic drink with a strength of 4-5 to 10-16 degrees, made from water and honey with the addition of yeast. Some flavorings can also be used, for example, herbs, spices, berries. Such a drink is popular in many cities, but in its original form, the tradition of mead-cooking and the use of beekeeping products remained in Veliky Novgorod (the mead is a certain business card of this city) and Suzdal.

A bit of history

It is believed that in the modern form of mead appeared in the XVIII century, but it became really popular only in the last century. During the years of Soviet power, beekeeping intensified, and it contributed to the periodic pumping of so-called “immature” honey. For a long time, it could not be stored and sold, so it began to be used for other purposes. For example, a method of diluting with water and fermenting with yeast was invented. In the future, for the production of mead began to use and "mature" honey, but it added more water.


Since the mead is prepared in different ways, there are several varieties of it. Depending on the processing of honey, they produce honey put (honey is not sterilized by boiling) and nourishing or boiled (honey is sterilized, that is, it is boiled). Sometimes honey is added after preparation to make the drink more pronounced sweetness and soft taste.

If the classification is based on the duration of the fermentation period of the drink, then we can distinguish such varieties as a young, ordinary, strong and put mead. Depending on the ingredients added during the manufacture of the drink, the drink may be hoppy (respectively, among the ingredients there is hops) or counterfeit, with the addition of various spices. In addition, mead can be fortified if alcohol is added to it.

Option One

This recipe involves the preparation of mead with the addition of yeast.

List of required ingredients:

  • 300-350 grams of natural honey
  • two liters of clean water
  • a teaspoon of yeast,
  • a teaspoon of hop cones,
  • spices to taste (for example, nutmeg, cinnamon).

  1. Pour water into a saucepan and bring to a boil. Then lower the heat a little and start adding honey, while constantly stirring the liquid. After about five minutes of boiling, remove the foam that has formed on the surface. Then add the hops and spices, and remove the pan from the heat.
  2. Cool the mixture to about 45 degrees and add yeast to it, mix well.
  3. Then you can send the entire pan with liquid to a warm place for two or three days, and then pour the drink into a glass container with a lid and give it a virtue. But you can also immediately pour the composition into a container with a water seal (for example, with a thick rubber glove attached to the neck and holed in one place) and leave it for about five to seven days.
  4. When the fermentation process is complete, that is, the gas stops forming (the glove deflates), strain the liquid and pour it into glass bottles.
  5. A simple mead is ready!

Option Two

You can cook a delicious cherry mead and without yeast. This will require:

  • 2 kilograms of honey
  • 3-4 kilograms of cherries,
  • 1.5-2 liters of water.

  1. Cherries need to sort out (use only ripe and soft, but not rotten berries) and clean the seed. It is not necessary to wash it, because it is the microorganisms living on the surface that will start the fermentation process and replace the yeast. Next, place the berries in a container in which the mead will be kept.
  2. Heat the water a little, add honey to it and dissolve it, stirring actively. Pour cherry over this mixture.
  3. Cover the container with any cloth or gauze folded in several layers, leave for a few days. When the microorganisms are activated (you will understand this by the formation of gas bubbles), place a water seal on the neck of the jar, for example, a rubber glove with a hole made in one of the fingers.
  4. Store the container in a warm place for fermentation. This process can take two weeks or less.
  5. When the fermentation is complete (gassing stops), strain the drink well with gauze or cloth and pour it into separate bottles.

Option Three

This recipe involves pre-boiling honey and adding spices, which will make the drink nourishing and spicy.

List of required ingredients:

  • 1200-1300 grams of high-quality natural honey,
  • 7 grams of heady cones,
  • 3.5 liters of water
  • half a teaspoon of cinnamon,
  • five buds of carnations,
  • a few peas allspice,
  • a teaspoon of ground or about 20 grams of fresh ginger root,
  • a handful of tangerine, lemon or orange peel,
  • 1.5 teaspoons of wine or beer yeast.

  1. In honey, add half the volume of all the water, move the mixture into a large saucepan and cook for about two to three hours. It is important to constantly stir everything and not move away from the stove, as the honey can boil and ignite.
  2. Then pour in the remaining water, and add all the spices, zest and hops. If you are using fresh ginger, then it should be pre-grated. After boiling, keep the composition on the fire for about half an hour, then remove it from the stove.
  3. Cool the mixture so that it becomes warm (about 35-37 degrees, that is, approximately as the temperature of the human body) and add yeast to it.
  4. Now the liquid needs to be poured into a sufficiently large container, providing it with a water seal. Процесс брожения будет длиться от одной недели до трёх, всё зависит от температуры помещения и от активности дрожжевых микроорганизмов.
  5. Процедите медовуху, разлейте по бутылкам и пейте.

Несколько полезных рекомендаций:

  • In the process of fermentation will be formed foam. And if you want the drink to be as transparent as possible, then it should be removed.
  • It is best to store mead in the refrigerator in a sealed package. And after opening the bottle, it is advisable to drink the drink during the day, as it will continue to ferment and become more acidic.
  • If mead does not seem sweet enough to you, then just add some honey to it.
  • So that the drink has not only a pleasant taste, but also a bright smell, it is better to choose aromatic honey varieties, for example, lime, buckwheat. But, in principle, fit any other.
  • It is best to use mature candied honey, on it the mead will turn out more tasty and fragrant.
  • In principle, for the preparation of a drink at home, you can use any yeast, including baking. But it is better to choose either beer or wine, in this case the process of digestion will accelerate, and the drink will be more saturated.
  • After boiling it is important to wait for the mixture to cool and then add the yeast, since at elevated temperatures they simply die.
  • If you managed to make a good mead, then it is certainly interesting how to drink it. In Russia, it was customary to serve it as an aperitif, that is, before meals. Drink drank in small sips to fully experience and appreciate the taste of honey. In summer, you can pre-cool mead, and in winter, on the contrary, warm up a little. Eating such a drink can be almost anything: meat, pickled, salted or fresh vegetables, wet fruits, berries, and even pastries.

Recipe step by step:

  1. Boil water in an enamel container, add honey to it and boil for 5 minutes. Collect foam from the surface, add spices, remove from heat and cover with a lid.
  2. When the honey has cooled to 30 - 40 degrees, dilute the yeast in it and put for a couple of days in a warm place. Then pour into the container with a water seal and hold until the end of the fermentation process (the foam on the surface should disappear).
  3. Filter the drink, bottled and stand for two to three months in a dark cool place before drinking.

How to make the Suzdal mead

Suzdal and Vladimir are Russian cities that have long been famous for their medovarence. And now the mead is a gastronomic symbol of Suzdal. There it is manufactured on an industrial scale, including for export (Japan). And you can taste different types of this drink in the Tasting room.

Production technology:

  1. Together with sugar, dilute half of the prescription amount of honey with water and boil this syrup on low heat for 15 to 20 minutes, collecting from the surface of the froth.
  2. Cool boiled honey to 30 degrees, dilute the yeast in it and leave to ferment for three days.
  3. After that, carefully filter the drink, pour it into prepared containers and keep it in a cool place for a month.
  4. Filter again, add honey and return to the cool for four days. Mead ready.

The other two popular species of Suzdal mead are the Cossack and Pyatialtynnaya. They are prepared according to the same recipe, only in the first case juniper and pepper are added to the honey. And for Pyatalytny mead, sugar is replaced by malt and reduces the time of fermentation of the drink.

Working process:

  1. Dilute honey with water and boil for a quarter of an hour, remembering to remove the foam that appears on the surface of the liquid. Then cool the honey syrup to room temperature.
  2. Wash and remove the bones from the cherry berries, put them in an enamel pan and pour over the cooled honey. Cover the container with a towel and leave at room temperature for 2 - 3 days. During this time, the fermentation process will not have enough time to be activated, so there will be no alcohol in the finished drink.
  3. After aging, strain the drink, pour it into a clean glass container and remove it for at least three months in a cellar or refrigerator.

Put on honey - an old recipe of mead

Put honey is the oldest hop honey drink, the duration of exposure of which ranged from 15 to 40 years. Mead prepared in the same way, but aged for 5–8 years was called “young”, “raw” or “bad”. A drink was prepared from two parts of honey and one part of berry (raspberry, lingonberry, cherry) juice, without a drop of water.

In fact, the process of preparing put honey was similar to the preparation of high-quality wine, and it will be very difficult to repeat it at home.


  1. Boil honey with water to a state of concentrated syrup without lumps.
  2. Remove bones from the cherry berries and pour honey over them.
  3. The resulting mass should be in a tank with a wide neck (pan or basin), which should be covered from above with gauze and left so warm until fermentation stops.
  4. When the foam on the surface almost completely disappears (after 10 - 15 days), carefully filter the liquid, pour it into barrels or bottles, seal and stand in the basement for three to five months, periodically turning it over. The longer the exposure lasts, the tastier the mead.

The recipe without yeast and boiling

This recipe for mead does not require yeast - raisins act as an activator of the fermentation process. Also, the technology of preparation does not involve boiling honey, which helps to preserve its benefit in the finished drink.

How to cook:

  1. First, water should be dissolved honey. Next, in the resulting sweet liquid put the raisins. Before laying it should be rinsed, but in no case be washed with hot water, so as not to destroy the microorganisms responsible for the fermentation.
  2. Covering the neck of the container with honey water with gauze folded several times, leave it in a warm place for two days before the fermentation process begins. If there is not enough heat, then more time may be needed.
  3. After that, filter the mead through 3 - 4 layers of gauze. Hermetically close the vessel with a drink and clean in a cool place (refrigerator or cellar) for three - four months.

Preparation of Mead:

  1. Cranberry berries crushed in mush with potato masher or smash with a blender. Then the resulting mass is filtered through a fine-mesh sieve or cheesecloth.
  2. Cranberry juice for the time set aside, and combine the cake with water and boil for 5 - 7 minutes. Then let the resulting liquid stand for about half an hour and filter.
  3. Add honey to the cranberry broth and cook for two or three minutes, be sure to remove the foam so that the drink is clear.
  4. Remove the honey-cranberry decoction from the heat, cool to room temperature, dissolve the yeast in it and pour in the cranberry juice obtained earlier.
  5. Allow the drink to stand for two days in natural conditions, then bottled, filling them in. Withstand drinking in a cool place for 14 days and cranberry mead is ready.

Homemade spicy

The combination of spices (such as ginger and cinnamon) with honey has found wide application not only in confectionery business (baking honey-ginger dough). It also allows, for example, to get drunk honey with a rich taste and aroma.

Strong homemade mead

Preparing intoxicating honey according to this recipe very quickly. It has a honey aroma and sweetish taste, but the strength of the drink is not much inferior to vodka, so it should be used carefully to prevent alcohol intoxication.

How to make mead:

  1. Prepare the base of the mead. To do this, boil diluted honey with water and boil the solution for five minutes, removing the resulting foam. At this stage, you can add spices.
  2. Next, cool the broth, filter, to get rid of the seasonings, and dilute with vodka or alcohol. By increasing or decreasing the amount of this ingredient, you can adjust the strength of the finished product.

How many degrees in the drink

Since mead - is "drunk" honey, then it contains a certain amount of alcohol.

The degree level in the drink will depend on:

  • the temperature at which he insisted
  • the duration of exposure,
  • and, of course, recipes (its constituent products).

Usually mead is a low alcohol beverage with an alcohol content of 5 to 16 degrees, but there is also a strong mead with the addition of vodka or alcohol. The strength of such a drink can reach up to 40 degrees. You can also find non-alcoholic, slightly carbonated drink, more like honey kvass with an alcohol content of not more than 2%.

Homemade mead is not like store products. The drink, cooked independently, tasty, natural, without dangerous preservatives and dyes. Nevertheless, caution should be exercised with its use - the degree hidden behind the soft sweetness of honey is cunning and quite capable of knocking off its feet.

Drink history

This is a drink with a thousand-year history. It was prepared back in Kievan Rus. Then the honey was fermented, added to it various berries and herbs. Kept in oak barrels for up to 20 years without any yeast.

The current mead has nothing to do with that drink. Although everyone can prepare this healthy drink at home for themselves.

Independently of this mead is very easy to make. Moreover, cooked with your own hands, it is tastier and stronger. If you want to make a strong, up to 10-12 degrees, honey drink, then it should be prepared using yeast. In addition to water and honey, the composition may be various spices and herbs. We will describe the most popular and interesting recipes for making mead at home.

Simple mead

300 g of honey and 5 g of dry yeast are required for 2 liters of water. Bring water to a boil, add honey and simmer for 15 minutes, stirring constantly. The resulting foam is removed.

After 15 minutes, remove from the heat and cool, then fall asleep yeast. Cooling is necessary, because otherwise the yeast will simply cook.

Then pour all the liquid into the fermentation vessels. To do this, you can use a simple three-liter jar. We install a water seal on its neck and put it in a warm place.

Hold it necessary to ferment for seven days. Then strain into another glass container without sediment and leave in a cool place. After a few days, the drink is ready for use, after a month it turns into a strong mead, and after six months - into an excellent strong drink.

Cooking technology

Usually the ripening period is about five days. During this time, the mead turns into a liquid, more like a muddy juice. The drink can be insisted from three months to six months.

He plays less, but acquires other properties, aroma and strength. You can make the drink more tasty and healthy by adding different berries to it. They will give their nutrients, and the drink will also be healing.

For the manufacture of mead at home with the necessary ingredients there is no difficulty. Yeast can be used any, including for baking bread.

It is very important to choose the right honey. The quality of the drink itself depends on it. Should pick aromatic varieties. It is very good to use buckwheat or lime honey.

Sparkling Mead

This recipe is intended for lovers of carbonated drinks. Consider in detail.

  1. In the cleaned prepared containers pour honey, at the rate of one and a half teaspoon per liter of finished mead. Honey will give secondary fermentation and fill the drink with natural carbon dioxide.
  2. Pour into the bottle with the added honey is already ready to drink. Leave 5-6 cm of free space from the neck.
  3. Seal.
  4. Leave for a week and a half in a dark place at a temperature of 20 degrees. Daily it is necessary to check the gas pressure, each time bleeding off the excess.
  5. Next, put the finished mead in a cool place to ripen for a week.

Mead without yeast

This recipe was used by our ancestors in the manufacture of real mead. The drink was prepared without yeast, and cold water was used to dilute the honey. Medovukha according to this method is prepared much longer, 3-4 months, the alcohol content is much less, respectively, and the fortress is only 2-4 degrees.

The hardest thing here is to find an alternative to yeast, since water with honey without yeast will not ferment. There are two options for fermentation: raisins or cherries (raspberries, strawberries). Our ancestors used cherries. But we will try both. The technology is as follows.

  1. On 1 l of cool water we take 80 g of honey and 50 g of raisins. When using cherries, the proportions are: 1 liter of water for 4 kg of pitted cherries and 2 kg of honey. Important! Raisins and cherries do not wash. You can wash away the wild yeast by which fermentation takes place.
  2. Tie up the neck of the container with a clean cloth and put in a warm place for 1-2 days. Without yeast, of course, the process will take much more time.
  3. As soon as fermentation begins, all the liquid is filtered, poured into another container and tightly closed. This is the method of the so-called staked mead. Water lock is not needed here.
  4. Now you need to put the filled mead capacity in the cellar. Maturation time - 3-4 months. After this time, the drink will be fully prepared. To your taste, this mead is more like a sour carbonated kvass, almost without alcohol. But it is just such a drink that most mead connoisseurs consider correct.

Try using both methods. Then draw your own conclusions.

General tips and tricks: a simple recipe for this mead

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Everyone probably saw beautiful glass bottles with amber, clear liquid in the store on the shelf, with the inscription "Mead" on the label. Many people think that this tincture of vodka with the addition of honey, and of completely incomprehensible quality, is the very vaunted drink that our ancestors loved so much. In fact, everything is completely wrong, the old recipe of mead does not imply absolutely no alcohol in the composition, and its strength reached as much as 10-12%, which is not so much.

Since ancient times, mead was considered a low-alcoholic drink, with a strength of not more than 12%, which is made by fermenting honey. Moreover, to ferment it can be pushed by various methods, which will be discussed in the article. Usually, honey, yeast, hops, and sometimes even raisins or cherries can be part of such a mead. A sturdy mead on vodka, the recipe for which we also give below, is a modern invention that has practically no relation to the old honey.

For its preparation, immature or specially prepared honey was corked in oak barrels in a special way, and then buried in the ground. Hop was usually added to honey, and it was necessary to keep such a drink in the ground for at least two decades to make it completely ripe and perfect. It is unlikely that someone has the desire and opportunity to engage in such masochism, and mead can be cooked much faster and enjoy the stunning aroma and indescribable taste.

Simple mead recipes at home with yeast: grow honey

All strong types of mead, in which the alcohol content exceeds 3-5% percent, are necessarily prepared on the basis of honey and yeast. However, traditionally, in addition to water and honey, a variety of aromatic and flavor additives are added to the drink, for example, aromatic hops and nutmeg, cardamom, sage, coriander and cinnamon, and much more. This is a matter of taste, and if you do not want your mead to be spicy, then it is better not to add such herbs and spices.

Elementary, Vanya: how to cook mead at home, a recipe

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The simplest recipe for the preparation of this useful and fragrant drink is called “ordinary”, because it can be considered the basis for any mead. It will not be difficult to make such a drink in your own kitchen, even in a city apartment, so you should definitely try it, especially since the process will not take much time. The following ingredients are required to make a drink:

  • Three hundred grams of natural honey.
  • Two liters of purified or well, soft water.
  • About a tablespoon (about 5 grams) of yeast. You can take bakery, wine, dry and normal.

It will not be difficult to cook at all, but first you need to take a stainless steel saucepan or enameled. It is better not to use aluminum container, as honey may darken and grow cloudy from it. Pour the water into the pot and boil it, then gradually add the honey, stirring constantly. Consider that honey "likes" to stick to the walls and bottom of the tank, because you need to constantly and thoroughly stir the brew, until the honey finally dissolves. Also make sure that the medoc does not fall on the burners, as it can catch fire in a matter of seconds.

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Three to five minutes after boiling it will take a while to start raising the foam, which must be completely removed, and very carefully so that it does not dissolve in the main liquid. When the foam stops rising, and your future drink is clear, simply remove it from the heat and cool to a temperature of fifty degrees, and even better, to room temperature. The fact is that yeasts are living organisms, they will die at a high temperature, and then nothing will turn out. Pour a little syrup into a cup or jar, dissolve the yeast in it, and then add it to the container and stir it thoroughly.

Then everything is simple, mead should be left in a warm and dark place in order for the whole thing to ferment thoroughly. Проще всего применять стеклянные банки и бутыли, которые проще всего закрыть так, как нужно. Перелив медовуху в сосуд, нужно сделать специальный отвод воздуха.

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Проще всего надеть на горлышко медицинскую перчатку, для надежности закрепив ее почтовой резинкой. В одном из пальцев сделать небольшое отверстие иглой. Можно также использовать гидрозатвор, который также будет нетрудно сделать. A tube is inserted into the lid of the jar that does not reach the level of the liquid, and the other end is lowered into the water, as shown in the picture.

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When the fermentation stops, it can be understood, if the glove has fallen, or the bubbles have not left the tube for a long time, the mead should be carefully drained. Then you can pour it into bottles and close tightly with caps or corks. This mead should be stored in the cold, after three to six days it is completely ready for use, and in a few months it will acquire even more strength, but will become less sweet.

Monastic or novice mead at home: a simple recipe with hops

This wonderful drink was prepared in the old days not only for themselves, but also for sale, for example, it was often sold during fairs and folk festivals. However, most often such cases were occupied by monks, who, by definition, should not drink. In fact, it often turned out differently, but the recipe of the monastic mead did not at all get worse from this, but on the contrary. That is why it makes sense to tell you how to make mead at home, its recipe is simple and accessible, and besides the usual components, you will also have to get hop cones.

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  • One kilogram of light honey, of course naturally, is best suited for lime, but this is a matter of taste.
  • Three liters of clean, soft water.
  • Two teaspoons of ground hop cones, or a few hefty.
  • About five grams (tablespoon) of yeast of any kind, but it is best to take bread or wine.

Boil water and gradually, gradually dissolve your honey in it. It is much more convenient when it is fluid and liquid, but note that, for example, in the spring of this is not worth buying, this is a clear sign of a surrogate or a fake. Boil your brew over low heat for three hours, constantly stirring it, in order to avoid burning. Minutes from the fifth will foam, which will be very abundant, it must be removed immediately with a spoon or frequent skimmer.

After half an hour of cooking in honey you will need to add hops. Naturally, the easiest way is to simply throw it into the saucepan and mix, but there is a better method. Wrap hop cones in gauze folded in two or three, tie it all together, and tie a pebble to one end. After that, you can throw everything in mead. So from the hops everything that needs to be boiled out, but an ugly “straw” in the liquid will not float. Make sure that when boiling out a liquid, you regularly fill it, however, with exceptionally hot water.

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After three hours of cooking, the saucepan must be removed, cooled to 40-50 degrees, add diluted yeast, and leave to ferment under a lid in a warm place. For high-quality heating, you can use a special device for aquariums. As soon as a very thick foam appears, it will be necessary to pour the liquid into a glass vessel, for example, as in the previous version, and install a hydraulic seal.

According to an authentic recipe, as soon as the fermentation stops completely, freshly brewed tea should be added to the drink. On the glass, take two full-top spoons of tea leaves, this will be just in time. After the tea is infused for four or five minutes, and also completely cooled, it can be poured into the mead. You need to carefully filter the drink and you can drink it right away, but you can stand it for a month or two, it will become even more saturated and fragrant, and also stronger.

Easy "ladies" mead: a recipe for home cooking

The two previous recipes that we have provided here imply the production of mead, with a strength of up to ten or even twelve degrees, in the end. However, not everyone wants to do something similar, because there are easier options, which are now called ladies. This light mead in small doses can even be given to a child, as a medicine for sore throat, though not more than a tablespoon, however, even official medicine recognizes the effectiveness of this method of treatment.

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  • Three hundred grams of natural honey.
  • Two liters of purified, soft water.
  • Fifteen grams, about three full, with top, tablespoons of hops.
  • Half a teaspoon of dry yeast, or three to five grams.

We cook everything as in past recipes, however, the hops should be added as soon as the honey is dissolved. Boil for a light mead will not take long, just five or seven minutes, so that everything is ready. Remove the brew from the heat, cool and add the yeast, after which you can put in a warm, dark place, straight in a saucepan, covered with a cloth or gauze. After five to seven days, the fermentation will stop, the mead will need to be drained and bottled. Put the bottle on the best of the cold, and you can drink in a week.

Gorgeous mead from zabrus: recipe for a large company

If you have a holiday and many guests come, or maybe just a big family that loves to gather at the table, you definitely need a mead at home, a simple recipe with a video you will see at the end of the article, prepared from zabrus, because it will be a lot, and it does not require large expenditures and resources. However, it is necessary to acquire these same zabrusom, which in fact is corkscrews or seals of honeycombs, with honey stuck to them. Most often, these drinks are prepared by the beekeepers themselves, but this simple recipe does not interfere with mere mortals.

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  • Three kilograms of full-fledged bee swag.
  • A ten-liter bucket of clean, soft water, preferably from a well.
  • From one and a half, to two kilograms of natural honey, depending on the quality of zabrus.
  • A pound of any berries. This may be a cherry, raspberry, strawberry, strawberry, currant, blackberry, or whatever else comes to your head. You can use raisins and raisins, grapes, all this to your own taste.

Pour into a large container zabrus and unwashed berries with cold water, then mix thoroughly and put the pan in a dark, warm place. Be sure to ensure that the liquid in the pan takes no more than two-thirds of the volume, otherwise the foam will crawl through the top. As soon as fermentation begins, you can begin to count, somewhere in ten days, it must be fully completed.

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Ten days later, you need to drain a little liquid and dissolve the honey you purchased in advance, then mix everything together, and leave your honey masonry for the time of the second fermentation. As soon as it ends, it is easy enough to check it, bringing the lit match to the surface, which should not be extinguished, the mead should be qualitatively but very carefully filtered through several layers of gauze and poured into glass bottles or one bottle with a tight lid. You need to store the drink in a dry and cool place, and you can do this for six months.

Useful properties of mead

  1. The main ingredients of mead are considered to be spicy herbs, yeast (baking or beer), honey, seasonal berries, alcohol, roots. The drink is useful for vitamins of different groups, these include section A, B, C, D, E, K. Due to the metals contained in the drink, mead has healing properties.
  2. The drink is considered to be medicinal due to the fact that it contains a large amount of honey. The drug is often used in the treatment of pneumonia and bronchitis, prophylactic purposes in the case of impotence and seasonal cold.
  3. Honey is considered a bactericidal and anti-inflammatory product, but at the same time it is the strongest allergen. People who often develop individual intolerance to the components should be extremely careful.
  4. Mead has a diuretic effect. Despite the fact that the composition contains alcohol, the drink is often used to treat kidneys. The drug cleanses the body, removes toxins and toxins, fights against general fatigue and leads the psycho-emotional background to normal.
  5. People who have sputum in the bronchi and lungs will become indispensable. Products dilute tumors, then pulls them out, thereby freeing the airways.
  6. Thanks to the addition of fragrant spices (cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, etc.), the drink can be drunk warm on winter evenings. Drinking technology is somewhat reminiscent of mulled wine, products are similar in degree ratio.

Mead: a classic recipe

  • hop cones - 6 oz.
  • honey - 320 gr.
  • nutmeg - 1 pinch
  • crushed cinnamon - at the tip of a knife
  • drinking water - 2.1 l.
  • powder yeast - 25 gr.
  1. The most important aspect of the preparation of mead on the classical technology is the correct choice of honey. Prefer fragrant varieties. These include lime or buckwheat honey, they are best suited for cooking drugs.
  2. With the onset of spring, beekeepers offer consumers fresh honey at a relatively low cost. If you do not have sufficient knowledge of the apiary, give up the purchase. Give preference to store products. Otherwise, you run the risk of running into a mixture of melted sugar.

    How to make mead with gas

    1. Rinse plastic or glass bottles with hot water, wipe dry and dry. Not a single drop of water should fall into the composition.
    2. Now you need to add honey to the bottom of each tank. Proceed from this calculation to 1 l. liquid accounted for about 35 grams. honey Such a move is necessary for secondary fermentation, due to which carbon dioxide is released.
    3. Pour the mead in bottles, retreating from the neck by 5 cm. Cork with corks, leave at room temperature for 8 days. Once a day, check the pressure in the tanks, if necessary, open the lids and "flush" the extra carbon dioxide.
    4. At the end of the secondary digestion, send the corked bottles to a cold place for another week. When this term is out, we can assume that the maturation is completed, the carbonated mead is ready.

    Mead from old honey

    • honey - 1.6 kg.
    • Baker's yeast - 4 gr.
    • drinking water - 11 l.
    • hop cones - 12 gr.
    1. Pour water into the pan, turn the hotplate on to the middle mark, bring the liquid to a boil. As soon as this happens, start adding honey in batches. Stir at the same time, otherwise the composition will burn and ruin all the aftertaste.
    2. Boil the syrup for 5 minutes, remove the foam as it is formed. When the foam has ceased to form on the surface, add chopped hop cones. Close the pan with a lid, turn off the burner.
    3. Now you need to control the temperature of the syrup with a thermometer. When the mixture reaches 45 degrees, add the previously diluted yeast. Put the pot in a warm place, wait 5 days before partial fermentation of the composition.
    4. After the specified period, skip the composition through several layers of gauze, remove the mead from the sediment, pour into sterilized bottles. Block the container, leave at a temperature of 12-14 degrees for 5 days. Unpack the container daily and reduce the pressure in the containers.
    5. Mead is ready, store it at a temperature of 10-12 degrees for no longer than three weeks. Shake and reduce pressure before use, slightly opening the lid. The drink prepared according to this recipe has a delicate aftertaste, as is the case with champagne.

    Mead fortified

    • water (preferably spring water) - 2, 2 liters.
    • honey - 340 gr.
    • brewer's yeast - 15 gr.
    • medical alcohol (concentration 50%) - 390 ml.
    • hops (cones) - 6 gr.
    • nutmeg - on the tip of a knife
    • cardamom - 1 pinch
    • ground cinnamon - 1 pinch
    1. Pour water into the pan, bring the liquid until the first bubbles appear. Start slowly adding honey and stirring at the same time so that it does not stick to the bottom. Tomit composition for half an hour, remove the foam as it is formed.
    2. After cooking, cover the container, let cool to a temperature of 45 degrees. Add hops, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, mix. Dissolve the yeast and pour it into the composition. Leave the composition in a dark warm place for fermentation, the duration of exposure is 7 days.
    3. After the allotted time, remove the product from the sediment using a rubber tube. Make a filter of gauze and a piece of cotton wool, strain the mead. Pour into a dry sterilized container, wear a medical glove, make two holes with a sewing needle.
    4. The duration of re-fermentation is 1 month. Choose a place with good air circulation, but with minimal light penetration. At the same time the room should be cool enough.
    5. After the specified period passes, pour in medical alcohol. Pour the composition into dark bottles (preferably with a volume of 0.9-1 liters). Use within a month, keep in the door of the refrigerator.

    Cherry Mead

    • honey - 600 gr.
    • drinking water - 2.2 l.
    • fresh cherry - 2.8 kg.
    • hop cones - 10 gr.
    1. Since the recipe of mead does not involve the use of yeast, you have to choose a product that will replace this component.
    2. The ideal option are fresh cherry berries. Before cooking, sort them out, removing rotten and crumpled. Remove the bones and place in a colander for complete moisture draining.
    3. Bring water to a boil on medium power, add honey in batches and simultaneously stir. Tomit syrup about a quarter of an hour, then dip the processed cherries and hop cones into the liquid.
    4. Mix everything thoroughly, tie a neck with a gauze or a bandage, put in heat. After two days, fermentation will begin, a foamy cap and hissing will tell you about it.
    5. Remove the foam, seal the container tightly to stop the penetration of oxygen. Send in a cool place, whether it is a cellar or basement. Duration of exposure - 3 months.
    6. As soon as the specified time comes to an end, build a filter. Fold the gauze in 4 layers, place in the center a piece of cotton wool and wrap. As a result, you will receive a filter for filtering.
    7. Remove the mead from the sediment. For these purposes, use a clean three-liter jar into which the product will be poured with a rubber hose (small diameter). Only after that pass the composition through the filter.
    8. Cork a finished mead, send it in the fridge for long-term storage. Shelf life - 3 months. In the end, you got a drink that tastes like kvass. The only difference is mild acidity.

    Mead with lemon juice

    • hop cones - 40 gr.
    • honey - 5.5 kg.
    • lemon - 1 pc.
    • drinking water - 3.3 l.
    • Cinnamon - 2 pinches
    • raisin seedless - in fact

  3. Pour the water into the pan, boil, add the honey melted in the microwave. Stir the mixture with a wooden spatula so that the syrup does not stick to the walls and bottom. The duration of languor is a quarter of an hour, during this period honey will increase to the desired structure.
  4. Make a bag of gauze fabric, folded in 3 layers. Wrap hop cones in it, tie, attach a rope and dip the bag into the syrup. Squeeze the juice from the lemon, filter it and pour it in the liquid too. Pour the cinnamon.
  5. Sterilize two glass jars, pour the composition. Attach medical gloves to the neck, make holes with a sewing needle. Such a move will allow carbon dioxide to come out evenly.
  6. Do not wash the raisins, otherwise fermentation will not start for the reason that you remove all live bacteria. Spread into equal parts and add to three-liter jars. Move the vessels into a dark room, leave for 2.5 months to ferment. It is advisable to choose a room with a temperature regime of about 30 degrees.
  7. After the allotted time, the drink can be considered ready. Remove it from the sediment with a silicone hose, pass several times through the gauze fabric. Bottled in dark glass, cork tightly.
  8. The shelf life of mead prepared according to this recipe is about 2 months. Keep the drink in the refrigerator, wrap the container with foil, if the mixture is poured into transparent bottles.

Mead can be either slightly carbonated or non-carbonated at all. It is easy to make a drink at home, if you follow the step-by-step instructions and do not violate the duration of fermentation. Consider the recipe of mead from old honey, cherry, lemon juice. Make a drink using the classic technology, add nutmeg and ground cinnamon to give tartness.