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Everyone, at least someday thought about what his temperament. In addition, other needs also do not pass by - the need to love and be loved, the need for recognition and praise, sexual relations ... But each person has his own temperament.

Women are all bit of an actress, it is easier for them to get closer to their loved one, knowing his strengths and weaknesses. Men, on the part of their character, though more resistant, but less flexible. For the beloved, you can move mountains, but shaving every day is mercy, and no persuasion will help.

As for the sexual temperament, here you can make some interesting discoveries that will help not only to better understand the nature of some men, but also to find something that will be interesting to him. You may even be able to discover new interests for yourself.


The definition of "metrosexual" or "new man" was coined quite recently, in 1994, by journalist Mark Simpson. He meant males who, in one way or another, stood out among the stronger sex with a bright appearance — well-groomed and attractive owners of delicate taste. These guys are not interested in football and beer, but in musicals and the latest cosmetics.

The advantage of this definition is that the metrosexual guy is now heterosexual and is no longer associated with homosexuals, although they are somewhat similar in lifestyle, appearance and, in part, behavior.

Although, the author of the term himself gave him a slightly different definition - “... this is a wealthy young man living in the metropolis or nearby, since it is there that all the best shops, clubs, gyms and hairdressers are concentrated. Officially, he may be gay, heterosexual or bisexual, but it absolutely does not mean anything, because he clearly chose himself as an object of love and pleasure - as sexual preference. ” Their temperament is expressed:

  • softness
  • refinement
  • mannerism
  • gloss,
  • sexuality


Such types of men are not the opposite of the previous, but rather a completely different, completely different representative of the stronger sex by conviction. The British Collins Dictionary defines it as “one who considers advanced intelligence as the most sexually attractive feature.”

The definition of “sapiosexual” appeared in everyday life thanks to Marianna Feitful, a British actress who, quite by chance, during the interview gave a definition to a new style that was just gaining popularity among progressive youth. It was the image of a big school nerd, with terrible square-rimmed glasses and a plaid shirt, buttoned all the buttons right at the neck, in fact, has nothing to do with those classic geeks to which everyone is used.

But such an image, first of all, still speaks about intellectuality, and only the second - about style. José Herrera, a psychologist, believes that Sapiosexual is just a new name for a phenomenon that has long been known, such as a nineteenth-century dandy, who can surely be called metrosexual. This culture migrated from the era of technological development, when the fascination with science and thinking was at the peak of fashion, when inventors and scientists became idols.


Lambersexual is the guy you learn from afar. A stylish look and a luxurious well-groomed beard will immediately highlight him in any crowd, and if he is also keen on sports, then the attention of the girls is exactly guaranteed!

The name of this definition - lambersexual, derived from the English "Lumberjack" - a lumberjack or woodcutter. It was the image of the inhabitants of North America, lumberjacks, ordinary guys with stocky figures, bearded and in checkered shirts that formed the basis of the new fashionable style.

They are everywhere squeezing metrosexuals, who are already quite fed up with society. Today we need real men - strong and strong-willed, capable of slaying a bear. A vivid example of lambersexuality is a photo of Hugh Jackman, one of the brightest representatives of this type. By the way, just a type. They differ from metrosexuals only in appearance, but in fact they are typical urban residents.

Their work is connected with the latest technology, the beard and hairstyle are always well-groomed, they have a taste, and they prefer home food after all. It is also worth mentioning that this collective image originates from subcultures of homosexuals, where the woodcutter and the bear have been cultivated for a long time.

Have you ever wondered what asexual means? For example, the guy is an asexual, according to the majority - this is a loser who does not have any sexual contact, and knows about sex only thanks to stories and the Internet. But in fact, the essence of this term lies much deeper.

  • First, asexuals often do not experience sexual attraction to either of the sexes.
  • Secondly, they can be absolutely normal, attractive people and even can build close relationships with girls.
  • Thirdly, asexuals can physically have sex, and some even do it, but they do not feel the pleasure of the process at all.

The reason for this behavior is very difficult to find, because for each case of asexual behavior this reason is unique and it is very difficult to get an unequivocal answer to the question why people have asexuality. It is also important to remember that this sexual orientation is different from anti-sexuality, despite the fact that they have common features.


Spornosexual is another collective image of a man who came to replace the metrosexuals, who have sufficiently become obsolete. Now a fan of sports, focused on self-development, looking like a model with an underwear ad, but without advertising and without underwear, has come to replace the lover of cinema and restaurants with exquisite food. But still, spornosexuals are special types of men:

  • this is not a revolution in the standards of male beauty,
  • this is a departure from the extremes towards a healthy lifestyle,
  • this shift from narcissism towards self-improvement,
  • This is another step from words to action.

Today, the culture of spornosexuality is gaining a place not only among young people. More and more men who have already been formed as individuals are starting to visit the gym “for themselves”, engage in self-improvement, monitor their appearance, look for a style in clothes. But, despite the fact that these signs can be determined and metrosexual - these two types do not go to any comparison.

A vivid example of this is that Hollywood stars, who radically changed outwardly, not only for their role in one film, but continued to develop further, increasingly acquiring an Apollo appearance. Good examples of such progress - Henry Cavill, who starred in the main role of the film “Man of Steel” and Christian Bale, who has been playing the role of Batman since 2005 - they are very colorful personalities characterizing this type.

Bisexuality has long been considered to be a full sexual orientation. And, perhaps, the male temperament is nothing to do with, because girls during the transitional age are very actively interested in individuals of their own sex, but over time, all the same, only one of the sexes.

The overwhelming majority still become heterosexual, and only a small part, for one reason or another, becomes homosexual. A bisexual man is not so rare in the world, but society is still more inclined to bisexual women, who, in principle, are more inclined to openly demonstrate their own preferences.

Also in relation to women who are in a relationship, there is no prejudice that may face the stronger sex. Research by psychologists suggests that:

  • only 25% of the people studied are completely heterosexual,
  • only 5% are homosexual,
  • about 70% are essentially bisexual in one way or another.

But this statistic has little to do with practice. You may never learn about bisexuality of your relatives or friends, but you can always get personal experience from communicating with “open” individuals.


The word "Ubersexual" has German-Latin roots and consists of two words über (super-) and sexus (gender). This is a special kind of men who does not obey fashion and time. While male sexuality “wears shirts with a cut on half chest” or “uses five types of face cream”, sexually simply eat and always will be. All men like this type of men, and despite their age, they are interested and attracted by charm and mystery.

Ubersexuals - this is not hot young blood, in which compared with them there is nothing good. This is a balanced, charming, successful and conservative mind. Such men are reliable and interesting. They dress stylishly and not at all catchy. Do sports, but brag about the size of the biceps. Earn money, but spend it in moderation. This is a modern gentleman who knows what he needs. He is, without a doubt, the dream of women, the very perfect man:

  • he is calm
  • he is elegant
  • he will help, always support,
  • he respects self-sufficient personalities.


The most famous type of male temperament - the most common and most familiar to most people. What does a heterosexual mean is not at all difficult to guess! He is interested in the fair sex and always adheres to a certain taste in the choice.

But in women he is interested not only in faces. He loves them completely as they are - their figure, personality, tastes, hobbies. It is pleasant to build a serious relationship with this person, since there will be no “unusual” preferences that relate to personal life or a strange pastime. This man has never been in same-sex relationships, because they simply do not interest him. Most often heterosexuals are in monogamous marriages for many years, bringing up and raising children:

  • not selfish,
  • are responsible
  • make independent decisions
  • reinforce the word deed.

Of course, it is very difficult to give a full description of such mass phenomena, because the existing idea of ​​what can be encountered in everyday life is already reflected in reactions and expectations. This picture would be incomplete without describing another type of sexual temperament.

Do without it will be very difficult, because this type is an echo of an entire era. He was born in a country that no longer exists, our last hero is a retrosexual. In Russia, metrosexuality, no matter how popular its representatives are, can never compete with such numerous and so conservative groups. But it is better to start with a description.


Retrosexual - the exact opposite of all the above types and images. While lambersexuals specially wear plaid shirts, retrosexuals dress casually, since they do not provide for the concept of style or taste in principle. They reject deodorants, creams, cosmetics, but they welcome light amber from cheap alcohol.

Hard work replaces exercise with them, the smell of a real man replaces perfume, and even the simplest suit deserves to gather dust in the closet, since it has long gone out of fashion. But it is worth noting that retrosexuality is not all for one person.

In the west, a bright representative of this type is considered to be Ser Shawn Connery - the first James Bond, a charismatic and charming actor, whose peak of creativity fell precisely on that period, which is considered to be the standard of style and taste of retrosexuals.

If your boyfriend is metrosexual

“I am a metrosexual,” a good friend told me once. At the same time he spoke about this with such pleasure that it is clear: he refers this word to the category of laudatory ones. I, fearing to show my knowledge, convulsively tried to translate the concept into my native language. More embarrassed part of the word "sexy."

The fact that "s" translates as "sex" has long been known, but still, when you mention it, you want to giggle. With “metro” easier. From French literally translated - the capital. That is metrosexual, at least, the inhabitant of a megacity. And this means the consumer of all possible benefits of civilization.

Further conversation with a friend on the topic "and how did you understand what you are?" Put a dot on i. Metrosexuals are not just citizens. These are men who are ready to spend a lot of money on regular visits to a beautician, hairdresser and stylist. And the point is not that they imitate women. Metrosexuals are unfairly treated as an intermediate sub-type of homo sapiens, who allegedly stuck between a man and a woman. This is not true. A man remains a man in everything.

First, they are very rational in terms of material costs. Logic is not by chance considered to be the strong point of men. They are well aware that it does not make sense to invest in something that does not bring dividends. And the money left in salons and shops is more than repaid when a well-groomed appearance adds confidence, helps to make the right impression on the opposite sex, and also helps to establish contacts with business partners and colleagues. Not to mention friends and acquaintances who are starting to believe that a person really succeeded only after seeing the “modernized” option.

Employees of beauty salons note that men are more demanding about how productive their time passes. It is important that the procedures follow each other. Long sitting on the couch can ruffle them. Reading glossy magazines and talking about “nothing” usually takes little of them. But perhaps the most important thing that distinguishes cosmetology for men is that they, metrosexuals, will never be caught on the hook of advertising. “You do not need to go to the salon, you can do it at home with the help of our miracle means. ". They most likely will not stop going to the salon. Even the most wonderful homemade compresses and masks will not replace attention and hospitality. What could be more valuable than the caring hands of a massage therapist, the sincere interest of the hairdresser and, of course, the kind eyes of the administrator, who is happy to accompany a man to all corners of the beauty world?

The first master, to whom a man will certainly go, having come to the salon, is a hairdresser. Representatives of the stronger sex rarely drastically change the hair color, but lately they increasingly agree to experiment with shades. More and more in demand creative haircuts.

In second place in attendance - a manicure and pedicure. Of course, men do not cover their nails with colored varnish and do not build it up. But, as the manicurists say, customers who, on their first visit, did not understand the word “cuticle” and why remove it, admit after a couple of months that they are embarrassed by their own hands without a manicure.

Closes the list of popular among men procedures - tanning bed. Metrosexuals, of course, appreciate a beautiful tan, but not everyone finds enough time in the work schedule for the necessary number of visits.

Another procedure, which is often presented to men in the form of gift certificates, is a massage, but if the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity ask the master to pay attention to the areas exposed to cellulite, then for men this problem is not so urgent. By nature, they suffer much less. But in the case of a strong sex, the therapist is often faced with clips in the neck and lower back.

Both face cleansing and masks are in demand. They are used as needed - not too often, but regularly. Cosmetologists in each case are not guided by the floor, but by the individual characteristics of the skin. As a rule, men's problems are associated with frequent shaving and inadequate hydration of the skin.

New kind of men

Yes, by right, metrosexuals can be called a new kind of men, although, in fact, such men appeared in the nineteenth century, only then they were called dandy or dandy. So, who are these metrosexuals. These are men who, like women, pay a lot of attention to their appearance and their beauty. At the same time, they have nothing in common with homosexuals, since, unlike them, metrosexuals are addicted and love women.

In fact, the appearance of such men in our society is natural, since in recent years much attention has been paid not only to women's cosmetics, but also to men's cosmetics, the same applies to clothing brands, footwear stores and accessories. All well-known brands, and even the most common brands of men's fashion, pay no less attention than women. And it is not difficult to notice that men are also interested in their beauty and attractiveness, like women.

Initially, the term “metrosexual” was coined in 1994 by a famous British journalist to refer to urban men who know no less than women in fashion and beauty. Since then, this concept has taken root in the minds of both men and women. Удивительно, но, несмотря на то, что такие мужчины обладают совершенно нормальной ориентацией, повадками и характером настоящих мужчин, остальные представители мужского пола, метросексуалов недолюбливают и как – то предвзято к ним относятся.

Под другими представителями прекрасного пола мы имеем в виду мужчин, которые носят полгода одни джинсы, могут не мыться после спорт – зала, а на женский вопрос: «Какое платье лучше?», отвечают: «Мне все равно, тебе носить». But, in modern society, the old foundations have long been out of price, and the concept of “real man” has completely changed.

And you recognize him, yes, by walking ...

Despite the fact that men - metrosexuals every day becomes more and more, they still catch the eye in the crowd, and it is very easy to recognize in the guy of the metrosexual. They always smell good, and not with deodorant or after-shave lotion, most often the clothes are only brand-name, perfectly ironed, and shoes with legs that shimmer in the sun and shine with cleanliness. Such men can be found in fitness centers, beauty salons, they just love to go for a massage and spa treatments.

But, despite all these qualities that are more prevalent in women, they do not lose men's habits: they love sports, they read not only women, but also political and economic journals, they are happy to gather with friends in a pasties for a glass of beer and may even in bed prefer rough sex. But to communicate with such men is one delight, they are intelligent, well-read and educated, can communicate on any topic, their speech is intelligently delivered, and the words - parasites are almost completely absent. In fact, they are ideal interlocutors, as they can talk about the latest collection of a famous brand, and about diet, and about economic events in the country, as well as the problems of the peoples of Africa. So, with confidence we can say that they are comprehensively developed people.

Now that we have fully figured out what type of men we are dealing with, let's analyze if it’s good or bad to have a metrosexual guy. Let's start with the bad. And, surprisingly, the disadvantages of such communication are practically absent. Of course, in the bathroom his cosmetics will be more than yours, and he will occupy more shelves in the closet. Another problem will arise if you have a joint budget.

In this case, you will not often be able to spend money on visiting beauty salons, spa centers, and so on, as he will do. And you don’t have time to buy a dress from the new collection, because your boyfriend will already buy new trousers or a cardigan. But if something breaks in your apartment, your young man will not be in a hurry to spoil his manicure in order to subdue a tap or make wiring. In this case, all hope remains for the workers of various services.

But the positive aspects of such a union, of course, much more. First of all, the metrosexual will not suffer after shopping trips, but with pleasure will spend on shopping all day, and it will be your faithful companion and advisor, as he will understand fashion trends better than you, if not better. How many times did you go on a diet, and then with a psycho throwing this thing, since your young man seduced you with buns and sausage?

This is a completely different matter, since the metrosexual will be happy to go on a diet with you, and you will starve together. With such a man there will be something to talk about in the long evenings, you can discuss the news, talk about fashion, and gossip. In addition, metrosexuals can adapt to women and make concessions to them, unlike other men. That is, if the question becomes, what to watch a TV series or football before going to bed, you will find a compromise and watch a talk show that will be interesting for both of you.

So, it depends only on you, whether you will see in this man pluses or minuses, and how to relate to this type of men is up to you too.

Thus, I want to say, men are metrosexuals, these are the real men who know a lot about all matters regarding appearance, fashion, style and beauty. If you think that such a man is easy to manage, you are mistaken, as this is still the same lion, only clean-shaven, smelling nice and with styling. In the world of people, choose your lion, which you will like and be happy with it!

Learning to distinguish metrosexual

First of all, the metrosexual is a guy of average height without bright signs of brutality. Strong, strong guys and bikers are unlikely to agree with the fact that they are metrosexuals. Such a guy is so cute, carefree and friendly in communication, he is not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

There are 10 signs by which you can identify this metrosexual.

1. Loves shopping.

Spend five hours shopping? Easy! Moreover, he devotes any free minute to shopping trips, because beautiful clothes are an opportunity to emphasize their individuality and originality.

2. No standard clothes.

The wardrobe of the metrosexual is huge, but there is not a single standard thing in it. In the closet the man has several dozen trousers, no less than shirts, jackets, jackets, suits. It is not surprising that the choice of a kit for a walk or meeting with friends can take several hours. We must pay tribute - metrosexual perfectly combines things and selects them better stylist.

3. Many, many accessories.

Watches, scarves, hats, gloves, bags, ties, cufflinks - a man approaches the choice of every detail with special attention, thinks out possible options for combinations with clothes.

4. Well versed in brands.

A man can easily distinguish one trademark from another, distinguish a fake from the original. He keeps up with new and current fashion trends. Believe me, a modern dandy is a great stylist with great taste.

5. The perfect hairstyle and well-groomed facial hair.

Metrosexual life philosophy is this - if nature has awarded it with vegetation, you need to take care of it. That is why men go to the hairdresser, their hairstyles are always not only perfect, but also fashionable. If we talk about facial hair, among metrosexuals there are smooth-shaven men and with a beautiful, well-groomed beard and whiskers. Of course, we are not talking about a long beard to the waist.

6. Tightened, athletic body.

The gym is a place where you can meet the Metrosexual with almost absolute certainty, because such a man is vitally necessary for his body to look sporty and attractive.

7. Healthy lifestyle.

This is one of the rules of metrosexual life philosophy. It is important for him to eat right, eat healthy food. This is largely due to the care of the body, and the unwillingness to gain weight.

8. Attention to own housing.

Metrosexual is fascinated not only by appearance, but also by the place where he lives. His apartment or house turns into a work of art, all the items are selected aesthetically competently and arranged in feng shui.

9. Cultural hobby or hobby.

Among metrosexuals there are many admirers of theatrical art and painting. Do not be surprised if a man likes to grow exotic flowers or cook original dishes.

10. Special life philosophy of metrosexual.

Such men are maximalists in everything, it is vital for them to achieve success and achieve perfection. That is why they are demanding on their own appearance, behavior, hobbies. No less demanding metrosexual makes to the people around him.

Knowing the distinctive features, you can easily make a plan for yourself - how to become metrosexual.

Men who carefully care for their own appearance, have always existed - French nobles, dandies. As a result, the warrior and revolutions, this trend was lost. However, in the modern world, the desire to look well-groomed and stylish is gradually returning. Certain features of the metrosexual undoubtedly deserve attention, because a little gloss and sophistication will not interfere, and even complement the image.

Now you know who this metrosexual is and how to distinguish him from an ordinary man. If you want to emulate such a life philosophy, take the quiz: Have you metrosekusal? And be sure to share the material in social networks.

Where are you, so beautiful, come from?

Metrosexuality is a product of a well-fed society, in which a man is not in a hurry to marry, is overgrown with children and a burden of everyday problems. A wealthy life gives birth to a new generation of Adam, who have enough time and money to spend time in the salons and relax during the five-hour shopping.

This phenomenon as well as Bentley, Vertu and Armani, was brought in by progressive humanity from Western countries. There, men quite quickly realized the beauty of shaving chest hair, using masseuses for their intended purpose, and conducting social conversations not about the FIFA World Cup, but about a new musical or the latest “haute couture” collection.

However, the origins can be found even earlier - in the XIX century, when a similar sort of men was called dandy. Proof of this can serve the words of a classic, who has repeatedly stated that it is possible to be a good person and think about the beauty of nails.

Recognize in the crowd

Oh, it's easy! This metrosexual is visible a mile away. Is he:

  • lives in the city because there are the best shops, clubs, gyms and beauty salons,
  • may be gay, bisexual or straight, but it does not matter, because his real love is himself, and his orientation is the search for pleasure for himself,
  • chooses such professions as model, waiter, media worker, pop musician and, more often, athlete. Although, in truth, you can meet him everywhere. And in the home office, and in the club, and in the next doorway,
  • has not two pairs of trousers (jeans and a suit, for special occasions), as a man is “ordinary”, but much more - ten for a season,
  • He does not have his own style, he follows fashion. Although he has a taste, and he knows how to alter trends well, remaining in their mainstream. This distinguishes metrosexual from ordinary dandy,
  • narcissus and, as a result, has many complexes and phobias. He is not afraid to demonstrate his weakness and "femininity", following David Beckham (the icon of the MC), who is afraid of flying on an airplane. By the way ...
  • idealizes David, who does not tire of hitting his fans with new haircuts, earrings, pink manicure and addiction to extravagant outfits. Any item advertised by him immediately becomes a magical bait, be it Police sunglasses, Vodafone phones or TBC Japanese cosmetics,
  • appreciates nuances and details
  • an enlightened and discerning consumer: in the shops of such people they call it “prosumer”.
  • ideal object to manipulate. It is easy for him to impose something, saying only: “Darling, this is a must have!”
  • Little is interested in what is happening in the world. He is much more interested in the new delivery of costumes from Brioni or the opening of a new club,
  • has a personal trainer,
  • attends nightclubs, as well as opera and art galleries. Interested in everything new
  • is very popular with women,

How to summarize all of the above in one phrase? How to explain to mom / girlfriend / sister who is metrosexual. without reading the whole article? To put it more briefly, a metrosexual is a natural man who does not suppress a feminine element in himself, this is a narcissistic man, a dandy of the 21st century.

Male Cancers in relationships with women

Why does a man hide his feelings?

If your boyfriend is metrosexual?

What if your boyfriend is metrosexual?

For some reason, when the notion of “metrosexual” was mentioned aloud, ambiguous reaction erupted from others, someone tries to giggle, someone puzzles looking to the side, and someone cannot understand such a strange consonance of letters at all.

In spite of this, the number of so-called metrosexuals is inexorably increasing every year, in Europe and the USA this phenomenon has become completely widespread and, therefore, it will soon be firmly settled in our area.

Who are metrosexuals? Despite the well-established public opinion, men who identify themselves with this concept are not homosexuals, they, like others, are interested in and love women, just outwardly and by their own behavior are somewhat different from the usual “man” look.

By "other" and "normal" men, we mean those who are indifferent to their own appearance, have one shampoo and toilet water, and to the questions of their girlfriend, "Which dress is better? Is this or this? ”, Responding,“ I don’t know, you’ll wear it. ”

In fact, the concept of "metrosexual", although it appeared only in the early 90s with the help of the famous American journalist Mark Simpson, is relatively new. Already in the XIX century there were such men, only then they could be called "dandy" or "dandy".

The American journalist gave this name to the men who lived in large cities, were active in their lives and understood fashion and various innovations in the beauty sector. Since then, the concept has got accustomed and stubbornly develops, men who pay a large amount of attention to their own appearance, are becoming more and more, and in fashion and beauty they understand not worse than beautiful ladies, and perhaps even better.

In fact, the metrosexual is a stylish, elegant, well-groomed man who is dressed according to the latest fashion trends, uses expensive and high-quality cosmetics, enjoys visiting SPA centers and very carefully follows his own appearance.

Glossy magazines, manicures and pedicures, creams from age changes, endless walking around boutiques, great attention to your own body, and this means going to gymnasiums and beauty salons - no, we are not talking about the fair sex, but about the metrosexual. And why did someone decide that all this is exclusively a women's prerogative?

How to recognize metrosexual?

Despite the fact that the concept is growing and developing as much as possible, on the street, you still rarely see such a person, so he almost always stands out from the crowd with his elegant and incredibly stylish appearance. How to find out that your guy is Metrosexual?

Everything is very simple: go into your bathroom and see how many jars and bottles there are on the shelves of his cosmetics. If there is nowhere for the apple to fall, but this is not due to the fact that you scored everything with your own cosmetics, it means that there is a real metrosexual next to you.

This, of course, is a comic example, but there is some truth in it: these guys really got used to taking care of themselves, and for this they need men's cosmetics, the sales volumes of which, by the way, take off at the speed of light.

An interesting feature of such men is the fact that, along with such, seemingly, "female" habits, they do not lose real men's habits.
For example, they can easily go fishing with friends, skip a glass of beer in the nearest beer garden, they are interested not only in beauty and fashion, but also in politics, economics, they are surprisingly interesting interviewees, since they know a lot and read a lot.

The main part of the representatives of this movement are men who work in the field of show business, fashion and beauty, the other part lives in the sphere of big business and the media. In total, there are 5 main types of male metrosexuals.

  • Businessman, politician. Perhaps the most pleasant and attractive type among metrosexuals. He always takes care of his appearance, pays a lot of attention to manicure, his shoes are always polished, his beard is perfectly shaved, and his hair is folded into a hair. But he does this not from the infinite love of himself, but solely from the interests of the business. He treats his image as a part of public and business life, and not as a process of narcissism. Women with such instances are easy and pleasant, because they always look stylish and well-groomed, but they are not obsessed with their appearance or the latest in the fashion world.

  • Consumer. Tim men who are passionate about the process of shopping, they do not even care what to buy, the main thing is the action itself. With such a young man, of course, it's nice to go shopping, but living together will have one main drawback: constant problems with finances. Even the fact that you can put off on an important purchase, he can go and pull down on jeans from the latest collection.
  • Narcissus. No, it's not about a pretty flower, but about a man who feeds boundless love for himself and his own appearance, for himself, beloved, only the most high-quality and expensive cosmetics should be on the shelves, and only fashionable and branded things should hang in the closet. It is up to the woman to decide for herself whether she can get along with a handsome woman who demands constant admiration for herself.

  • Esthete. This is the type of men who just loves everything beautiful. He treats his body and others as a work of art, but it should resemble a masterpiece! The indisputable advantage of such young people is their originality, non-standard thinking, the girl he will love, he will be treated like another work of art, showering her with compliments and passionate views. But, to be sure, the accompanying shortcomings are also included in the package with pleasant things: hot temper, behavior oddities, expressiveness, and so on.

Let's sum up

As you already understood, this type of men cannot be definitely called bad or good; there are extremes everywhere. Let's start with the unpleasant: the possible difficulties of a financial plan, as things, cosmetics, trips to beauty salons and spa centers - this is the usual rhythm of life for such men.

К тому же метросексуалов редко можно назвать хозяйственными мужчинами, ведь их больше заинтересуют примеры модных стрижек сезона, чем необходимость сделать кран, который уже неделю протекает.

Но есть немало хорошего: такие мужчины любят ходить по магазинам, а, значит, он с удовольствием пойдет за вашей новой кофточкой, посоветует, что лучше сидит и как смотрится.

Они умеют подстраиваться под женщин, могут отказаться от футбола в пользу общего компромисса, а также могут много разговаривать о моде, красоте и различных диетах, на которые, кстати, с удовольствием сядут вместе с вами.