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What sledge is better to choose for children


With the onset of winter, many parents are puzzled by the question of choosing a good sled for the child. After all, for this time of year it is an excellent means of transportation, and the ability to conduct active games in the fresh air.

We all remember the sensations during the descent from the slide, when the heart stops on speed and the wind blows in your face, and you fly like a bird, and you want even faster, the first to reach the foot. Reckless fun, red cheeks and brutal appetite after a walk. Or early morning frost, terribly sleepy. And you sit in felt boots and a fur coat, carefully wrapped up by your mother in a blanket. The runners creak along the fresh snow on the way to kindergarten - it’s good to sleep in the warmth. And all these pleasures gives a simple object known since childhood.

True now, along with familiar designs, improved modern models have appeared that have different functional features, but always give joy to children and mothers. Just need to make a choice.

Where to begin?

Are you going to the store to get a sled? Hold on To choose them correctly, you need to consider the following important points, allowing you to make a truly successful purchase:

  • the purpose of the acquisition of sleds - walking or entertainment,
  • type of construction according to the age of the child,
  • model functionality
  • the weight of the sledge, allowing them to use without any problems,
  • price-quality ratio,
  • affordability,
  • user reviews
  • manufacturer,
  • availability of quality certificate.

As soon as all the dots are “placed”, feel free to go buy good sleds for the child.

Offered types of products

The range of sleds is quite rich. You can buy a model that looks like a stroller for your baby, so that it is reliably protected from cold and wind. Or a transformer - a universal vehicle in the snow and without it, due to the presence of runners and wheels.

Older children will use the classic form of the sledge, equally good for descending from the hill and walking routes. And the conquerors of the snow-capped peaks will be pleased with plastic forms, which are perfectly sliding and well-controlled. Consider the most popular models that can be found on sale.

  1. Classic sled. This is the most famous and used metal model that has undergone some changes for the convenience of children and their mothers. Suitable for children of different ages from one to six years and can withstand a weight of 50 kilograms. There are designs in which, as before, wooden boards are used for seating. It consists of a metal frame with a plastic seat and a back, which can be folding or fixed, with aluminum or steel runners. In the sled there is a leg room and a folding handle that allows you to control the movement and change the position of the child, according to the wishes of the mother, and weather conditions. In these sleds you can ride down the hill, after folding the handle. Included with the product can be removable mattresses for easy fit. The model is hardy, durable, lightweight, versatile and affordable. Its size can often accommodate two children. The disadvantage of metal sled is their bulkiness.
  2. Transformer based on metal sleds. This is a fairly wide design with runners and wheels, which can have two positions. In the raised position, they do not interfere with the promotion of sleds in the snow, and in the lowered position they help to move on the asphalt. During the thaw, when visiting a store with a child, this “SaniMobile” is very convenient. Production material - reliable steel. But the model is heavier and more expensive than regular sleds.
  3. Sledge carriagesas a winter version of a comfortable stroller, so familiar to kids. In this model, warm and comfortable thanks to the soft long seat. All soft parts are made of water-repellent material, durable and easy to clean. The back is fixed in two positions, allowing the crumbs to lie and sit. Safety is provided by the belts holding the child in the design while moving. The kit may include a comfortable awning for legs or wheels. From the snow and rain closes the visor provided in all models of the sledge-strollers. Sturdy metal runners, reversible handle of good length, the presence of support for the legs - all this makes the sled comfortable for long winter walks. It is worth noting that this is a folding version of the sleigh that fits easily into the trunk of a car and does not take up much space at home. Designed for children from six months to three years. But for winter entertainment in the form of a descent from a hill is not suitable.
  4. Sleigh sleigh from plastic for descent from the mountain. This is an option for older children and even adults, who also want so much to remember their childhood and share the joy of winter fun with their children. On sale you can find a lot of varieties of bright colors and shapes. Despite the ease, they can withstand up to 100 kilograms of weight. They may have a steering wheel, a removable back, a flip-up handle, a bob or trough shape, LED lighting, handles.
  5. Snow scooters from plastic on one ski, on a design reminding a snowmobile. This is the most desirable model for children and in five and fifteen years. It has a steering wheel and a brake - mechanisms that allow the child to control movement and feel like a superman. In addition, on these ultra-modern sledges you can ride together.
  6. Snowmobiles plastic on two skis also have a steering wheel. And they can develop a good speed when driving on a flat terrain and down a hill, therefore, they are recommended for use from the age of six.
  7. Excellent sliding ice-boats made of plastic, simple designs, safe and affordable, enjoy deserved love among schoolchildren. They are fast, comfortable and light. There are new models with hand brakes.
  8. There are and inflatable sled options. These are cheesecakes (tubing), which, by the way, can be used in summer time for water recreation. They are almost weightless, soft and comfortable, but not durable.

What to look for?

On the dimensions of the sleigh, weight and availability of a folding mechanism. In winter, both mothers and children are warmly dressed, making it difficult to transport the product to and from the street, not to mention public transport. Often, one mom with a baby goes for a walk, so the weight and compactness of the sled are important, provided that the model is safe and comfortable for the child.

A comfortable flip handle and footrest is desirable. Pay attention to the material manufacturing runners and wheels, the mechanism of their change in the transformer, the presence of convenient additions to the sleigh in the form of awnings, canopies and mattresses.

What is the seat made of? Wood is warmer than plastic, perhaps you should prefer it. For safety, according to experts, it is better to buy low sleds on runners placed widely apart.

Check the presence of seat belts and the strength of all mounts, make sure there are no defects. Require a quality certificate for the purchase, which guarantees its quality and standards. It is advisable to purchase a sleigh in a specialty store where you can be sure to provide it.

An ideal sledge for a child can be bought only responsibly and competently approaching this issue. Weigh the pros and cons, agree on a budget, and then the purchase will bring joy to both your child and you.

Classic sleigh

Classic metal products known to everyone from childhood. They became widespread in Soviet times. Such sleds are metal frame on flat or tubular runners made of steel or aluminum. Products assume the presence of a wooden or plastic seat.

Modern models are equipped with a reclining or fixed backrest and a niche for legs, removable soft mattresses for sitting and a special handle. With the help of such a handle you can push the sleigh, due to which the parents have full control of the child. If necessary, the handle can be folded.

Metal sled suitable for children 1-6 years. It is important that the baby is already confidently sitting and walking independently. Plus such products in versatility, affordability and practicality. Products are used for walking and skiing from the mountain.

Classic products are bulky and do not stack, therefore they take up a lot of space during storage and transportation. However, the wide and long seat allows you to transport a fat kid or two children at once. In addition, they weigh no more than 3.5 kg, and reach a height of 20-46 centimeters.

Sledge strollers

Sledge carriages or sanimobili represent a transformer and combine functions of both devices. Here the stroller unit is installed on the tubular runners, and on the four small wheels. If necessary, lift the wheels and the stroller rides only on runners, which simplifies movement in snow and during bad weather. And to drive on asphalt, the wheels are lowered again and the sleigh becomes a classic mini-sidecar. Some models provide that the wheels need to be removed and put on.

The devices are equipped with a large soft seat, adjustable backrest and seat belts, a visor and a long-throw throw-over, with an awning that closes the legs. Such equipment provides comfortable and safe movement. Such strollers are suitable for a child from six months to three years. And how to choose a regular stroller for your baby, see here.

Products are folded and easily fit in the trunk of the car, do not require a lot of storage space. They weigh 4-6 kg at a height of about one meter. Strollers use durable, water-repellent and hypoallergenic materials that are easy to clean for upholstering the seat and block. And for long walks, the design provides support for the legs. However, on such a sled on a hill you will not ride.

Other types of sleds

  • Plastic sleighs are bright, light and practical plastic products weighing up to 2.5 kg. Today they produce models with back and without, with reversible handle. This is a great solution for skiing from hills and slopes of any complexity. For babies from 1 year old, seat belts and a warm envelope are additionally provided.
  • Snow-scooters - advanced slides, which by design resemble a snowmobile, but without a motor and smaller sizes. It includes skis, seats, brakes and steering gear. Here you can ride together. Suitable for a child over five years old
  • Ice-boats are the simplest devices for descending from the mountain, which are plastic plates of different shapes. They slip well and protect against friction during use. By the way, such an ice house can be made at home from the same plastic or a piece of linoleum. More advanced ice-boats represent small, strong and deep troughs with a hand brake, which develop a higher speed. Suitable for children over three years old
  • Cheesecakes and tubing are very popular today. They are soft, comfortable and fast, light in weight. Some models can be used both in winter for riding from a hill, and in summer for swimming on water. Devices are made of high strength PVC with reinforcement at the joints. As a result, they are durable, reliable and smooth. On the cheesecakes recommended for children to ride with five years.

How to choose a good sled

Children's sledges should be comfortable for both baby and mother. Products must be safe, light in weight, stable and durable, made of high quality and reliable materials. When you get a sled, be sure to consider the age of the baby.

For infants it is important to have a soft, warm, comfortable seat and seat belts using hypoallergenic materials. In addition, the products should be easy to wash and clean, and the sled should be easy to roll.

To be practical to store and transport sleds, choose folding structures. Even classic metal products can have a folding handle or back, which will already save space.

Good and safe sleighs should be low in height to the seat, and the runners should be located quite widely from each other. This design provides the greatest stability in the snow. For children up to three or four years old, you should choose models with durable and soft straps that will not allow the crumbs to fall down when turning.

Pay attention to the material of manufacture. For long walks and harsh winters, choose metal. Stainless steel or aluminum can be used even at minus forty degrees. In addition, these sleds perfectly slide. Plastic ice-boats or sleds are not suitable for too cold temperatures and for warm winters.

On the classic sleigh for seats, handles and backrest use wood. Natural material does not freeze through and is environmentally friendly. Sledge-carriages and models for babies contain envelopes and soft bases made of durable fabric that does not get wet or blown through. By the way, this material is easy to clean and wash.

Handle, runners and footboard

A long, durable and rigid handle is an important criterion when buying a sled. It allows you to control the movement of the product, to avoid roll and drifts. A reversible handle that can be turned or turned away from is convenient. It gives the opportunity to put the child against the wind.

In addition, experts advise to choose a pen with a polymer coating. It will not slip and will not allow hands to freeze. And some models include a clutch or mittens on the handle for an adult.

Footrests are important if you are planning a long walk. The baby's legs rest on the stand, do not hang out and do not get tired. For selection, focus on the growth of the child. You can also buy a model with an adjustable stand. In addition, some products provide a special awning that can cover the legs and provide heat.

Pay attention to the runners. Products stand on flat or tubular runners. Tubulars are suitable for ice and a small layer of snow, and in large snowdrifts they can get stuck because they push snow. In the latter case, it is better to choose flat runners that are best suited for loose and deep snow. Here they will not fail, and will slide on the surface due to the wide support. To protect the crumbs from snow, wind and weather, choose a model with a visor.

How to choose a sledge wheelchair

The first product in the life of the baby will be a sledge-wheelchair or a sanimobil. On such a sled you can easily ride through the snow and snowless areas. The wheels of these devices are made of durable and dense rubber. Choose a children's sled with a frame and metal skids. They are strong and durable. And long runners will provide easy and fast movement.

Since the sledge-carriages are often used for long walks, it is necessary to have a stand and a warmed cape for the legs, a hood or a special visor.

For safety, baby products should be equipped with belts. Also, to increase safety, if you like to walk in the evening, choose models with reflectors. So, in the dark, you or a motorist will easily see a pram.

Choose models with an adjustable back, as this will allow you to choose a comfortable position for the crumbs, including in the sleeping position. Then, while walking, the baby will be able to sleep peacefully.

Better for six months, sleds for babies are equipped with an envelope in which it is warm and cozy. Today you will find a wide selection of sleds and companies that make such devices in the ranking of the best companies include Rich Toys, Nika and Micio, Tyani-Push, IMGO, Slip and ABC Academy. And in order to determine the products of which company to choose, we offer the list below, which includes the best sleds.

Sledge carriages

This is not quite a sled, rather a walking "cane" in the winter version. The difference from the usual stroller is that instead of wheels there are runners. However, there are some small wheels too - for shopping, going over the road and walking along the cleared areas of sidewalks.

Sledge stroller Nick Kitty. Estimated price: 5 649 rub.


  • a variety of models: the more expensive have a reclining back. Simplified models provide no more than two options for folding: sitting and reclining,
  • suitable for babies from six months,
  • compact folded
  • fully protected from wind and snow. Some models have a mattress and a cover on a sheepskin, a raincoat, pockets.


  • this is not a sled in the usual sense of the word, by weight - as a full-fledged carriage,
  • Suitable for children up to three years. Older kids in them cramped and boring.

Folding sledge

Folding sled (sleigh with removable handle) is a lightweight hollow arc design with a canvas cover stretched over it. Can be supplemented with backrest and armrests. Folded take up little space.

Folding sledge«Dam". Estimated price: 1 610 rub.,Sledge folding Galaxy. Estimated price: 1 190 rub.



  • lack of stability
  • seat stiffness
  • not suitable for children who are not sitting yet
  • drive well only over smooth, trampled snow.

Sledge ordinary

В борьбе за потребителя производитель так тюнингует детский транспорт, что иногда найти обычные санки в магазинах практически невозможно.


  • легкие,
  • удобные для активных прогулок и катания с горок,
  • дешевые.


  • не подходят для малышей,
  • трудно преодолевают расчищенные участки,
  • не предназначены для долгих прогулок.

Как выбирать санки? Основные принципы. Подводим итоги

Consider the child's age and needs: how often do you plan to use sleds, for what purpose do you get them, because skating from the mountain is one thing, and a city walk with a six-month-old baby is quite another.

Suppose you decide to stop at the most sophisticated model. Then it is important for you to take into account the following.

Pusher handle. Choose cross over. In this case, pay attention to how it is attached: for some you need a wrench, so changing the position of the handle on the street will not work.

Sled«Counting».Estimated price: 1 890 rub.

Visor. When choosing a model with a snow canopy, remember that it makes the structure heavier.

Cover and mattress. Only needed if we are talking about young children. If the child is actively moving and often walks out of the sledge during a walk to make a snowman or to look at bird tracks, the cover will only interfere with it.

Sled weight. Optimum - 6 kg. Lighter sleds are not stable. Heavier ones will literally tear off mom's hands.

Manufacturing material. Sleds can be plastic, wooden (wicker), metal and combined. The simplest models are usually made of aluminum alloy. The tubular elements facilitate the construction and ensure smooth sliding of the sleigh over the trampled snow.

Sledge metal PICCOLINO. Estimated price: 5 990 rub.

Wooden sleds made of varnished beech look very impressive, but they are bulky and heavy.

Sledge wooden«Moroz Ivanovich Morozko". ABOUTRating price: 5 600 rub.

But plastic - is another matter. Lightweight, shock-resistant, made of frost-resistant material, not having sharp corners and details, they have only one drawback - large dimensions and uncompromising: such sleds can not be folded or at least partially disassembled.

Plastic KHW Snow Baby Dream sled. Estimated price: 5 390 rub.

Seat belts. should be well tightened and kept in this state.

Runners. The wider they are divorced, the more stable the design of the sleigh. Tubular runners are good for ice, but it is difficult to walk along a snowy road. For loose snow, it is better to take a sleigh with wide runners (a la Soviet).

Back. Must be. Well, if it is removable.

Wheels. If you choose a wheelchair with wheels, make sure that they are stable and have a large diameter. Well, if they have solid tires that do not need to be boosted.

What sledges would you recommend to your friend?

Most popular sleighs for winter

  1. Simple option. The design is a soft seat with a comfortable back, folding handles, there are special armrests, belts for protection. Their purpose is short walks when the weather is sunny and windless in winter.
  2. Sledge-carriage for sunny days. This design is a high seat, where there are safety belts. Their main disadvantage is the lack of support for the child’s legs, and there is no clear visor, warm tent, but there are a number of advantages, such as ease of operation, perfect snow passability, low weight.
  3. For windy days. This design consists of runners, belts, visor and awning to protect the baby's feet from external influences. The handle is special, it is possible to fasten a bag with purchases and a large pocket, the main advantage is in excellent protection from snow and wind on the street.

There are two types of models: regular and dual.

General requirements for sleds

Vehicles for children should be the most durable, reliable enough on the street, where the kid will feel comfortable and safe here. If the child is small, then walking with him in the cold will be problematic, since ordinary strollers will not pass through fresh snow. Shops today can offer a large selection of modern sledges, only their choice should be approached carefully. It is better to take a child with you when buying, check the capacity of the sleds on the spot, so that there are no further disappointments.

  1. Compactness. The sled should fold easily, take up little space,
  2. Design. There should be a stylish design and rich colors with beautiful poop,
  3. Ergonomic. Ease of use is required so that the sled can be easily put into transport, door opening, elevator,
  4. Security. The belts must be durable, have a fastener so that the child does not unzip the child, in addition, the belts must be easily removed by parents,
  5. Sledge-carriages should be made of not blown material, rather dense, which is easy to clean,
  6. There must be all additional general safety and comfort devices.
  7. Convenience. Soft seats with adjustable backrest,
  8. Special support. The leg support step is easily adjustable, so fatigue is minimal,
  9. Comfort. Requires an awning for wrapping legs, protection from cold and strong wind. The handle should be comfortable so that moms can easily put the bag in there, besides this an additional common pocket is required. The sledge should be easy to ride in the snow without great effort,
  10. Sleds in a wheelchair can most often be pushed from behind, although there are some variations with a reversible handle.

When buying, check the seat belts, as well as fasteners, fasteners, and seams of fabrics. Another important side is the width and height of these sleds, the greater their width, the less chance of overturning, that is, the structure becomes stable. Consider the slip factor, the longer the runners, the better the slip will be, besides look at the guarantees from the manufacturer.

What firm to choose a sledge

Most manufacturers are trying to make strollers on the runners as comfortable as possible for parents and safe for children. Virtually all models released after 2014 meet these two simple requirements. But in terms of durability and success, few have achieved so far.

Among the best brands in this segment are:

3. ABC Academy (Pikate brand)

With a big creak, Kristy got into our rating. Not all models are successful for her yet, but there are also really good specimens that parents should pay attention to.

The best classic sledges for children

These models appeared among the first in our market and were ordinary baby strollers, set instead of wheels on a sled. Their design is considered the simplest, and therefore reliable.

Of course, it will be difficult to drive on such sledges on the steps or roll them into the store, but the low price of these purely street models quite reconciles with minor inconveniences.

Slings Kangaroo-2

Lightweight walking sleds weighing only 6.5 kg were surprisingly durable - the manufacturer claims that they can withstand a child up to 45 kg (hardly anyone will roll adolescents in them, but the figure is impressive).

The size is quite standard - 100x41x105 cm. The design is equipped with a 5-beam safety belt, a raincoat and a warmed foot cover are included.


  • Wide runners for increased stability,
  • Double handle - standard bracket and side "horns",
  • Viewing window in the visor,
  • Roomy removable bag for baby clothes,
  • Light reflectors on fabric
  • Auxiliary rear wheels on a sled,
  • Very nice and warm case with zipper and flap on the button,
  • Durable material and very good build.


  • The visor is thin and short - does not provide absolute protection from the wind,
  • Unregulated back.

This stroller will suit confidently seated children. However, you should not take it for a long walk - if the child falls asleep, you cannot put it more comfortably.

Tyani-Push Elite

One more heavy-duty sled with a relatively small weight - 7 kg. The design comes with a flip double handle (horns and clevis), as well as with rear wheels on the runners. Overall dimensions 105x48x110 cm. Included is a large, fully descending hood with a viewing window, warm fur mattress and a blanket.


  • Foldable design - sled convenient to store and transport,
  • Powerful frame and strong resistant runners,
  • A soft move, without effort "takes" ups,
  • There are rear wheels to quickly cross the road,
  • The back is fixed in 3 positions,
  • Stylish design,
  • Durable waterproof fabric with reflectors,
  • "Mother's" mittens on the handle and bag included,
  • All soft parts are easily erased.


  • It is difficult to control the stroller when the handle is thrown forward,
  • Inconvenient for baby 3-point belt,
  • The foot cover is a bit short and rests only on the buttons,
  • Small bag.

In general, the sleds turned out to be quite good and most oriented to the comfort of the baby in the winter. They are perfect for newborns and children up to 1.5-2 years. Parents are left to assess the degree of acceptability of minor flaws.

The best sledge carriages for children with wheel base

These sleds are more like ordinary strollers thanks to the extra wheels. As a rule, switching from runners is performed with the help of simple lever mechanisms - for this it is enough to press with a foot on a special pedal. Retractable wheels will help to easily overcome the cleared asphalt, bring the child directly to the store or in the entrance.

This model is a new product of 2016, so there are few reviews about it, but according to the results of the first season, they all turned out to be positive. The stroller is equipped with a 5-point safety belt, and the back is fixed in three positions - up to the recumbent one. All soft elements are sewn of waterproof fabric, the protective hood slides right up to the cover. On sale there are modifications with a usual and automatic frame, there are also models with the flip handle.


  • Excellent maneuverability even on wheels
  • Responsive and easy-footed skid switch pedal,
  • Convenient locks on the blanket - you do not need to remove it completely to seat the child,
  • There are warm mittens on the handle - for mom,
  • Comes with a cute detachable backpack,
  • High ground clearance (8 cm) due to the large diameter wheels.


  • Too heavy
  • Too thin mattress in the kit,
  • Few positions of the disclosure of the hood due to attachment to riveting.

These are really good strollers that can be purchased even for a newborn baby and rolled in the winter to 3-4 years of age.

Nika Children 7-2

An improved version of the previous model "Children 7", which is the winter of 2015-2016. became a sales hit. Nika has both runners and wheels for driving on cleared asphalt.

Overall dimensions in unfolded form 105h45h110 cm, weight 10 kg. The height of the handle above the ground is 93 cm, which is optimal for parents of medium and high growth. Sledge is designed for the transportation of children up to 25 kg.


  • Wide and stable runners, good cross,
  • 5-point belt,
  • Hypoallergenic and child friendly materials.
  • Adjustable backrest (3 positions)
  • Included is a glove bag, raincoat and fur "mittens" on the handle,
  • Reflective piping to help visualize the stroller at night,
  • Warm fur mattress,
  • The hood in a wheelchair is fixed in several positions,
  • The model folds compactly for storage or transportation in transport.


  • Relatively high price
  • The handle is not adjustable,
  • Inconvenient switching mechanism wheels / skids.

The manufacturer recommends using the 7-2 sled for transporting children from one year to another, but the ability to set the backrest in the lower position allows you to place younger babies in them comfortably.

Micio "Bunnies"

This brand produces a lot of interesting models of children's transport - it is not surprising that in its assortment there were also good sleds for twins.

The twin winter stroller turned out to be elegant and relatively compact, even when unfolded. The length of the seat from 26 cm in the prone position increases to 85 - enough for kids 1-2 years. The whole structure weighs 12.7 kg, which is a bit for the “tandem”.


  • Adjustable back angle (max 170 °),
  • Quite large and rear wheels with a diameter of 11 cm
  • Fur blankets with cuffs,
  • Large hoods with side wind protection,
  • Attractive design,
  • Mittens on handles, plus soft braid,
  • Roomy removable bag included,
  • High quality materials, both frames and covers,
  • Reliable and high quality seat belts.


  • Pens do not roll forward
  • Hoods do not reach the legs.

Those who need a less branded model should purchase an analogue of “Rabbits” - a “Circle” sledding with bright colors.

Rich Toys Comfort

Cute twin sledge for kids from six months to 4 years. Here, the manufacturer used for covers a durable and easy-to-clean Oxford fabric with a density of 600 g / m2, and for the frame - strong steel tubes with an oval profile.

Beds are a bit short (70 cm), but this did not affect the comfort of children. But the design was very light - only 11 kg.


  • Foldable frame for easy storage and transport
  • Adjustable deep visors that reach to the foot covers,
  • Fixing the backs in 3 positions,
  • For the convenience of parents, the handles are height adjustable
  • Reliable seat belts,
  • Includes a large bag and parental mittens,
  • A good selection of colors.


  • Short runners slightly degrade the sled's handling,
  • Rustic appearance.

Kristy Luxe Twin

Although Kristy doesn’t have the most successful single models, for the twins the company made really good sleds. Seats for both kids are arranged side by side, which somewhat reduces their maneuverability, but provides maximum stability on the road.

The design is also distinguished by wide backs and seats, so even children who are older and dressed in thick overalls will be comfortable.


  • Very wide runners with rear wheels
  • High ground clearance and as a result - excellent cross-snow drifts,
  • Pretty easy control, despite the overall design,
  • Reliable seat belts,
  • Separate warmed blankets for legs,
  • Very deep hoods that cover children to their feet,
  • Water-repellent and easy-to-clean fabric
  • Simple folding mechanism.


  • Auxiliary wheels are too small, difficult to drive on a bad road,
  • Highly positioned handles.

Parents should take into account that the weight of Luxe Twin folding sleds is 15 kg - it will be difficult for a mother to lower or lift them to the floor without an elevator.

What sledges to buy

1. If a child has to walk a fragile mother, it is better to take the model easier - for example, Tyani-Push Elite.

2. A cheap version of the second model sled skis Kangaroo suit the baby who can already sit by himself.

3. In a city where it is often necessary to overcome steps and curbs, the best choice would be combi-sleds with big wheels Pikate 7.

4. Parents who are concerned about the maximum protection of the child during the winter walks will like one of the warmest models in our review - Nika "Children 7-2".

5. A stylish option for walking with twins through the city alleys and streets - Kristy Luxe Twin sled.

6. The twins will be comfortable in the warm Micio twin models “Bunnies” or “Circles”. And parents can easily roll the sled over the cleared road, curbs and steps.

7. If the weight of the usual stroller for twins mom seems too large, it is better to restrict the purchase of light sleds Rich Toys Komfort.