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Jackets: Spring 2017 (50 pics)


A small amount of time will pass, and all lovely women will be able to breathe a sigh of relief and put on light spring jackets instead of heavy and bulky coats and down jackets. In them, girls immediately feel more sophisticated, feminine and beautiful. But there is nothing more beautiful than happy women who can wear what makes them more beautiful and happier. Fashionable spring jackets in 2013-2014 will have many features, we will talk about the main ones in the article.

In the wardrobe of a woman there are things without which it is simply impossible to exist normally. If without another dress you can go outside, then without a jacket is unlikely. It is necessary not only to create stylish images, but also for the elementary preservation of health. Therefore, the spring jacket should take its place of honor among the basic wardrobe of any girl.

In the spring of each girl, especially if she has a tense situation in her personal life, you don’t want to sit at home and feel homesick, so they proudly raise their heads and go to a meeting of adventures. After all, when you walk along the streets of the city, it becomes easier on the soul, and it’s very nice to capture the enthusiastic views of men. But to walk lasted as long as possible and you do not come down with a temperature after another visit to the spring park, it is important to dress warmly.

Do not, of course, forget that girls often put the fashionable side of things higher than their comfort and useful properties. Although with proper selection of clothes in your wardrobe, you can learn to buy high-quality and at the same time fashionable things. A good spring jacket can be the first truly universal thing that will suit you by all criteria.

What jackets will be fashionable in the spring of 2013-2014?

From the speed of change in fashion trends can begin to feel dizzy. A certain style of things can be fashionable for a maximum of one year, and then, even if the appearance of the clothes remains completely new, it makes no sense to wear them. Since you will not look modern, and this undermines the reputation of both women and potential cavaliers and fans. So you have to update your wardrobe quite often, although what is there to hide, it gives a lot of positive emotions to women.

Spring leather jackets 2013-2014

Probably, the defenders of all life on Earth went on vacation, as leather goods are now relevant, fashionable and in demand. Spring jackets did not pass the "leather fever." Naturally, it is better to give preference to natural materials, since they look much more interesting than artificial ones. If earlier leather jackets of a fitted silhouette were in vogue, now it is necessary to stop the choice on voluminous, straight jackets, with large collars and wide sleeves. Such a rather unusual jacket will be originally combined with a classic dress - a pencil and with torn jeans.

Biker Spring Jackets

As mentioned earlier, the skin was again at the peak of fashion. Previously biker jackets dared not wear all girls. Since these clothes have always looked aggressive and defiant. But now the designers decided to improve this version of the jackets. A key element in such jackets will be an oblique lock. Without it, it is simply impossible to imagine the outerwear of bikers. But besides the usual black color, you can choose a spring jacket in beige, brown, gray and white colors. You can not go wrong if you buy a "leather jacket" of suede. In it you will be very stylish.

Short jackets 2013-2014

It is unlikely that such a model of the jacket will save your lower back in cool and windy weather, but in spite of this, short jackets will be relevant soon. Such a style looks unusual and immediately says that the owner of this thing knows a lot about fashion. Perhaps the jacket length to the waist can not be called practical, but that they look nice and interesting to argue is not worth it. Shortened spring jackets resemble a bolero, so they can be safely worn either for a walk or for dinner in a restaurant. Just do not forget that such things must be able to properly select the features of your body. Women with a big belly and big hips better to choose a jacket longer.

Long version of jackets

Modern girls, especially teenagers, do not want to understand that you can look beautiful not only in ultrashort clothes. A long jacket in 2013-2014 should be decorated with an unusual collar, large and bright buttons, a large zipper and voluminous pockets. To solve everyday problems, that is, going to work and walking, this jacket fits perfectly. And for the safety of women's health, a long spring jacket is what you need.

Spring Jackets

Promotion of sports makes its own adjustments to fashion trends. Sports jackets previously rarely seen in the collections of famous designers. But now they are also urging women to take care of themselves. And this is best done in a stylish sports jacket. It should be straight, without elastic. The presence of strips is welcomed. The color should be juicy and bright, but not neon.

"Safari" is back in fashion

If you like to spend time actively in the spring and to stroll in the park, despite the rain and wind, then you should pay attention to this version of the jacket. Its color should be associated with nature, that is, sand, gold, green and brown - this is what you need. The material should be light, thin, raincoat fabric will fit perfectly.

In the spring jackets should be some one bright accent. This can be a collar, pockets, lock or hood. In general, it is better to choose concise models of the jacket without screaming accents in the form of a combination of leather and lace, embroidery and so on.

But with the color of spring jackets you can experiment from the heart. In your image it is enough to focus on the jacket of rich color, and you will be irresistible. Follow the latest fashion trends on our website and be great.

Take the jacket from his older brother: a fashionable disgrace

Photos from the site: vl-girl.ru

Surprisingly, simple and even somewhat funny jackets "from someone else's shoulder", which literally flooded all the catwalks and shows in the autumn and winter shows, still remain popular, and their volumetric silhouettes became even more awkward and amazingly incomprehensible. Moreover, the length can vary from the shortest ultra-bomber, to elongated versions to the knees.

Photos from the site: beauty.wild-mistress.ru

Moreover, the front lower edge of the jacket can be not only at the level from the rear, but also much higher. As for the pockets, then the choice is enormous, from the huge overhead, to oblique and asymmetrical slits and so on. Moreover, the pockets can be highlighted in a different color, often completely unsuitable to the basic tone of the product.

The color palette of the new season to the military style

Photos from the site: nezauryadnaya.ru

Of course, I also want to talk about the colors that will prevail. Fashionable jackets for spring 2017, whose photos you can look at very carefully, can be bright and screaming again, and they can calmly emphasize simplicity and calm, for example, pastel colors in your wardrobe.

Photos from the site: mimiton.ru

Moreover, if you are not afraid of universal attention, you should choose something more challenging, for example, the jacket of an acid-blue shade, which has again become fashionable this spring, or multi-colored prints, for example, of a vegetable pattern. However, this is still far from everything, in fashion, as before, no matter how difficult it may be to say, the notorious style of military, which has literally enveloped the minds of modern fashionist women in recent times. That is, camouflage and the usual soldier's "sand" - the last hit of the season, and this will not hide.

Tightened and athletic: going for a run in the park or go to the office to work?

Photos from the site: tossy.ru

Already quite a lot of seasons in a row from the podiums and shows do not disappear sports options for a variety of jackets. Sports fashion spring jackets 2017 for women, experienced designers have learned to combine even with a strict, business suit, what can we say about jeans or leggings.

Photos from the site: glazurno.ru

And if we talk about flowers, then everything is already permissible. And branded colors of one or another company are quite acceptable. In addition to this jacket, it is not at all necessary to wear sneakers, since the lights will now be combined with any style and direction in clothing.

Women's jackets spring 2018: what is fashionable in the new season

The variety of styles that have been proposed by world designers allows each girl to show her individuality and originality, to choose the model that suits her best.

The main trends in spring 2018 are:

  • bombers and leather jackets
  • shabby denim jackets
  • classic coats and raincoats in a modern arrangement
  • light parks
  • synthetic winter jackets sport chic

Stylish coats spring 2018

Spring coat still finds its fans in the new season. Thanks to the fashionable transformation of styles and textures, this spring clothes began to look more original. Designers have tried to transform the usual styles and present to the public trendy outfits with an abundance of bright colors and decor.

In the new season such styles are popular as:

  • coat without sleeves
  • denim coat with the decor of the "patches", stripes, beads and applications
  • jacket coats in military style with two rows of buttons and shoulder straps

Fashionable leather jackets 2018

Leather jackets are a great opportunity to embody elegant elegance and demonstrative egoism in one image. Stylish jacket 2018 should have such features as:

  • rivets and spikes
  • wide zippers
  • fur trim

Leather jacket was the main part of the wardrobe of sophisticated fashionistas of the late 70s. In 2018, stylish leather jacket will be the most striking trend. The jacket can complement any outfit, regardless of its style. She looks great under jeans, long or short skirt, light chiffon dress. As for shades, in the trend both classic black tones and bright catchy colors - deep blue, burgundy, mustard.

Fashionable bomber jackets: photo ideas spring 2018

Bombers - a great choice for everyday style, when there is no time to think about the harmony of the image. They fit almost any outfit.

Bombers came into women's fashion from men with minor changes and is a short jacket with a lock-zipper and elastic bands on the sleeves, neck and hem. They can be seen in a wide variety of materials and styles. This season, popular models of leather, satin, velvet, suede and denim. This is a comfortable and original spring outerwear, which should be in the wardrobe of every fashionista. In the spring of 2018, products with a decor of embroidery, beads, fringe, lace and fur inserts are popular.

Women's jeans jacket spring 2018

Last year's “warmers” with a tattered decor are still relevant, but the models with embroidery and bright patches that carry a meaningful load are of real interest. Prints with birds, flowers, stripes, fringe, massive applications with folk themes and Japanese motifs are popular.

In addition to the classic blue and black shades, in spring 2018, models from marsala, malachite, turquoise, cabalt, hot pink, sand and coral tones are popular.

Women's Trench Coats Spring 2018

The main material for spring trench coats is still rubberized fabric, which provides quality and waterproof of each model. Such outerwear is especially popular because of unstable spring weather.

Trench coats - outerwear, the length of which reaches the knee, which makes it very comfortable for the spring season. It is suitable for a strict business style and everyday wear.

In the spring of 2018, in addition to the classic models, short versions will become popular. In the fashion restrained colors of trench coats - beige, sand, black, decorated with prints with flowers, birds, ornaments.

Sinteponovye jackets spring 2018

In the capricious spring time, it is simply necessary to have a padding jacket in your wardrobe. It will warm from wind and cold. Styles can be very diverse:

  • variants with shortened wrap sleeves and elegant brooch with large rhinestones on the neck
  • warm bombers on a synthetic winterizer with wide cuffs
  • bright short models

In such a jacket you will not freeze. It is easy to clean and does not require special conditions for washing. You can dilute the outstanding spring look with a bright scarf or a scarf, elegantly embracing the neck.

Jackets in military style spring 2018

Fashion parks, won the hearts of girls for several seasons in a row, again at the peak of popularity. Comfortable and stylish models of spring 2018 are often performed in a strict military style with a predominance of characteristic shades, the decor of large buttons, voluminous patch pockets and shoulder straps.

The optimal length of the parks should be just below the hip, but there are also maxi-models, which become the subject of preferences for girls who have a good understanding of high fashion.

Women's Jackets Spring 2018: Large Size for Fat Women

The spring jacket for the full should not only smooth out the figure flaws, but also be stylish. The times when plus-size women had to order clothes from tailors were forgotten, as there were simply no large sizes, especially jackets. Today, a variety of styles, materials and colors allows every girl to find a suitable model.

Choose a spring jacket for the full need based on the type of figure.

  • type of figure "apple" - elongated models covering thighs will do
  • type of figure "pear" with large hips - choose flared models from below
  • type of figure "hourglass" - pay attention to the models of jackets with a belt

In general, jackets for spring 2018 for the full should not be burdened with unnecessary details or eye-catching decor. The cut should be concise, and the colors should be monochromatic. The only harmonious addition to the jacket can be a large original collar that balances too voluminous bottom.

What are the jackets in fashion in the spring of 2018: the actual colors and combinations

The taste and color, as you know, no comrades. This principle should be adhered to when choosing a jacket for the spring of 2018. In the preferences of fashionistas, 2 directions dominate:

  • discreet warm colors
  • bright saturated flashy tones characteristic of the spring season

If everything is very clear with calm tones, then you will have to tinker with the catchy ones. The difficulty lies in the combination of some bright colors with elements of the entire image. The most compatible flowers are mustard, purple, fuktion, apricot. The outerwear of these shades will fit into any outfit and become its main decoration.

Khaki color is not inferior. Designers all the time experimenting with this shade, offering girls softer and devoid of obvious severity options. In the spring of 2018, khaki acquired exclusively female qualities. Now you can find leather leather jackets, suede jackets, cotton parks and oversized models in unusual khaki-performance.

Another novelty of the season is the contrast of colors in one model. To a large extent, this trend has manifested itself in the sports segment, where you can find models with a combination of black and white, turquoise and burgundy, chocolate and sapphire shades.

When choosing a spring jacket, stick to the "golden" middle between the stylish look and the quality of the product. Fashion collections of famous designers finally approved the course on the use of quality materials and accessories, which gives every thing a sophisticated look. Fashion designers recommend to buy spring jackets brand manufacturers who will serve you for one year.

Jackets styles for obese women and girls

To choose the right style of jacket for obese women and girls, you must take into account the type of figure.

Clothing should not visually increase the volume. It is desirable that the fabric and cut as much as possible smooth out the flaws of the figure.

If a woman has an apple-type body - slender legs, but a wide waist, it is better for her to choose long models of jackets covering her hips.

If the figure is a “pear” type, with very large hips, then jackets for obese women, flared from below, will help to visually reduce them.

You can focus on the chest area with a large collar of the original form. The shortened sleeve looks good. Such models are worn with long gloves.

Girls and women plus size, having a proportional figure "hourglass", fit models of jackets with a belt.

In general, jackets for overweight girls should have a laconic cut that is not burdened by unnecessary details.

The attractiveness of the jacket should emphasize the quality of the material and a good color range.

What women's jackets for the full offer fashion designers in the 2016 season?

Fashionable winter jackets for full

In the trend of a large variety of models.

First of all, comfortable, warm, non-dirty park. In the 2018 season, it is especially popular.

These winter jackets for the full are decorated with lacing, pockets, hood, zippers. Рекомендуемая длина – до середины бедер, которая зрительно стройнит и сужает фигуру. В моде стеганые, поблескивающие, бархатные ткани.

Куртка Бомбер позаимствована у сильной половины человечества. Но от традиционной формы военных летчиков модельеры оставили только манжеты на молнии и резинке. Все остальные детали принадлежат исключительно женской моде.

Зима 2018: куртки из овчины для полных (с фото)

Jackets for the full winter 2018 of sheepskin look great. They are great warm in frosty weather, light and very adorn women.

Fleece-lined jackets perfectly protect from wind and damp. They do not weigh much and are very comfortable.

Sports models of jackets for obese women

Fashionable jackets for the full are also offered in a sporty style.

They can be leather, quilted, fleece or from shiny fabrics, such as polyester. Sports models - the best option for women with curvaceous. Particularly well looked feminine and beautiful model "Oversize", having a rounded shape and sloping shoulder line. Such stylish jackets for the full emphasize the blooming beauty of curvy shapes.

This season, winter jackets for obese women are offered in the following colors: black, brown, green, chocolate, gray, blue in various shades, red and white.

Leather and quilted jackets for obese women

In fashion and leather jackets for obese women with elements of fur.

Relevant models with a fur collar, fur sleeves or various fur inserts. Such products look expensive and elegant.

Especially interesting are the models that adorn the fur is not one, but three different shades. They also visually very slim figure.

Quilted jackets for the full winter of 2018, the photos of which you see in this article, are not losing out this season, on the contrary, they are extremely in demand. The material for such jackets are various waterproof fabrics. The pattern of stitches is the most diverse - rhombus, square, various intricate shapes.

Spring 2018: models of jackets for full

Spring jackets for overweight women designers also offer very diverse models.

For example, leather jackets in which leather is combined with knitwear. They are trimmed with fringe and fur, decorated with applications from materials of various textures. Length slightly below the waist.

In a fashion also leather jackets for full in grunge style. These are models for the young and the daring - short, of course, with a slanting collar and sparkling numerous chains, metal rivets, buttons, buttons, buckles. Such models presented in their collections fashion houses of world renown - Barbara Bui, Yang Li, Saint Laurent and others.

One of the most popular jacket silhouettes for the full 2018 spring is the A-shaped silhouette. It is perfectly suited for full women, visually corrects the figure, makes it more slender.

Jackets for obese women from leading brands (with photos)

Consider some examples of collections for the full, which have demonstrated leading brands.

The Spanish brand Mango has developed the Violeta line - especially for obese women. Full fashionable women offered casual chic clothing. This is a popular universal style.

The color range of the collection is rather calm and neutral. The predominant colors are basic: blue, sand, khaki shades. They are harmoniously diluted with blue, coral and burgundy shades.

The jackets in this collection for the full 2018 spring, which we present to you, have a wide variety of styles, colors, textures. This is the season's top-selling leather jackets, leather jackets, windbreakers and down jackets.

In addition, the Mango designers offer full women and other clothes - knitted sweaters, cardigans with Scandinavian knit patterns, pullovers. They look discreet, but stylish and appropriate for cold weather.

Ideal for full figures and strict versions of dresses with a straight silhouette - sheath dresses, shirt dresses, models decorated with ornaments and abstract drawings.

The Italian brand Marina Rinaldi also presented an interesting collection for obese women. This brand is not widely known in the world. After all, its designers know how to turn an unsure “pyshechka” into a chic attractive fashionista.

The palm in the new collection is given to brown and gray colors, shades of denim, khaki. But there was also a place for pink and red, beige and white.

Beautiful stylish jackets for obese women

Coats and jackets for obese women, photos of which are presented here, perfectly emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide excessive completeness. The brand offers lush women elongated vests, beautiful fur jackets, original coats.

For example, a pink coat without buttons - thanks to a monochromatic belt, it emphasizes the waist and creates the effect of an hourglass shape.

Coats are proposed to be worn with leather trousers or jeans, and fur jackets with skirts and trousers of a classic cut.

Clothes for the full beautiful and diverse

Other jackets for the full are worthy of your attention. Photos of them are presented below.

These are stylish and beautiful, and at the same time, light and practical models. An indispensable part of women's wardrobe is waterproof jackets. Their owners will be able to lead an active life in inclement weather. They are not only beautiful, but also comfortable and practical.