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Blue skirt


Among the variety of styles, a special place is occupied by a wreath skirt, which repeatedly soars into the peak of fashionable Olympus. This practical and convenient product attracts women of fashion of any age. The modern skirt with a wrap is the most versatile, since the design brings a special charm and zest to the female image.. The unusual creation has gained popularity all over the world due to the incredible femininity, mystery and romance.

Skirt as an independent element of women's wardrobe appeared a long time ago. The first plaid copies were successful in Scotland and were the prerogative of men, who still do not change the folk traditions and wear Scottish skirts with pleasure. The fashion changed, the ways of cutting and sewing were improved, but the samples in the cage always remained relevant.. Today, eminent fashion designers annually present new models with an innovative cut and decoration method.

Models and styles of skirts

No fashion show is complete without the display of checkered products. Very flamboyant looks long skirt in a cage with a smell. Luxurious product turns a woman into a real goddess and beauty queen. A variety of styles allows you to choose the ideal option, taking into account the features of the shape and taste preferences.


For the beautiful half of humanity, designers offer chic checkered patterns of various shapes, lengths and colors. Demonstrate graceful legs and tucked up buttocks will allow a short skirt with buttons or ties. Highlight the midi pattern with a high or low waist. Products in a floor will become the main accent of style and will bring a special highlight and luxury into a female image.

Product length

A modern, fragrant plaid skirt can be wide or narrow, long or short. Mini preferred young and slim girl, midi - versatile and suitable for everyone, regardless of age and shape features, maxi decorate any silhouette and add luxury to the image.

As for the purpose of products, it is the length of the skirt that becomes the determining factor. The classic version is a sample of medium length suitable for any event. namely walks and rest, office work and business meetings. A checkered miniskirt is useful for romantic dates and friendly parties. The long product can be used for celebrations, presentations, theater or cinema.

Who is suitable?

Wrap skirts have one very useful feature - they perfectly adjust the silhouette, adding visual elegance. Such a sample - just a godsend for obese women. Superfluous complement will hide the canvas, and the cell will mask the pomp of the figure. For slim girls, a skirt will add femininity and sexuality, and for complete ladies the product will help to idealize the forms.

For the “apple” figure, such a thing will become an assistant in creating fashionable bows, since it will hide the drawbacks of the silhouette. "Pear" will be able to emphasize their own individuality. Owners of the silhouette of "hourglass" fit absolutely all models of skirts of different lengths.

Fashionable colors

The checkered fragment plays a key role in the supply of a fashionable product. The geometric shape, the arrangement of the lines create a single picture and a positive overall impression. Brightness or restraint of the cells cause different emotions of others. Dark color is acceptable for business and work. Red fragments incline the product to coquetry and levity. Blue or gray cell combined with black tone - the favorite colors of calm and balanced people. Brown pattern is acceptable for products that perform the function of a working, business or pleasure attire.

A variety of skirts

Products with a smell bright and many-sided. Each model is unique and is able to add a special flair to the female appearance. Every year, exclusive samples representing real masterpieces of art and model art are presented on world podiums. The ways of cutting and decorating vary, and as a result, luxurious products of original design are born.

Types of wrap skirts:

  • On ties (summer version, ruffles and ruffles along the hem are possible).
  • Skirt-apron (a combination of overalls and skirts - the product is often asymmetrical cut).
  • With drapery (decorative element brings exoticism and expression, often located in front or side).
  • Multi-layered (lush products are complemented by lace inserts, ruffles or ruffles).
  • Without side seams (universal dimensionless product).
  • On buttons (decor element adjusts the size of the skirt).
  • With a slit at the back (more common on long skirts).
  • Asymmetric (the most expressive model with a unique design).
  • With the imitation of smell (samples sew from elastic fabrics).

The choice of cut and decoration of a skirt depends on fashionable preferences and desire to express the taste and attitude. Every detail has a meaning and a special purpose. The bow, buckle, buttons, lock, applications, ribbons add refinement to the product and influence its style.


Plaid skirts claim to be the most romantic items in demand by women of any age. Large drawing attracts lovers of avant-garde and luxury. Medium slanting cell is suitable for business girls and brings luxury to the female appearance. Small bright checkered fragments add nobility, aristocracy to the image and adorn women.

The scope of products is very wide. Skirt in a cage can be part of a business suit or trendy ensemble. Apply plaid products everywhere - at home, on vacation and at work. Worn at any time of the year and in any place. You can safely wear a long skirt to a party or a trip to the theater. A short sample will be the best assistant in the preparation of fashionable bow, designed for shopping or walking. MIDI products are suitable for visiting educational or cultural institutions.

In summer, you can wear silk, linen and cotton beach and Indian skirts. Winter options - wool, jacquard straight cut. Viscose products with frills and lace appliqués, as well as leather and denim pieces are suitable for spring and autumn. Depending on the choice of length, colors and decoration of the skirt, an image of a romantic lady or a strict business lady is created.

What to combine and combine

Skirts in a cage perfectly harmonize with things completely different in style and design. Model "tulip" or "sun" requires a discreet top, so you can apply a tight blouse with long sleeves, a knitted sweater, a sleeveless top. A pencil skirt will be the main accent of the style, and jackets with a flashlight sleeve, golf, vest or fitted jacket will be able to complement it. The skirt "bell" is connected with a short jacket, tight blouse and jumper.

As for the color combination, there can be a variety of interpretations. The black-and-gray check product is ideally combined with black golf, a gray short jacket and a white sweater. The sample in a tartan cell will make a harmonious tandem with a red blouse, a black jacket and a burgundy cardigan. Navy blue checkered skirts can be successfully complemented with a cornflower blue blouse, a blue sweatshirt or a black combidress.

How to choose?

How to choose a blue skirt? To begin with, it is worth noting that it is absolutely universal, as it goes for everyone and is suitable for any occasion, from walking with friends and dating and ending with official meetings and office work. There are no limitations connected with the peculiarities of the figure either: the main thing is to choose a suitable model that will mask the flaws and emphasize the advantages.

Consider the main criteria for choosing a blue skirt:

  • Style. One of the most relevant is a sexy pencil, but this option is suitable only for slender girls with beautiful hips. Straight skirts look strictly and allow you to hide the volume where you want to reduce it. The real find for owners of narrow hips and not enough distinguished buttocks is a new look sun-skirt.
  • Length. The shorter the skirt, the more frank the image will be, but bold mini models can spoil the impression and look vulgar. In addition, only happy owners of slender legs can afford them. Midi length is a discreet and elegant option that is able to both highlight the advantages and flaunt flaws, such as a small increase. But the problem will solve the heels. A long skirt in the floor, too, should not be put on a short girl, if she prefers flat shoes.
  • Colour. The shades of blue are incredibly many: from bright and catchy to subdued and calm. Restrained tones are appropriate in office and strict images, and saturated in everyday life or special occasions.

How to wear?

What is fashionable to wear a blue skirt? Many options:

  • You can wear a trendy crochet top with a flared skirt-sun with a high waist.
  • Tight-fitting models knee-length or just below them are perfectly combined with loose tops, T-shirts or T-shirts.
  • A strict pencil skirt will blend beautifully with a white blouse or an elegant shirt.
  • With everyday blue skirts, you can safely wear denim shirts or jackets. Moreover, the shades can both completely coincide and contrast, as in the tandem of blue and blue.
  • The feminine skirt of the fitting silhouette can be complemented with a stylish blazer or jacket.
  • If you have chosen a fluffy and permanently retaining skirt, then allow yourself interesting experiments. So, you can choose the most simple T-shirt on the straps, youth t-shirt, sweatshirt, cardigan or long sleeve. And all these things are surely tucked into the skirt, even if they are free: this technique allows you to emphasize the waist and define a clear boundary between the upper and lower parts of the figure so that it does not look shapeless.
  • You can add a short skirt with a shirt or a free-cut T-shirt.
  • On cool evenings, you can wear a cardigan.
  • Rebel will surely appreciate the combination of a blue skirt with a leather jacket-leather jacket.
  • In winter, spring and autumn, wear a coat of any shape: straight, fitted, trapezoid.

We should also write about the colors of things, combined with a fashionable blue skirt. If you need a strict and elegant image, pay attention to the white and beige powdery shades.

For bright bows you can use such tones as yellow, red, mint, coral. And if you want to look luxurious and feminine, then choose emerald green or black. Monochrome combinations of different shades of blue also look good.

We select shoes

Depending on the style of the image, you can wear very different shoes: shoes, shoes and mules, shoes, ballet flats, sandals and sandals, loafers and oxfords, ankle boots and boots, slippers and even sneakers. But it is especially important to approach the choice of color, and the most successful will be the universal black, bold mustard, bright red, ultrafashionable lemon, calm brown, exquisite powder, and also romantic white.

Tip: although the styles of clothing and shoes must be the same or at least combined, in some cases experiments are appropriate. For example, a pencil skirt can be worn with comfortable slip-ons, and a flared one with sneakers.

We complement the image of accessories

Finally, the last but very important touches are the accessories. It is interesting to beat the image with the help of a stylish clutch, a bright thin strap, cap or scarf. And do not forget to adhere to color combinations, so as not to look motley and ridiculous. Also follow the rule: the larger the accessory, the more restrained the color. If you choose a small thing, then it can and should even be bright.

Complement and make feminine any bow will allow decorations. Wear necklaces, chains, beads, chokers, bracelets, earrings. And the products of golden shades look especially stylish and elegant at the same time, although silver ones will also be quite appropriate. But you can take a chance and bring to the set the sparkle of large and bright stones that will surely attract attention to you.

If you still do not have a blue skirt in your wardrobe, be sure to buy it and start creating stylish and interesting images for all occasions!

Blue Pencil Skirt - Stylish Sets

If we consider what is best to wear a blue pencil skirt, then there are a lot of options.

The classic is the white addition of such a thing. The combination of flowers is more suitable for spring, summer. She does not lose popularity among business women, limited rules of the dress code.

The created set will complement the office style, will look restrained and will not cause unnecessary questions. For work, a blue skirt is best combined with a sleek strict shirt.

For an elegant outlet, fashionable women can choose lace, silk top, add suitable accessories. Everything looks easy, feminine, attractive.

A dark blue skirt looks discreetly and strictly in combination with a black shirt. You can replace the laconic top of the elegant model, made of lace, silk - the set will look festive. In order for the ensemble not to look gloomy, it is worth adding a couple of bright accents to it - a red bag or shoes.

One more option will suit you: for a dress you need to combine a blue pencil skirt and a black and white top. A blouse, a black and white print T-shirt, a strip and peas are more in demand for this set.

Gray with all its bright shades will be a great addition to the noble blue - it can shade the depth of color, giving sophistication to the image. Decorations of white and black are chosen as suitable accessories, the bag and shoes can be of the same shades.

Having chosen a yellow blouse, a T-shirt, a shirt for a bright bottom, the woman definitely does not lose. With the classic blue pencil skirt of a dark shade, all shades of yellow are well combined - from mustard to bright, rich. For many women, this kit is suitable not only for creating urban, but also for working images - it looks bright and stylish.

Current materials

Summer model should be made of lightweight, breathable material.

Preference should be given to natural fabrics. Blue skirts, cotton for which has become the main material, are popular with girls. The fabric is light, does not cause discomfort, always looks advantageous.

Blue denim skirts surprise anyone difficult - this thing is found in almost every wardrobe.

Such products can be of any length, vary in style. For summer, lightweight denim is used, for fall and winter, dense material that keeps heat is suitable. In a casual look, a blue denim skirt fits just perfectly.

The fashion show, in which we can see such models, demonstrated that they are easily combined with feminine silk blouses, warm, voluminous sweaters.

To create an image in the style of casual skirt is simply necessary.

Stylish blue leather skirt is a functional, comfortable product that allows you to take a fresh look at familiar images.

A model can become a decoration of a set or look reserved - it all depends on what things complement it.

Perfectly suited for women blue leather pencil skirt. It simulates a figure, can perform the role of an extension, hiding problem areas.

Visually corrects the silhouette and the selected color - it is able to visually reduce the volume, making the image graceful.

Leather skirt can be entered in many images - it all depends on the selected length, style.

Choosing among all the clothes with which to wear such a product of medium length, one should prefer blouses, light-colored shirts.

Short models look good with tops and simple T-shirts. The ensemble is suitable for city walks, sneakers and ballet shoes can make it more comfortable. Shoes with heels will help to look feminine.

Such a thing is suitable for all seasons. In summer, it is combined with light blouses, tops, and T-shirts. In winter, it looks good with sweaters, cardigans, and warmed jackets.

Actual length

Blue short skirts are mainly chosen by young girls who want to demonstrate slender legs.

If the style is chosen correctly, then they look good, regardless of the growth of their owner.

This model is appropriate in everyday looks, it does not combine with a business style and is not suitable for an evening out.

Model length below the knee is called midi.

It is able to visually balance the proportions of the figure, but it can also hurt, because visually it makes the legs shorter.

Stylists advise blue midi skirt to choose high girls, complementing the set with shoes with heels.

Blue skirt to the floor is suitable for creating elegant evening dresses, especially if it is made of expensive satin, silk, lace.

Such a model may be present in everyday ensembles. For her, the use of more neutral fabrics, like a suit or knitwear.

Long blue skirt to the floor will suit tall girls. Low fashionable women should complement such products with high heels.

Correct combinations

Модные тенденции меняются довольно быстро, но некоторые вещи остаются классическими.

К примеру, синий в сочетании с белым, черным, бежевым всегда выглядит актуально. Эта цветовая палитра незаменима для деловых женщин, строящих свой гардероб, подчиняясь строго дресс-коду.

Лаконичная классическая синяя юбка сочетается с простой рубашкой, блузой и классическими туфлями на каблуке. The tandem of black, white and blue does not lose popularity, remaining feminine and restrained at the same time.

You can create an ensemble, combining such a bottom with blouses with short sleeves. In the summer, such a set may be suitable for work, but if the dress code does not allow it, it will be an excellent option for a urban look.

Blue skirt-pack is actively used to create stylish urban sets of young girls who love to stand out from the crowd.

  • fluffy skirt and tight top - the set will look balanced.

Urban style provides a combination of bright colors, so you need to experiment with blue and red.

Created kit can look restrained, if the top is a cool shade of red - wine, crimson. Bright red top will be a great solution for young girls.

It looks good combination of blue with turquoise and green. This palette is close to the marine theme and relevant in the warm season. She looks stylish and elegant.

An ensemble of green blouses in muted shades in combination with classic skirts is suitable for office and an informal business meeting.

Suitable shoes and accessories

To create a harmonious set, it is necessary to combine the top of a calm, more neutral shade with a bright blue bottom.

The ensemble is easy to add with massive accessories of golden or black color. For the work of the decoration must be concise. Allowed the presence of hours, neat earrings. For the evening out, you can pick up more catchy, exquisite jewelry.

Choosing shoes, it is better to stop on shoes-shoes, which are considered the most suitable. In the summer they can be replaced with open sandals, ballet flats.

Blue skirt looks good with low-heeled shoes, so you can add it to sneakers. For the cold period, it is better to choose ankle boots with heels, the presence of high boots to the knee is acceptable. If the winter set allows, the boots can be without a heel.

Accessories and shoes play a final role in creating a stylish image. It is necessary to choose these details carefully, so that they form a single set with other things and do not over-focus attention on themselves.

The variety of styles, different length of products, the presence or absence of prints and decor allow you to create diverse ensembles that look stylish and elegant.

Fashion trends in the world of shirts

Every year, at least ten variants of new models of shirts appear on fashion catwalks.

Of these, you can choose the option for absolutely any girl - a teenager, an adult lady or a business woman, regardless of the type of figure.

To find a suitable option, you can bypass hundreds of stores, but if you save your time, justbutik.ru collected the best models on one site.

  • classic strip,
  • stylish cell
  • models with embroidery,
  • universal denim,
  • exquisite silk and satin,
  • in pajama style and others.

Each of them can make your bow modern and make you stand out from the crowd.

For example, striped blouses for many years have not gone out of fashion and serve as an addition to both the most elegant and casual images.

Light shirt with a thin strip can be a basic in the wardrobe, but after all, the thickness, color and direction of the strip can be completely different. And which one will you choose?

Another classic option is a checkered shirt, which is ideal for images in street style, as well as for stylish office sets in combination with classic trousers or skirts.

For girls who love the style of hippies and different ethnic motifs, fit shirts with embroidery. They can be both colorful and abstract, and are combined with a ragged jeans and leather skirt / shorts.

Denim shirts for several years do not leave the fashion catwalks, but every year their models become more diverse. Various details are added, such as embroidery, stones, patchwork, Basque and many others. Thanks to them, the denim shirt is now not only for teenagers - it will be a great addition to the wardrobe for any business woman.

For those who prefer skirts / pants, even during the holidays, silk blouses are a great option. They will add to your image of sexuality, romance and make it truly festive. Their plus is the relevance at any time of the year.

Wherever you wear a shirt, you will always look stunning. Thanks to their versatility, modern shirts can be combined with any other items of clothing, creating unique and unique images that will help to show your individuality.

Stylish skirts below the knee: what to wear midi skirt - tips and ideas for real fashionistas

Before telling you what to wear with a midi skirt, note that midi skirts are universal, because they can easily complement any set, both in casual and smart casual styles, and in an elegant and sophisticated romantic style.

Fashionable skirts below the knee (midi skirts) can have several levels of length that you choose individually, depending on the constitution of your body, the characteristics of your figure, the beauty and elegance of your legs. The most acceptable length for a midi skirt is 10 centimeters above the ankle.

When midi skirts are perfect for you, do not deny yourself the pleasure to buy midi skirts such as pencil, fluffy skirts with french length, midi skirts with frills and drapes, pleated midi skirts, with ruffles and frill.

What to wear with midi skirts: fashionable midi skirts in pencil style

Midi-length skirts, narrowed to the bottom, have long been an indicator of good taste, because they look very elegant, elegant and feminine, both on slim girls with perfect parameters, and on women with lush hips with a type of figure an hourglass and without extra roundness on tummy

For women with an inverted triangular type of figure, or the type of figure apple, midi skirts may be inappropriate, because, most likely, the figure flaws are emphasized.

Midi skirts with a high-waisted pencil look chic if you combine them with silk, chiffon blouses, classic shirts, crop tops and even casual sweaters.

The skirts below the knee are straight and the pencil must be worn with shoes with heels, which will visually stretch the female silhouette.

What to wear with a midi skirt: A-line skirts below the knee

Another style of midi skirt - skirts below the knee A - silhouette. Elegant midi skirts in a trapezoid style will suit women with small figure flaws or overweight, and, of course, women with flawless appearance.

If you have extra inches on the tummy and hips, midi-trapeze skirts will be able to hide them, emphasizing the rest of the charms of your appearance.

You can wear skirts below the knee in a trapezoid style with different variations of the top, because this style of a midi skirt will correct and hide the imbalance of the silhouette.

Midi skirts with a trapezoidal skirt can be combined with a flattering and looser cut of blouses and blouses.

What to wear with a midi skirt: puffy midi skirts made of satin, chiffon, tulle

Trendy new products for 2018-2019 are puffy midi skirts, widening the hips. Made of tulle, satin, chiffon skirts below the knee allow you to construct playful, delicate, romantic, eccentric fashion bows in a variety of styles.

Beautiful fluffy midi skirts can be combined even with a leather jacket and voluminous jumpers, creating an original set in street style and casual style.

Midi skirts are suitable for women with long, elegant legs tall. They can be worn with shoes on heels, sandals, classic pumps.

For girls and women with curvaceous forms such skirts are contraindicated. Nevertheless, fashionable experiments are sometimes surprising, so here you choose for yourself, just like with what to wear a midi skirt.

What to wear with a midi skirt: leather, denim and midi skirts

In 2018-2019, the latest trend in women's fashion became midi skirts made of jeans, leather and lace.

A straight cut denim midi skirt and a pencil are great for making casual sets. These midi skirts represent a street sports style that is now actively chosen by young girls and active women.

Fashionable skirts below the knee of straight and trapezoid lace will be for you a basic element for the formation of both festive and everyday bows. In our photo collection you can see what to wear with a midi skirt made of lace.

But leather midi skirts are a win-win idea for a skirt below the knee, both for business and for elegant and feminine looks.

Depending on the top, leather skirts, midi pencil, trapeze, puffy skirts below the knee can emphasize the elegance of the figure, emphasize sexuality, playful silhouette.

How to wear a midi skirt - useful ideas and tips

We want to draw your attention to how and with what to wear a midi skirt according to the features of a female silhouette.

If you want to create an elegant silhouette of a real lady, choose midi skirts with a high waist and a delicate blouse.

A strict image of a business woman will help combine the skirts below the knee with a jacket and jacket in tandem with a traditional shirt.

If you need to focus on the hips, midi skirts with low waist will be just right.

Low girls are better to choose the length to or slightly above the knee, abandoning a full midi skirt, so as not to weigh down the silhouette.

What can I wear with a skirt below the knee: palette of shades

Depending on the season, you can choose midi skirts spring-summer and autumn winter in bright and more muted shades.

Midi skirts in one-color version are relevant for any season. In the spring-summer season, bright midi skirts with a striped, abstract, floral print, as well as skirts below the knee with a certain pattern will be popular. Red, yellow, blue, turquoise, pink and other shades in a trend this spring and summer.

Mid-season skirts in a cage, strip, small polka dots and an abstract pattern, plain black, green, blue, burgundy, beige, and brown skirts below the knee will be acceptable for the autumn-winter season.

And now we suggest you to see what to wear with a midi skirt, having familiarized yourself with the current styles and new skirts below the knee.