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Top 10 Shoe Dryers


In the spring, autumn and winter, everyone is faced with the problem of wet shoes. This is unpleasant and dangerous. So, in any house should appear dryer for shoes. There are many offers on the market, but out of all the diversity, you need to make your choice. The most current options are ultraviolet shoe drying and electric.

How to choose an electrical device?

This is the easiest way to dry shoes. Outwardly, these are two small designs with cords and sockets. These appliances are placed in each shoe, and drying begins. They are created in the form of various animals, and inside is a heating element. Most often the basis is metal. But modern models are made of plastic. It takes at least five hours for the shoe dryer to do its job.

In addition, there are designs that blow warm air. Basically they work autonomously, which is more convenient to use. As a rule, this is a pipe on which shoes are put on and air heated to 50-60 degrees is supplied. It turns out that an electric shoe dryer with this principle of operation copes with the task faster.

What to look for when choosing?

So that the device does not disappoint after purchase, you need to follow simple rules:

  • The first is external data. It is better to give preference to reliable material. On the case should not be present any cracks, glue stains and other things.
  • It is better to choose a dryer for shoes with a ceramic heater. After all, such a device is more reliable and will last long enough.
  • The operating temperature of the dryer for shoes is the main indicator. After all, if it is too high, you can ruin the shoes. And low - will not lead to the desired result. Therefore, this factor will have to pay special attention.

What you need to know about UV dryer for shoes?

It is not always possible to achieve the removal of moisture from the shoe when it is placed on the battery. So come to the aid of special dryers. One of these options - a device with ultraviolet effect. In addition to the quality of the main impact, it fights bacteria and germs. After drying any smell will leave the shoes. Devices can be in the form of bulbs and simple liners.

Since the dryer for shoes works autonomously, it can be used not only at home, but also while traveling, at work, etc. The process itself takes place automatically. After about 10 minutes, it turns off, completely destroying everything that is unnecessary and harmful to the legs. In this case, the moisture is absorbed completely, without harming the material of the shoe. So the device is suitable even for expensive models. In addition, this lamp is completely safe for the human body.

The most popular ones on sale are ultraviolet liners, which are shaped like a foot. For a couple of hours, they completely remove moisture. In this case, ultraviolet irradiation takes place (at a temperature of 60-70 degrees). As a result, all bacteria are destroyed. In order to do all this, it does not require a large amount of energy. The temperature is as balanced as possible. If there is a protective case, there will be no misunderstanding.

The process of application will not cause difficulties. It is necessary to place each part of the device inside the shoe. After that, you need to turn on the device. As soon as it takes 5 hours, you can turn off the device. But even if a person forgets to do this, nothing happens. There is one thing: ultraviolet drying for shoes is expensive. But as practice shows, the price always pays off.

Such a device should be in any family. Because there is no more convenient way to dry shoes. The appliance will help in the off-season to care for products and maintain them in excellent condition. When a person spends a lot of time on his feet, such a dryer is simply necessary for him.

What else do you need to know about the device?

It is easy to purchase an electric or ultraviolet shoe dryer. After all, they are in many stores. Especially such a purchase will be relevant to people living in places with a cold or humid climate. Today they can be of any shape and with different temperature indicators. Therefore, before buying you need to understand for what purposes it is purchased, how many products will be processed.

It is believed that drying shoes for electric or any other can be used for other purposes. Some owners use this device for animals. They place the appliance in a stove bench or pet house. If the device is switched on for several hours, it completely destroys odors.

It is clear that drying for shoes is electric for any person, but how to choose - everyone decides for himself. Ultraviolet performs several basic tasks at once, which is a great advantage for it. And the cost will be justified after several applications.

10 Start SD05 UV

Chinese manufacturers have long been famous for the ability to manufacture various devices for life comfort. So this dryer with the effect of ultraviolet radiation has proved itself on the positive side. After using it, the shoe becomes dry and gets rid of the smell. Due to the rapid drying, the device contributes to the destruction of pathogens, that is, it has an antifungal effect. No wonder buyers respond well to the operation of the device.

The economical cost allows you to purchase goods to anyone who wants to preserve the health as well as the integrity of the shoes. The design of the dryer is quite simple. It has two heating nozzles that fit inside shoes of different sizes: from 28 to 40. The ability of quick drying helps to restore the old look of shoes in a short time. Temperature of heating is from 60 to 70 degrees. During the procedure, the device does not distribute unpleasant odors, as it is made of special plastic.

9 Axion ESO-220 / 7-01

One of the most budget and at the same time efficient dryers. Helps keep the shape of shoes. Careful drying occurs due to a special heat-emitting coating. The undoubted advantage of this device is that it can dry not only shoes of large size, but also of small ones. Proper distribution of warm air and gradual warming cause safety. Buyers give positive comments on this product and recommend it for purchase.

The dryer is small, it consists of two heating elements and a cable. An electric device has a small power, which means it consumes a little energy. Despite this, the complete drying process takes a minimum amount of time. Compactness Axion ESO-220 / 7-01 gives you the opportunity to take it with you, which saves when the weather is “non-flying”. Thus, the legs will always be warm under any circumstances. And the shoes will have a neat appearance, and its life will last noticeably.

8 KATRINA Infrared "Groundlighting"

The device is an electric mat, which heats up and, thus, dries shoes. The multifunctionality of the dryer makes you pay attention to it. It can serve as a warming mat for feet or hands, and also becomes a favorite bedding for pets. In addition, it is possible to dry not only shoes, but also small clothes. Interestingly, the device can work continuously, if not turn it off yourself. Thanks to the beautiful material used in the manufacture, the rug has a pleasant appearance.

The average shoe drying time is about 3-4 hours. This is quite an acceptable period, if we take into account all the advantages of using the device: the shoe remains unchanged for a long time, does not emit a fetid odor and is protected from germs. The temperature at which the drying takes place is 38 degrees, which makes the use of this device safe and comfortable. Customer reviews are full of positive comments, which allows you to trust this dryer your shoes and not only.

Electric dryer, which reliably protects against problems with shoes in the rainy season. Returning home, you can not worry that in the morning it will remain raw. After all, "Shushila" is designed for careful care. It is harmless to any shoe materials. Bactericidal action has antifungal effect, it will protect the feet from diseases. Reviews of this dryer are mostly positive, it is called the necessary “magic wand”. Demi-season shoes often wear out quickly due to moisture, and the device can prolong the life of the shoes. Quickly cope with wet shoes is not difficult if the house has such a device.

Dryer "Shushila" with a talking title has a nice design. Manufacturers made sure that its size allowed to dry shoes for both adults and children. It is quite compact and does not take up much space. Taking the device with you, you can get rid of the feeling of wet feet, even at work. Ergonomics at a good level. To start the process, you just need to insert the plug into the outlet and place small heating elements inside the shoe. Full drying will occur in 2-4 hours, so that the next toe of the shoes will be comfortable and safe.

6 Great Rivers Electric Autumn

This electric dryer will contribute to the safety of the shoes of the whole family. Its compactness allows you to perform the necessary functions, both for adult shoes with a large size, and for small family members. To start the device, it is enough to insert a “plug” into the electrical network. After this, one only has to wait for complete drying. On average, the whole process will take about an hour. The heating temperature ranges from 60 to 80 degrees, which contributes to quick action. In addition to the properties of drying, the device perfectly fights against the multiplication of pathogens, which allows you to maintain healthy feet.

The electric device has small dimensions and dries children's shoes, starting at size 14. Small heating devices can effectively dry and shoes size 40, as the temperature allows it. Air is evenly distributed throughout the volume and copes with its purpose. Reviews of this dryer are almost all in a positive way, which indicates its proven quality.


This dryer is universal. It can be used for shoes as well as for other items of clothing. For example, it will easily dry winter gloves, a hat and other similar accessories. The effective result is achieved due to the uniform distribution of warm air throughout the entire volume of clothing and footwear. The quality of things does not absolutely suffer. Damp clothes, as is known, have an unpleasant smell, and with the help of this device this circumstance can be avoided. The natural absorber allows you to eliminate extraneous "flavors" by adding baking soda to the device. Drying time is only 45 minutes. Antifungal effect guaranteed by manufacturers.

The device is convenient to use. It is quickly disassembled and assembled, allowing you to carry the dryer with you. Its use is possible when turning on the power or using batteries. The device will not be a problem for the family budget, because it absorbs a small amount of electricity. The materials of which this dryer is made are absolutely safe (metal in combination with plastic). People using this product are satisfied, because the device serves them for a long time without causing problems. Foot health and safety of footwear is guaranteed by both the manufacturer and buyers.

4 Footwear Dryer

Uniform distribution of warm air allows you to effectively dry shoes. To achieve the best result, it takes about 45 minutes. The device has special openings for filling with baking soda, which helps to eliminate unpleasant odors. On this device, in addition to shoes, you can dry gloves, socks, ski boots and more. This drug is especially indispensable in the spring and autumn season, when there is constant slush and rain on the street.

The materials of which the dryer is made are plastic and metal. The device can not operate on batteries, however, has a low level of power consumption. Easy assembly makes the drying process easy and convenient. Buyers call this device a real find, because in addition to preserving the condition of shoes, it is able to maintain healthy feet.

3 Melesta BIO-P1 Breeze

Sterilize and destroy unpleasant smells of shoes - these are the main tasks that this device performs. Ozonized air dries and refreshes. Regular use of the device will be the best prevention of foot fungus. The health benefits justify the money spent, no doubt. Buyers who successfully use this device, advise everyone to buy it, calling the Breeze an indispensable device in the house.

Comprehensive care for shoes with this dryer does not harm its appearance. And ultraviolet helps to destroy harmful microorganisms. The effect of complete drying occurs within 2 hours, which makes the procedure convenient, even if a person is in a hurry somewhere. The temperature mode of heating the shoe is absolutely safe and balanced. Starting the drying process will be very simple: insert the device into the outlet and put wet shoes on it.

The Russian manufacturer has taken care of the proper operation of the device. One of the best dryers of this company is in high demand. The invention with ultraviolet radiation is truly highly efficient. Developers guarantee the destruction of fungal diseases such as Trichophyton rubrum and Candida albicans. This drying went through more than one laboratory test and turned out to be completely ready to perform its functions at the best level, prolonging the “life” of any shoe. Due to ultraviolet light, the result exceeds all expectations.

The device is compact enough to fit in any closet for shoes. It consists of two small devices similar to a mouse from a computer. Ultraviolet effectively fights bacteria, which causes antifungal effects. Due to this, the shoes cease to smell bad and for a long time retains a neat appearance. Users are comfortable enough to use this dryer, they talk about it in a review. It is enough to place both “pads” of the device inside the shoe and plug it into the socket.

The chain of recommendations of this dryer is huge, which means that it works effectively. This is manifested in the implementation of the following functions: the destruction of microbes, short drying and ease of use. The time after which the shoe turns from wet to dry is 15 minutes. After this period, the dryer is automatically turned off, which makes its use absolutely safe. You can come in the evening from work, put wet shoes on the device and quietly go, for example, to a shower.

Antifungal effects due to the fact that, drying shoes, Ozonerr destroys pathogenic bacteria. In user reviews, it’s economical to use - electricity consumes little. The design is comfortable, it has 2 tabs for drying one pair of shoes. The device does not take up much space in the house, it is small and has a nice appearance. Buyers actively advise the dryer to friends.

What are the?

If you look at the assortment in the stores, you can select several main types, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

  • Electric frame. Perhaps the most common and primitive option, which, nevertheless, is very popular among consumers. It represents two heating elements that are interconnected by a cord. The device operates from the mains, for which it is equipped with a plug for the outlet. The frame itself can be made of both ordinary metal tubes, and made in the form of figures in a flame-retardant plastic case. Each heating element is inserted into the boot and then plugged into an outlet. The advantage of this variety is their relatively low cost, economical energy absorption and ease of use. Perhaps the only negative is a rather long drying period - about 10 hours.
  • Ultraviolet. Externally, they may be similar to ordinary electric frames, with the difference that here drying is carried out by the work of ultraviolet light bulbs. If such a dryer works in your shoes all night, then it can also be called antifungal, because ultraviolet destroys fungus and other bacteria. There are even special bactericidal varieties that can disinfect shoes to the maximum. Обычно они продаются в аптеках и их назначает врач.
  • Аэросушилки. Еще один достаточно популярный и удобный вид, который даже удобнее в использовании, чем те же электрические рамки. Обычно они имеют вполне простую конструкцию: две трубки, из которых выделяется горячий воздух, температура которого колеблется в районе 60°-70°. Трубки располагаются на вертикальном стенде, который может устанавливаться на пол или крепить к стене. Обувь развешивается на горячих трубках, где она постоянно обдувается теплым воздухом, благодаря чему весь процесс происходит достаточно быстро. What is convenient - on such dryers, in addition to everything, you can dry hats, gloves and scarves, in addition, the tubes can be more than two or even four, which involves the simultaneous drying of several sets of shoes at once.

What you need to pay attention to?

What else needs to be considered when choosing such devices? What nuances can make your purchase even more pleasant and durable? First, inspect the appearance of the device - all its elements should be free of dents, scratches or any other defects.

Pay attention to the cable - it is more convenient when it is long and not very thin, otherwise it runs the risk of constantly getting tangled and broken. It is also important to take into account the core material of the dryer - ideally, it should be ceramics, as it heats up faster, does not melt and does not cause any harm to shoes.

If you decide to purchase an air dryer, then be sure to check the blowing power, and also inspect the surface for the presence of holes - the more of them, the less the device will overheat and more quickly cope with its main task. Another important characteristic is the heating temperature, usually it is indicated directly on the package.

So, the maximum temperature should not exceed 70 °, if it is higher, the shoes risk to be damaged. The minimum threshold is 60 °, if it is lower, then the dryer will take too long to cope with wet shoes. Heating time is about 10-20 minutes. And one more thing - if you know that you often have to dry your shoes outside the home, for example, on a camping trip or somewhere in nature, then it’s better to buy one that can run on batteries.

Here, in principle, and all the wisdom of choice! With this knowledge, you can easily choose a device that fully meets your needs. In addition, there are even those craftsmen who make shoe dryers with their own hands! Who knows, maybe you will be able to cope with such an interesting thing, on this occasion you can find special workshops on the Internet.

Electric shoe dryer

The device consists of two heating elements placed in a plastic case. You need to place them inside the shoe, turn it on and wait 4-10 hours for the dryer to do its job. The devices are very popular due to low cost, low power consumption, normal operation. In retail outlets in Moscow and St. Petersburg, such a useful thing is cheap, but in online stores its price is even lower. However, there is a snag here - mail delivery is sometimes equivalent to the cost of goods. Want to know which models turned out to be sales hits?

The manufacturer has its own website, which provides wholesale and retail sales of goods. Buying directly is more profitable, but even in regular stores the cost of devices is low. This shoe dryer won't last you many years, but in one or two rainy seasons it will cope with its task. Model Description:

  • Title: SHUSHED.
  • Price: 200-300 rubles.
  • Characteristics: portable dryer with two heating elements. The case is plastic, it operates from the mains 220 V, power 7 W, power cord length 1.3 m. Heating temperature: + 45 ... + 60 ° С. Holder length 10 cm. Warranty 1 year.
  • Pros: cheap, soft and uniform drying of soaked shoes, temperature control.

Carefully evaporate moisture from the shoes will help device D & C. You need a minimum of effort, and after 5-10 hours textile, suede, leather shoes will be completely dry. Device Description:

  • Name: DiK.
  • Price: 280-770 p.
  • Product specifications: convection dryer enclosed in a housing made of impact-resistant plastic. The heating elements are ceramic plates. Voltage 220-230 V, power 7-8 W, temperature mode + 60 ... + 80 ° С.
  • Pros: there is an indicator of the operation of the device - red lights on the case, ease of use, low power consumption.

Chinese goods compete freely with domestic ones. Presented dryer proof. Yes, its cost is slightly higher than the previous model, but the power is also increased. This reduces the work time. Device Description:

  • Name: Barcode.
  • Price: 460 p.
  • Product specifications: dryer made of high quality plastic. Voltage 220-240 V, power 12 W, air temperature during operation + 65 ... + 80 ° С. The length of one element is 10 cm, the drying time is 6-8 hours.
  • Pros: optimal for removing moisture from children's shoes, plastic does not overheat, the device is antibacterial and antifungal.

UV Drying for shoes

Such a device is equipped with lamps emitting waves of a certain spectrum. Apparatus with UV-elements are designed to disinfect shoes - they destroy fungi, bacteria. This not only ensures healthy feet, but also eliminates unpleasant odor. There are two types of dryers: UV liners, mains powered, and appliances on batteries. In one session, almost 100% of fungi and 75% of bacteria die. Small life hacking - at home, the device can be used for antibacterial and antifungal treatment of pet beds.

Timson 2432

Buy a dryer for shoes with ultraviolet want people who carefully monitor their health. This antifungal device is intended for the whole family - it can simultaneously handle three pairs of shoes. Model Description:

  • Name: Timson 2432.
  • Price: 2 290 p. (without discount 2 690 r.).
  • Product specifications: The kit includes a UV standard, children's, sports dryer. The device operates from a voltage of 220 V, the minimum power is 7 W, the maximum is 21 W (when three dryers are turned on). Air temperature + 60 ... + 70 ° С, time for operating mode is 20 minutes. In the ultraviolet and children's liner 4 UV lamps, in sports 8 pcs.
  • Pros: special design provides continuous air circulation, long service life, suitable for drying shoes from any materials, does not spoil the outer and inner surfaces of shoes.

Timson 2416

The same manufacturer has created a simple device for one pair of shoes. The liner has a stylish design, copes with its task and allows you to dry wet shoes of the whole family. Features of the model:

  • Name: Timson 2416.
  • Price: 850 p.
  • Characteristics: model made of red / white plastic. Power consumption 5-7 W, air temperature + 60 ... + 70 ° С. Works from a network of 220 V, length of a cord is 1,3 m.
  • Pros: helps to gently dry shoes, UV lamps kill the fungus and eliminate odor, prolong the life of the shoes.

Irit IR-3704

The company began its activity in 1996 and since then has been creating various products, characterized by low price and acceptable quality. Electric shoe dryer from Irit is an affordable device that regularly performs its task. Description:

  • Name: Irit IR-3704.
  • Price: 229 p. (out of sales 329 p.).
  • Characteristics: plastic socks are equipped with ultraviolet lamps. Heating temperature + 65 ... + 80 ° С, power 10 W, operate at 220 V.
  • Pros: uniform heating with warm air, low cost, the presence of lighting.

Dryer for shoes with fan

The device resembles a stand, which put on shoes. When turned on, the hair dryer for shoes produces warm air currents (not hot!). The main advantages of such models are quick results and respect for boots, shoes, and sneakers. After 20-60 minutes, shoes will be completely dry. The whole family can use the device, even from the photo it is clear how simple it is. You need to connect the dryer to the network, put shoes on the pipes, set the temperature and start the fan. After a short time, get the product again fit to wear.

Bradex "Dry Wheel"

This model is notable for mobility. The Bradex shoe dryer runs on batteries, so you can put it anywhere in the apartment and take it with you on trips. The device is used to remove moisture from gloves, ski boots, hats. Description of the device:

  • Name: Bradex “Dry Wheel” universal dryer.
  • Price: 720 p.
  • Product specifications: Chinese-made product has a plastic case with metal elements. Powered by 4 standard D-type batteries (LR20) at a voltage of 6 V, can be powered by a standard adapter. The kit includes a dryer, 4 hollow sections, 2 compartments with lids for baking soda. Weight 860 g, 6 months warranty.
  • Pros: low power consumption, there are compartments for soda, which acts as an adsorbent for an unpleasant smell, you can order goods cheaply.

Delta TD2-00010 - work with warranty

Despite the budget category, the product meets all modern requirements for the rapid heating of work items and high-quality drying of adult shoes without its subsequent deformation.

Power supply from the electrical network and the gradual heating of the ergonomic case of the device makes the process of getting rid of moisture comfortable and safe.

The model is made of wear-resistant plastic, special holes improve the flow of warm air, and reinforced cord fasteners allow you to place the dryer without fear of breakage.


  • compact body of almost anatomical shape,
  • power is 10-12 W,
  • temperature, optimum for heating, is 50-60 degrees,
  • ready to work 10 minutes after switching on,
  • shoes do not dry up,
  • food from the ordinary power supply network
  • There is an official manufacturer's warranty,
  • instructions for use Russified,
  • the product is certified in Russia,
  • weighs only 180 g,
  • network of service centers in the country,
  • ultra low cost - from 150 rubles.


  • The model is not adapted for small children's shoes.

IRIT IR-3707 for the smallest

A very convenient device for use is great for children's shoes due to its narrow design, which is easily placed in a miniature enclosed space.

Hypoallergenic plastic reliably retains the shape of each pair, and the optimal temperature prevents the appearance and reproduction of pathogens. The official manufacturer's warranty confirms the high quality of the product.


  • children's model for daily needs,
  • pleasant to the touch and safe for health plastic
  • power is 10 W,
  • power supply from 220 V,
  • optimum working temperature is 65-80 degrees,
  • gradual heating protects against the loss of the original appearance of shoes or boots,
  • the product is certified in Russia,
  • weighs only 135 g,
  • price from 150 rubles.


Universal model Great rivers Autumn-5

The device has an ergonomic design, which makes it possible to use it for different types of men's and women's shoes. Boots, shoes, sneakers or shoes made of fabric, leather or leatherette are equally qualitatively dried for a sufficiently optimal period of time.

The dimensions of the device are considered universal, so it is suitable for any adult and children's shoes. When heated, the plastic case does not become a source of unpleasant odors, and after drying, extraneous odors disappear.


  • the model has standard dimensions 105x175 mm,
  • plastic, safe for health,
  • power 12 watts
  • no odor,
  • readiness for work 10 min.,
  • optimum temperature up to 80 degrees
  • warming shoes on both sides,
  • weighs only 200 g,
  • cost from 200 rubles.


  • fragile plastic casing,
  • power cord length of 1.1 m.

Mig Thermal 7001 with a mild microclimate

The Russian manufacturer offers its own model of electric dryers, which is characterized by reliability in use, wear resistance, well thought out design and safety during daily work.

With such a device, it is much more pleasant to survive the unpredictable consequences of a walk in the rain or snow slush. At home, you will be waiting for a compact and very light fixture that fits comfortably inside the shoes of any model.

Good power at mild temperature conditions allows you not to overdry the product, and the network of holes located in the most problematic places guarantees an excellent result.


  • ergonomic design for 1 pair,
  • power 12 watts
  • optimum temperature condition of 65-75 degrees,
  • connection to a regular network
  • reinforced places of cord and body joints,
  • durable plastic housing
  • weighs only 280 g,
  • cost from 200 rubles.


Antibacterial START SD02 UV

The design of the model is distinguished not only by the possibility of its placement in hard-to-reach places of adult and teenage shoes, but also by a large heating area.

Convection holes located over the entire surface of the body uniformly heat every millimeter inside the product, regardless of the material from which it is made.

Ultraviolet radiation effectively destroys unpleasant odors and prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria.


  • sliding case for any shoe size,
  • power 18 W
  • optimal temperature of 70 degrees
  • average drying time 3-4 hours
  • case size 45x186x70 mm,
  • there is a BL1 UV emitter,
  • price from 350 rubles.


  • cable length only 1.2 m.


Such a device, designed for the simultaneous drying of 4 pairs of adult or children's shoes, does not take up much space in the hallway, since it has a wall mounting method. It is made of eco-friendly metal, so it does not emit extraneous odors and is safe for others.

The device is useful because of low power consumption. This is a great option for a large family!


  • modern exterior design
  • comfortable wall mount
  • there is an indication of inclusion,
  • possibility of simultaneous placement of 4 pairs regardless of size,
  • 75 watts maximum power
  • dimensions of the product 520x130x170 mm,
  • food from the ordinary power supply network
  • manufacturer's warranty
  • power cord length 1.5 m.


  • average cost of 2000 rubles.

Endever VLK Calor 03 - two pairs

The original design of the structure, the ease of using aluminum, compactness and decent working parameters attract attention to the product and make it popular.

The electric drier can be installed both on the wall and in the cabinet without the danger of overheating and ignition. The sparing temperature regime does not dry out the shoes, while qualitatively removing moisture and bacteria.


  • comfortable wall-mounted design
  • simultaneous placement of 2 pairs
  • compact dimensions 610х110х235 mm,
  • power 40 W
  • soft mode of drying is 50-55 degrees,
  • optimal cord length 1.4 m.