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How to make beautiful napkin rings to delight guests


Author: Tatyana Stepanovna Dymova, Labor Instructor of the Municipal Institution of Social Welfare Center “Juridical Center for Minors” in Tashtagol District
Purpose: decorative rings are used to decorate the table, as an original gift for the New Year.
Targeted: Master class is designed for teachers, parents, older children and all those who love to do needlework!
Purpose: Making decorative ornaments on the New Year's table with their own hands.
-vocate with the techniques of making decorative napkin rings,
-develop creativity, the ability to realize the idea,
- to educate aesthetic taste and artistic vision of objects.

Up to the 15th century, the New Year in Russia began on March 1, according to the agricultural cycles of the Julian calendar. In 1600, it began to celebrate the fall. And in 1700, Peter I issued a general decree on holding the New Year on January 1, since then, on this day, it was decided to hold mass celebrations, fireworks, decorate houses with spruce branches, and a little later the Germans borrowed the custom of dressing up forest beauty, because spruce is an evergreen plant and is considered a symbol of life that is not extinguished.
Very soon and we will hear the bells ringing of the approaching Santa Claus carriage! The time of miracles and magic comes! Each family is preparing to celebrate the holiday, which has become favorite since childhood, in its own way. But without a doubt, a holiday table with treats will be set up in every home! This tradition originates from pagan times, when it was decided to present evil spirits with various delicacies, especially sweets.
Particular attention is paid hostess table setting. An integral part of which are napkins - openwork, lace, silk and linen, embroidered and knitted by hand! More festive and elegant they look in the design of decorative rings.

How to make napkin rings with your own hands

What you need to work:

  • Flowers, berries, twigs (in this case alive, but they can be replaced with artificial ones),
  • Floristic tape
  • Curtain Rings,
  • Secateurs or wire cutters.

Stages of creating beautiful napkin rings

We take the ring intended for curtains (as an alternative, rings for albums and notebooks are suitable). We first apply the longest flower branch, next to it, just below we have a plant that is shorter than the previous one, and we fix it on the ring with the help of a floral tape. To give the product more refinement fix the rosette! Again, if you want to make durable rings, use artificial plants!

Often, after buying in online stores, artificial flowers are rumpled, hold them over boiling water for a couple of minutes, and they will finish it off.

After the rings are ready, take a textile napkin, roll it into a tube and fix it with a ring, then straighten the napkin as you like!

So, you can make very beautiful table rings very quickly, simply and even elementarily! And earlier we showed how to make an incredibly beautiful frame for a mirror of bamboo sticks, you go for inspiration. If you liked the idea from this review, share it with friends - click on the buttons of social networks. To new meetings in the following articles of our site.

Where to find such rings now?

Of course, the easiest way is to go and buy a whole set of napkin rings - they are quite common in sales, you can choose the most interesting and unusual options.

But, of course, it is not at all interesting for those who like to do handicrafts, because making such decorations is not difficult, the main thing is to enrich yourself with ideas that will tell you exactly the options that you would like to see on your holiday table.

The undeniable advantage of such creativity is that you can choose the colors, shapes and style you need, because you cannot always find everything you really need for sale.

Napkin Ring Design Ideas

The easiest option, which will take you literally 10 minutes for the entire amount, is to use a regular satin ribbon. Choose the desired tone and wrap a napkin in it, tied it to a nice bow.

You can complicate your life a little and see in various workshops how complex multi-tiered bows are made, or make flowers from a separate ribbon, which are then simply attached to the ribbon.

By the way, these flowers can be made from colored or corrugated paper. To do this, it is enough to use special stencils, which are transferred to paper, cut out, and then assembled into a single flower.

It should be noted that such three-dimensional figures, often, are not inferior to even real flowers, and in fact they will never wilt or lose their shape at the most inappropriate moment.

By the way, fresh flowers are also used to decorate such rings, the only negative in such a design is that fresh flowers can cost you a tidy sum, and they will not live for long at your banquet. But, on the other hand, such a decoration, of course, fully reflects the subtle sense of taste and beautiful hostess of the banquet.

On the other hand, napkin rings with flowers made from fabric or paper are far from the only interesting and beautiful variant of napkin decoration.

For example, you can make interesting variations of beads and wire, you get very elegant and unusual elements of festive decoration. It is important to pick up the wire to match the serving items, it is necessary that it be sufficiently tight, otherwise it will not keep the shape of a twisted napkin.

Beads are pre-threaded on the wire and glued in the necessary places. The very same wire is twisted into a spiral, not necessarily strictly symmetrical, you can allow creative flaws.

Instead of beads, sometimes pearls or large beads are used, if they, for example, to a greater extent correspond to the theme of the festive table. Sometimes on such wires they fasten whole works of art - butterflies, dragonflies, hearts or other figurines woven from beads on a thinner wire.

To create a marine theme for a ring frame, you can use thick yarn or twine - they are braided in braids, tied into a ring, and then decorated with small shells on top, sticking them on a special glue. You can instead of seashells to use compositions of small cones or spruce twigs, if you, for example, are preparing for the New Year's table.

But the most common way to create such rings is to use thick cardboard, which can be covered with fabric, decorated with colored paper, or even turned into personalized cards! To do this, roll up the cardboard tube and glue it along the edge so that it does not disperse.

If you want to glue it with paper and, suppose, prescribe the names of your guests on them, then the rolled-up cardboard in a solid form is glued with paper and cut into separate rings. For writing names, it is better to use a stencil and print it out on a printer so that they all turn out to be the same, and then simply stick their names to the ready rings.

In order to cover the cardboard rings with a cloth, the prepared tube should be immediately cut into rings, and then each individually covered with a cloth. The easiest way to do this is to use ribbons with which it is easy to wrap the ring, and from the top, for decoration, you can add contrasting braid or lace.

We use natural materials

Detailed instructions are not needed here. I throw ideas that will inspire you to create unique creations.

There are rings of banana leaves, shells, meadow grasses, natural mats, cones and acorns. The pictures clearly show how the fantasy of the masters combines simple plant materials with exquisite beads and buttons.

Bright rings made from banana leaves.

Ribbons, fabric and tape

This is perhaps the easiest solution to the issue. Cardboard tubes made from foil, paper towels, baking paper, etc. are used as a frame. They are wrapped with ribbons or covered with a beautiful cloth. On a monophonic dark fabric the lacy band well looks.

Here, too, without beads and strazikov can not do. A worthy decoration of the table!

Beads, bugles and beads

This is the most elegant and festive, in my opinion, option. The alternation of large and small beads on silk ribbons looks especially impressive. A set of such napkin rings can not only decorate your holiday table, but also be a memorable gift for handmade lovers.

Enjoy and take ideas:

What just does not happen!

The latest selection of ideas for decorating the table. Here's what else they use to make the rings of the craftswoman: buttons, live and artificial flowers, decorative wire. A good idea with children's photos (on the first birthday of a baby, all guests are invited to recall themselves at the age of one).

And these rings are folded using paper origami in two colors. Scheme attached.

Very original and beautiful jewelry 🙂

How lovely! So many different and beautiful ideas! You need to bookmark your site! 🙂

1. Rings of sleeves from toilet paper

A great example of recycled materials.

Materials: sleeves from toilet paper, twine, glue, ready-made flowers, beads and beads.

You can experiment with a cloth: perhaps, linen napkins of a rough texture will look even more interesting than just white ones. By the way, if you choose flowers of pastel tones, take a thick ribbon lace instead of twine, and pre-paint the sleeve to match the lace, you will get shebbi-chic rings.

2. Wire Rings

Interesting and simple rings that fit almost any serving if you change the wire and stone.

Materials: wire, stones, thin pliers (with an elongated "nose"), something oval of a suitable diameter (to wind the wire).

3. Nominal rings

These are supposed to be Thanksgiving Day rings, but in fact they are useful for any occasion when a lot of people gather around the table.

Materials: raffia (natural fiber from palm leaves) or jute, wooden tags, chalk or a special marker, paint on which you can write with chalk.

Small scrolls with wishes or phantoms can be tied to raffia, if the holiday is for children.

4. Beaded rings

This is a Christmas master class, but again the idea is universal.

Materials: wooden beads, wire, ribbon.

And again we offer to try different versions: for example, to string not ordinary beads, but knitted or metal. If you take the beads with letters, you get funny nominal rings.

5. Rings with fresh flowers

Materials: scissors, flowers, tape-tape (floristic tape).

To make napkin rings with miniature bouquets, you do not need to be a professional florist. On the Weddingbee blog, you will find a step-by-step photo instruction and description if you read in English. Here, too, you can give free rein to the fantasy and make different bouquets for each guest.

6. Chebbi-chic ring

Materials: rings (wooden or plastic), paper or fabric flowers and leaves, round base.

Gentle rings are easy to make, but better think over the composition beforehand: try on and apply the elements until you get what you want. Try to glue the angel instead of a flower and sew a few small pearl beads to the lace - you get a festive option.

8. Gentle rings

Rings made on the principle of "nothing extra".

Materials: lace, wide jute braid, thread, glue, pins, thin and thick paper.

If your wipes are thicker than in the picture, you can use toilet paper sleeves. The basis of braid and lace will be interesting to look with fresh flowers - try to combine two master classes.

How to make napkin rings

The easiest serving option is to go and buy finished products. However, not always you can find exactly what you want to see on your holiday table. If you are a creative person and like to do artistic design, make napkin rings with your own hands. You can make them in several ways:

  • to decorate the purchased base,
  • to decorate a blank made of cardboard
  • weave from beads or beads on a wire,
  • sew from fabric
  • to tie.

It is easy to modify in any way, but you should say that it is better to make or buy a solid base so that your ring keeps its shape. Already this blank is tied, braided, sheathed, pasted over with all sorts of décor of any style and theme.

Materials and tools

To make do-it-yourself napkin rings, prepare the following:

  • wooden, plastic, cardboard blank or cardboard sheet,
  • pencil and ruler
  • scissors,
  • glue or stapler to connect the edges of the workpiece into a ring,
  • the cloth,
  • satin ribbons,
  • thread,
  • decoration for the surface of the product.

If you do not have the purchased base, you can use a cardboard tube from paper towels, cling film, foil. It should be cut into equal parts along the width (approximately 4 cm). If there is no such blank, simply cut a sheet of thick cardboard into strips of the desired length and width, and then, fastening the edges with a stapler and sizing them, proceed to the design of the object.

Decor options

The base material, in fact, is not so important. It is equally beautiful to arrange wooden, plastic, cardboard and paper napkin rings. For every special occasion fit your jewelry. Use everything that fantasy tells you. If the creative idea works poorly, use the list below. For decorating rings use the following:

  • satin ribbons and elements of them (bows, flowers),
  • thread, braid, laces, twine (for example, for nautical subjects),
  • decorative paper and details from it (flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, figurines),
  • lace,
  • frill,
  • beads,
  • beads,
  • buttons,
  • shells and pebbles,
  • sticks
  • cones.

In short, everything that seems beautiful and appropriate in style and subject matter can be used as a decor.

Paper or cardboard rings

So, consider the sequence of work on the example of the production of rings made of cardboard tubes. Step by step instructions such:

  1. Take your workpiece and measure on it equal distances of about 4 cm. Focus on the resulting proportions. Products should look beautiful and harmonious on napkins.
  2. Cut a long workpiece on the rings on the markup.
  3. Take a satin ribbon of the right color. Secure the start with a thermogun or ordinary glue.
  4. Wrap the surface of the workpiece gently with tape, throwing the material through the sides of the ring.
  5. Secure the end of the tape. It is better when the attachment points are covered with the decor, so they will become invisible.
  6. Glue on top beautiful lace.
  7. Attach a pair of thin (5 mm) satin ribbons along the top and bottom edges of the ring, a short distance from the edge.
  8. Place in the center of the ring prepared decor (bow, flowers, etc.).
  9. Decorate the surface with equally spaced beads.

Done. You can prepare for serving the holiday table. Decorate the product, of course, as you wish. Clearly follow the description of the decoration process in the instructions is not necessary. This is just an example.

Napkin Rings: New Year Ideas

If you want to make unusual serving items for the New Year's Eve, rings with thematic decoration will perfectly cope with this task. One of the options can be a set made using decoupage technique, when images are pasted onto an existing base, primed with a white composition, for example acrylic, and then after drying the surface is coated with varnish. This method is particularly interesting for decorating the New Year's table, as it is possible to arrange napkin rings, wine glasses, and a bottle of champagne in one technique. The festive table will look very stylish and beautiful.

In addition to the above option, on the rings of napkins stick this decor:

  • in the form of a Santa Claus costume,
  • with thematic figures,
  • snowflakes
  • asterisks
  • red and white bows,
  • bumps
  • sprigs of artificial Christmas tree.

It is interesting enough to combine both decoupage and additional decor. The work is done as follows:

  1. Prepare the base (buy a wooden or plastic ring or make a cardboard).
  2. Cover with white primer (acrylic white will do).
  3. Cut out or gently “pull out” the desired images from a single-layer paper napkin or a decoupage card.
  4. Stick the blanks on the ring.
  5. Finish the background, patterns, make the effect of frost, snow.
  6. Cover with a transparent varnish in one or several layers.
  7. Glue, if you want, thematic decor (pine cone, fir branches, snowflakes).

Remember that each subsequent operation is performed after drying the previous layer (soil, glue, etc.).

So, you saw how you can make napkin rings with your own hands. Choose your favorite ideas. Create your own options for each family celebration. Пусть не только праздничное застолье, но и его подготовка приносят вам радость и дают возможность самореализации.