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What is the school uniform: colors and materials


  • How to choose a school uniform
  • How to sew a school uniform
  • How to choose the fabric on the suit

So far, not a single form has been introduced in all schools of Russia, which should be made according to individual sizes and in a specific color range. There is no uniform style. If your child goes to school where there are no special requirements for the form, parents should choose the style and color themselves.

Special attention should be paid to the material from which the form is made. The fabric should combine natural and synthetic fibers of about 50 to 50. Of course, natural materials are much nicer to the body, but cotton things wrinkle quickly, lose their color and shape. You should not choose fully synthetic clothes, as the skin will not breathe, and this can lead to hypothermia, allergic reactions and other negative consequences. Therefore, a reasonable middle ground in such a case would be most welcome.

Whether to buy a form for growth, each parent decides for himself. On the one hand - it is more economical, on the other hand, initially the form will look ugly large, and then worn. As for the style, it is also a matter of taste. In clothing stores, as well as specialized school uniform stores, there are a huge number of different styles of trousers and skirts, sundresses and dresses, jackets and suits for girls and for boys. If a schoolboy trusts the choice to his parents, this is good, but more often than not, teenagers choose the clothes themselves, since not only convenience and practicality, but also fashion are important for them.

If the school charter does not have a form color, choose it at your discretion. The most practical options are green, blue, gray and black. When choosing, pay attention to the label that indicates how to care for the thing.

A school uniform is not just an obligatory attribute, but also a way of a child’s self-expression, an opportunity to somehow stand out from the crowd. Therefore, children need to choose a school uniform that is beautiful, practical, comfortable and safe for health.

Fashionable school uniform: what style to choose

When choosing a style in any case do not copy frankly business and adult style. First, it is inconvenient for the child, and secondly - impractical. Therefore, picking up skirts for girls, you should avoid tight or straight models.

What style to choose? Slightly flared options, folds or pleating in this case - more suitable options.

What is a school uniform? For girls sundresses, skirts, blouses, turtlenecks, vests and jackets. The recommendations, as a rule, indicate the length - it should never be a “mini”, but you shouldn’t buy too long skirts either - it is best if it covers your knees slightly.

The same set, but, of course, with the pants, and not sarafan and skirts need boys. Too strict and “adult” models are impractical in school conditions. How long will ironed out arrows? Right, until the end of the school day. Optimal models that do not involve the "shooter" at all, or with stitched - well-kept form.

What school uniform is in fashion and which one to choose

What is school uniform in fashion? It depends on your child’s age and preferences. But do not buy a growth form! Although during the school year, the child will certainly grow up. In the extreme case, if the model fits well and has a reserve of length, you can tuck (and then release) the length of the skirt, trousers or sleeves of the jacket. Ceremonial events will necessarily take place throughout the year, so you should definitely add a beautiful elegant blouse or shirt to the everyday set.

Which school uniform to choose? There are no strict rules for uniform standards; each school has the right to make only recommendations approved by the parent committee for colors and styles of clothing.

In it, your child will spend several hours a day - so comfortable, not constraining the movements of styles and fabrics - the best solution in this matter. What is school uniform in fashion? Rather strict and conservative, but in this framework it is possible to show individuality.

What color is school uniform better?

What color is school uniform better? As a rule, the school selects several colors that become basic. The priority is the classic shades of blue, burgundy and dark green, less often - gray or brown.

Such a choice is not at all accidental. Psychologists have proven that they act soothingly, allow you to quickly concentrate, and do not tire in the process of study. But bright colors, on the contrary, can cause fatigue and instability of mood. Therefore, the main items of clothing - pants, skirts, sundresses, cardigans, vests and jackets should choose it in a dark, but juicy range.

What material is best for school uniforms

The choice of fabric depends on the climate in which you live. But the requirements for an ideal material remain common. In no case should it be fully synthetic.

Best of all, if such additives as polyester or elastane in the fabric make up no more than 30% - this makes it more durable, allows you to keep the appearance for a long time and simplifies care. But the basis of the fabric must necessarily be natural fibers - wool, cotton or viscose. Such fabrics are called "breathable."

When deciding which school uniform is best, make sure that the fabric composition meets these requirements. It should be listed on the sewn label, as well as the simplest care instructions. Do not buy clothes that can not be washed!

Basic basic things should be based on natural wool. This is especially important if you live in a cold climate, but the autumn-spring options can be based on cotton or flax.

Cotton or viscose is ideal for blouses, shirts and turtlenecks. It is the turtleneck, thanks to the convenience and practicality, as a rule, become an indispensable part of everyday kits.

A special topic in choosing which material is better for school uniforms is knitwear. In the daily version, cardigans and vests are replacing jackets and jackets. Here, in the choice of material, it is also worthwhile to rely on natural materials, such as wool with a small addition of synthetics for winter options and viscose for the off-season.

Pros and cons of school uniforms

Many parents wonder why they need such an “obligatory” one at all, why children cannot go to school in what they or their parents want, because it’s easier and more convenient?

In fact, it should still be remembered that a school is not only a means for obtaining knowledge of certain sciences, it is still the first step towards adult life, which provides for certain rules and obligations.

As you know, among these rules there is a certain style of clothing that should be maintained in workplaces, offices and other serious institutions. It turns out that, in this way, you are teaching a child to dress properly from an early age, bring up a certain taste and habit for the business fashion that he will need in the future.

There are a number of other, important advantages of school uniforms:

  • All children appear to each other in approximately equal conditions, the difference in material and social status is felt less, and schoolchildren, to a greater extent, focus their attention not on the appearance and new skirt, but on learning directly.
  • For families with a difficult financial situation, one set, even if it is an expensive, school uniform, is much easier to master than a few, but cheap ones.
  • From the point of view of psychology, all children become one whole, and not a motley mass; this is very useful from the point of view of rallying the team. Plus, the school uniform, most often, is made in calm and monochromatic colors that do not put pressure on the psyche of children and do not disperse their attention.

It is worth noting that the minuses are no less:

  • Most sets of school uniforms in schools or other educational institutions are sewn according to one similarity, style and style; no one thinks about the fact that all children are different, like their figures. For example, a cell that is often found in uniform, fills it, it doesn’t look good on plump babies, someone will wear a fitted jacket, and a too thin child can look ridiculous in it.
  • Due to the fact that the school uniform does not sit in the best way and does not like the parents themselves, the children themselves do not like it and forcing the child to wear it becomes something of the unreal kind. In such cases, one has to resort to various tricks and get ready for school every day with a fight, which is also not in the best way reflected on the relationship between the parent and the child, as well as on his attitude to uniform and business clothes. That does not say, and the form should be liked by the child, so you need to select it with special care so that both the mother and the baby are satisfied.
  • No matter how beautiful, better and more beautiful the shape is, over time, it bothers and begins to depress, so it is very important to try to diversify it in all possible ways: change lower blouses and shirts, add brooches or cute golfers, and even better, have several different sets .
  • Often, the price of a school uniform can reach an extreme level, especially if the school has a certain agreement with a particular factory or studio. And what is the most offensive, often the price is unreasonably high, instead of the models that were offered on the catalogs, as a result, synthetic and, not in the best way stitched, copies of the form are brought. In such cases, it is quite possible, it is worth trying to look for a master who can sew a school uniform to order: most likely it will be cheaper, and you will know for sure that they sewed specifically on the figure of your child from the material that you specifically bought.

What should be a good school uniform?

Firstly, it should be convenient for the child himself, because in her he spends at least 5-6 hours 5-6 days a week, which is quite a lot. Inquire about what a particular model consists of, of course, it is better that natural materials, such as cotton, wool and others, prevail.

So that things do not hesitate so much, you should at least allow at least 10-15% of synthetic impurities, otherwise you will have to wear shirts and arrows on your trousers every day.

Carefully study the symbols that are indicated on the label with the fabric composition, firstly, it should be sewn into the seam properly, and secondly, two circles should be indicated near the ironing icon, if there are none, the form is synthetic and you shouldn’t buy it .

When buying a school uniform, remember that children grow quickly, but you shouldn’t buy it several sizes larger, it’s better not to find on the market unwired trousers that can be trimmed closer to school according to the height of your child.

As for jackets, it is important to remember that the guys, especially at a small age, are not particularly fond of big “hangers”, so think about the possibility of purchasing a vest, which in ordinary days will replace his jacket. For boys, take care of the presence of several shirts for the warm season, as well as several golfs and knitted vests for the cold.

For girls, instead of a dress, it is better to buy several skirts or sundresses so that you can combine a variety of fashionable blouses and turtlenecks with them to help you avoid monotony.

As for color, psychologists recommend choosing the most pleasing to the eye: blue, black and gray, they help to tune in to the working mood and do not distract attention.