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How to spend a fun student day?


Every year on January 25, the whole country celebrates a cool holiday - Student Day or Tatiana Day. If you are a student of any department of a higher education institution, then you and your guests, whom you will call for the evening, will like this scenario for Student's Day.

The call signs of the holiday sound, the screen goes down, the video “Our student life” is shown on it: video clips of lessons, exams, student holidays, as well as the hostel video - as a student wakes up in the morning, then preparing himself for breakfast for couples. But on the doors of the audience weighs the announcement “Couples are canceled. All went to a concert for the Day of the student. " The student is in despair, takes his head, suffers, then goes to the university assembly hall.

The scene opens. The soundtrack sounds "Before the start of the spectacular show, 9, 8, 7. 0 are left"
Exit leading - students.

STUDENT 1: Good day to all those present. We welcome students, as well as the most beloved teachers on the Day of the student! So, we meet and hold it hard and fun!

Student 1: Who is a student? They say that this word was originally designated as “cockroach” - he always eats, and there are always a lot of them. In short, we are happy to welcome all the "cockroaches" of our university, as well as respected teachers! We welcome everyone in this festive hall, warmed by your smiles and frantic energy!

STUDENT 2: There is also an opinion that students come from monkeys, although it seems to me that quite the opposite is true - monkeys come from students.

STUDENT 2: Student years - each person has a special role to play. In them - the first love, and knowledge of the world.

STUDENT 1: Remember that every day, every minute we learn, this is the best time in a person's life. These are the years devoted to the search for truth, creativity, the pursuit of perfection, years unique to the development of personality.

STUDENT 1: We would like to hope that on this day students from all over the world will unite and erase all the differences will be celebrated and rejoiced

STUDENT 2: By the words of welcome, the rector of the university is invited, who once a year can allow himself to be not only the head of the institution, but also a disobedient freshman!

The rector of the university enters the scene in a “youth” outfit.

STUDENT 1: And also a freshman with a rector's word is invited to this scene.
It turns out freshman, dressed in a formal suit. Speakers welcome students.

STUDENT 2: Thank you for your greeting! Well, in the end, the official part of our holiday is complete! So let's start our concert!

STUDENT 1: Did you know that our holiday today is held under the slogan "In the rhythm of life"? As you already understood, this year a show should also take place on the student’s day! Last year we had a concert program "Star + Star", where teachers and students surprised us with their magic singing!

STUDENT 1: We all remember last year's concert! But today, our teachers with students will surprise us even more, because over the course of a year, our participants not only learned the new vocal repertoire, but also learned to dance incendiary dances!

STUDENT 2: And so, let's make sure of it and see with our own eyes how our students and teachers are “burning” this year! We invite them to the stage!

The musical number "Jive" performed by students and teachers.

STUDENT 1: Students Parliament is like a heart everywhere
Rally should students everywhere
As students enter parliament
Personalities are creative and creative.

STUDENT 2: Parliament heads the quickest
Clever, decent and fair.
One who feels a flowing moment
The student's chosen one is his president.

STUDENT 1: So, we invite for the welcoming speech of the President of Parliament.

Radio "Festive Polytech"

STUDENT 1: Today we have a little surprise for everyone here! At our festive concert there will be an open student radio hotline, on the wave of the “Holiday Polytech”, we will receive calls with greetings!

Student 1: And we have the first phone call!
- Alla, hello say!
- Alla! Good day. I got there? Is this the radio "Festive Polytech" and the concert "In the rhythm of life"?
- It is here! Do you want to greet someone? Say hi, order a song?
- Oooh, of course! I want to convey greetings to all teachers, because they also once were students and spend with them every day! Dear teachers! Courage to you and enthusiasm, patience, and in general with a holiday! And I want to order a song that constantly sounds in our life!

The artistic number “Teacher, Sit Together” is performed on the tune of the song “Dad, Dad, Dad Sit Together.”

Scene "History Lesson"

Sounds of music. On the stage, there are two tables, four students reluctantly go for a couple: one student talks on a smartphone, kisses him, the second student drinks a low alcohol drink, a third student knits on knitting needles, the fourth one cannot tear herself away from the laptop. Everyone sits at the table, the bell sounds. The audience includes a history teacher.

TEACHER: Hello, young people!
Students get up from the table.

TEACHER: do not, do not, do not get up! After all, I am the most democratic teacher of the university, I am the “teacher of the year”. Well, let's start the lesson.

There is a knock at the door, a student is crashing into the audience.

TEACHER: (gently) Sasha! Oh, and today you are sober, go dear, today is a holiday!

TEACHER: So, who will answer: who was the French commander in 1812? Answer, Ivanov.
Ivanov gets up, silent.
TEACHER: Hint: "ON ..."
IVANOV: Nabokov?
IVANOV: Nabukov?
TEACHER: Napole ...
IVANOV: Got it. (sings) On the field, the tanks rumbled ...
TEACHER: Enough. Tank is who?
IVANOV: Napole, he!
TEACHER: Right, Napoleon. And what was his name? Napoleon Bona ...
IVANOV: Bonya?
IVANOV: BonAqua? (indicates water on the desk)
TEACHER: Right, but where does it stand?
IVANOV: On the desk?
TEACHER: Right, so what is the name of Napoelon? Bona ..
IVANOV: Bon on the desk?
TEACHER: Good girl! And who will say what was the name of the famous commander of Russia at the same time? Andryushenka, can you?
Andrew rises silently, scratching his head.
TEACHER: It's okay, I will help you, because I am the most democratic teacher in the university. His last name starts with CU ...
ANDREI: Cutugno?
Andrei: Kutuzov!
TEACHER: That's right, and his name was Kutuzov Mi ...
ANDREW: Mimino?
ANDREW: Oh, I get it, Mikhalych!
TEACHER: Michael Ila ....
ANDREW: (sings) Moon, moon!
TEACHER: No, guys, not like that. Let's try differently. Tractor, who is this?
ANDREW: The tractor is him.
TEACHER: So, Ilari ...
ANDREW: Ilaritractor?
TEACHER: Yes, no. Hilarion! That was the name of Kutuzov’s father. So he ...
ANDREI: Hilarion's son? Ilarionovich?
TEACHER: That's right, Andryushenka is five! And who was the emperor in these years? Alexander, answer first. Hint - AAAA.
TEACHER: Yes, no. If there was Andrei, I would ask Andrei, and since I asked Alexander, it means that this is the correct answer. Well done, all five.

IVANOV: Marya Petrovna. Tell me: why do you give us five in all pairs, five in your diploma, and nobody takes us to work?

TEACHER: Ivanov, everything is simple: because we have some employers? Awesome ...

TEACHER: Well done, Ivanov. Exactly. Our employers are bad. And you, Ivanov - five in the diploma!
Sounds of music, all go.

STUDENT 2: Yes, that's the story. Tell me, where do our students live?

STUDENT 1: Where, where, who where: who is at home, who is in a rented apartment, and who is at a hostel.

STUDENT 2: Are there normal conditions for studying and living for students of our university ?? Maybe someone has a certificate for the beautiful behavior, vitality and intelligence in the student life of the hostel?

STUDENT 1: I know for sure the person who has such a congratulation: so, we invite to the scene the leaders of the student council of the hostels.

Speech by the leaders of the hostel.

STUDENT 2: On Student's Day, even long-standing jokes and fables sound new. The students always loved to sing, dance, write all kinds of rhymed and non-rhymed works on a free topic, and on this holiday one can discover new talents in oneself.

STUDENT 1: How many greeting greetings are addressed to our students, so nice!
Dear students! We would like to remind student rules.

STUDENT 2: “It’s not too late to learn, even after coming to the second pair.”

Student 1: “You do not want questions on the exam - to bother with questions of the teacher”

STUDENT 1: “Never wake a friend who fell asleep, do not attract the attention of a teacher.”

STUDENT 2: Do not try to be clever in the exam - this entails an additional question.

STUDENT 2: Well, remember the main rules of learning?

Scene "From the student's life"

Student 2: Yes, we will soon become adults and experienced.
STUDENT 2: Who is behind all this?
Student 2: It is known - friends, parents, teachers ...
STUDENT 2: Ah, teachers. Now we show you a typical university history. In the lead roles - teachers of our department! Meet

On the stage - four chairs, students (teachers) are sitting with their legs crossed. A computer science teacher enters (the smallest first-year student, dressed in glasses, with a briefcase, in a large tie).

TEACHER: Ah, sit here. Stand up! Sit down! Stand up!

Students get up, repeat the command, like soldiers. One does not have time.
TEACHER: (to underperforming student) Get out!
The student leaves, crying.

TEACHER: Everyone sit down! I got loose here! Who is on duty?

One of the "students" rises, trying to say, stutters.

TEACHER: I do not hear! Two to you, so as not to stutter (to the next) You! Go to the board, write!

The next "student" begins to "write" on the board, imitating large letters.

TEACHER: (menacing) Finely write! Sit down, two! (to the next) To the blackboard! Do you have cribs? Not? Self-confident, not ready, sit down - two! (student cries). So, until the end of the lesson is five minutes. We write a test! Who will decide everything - maybe I will put three. (menacing as in the army) Started!

"Students" read to write. The teacher menacingly counts the countdown: five, four ... "Students" peek at each other, write off. Time is running out.
Students in one voice say they did not have time.

TEACHER: What, do not have time? Everything? Okay, for the first time forgive.

Students sigh with relief.

TEACHER: Do not relax. So, all - two! Applause! (music sounds, the participants of the scene go on bow).

STUDENT 2: Applause to our artists! Fortunately, this practice in our university is not welcome.

Student 2: Usually true friends with us appear in the years of students! But who said that friendship can only be between students, or only between teachers? Our concert today is a vivid example of the fact that friendship between teachers and students exists and can bear the fruits of creativity that will become real works of art!

STUDENT 2: Meet a computer science teacher and a second year student with a musical gift!

Art number

STUDENT 1: We once again greet all those present with the student's day!

STUDENT 1: Address exactly to the perpetrators of this holiday - students! Remember that at university you are perceived as an adult!

STUDENT 2: Therefore, like all adults, you can attend and not attend lectures and seminars.

STUDENT 2: You can both take and not take tests and exams!

STUDENT 1: You can or can not be students!

STUDENT 2: Remember, everything is in your hands!
Once again, everyone on the holiday. Let students carry everything!

STUDENT1: BEFORE meeting at the fireworks, which will take place after the concert. Happy Student's Day! See you again!

On the table in honor of the holiday as a dessert, you can put a strawberry smoothie and chocolate cake without baking.

The history of the holiday

Why is Tatiana's Day considered the Day of the student Many years ago, more precisely in 1755, the great Empress Elizabeth issued a decree on opening a university in Moscow, thereby initiating the development of education. The date of this momentous event is January 12, old style, and January 25, our time. Many years have passed, but now students believe that Tatiana protects them from the troubles in their studies, and helps them in every way.

International Student Day is much younger than Slavic. It has been celebrated since 1941. International Student Day serves to unite all students in all countries of the world, regardless of nationality, specialty or social status.

Contests and games

Even our ancestors had a lot of fun on their professional holiday, so it’s very important to take a good walk on Student’s Day. This holiday is celebrated in the company of classmates, that is, those people who understand all the difficulties of student life. An alternative to groupmates can make friends, neighbors in the hostel. They certainly know how to have fun :)

To have a good rest in Tatiana's day, you need to try to forget about tomorrow. Even if you have a control or something important the next day, after the holiday, don’t think about problems, just relax. First, the teachers are also people, they will understand the unreadiness of the students and will laugh with your tortured people. Secondly, every year you write dozens of examinations, and Student Day is not so often.

By the Day of the student need to prepare in advance. Interrogate classmates and find out who exactly will mark it. You can meet student's day in a nightclub. Music, cocktails, a special atmosphere you provided. Many establishments are preparing for the holiday on purpose: they organize contests, invite DJs, make discounts, or, on the contrary, they inflate prices. Consider that there are a lot of students and their number in clubs will be huge. Therefore, pre-book a table. So that the whole evening then the whole group does not prop the bar counter.

Often for this holiday students rent an apartment. Agree on it, too, need a couple of days. After classes, going to the store and buying everything you need, students go to a rental housing. Cooking snacks, jokes and music together will create an atmosphere of student life. On the one hand, it will be possible to walk until the morning, while there is enough strength, and on the other, there may be problems with neighbors and the police. It is better to immediately warn the landlord for what you are shooting it.

You can also get together with the whole group and go to a pizzeria, a bowling alley, a cafe, and wherever you go - if only everyone had a good mood. A little preparation, in the form of a timely booked space, will allow you to avoid many troubles.

Remember, the student body quickly ends, so you just have to celebrate Student Day to the fullest. By the way, this holiday allows you to learn about people a lot of interesting things :).

Pull the ticket

On the paper write comic assignments. For example, to crow ten times, to dance a national dance, to sing a bass song, etc. Contestants are offered to pull a ticket with a task. But not everything is so simple. A strict "commission" asks additional questions, asks to repeat this or that action in slow motion or an accelerated pace, accompany some action with sounds, and sounds with movements. And only after that puts his assessment.

Do you need a sabot?

Students are fun and interesting people, and often take each other, as they say, on the weak. They select fellow participants and sit them on chairs. The presenter asks the question: “Are you weak?” And then there is a pause, the machine pulls out from behind. Are student guys weak enough to shave one leg, say for a bottle of champagne or some other tasty prize? Who agrees, on command "start" starts the process. We hand the prize to the most dexterous master, who shaves his leg qualitatively.

Contest participants are offered to hide “spurs” (candies) on themselves. Then one “teacher” enters and tries, without touching the hands of the participants, to determine exactly where each of them hid the “spur”. After that, the procedure is repeated with another "teacher". The winner is the one who accurately points to a greater number of places where candy is hidden.

Participants are asked to come up with and write on a piece of paper a non-existent word denoting action. For example, “zapper”, “stumble”, “snooze” or another. Then everyone hands over their leaflets to the facilitator, and he announces that practical exercises begin. After that, the participants take turns approaching the presenter, pulling a piece of paper and showing how the action indicated there looks in practice. The most artistic participant wins.

Ever-hungry people

This is not just a competition, but also an extra reason to have a great meal, as it is known that students are always hungry people. So, before each participant on a plate are three belyash (cheburek, donut or any other tasty "product"). At the “start” command, the participants begin to eat the contents of their plate, but without using their hands. Студент, который был самый голодный и быстрее остальных «утоптал» всё содержимое своей тарелки, и победил.

Умный до зубов

Quite a simple contest on the description, but not so easy to do everything in reality. 2-3 students participate, respectively, the board is divided into several parts according to the number of participants. Each participant receives chalk, which must be taken with his teeth and, at the command “start,” the guys write a certain hidden phrase on the blackboard with chalk in their teeth. For example, the phrase "Happy student, my favorite group." The participant who will more quickly cope with the task and will write a phrase with his teeth will win and receive a prize.

The wisest philosopher

Since philosophy is taught in all faculties and sometimes helps students in life, it is possible to check which of the children understands philosophy better. For this competition, you need to prepare statements of different philosophers, for example,
1. Any human knowledge begins with intuition, proceeds to concepts and ends with ideas. (Kant),
2. Good talk about virtue - does not mean to be still virtuous, and to be fair in thought - does not mean to be fair in practice. (Aristotle),
3. A capable person suffers from the desire to become even more capable. (Confucius).
In any textbook on the philosophy of these phrases a huge amount. So, the leader reads the phrases in turn, and the students guess who the words belonged to. For one answer - one point, and who has more points - he won, and accordingly - the wisest philosopher.

Chemical elements in your pocket

The guys are divided into several teams of about 7 people. For 5 minutes, students should show dexterity and ingenuity and find in themselves any chemical elements, for example, a ferrum — an iron watch, an Argentum — a silver chain, silicon — in a lighter, sulfur — on matches, and so on. The team that collects the most chemical elements will win.

Famous students

For this competition, it is necessary to prepare pictures or photos of various celebrities who once studied at institutes, for example, Pavel Volya - a teacher of Russian language and literature, Martirosyan - a doctor and so on. The guys are divided into small teams. The leader shows one picture of a famous person, and the teams must guess which specialty this fame was studying. For the correct answer, the team receives a score. Wins the team that gives more correct answers.

The game "Crocodile"

This is probably the most common and fun fun. To conduct it you need a person 5 or more. Of all those present, the presenter is selected, that is, the one who will show the word. Players need to present the encrypted word so that they can guess it. Who first guessed exactly what it was about, becomes the leader. This is a very fun game that can be played for hours.

Who is superman?

Only guys can participate in this contest. So, you need 5-7 people. The essence of the task: to decide which of the young men is a modern superman. And as you know, a real man should do three things: plant a tree, build a house and raise a son. In this competition there will be some changes. Guys will have to “plant” a liver, “build” a wife and “grow” a belly.

  • To complete the first part of the task you need to drink a liter of juice through a straw for speed.
  • The second part of the task requires inflating balloons. Further, they are thrust under a shirt or jacket, after which the sumo fight begins. The winner is the one who has the balloons intact.
  • For the third part will need girls. Guys need to give as many as possible to their team. Behind whose back there will be more women in the fair half, he won.

Superman will have to be announced on the basis of all three rounds of the competition. You can reward him with a medal.

Future mom

Be sure to prepare competitions for the dedication of students. So, we all know that the majority of high school students live in dormitories. And there must be order and cleanliness. To do this, you can hold a contest called "Future Mom". So, the big balloon is attached to guys to a stomach. And they have to collect the matches scattered on the floor for a while. This is no easy task. It is believed that if the players in this situation were able to restore order, then in real life it would be very easy for them to keep the room clean.

Know ours!

Contests for the dedication of students can be not only fun, but also informative. So, you can acquaint freshmen with the teaching staff of a faculty or department. To do this, you must first prepare the portraits of all teachers. Well, if it turns out they are fun to process in Photoshop. And first-year students should show off their knowledge of the pedkollektiv. That is, beginners will have to guess exactly what subject this or that person will read.

Find a cheat sheet

Student contests can also be trainers. So, you can prepare a fun game that will teach beginners to hide cheat sheets. To do this, select several pairs of teams. Best of all is a tandem - a boy and a girl. One will hide the cribs in his body, the other - blindfolded to look for them. Wins the team that first finds everything hidden.

In fact, games and contests can be much more. It’s good to connect the creative component, that is, to sing, to dance. The main thing is to have fun.

Where to spend a holiday, 7 ideas

By the day of January 25, many entertainment venues are preparing to admit students; however, if they decide to use their services, they cannot be postponed. Arrange in advance with the institution about the program, select the menu for dinner.

Many restaurants specially invite artistic or musical groups and are ready to cook cheap dishes, this part of the youth they are treated with respect. Therefore, I recommend, despite being busy, to find a suitable option.

Popular sports competitions at parties, in which young people take part with great pleasure and enthusiasm. Relay teams, to the finish line you need to carry the original baton in the form of a record book.

Prizes can serve as specially prepared letters, or inexpensive memorable gifts.

This year is a great winter, for the middle lane - this is rare. The holiday can be spent, riding on mountain skiing, snowboards. Not everyone can do this, so make sure there are instructors who can help and teach.

At least, on the tubing, anyone can come down from the mountain.

Here you can organize a winter baton.

If the festive part of the institute conducts leadership or creative teams, then take care of the place of dinner. This can be a cafe or student canteen, where you can also organize a disco. In the dormitories there are rooms or, in extreme cases, just in the room you can eat dinner and go to a disco in the club.

A group of active students will have a great time on the rink, then the whole crowd in the cafe.

Ski trip in the forest. You can have a disco at the campfire and dine. Such an event is best suited for sports or tourist sections.

If you are going in a narrow circle, as a group, for example, then you need to write a script. It is good when there is a mass activist in the team, otherwise the group of activists or all the participants in the event discuss the evening plan.

Students are cheerful people, not far from childhood and ideas will be quite a lot.

In order to still have intrigue, mystery, you need to give each participant a task or tasks - prepare a game, a variety number, student riddles, stories or anecdotes, sing chastooshkas, dance a dance, play an interesting instrument ...

It is better to give a choice, not revealed talent in the student community is enough. Well, if the performance of new artists is accompanied by light music, where appropriate, improvised costumes and decorations.

You will be surprised by your comrades. Many more from school have the ability for something, someone is now engaged in sections.

Such a party will be unforgettable, the energy should be enough until the next Students Day! It will certainly be accompanied by all sorts of incidents, improvisations, and these will be highlights, which you will remember and discuss for a long time. Everything connected with this day will be remembered for many years!

You can also have fun together on vacation days - continue to share skiing or snowboarding, going to the skating rink or skiing, organize a trip to the theater, a concert or a movie, visit the disco together.

Yes, you did not see the performance of some super group or did not participate in a cool disco. But everyone will ask you what you are so enthusiastically discussing and why are you laughing together in unison.

If the room allows, it is good to combine the holiday with dinner. In order not to take a lot of time preparing the table, organize a buffet style snack. Buy disposable dishes, paper tablecloths, drinks and snacks - sandwiches, hamburgers, canapés ...

Merry and memorable holiday!

Student bike

There are stories among students in the student community about cases at the exams, whether they were true or not .... Whether teachers are strange, whether students have fantasy over the edge.

Here is one of these stories that were in my student time.

At the exam at the radio engineering institute, the teacher asks the student an additional question:

“What current is the tram running on?”

“On variable” - the student confidently answers.

The next question is: “AC power is a sine wave. Why does the tram go straight and not along a sine wave? ”

The student was confused, such a difficult question as an additional!

He knew the answer well - this is the basis of all the sciences related to electricity, and began to explain in detail about the rectification of the sinusoid, then the smoothing ... long told the theory.

The teacher finally finished writing something, looked up and said:

“Fool, the rails are not allowed”

I took the exam, but my nerves to the student tickled seriously.

Many teachers have a sense of humor enough to have fun with students at the festival, by all means invite everyone. Those who are young in their soul will come!

Idea as a gift

Look at my music cards, you can make a similar invitation site with a list of all the names of those invited, the plan of the event. Moreover, all changes can be reflected at any time on the website and, without explaining the details for a long time, send them to see the updated information.

Put music, funny pictures or photos. Then send a link to e-mails or write on the board in the audience. This invitation will be original, in the spirit of time and convenient.

Surely there is among you who can make a website - then it will be most convenient to make changes or ask someone or whatever would be faster - order.

Enough ideas! Be sure to share how you spent the holiday this year or last year - bring benefits to future generations.

Each student should have a bike in reserve, do not be greedy - write everything in the comments at the bottom of the page.

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1. Team Competition for the Day of the Student - Rebuilding "Students"

Two teams are created, each has 8 people and two sets of large cards with letters are prepared in advance: “C”, “T”, “U”, “D”, “E”, “H”, “T”, “Y”, each participant receives one card and holds in front of him. After the leader makes a puzzle, the team needs to navigate quickly and compose an answer from the letters (participants with the necessary letters step forward and write the answer from left to right). At the next puzzle, they are rearranged. From stage to stage, the points are scored, which are awarded to the team that gave the first answer. (Thanks to the author of this great idea)

1. Warm in lectures, and at recess

Educational institution relatives ....(Walls)

2. For solidity and for a special beauty,

Young students wear curvy ....(Mustache)

3. For clarity, your experiment

Complement the photo and put on ...(Stand)

4. Frightens more than hunger and cold

Got a student in session ..(Neud)

5. You need to tick or cross,

If the teacher conducts ... (Test)

6. If you take a tarp on the nature,

That will cover from a rain tense ...(Awning)

7. Remember only the best moments

The real ones never lose heart ... (Students)

2. Team game for the Day of the student "Portrait of the perfect

To organize a team game, create two teams, prepare two easels or any stand, for a large sheet of drawing paper, two markers and leaves (in 2 copies), on which various parts of the body and face are written: “nose”, “eyes”, “ eyebrows ", etc. - this will be the task for each player. The game follows the rules of the relay: the first player takes a marker, runs to the easel, draws his detail of the future masterpiece and runs back, the second follows him, and so on. Victory can be awarded to the team, both for the speed of execution, and for artistic achievement. For more democracy, there is an option when a team of students plays against a team of teachers and the first draws a portrait of the ideal dean, while the latter, on the contrary, draw the ideal student. In addition to the features of the face, you can add a card "gift" or "wish" and the player who draws the latter, let him show imagination.

3. A fun game "Resourceful Student"

Recently, the achievements of digital technologies have slightly reduced the relevance of such an indispensable “help” for a student as a cheat sheet, but, nevertheless, a quick reaction and resourcefulness of the student are necessary at all times. The essence of the game: several pairs are called (student-student), each is given a certain number of “cheat sheets”, while the musical segment sounds, the young men must hide them on the girl’s body and clothes so that they don’t fall out and ... remember all the “hidden” places, then they tie their eyes with a scarf, unwind and lead to the girl. But to another, i.e. this is a joke. While the assistants distract the guys with scarves and talking, trying to take them away from the scene of events, the presenter quietly encourages the girls and changes their places. Music is playing again and partners must quickly find their “cheat sheets”. Despite some piquancy, such an undertaking is always fun in a youth company.

4. Dance Battle "Case with Tanya"

For this dance entertainment of students - two teams are created, in each it is desirable to find a captain named Tatyana, who will pull out the cards with the task and sets the mood in her team. And the tasks are prepared based on the well-known Soviet song from “Carnival Night”, the text of which is being remade. The task can be read (if there is no confidence in the vocal data) or sing it.

Tasks are composed by analogy with these options, depending on the favorite in the company of dance tunes