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How to surprise your beloved husband on February 23?


In anticipation of the holiday I want to find an original and pleasant idea of ​​congratulating a loved one.

How to please a loved one on February 23? Here are options that will help create a real festive atmosphere.

How to arrange a surprise for February 23?

Leave in the past standard greetings and banal gifts. Give yourself the opportunity to think creatively, and then you can easily organize a great surprise for your beloved man on February 23. For example…

  1. Have a surprise party. Invite friends, set a dress code, and come up with special contests. Order a cake in the form of a soldier's helmet or an AK-47 assault rifle. When your beloved returns home, then let him be met by best friends, delicious food and beloved woman in a seductive form.
  2. Organize your favorite romantic walk. Order a limousine, which will be waiting for a bottle of good wine. Let the walk be completed in a restaurant or cafe, and its culmination will be the presentation of a gift. Make a surprise and from this - order the delivery of your gift directly to the cafe, a table in which will be booked in advance. This scenario will leave a lot of pleasant impressions.
  3. If you are fans of big and fun companies - rent a skating rink, order food there, and arrange fun competitions. Do not warn your beloved man in advance - just bring him by taxi to the venue of the event.
  4. Think of a holiday scenario that is unusual for you. If you are notebooks homebody - spend this day actively. Go to the theater, hiking, concert. If you prefer an active pastime, then arrange yourself a home holiday - roll in bed, watch your favorite movies, take a bath together, and arrange dinner in the dark in the evening. This holiday will be different from everything you are used to.

How to originally congratulate your beloved man?

Any representative of the stronger sex will be pleased with an interesting and original greeting. Try one of the following options:

  • Write poems yourselfdedicated to the courage and courage of his man. Let them be not very perfect, but absolutely exclusive!
  • Make a huge postcard from a whole sheet of paperman. On it write a greeting on the topic "My defender." Decorate a postcard with pictures of various men's toys - cars, weapons, racing motorcycles and others. Under the pictures make funny signature wishes. Decorate your room with such a “festive wall newspaper” while your loved one has not yet woken up.
  • In advance take care to acquire the form or any of its elements. For example, long vest, beskozyrki and belt. In this form, bring your beloved man breakfast in bed in the morning of February 23. Believe me, he will be impressed!
  • Come up with a slideshow with photos and captions. Let the main theme be the same - the heroism and courage of your man. Still, the holiday obliges. Put some good music on the slides and turn it on on a festive morning.
  • If affairs call your spouse on that day for work, that, it does not matter. You still have every chance to hit him to the depths of the soul. At lunchtime, order pizza or grilled chicken, delicious salads and desserts at his work address, let your loved one and his colleagues rejoice. Your loved one will be pleasantly surprised by such care.

What gift will please a man?

What a holiday without gifts? Please your beloved with something unusual, pleasant, and even mischievous!

  1. DIY gift doubly pleasant. You can knit an original scarf, bracelets, sleeves, fashionable this season, sew a funny key chain, make a cake especially for him, or embroider a towel with his initials. This surprise can be in itself a great gift, or add to the already purchased gift.
  2. Let your gift be at the same time a wish. For example, someone who works too much, buy a relaxation set: a neck massager, a selection of CDs with pleasant music and a lava lamp for relaxation. So you can not only please your loved one, but also help him.
  3. In order to entertain your man and give him a good mood, you can take a photo of him and process it in a graphic editor, presenting his beloved as a hero of the film, which he especially likes. Then print this photo in the studio on a large format and donate for February 23. Such a surprise will bring a lot of joy!
  4. February 23 - the holiday of real men! Give a selection of good films: action movies or fiction, and maybe he prefers a military theme? Arrange a real cinema hall at home: buy popcorn or nuts, prepare your favorite drinks and dim the lights. Enjoy your viewing, and do not forget that in every decent cinema there are places for kisses!
  5. All men love to eat. Therefore, a basket with his favorite delicacies, beautifully decorated and waiting for him on a white tablecloth of the kitchen table in the early festive morning is an excellent joyful surprise, no worse than the notorious rose petals.

Our men are so different! Everyone has their own taste, preferences and moods. But to arrange a pleasant surprise is quite under the power of every woman. It needs only a little imagination and desire, and then everything will work out.

The content of the article:

Judging by the number of purchased socks, shaving foams and shampoos, by mid-February, the male part of the population of the country was overgrown with bristles, preoccupied with the rules of hygiene and declared dandruff control. Let's say a decisive "no" to primitive souvenirs, knick-knacks and hygiene products. How to surprise a man on February 23? We are looking for original ideas!

We are looking for original ideas

A gift does not necessarily have to cost a lot of money. To find exactly what will please the elect, you must at least approximately understand what interests him. If you are not yet very familiar, universal souvenirs will do - a flash drive, a flashlight, a personalized key ring.

Is your lover an opponent of shopping gifts? Give impressions. A skating rink, a quest room, a concert, an evening in a show restaurant is an excellent idea to get a positive emotional charge.

Practical or creative? Funny or in the case? Men are so different. I want to come up with something new. How can you surprise your husband on February 23?

Gadget gadgets are a win-win option: wireless headphones, USB speakers, portable speakers, external drives, a fitness bracelet, and virtual reality glasses. You can choose a stylish accessory both with a solid budget and with a fairly modest one.

Universal gift - alcohol. A bottle of your favorite whiskey, gin or brandy always causes associations with the holiday. Vodka famous brand - not the best gift. For a notorious coffee lover, a good grain package coffee - the most desired and valuable surprise. Will be appreciated and tea in a tin, but choosing it, not understanding the manufacturers and relying only on the recommendations of the consultant in the supermarket, is not worth it.

Excellent Present - Stylish backpack, multifunctional flashlight, organizer. You can please your loved one with a warm sweater or scarf. Are you in doubt? Ask your spouse to go to the supermarket together, let them choose their option.

If you are seriously thinking about how to surprise a loved man on February 23, giving emotions is a very popular type of congratulations. Paintball gamelaser shooters kart racing, a walk on the buggy, a rock climbing master class is a welcome gift for older boys. With what enthusiasm he will talk about extreme driving lesson on car or quad bike!

Spending the evening playing bowling, and then sitting in a cafe is an inexpensive and very pleasant option to celebrate Defender of the Fatherland Day.

Go to the cinema. Hilarious comedy or textural action with a lot of special effects, a bank of popcorn, one for two, and the evening was a success. Organize a fun action called “Father's Holiday” with your kids.

If in the past the spouse was a border guard, at the entrance to the house arrange the border post, a little son with a dog will stand guard over the family frontier. Dinner with a real soldier's stew or pasta in a naval style will be a wonderful end of the day.

How to surprise a guy for February 23? If you are a novice cook, then a tasty dish cooked with your own hands, originally decorated and served with zest, will certainly delight your lover. What to cook? Of course, meat or fish. You should not waste time on any modern, overseas salads.

So, today you are the chef in the cafe “Feed the Protector”! Salmon steak cooked in the oven is a great idea. The recipe is very simple. Red fish is difficult to spoil. Getting started. Fish must first marinate.

Soy sauce, lemon juice and a whisper of spices for fish mix and pour steak. 15 minutes will be quite enough. To the skin does not stick to the pan, and did not spoil the whole picture, use the oven. In a greased form with oil, place the pieces of fish and send in preheated to 175 degrees. the oven. After 20 minutes, the dish is ready.

Remember the chicken! It is prepared for a short time, it looks festive, and most importantly - a lot of meat! Universal option - a sleeve for roasting. In it, the bird will remain juicy, stew on all sides and cook faster. Thoroughly rub the inside of the carcass with salt, coat it on top with a mixture of ketchup and dry chicken seasoning with a dessert spoon of honey.

The chicken will turn out with a ruddy crust. Gently close the edges with special clips or tie with a regular thread. Send a festive dish in the oven for an hour. After a while, the sleeve will swell up, but you will see well what is going on inside. Ready-made food looks appetizing, and will not disappoint the expectations of your man.

If you don’t have enough time to cook a delicious dinner, buy a pack of dumplings, sour cream and put on a set of sexy underwear for hire from a friend’s hired nursing gown.

Any whim

Fill the day with events that your man is high on. Let him watch his favorite TV show, play in games, read. Create a comfort zone and try as far as possible not to invade his personal space. Organize a Skype session with people dear to him at a great distance. He wants to go with his friends to the bath or sing karaoke - let him go.

An excellent gift - an erotic dance in spicy lingerie. Perhaps after the dance there will be a desire to experiment, do not deny yourself the pleasure. Such a gift, unlike shaving foam, will long remain in the memory.

What is not worth giving?

Would you be happy if by the 8th of March you received a deodorant or a shampoo as a gift? Funny, isn't it? Men have already developed an immunity to such offerings. The famous motto: the main thing is not a gift, but attention, in the age of practicality, has long ceased to work.

Trying to surprise a man with beer glasses, nominal mugs or themed sets of glasses is useless. Colleagues and acquaintances already have something similar in the desktop or kitchen cupboard. Shortly after the holiday cards, even if very beautiful, will be in the trash.

Quite beyond the comprehension of guys are soft toys, cute key chains and phone cases with kissing doves. Their value is zero.

Do not give accessories for the car. Almost certainly you will not guess, but the velcro holder for the phone on the torpedo is a very handy thing.

So, razors, socks of dubious quality and linen leave in the past. We choose with soul, we show imagination, and we give with a smile.

How to find out what a man or a guy would like to receive on February 23

It is clear to everyone that gifts are different. And what will be good for one, for the other does not fit in any way. And in order not to make a mistake in choosing, you have to sit down and think about what the representative of the stronger sex lives and enjoys.

I have already written a similar article “What to give a guy for the New Year,” and I told her that before writing the article, I conducted a study where I interviewed all of my familiar men what they would like to receive on a holiday. And it turned out that they have just a huge number of desires for owning things that they would like to have. And they didn’t even think much about it, they said right away what they would like to have.

It should be noted that these things were not any particularly expensive. These were mostly practical items or items related to their hobbies.

Therefore, when choosing a presentation, consider this question. Most likely you know about the hobbies of your loved ones, and you know what they have and what they don’t. If you do not know, then show curiosity, find a topic for conversation, in which the man himself will tell you that he is happy, that he does not mind spending his time.

Walk with him on his favorite stores and departments, look at what he pays attention to, what questions the seller asks. At this time, show interest, for what he needs this thing, he would like to buy it. Pay immediate attention to the price to plan your expenses. Remember, or better write down all the ideas along with the price. Subsequently, it will help make the right choice.

The more such ideas, the better. And to have a lot of ideas, you need to be more interested in what is interesting to your men. Then there will be so many ideas that you will not have to think about what to buy, and you will be able to choose from a rich list of preferences.

Also a great idea could be a gift - a memory. Maybe a person dreamed of something in childhood or youth, and his dream did not come true. You can help him realize his dream, and then this surprise will be unforgettable for him for his whole life. Moreover, he will still be grateful for your attention to him.

There is an opinion that any gift above all is a sign of attention. I quite agree with that. From the fact that you were attentive and sensitive to the desires and preferences of the people close to you, they will receive such a sign of attention from you.

In today's article I want to help you in choosing. Therefore, for convenience, I will break the list of gifts by hobbies, according to the degree of relationships and by age. I think that this will help you choose the very thing or thing that will be necessary, practical, valuable and memorable for a man.

Planning the purchase of items and things for the holiday

Since on the holiday of February 23, we congratulate not only the Defenders of the Fatherland, but also all men, large and small, the purchase of presents can be a very expensive budget item. And if we do not make the right calculations in advance, it may happen that there may not be enough money for everything that we want to buy.

Therefore, in order for someone not to be left without attention, it is necessary to draw up an action plan for their purchase. And the first thing to do is to write a list of all the men to whom you are going to make presents.

Then determine the budget, how much money you can spend on this venture. Then you can make calculations, how much you can allocate money for each.

If you work in a team, where it is customary to give small trinkets, or more impressive things, to employees, or to the boss, do not forget to include this item in expenses. So that then it does not come as a surprise to you.

When you have such a list in which at least approximate amounts will be written, it will greatly facilitate later both the choice and the purchase of what you plan.

In the same plan, sketch out approximate ideas of purchases for each, having thought out beforehand how you would please your men. This will allow later, when you go to the store, not to buy the first thing that came to your attention.

When you start buying gifts try to follow the plan. Especially in terms of money. When you buy everything that you have planned and fit into the budget, it will certainly please you!

In drawing up a plan, be guided by the fact that it is not at all necessary that what you want to buy should be expensive. Plan to buy practical and necessary things for a person that he will not throw into a “long” box, but will certainly use them. Such things will not only serve the one to whom you presented them, but they will also remind you. And this is a double gift - a useful thing, and good memories and feelings!

Well, now proceed to the list of gifts.

What might like a guy or a man involved in sports

This is a very large category of things and objects that many men will welcome. After all, you can include sports, hunting, fishing and outdoor activities. Consider these categories in more detail.

For people who are fond of tourism:

  • individual set of dishes (bowl, cup, spoon). Now in specialized stores sold very good dishes from special materials. The bowl can be with a resealable lid that allows you to keep food hot longer.
  • a set of common use camping utensils, or something from the set

  • a thermomug that allows you to keep tea hot in it for a long time is simply indispensable for hiking.
  • thermos
  • flask
  • multifunction tourist knife
  • individual flashlight
  • flashlight on hand
  • LED headlamp

  • karemat - tourist mat, which is placed under the sleeping bag
  • compass. Есть еще и цифровые компасы, но стоят они не дешево, цена примерно от 2800.

Это все не очень дорого стоит, но есть категория, которая стоит подороже.

  • спальный матрас
  • camping backpack
  • походный котелок
  • складной туристический стул
  • gas-burner

Одежда и обувь для занятий туризмом включает в себя обширный список необходимых предметов. This may be just a regular T-shirt and sneakers, as well as specialized waterproof clothing and shoes made of neoprene, thermal underwear, raincoat, helmet.

For each type of active tourism there are specialized clothes and shoes. And if you decide to choose something from this category, then it is best to visit a sports shop, and consult with the seller - consultant.

For winter sports:

  • if you still decide to buy socks for a man, then it is desirable that they be sporty. Now there are such specialized socks for almost all sports. So, for winter sports, fit those in which the foot will breathe and at the same time, they will retain heat perfectly. We also need downy and woolen socks.
  • thermal underwear
  • breathable fleece clothing

  • sports hat and scarf
  • gloves
  • balaclava
  • helmet

You can also purchase sports equipment:

It is certainly worth more, but it is quite suitable for a gift.

For summer sports:

  • again socks, this time for running, for cycling, for scooters. The cost is only 300 rubles, but it is always a desirable and necessary thing that will be adequately and adequately evaluated.
  • sunglasses, glasses with interchangeable lenses for cyclists, the cost of 500 rubles. They will not be superfluous either, especially since they are sold in a case and have a beautiful view even without any packaging.
  • Goggles
  • a bicycle computer, an indispensable and very necessary thing for a cyclist, and you can buy it for only 400 rubles
  • cyclists may also need a headlamp, taillight, a new horn, bag, special bicycle flask and bottle holder
  • bicycle repair kit

  • Rollers always need protection and a helmet
  • helmet is needed for other sports
  • sports towel. Now there are special microfiber towels that do not absorb moisture at all, they just shake off water from a person, while remaining completely dry. Such a towel would be happy swimmer, or an athlete who commits heavy loads. They can also remove sweat from their face or body.
  • there are also special headbands that prevent sweat from flowing into the eyes, wrist bands that are comfortable to wipe the sweat off of the face.
  • watches with heart rate measurement, for active running or game sports

  • football, volleyball and soccer ball, a set of tennis balls or badminton balls
  • tennis racket or badminton racket
  • sport bag
  • pedometer

All the same clothes are t-shirts, baseball caps, shorts, fitness clothes, sweatshirts and so on. All this can be bought quite inexpensively and it certainly will not lie somewhere unclaimed.

For hunters and fishermen

For many men, both young and mature, this is a real hobby. And of course, a man will never remain indifferent to the subject from this sphere. What can you give to people who are fond of such a thing. The answer is simple - of course, everything related to this area of ​​study. So, for the fisherman it can be:

  • spinning
  • spinning reel
  • fisherman bag
  • set of spinners or wobblers

  • set of fishing line or hooks
  • balancing box
  • special fishing kits
  • duffle bag

  • ice-screw for winter fishing
  • knife
  • lamp
  • thermos
  • thermomug
  • Subscription for the magazine Fisherman
  • gift book on fishing

For the hunter may need:

  • case for weapons

  • cartridge belt, pouch, belt
  • hunting backpack bag
  • weapon care kit
  • compass, barometer

  • signal devices, such as the signal of a hunter, which includes a rocket launcher (price 200 -300 rubles) and a set of rockets (400 rubles)
  • hunting knife
  • lamp
  • binoculars

  • snowshoes
  • means of masking, it is paint for masking (500 rubles), spray neutralizer of human smell (500 rubles)
  • subscription to the Hunter magazine
  • hunting gift edition

For those and others, specialized clothes, such as camouflage clothing, mosquito hat, rain coat, will also be a good present. If there is a possibility of a more expensive gift, then it can be:

  • radio stations, for example, it is advised to buy the famous Okie Toki (Walkie Talkie), price from 1500 rubles

Well, it does not hurt either one or the other.

  • gas spray for self-defense (price 600 rubles)

For lovers of outdoor activities

Many people now have cottages, as well as often go on nature for picnics and rest. For them, you can also choose a lot of excellent items and things.

  • grill
  • kebab sticks
  • BBQ Cooking Apron

  • cooler bag
  • "Mahalka" (I do not know how to call it correctly) for lighting a fire
  • hammock
  • outdoor chair

  • picnic set that includes plates, cutlery, glasses, napkins
  • wine set, which includes a corkscrew, wine-filling machine, a thermometer, a set of glasses

  • badminton set
  • board games kits
  • poker set
  • slingshot
  • crossbow
  • bow and arrows for fun

If a man likes to go to the forest for mushrooms, then he can get:

  • mushroom basket
  • knife
  • raincoat
  • "Happy" hat, which will gather all the mushrooms in the forest

If a man likes rafting on the rivers:

  • special shoes for walking on stones and water
  • glasses
  • panama
  • baseball cap
  • hat with mosquito net

  • thermal underwear
  • raincoat
  • machete (300 r) and a cover for it (350 r), the company "Tramontino" Brazil, is indispensable for parking, where you need to remove excess grass or bushes
  • tourist hatchet in a case
  • neoprene shorts socks gloves
  • gas burner with piezo ignition for kindling a fire

  • drinking water flask
  • stainless steel thermos
  • waterproof purse for documents, money and mobile phone
  • power bank to charge the phone with a lithium-ion battery

  • Cookware for camping - pots, or dishes for personal use.
  • thermomug

For motorists

Many men now have a car, and always carefully treat everything connected with it. They love their car, many can spend hours in it. Something to repair, improve, finish and polish with a cloth and without that clean surface. And of course they love to fill it with all sorts of necessary things. And there are, in fact, quite a lot.

These are things that allow you to maintain the cleanliness of the cabin and the car itself. And things that are vital in a long journey, as well as things and objects that make you feel most comfortable in the car.

  • automobile pillows - head restraints (from 700 rubles)
  • seat covers (from 1500 rubles)
  • auto pad - massager (from 850 rubles)

  • Starting portable lithium-ion battery (from 2000 rubles)
  • brush to clean the car from the snow (from 250 rubles)
  • anti-slip mat for a mobile phone (from 150 rubles)
  • hydraulic jack (from 550 rubles)
  • a table with a mount on the steering wheel (from 1000 rubles), you can comfortably eat on it on a long journey, or travel, or work on a computer)

  • moisture-absorbing floor mats (from 200 rubles per set)
  • electric pump for pumping wheels (from 1000 rubles)
  • car thermometer (from 150 rubles)
  • radio (from 850 rubles)
  • video recorder (from 1200)
  • heated seats (from 1000 rubles)
  • cigarette lighter splitter with USB charging port for charging the phone (from 150 rubles)

  • flavoring salon (from 200 rubles)
  • hygiene products for the salon - sprays, rags, napkins, brushes
  • car tester to check fuses and network integrity (from 150 rubles)
  • head lamp (from 250 rubles)
  • folding paddle (from 300 rubles)
  • travel tool kit (from 2000 rubles)
  • thermomug for a motorist (from 500 rubles)
  • rearview mirror with clock

And you can also please him with such a surprise, from which every man will be absolutely delighted:

  • car maintenance certificate

Here is what an impressive list has already turned out. But that is not all. Not all areas are covered yet. Let's move on!

For men who have a phone, computer, camera

That is practically for men of all ages and categories, since all of the above items are for everyone.

If they don’t have these things, then you should think about it.

The price for their purchase is certainly not small, but if there is such a need, and most importantly an opportunity, then anyone will be happy with such a gift! If they already have all this, then for all this there is simply a mass of things and gadgets that are always needed.

  • phone memory card
  • External battery for a phone with a lithium-ion battery is a type of electric battery used as an energy source. Indispensable when traveling to charge the phone. Price from 400 rubles and above.
  • new phone case
  • bluetooth selfie button - can control a camera of a smartphone or tablet from a distance (from 400 rubles)
  • Self-stick can also be for someone interesting, it costs from 400 rubles
  • original flash drive. Now what good is there, and you can find flash drives with a typical male design

  • headphones with microphone (from 600 rubles)
  • zipper headphones that never get confused
  • wireless mouse (from 400 rubles)
  • mouse pad
  • keyboard (from 400 rubles), gaming keyboard (from 1000 rubles)

  • screen cleaner (spray, cloth)
  • LED flash (from 700 rubles)
  • laptop bag or backpack

This category of goods can be safely attributed:

  • mp3 player (from 500 rubles)
  • an electronic book is not cheap, of course, but someone can dream of it, and you can buy it
  • tablet, now there are fairly inexpensive samples

Now every year there are the latest models of accessories for phones and computers. For all the novelties do not even keep up. Therefore, if you wish to make a gift from this area, feel free to go to a specialty store, and actively communicate with the seller-consultant. He will tell you exactly about all the updates, announce the price and help you choose the right item for you!

Gifts - impressions and certificates

Recently, so-called presents have become very popular - impressions. That is, these are not material things, but those impressions that evoke those or other positive emotions. Or else they can be called - men's entertainment. They may be something like this:

  • bowling game
  • master class in billiards

  • paintball game
  • concert tickets of your favorite rock band or favorite performer
  • movie tickets, theater
  • movie tickets for the closed show
  • ticket to a sporting event
  • balloon flight
  • skydiving
  • horse ride
  • carting
  • shooting in the dash
  • archery lesson

  • gym membership
  • pool ticket
  • gym membership
  • ticket to the dance hall
  • subscription to the massage room
  • subscription to the master class of a creative person
  • romantic gift from his girlfriend (dance, song)

Other gift ideas

The article is already quite extensive, but we have not yet considered that we can donate to a husband, a boss, a child ... Therefore, in this chapter I will voice only ideas, and I think that you can easily fill them with content.

  • clothes (t-shirts, sweatshirts, shirts, ties ...)
  • shoes (whatever you want, except maybe slippers ... my husband wouldn't understand). Well, or if slippers, then such ...

  • accessories (cufflinks, tie holder ...)
  • purse, key case, business card holder, clutch bag, bag, briefcase ...
  • umbrella
  • gloves
  • scarf, muffler
  • clock
  • glasses
  • headdress

  • books
  • CDs with music
  • movie discs
  • subscription to your favorite magazine
  • Board games

  • kits for creativity (for an artist, sculptor, carver ...), that is, according to interests
  • items for collectors (if a man collects something, such as stamps, coins or badges, then there will be no better gift for him if you can get an exhibit missing from his collection)

Also, men can please:

  • tools (just don’t buy it very cheaply, if a man is a jack of all trades, he won’t appreciate a cheap tool and certainly won’t work for him)

  • Subjects for the dacha, that is, everything that concerns both rest and work in the country)

It is difficult to find a man who would not like to go to the bath. And for such men there is a category of gifts:

  • a bath towel
  • bath set (hat, seat mat, mitten)

  • bathrobe or velcro
  • flip flops
  • washcloth
  • Handmade soap
  • birch or oak broom (my mother often gives it to my husband)
  • massage bamboo broom

You can also think about the original gifts, for example:

  • a bunch of dried fish with a keg of beer

  • slingshot
  • telescope
  • water gun
  • darts game

  • rare teas or coffee
  • scented candles or incense
  • CD with meditative music
  • amulet

And now let's consider those gift ideas that are particularly specific, since these are signs of attention for a husband, dad, co-workers, and a boss. And although all of the above ideas you can also take into account and consider them, yet we will also focus on these points.

What can please my husband on the day of February 23

When you choose a sign of attention by February 23 for a husband, then read both this chapter and those sections where you can find ideas for gifts on hobbies. Then there will be more ideas and the choice will be much easier.

In my opinion, the most important thing on this day is to create a feeling of celebration. Wake up with a good mood and with a smile and a kiss to congratulate her husband on the holiday. To tell him that he is the most important defender in his house, your support, strong shoulder. What is behind it, like a stone wall, and with it you are not afraid of anything!

It would be great if on this day you cook some creative breakfast in the spirit of a holiday. It may be a common dish, but in the "image". For example, sandwiches in the form of general epaulets, or in some original feed.

Porridge, laid out on a plate in the form of the number 23. Pancakes with red caviar, served as a star. Or something that comes to mind.

During breakfast, you can please the spouse with a present and once again tell him pleasant kind words of congratulations. It is also good to come up with words about the donated thing, so that they will certainly be “with meaning”. Such a gift is usually the most valuable, even if it is not expensive at all!

For lunch and dinner, you can also “pokreativ” and feed her husband, for example, “marching porridge” or “soup of the general”. Bake a festive cake with the corresponding symbolism of the holiday.

Or make some interesting salad. Let it be the usual standard dish, but named for the holiday, it will be such.

Try to maintain this holiday feeling all day, do not slip into the everyday life, it is enough in our life!

Well, now presents! In addition to those already proposed, there are also such ideas:

  • a gift made by hand (to sew, tie, draw, etc.) ... Remember that the creativity shown in preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner is also an additional sign of attention)

  • nominal or memorable. This can be either a T-shirt with a name, or a memorable place, or a piece of jewelry with a name or an inscription. Not necessarily expensive, you can do everything beautifully and quite economically.
  • status, which your husband will never buy himself - a good pen, a leather purse, watches, cufflinks, a money clip, a stand for the phone.

  • a gift from childhood. If my husband had a dream as a child, but he still remained unrealizable, then you can fulfill it. What childhood dreams can a boy have? A folding knife, a flashlight, a slingshot, a crossbow, a weapon ... Travel, adventures, secrets ... Learn it on occasion, think what you can think of. And you will make your husband the happiest!
  • if your husband smokes, then surely he will be happy with cigars, a cigar knife, or a hookah, a stylish beautiful ashtray, an unusual beautiful lighter. You can also give him a pipe, pouch with good tobacco. Of course, smoking is harmful to health ... But the more you prevent it, the harder it is to fight it. Therefore, sometimes you can agree with the bad habit of her husband.

  • the same goes for alcohol. Only it is worth knowing that the usual bottle of vodka is not suitable, if you donate, then expensive, elite drink. And if not, then you should not take it!
  • can present a shaving machine
  • or other necessary accessories for shaving
  • Often, men lose their keys, and a keychain can please him, who can easily find them. A man will be delighted with him.
  • toilet water
  • beautiful underwear, or underwear with interesting pictures or funny inscriptions.
  • original and funny objects and things

In fact, you can have a lot more to come up with. But I think everyone should leave a place for independence. And so we move on to other categories.

How to please dad on February 23

When we were very young, we gave daddy children's drawings with tanks, running men with guns, red stars, made appliques of paper with numbers 23. Then we became older, and also tried to do something with our own hands - and it could be knitted scarf, or mittens, or knitted jumper.

Dad was always happy with everything he received, and always took it with special gratitude and pride for his child.

What makes Dad happy for the feast of February 23:

  • it can still be a do-it-yourself gift. One more mittens or a jumper for the father will never be superfluous.
  • it could be a drawing. If the little girl or the boy congratulates, then the children's picture is fine. If such drawings are already painted by your children by the grandfather, then you can present a friendly cartoon to your dad, which you can now easily order on the Internet for relatively inexpensive money (a drawing in black and white costs from 500 rubles). It is clear that such a pattern can be made in military subjects.

  • you can order a recorded disc for your dad with his favorite music
  • interesting book
  • favorite magazine subscription
  • radio greetings
  • T-shirt with the inscription "Beloved Dad" or "Our Generalissimo", or come up with its spectacular inscription
  • plaid
  • glasses
  • glasses case
  • mug with the inscription

  • souvenir weapon
  • original photo frame in which to insert his favorite photo. You can also make such a photo frame by yourself.

  • photo album for army photos
  • bath hat with a star
  • set of "Soldier ration"

  • warm vest
  • impression (from the above)
  • movie or theater tickets for two
  • anything related to his passion
  • rocking chair

You can also consider all those objects, things and ideas that were proposed above. Especially if dad has a hobby.

What gift may like the boss

When choosing a present to your boss, it is important to stick to the golden mean. An unnecessarily expensive item or thing can put the boss in an awkward position and may look like some kind of bribe or subservience. The boss may misunderstand and misinterpret him. For such courage, you can lose your job.

Too cheap token of attention, too, will not work. A cheap and even more tasteless option is better to be immediately thrown out of thoughts, otherwise the boss may consider this a disrespect for his person.

So where to find it, this golden mean.

Well, first of all, you need to decide whether it is customary to give anything to the boss at the place where you work. And how to do it. Either it is a collective sign of vimania, which most often happens, either individually, which happens less often, or all congratulations are limited to good, kind words!

And if all the same it is accepted to do this, then let's consider some ideas for this. If you choose him for the boss, then it must be a certain status item. Either it is a necessary thing or accessory for work, or it is a luxury item.

  • expensive elite alcohol (brandy, whiskey, rum ...)

  • cigar set
  • good handle
  • dear beautiful diary
  • office set for desktop

  • leather wallet
  • quality business card holder

All this is absolutely a win-win option in the selection of options. This is a standard set, which is usually presented in such cases. Well, maybe some similar neutral things I have not yet included in this list.

If there are friendly and informal relations with the authorities, then you can present them in accordance with this mood. That is, any original and funny gizmos will be well received. Or any items for passion.

By the way, the boss can also congratulate his subordinates on the holiday.

  • Award - has always been, is and will be well received
  • corporate evening
  • the letter

What to give to colleagues

Let's start to figure out who these fellow work. If you work at one enterprise, or in one office, then you are co-workers, or colleagues. If you are business colleagues, for example, then you are business partners. What should be given in that and in another case.

In case you are business partners, it is appropriate to consider things with the symbols or logo of your company. Gifts may be different.

  • notebook
  • a pen
  • diary
  • the calendar
  • Cup
  • lighter
  • greeting card

If you are co-workers, then the choices are of a different nature and directly depend on the amount of money you can spend. As a rule, they are collective. All the women of the department, office, enterprise ... "are dumped" and set the table and congratulate the men as conceived.

In these cases, often all colleagues become owners of the same things. Otherwise, if they are different and moreover not equivalent, employees may be offended and the mood may be spoiled. What could it be:

  • alcohol
  • chocolate with numbers 23
  • personalized chocolates with the names of employees
  • beer mugs
  • ordinary mugs with holiday symbols
  • original flask

  • t-shirts with printed pattern or inscriptions
  • lighters with holiday symbols

It is clear that these are just some ideas. But based on them, you can think of all the rest.

What would children and boys like in school

What to give to the holiday for children? Of course, toys, computer or phone gadgets, certificates to youth clothing stores and computer equipment, impressions, things related to hobbies and hobbies ... In principle, almost everything I have already written in the lines above.

This is for big kids. If the children are small, then all ideas by age are described in detail in this article. Guided by it, you can easily pick up a thing for boys and boys from birth to 16 - 17 years. Follow the link, and you can easily pick it up in a different price category.

What should not be given to men for the holiday

Not everyone thought about the topic that should not be given to men on February 23. Many act intuitively and do not buy unnecessary items. But it is better to know for sure.

1. Especially you should avoid such trivial things as socks, deodorant and shaving foam. Such things will immediately show that you have treated the holiday formally. And they definitely will not please the person to whom you make a present. Especially if it is done from year to year.

2. You should not present too expensive items. First, it obliges a person to subsequently make the same expensive answer. But not everyone has the means.

This can be done in the family by agreement, when the husband and wife decided together to give each other. Indeed, after February 23, March 8 will come very soon.

3. You should not present to colleagues, your boyfriend, with whom you only meet underwear, socks, hygiene products and deodorants. This can be understood wrongly and hurt him.

Only intimate husband and wife can give intimate things to each other.

4. You should not present the guy with whom you meet soft toys, candy, chocolate, alcohol and tobacco.

5. Do not give gifts with a hint. So, for example, if a man does not like to engage in construction or repair work, do not additionally buy him an appropriate tool. Allegedly, there will be a tool, and will make repairs, as pretty.

6. No need to buy tickets to pop pop concert, or a concert of symphonic music, if a man does not like, and can not tolerate this genre.

You should always remember that a gift is primarily a sign of attention. Therefore, sometimes enough good words and good mood in order to arrange a holiday. And you can buy a great gift, but manage to quarrel on this day with your man. And believe me, no matter how valuable a thing is in such a situation, a man in this situation will never use it!

Therefore, remember that first of all it should be your good spirit, your goodwill and the desire to make a real holiday for those you love! This is a chance to prove yourself and show the men who surround you, that they are the real defenders with a strong shoulder and strong rear. With whom even into the fire, even into the water, is not terrible anywhere!

I wish you all success in choosing a gift. I hope that this article will help you. If you have your own original ideas for presents on February 23, then share them in the comments. Let people know and choose only the most necessary and best of them for their men!