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What to do at home when you have nothing to do


We are so accustomed to the frantic pace of life that we often find ourselves lost in the weekend. All tasks are completed, the weather is bad outside, and there is nothing interesting on TV. And the question arises about what to do at home, when there is nothing to do? Boredom is dangerous because of its unpredictability, and it is better to have a pre-planned list of entertainment options for all occasions: for children, for spouses, and for yourself.

What to do if you are bored and have nothing to do at home

Accustomed to plan everything in advance, we do not leave room for force majeure. So the question of what to do at home when there is nothing to do is not at all idle. It also happens that the situation gets out of control, the trip is canceled, friends cannot come, and the interesting film has been replaced by a stupid comedy.

How to entertain a child and a husband, what to do at home itself, when there is absolutely nothing to do and all plans have failed? First of all, stop panic search for a replacement for entertainment, and try to impose their will on the home. Maybe they are already quietly reading or watching the show. Here is a small list that can be used when the question arises about what to do at home, when there is nothing to do:

  • make a list of films that you would like to see, on such days he will help you out
  • clean up your home office, sort out seasonal items, sort out your wardrobe,
  • play board games
  • if the weather allows, go for a walk,
  • be engaged in creativity, needlework or self-education,
  • read
  • cook food.

This list is far from complete and everyone can add items of interesting cases and activities to it.

If bored together

Young people often have no idea why people wonder what they can do at home when they have nothing to do. After all, there is no time to be bored. However, time passes, and the two are no longer so fun. And it even seems that the relationship has exhausted itself. Do not make hasty conclusions. Perhaps joint leisure will return to the relationship of former excitement.

Joint business of a guy and a girl:

  • read the same work on speed, and then exchange opinions,
  • watch the show and discuss the characters
  • play board games - cards, chess, backgammon,
  • invite your friends and have a spontaneous party.

Activities without leaving home

If you are accustomed to move a lot, then forced sitting at home will be a difficult test. The reasons may be different, from bad weather to cold. Let's see what to do at home, when there is nothing to do and there is no way out, but I really want activity.

List of active home entertainment:

  • turn on your favorite music and dance from the heart - no one sees you, so you can jump as you please,
  • do yoga - it requires solitude and tranquility - the setting is suitable,
  • go running - this idea seems absurd, but you can even run around the coffee table, there would be a desire
  • do strength exercises and stretching.

Domestic affairs - salvation from boredom

Housework never stops, but at the same time doing it is unbearably boring. Let's see how to both entertain yourself and do household chores at the same time:

  • work with cheerful music
  • make a plan and break it into very small points, and after doing each, praise yourself and take a short break,
  • focus on one area of ​​work, for example, the desktop - wash it from all sides, wipe the lamp, disassemble the rubble of papers, clean the keyboard, now you can relax,
  • work fast and recklessly.

And in order to facilitate the task, those who are still inexperienced in homework, we give a list of what can be done:

  • clean, vacuum or sweep the floor,
  • remove seasonal clothing and shoes
  • wipe the mirrors
  • fold your clothes neatly in the closet
  • wash the windows
  • clean the plumbing,
  • wipe the dust,
  • wash the washing machine and dishwasher,
  • wash the fridge, etc.

How to entertain yourself without a TV and computer

It’s hard to imagine a modern person without a smartphone or tablet in his hands, and at home a computer and a TV are waiting for us. But, unfortunately, such a dominance of gadgets has a bad effect on health - vision deteriorates, the posture worsens, and news can lead to real depression. In addition, all such equipment is dependent on electricity, so it would be useful to have a plan - what to do at home, when there is nothing to do without gadgets.

What to do without a phone and computer at home:

  • read a book, if you don’t have it - take it in the library or from friends,
  • draw, it is an excellent lesson and it is not necessary for him to have special knowledge, enough pencil, paper and desire,
  • do needlework - knitting, embroidery, weaving of beads, all these activities not only soothe and entertain, but also bring tangible benefits in the form of a new thing,
  • warm up, do exercises or a full set of exercises,
  • clean up or cook dinner
  • chat with households
  • Meet your neighbors - even if you do not maintain friendly relations, such communication will be useful,
  • go to bed - the modern man is not catastrophically getting enough sleep; eliminate this annoying misunderstanding.

What to do at home when children have nothing to do

Babies, as well as grown children, find it difficult to find entertainment on their own. The older a person becomes, the broader his outlook, and the more interests. The task of an adult is to guide the child, to give him not only good education, but also to protect him from bad influence. A bored kid can do something completely unsuitable for him, and a teenager, and at all - unlawful.

How to entertain a child up to three years:

  • give the child a saucepan and several plastic containers, silicone bakeware, wooden shovels and disposable utensils are still suitable - these items are safe and interesting,
  • put the child at the children's table, give him a bowl of water, a rag and a cup - it will take two years for half an hour,
  • play cubes with your child, show how to build houses,
  • read good and good fairy tales to your baby,
  • dance, jump on the bed, build a padlock castle,
  • Show your child a cartoon, but remember the visual hygiene and the quality of the visual product.

How to entertain a preschooler and younger student:

  • Watch a full-length movie or cartoon, and then discuss it,
  • Build a puppet theater and play the play
  • attract the child to feasible homework,
  • play board games with the whole family,
  • build a “castle” of chairs and cushions
  • invite the same age child.

What you should not do when you are bored and have nothing to do

No matter how boring you are, there are things that you should not do in any way. Never break the law, remember that ignorance will not free you from responsibility. In addition, it is not necessary to violate public order and moral norms. Do not spoil anyone's property, do not break the silence after eleven in the evening and do not use dubious ways to have fun.

When bored and nothing to do

In spring and summer, most likely, boredom can overcome only the most depressed person. Beautiful weather beckons to the park, to the nature, hiking and traveling. But what to do at home, when there is nothing to do, and outside it is raining or frost, such that you don’t want to go out. There are several options for exciting activities.

What to do if you are bored at home

If you start tinkering or doing something with your hands, the process will distract from boredom and empty thoughts. For example, what could be more fun than collecting puzzles. For this, it is best to take a set with small items and stick them on a piece of cardboard. This will not only get rid of boredom, but also create a beautiful picture. Such activities include beadwork, embroidery of paintings on the canvas, modeling ships, airplanes, tanks.

What if a girl is bored

Leisure time can be beneficial. If a girl or girl does not know what to do at home, when there is nothing to do, you just have to go to the mirror. Most likely, the appearance itself will suggest a suitable useful activity. Perhaps it is time to correct the eyebrows, try to make a special make-up or, finally, to master a new manicure technique. And useful masks, peels and other manipulations with the skin? There is always not enough time for them, so the question is what to do if a bored girl can be closed for the benefit of her beauty.

With friends do not get bored

If one cope with boredom unbearable, you can open contacts in your phone and call friends. Oh, they will figure out exactly what to do at home, when there is nothing to do. Having gathered together, you can play a game, for example, a crocodile, fight in Mortal Kombat on a set-top box or have a party. In addition, friends themselves can throw the idea for fun.

How to have fun on the Internet

If you have a computer or laptop and access to the Internet, then you can forget about boredom. First, simply by typing in the search box the phrase "what to do when there is nothing to do," you can get a lot of suggestions and advice, at least 1 of which will necessarily be appropriate.

In addition, on the Internet you can find a lot of entertainment:

· Educational and entertainment programs,

· Reading interesting articles.

Always wanted to have your own website, but did not have enough time to learn the basics of site building? The day when it's boring, nothing to do and no one bothers is perfect for this. Creating a website or blog will entice and distract from boredom, and the result can be shown not only to family and friends, it will now be able to see millions of Internet users.

When bored at home, in search of entertainment, you can also make good money on the Internet. If you have nothing to do, you can find various sites that pay money for reposts, ad views, or answers to simple questions. Especially it is not necessary to strain, but for a “boring” day you will be able to earn some pocket money.

Those who know how to write and do it with love can write an article and put it up for sale on one of the many copywriting exchanges. By the way, such spending time can be not only a hobby, but also a job that brings joy and satisfaction besides money. And the question of what to do, if you have nothing to do, will disappear by itself.

Few ideas

Have you ever wondered why people react differently to the same situation? The thing is that depending on their sense of humor, some people can see good in any situation, others - only negative. Here and stay at home can be used as an amazing opportunity to spend time only on yourself, well, or as real torture and eternal loneliness. We choose the first option and offer you ideas for entertainment at home.

Use your free time for your own development. Surely you have long wanted to read something. Only lazy and slightly limited people do not like to read. After all, it is now very easy to find suitable literature for yourself. You can plunge into the classical literature, or read modern authors.

Take a general cleaning. “What's so funny?” You ask. Let us disagree with you. To clean up the house at will, and even under your favorite music - a real pleasure. Yes, and in a clean house is much nicer. When cleaning, do not forget to look in the locker with clothes. Try on things that have not been worn for a long time, and if you still don’t like them, safely throw them away.

Good fun can be drawing. It does not have to be a great artist. We get rid of boredom at home, and not preparing for the exhibition. Draw anything: paints, pencil, but at least nail polishes. The main thing that this occupation brings you pleasure.

Watching a good movie will help you forget about boredom. The cinema is so advanced in our time that you definitely have something to see. Just do not eat while watching a movie, absorb a ton of food, otherwise your stay at home will end in a couple extra pounds.

Do handicrafts. If you have the ability to sew, it's time to develop them. Stock up on books, necessary materials and start sewing clothes. Wearing hand-made things is much nicer.

The best remedy for boredom is a cool party. Call friends you haven't seen for a long time. Music, alcohol and good company - make you forget about boredom at home. Moreover, while you are preparing for a meeting with friends, time flies by.

Play computer games. This is certainly not the most useful exercise, but it helps to distract yourself not badly. Moreover, you can choose not a bloodthirsty, but an intellectual game. Just be careful - the addiction is playful, just as strong as alcohol.

Do fitness. This is the most useful way to get rid of sadness at home. Just think, you will have a lot of free time to improve your body. You can independently choose a set of exercises or use video lessons. Doing sports at home has many advantages, for example, you no longer have to feel embarrassed in a crowded gym.

When you are very bored you can take a cardinal step: alcohol and telephone. They are able to cheer anyone up. But, at the same time be prepared for the emergence of new troubles.

Now you know what to do at home when you are bored. So stop being discouraged, because the entertainment is very close!

First aid from boredom at home

Feeling another rush of the blues, immediately try to get rid of it. The main enemy of boredom is interest. Take care that you are interested.

  1. Book or movie. Read your favorite or new book, and if you like more cinema or series, then this is also a great way to plunge headlong into the fascinating world of illusions.
  2. The Internet. It is interesting to spend time on the Internet on sites where you can pass psychological tests, learn a lot of new information, chat with friends on social networks. You can even meet someone on dating sites and chat. However, do not forget about caution in the open spaces of the worldwide network, at the present time there are many scammers and simply evil people, the main thing is not to succumb to provocations.
  3. Personal blog. Boredom and lack of occupation at home will never bother you if you start a blog in which you will share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. And every free minute you will lay out a new thought or event from your life. Processing photos in the editor on your phone or computer is also a very interesting thing.
  4. Computer games. They will help brighten up loneliness, but do not abuse this type of entertainment, as you can get lost in reality. Scientists recommend playing games on the computer for no more than 30 minutes. But you can listen to music in time for as long as your heart desires, especially the classics, which perfectly influences the psyche and soothes.
  5. Hobby. If you are fond of any hobby - free time at home is just to do what you love. If there is no hobby, then this is a reason for it to appear. Perhaps you are close to knitting or beading, maybe weaving ribbons, drawing, sewing or floriculture.
  6. Self-education. Self-education has not been canceled. Why not start exploring what you do not know, but would very much like to know. Now on the Internet a huge number of online courses are paid and free, with which you can easily learn any material, as well as get a diploma or certificate.
  7. Foreign language. One point from self-education is the study of foreign languages. Through the Internet, you will be able to communicate via video link, audio link or via letters with real native speakers. You can practice at home with a dictionary, stick stickers with foreign words on objects around you, watch movies, listen to music, read books and learn the rules of the language you want to master.

What to do if you are bored together

Sometimes circumstances turn out so that it can become boring together at home. But here it is important to take into account who you were alone at home with: a friend / girlfriend, sister / brother, girlfriend / boyfriend.

  1. Film. In any case, you can watch a good movie and drink tea with lemon.
  2. Conversation. Together you can talk, discuss plans for the weekend, reflect on philosophical topics, etc.
  3. A game of board games. Another game for two will be a game of checkers or chess, cards and other board games for two. You can play in the city, in words, in the sea battle.
  4. Do the cooking. Cooking food together is a lot of fun. It may be a soup, a pie, a cake or a salad, but when you do this together, you will see each other as real and be able to become more friendly and closer.

Lovers of active recreation at home can also be boring.

In addition to intellectual development, at home you can do:

В интернете информации по тренировкам и специальным упражнениям столько, что бывает порой трудно выбрать подходящее. В любом случае спорт всегда оказывает благоприятное воздействие: повышает иммунитет и делает фигуру более стройной и подтянутой. После занятий спортом улучшается кровообращение и поднимается настроение.

Возьмите на заметку, как из старых джинсов сделать новые модные штаны или шорты.

Здесь вы узнаете все о поделках в технике «квиллинг» своими руками.

Read here, funny riddles with answers for children and adults.

Useful household chores - the best medicine for the blues

Perhaps the most useful occupation at home is household chores. To the house was comfortable, clean and beautiful, cleaning should be done daily. The advantage of these lessons is that you don’t have to be bored, you’re doing the right thing. You certainly do not waste your time in vain, but you improve your abode. When you sweep the floor, wipe the dust, wash the dishes and wash, you fill the house with cleanliness. Everything finds its place in the house, your thoughts are ordered.

Cooking is also a very interesting activity. After all, you can not just cook pasta with butter. You will not have much difficulty to learn a new way of cooking pasta and make Italian pasta with amazing sauce. Try something new, do not be afraid to experiment.

It will not be out of place to take over the house and decorate it with homemade elements of decor that can be made according to the instructions on the Internet. How exciting it is sometimes to feel like a designer of your own home.

Classes for girls

There are lots of girls at home. Even apart from handicrafts and cooking, as mentioned above. A girl should always be beautiful and well-groomed. What else to do the fair sex, if not yourself:

  1. Body, face and hair care. Learn homemade recipes for masks, scrubs, lotions. Try different diets for weight loss.
  2. Makeup. An interesting pastime for any girl - an experiment with makeup. Watch the video with a new fashionable makeup and repeat on yourself. Practice a little and you will have the most beautiful hands.
  3. Hairstyle. Experiment with a hairstyle: braid a fashionable pigtail, twist a newfangled bunch. Just do not cut your hair yourself, if you are not a professional, the result may upset you.
  4. Nail care. Do yourself a manicure and pedicure. Focus on the process and enjoy the result.
  5. Relax with water. Take a bath with aromatic oils or a contrast shower.
  6. Massage. Make yourself a face and head massage, gently kneading the skin of your fingers.

Self-care is the main way to preserve youth and health.

Try to dream

If you live in a big city and through the window you can see people passing by, try to get comfortable near the window and look at every passer-by. Think about who this person may be, what fate he has, etc. Believe me, by fantasizing, you will reach very curious thoughts that will certainly surprise you.

What to do at home if there is no internet

You were sitting in your favorite social network and suddenly, when you uploaded your new photo, the Internet disappeared. What to do in this case, because many of the above methods from the blues can be used only if there is access to the Internet. Do not worry, there are lots of ways to get rid of boredom without the Internet.

Call a friend

Before the Internet was invented, there was a telephone. Therefore, you can call old friends, relatives, people with whom you have not communicated for a long time. Tell us about yourself, listen to the interlocutor, perhaps you will get a lot of new information.

What exactly is not worth doing when bored

There are a good number of good and useful things. But do not forget that there are such activities that do not need. Especially those that are dangerous to you and others.

  1. Be careful with fire and water. Do not endanger yourself and others, follow the rules of fire safety.
  2. Do not violate the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
  3. Observe the rules of morality and ethics.
  4. Use the equipment in the house as intended.

If you feel an overwhelming sense of boredom, you first need to pull yourself together and clearly determine for yourself what is interesting to you now. Take care of exactly what you like at the moment. There are plenty of ways to entertain yourself, the main thing is to understand yourself.

Home boredom

Each of us is interested in something, has a certain predisposition to any hobby and occupation. These can be computer games, creativity, handicraft or cooking. Girls are more inclined to classes with the ability to realize their creative potential. Men are more inclined to online games, computer hobbies, collecting and analysis of various techniques. So complex and arranged their way of thinking.

Home boredom overcomes us more often in the summer when we are on vacation or on vacation. Of course, if there are funny and active friends, they will not let you be bored, organize a cool party, go fishing, nature, the sea. There are many more activities outside the home. But in this article we will talk about entertainment in the walls of your own apartment. Below we present 30 useful tipswhat to do at home in your free time.

30 ideas to do at home

1. If you have a computer, there is Internet access. If you are reading this article, then you are online and, accordingly, you can go to other sites. We will not advise you to spend time uselessly on all sorts of entertainment and gaming sites. Go to the Wikipedia website and get started. to read On the main page useful articles that will expand your horizons and increase vocabulary.

2. If a talented composer disappears in you and you are a creative person, you probably wanted to to compose music. Download a simple music editor (for example, Fl Studio). Understanding it is not at all difficult, the interface is intuitive. In order to play a melody, it is not necessary to have a synthesizer. You can use a regular keyboard for this. Try it, suddenly the second Mozart dies in you!

3. Take care weaving various cool figures of gum. Recently, it has been a boom among young people. Color rubber bands make funny animals, cartoon characters, jewelry, bracelets, key rings and the like. On our site there is an article with video lessons on weaving rubber bands.

4. You can do cooking. For example, if you like Japanese food, you can try yourself as a sushi cook. To do this, you will need to purchase a pack of sheets of nori, rice (even plain, round grain), and stuffing will do. Do not think that you need to buy expensive varieties of fish or crab meat. For a start, you can train, twisting rolls with cucumber. When you already get beautiful and even sausages, then you can move on to more complex toppings.

5. When it’s boring at home, you can also do things that you constantly put off until later. Surely you have pantry, it gradually accumulated various trash. You can spend a few hours with benefit. To do this, remove all the things from the pantry, take out the boxes and sort the things into boxes. Then all this can be re-added, now there is several times more space in the closet!

6. If you have a piggy bank, or just a place where you collect the little things that you gave in the store for change, you can sort out. Divide the coins at face value, count and fold into packages. In the package, you can add a piece of paper with the written amount of coins. After that, take it to the nearest supermarket chain. They gladly accept cash coins. You will also need to carefully examine each coin, as jubilee or just rare coins that cost a fortune can be caught!

7. Arrange tea ceremony. Buy expensive and high-quality tea, you can take the Chinese Pu-erh. On the Internet a lot of information on how to conduct a tea ritual according to all the rules. Such tea drinking can give you a lot of pleasure.

8. If you are fine with imagination and grammar, then you can to write an article. You can choose any theme. It is better to write on the topic in which you understand best. Moreover, your works will not be in vain, because the article after writing can be sold! There are many stock exchanges on the Internet that are ready to redeem your text, if it turns out to be interesting, at an attractive price. You can earn from about 50 to 300 rubles for each article in 2000 - 3000 characters without a space.

9. If today is a day off, and you have a working week ahead, then you can to iron clothes for every working day. You need to think in advance about what you are going to go to work from Monday to Friday, and then carefully stroke the things and hang them in the closet from left to right, according to the days of the week. Thereby you save yourself morning time. These extra 10 minutes you can just sleep.

10. No matter how trite it may sound, but you can invite friends and have a non-alcoholic party. You can think as if your hamster / fish / cat Birthday. If the word “non-alcoholic” does not sound banal to you, then you can watch the videos of Professor Zhdanov about the dangers of alcohol. He tells quite interestingly, with examples from life.

11. You can try yourself in compiling origami. This ancient Chinese art is not as complicated as it seems at first glance. And paper crafts look very impressive. It will be possible to boast the result in front of friends by uploading photos of paper crafts to your favorite social network.

12. You can revisit the top 250 movies, a list of which can be found on the site Kinopoisk Surely, many of them you watched, perhaps more than once. But most likely there will be such films that will cause you a storm of emotions. Do not look at the year of the film, because in the last century interesting films with an exciting plot came out.

13. If you have a family photo album, you can review photos in him. At the same time a wave of nostalgia and pleasant memories you provided.

14. If your apartment or house is not decorated enough, you can decorate her with beautiful paintings:

  • Search the Internet for high-quality photos,
  • Using photo editors to impose filters on them to taste
  • Go and buy in-store picture frames of suitable sizes,
  • To include files on a flash drive in the nearest photo studio,
  • Order printing the right size on glossy paper,
  • Having received a printed photo, come home and trim the extra edges,
  • Insert picture into frame,
  • Hang on the wall in a suitable place.

Thus, you can turn your home into a cozy nest.

15. If you are at least a little versed in computers and programs, then it's time to do reinstalling the operating system. Over time, Windows OS needs to be reinstalled, since viruses, extra unnecessary programs, and other trash appear in the program files. This greatly slows down the system performance and sometimes damages files. The new OS will show a noticeable increase in speed, working at the computer will now become much more pleasant for you.

16. Make general cleaning in the House. It differs from the usual one, however, that during the general cleaning you will look into those places that you usually do not pay attention to:

  • Plinth
  • Place behind the stove,
  • For furniture, bedside tables,
  • Under the bath,
  • Behind the toilet
  • Cobweb in the corners of the ceiling,
  • Dust on the chandelier,
  • Place under the microwave,
  • Dust and floors in the pantry,
  • Completely all balcony and loggia.

17. You can go to the international trading platform Ebay and search there for any knick knacks. Sometimes there come across interesting jewelry and small handmade items for a ridiculous price. The only drawback of such purchases is a tedious waiting for a package in a few weeks and sometimes months.

18. Surely you rarely pay attention to the back of the kitchenware. And in vain, because in addition to the appearance there are going to various bacteria. Can clean the dishes and pans with a simple tool "Pemo Lux". And the outside will just shine clean.

19. If you have culinary inclinations, then you just need to master cooking puff pastry. After all, instead of buying ready-made puff pastry in the store, it is much better to roll it out yourself. Ingredients for this you need a little: flour, eggs, milk and butter. Store dough is made on margarine, so homemade dough turns out to be tastier!

20. You do not notice how your windows grow dull. After all, they are gradually covered with a layer of dust and soot. Try them to wash, both from the outside and from the inside. Old newspapers are great for this. Washing windows with newspapers does not leave a divorce on them. You will notice how the room immediately becomes much brighter.

21. If you have a car, then for you the problem of the mess in the trunk is surely relevant. Can do cleaning and sorting things in the trunk. We are sure thataboutMost of the things can be taken home so that they do not hang out in the back while driving. Other things can be neatly folded, wipe off dust and vacuum the trunk completely.

22. Also, any car enthusiast will not interfere repeat the rules of the road. Buy traffic at any bookstore, or simply download on the Internet. After reading, be sure to check your knowledge. You can pass online exams on special sites. We are sure that you will get this far from the first time.

23. If you have threads and a needle, and even more so a sewing machine, then get busy design your old clothes. And more specifically - sort out your wardrobe and find old jeans and shirts that you haven’t been wearing for a long time. Try to make jeans - denim shorts, and from a shirt with a long sleeve - a shirt with a short one. On jeans, you can additionally make holes and scuffs (sandpaper).

24. Do you often watch videos on youtube? Would you like to try yourself as a blogger? To do this, you need to log in to the service and make a video. For shooting at first camera fit your mobile phone. Currently, all smartphones are equipped with enough high-quality cameras that allow recording in HD. In this case, the problem becomes a sound recording, but for the first time you can use the built-in microphone. It is necessary that the room was quiet, to do this, close all doors and windows. It is not advisable to record video in small rooms with bare walls, for example in the bathroom. The sound will bounce off the walls and create a sound effect. The theme for the blog, choose the one that you like. Who knows, maybe the first video you will collect a lot of views and likes, and in the near future eclipse the famous beauty blogger Katya Clap?

25. If a poet lives in the depths of your soul, you can try write and write some small verse. Dedicate it to your sweetheart or loved one. You can send it by SMS, Whatupp or Viber. Sure, your girlfriend or boyfriend will be very nice.

26. If you have a game console, you can again pass your favorite game. Surely the passage will give you no less pleasure and adrenaline than the very first acquaintance with the game. To make it more interesting, you can increase the complexity of the game this time.

27. If you have chess, try play with yourself. This can be done even on your phone or computer. And do not think that it is very simple, because you yourself know in advance your moves. Chess is different. When you unfold a board, you usually forget your location and plans for further moves.

28. Download new games for smartphone in the Android Market or in the App Store for Iphone. Go to the top downloaded games and see what is popular now. Sometimes the most simple and free games can take you half a day.

29. Take care respiratory gymnastics. Find exercises on the Internet and learn some tricks. This will allow you to improve your overall health, develop the lungs and improve the body's metabolism.

30. Make up business plan for the coming year. Take a notebook, write each month on a separate sheet. After that, think carefully about what you have planned for each month. For example: May - to pass a technical inspection, go to the grandmother. June - take the bike to the workshop for maintenance, enroll in a music school, and so on. Such a plan will allow you to understand the scale of cases for the near future, and redistribute classes for less busy months.

If you have access to the Internet - read this article.

Also in this article you can find a few more interesting leisure options.

The above suggestions and tips on what to do at home, when bored, will be able to help spend time with benefits. If you are still asking this question - read other interesting articles on our site!