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Beautiful summer sundresses of the season 2019-2020: the best models, news, trends - photos


Choosing clothes for a summer wardrobe is always very interesting, because in the summer you can very easily create your own unique style, preferring unusual, bright and spectacular outfits.

One of the extraordinarily beautiful elements of clothing for the summer are summer sundresses 2018-2019 in the floor. Long summer sundresses today at the peak of popularity.

Summer sundresses for 2018-2019 are a wealth of colors, a variety of fabrics, a combination of textures and prints. And that is all in one thing.

Summer sundresses maxi 2018-2019 are not only very beautiful clothes, but also very comfortable, because for frequent, for the manufacture of such dresses are used light natural fabrics and free tailoring.

It is also worth noting that the bright, airy and most beautiful summer sundresses go well with all sorts of accessories, in particular, bags, beads, bracelets, belts, hats, etc.

Beautiful summer sundresses in the floor 2018-2019 are very well combined with both shoes with a solid sole and sandals with heels.

The most fashionable summer sundresses of 2018-2019 fully support the current fashion trends of the season.

In the shops you can see bright summer sundresses 2018-2019 in yellow, green, turquoise shades, white summer sundresses, sundresses in a maritime theme, long summer sundresses in colors or other intricate designs.

Also summer sundresses 2018-2019 maxi this summer please with a large number of styles. Choosing fashionable summer sundresses to the floor, you will always look stylish, spectacular, emphasize your sexuality, grace and femininity.

We offer you to look at the most beautiful and most fashionable summer sundresses 2018-2019 in the floor, among which you can definitely choose your style of sundress.

Fashionable summer sundresses of 2019-2020 with a print "strip"

Create beautiful looks, trendy sets and outlets in various styles will help prints, which are of great importance in creating a particular image. One of the trendy and current prints is a strip.

The strip is particularly popular in summer outfits, giving a touch of lightness and unobtrusiveness. Also summer sundresses in stripes look stylish and spectacular.

The trend “strip” can be executed in variants of different shades of black and white, red and white and, of course, the most popular white and blue version of a sundress in a strip for the summer of 2019-2020.

Of great importance is also the style of a summer sundress in a strip, which determines the first impression of your image. It can be long and short sundresses, midi lengths, complemented by an unusual top with frill, girdle, in the form of a shirt, etc.

Trendy summer sundresses with stripes always look stylish and immaculate, allowing you to easily perform the most beautiful bows for the summer of 2019-2020 with sundresses.

Irresistible sundresses for the summer of 2019-2020 with floral ornament

Floral prints are popular in the top of the 2019-2020 season as never before. And, besides, what summer bows without floral motifs, which always give romance, femininity and elegance to a lovely lady.

Prints in a floral style are diverse in their own way and can be made in unusual variations: very small and barely noticeable color, large flowers, floral ornaments with branches, flowers and buds that give a touch of sophistication and non-triviality.

Would you like to look unique and irresistible in the summer images of 2019-2020, then be sure to look at yourself beautiful sundresses with floral print. That sundresses with flowers will make you more feminine and more delightful this summer!

Stylish summer sundresses 2019-2020 in a casual version

The abundance of options for summer sundresses demonstrated in the style of casual, which is so practical and convenient for the modern female that they want to look both stylish and elegant.

Beautiful summer sundresses are created in different colors - from light and flesh tones, to motley and dark deep shades.

Amazing models of summer dress on the straps in length below the knee are shown in dark blue, black, and beige. Such sundresses for the summer are often supplemented with an interesting imitation of sleeves, ruffles and ruffles that look interesting and memorable.

Feminine sundress styles for the summer of 2019-2020 in casual style are also shown with open shoulders, decorated with frill trims and created in delicate shades and unique ornaments. Examples and photo images of a sundress for the summer are collected just below.

Elegant and luxurious summer sundresses of 2019-2020 for the evening

Of course, in addition to stylish business and casual sundresses, the designers also worried about the evening bows of lovely ladies, offering them options for chic and elegant sundresses for the evening.

Evening summer sundresses 2019-2020 are most often made in exquisite and rich shades of burgundy, emerald, black, chocolate, red, white tones. Also, romantic and elegant models of summer sundress are demonstrated in gentle shades of blue, pink, beige.

Trendy summer sundresses in an elegant version for the evening are offered in a linen style, as well as made of translucent textures with an abundance of ruches, lace and a long fringe.

Pay attention to the most beautiful summer sundresses of 2019-2020, which you can find in the gallery photos of examples and bows with sundresses more ...

Feminine and elegant short summer dresses 2018-2019 year

Renowned designers and fashion houses offer to pay our attention to the beautiful summer dresses of 2018-2019, the fitted silhouette with a luxurious and luxurious skirt. These summer dresses are very feminine and elegant, allowing you to create romantic images for special and special occasions.

Summer dresses with a fluffy skirt beautifully emphasize the waistline and décolleté, and the lush bottom of the dress emphasizes legs that look attractive. Especially the style of short summer dresses suitable for young girls, with the help of this dress you can create a flirty and cute bow for a romantic evening.

The color scheme of summer dresses with a fluffy skirt is often monochrome, but designers also offer in the season 2018-2019 various and original models with a print, for example, a floral one. Such a summer dress with flowers will give you femininity and playfulness, and the image - tenderness and sophistication.

Luxury long summer dresses 2018-2019 years

Long summer dress will be an excellent option for evening wear. Summer dresses look especially beautiful in the floor of deep and saturated colors: emerald green, purple, red, as well as long summer dresses with unusual prints.

To complement the fashionable summer dress in the floor of 2018-2019, the best way is with stylish accessories and decorations that should be in harmony with the overall image.

If you prefer a monophonic dress to the floor, then feel free to focus on bright and spectacular jewelry and accessories. A beautiful long summer dress with a print is best to complement the concise and restrained jewelry without excesses, which will help avoid weighting the image.

Original summer dresses 2018-2019 year with prints

The most popular and topical for the summer are beautiful dresses with original and spectacular prints - bright and catchy, attracting attention, or, on the contrary, concise and sophisticated.

Of course, in the summer you can not do without a light dress with flowers that are so popular among most girls. But even summer floral dresses, which are familiar to us, can be unusual and so different, allowing you to create the most stylish bows of the year 2018-2019.

Trendy summer dresses are also polka-dotted, striped, with geometric patterns and inscriptions that look very original and stylish. You can choose a dress for summer with a print that will be evenly distributed throughout the dress, or delicately in small parts of the dress.

Also, beautiful summer dresses can be with a color gradient that can change from one color to another or just to white. Summer dresses with a gradient are very original, giving the image of lightness, freshness and a certain carelessness.

Features and benefits

Summer sundresses differ from ordinary dresses in that, as a rule, they are made of lightweight fabrics. It can be cotton, chiffon, spatula and other airy materials. Sundresses can be flared or straight. Most often, they do not have sleeves and stick to the straps. Due to this, in the summer in sundresses comfortable and not hot.

The advantage of summer sundresses is that they are suitable for almost everyone. Depending on the features of your figure, you can choose a stylish sundress that will only emphasize your virtues.

From the American armhole

In the middle of the last century, sarafans with an American armhole became popular. Marilyn Monroe introduced them to fashion. This style is suitable for girls with a small chest size and thin waist. Dress with an American armhole looks equally good on young girls and mature women.

Greater demand and sundresses in the Greek style. The main difference of this type of sundresses is a high waistline and a straight bottom. The skirt of Greek sundresses is free, sometimes draped in the form of folds or flounces.

Such sundresses are a modern interpretation of ancient Greek tunics. Most often they are made in the maximum length. As for colors, Greek sundresses are usually made in pastel colors. These outfits look spectacular and very feminine.

On the straps

The sundresses on the straps are very popular. The straps can be wide as well as thin and barely visible. Models with thin straps look very gentle, but at the same time they are firmly attached to the body.

Some designers in their works use lace and elegant weaving. Summer knitted sundresses are made from fine yarn. Such outfits look easy, but due to the unique pattern is also unusual.

For everyday wear, a simple dress made of cotton, knitwear or linen is perfect.

Sundresses made of thin air fabrics are also great for hot summer days. Such models can be multi-layered, which also looks very original.

Bare shoulders

Young girls with a slender taut body fit sundresses with bare shoulders. The advantage of such dresses is that they look very sexy and highlight your femininity. In addition, in a sundress with open shoulders, you can sunbathe, especially if you wear it on a naked body.


In the trend now and sundress-razletayka. Sewn from light translucent fabrics, such an outfit drapes the body, hiding all the flaws of your figure.

To relax on the beach is to choose a simple dress, which successfully replaces the pareo. Beach dresses can be crocheted, or sewn of thin fabric.

Denim sundresses are practical and popular now. Such a thing can be worn at any time of the year. A denim sundress can be worn either over a naked body or when wearing over t-shirts or blouses. Shoes under a simple denim sundress will fit almost any, from sandals on heels to sandals at a low speed.

As a casual outfit you can wear a cotton sundress. This high-quality material for a long time remains attractive and is inexpensive. The colors of the cotton sundress can be different, depending on your taste.

Chiffon sundresses look good. They are suitable for walking, and for dating or special occasions. Chiffon sundress can not only save you from the heat, but also highlight your beauty and femininity.

In a fashion now and natural materials. One of the most popular options is flax. Linen dresses help the body to breathe and are pleasant to the touch.

In the patchwork technique

Another popular option - sundresses made in the technique of patchwork. They are created from individual pieces of fabric, often even from different materials. Such sundresses look bright and attractive.

Actual summer sundresses in the floor. This length fits almost everyone. Long sundresses look elegant, so they can be worn not only during the day, but also on a date or evening walk. Elegant sundresses are sewn from more expensive fabrics and decorated with crystals, lace and other decorative elements.

Another option is long dresses that open the ankles. Such models are suitable for tall girls. Beauties of short stature should combine this type of dress with platform shoes or heels.

Designers often sew midi length sundresses. Among such sundresses there are models from knee-length to ankle length. This season is also relevant for the so-called “mallet” style sundress. Such an outfit is short in front, and in the back - midi lengths.

Do not forget the designers and the length of the mini. For the warm season short sundresses are great. Now popular, as a short-cut models, and extreme mini.

Beautiful colors and prints

Summer sundresses are presented in different colors, from classic monochrome to pastel. From bright and saturated shades it is worth paying attention to mint, caramel and emerald. This season sundresses of such colors will be more relevant than ever.

Romantic natures should definitely pay attention to pastel colors sundresses. It can be coffee, cream, beige or light blue.

Retain relevance and monochrome colors. Black or white sundress would be appropriate in any situation. A combination of these two colors in one outfit will be a compromise.

In addition to the monochrome options, dresses with interesting prints are in fashion now. Let's look at some of the most relevant this season.

Geometric print

Sundresses with geometric patterns are practically a classic. The trend sundresses in the cage. The cell can be both small and large, while combining different shades. Relevant and models in the pea. Since retro style returns to fashion, such sundresses are especially relevant.

Flower pattern

Hold their popularity and sundresses with floral prints. Such outfits fit perfectly into the summer atmosphere when everything around is in bloom. Sundresses and floral patterns are pleasing to the eye and uplifting. At the same time they look subtle and gentle. The main thing is to choose the right combination of shades.

Abstract prints

If you do not like strict classics, pay attention to sundresses with bright abstract prints. Such colors will delight artists and other creative people. In this sundress with an abstract pattern does not look avant-garde, but quite stylish.

How to choose

In the summer wardrobe of every woman of fashion should be at least one sundress. In hot weather, he will replace your dress made of thick fabric, in which it’s already uncomfortable to walk under the scorching rays of the sun. To dress not just hung in your closet, but became one of your favorite things, you need to choose a model that will suit you in all respects.

For young girls

In the summer of young women of fashion can afford bright colors and unusual styles. Feel free to choose outfits decorated with prints or made in rich colors. Pay attention to models with bare shoulders, back or short skirt. Such outfits are not suitable for more mature women, so take advantage of their advantages.

For a woman of 50 years

Older girls fit elongated models of simple cut. It is better to abandon models with narrow straps and a short skirt. Good sundresses with a high waist, which will hide figure flaws, if you have them. Plump hands can hide surround sleeve.

For full

One of the urgent problems for every girl is the inconsistency with modern standards. For full girls create a large number of sundresses up to size 52. The preferred option for girls with lush shapes are dresses of dark colors.

As for the style, the dress should be chosen for typhoid figures. So, if you have wide hips, but narrow shoulders and a small chest, then you should pay attention to sundresses with voluminous top. One of the best options - dresses, decorated with ruffles or frills in the neckline. But women with a magnificent bust should choose dresses with extremely simple riding without excessive drapery.

What to wear

To make the image interesting and complete, it should be supplemented with properly selected shoes and accessories. As for shoes, it should be open. Shoes with closed toes are not combined with sundresses, as well as sneakers and other sports shoes.

Under the simple sundresses, you can choose sandals on a flat sole. In this shoe you will be comfortable walking. A more elegant option is a combination of a sundress with wedge sandals or a steady heel.

How to pick up?

First of all, you need to look at yourself in the mirror and, frankly, admit your disadvantages. If you have full legs, then it is better to choose sundresses with a long cut or ankle length. Owners of small breasts need to choose the neckline correctly, it is better that it be decorated with ruffles and bright prints as much as possible.

Девушкам с имеющимися жировыми складочками на боках и животе, лучше подбирать модели с завышенной талией, но ни в коем разе, не с заниженной. Летние сарафаны для полных, конечно, должны попытаться скрыть ваши лишние килограммы, но не под тоннами тканей и оборочек, они будут только зрительно увеличивать ваши объемы.

Before the inveterate fashionistas is always a choice - to buy a dress in the floor or be content with short decisions. In fact, it is better to have both styles in the wardrobe, because, like long sundresses do not leave the peak of popularity, so the short ones remain in the trend. Long sundresses on the floor give the silhouette a kind of mystery, even, one might say, magic. They are perfect for an evening walk along the beach, and for a ceremonial reception, the main thing is to choose the right accessories and handbag.

Short sundresses - the perfect solution for sports and toned ladies who have something to brag about. Why hide long and tanned legs, especially if they are still well-pumped? In addition, summer sundresses remain an excellent form of clothing, both for office space and for club parties. Everything will depend on the material from which the sundress is sewn, and, of course, on the color of this beautiful dress.

This season short sundresses made of coarse fabric, most often of monochromatic coloring, are gaining the peak of popularity. This also includes linen cloth sundresses, usually with wide straps and a rectangular neckline.

Such styles are great options for office or events requiring a strict dress code.

No less popular this season are short sundresses with a free fit without straps. By the way, girls who are at least a little friendly with needles and threads, it is not difficult to sew such a sarafan, and in a short period of time.

But no matter how much you like the mini, the maxi this season is also in great preference. There are no special tendencies, you are free to select such styles of summer sundresses that are ideal for sitting on your body - with or without shoulder straps, free fit or a fitted version, with a deep cut or with its absence. The choice is yours!

By the way, the options framed by all kinds of frills, which can be located not only in the decollete area, but also on the sections of fabrics and on the hem of the petticoat, are growing in popularity. No less interesting is the asymmetry, which designers use all with great enthusiasm, and it can be found anywhere - in cuts, in the decollete area, and maybe on the hem.

Summer sundresses for girls and little princesses are also not tied to a particular style, choose to your taste! The only thing that fashion designers advise is to acquire the most open models, so that children do not get wet under the tones of fabrics and frills.

It is better to avoid bright colors and shades, in children's fashion pink and crimson colors remain the same favorite. The latest trend was steel embroidery from threads and beads on children's sundresses, especially valued if they are made with your own hands.

Colors and fabrics

If there is no particular preference in the styles, then the color solutions have a definite direction. The most popular will be the bright colors of summer sundresses - rich blue and blue, emerald, sapphire, purple and crimson.

For lovers of more delicate and muffled colors there is also good news - pink, beige and caramel shades are also popular, especially in short models.

And, of course, the classic remains a classic, white and black versions are always relevant and popular, and this season they can be decorated with white lace flowers, which will give your look tenderness and perfection.

As for prints, the predatory and animal colors are still in trend, the novelty of this season will be the images of various representatives of flora and fauna, for example, images of birds and flowers will be very popular.

Naturally, strip and playful peas also remain in fashion. A vertical strip in combination with a free cut will look great in casual wear, and horizontal lines of various widths are perfectly combined with short business-style sundresses.

By the way, the fashionable trend of this year will be a contrasting edging along the hem of the skirt, it can frame both the bottom of the light sundress and the dark one. The combination of free cut from bright fabrics, for example, fiery red or yellow color, and white wide edging on the bottom of the hem will be great. Such combinations can be in the fitted models of sundresses.

Various ethnic patterns, geometric patterns and chaotic figures, models with bright spots and shapeless patterns are also in fashion. Such drawings will be able to give your figure lightness, and only cheerful and explosive notes will bring the mood, as it should be in the summer season.

Models made in such colors can be an excellent option for pregnant women, because the task of a summer sundress is to keep the tummy out of sight, and the variety of such pictures is great to cope with this task.

And, of course, do not forget that any outfit is good when accessories are correctly and correctly selected for it. Large necklaces and bracelets, bright earrings decorated with stones in tone of sundress fabric remain fashionable. From shoes it is better to choose light ballet flats or sandals with straps, bags are usually chosen from light fabric or straw braids.

Women's sundresses for fall 2018 from world fashion houses

It is not for nothing that autumn is considered to be the beginning of a new season in the fashion world - forecast collections lay trends that will live and develop for several more years. This autumn was no exception.

Fashionable sundresses for fall 2018 presented literally all the world's leading fashion houses from Alberta Ferretti to Prada. Style, each designer has his own, but here are some common trends.

Sundress confidently displaces dresses and sets of "skirt-blouse", both in everyday and in business style.

The secret to the success of such models is quite simple - sundresses fall and winter allow you to create an almost unlimited number of options for dresses, becoming their foundation.

Moreover, the designers choose the most non-trivial materials as materials. First of all, it is colored leather - the most optimistic shades, which perfectly support the most current range.

The color palette of fashionable sundresses for the fall-2018 in the photo - here:

Knitwear models look very stylish and sophisticated - it perfectly supports the silhouette and allows you to create absolutely unique styles.

This season's knitwear is fashionable in almost any fashion, but the dense and plastic textures of jersey, as well as lace and airy fabrics deserve special attention.

For the most courageous and very slim fashionistas, the designers offered a very unexpected version of a sundress for autumn 2018 literally made in the technique of hand knitting.

Along with this, in the collections there are a lot of models from traditional tweed, gabardine and fine costume wool of conservative shades.

Of these materials are usually sewn "office" models. But this season they were used to create creative silhouettes with fancy luxurious hem.

Look how original sundresses are in the autumn of 2018 in these photos:

In these models, the combination of various materials looks very good: leather and knitwear, tweed and lace fabrics.

Color blocking - a combination of several fabrics of different colors - looks very impressive in such models, thanks to the laconic and rather strict style of the model itself.

Fashionable sundresses for the winter of 2018-2019: unexpected solutions

“Winter” in the view of designers and their current proposals does not mean dull and demonstratively practical.

Collections "winter 2018-2019" fashionable sundresses are full of original, creative, and sometimes unexpected solutions.

First of all - it styles. The sundress itself sets an excellent silhouette line, and you can wear it to owners of any type of figures.

He does not “crush” visually the figure, since this is done by sets of multi-colored blouses and skirts or trousers. And besides, he perfectly balances, visually "pulls" and makes slimmer any shape.

This season, designers have tried to take advantage of all the advantages of a classic (and even historical!) Silhouette.

He, like all brilliant, is quite simple: a fitted bodice that leaves his shoulders open and flared, beautifully draped hem.

Models of this year are completely devoid of even a hint of folk style. It is rather avant-garde and very stylish options specifically for urban images.

Pay attention to the photo, sundresses for the autumn and winter of the season 2018-2019 look invariably impressive:

The traditional A-shaped silhouette with smooth semi-adjacent cut lines is the main one in this autumn-winter season. It is his designers who actively use in combination with non-trivial, but very beautiful materials.

Such, for example, as a natural or very high-quality synthetic leather.

In the trend - a variety of colors and shades, but black is gradually returning to fashion - it gives the image a touch of drama and unchanging nobility.

And perfectly slim! But do not forget the fashionable bright colors, all shades of red, purple or turquoise.

Fashionable sundresses of the autumn-winter 2018-2019 season in these photos - an exact reflection of the trend:

Invariably great in these models look and traditional materials such as tweed and costume wool. Their conservatism designers almost brought to naught thanks to the active decor and completely original colors.

Natural leather trim or voluminous embroidery and appliqués are the main fashionable decoration techniques.

But the real revelation of this winter was patchwork - a technique in which the canvas is literally assembled anew from fabrics of different patterns.

It was the patchwork-style sundresses that became the hits of this season's youth collections.

Moreover, even the designers themselves do not see anything ethnic, folklore or bohemian in such models, they are intended for original urban images in everyday style.

Such women's sundresses for the autumn of 2018 as in the photo - will be the key thing of the seasonal wardrobe:

Among the fashionable prints of the season there are no equal "cage" - it is not the first season that is kept in the top. Particularly stylish is a very large English-style cell in red-blue or black-and-white.

And do not be afraid that such a sundress will distort your proportions - the larger the pattern and the simpler the style, the more elegant the silhouette looks.

Sundresses for obese women for the winter of 2018 and photo models in different styles

You always want to look slimmer, and winter clothing contributes little to this. Therefore, especially full women should pay attention to the fashionable novelties of seasonal collections from tweed or dense jersey of classic styles with an expressive finish. It can be a vertical and bright zipper contrasting strap or a series of buttons from hem to the gate. Any vertical decor and winning silhouette will make a slimmer figure.

Such as in the photo sundresses for obese women in the winter of 2018 - a real find:

Sundresses this season are presented in a variety of styles, from business and everyday, to evening. And do not forget that winter is the time of numerous holidays, and such models are the basis of spectacular images. Shortened sundresses for the winter of 2018-2019 from impressive materials with a spectacular finish will perfectly cope with this task. Embroidery or appliqué, decoration with sequins or “rocker” rivets - most closely correspond to the trend of the season.

Of course, such sundresses in the winter of 2018-2019 should not be supplemented with an official blouse or turtleneck, but long gloves and expressive shoes will immediately turn the outfit with them into evening wear.

However, such models are recommended by designers to wear during the day, complementing them with classic sweaters, belts and tight tights. This option will especially appeal to those who love the original combination of different styles and materials in one image.

Look at the photo, sundresses in winter 2018-2019 will create very stylish outfits:

Sundresses for fall-winter 2018-2019: original novelties

From each season we are waiting for new products. Those of this season were models of leather with original dressing or dusting, the main trend is precious metals.

In spite of everything, the provocative glam-chic is back in fashion, which means catchy finish. Large rhinestones, voluminous embroidery and appliqué look in such models as self-sufficient jewelry.

Especially stylish in combination with them, defiantly conservative models.

These photos of the 2018 novelties will prompt the direction of the search for their model:

Absolutely new and fresh look design work with a silhouette, or rather with the hem of these models. Asymmetrical and pointedly angular cut is one of the most relevant in the season.

For whom it may seem too bold, there are more feminine solutions: the hem of the crinoline style. The effect is achieved either due to multi-layering or very strong adhesion - literally “the sun”.

Tulip styles are back in fashion with a narrowed hem and deep pleats from the waistline.

They are perfectly combined with the fitting bodice and emphasize the slim figure, ideal for those who adhere to the dress code.

New dress for the autumn-winter season 2018-2019 as in the photo deserve special attention:

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