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There is not much time left before the New Year, and therefore many people are already beginning to think about how to decorate the New Year tree so that it amazes everyone around with its beauty. Of course, now in the shops you can find a large variety of Christmas tree decorations for every taste and wallet size.

But if you want a Christmas tree like yours, as if no one else had it, then you can use original decorations made of improvised means for its decor. Not sure where to start? Then remember the stories of your mothers and grandmothers. Previously, the Christmas tree was decorated with fruits and sweets. So why do not you yourself make the same "delicious" jewelry?

Of course, the candy on the Christmas tree will not stay long, especially if there are children in the house, but the fruits will become a real find for you. It is best to use oranges or tangerines for this purpose, as their aroma goes well with the smell of pine needles. Moreover, even the smallest members of the family can participate in the manufacture of toys from citrus fruits.

How can such fragrant decorations be made?

There are several options for making Christmas decorations from oranges.

You can simply cut them into circles, the thickness of which should not exceed 15 mm. After that, oranges need to put on a baking sheet covered with foil, and put in the oven for 4 hours. Temperature condition should be minimal - not higher than 65ºС. Every hour you need to turn the circles. After you get the oranges out of the oven, you need to put them on a napkin so that they cool down.

Then you need to make a hole in them and stretch a rope or a ribbon through it. That's all - your Christmas decoration is ready. You can hang one circle on one string or several at once. You can also create a fragrant composition of dried oranges and cinnamon sticks, or make a whole string of citrus circles. You can look at options of such jewelry on a photo on the Internet.

To create Christmas decorations, you can use the peel of citrus fruits. Mandarins are well suited for this, but oranges can also be used. On the inside of the peel, you can use the pen to draw any shape you want. After that, it must be cut with scissors or a knife. Sometimes the orange peel is too thick.

In this case it is necessary to scrape off its white layer with a knife. If you want all the figures to be the same size, then you can use cookie cutters to cut them.

The important point is that the hole for the rope needs to be done in the peel immediately, while it has not dried yet.

After that, the figures must be put on paper under a heavy press, which can be used as a large book. This will not allow the peel to curl during drying. Your decorations will be ready in a few days.

You can also make your own Christmas balls orange. First, on the whole orange, you need to make several incomplete cuts, after which you need to put it on the battery, all night. And in the morning you should get the flesh out of it, slightly widening the cuts. From above you need to make a hole for the rope. After that, the orange must again be put on the battery. Thus it is dried for 4 days, periodically turning.

As you can see, a lot of beautiful and original Christmas-tree decorations can be made from orange. To do this, all you need is just a little imagination.

Making fragrant balls

Dried cloves are not only fragrant spice. With the help of a felt-tip pen and a toothpick, oranges can be easily decorated with a fancy pattern of carnation flowers. Oranges, decorated with cloves, make the whole house smell sweet.

Making fragrant balls

  • Make holes in the orange peel with a skewer skewer or a toothpick.
  • Then insert dried cloves in the holes.
  • You can put on the orange patterns or just randomly decorate it.
  • Complicated lines are best pre-marked on the fruit with a felt-tip pen.
  • The aroma will be more intense if you put the pre-inflorescences of carnations in a jar, sprinkle with clove oil, tighten the lid and leave for a day.

Making fragrant balls

To make a dry fragrant ball, you need to put salted fruits for 3-4 weeks in a mixture of cinnamon, powder from the root of violet, allspice and nutmeg. It is necessary to turn over and pour the oranges with spices every day until they are completely dry. Only then can they be hung or beautifully arranged in bowls.

Orange tree

On holidays, an orange tree will be the sweetest desktop decoration and will complement the scent of Christmas baking with its aroma. The carnation-decorated fruit is nestled in small clay pots on a bed of moss.

Orange Tree and Orange Garlands

Candle in the orange candlestick

It smells incredible, and the tongues of flame create a fabulous atmosphere.

Candle in the orange candlestick

  1. First, cut off the top of the orange with a sharp knife so that the diameter of the hole matches the diameter of the tablet candle.
  2. Remove the pulp with a spoon. It can be used for dessert.
  3. Then fill the peeled orange with sand and place a candle on top.
  4. Decorate the edge of the cut with carnation.

Apply a pattern

A device for trimming the thread - this is a suitable tool to cut patterns on citrus. Wood cutters are also suitable. Ornaments, spirals, stars or hearts - use all your imagination. And with waste - thin strips of zest - aromatize sauces and creams.

Cutting patterns on citrus

Fresh remnants of the skin feel sorry to throw. Using the form for cookies, you can cut out small pendants. To keep the skin smooth, trim the edges, then press it against the cutting board and cut out the shape.

Peel residues

Decorate them, for example, gifts. Just tie a few orange peel stars and a few cinnamon sticks to your ribbon.

Orange Peel Candle Holders

Candlesticks for tablet candles add warm light to the early winter twilight. Cut the holes in the form of hearts or asterisks into them by small molds, through which the light will penetrate. On the basis of coarse salt such lanterns will stand exactly.

Orange Peel Candle Holders

Garland of remnants of the peel

Garland fascinates with its simplicity. Patterns are cut by forms for cookies from the remnants of the peel. To thread them on the wire, first carefully make the holes with a thin needle. You can wrap the finished garland around the vase, fasten the ends of the wire. A thick orange candle, which is placed in a pot between spruce branches, will fit here.

Left: carving on the peel. Right: a peel of garlands

Golden wreath

On Christmas Eve dried orange circles are welcome guests in the house! They are well decorated with wreaths. In the product in the photo orange slices pasted on a wreath of wicker. Either they are neatly fixed with wire. In the middle - a place for candles. And around you can put beautiful fir branches.

Wreath with dried orange slices

To prepare orange slices for decoration:

  1. Cut the fruit into 4 mm thick slices.
  2. Then place them on a wire rack and leave to dry in the oven for a few hours at 60 ° C. Leave the oven door ajar so that the moisture can evaporate freely. Fix the door with a standard wooden spoon.

As an alternative to the oven, you can use a battery or a tiled stove. The process, however, will take much more time.

Important: put something under the oranges, as the released juice leaves spots.

In this way, it is possible to prepare for decorative purposes also circles of lemon, tangerines, lime and apples.

Decorate the Christmas tree

A bunch of dried orange slices will be a decoration for the Christmas tree. Tie two or three slices of bast rope and reinforce them on the fir branch.

A bunch of dried orange slices will be an ornament for the New Year tree

They will look organically together with products made from cones, salted dough, nuts or straw.

We add colors

Fruit slices will illuminate the room with warm colors if they are placed in a transparent vase with a candle. To do this you need dried orange, apple and lime slices. It is important to arrange them along the glass so that the light penetrates through the translucent fruit slices. Cinnamon sticks will decorate the composition and add flavor.

Add colors. We decorate the furniture.

Decor for the New Year. New Year's toys from baked oranges :)

I have seen this for a long time, but only a couple of weeks ago I found how to make this into reality a toy made of oranges on the Christmas tree. and a knot at the bottom, but our tree, despite the fact that it is not small, with soft branches, i.e. this yoke cannot stand it. Then another, more brutal way appeared - to “slaughter” fruit (!) and make toys from orange. So these fragrant, orange orange-glasses, which are highlighted with garlands, simply fascinate. By the way, this is doubly interesting with children, to make this. The main thing is not to eat while they are "baked". The smell exudes just magical, full of holiday!
How are you doing? And so :)

Would need:
Two or more, (sour or not, here it is not at all important for us :)), depending on the size of the Christmas tree, an orange.
Sharp knife
Granulated sugar
Cinnamon, cardamom optional
Kitchen towel
Paper towel or good quality slack
Ribbon, scissors.

What are we doing?
Cut the oranges about 5-7 mm thick. We spread on the kitchen towel.
Blot paper. Sprinkle with sugar or cinnamon, etc. spices. In this case, the orange slices will exude the indicated aroma, but does not glow with an orange glass. Next, lay out the slices on a sheet, covered with either baking paper or foil (of course!) And in the oven for 2-3 hours. Every hour or forty minutes turn over. Temperature 100 C.
Ready then, when they are dried.

Then take them out and leave them on the sheet for 30-40 minutes, then carefully remove them. Put them on the board and cut them for the ribbon. I used my knife for Kirigs, a sharp, slanting, but I think it would be normal for something cutting to do :)) , the ribbon passed, the figure struck up and the orange went to the Christmas tree!

From two oranges it turns out about 20 "toys" on the Christmas tree.

From my own experience:
Because this thing just fascinated me, then two days along with the décor of the dwelling, I was cutting and cutting the poor oranges in the late evening so that no one would hear :) (No, I was just returning late and everything fell out in the evening hours.) So she found out that despite the subtlety, on the first day of the pr-ss dehydration, it was precisely this that poor oranges would be subjected to the good of the person, took more than 3 hours, but my oven is a little weak. Consider the features. The second day, in order to catalyze the PR-ss, I dabbed them pretty (!) With a paper towel, keeping the cloth, if I say so, an orange, then it took about an hour, but the temperature in this case needs to be reduced. My first batch was slightly burnt with one sides and went to decorate the garbage bak.Had to cut new :)

And that's all. Now hang on the Christmas tree, gleam and exude the scent of New Year, Christmas and comfort :)

Asterisks of thread

Elegant stars from threads can be hung on the Christmas tree, on the chandelier, on the window or to decorate the walls with them. Making them is very simple - watch our video.

  • You will need: threads for knitting of any thickness and colors, PVA glue, several studs and a cutting board.

A wreath of balls and an old hanger

In just half an hour you can make a colorful wreath by buying a couple of sets of inexpensive balls. Blogger Jennifer, the author of this article, recommends straightening the old hanger, but if there is no such, then a piece of strong wire will work fine.

  • You will need: a pair of sets of balls (20 - 25 balls of different colors and sizes), wire hanger or wire, fir branches, braid or ready-made decoration for the decoration of a wreath.

Snowflake tablecloth

A gentle and surprisingly festive tablecloth comes out of snowflakes, on which we have filled our hand since childhood. You can sit down and cut the snowflakes with the whole family, and then spread them out on the table and fasten with small pieces of scotch. A wonderful solution for receiving guests or just having lunch with your family during the holidays.

Colorful hats

The sweetest colored hats can be made from the remnants of yarn, from which you can collect a garland on the Christmas tree or to decorate the wall. Or hang them on a window or a chandelier at a different level. Children over five years old will also do this simple decoration perfectly. See here for details.

  • You will need: sleeve toilet paper for ringlets (or plain cardboard or thick paper), scissors, colored yarn and good mood.

Lamp "Snowy City"

For this charming lamp you need to measure a piece of paper around the circumference of the can with a small margin (to glue it), to depict and cut out the simplest urban or forest landscape. Wrap around the jar, and put a candle inside.

  • You will need: a bank, thick paper of any color, white can be, any candle. Alternatively, you can cover the upper part of the can with “falling snow” using a special “snow” spray that is sold in hobby stores.

Balls with photos

A great idea to decorate a Christmas tree or for a gift to relatives and friends. The photo should be rolled up into a hole in the ball, and then straightened with a wooden stick or tweezers. Small black and white rectangular shots will do, and you can also cut a photo according to the shape of a ball or a silhouette (as is the case with a cat in the snow).

  • You will need: plastic or glass balls, photographs, various things for filling the ball - tinsel, garlands, coarse salt (for snow).


Glowing garlands, hidden among the cones, branches and pine feet, create the effect of glowing coals in the fireplace or a cozy campfire. From them, even as if the heat is coming. For this purpose, a basket, lying on a balcony, a nice bucket or, for example, a wicker container for small items from Ikea, will fit for a hundred years. Everything else (except the garland, of course) will be found in the park.

Floating candles

A very simple decoration for a New Year's table or for a cozy evening with friends during the New Year holidays - a composition with candles floating in a jar of water, cranberries and coniferous sprigs. You can use cones, circles of oranges, fresh flowers and leaves from a flower shop - everything that fantasy tells you. And as a candlestick - deep plates, vases, banks, glasses, as long as they are transparent.

Snowman on the fridge or door

Children will definitely be delighted with this - quickly, fun and very simple, because even three-year-olds will cope with cutting out large parts. It is enough to cut circles, a nose and a scarf from self-adhesive paper, wrapping paper or colored cardboard and attach them to a regular or double-sided tape.

Snowflakes on the window

An interesting application for the glue gun, lounging around. In order to glue these snowflakes to the glass, just lightly press them to the surface. See our video for details.

  • You will need: a stencil with a snowflake drawn in black marker, tracing paper (parchment, baking paper), a glue gun and a little patience.

Christmas trees, candy

Bright Christmas trees can be built together with the kids for a children's holiday or to decorate a festive table with them. Cut out triangles from colored paper or cardboard, tape it to a toothpick and stick the resulting Christmas trees in the candy.

  • You will need: Hershey’s Kisses or any other truffle candy, toothpicks, scotch, colored paper or cardboard with a pattern.

Garland with photos and drawings

New Year, Christmas - warm, family holidays. And by the way will have a garland with photos, children's drawings, pictures. Their easiest way to fix clothespins, which can be decorated with hearts or snowflakes.

Painted spoons

Ordinary metal spoons or wooden spoons for cooking with the help of acrylic paints turn into interesting Christmas decorations. Children will certainly like this idea. If you bend the handle of metal spoons, they can be hung on the Christmas tree. And wooden spoons will look great in the kitchen or in a bouquet with fir branches.

Sock snowman

Out of unnecessary white socks get such funny snowmen. Cut the toe at the sock, and on the other hand, tie it with a thread. Sprinkle the rice, giving it a round shape, drag it over again and add more rice to form a smaller ball. Sew eyes and nose, make a scarf from a rag, sew buttons. And from the cut off part you get a great cap.

  • You will need: rice, white sock, buttons, beads and rags of cloth.

Volumetric snowflakes

Cute volumetric snowflakes can be hung on strings and decorated with a Christmas tree or window. It is not much more difficult to make them than ordinary flat snowflakes. Detailed instructions with photos are here.

  • You will need: white paper, sharp scissors and a stapler.

Toys from old light bulbs

Больше не выбрасывайте старые лампочки, из них получаются симпатичные украшения, а дети будут в восторге от этой идеи. На елке появятся самодельные Деды Морозы, снеговики и пингвины. Необязательно делать снеговику шапочку из флиса, как на правом верхнем снимке, — мы уже рассказывали выше, как смастерить симпатичный головной убор из остатков пряжи.

  • You will need: burnt out light bulbs, acrylic paints (old nail polishes will be useful), ordinary glue, colored glitter glue (for toys in the photo on the left and on the top), which is sold in hobby stores. In the course go beads, buttons, ribbons, tinsel and other differences.

We are going for the Christmas tree

It is completely useless, but such a cute little thing that will decorate a chest of drawers, a window sill, a festive table. Blogger Linda, who owns the idea, used artificial snow, but it is quite possible to replace it with a white napkin, torn to pieces.

  • You will need: a toy machine (mothers of boys will not have problems with this), a white napkin, a Christmas tree toy, a red and white ribbon, a nice bank.

Balls with memories, dreams and all sorts of things

A set of transparent glass balls can be turned into exclusive, designer jewelry. For example, to make Christmas decorations that will carry the best memories of the past year - the birth of a child, an amazing journey. Over time, the family will have a tradition - taking “memorable” toys from the mezzanine, to indulge in memories. Even with their help, you can make wishes: for example, you want to go to the sea - make a ball with shells and wait for execution.

Gift Ideas

  1. A pack of different fruits and spices for their decoration
  2. Books about the New Year: Andreas H. Schmachtl “The Adventures of Julius Dandelion. Save the New Year ", Clement Clark Moore" New Year's Eve. Mouse tale ", E. T. Hoffman, The Nutcracker and the Mouse King."
  3. A new set of children's dishes, cutlery or bright drinker.

Task for parents

Arrange an evening of flavors. Show your child what cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg look like. Together decide what kind of decorations you make for the New Year. You can rehearse today: then, on the eve of the holiday, creating a decor for the New Year 2018 with your own hands will not take you long.

Attention! Of course, the child will want to try and mandarin, and orange, and, perhaps, even to the lemon pulled. Be careful: citrus fruits are very allergenic (another reason to share,).

Task for the child

Read the poem “Orange” by L. V. Zubkov with your mother. True, sharing is great?

This slice is for a hedgehog.
This slice - for swift.
This slice is for ducklings.
This slice is for kittens.
This slice is for beaver
And for the wolf - the rind.
He is angry at us - trouble,
Run away - who where!

Which neighbors would you like to treat with delicious orange or chocolate Santa Claus? How about a lonely grandmother from the second floor?

Citrus Christmas Ornaments

To make Christmas decorations from orange slices, they must first be dried.

Slice the orange into 2 mm thick slices and place them in the oven on a baking tray with stainless mesh (not normal, otherwise they can burn). Dry citrus in the oven for 3 hours at 120 ° C. Cool and use for New Year's decor!

For decoration you will need:

  • dried orange circles
  • carnation
  • tape or gum

After you have dried the orange slices, it remains for the small. Take a carnation and decorate with it in a circle the middle of each citrus circle. Felt a scent? Soon he will delight you right up to the New Year!

Now you only need to stretch a beautiful ribbon through a small hole in the slice and hang it on the Christmas tree!

No less beautiful on the Christmas tree will look citrus inlay from crusts!

For this you will need:

  • orange, lemon or mandarin
  • iron cookie cutter
  • stationery knife
  • thread

Source: instagram @happy ._. Pappy


  1. Peel the citrus so that the skin remains as intact as possible. Straighten and cut it so that it lies on the table canvas.
  2. Using a cookie cutter, squeeze the shape of Christmas trees, asterisks, etc. into the peel
  3. Trim the area around the hole from the cutout with a stationery knife so that it is several centimeters more in diameter from the cut out figure.
  4. Insert the cut figure into the picture with the back, soft side.
  5. Stretch a rope on top of the toy, hang it on the Christmas tree!

Citrus Garland

For such a garland you will need:

  • dried orange circles
  • whole dried oranges
  • cinnamon sticks
  • ribbons
  • thread

We have already told you how to dry citrus fruits for decor (circles), and in general, oranges are dried according to the same principle. Only fresh fruit needs to make a lot of longitudinal cuts, as shown in the picture and put in the oven for 2-3 hours.

To create a garland, string alternately whole dried oranges and citrus circles, tie cinnamon sticks and ribbons of contrasting colors!

You can also create a simple, but pretty orange peel garland. Using molds for New Year's cookies, squeeze stars or fir-trees out of it, dry them in the oven and string them on a string!

Source: instagram @mamavkurse

Together with your baby, make an eco-garland for the house of citrus flowers!

For her you will need:

  • wooden stick
  • rain
  • thread
  • beads
  • bumps
  • orange peel


  1. Cut the oranges in half and clean out the flesh. Make 5 cuts on each doormat as shown in the picture.
  2. Flatten each half - you should get a flower.

Herringbone Orange

A small Christmas tree made of orange circles can be a wonderful decoration of the New Year's table!

For her you will need:

  • dried orange circles
  • wooden rods
  • orange peel
  • small pot or bucket

Source: Instagram @ all4mammy


  1. Thread the orange rings on the stick, and on top of the glue-gun or super-glue, plant a star from dried peel.
  2. How to strengthen the crafts in the pot: a lot of options - you can make a salted dough or other mass for modeling, tamp in a pot and insert sticks. You can pour the sand and just stick the twigs. Well, the most durable way - to use alabaster (can be purchased at the hardware store).
  3. After you have strengthened the Christmas tree, put some wood shavings, cotton wool, or powder it with artificial snow.

Another very beautiful decoration for the holiday table can be made from fresh oranges!

For the Christmas tree you will need:

  • oranges
  • gvorzika
  • foam cone
  • live fir branches
  • toothpicks

Source: Instagram @happy ._. Pappy

It is made easy: you decorate oranges with fragrant cloves, put them on toothpicks and insert them into the foam cone at an angle so that the fruit do not slip from their weight. Fill the gaps between oranges with spruce twigs.

Candle in orange

Want a festive warm atmosphere in the house? Make a practical citrus decor for your child on the New Year's table - a candle in an orange!

There are a lot of variants of such a candle, but the classic is considered to be the one in which the orange pulp is cut, and a wick is put into the empty citrus peel and the molten paraffin is poured.

It is not safe to do such a thing with a child, so you can put a small candle in the skin, after cutting out patterns in orange.

You can also cut off only the top of the orange, clean the pulp and insert a candle on top! Do not forget to decorate citrus with carnation, then New Year's aromatherapy will influence the festive mood of your family even more!

And finally, I would like to share a very original holiday life hacking, which children and your guests will definitely appreciate on holidays!

Try to make your favorite muffins with a delicious filling, filling the dough not into special molds, but into orange peel.

How to implement this sweet idea, see in a short video:

A source: Instagram Author: happy ._. pappy


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