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Simulator for stretching on twine: how to quickly sit on the splits at home


I'll start with myself. Since childhood, doing sports. There were dances, and swimming, and athletics, and a lot of different things, at the moment bodybuilding. But despite such a variety of sports in my life, stretching left much to be desired.

And when the best years for stretching (up to 18 years) were missed, for some reason I decided to sit on the splits. I tried, if not all, then a lot, because I am essentially an experimenter.

1. This is a good coach in athletics. I will say that in 2 months he set me on the splits, really through hellish pain, but nevertheless, BUT later he injured me, and therefore with the help of strangers, you need to be careful because they do not feel your feelings. Well then there was a question not about the hatchet, but about returning at least the previous stretch and I went further.

2. And when I recovered just I saw a friend of this simulator and asked for a try. I can not say that he is bad, but nevertheless I think that it is easy to sit down without him. Yes, it draws well, but you can do it without him, but what about the battery ?? around which you can place your legs, take it and reach forward on the principle of the simulator ??))

3. That, that set me on the splits!)) I myself! In the end, after trying everything I decided! Few people have the courage to do that, but this is it. No simulator will sit you down in a jiffy, you need training and hard working. So I did, but without a simulator.

First, cardio is 40 minutes (I'm on an ellipse, but I can jump rope or run, or squat). If 40 minutes is a lot, then at least 20, but the muscles should burn.

Then, in order to catch my breath, I sat down, spread my legs and stretched to each leg! It is VERY IMPORTANT to reach not with your head, but rather with your back straight. It is difficult and seemingly inclined may be insignificant, but this is exactly the correct stretching! It turns out to the right foot a minute, to the left a minute, I grab both legs (it does not work for a sock, it means a shin, BUT with a straight back) and then the legs together and also stretch for a minute. Total per exercise 4 minutes.

Then a butterfly. You can "waving wings", you can simply pushing your elbows on your knees. I do this for 3 minutes in various variations.

These exercises in addition to stretching still give you the opportunity to take a breath. because now we will knead unwillingly the splits themselves.

Let's start with the cross. In it, I stand 5 minutes (beginners can be difficult, but will have to suffer).

During these 5 minutes, I stretch to my right leg, stretch to my left, stretch back between my legs, bend down as if wringing out, stand on my elbows, or just rest my hands on the floor. In general, I do not miss))

Well, and then the longitudinal for 3-3.5 minutes on each leg)) here, too, once bored, I will bend backwards and stretch to the leg, and just sit and spring))

Well, and then (it’s better to do this under a movie of some kind) we go to the goal! So I was going slowly but surely. That is, it was more difficult for me to transverse, and therefore from the beginning. That is, I take a chair and sit on the splits (well, by itself, at the beginning of the raskoryachku) and sit for at least 10 minutes. Why chair? Because my hands go numb and in the end I just lay down on him))) At the beginning, with my body, then with my chest, and then I just put my head)))))

The whole training (without warming up) took about 30-35 minutes a day.

and so every day! heavy! Very hard! But it's worth it))

A tree like me sat down! less than a month!

But do not chase my result, the main thing is not to hurry!

Good luck and I hope my advice was valuable to you))

Trainer for stretching on twine: general information

The exercise machine for an extension on a twine represents the design consisting of sitting in the form of a chair and sliding elements where legs are put. The basic principle of the simulator is as follows: you set the desired angle between your legs and fix it. Due to this, there is no displacement of the legs, which means that your muscles adapt to the new position and stretch. Once you feel that the current level mastered, you can increase the angle between the legs. Fix the new position and wait until the result is fixed, when your muscles will be ready for an even greater stretch. Step by step you will sit on the transverse splits.

It is important to note that the training on the simulator is almost painless due to the fact that you are in a relaxed state. This is a great advantage of training twine on the simulator, because, as you know, it is relaxation that is the key to success and good stretching. When you are tense and bound, muscles and ligaments stretch very badly. You will be relaxed on a comfortable and convenient simulator with clamps for legs, which means progress will be much faster.

Who can use the simulator for stretching on the splits:

  • those who are engaged in dancing or gymnastics
  • those who are engaged in martial arts and martial arts
  • those who practice yoga (to perform asanas, good stretching is needed)
  • for those who want to do the splits for themselves or demonstrate their stretching
  • for those who want to make their legs beautiful and fit
  • those who lead an active lifestyle and play sports
  • as well as children who go to sports clubs

What is the use of twine? Twine removes the stiffness of the joints, improves the urogenital system and improves blood circulation. In addition, during stretching on the splits, you strain the muscles and improve the shape of the legs. And if the longitudinal twine is comfortable enough to stretch without a simulator due to the weight of your own body, then for the transverse twine simulator will be simply indispensable. Moreover, stretching to transverse twine usually takes much longer than stretching to longitudinal twine. Some practitioners note that the longitudinal splits are obtained after 1-2 months of regular training, and transverse - only after 8-12 months.

Pluses simulator for twine:

1. On the twine exercise machine, the legs are comfortably fixed and are in the correct and natural position.

2. Thanks to the adjustable leg supports, you can easily hold the maximum possible angle between your legs.

3. Convenient adjustment allows the muscles to get used to the load and reach without pain.

4. With a twine stretcher, it is easy to stretch alone, without the help of a partner.

5. It is convenient to combine exercises on an exercise machine for stretching with watching TV, reading books, surfing the Internet.

6. With a twine exercise machine, the load is applied smoothly and evenly, which minimizes the risk of injuries and sprains.

7. The main principle of the simulator is gradual. Fixed position => muscles and ligaments are accustomed => increased the degree in the position between the legs => fixed position => muscles and ligaments are accustomed ... .. and so on, step by step until the full splits.

8. Regular exercise exercises for stretching on the splits helps to strengthen the muscles, make the legs more slender and beautiful.

9. Some simulators have an accurate progress scale that helps track the result.

10. A twine simulator will also be useful for correcting the curvature of the tibia.

Cons of the simulator for stretching:

1. The cost of a quality simulator starts from 6.000 rubles, depending on the model.

2. You will need free space in the apartment to accommodate the simulator.

3. Having a twine simulator does not mean you don’t have to do anything. Stretching sessions should be regular.

4. On the simulator for stretching can not train longitudinal splits, only transverse.

With regards to the last argument, it is worth noting that training the cross splits will improve stretching of the muscles and ligaments of the legs, so in the future you will be able to easily sit on the longitudinal splits. Obviously, the transverse twine is mastered much longer than the longitudinal, so the simulator will significantly accelerate your progress in both types of twine.

How fast can you sit on the twine with a simulator for stretching?

The exercise machine for an extension on a twine considerably increases your chances to sit on a twine in a short time, but it will not work by itself. You will need to practice daily, giving training a minimum of 60 minutes, and preferably 90-120 minutes, if you want to achieve quick results (you should not do more than two hours, so as not to overdo the muscles and ligaments). Once a week, arrange a day off from stretching, so that the body can recover from stress.

If you are working with a twine simulator, this does not mean that you will be able to sit on the splits for a month. But such a simulator will definitely speed up the process of stretching the muscles, and you will be able to achieve your goal much faster. In addition, for stretching on the transverse splits, it is desirable to have a partner who will help stretch the muscles, but if you have a simulator, you can sit on the splits at home by yourself!

What determines how you can quickly sit on the splits:

  • from age (child and teenager to sit on the splits easier)
  • from the level of stretch (as far as you are currently flexible and stretched)
  • from genetics (different people have different stiffness of ligaments and muscles)
  • on the regularity of classes (the more often and diligently you do, the faster you will achieve the result)
  • on the correctness of classes and the ability to relax in the postures of the splits (adhere to the principles of gradualness, regularity and regularity)

And just the last factor simulator has a direct impact. Muscle relaxation and gradual progress is a decisive factor in the acquisition of a twine simulator. If we talk about specific terms, then with a good stretch full cross twine mastered in 1-2 months, with an average stretch - in 5-6 months, with a bad stretch, you may need a year or more.

At the same time, progress in stretching will not necessarily be linear. It happens that the first time of progress is not visible, but gradually the mobility of the joints and the elasticity of the muscles develop and it goes much faster. It happens and vice versa - good progress in the first month of stretching, and then long-term stagnation. In any of these situations, there is only one advice: to continue daily training and to believe in the result. In this case, it is not necessary to force and put pressure on the ligamentous apparatus, practice at your usual pace and listen to your body.

How to perform stretching on twine on the simulator

If you want to practice effectively on a twine stretcher, then your training should consist of several steps:

  • Exercises to warm up before stretching (warm up): 15-20 minutes
  • Fetching exercises for stretching: 15-20 minutes
  • Training on a simulator for a twine: 30-90 minutes

Before you begin to stretch the splits, be sure to warm up. It is not recommended to perform stretching exercises for cold muscles! First, it is ineffective from the point of view of achieving the result, since the heated muscles and ligaments stretch several times better. Secondly, stretching without warming up can lead to serious injury. If you damage a bundle or pull a muscle, then you can forget about stretching the splits for at least a few weeks. And this will inevitably lead to a serious rollback in the results.

Fetching exercises will also help your ligaments and muscles to prepare for the splits. This is especially useful for hip joints that are very fragile. Doing exercises does not matter as much as a warm-up, but if you want to do the splits for a month, it is best to perform them regularly.

I. Exercises to warm up before stretching to twine

We offer you 7 exercises that can be performed as a warm-up before stretching to twine on the simulator. Perform each exercise for 1 minute. After completing the seven exercises, take a rest for 1 minute and repeat all the exercises again. The total duration of the warm-up will be 15 minutes: 7 minutes for each lap, 1 minute for rest between the circles.

1. Walking on the spot

2. Jumping rope

3. Walking with leg abduction

4. Jumping with the breeding of hands and feet

5. Jumping on the spot with lifting the knees

Ii. Fetching exercises for the splits

Before you start stretching, we also strongly recommend that you perform several summing exercises that will help you work out more effectively on the twine simulator. Hold each position for 1-2 minutes, remembering to repeat the exercise on the right and left side, if necessary. You can repeat in 2 circles.

1. Lunge on the spot

2. Side lunge

Iii. Stretching the splits on the simulator

After the warm-up and the summing up exercises, you can proceed to classes on the simulator for twine. Separate the legs to the sides using a special lever (they are always available with good splits) and fix the angle between your legs. You should feel light discomfort, but not pain. There may be a slight pulling sensation in the hamstring, this is normal, but it should not bring strong discomfort. It is better to reduce the angle between the legs and wait until the muscles and ligaments get used to the load. Dragging through the pain can not be!

The first time you can do on the twine simulator once a day, after 2-3 weeks to increase the frequency of classes up to two times a day. It is believed that morning stretching is more effective because the body is more clamped in the morning. On the other hand, the evening stretch usually passes more pleasantly and easily. If you have the opportunity and you want rapid progress, then you can do it both in the morning and in the evening (you should always do the warm-up workout!).

Convenience simulator for twine also in the fact that you can be distracted by other things during stretching. If at independent trainings you need to be constantly concentrated and tense, then here you can sit and go about your business while working on the splits in parallel. Of course, one cannot say that the simulator will do everything for you, but it is a great additional tool and assistant.

The exercise machine for an extension on a twine: how to choose

If you decide to buy a trainer for stretching on twine, then approach this case with full responsibility. The fact is that during the stretching on the splits are used very fragile joints and tendons, which are easily damaged by careless movement. For example, inguinal ligaments, hamstrings, hip joints, and adductor muscles. Any, even the slightest damage will stop your workout indefinitely. So your goal, to sit on the splits for a month or for another short term, cannot be fulfilled. In addition, damaged ligaments can remind of themselves at the slightest load, even after complete healing.

Therefore, the trainer for stretching on twine should be of high quality, comfortable, adjustable and durable. If the simulator is comfortable, then it will be easy for you to relax on it, because it is in a relaxed state that the muscles stretch much faster and are less damaged. It is also desirable to have an accurate school of progress, due to which the simulator measures the angle between your legs. This will help monitor your result and understand at what stage you are at the moment.

The exercise machine for an extension on a twine M-Flex

The exercise machine for an extension on a twine M-Flex is one of the most popular models in the market of the sports equipment at the expense of high quality and the optimum price. The M-Flex simulator meets all the requirements for convenience and efficiency of training, so it is a pleasure to stretch out on the string with it. It is enough to put your legs on soft stops, adjust their length and angle of the back according to your convenience and you can begin training. The exercise machine for the M-Flex twine guarantees you a relaxed state, which means soft and comfortable stretching.

What is the advantage of M-Flex simulators:

1. Rotary leg supports provide a secure and comfortable fit that helps to maintain proper body position and avoid injury.

2. Adjusting the length of the stops and the angle of the back allows you to take a more comfortable and safe position for people of different heights.

3. Due to the adjustable load, smooth and painless stretching is ensured.

4. Comfortable stretching is also provided by soft upholstery of the seat and stops: it is made of high-quality eco-leather and special materials, softening the load when stretching the twine.

5. The mechanism of the simulator has a good margin of safety, and its frame is made of high-quality durable steel. The simulator will serve you for a very long time! You can not only sit on the splits, but also maintain stretching for many years.

6. The exact progress bar for tracking results from 0 to 10 (from 0 to 200 degrees) will help you to clearly monitor the results and track your progress.

Should I buy a trainer for stretching on twine?

If you want to do the splits, and this is not a moment's wish, but your clear goal, then you should buy a trainer for stretching the splits for three reasons. First, you will stretch gently and gradually, which reduces the risk of muscle fiber breaks. Your training will be safe and non-traumatic, unlike training without a simulator, where there is a high risk of careless, awkward movements or wrong positions.

Во-вторых, растягиваться на тренажере приятно и удобно, поэтому ваши мышцы будут расслабленными и более податливыми для растяжки. В отличие от тренировок без тренажера для шпагата, где совсем неудобно долгое время находиться в растянутом положении. В-третьих, вы без труда сможете растягиваться самостоятельно за просмотром любимых фильмов. You do not need external pressure and hold positions - the twine machine will do everything for you.

Stretching is a type of occupation that requires a careful and measured approach. Here you can not force the load and try to reach harder and harder, because it is very easy to injure yourself and forget about the splits for a long time. With the purchase of a twine simulator, you can quickly sit on the splits without injury or pain.

Why stretch the body?

Novice athletes often underestimate the importance of stretching (stretching), giving it a catastrophically little time. The exercise machine for a twine will allow not only to sit down on a longitudinal or transverse twine more quickly, but also to bring the body into shape, prepare it before training. Why do you need it?

  • Increases the flexibility and plasticity of the joints.
  • Muscles are getting stronger.
  • Improved coordination of movements.
  • Movements are changing to smoother, calmer.
  • Eliminates the possibility of injury during exercise.
  • Gait becomes easier, soaring.

Stretching on the simulator helps to relax the body, so by constantly performing a series of exercises, you can get rid of muscle discomfort and cramps. The girl who easily sits on the splits, stands out in the crowd flexibility and beautiful gait.

How to choose a simulator?

To achieve amazing results without the use of additional tools is quite difficult. Therefore, it is worth looking for a suitable simulator that will help stretch the ligaments, and increase the flexibility of the whole body. It may be:

  • Inversion boots.
  • Exercise machines for stretching the legs.
  • Inversion table.
  • Exercise machines for twine.
  • Simulators for stretching the foot.

Each of them has its advantages and features of use, which must be taken into account when choosing.

For example, devices designed to stretch the splits, perfect for gymnasts, swimmers and wrestlers, as they will help to regulate the load and quickly sit on the splits without pain. Everyone will be able to do it, regardless of the size of the foot or ankles.

Inversion boots

For maximum unloading of the spine and back, and faster results are used inversion shoes. They are perfect for those who move a lot during the day or run long distances. From the advantages of this simulator for stretching the legs, should be highlighted:

  • prevention of varicose vein development,
  • an obstacle to the development of lumbar pain (lumbago),
  • saturation of the body with oxygen,
  • increases resistance to stress.

Inversion boots have high durability that provides safety during occupations. In addition, they fit perfectly on any foot size, and the device can be fastened even in one motion.

Trainers for stretching feet

If there is a risk of flatfoot, pain in the lower part of the limb is constantly worried, or there is another pathology, you should consider choosing a trainer for stretching the muscles of the foot. It allows for a small time to increase flexibility.

They are popular with dancers, as they allow to develop a beautiful line, without any extra effort and pain. Among the advantages of distinguished simplicity of design and ease of use.

Inversion table

Start stretching the legs for landing on the splits should be gradually, after making sure that there are no problems with the spine. It is the muscles of the back that are the basis of the skeleton - and without their preparation, it is impossible to realize our plans. The advantage of the inversion table will be the use of gravity generated during the rotation of the body. The inversion table can be offered in several options:

For convenience of choice, the devices are equipped with markings and are divided into:

  • Professional.
  • For home use.

Before buying, you should decide on the requirements for the simulator and choose the most appropriate for them. For example, for infrequent workouts at home a mechanical table is perfect, it is easy to use and will increase the quality of each workout.

Leg training devices

The simulator, stretchable ligaments on the legs, is very popular because it allows you to level the legs, make them stronger and more beautiful. It does not take up much space at home and has a lot of advantages:

  • Comfort while doing exercises.
  • No pain
  • The presence of a load regulator.
  • There are no negative consequences or possibility of injury.
  • The result is noticeable in a short time.
  • Can use both adults and the younger generation.

During workouts for stretching the string, blood flow improves, and the muscles become more elastic. This in turn allows them to be well prepared for the loads and it is easier to endure even weight training.

The benefits of using simulators

Should I use the simulator for stretching the legs or you can do the usual exercises, for example, bending or swinging? This question is controversial, however, in favor of mechanical devices is to say that the effect is achieved much faster and in a comfortable rhythm. Other advantages should be noted:

  • Using the exercise machine for stretching for twine, you can not worry about the fact that the muscle will be overstressed. Since the muscles at this moment are relaxed and easier to bear the load.
  • The device almost always has a regulator that allows you to independently determine the angle of the divorce. The back is fixed at this moment, so the spine cannot be injured, which cannot be said about the implementation of traditional exercises for stretching.
  • During classes on the simulator a person does not feel pain or discomfort, the risk of injury is minimized.
  • At run time, it is impossible to go beyond the specified amplitude, so it is impossible to stretch the ligaments.
  • Simulators allow you to stretch harmoniously and regulate not only time but also the load. Therefore, after a couple of months, the first results will be noticeable without injury, pain or discomfort.

What is this simulator and what is it for?

Why do you need a twine simulator? This device allows for a fairly short time and effortlessly sit on the splits.

How does the simulator work? The principle of its work is based on the stretching of the muscles, as well as their fixation in a certain position. This allows you to consolidate the results and move forward, as well as to avoid discomfort. The muscles first get used to a certain degree of stretching and adapt, which allows you to increase the load gradually and painlessly.

Recently, exercise machines for a twine are deservedly popular and new models appear on the market. Especially popular are the twine machines of domestic production M-FLEX. Reliable mechanism, reasonable price and excellent functionality made it a truly bestseller on the market of twine simulators!

What are they like?

Today, only a few models of such simulators are presented:

  • Simple pole for twine. Such a device consists of two parts, which are assembled into a pole. There are two leg clenches that fix onto the foot rail, as well as a safety sling that will allow you to train without assistance. To start the stretching exercise, you need to assemble the simulator, put legs in leg straps, fix the appropriate length of the pole with the help of a line (there should be a slight feeling of discomfort) and stay in this position for several minutes. You can stay in a sitting position or lie on the floor. Such a device is easy to use, lightweight (about 2-3 kilograms) and compact. The price is about 3-4 thousand rubles.
  • Frames for twine. This frame is a structure consisting of three parts. Two of them (strips of the same length) are designed for the legs, and the other (a shorter plank located between the other two) allows you to control and change the degree of stretching. The legs rest against the vertical pillars of the side bars, and the person engaged with the help of the handle of the middle bar (it needs to be pulled over) controls the stretching. Folded device is compact and mobile. Weight is usually from 4 to 6 kilograms. The cost ranges from 4-6 thousand rubles.
  • Full simulators. This is quite a complex and very massive device, with a seat and separate legroom. There are several fixing positions (up to 190 degrees). The legs are fixed firmly and in several places, which allows you to maintain their correct position. During stretching on this simulator, you can perform tilts and other additional exercises, since the random displacement of the legs is simply impossible, and constant manual control is not required. But this device weighs more than 20 kilograms. And although it develops, it still remains relatively massive. The cost of the simulator is about 12-16 thousand rubles.

Who needs such a simulator?

The simulator for the splits is used by figure skaters, dancers, gymnasts, as well as people involved in martial arts, in general, all those people who must have good stretch, but often do not have the time and energy to perform special exercises.

Advantages and disadvantages of training on the simulator for twine

Is a twine machine really necessary? Will he achieve results in a short time? To begin, we list the advantages of classes on it:

  • During classes you will not feel pain, as the regulation of the degree of stretching will allow you to fix the legs in a comfortable position. Muscles will get used, but at the same time they will not bear heavy loads.
  • Minimal risk of injury. Since the muscles will stretch gradually and adapt, the risk of muscle fiber breaks will decrease. Classes will be safe, in contrast to training without a simulator, during which jerks and sudden or careless movements are possible.
  • You can do it yourself. Yes, you do not need help, as all machines for twine provide the ability to self-adjust the stretch. It is very convenient!
  • A nice bonus: you can make your legs more beautiful, even, fit and slim.
  • Many models have the ability to train while lying, and this position provides maximum muscle relaxation. And it is in a relaxed state, they stretch much faster and less damaged.

  • You have to spend money. The minimum price of the simplest model of the simulator is 2-3 thousand rubles.
  • Not all such simulators can be taken on trips, which means that for a while you will have to interrupt training.
  • Do not expect quick results! You need to do it regularly and quite intensively. Only in this case, you can sit on the splits. This can take from 1.5 to 3-5 months. Everything will depend on your training and flexibility.

How to do?

Nothing complicated here. Just lock your legs in a position where you will feel stretching and light discomfort, but you will not feel pain. Be in this position for a few minutes.

One workout per day will be enough. When your muscles get used, increase stretching. When the muscles adapt again, increase the stretch more (until slight discomfort). Work out at least 3 times a week, and better daily. Gradually, you sit on the splits.

Do not try to force events, it is fraught with injuries! And warm up your muscles before exercise.

Let the simulator help you sit on the splits and improve stretching!

Types of suitable simulators

It is possible to achieve the first maximum quality results on muscle stretching in two months, modern simulators will help with this. There are three main types of trainers for stretching. The first type is the equipment directly for stretching the legs, the second and third types are simulators for the whole body, in particular, the back, without which the stretching will not be possible without a healthy state. So, the second and the third type of equipment for stretching are gravitational boots and an inversion table.

Twine simulator

It allows you to quickly stretch the muscles of the legs without pain. This device is ideal for figure skaters, dancers, gymnasts, swimmers, as well as those involved in martial arts.

The exercise machine for a twine extension


  • can do everything, the size of the ankles and stop does not matter
  • time and intensity of loading are regulated by trainees.

Should I use a simulator?

For stretching the legs, some perform swinging or bending legs, that is, they do not use special equipment. As a rule, the result with the help of simulators is noticeable much faster. When swinging, the muscle is not relaxed, and when exercising on the simulator, stretched muscles are not subjected to exertion, and this is one of the basic conditions for proper stretching. The simulators have a mechanism for regulating and fixing the angle of divorce in the classroom. Exercise machines provide back support, the risk of spinal injury is minimized.

The advantages of stretching with the help of a simulator over traditional methods

When using simulators for stretching, the load on the muscles is dosed, the design feature of the equipment does not allow to go beyond the specified amplitude of stretching, therefore the risk of injury is minimized. When you try to do the splits on your own, a person may not calculate the level of load, hurry up and get a muscle or tendon injury.

The simulator provides the following benefits:

  • independent regulation of power load
  • no consequences in the form of injuries
  • the necessary muscles are stretched harmoniously, no additional load is given to other groups, which may arise during independent attempts to master the landing on the splits.

Disadvantages of simulators:

  • Any sports equipment is costly. On the market are models of simulators for stretching, which cost between 3,000 and 4,000 thousand rubles, but there are some that cost more than 20,000 rubles.
  • For people living in cramped city apartments, there is an urgent need for free space. Dimensional simulator does not fit in the "Khrushchev".
  • Those who are accustomed to engage in nature in good weather, will have to either install the simulator on the street (the weight of the equipment can be 25 - 40 kg and it is difficult to move it), or be content with exercise at home.

Tips for proper training

Here are some tips to follow to avoid getting injured while doing stretching.

  1. It is necessary to warm up. Brisk walking, jumping, swinging your feet for at least ten minutes will do. This will increase the blood supply to the muscles and improve blood circulation.
  2. Stretching is performed statistically., slowly and smoothly. Jerks excluded.
  3. Each posture is stretched for 50 - 60 seconds.
  4. Prerequisite for stretching muscle slackness
  5. Flat back. When bent, you lose the flexibility and elasticity of muscles and ligaments. If the position is very difficult, it should be lightened in order to relieve the extra load on the spinal muscles. For example, when you are sitting on the floor, reaching for your socks, you should bend your knees a little while with your back straight.
  6. Breath should be smooth and slow.
  7. Recipe for success lies in the regularity of training.

The exercise machine for an extension of legs of Century VersaFlex


  • fast achievement of the maximum stretch,
  • stretch in four positions, up to 190 degrees,
  • 4 positions fixing the hips
  • training progress can be noted on the scale,
  • stretching without pain
  • compact, weighs 23 kilograms.

How to choose

The choice of the simulator depends on what purpose the buyer pursues. If the consumer wants to get quick results, you need to buy professional equipment. Do not save and do not buy the cheapest simulator. We do not advise you to make equipment yourself, as it is shown on many Internet sites. The resulting injury will cost more than the amount of money saved. A high-quality simulator guarantees the safety of classes, high-quality materials from which such equipment is made, contribute to quick results and convenience during training.

Where can one buy

It is possible to buy simulators for stretching in the splits in specialized sports shops of cities all over Russia. The order can be made either during a personal visit or by accessing the website of the sales office. Delivery is usually included in the cost of purchased equipment.

Below is a list of stores offering simulators.

How much is

The cost of the “Century VersaFlex” simulator is from 17990 to 21900 rubles, the equipment of “Spagat” will cost 20,000 rubles, and 4,490 rubles will have to be paid for the “Stretch-Stick”.
Remember that before practicing stretching to splits, you should consult with your doctor and trainer. We wish you good luck, be healthy!

The role of stretching the legs in a person's life

Normal stretching for muscles and joints is the key to the harmonious work of the musculoskeletal system of the whole human body. The natural level of stretching each depends on the individual structure of the muscle fiber. When stretching the legs, the quadriceps muscles of the thighs, the calf muscles, the leg and leg areas, and the hamstrings work.

A person with a normal stretch feels more confident in himself, has better coordination, an easy walk. Растяжка способствует общей релаксации организма и помогает избавиться от скованности и неприятных ощущений в тех мышцах и суставах, которые не были задействованы длительное время.

At the same time, a girl who knows how to sit on a splits has an amazingly light, beautiful gait - just what almost every woman of the fair sex dreams of. The psychological factor also plays an important role: it is proved that it is easier for people with flexible joints to orient themselves in space, especially in a difficult situation, they are more successful in work and in personal life.

Elastic bundles allow you to:

  • increase the flexibility of joints, increase their resilience,
  • make muscles and bones stronger, keep them from injury,
  • acquire peace of mind
  • to look more self-confident due to smooth movements with a normal amplitude - a person with a good stretch stops to fuss and “grind”.