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Homemade yogurt - how to cook in a yogurt maker


You can prepare tasty and healthy yogurt at home with or without yogurt maker. Despite the abundance of dairy products in supermarkets, most people prefer natural products made at home. They can be given to children by adding various berries and fruits, and used for salad dressing. In natural yoghurt contains a huge number of trace elements and beneficial bacteria, indispensable for the normal operation of the digestive system. This diet product is an ideal breakfast option for the whole family.

Principles of cooking homemade yogurt

To make yogurt at home, you do not need to be a great cook. Enough small set of products, a bit of free time and a great salad dressing, a delicious dessert or light snack will be ready. In home yogurt there are no preservatives, dyes, substances harmful to the body. It can be stored in the refrigerator for at least a week, so you can immediately prepare it for future use for a long time.

Basic principles of cooking:

  1. Ingredients. The main component for the preparation of yogurt is natural milk - cow or goat. The second most important is the starter, which can be prepared or cooked at home.
  2. Proper heating of milk. To make the product, milk should be heated not higher than 42 degrees. If there is no confidence in the quality of the product, you can boil it (reduce the benefits) and cool it to the desired temperature.
  3. Adding leaven. Sourdough milk is added according to the instructions or in the right proportions. For example, if store yogurt is used as a starter, then it is introduced into the cow product in the proportion of 1/10.
  4. Creating favorable conditions for beneficial microorganisms. In order for bacteria to become active, they need to create favorable conditions, namely, to keep warm for as long as possible. For this, a container with warm milk and injected leaven is wrapped for several hours (from 4 to 9).

Adding other ingredients to yogurt should be made after its preparation, otherwise it may not work out. From the finished product, you can take a couple of spoons of the resulting mass, put it in a container and freeze it using the next time as a leaven.

Features cooking homemade yogurt

Today, healthy and proper nutrition is becoming more popular. In this regard, a wide range of healthy recipes appeared. Among them, yogurt, cooked at home. Someone will ask about why make an effort, if you can buy this milk product in the store? It's simple: natural live yogurt does not contain dyes, flavor enhancers and other harmful additives. In addition, the home version strengthens the immune system, improves the bowels, blocks the development of pathogenic microorganisms, promotes the absorption of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Before preparing yogurt at home, you should learn about some interesting nuances:

  1. Need to choose the right milk. It is better to use a homemade rustic product or pasteurized. Homemade milk should be boiled, and pasteurized milk should be heated to 90 degrees. To make yogurt tasty, fermented milk bacteria must actively proliferate, for this, fermentation products are placed in milk at a temperature of 40-45 ° C.
  2. It is advisable to heat or boil in a bowl with a thick stainless steel bottom, you can still take for this purpose a ceramic container. Ferment milk is better in glass (for example, in half-liter jars).
  3. Sourdough must also be selected correctly. Often used dry sourdough in small bottles. It is always on the market. The contents of the vial are diluted in a small amount of milk, mixed well, and then combined with the rest of the liquid.
  4. Various additives (fruits, berries, sugar) are recommended to be placed in the already prepared dairy product, so as not to interrupt the ripening procedure.
  5. To enjoy this delicious yogurt at home, or, for example, to cook yogurt on a similar technology, they should be placed in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours.

Sourdough for yogurt

Yogurt yeast is sold in pharmacies, specialty stores or supermarkets. Often such products are used for making yoghurt:

  1. Bacterial Ukrainian ferment Vivo (Vivo) is known among lovers of healthy and tasty food. With its help they often cook yogurts with their own hands.
  2. Bulgarian products of the Genesis trademark are very high-quality, time-tested products, which are ideally suited for homemade sour milk.
  3. Sourdough from Armenia under the name "Narine" is produced in dry and liquid form. Both options make it possible to make a delicious, thick and appetizing yogurt for the whole family.
  4. Italian sour-milk bacteria “Good Food” (Good Food) recently appeared on the market, but they are surely gaining popularity and have positive reviews among consumers. They help the child quickly prepare healthy meals for breakfast or afternoon tea.

How to make natural yoghurt at home - recipes

For quick, convenient, proper preparation of sour-milk dessert, several options are used. For example, it can be done with the help of special household appliances - yogurt makers. Even for these purposes, use a slow cooker, steamer, thermos or ordinary oven. Here are some detailed recipes for healthy, healthy sour milk food for adults and children.

In yogurt maker

Yogurt makers prepare delicious meals. This process takes a little time, the result is very tasty and uniform in consistency. It is recommended to use units of such companies as Tefal (Tefal) or Moulinex (Moulinex). To make yogurt, you need to take the following products:

  • medium-fat milk - 1 liter,
  • liquid ferment "Narine" (or any other).

  1. First, make the mixture for souring. Heat a small amount of milk (100-150 g) to 40 ° C, mix it with sourdough.
  2. The resulting liquid is kept in the yogurt maker for 10-12 hours, put in the fridge for another couple of hours.
  3. After that, you can start making yogurt. Heat the milk, mix it thoroughly with 2 tablespoons of sourdough, dispense it into special containers that make up the yoghurt maker. We start the device for 6 hours.
  4. Then the jars are closed with lids, put in the refrigerator for several hours.

In the multicooker

If there is no opportunity to purchase a yogurt maker, then you can easily make a yogurt in a slow cooker. The necessary ingredients for the preparation of delicacies:

  • homemade milk (or pasteurized) - liter,
  • dry yeast - 1 bottle or bag.

  1. First you need to prepare containers for yogurt. Perfectly fit glass liter jars, which must be sterilized.
  2. We pour the leaven into the milk and mix it.
  3. Spill the liquid on the banks, put them in a slow cooker.
  4. Fill containers with water (to the brim), set the program “Heating” for 6 hours.
  5. After turning off the unit yogurt should not be removed, let it infuse a little.
  6. To stop souring, close the jars with lids, put in the refrigerator.
  7. Sour-milk homemade product is eaten alone or with cottage cheese, salads, added to other dishes.

Another simple and interesting option to make yogurt at home is a thermos. This vessel, which is available in almost every home, is perfect for such purposes. Thanks to the following recipe, you can get a healthy and tasty dairy dessert for a child or adult. Cooking requires:

  • liter thermos,
  • milk - 1-1,5 liters,
  • starter powder.

Yogurt recipe is as follows:

  1. Home-made milk must be boiled, cooled to about 40 degrees. Pasteurized product can simply be heated to the desired temperature.
  2. Take 3 spoons of milk, mix with sourdough, pour the resulting "cocktail" to the rest of the liquid.
  3. Mix everything thoroughly.
  4. We place the future yogurt in a thermos, tightly spin, leave for 7-9 hours.

There is a chance to make yogurt at home with the help of a classic oven. Ingredients for fermented milk dishes:

  • any dry sourdough - 1 bottle,
  • milk - one liter.

  1. Milk, boil or heat, as in previous recipes.
  2. Mixing powder for fermentation with milk, pour the mixture into glass jars.
  3. The oven is heated to 50 ° C, turn off. It is desirable that it be equipped with a good thermostat. We put inside the container with the future delicacy, cover with a piece of cloth.
  4. Periodically, you will need to preheat the oven to maintain the temperature, because yogurt is cooked for 7-8 hours.
  5. Put the finished product in the cold for a few hours.

How to cook Greek yogurt with fruit

The Greek sour-milk utility is similar in taste and texture to yogurt or matsoni. Compared with classic yogurt, this option is more thick, concentrated. It does not reduce its taste, rather the opposite. To make a Greek dessert, you will need the following products:

  • not very fat homemade milk - 1-2 liters,
  • any starter (dry or liquid),
  • fruits.

  1. Milk bring to a boil, a minute later remove from heat.
  2. Cool it to 38-40 degrees, add the leaven.
  3. Ware with future yogurt (for example, a pot or a can) is well wrapped, we withstand 6 hours. After this period, the contents of the dishes move to cheesecloth, wait until all the serum drains.
  4. If you want to make a thicker yogurt, then you need to add sour cream, cream or even cottage cheese to it.
  5. It remains to add the sliced ​​fruit to the finished dish.

Delicious homemade yogurt video recipes

Preparing homemade live yogurt is very simple, the main thing is to follow the instructions exactly. To further simplify this process, you can use the culinary video tutorials. After watching the clips, you can quickly learn how to make a dairy delicacy without yogurt maker and sourdough, prepare drinking or thick yogurt for the child. Each entry explains in detail all the nuances of preparing a delicious dish.

How to cook delicious yogurt without yogurt maker?

The recipe for homemade yogurt without a yogurt maker is quite simple, you will need a list of certain ingredients, as well as a supply of patience, since the milk fermentation process can take from 8 to 15 hours. To prepare you may need a thermos or a regular saucepan (any container), which is covered with a blanket and put in a warm place.

It is important to properly complete the fermentation process, the only way yogurt will turn out to be a dense, but at the same time delicate texture. To do this, you need to cool the almost finished product by placing it in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours. So which products to buy?

  • pasteurized milk - 1 l,
  • dry yogurt starter - 1 bag or store yogurt - 125 ml (later used home-made yogurt),
  • if you want to add a certain taste, then you can add syrups, dried fruits, nuts, vanilla, etc.

Be sure to ensure that the utensils that will be used in the cooking process are covered with boiling water or sterilized. Next, heat the milk in a saucepan to 90 ° (until boiling), then remove it from the stove and cool it to 40 °.

The next step: when the milk has cooled, add a leaven to it, if it is dry, to begin with, the powder is diluted with a small amount of milk, stirring it carefully, and then pouring the rest. If you are using yogurt, it must also be diluted with a small amount of milk, stirred, to achieve the absence of yogurt clots, and only then, gradually, pour in the remaining milk.

If you use a thermos for the fermentation process, then pour the prepared mixture into it (in this case its temperature is important, since the thermos only holds it without heating it). All the processes of mixing the ferment with milk, its transfusions into a thermos must occur quickly so that the yogurt does not have time to cool.

Wrap a thermos with a warm scarf or rug and leave it for 8-12 hours in a warm place. The longer the sourdough process lasts, the more yogurt turns sour. After the time, the yogurt is sent to the refrigerator for at least 4 hours, where it reaches the desired consistency.

Cooking in other ways

For those who have a yogurt maker at home or a slow cooker, it is generally easier to cook yogurt at home in a simple way: put everything in the device in the evening, and get ready yogurt in the morning.

Consider a few details of this method of cooking. After the milk has boiled, and you have cooled it to a temperature of 40 °, it must be mixed with leaven, and then pour the prepared mixture into cups of yoghurt maker, leaving in it sour for 8-10 hours.

The advantage of this method is that you avoid the possible risk of non-compliance with temperature conditions, as in the previous method, the yogurt maker controls this process by herself. After the time the cups are sent to the fridge for thickening, if the consistency suddenly remains too thin, you can try to correct the situation by sending yogurt for another cycle to the yogurt maker. In the case of a thermos, there is unfortunately no such possibility.

Why did not work?

Very frustrating, when you take a jar out of the fridge, and the liquid in it badly resembles the necessary product, the question immediately arises, why did yogurt fail? One of the main mistakes, which is allowed more often than others, is the failure to comply with the correct temperature regime, and in fact, the consistency and taste of such a fermented milk product depends on it.

To determine the temperature, use a kitchen thermometer, it will avoid such situations, and also check how well your thermos bottle holds heat.

Also do not forget that it is necessary to use pasteurized milk to make homemade yoghurt, since it contains more vitamins.

Milk is a long-term storage - it is highly undesirable for these purposes, as it adds antibiotics, which are bad "friends" with the beneficial bacteria, the main actors of natural yogurt. Using this type of milk, you simply risk to spoil the products, and not having received the desired result.

Selection of ingredients for dessert

A set of ingredients for homemade yogurt can be extensive and consist of many items. As additions to the main elements you can use:

  • fresh or frozen berries and ground fruits, candied fruit,
  • cereals, bran, any nuts,
  • cocoa or melted chocolate bars,
  • coffee or honey
  • condensed milk, various jams,
  • vanilla sugar and vanilla,
  • fresh juices, fruit purees, syrups.

But the basis is always sourdough and, used for mixing with it, milk. Both ingredients are widely represented on the market, but the relative quality of the first can be guaranteed only by a purchase at a pharmacy, or at least in a health food store. Popular variants of this ingredient are:

  • sour cream or kefir,
  • natural types of yogurt or cottage cheese,
  • probiotics Simbilakt, Vitalact, Acidulact,
  • yeast from vivo Streptosan or Bifivit,
  • serum acidophilus.

Milk for mixing with sourdough is easier to buy at any available outlet. It is important that it is not a milk drink, and it must be boiled before mixing.

In the process of finding suitable items, you should listen to some recommendations of experienced housewives, for example:

  • Ladies who are worried about the calorie content of their menu should pay attention to this indicator of the initial components, which determine the level of calories in the final result, but do not worry much, the delicacy is well digested and not stored as fat
  • when used as a starter of live yogurt, it is advisable to take the most expensive, in which there are no additives, with a minimum shelf life, which allows us to hope for a minimum of dyes and flavors in the composition,
  • starter recipes are most often recommended for the home recipe under Evitaliya’s Breadth or Activia, their use eliminates extraneous tastes and odors, provides maximum benefit,
  • so that the mass turned out to be thick and tender, the choice of home-made milk, fresh only from under the cow, will be the best option,
  • pasteurized analogue from the store should be as fat as possible, this affects the thickness of the mixture, in this case, boiling is not required, sufficient heating is within 40 ° C,
  • A lot of positive feedback can be heard about the exciting analogues made at home by fermentation of fresh milk.

130 grams of milk is enough to make such a leaven. If the product is from under the cow, it must be boiled, then cooled to body temperature, removing the foam from the surface. Store analogue enough to heat to the same temperature. В подготовленное таким образом молоко добавляем:

  • флакон Бифидумбактерина,
  • до трех пакетиков Наринэ.

Компоненты тщательно перемешиваются, готовую смесь оставляем в покое в течение суток, обеспечив температурный режим не больше 40°С. С этой целью емкость со смесью ставят в любое теплое месть обернув полотенцем либо, помещают в йогуртницу.

Классический рецепт

Classic yogurt eliminates the addition of sugar and its analogues in the cooking process. Different varieties of sweeteners, such as jam or fruit syrup, finely chopped fresh fruit are added later when the mass has cooled and ready for use. To cook this yogurt you need only two elements:

  • milk with fat content not less than 3.5% from 750 ml to 1 liter,
  • Packing a dry pickling agent or Activia jar.

In the step-by-step version, the cooking process is as follows:

  1. The first step is to prepare the milk. If a fresh product is selected, it will need to be boiled and then cooled under ice water. It is important that the temperature does not exceed 40 ° C. It is easy to check it, put your finger in a container with a drink, if the heat is not felt, then everything has cooled down to body temperature and is ready for use. If available, you can use a culinary thermometer that will be more reliable.
  2. Capacities and covers for them must be boiled. If you have a dishwasher, it will be enough to wash at high temperatures. After drying, the jars will need to be closed with sterile caps and left to mix the ingredients.
  3. Harvested Activation should be placed in a small cup of about 50 ml. Add as much milk there and mix thoroughly. This will allow for greater homogeneity of the mixture. If you immediately mix the entire volume of the components of good uniformity will be more difficult. Pour the mixture into a container of milk and mix thoroughly again.
  4. If you use the fermenting agent, add a teaspoon of milk to the bottle with it and shake well. Dry analogue pour art. Spoon the milk product and beat with a whisk or blender until completely dissolved. Then the pickling composition is poured into the rest of the milk and mixed again.
  5. The prepared mass is poured into jars from a set of yogrutnitsy. For insurance, they can again be doused with boiling water. Capacity closed scalded caps.
  6. Banks are installed in the pallet and cover with a lid. At a temperature of from 38 to 40 ° C, the time to completion is from 6 to 8 hours. We set the necessary hours on the timer and set the alarm for the insurance. When using Activia or Evitalia, the cooking time will be less. In any case, it is advisable to pre-read the instructions that are attached to the device.
  7. When the timer turns off and the alarm goes off, the jars need to be moved to a cold place and held there for 4 to 6 hours. This will make the final product more dense.

Serve can be in pure form or with natural additives from fruits, fresh juices, other additional components.

Treats for the little ones

Home-made dairy products are often recommended for children from an early age, usually from ten months. This will minimize the baby’s intake of harmful food additives, which are still present in factory baby food, albeit in small doses. For mothers who are familiar with the classical way, it is easy to make a dairy treat for babies. However, in this case it will be necessary to take into account several important nuances:

  • it is undesirable to use store-type sourdoughs, it is better to cook it yourself,
  • no need to add to the composition of sugar or honey, which has strong allergenic properties,
  • You can create a sweet taste with natural apple puree or its analogue made from other fruits,
  • do not forget, fermented milk product, prepared in this way, is stored for up to 3 days, and with the addition of fruit up to 12 hours, so it is recommended to use it immediately after preparation and carefully calculate the required amount in advance.

In this case, a detailed method of cooking is not necessary to describe, the procedure differs little from the classical version, taking into account the listed features. The dairy component is brought to the desired temperature, mixed with sourdough, then mixed with one type of puree. Cooking time is at least 5 hours.

Activia Yoghurt

In this case, instead of the standard component, it is proposed to drink Drinking Activation from Danone in the amount of 5 tbsp. spoons. The only condition is to ensure that this ingredient is extremely fresh. You can add nuts or bran of any kind to the two main components. The cooking process is identical to that described above:

  1. home dairy ingredient boil and cool, store up to the desired temperature,
  2. a small amount of it is poured into a bowl with Activia and interfere until uniform,
  3. then mix the billet with the remaining milk,
  4. if additional components are used, lay them out a small amount on the bottom of each jar,
  5. we arrange the mixture in containers and transfer them to the machine tray,
  6. we set the timer for a while from 6 to 8 hours.

The longer the time, the thicker the consistency will be at the end. But you need to be careful, brute force over time can turn into excessive acidity and loss of taste. After the device is completed, we transfer all the containers to the refrigerator and hold there for up to 4 hours.

Sour-milk dessert with jam

This recipe is almost the same as the previous one. Activation is also recommended as a pasty substance. But an additional element in the composition is jam, which can be supplemented with nuts. In the composition there are:

  • fat milk product from 3.5 to 6%,
  • Danone to 5 tbsp. spoons
  • any kind of jam st. a spoon on each jar,
  • nuts selected to taste.

Cooking in a well-known pattern:

  1. boil milk base
  2. pre-mix a small amount of it with the Activation,
  3. we mix components completely,
  4. put a spoonful of jam on the bottom of all containers and add nuts at will,
  5. move the tray and set the timer for 4 - 8 hours.

After cooking, give time to cool in any cold place. Before use, a complex composition is desirable to mix.

Greek yogurt to vegetables

This kind of sour-milk delicacy is important. an element of the popular Dzadzyki sauce in Greece. From it you can make a topping on the cake or use for the same purpose with ice cream. The truth is the last for an amateur. Naturally, it is useful in itself. In the recipe:

  • liter of milk component of medium fat,
  • sourdough from Evitalia.

Below is a step-by-step recipe for making Greek delicacies.

  1. The last pre-mix with a small amount of the first ingredient to the mixture came out homogeneous. Then finally mix with the rest of the composition.
  2. We put in jars and put in the container of the device for a known time. If there is no special apparatus, you can do with an ordinary stainless steel saucepan, which is wrapped with a towel and kept overnight for thickening.
  3. To make it ready, wrap the mixture in several layers of gauze and hold up to 4 hours. The output should be up to 500 grams. delicate and thick mass.
  4. Then you can use it as a cream on the cake or serve it yourself, mixed with finely chopped banana or filled with chocolate chips.

After reviewing the rules for choosing foods and instructions for making homemade yogurt, you will not be able to pamper your family and guests with a useful dessert. Original recipes of sour-milk delicacy will appeal to not only children, but also adults. And if the delicacy begins to acquire an ordinary taste, you can always diversify it with a variety of delicious fillers.

How to make yogurt at home: is it possible?

Today, you can find a huge assortment of various yoghurts on the shelves, but finding a truly useful and safe product is quite difficult. However, yogurt can be made at home, and it is quite simple, as it may seem. But the advantages of homemade yogurt in comparison with the goods sold are obvious:

1. Home-made yoghurt is a natural, environmentally friendly product, without dyes, preservatives and other chemicals, and harmful additives.

2. You can easily control the calorie content of the finished product, it’s enough to use milk of different fat content.

3. Homemade yogurt is an opportunity to express your imagination. Experimentally, you can achieve different thicknesses. In addition, many different variations can be made from classic yogurt, resulting in a lot of unique and interesting desserts. They use such fillers as fresh berries, fresh and canned fruits, dried fruits, muesli, flakes, chocolate or coconut chips.

4. Yoghurt, cooked at home, is excellent for preparing various types of sauces, for filling fruit and vegetable salads. Thanks to this product, the usual salty, sweet, spicy dishes acquire new interesting tastes.

5. Homemade yogurt is stored in the refrigerator for three to four days. The main condition is that the container with yogurt is tightly sealed. After this time, homemade yogurt is not suitable for consumption. But this fact is another proof of the fact that the product is natural and does not look like long-term store storage, which, unfortunately, only a name comes from real yogurt.

6. It is noteworthy that for making yogurt it is not necessary to have a yoghurt maker, the product can be prepared with the help of improvised means, such as a saucepan, a slow cooker, a jar, a thermos and others.

How to make yogurt at home: what you need to do

For the preparation of homemade yogurt, two ingredients are required: milk and sourdough. The rest can be added, focusing on your taste preferences.

Milk. Ideally, it is best to buy fresh country milk, you can also buy 10% cream. For the preparation of low-calorie yogurt is enough to take milk 3.5-5% fat. The main thing is that the original product is pasteurized, not sterilized, and not long-term storage. The use of baked milk is also acceptable, the taste of ready-made yoghurt will be tender, caramelized.

Milk is poured into an enamel pan, brought to a boil, and then cooled to 45 degrees. To measure the temperature, you can use a kitchen thermometer. If the milk is hotter than necessary, all the beneficial trace elements and bacteria will simply die.

Leaven. Also, to make a delicious dessert, you will need a starter. You can use ready-made yeast or “live” natural yogurt with a short shelf life.

Let us consider in more detail what is best to buy for making a dessert.

Dry sourdough You can buy in specialized stores or a pharmacy, they are sold in small bottles. For a liter of milk, two capsules are enough.

The advantages of this type of starter in the duration of storage, resistance of bacteria and in the amazing taste of the finished product.

Liquid yeast, in contrast to dry ones, they are not as popular as they have some disadvantages. First, their shelf life is not so big, only 3 months, but it was revealed that already at the end of the first month many live bacteria simply die. Secondly, the taste of the finished product is not so delicious. Usually, yogurt, prepared on the basis of liquid sourdough, turns out to be slightly sourish and not very pleasant viscous consistency.

• Although “live” yogurt is permissible to use, yet many experienced chefs do not advise doing this, considering that when combined with milk, not only the necessary useful microorganisms will begin to reproduce, but also hidden pathogens. And then, homemade yogurt will be no different from desserts sold in stores. In addition, if they exceed the permissible rate, there is a possibility of poisoning and getting food infectious diseases.

Therefore, if you want to get a really useful product, use a special dry sourdough of any company for its preparation, especially it is not difficult to get it.

1. Recipe for homemade yogurt cooked in a yogurt maker

Of course, the presence of yogurt maker facilitates the process of making a healthy product. Its undoubted advantage is that the "machine" maintains a constant desired temperature. To make yogurt in a yogurt maker, mix two capsules of a dry dressing or a tablespoon of liquid dressing with one liter of milk. Pour the mixture into a container, soak for 10 hours.

2. How to cook yogurt at home in a thermos

If there is no yogurt maker, and you want a tasty and healthy product, you can use a regular thermos for making yogurt, the main thing is that the neck is wide - it will be more convenient to cook.

The technology of preparation does not differ from the previous recipe, you need to pour in the milk cooled to 45 degrees, add leaven, mix. Remove to an inaccessible place and stand for 6-8 hours without disturbing the product - the thermos can not be rearranged, shaken, yogurt should not be mixed. Ready yogurt is poured into a sterile container and cleaned in the refrigerator.

3. How to cook homemade yogurt in a saucepan

To prepare the product using this method, a thick-walled pot is required, which retains heat for a long time. So, pour warm milk mixed with sourdough into the pan, close the lid. Expose the container on the hot water bottle or hot battery and wrapped in a thick warm blanket, leave it for 6-8 hours. It is permissible to use a glass jar or a ceramic pot instead of the pan.

4. Alternative cooking options

In addition, you can cook the product in a multicooker. The technology is similar. Many modern multicookers have a built-in “Yogurt” mode, but if there is none, then you can use the “Heating” function.

You can also use an oven to make a dessert, in this case, the oven is heated to 40 degrees, kept in container with milk and sourdough for 5 hours. In this case, it is better to use glass containers.

How to make yogurt at home: the reasons for failure

It happens that the technology is respected, but yogurt did not work. Why is this happening and what could be the reason for the failures?

• The main secrets of a successful product preparation are correctly selected fresh sourdough, high-quality milk, sterile containers and a constant uniform temperature at which yoghurt ferments.

• In addition, the product can not be prepared in aluminum and plastic containers. All containers should be clean, including containers, thermometers, pots, which boil milk, spoons and other necessary utensils.

• Fillers and additives: berries, chocolate and others, it is best to add not into the preparation, but into the already finished product. Bacteria for normal work need only dairy environment. Sugar, fruit and other fillers will lead to the development of unwanted yeast and putrefactive bacteria, which will spoil the product at the preparation stage.

• Also, do not add starch or dry milk for thickening; this is the task of regular milk. The density and caloric content of the finished product depends on the fat content of the original product.

• The finished product is best removed immediately to a cold place so that the process of fermentation and reproduction of bacteria stops, otherwise the ready-made yogurt will turn sour.

• It happens that yogurt does not ferment. The reason may be hot milk or low-quality sourdough. Milk temperature should be 45 degrees, not more.

• By the way, if the milk is too cold, the yogurt will turn out to be too liquid or viscous.

How is yogurt served?

Yogurt perfectly with all fruits, you can serve the product with peaches, bananas, berries, pears and others. Also delicious yogurt with berries: strawberries, raspberries, currants and others. In yogurt, in addition to fresh fruits and berries, you can add jam, fresh juice.

For breakfast, you can serve yogurt with oatmeal and honey or muesli. You can fill salads with yogurt, on its basis you can make ice cream and various desserts.

As you can see, it is easy to cook yogurt at home, the main thing is to choose the right products and the container used for cooking. Do not forget that desserts cooked at home are always healthier and tastier than the store. Cook with pleasure.