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40 ideas to give a woman a birthday


So, what are the requirements for a gift that will be presented to a girl who knows a lot about fashion?

  • Originality. Banal things certainly will not please the woman of fashion, so forget about them.
  • Individuality. A fashionable girl is always up to date with world trends, has seen a lot, is not surprised at almost anything and knows for sure that any thing must be individual, otherwise it will not be stylish. So, choosing a gift, be sure to think about the one to whom it is intended. Consider her character, tastes, features.
  • The gift absolutely must be modern, because to be truly stylish and fashionable, you need to use cutting-edge technology and science.
  • Brightness. Even if you donate some kind of electrical appliance, it certainly should have a stylish and original design.

Modern and necessary gifts

A woman of fashion will definitely appreciate a modern gift that, among other things, will prove useful or even necessary:

  • Robot vacuum cleaner. Surely a stylish girl has no time for cleaning. And if a cute and hard-working robot vacuum cleaner does everything for it, it will be absolutely delighted!
  • Modern electronic clock. They can have a huge set of functions: stopwatch, timer, pedometer, calculator, and so on. But such an accessory should be not only functional, but also stylish, do not forget about it.
  • If a woman of fashion has a personal car, then donate some modern gadget for it, for example, a navigator (always with interesting sound), parking sensors, the original holder for mobile devices (in the form of a hand, for example), an equalizer for the rear window, an organizer or something other.
  • Laser Keyboard. It connects to computers and mobile devices, designs the keyboard on any flat surface and makes using the device not only convenient (you no longer have to correct errors associated with hitting the wrong keys on the touch screen) and creative.
  • Modern smartphone. But in order to make such a gift also very useful, download interesting and useful applications for stylish and fashionable girls, such as a calorie counter, a barcode scanner, an image editor, and so on.
  • Insoles heated. If you do not want to part with your favorite, but not the warmest shoes, but it is cold outside, then such insoles will warm the legs and allow you to forget about discomfort.

Fashionable gifts for women who know a lot about fashion can be used for home use or home furnishing, because a fashionista probably wants to stay stylish and original at home too. Some ideas:

  • Stylish slippers. It can be warm and cozy slippers or a feminine and elegant model with heels. And you can buy heated slippers.
  • Original home dressing-gown or suit. It can be a thing made of expensive and trendy fabric or a model with an interesting decor, for example, embroidery, appliqué or lettering.
  • Organizer for accessories or jewelry in the form of a dress. Such a device will solve the problem of storing small items.
  • Creative ice molds. Surely a stylish girl likes to drink various cocktails and other drinks and uses ice to serve them. And if it is not ordinary, but original, then this will allow you to get not only taste, but also aesthetic pleasure.
  • Portrait. But it must be executed without fail in some modern and original style, such as pop art.
  • Set of bright covers for clothes. If a woman of fashion loves to travel, then she will definitely appreciate such a gift. You can pack any things into the covers, this will avoid confusion in the suitcase or travel bag. In addition, they look fashionable and stylish.
  • The projector of the star sky will allow to make any home evening interesting and unforgettable.
  • Light nozzle on the shower. The procedure for taking a shower should also be interesting and original.
  • Vinyl stickers. They will allow you to refresh, transform or even change the interior without any extra costs and efforts.
  • Original apron. In the kitchen, too, need to be fashionable.
  • Photomosaic or photo collage.
  • Decorative mirror. It can have almost any shape and become not only useful, but also a bright subject, as well as an independent accent of design.
  • Bright poof box for storage.

Stylish accessories

Ideas for stylish accessories:

  • Creative cover for a passport, student card or other documents. Everything should be stylish and bright, right?
  • Bright mirror. It can be decorated with stones, appliqués and other decorative elements.
  • Handbag holder. This accessory will solve the issue of placing the handbag in public places.
  • Stylish headphone case.
  • Original case for mobile phone.
  • Bright folder for documents. This is a stylish and useful accessory for business fashionista.
  • Fashion pencil case. Suitable for a stylish student and business woman.
  • Purse. It certainly should be a lot of departments: for cards, for documents, for large bills, for trivia, and so on. And the wallet, of course, must be stylish.
  • Convenient and bright lunchbox. Such a useful accessory will allow you to dine at the workplace not only with convenience and comfort, but also fashionable.
  • Original travel bag.
  • Gloves for touch phone. Let the girl use the device in the cold, and the pens at the same time remain warm.
  • Case for underwear or a separate cover for bras. This is a very useful thing, especially for girls who have a lot of underwear and often travel.
  • The clips for the bra allow you to connect the straps on the back and make the underwear invisible under the clothes with an H-shaped back at the back, which opens the shoulder blades.
  • Nozzles on the heels, allowing to protect footwear during walks "on impassable".

For body and soul

A fashionista will be pleased to receive the following gifts:

  • Certificate in a fashionable clothing store.
  • Certificate in the store cosmetics or perfumes.
  • Certificate for a session of visage.
  • Certificate of attendance at the spa.
  • Photo session in a bright and interesting way. Fashionistas will appreciate!

  1. Pay special attention to packaging. It should be original, bright and stylish.
  2. To the main gift you can attach an object made with your own hands. Such things are always in fashion and are exclusive.
  3. Do not forget during congratulations to praise the perfect style of the recipient of the gift.

40 ideas to give a woman a birthday

If a close, beloved, dear woman from your surroundings or family is going to celebrate her birthday, you must find a gift that will delight her. What to give a woman a birthday to bring a smile and pleasure? There are many options, because women are so versatile, original and unique. Choose a gift she dreamed of. Or at least one that 100% will like. Consider women's tastes, interests, preferences, lifestyle. We have prepared TOP 40 interesting gifts that are sure to please. When you buy a present for your mother, wife, beloved, sister or girlfriend, take them on board.

What a birthday present for a woman can be bought: TOP 40 ideas

  1. Brand perfume. Perhaps this is the most pleasant gift for a woman. None of the ladies will not give up the coveted bottle with the brand logo and favorite fragrance.
  2. Handbag + wallet. Bags, wallets, gloves and belts made of genuine leather, and even selected in the same range and style, do not happen much. Every true lady will say that. So feel free to choose a new model. The bag should be combined with your favorite nail polish, scarf, gloves. But the bags in the tone of the shoe today is not fashionable to wear.
  3. Scarf + leather gloves. A great birthday present for a woman. Especially if she carefully watches the fashion and selects accessories for each costume. Scarf and gloves in a single scale - fashion trend number 1. You can play with shades. The kit looks great!
  4. Cosmetic set. We do not recommend purchasing cosmetics for women, if you absolutely do not understand it. Native and beloved woman's birthday can be presented with a large cosmetic set of a good brand, which has all the necessary tools. These things ladies adore. Just pay attention to the color scheme. To do this, you have to look into the female cosmetics bag.
  5. Exotic flower in a pot. If the birthday girl is interested in home floriculture, an exotic flower can be presented to the woman for her birthday. Women like orchid, bougainvillea, anthurium, hydrangea, mimosa, etc. The main thing is that they have a "zest".
  6. SPA treatments. Give a lady a whole day or at least a few hours of complete relaxation and pleasant procedures in a good spa salon. You can pay for a pre-selected program or donate a certificate for a certain amount. And the woman will select the procedure herself.
  7. Certificate for shopping. Want to make a nice, useful and original birthday present for a woman? Present a gift certificate for a decent amount that a lady can spend in your favorite store. For example, perfume and cosmetic or boutique brand clothing. Perhaps an elderly mother or aunt will like the certificate of the hypermarket more, where you can buy something for your home, cottage, food, etc.
  8. Decorations. Of course, the main friends of the girls are diamonds. But you can give something more modest, depending on financial capabilities. Any jewelry is allowed: rings, earrings, brooches, chains, bracelets, pendants, etc. Jewelry can be both from precious metals and high-quality expensive jewelry.
  9. New car. Every woman's dream is a brand new sparkling car. No comments…
  10. Household appliances. You can give household appliances, but not all. A good gift will be what a woman really wants, what she dreams of. For example, dishwasher, multicooker, multifunctional food processor, robot vacuum cleaner. Or something smaller - a hair styler, a depilator, a professional hair dryer.
  11. A set of care products. If you are going to buy products for care, you need to study the features of cosmetics, which she uses. Find out what type of skin your birthday girl has and let the consultant choose the means. Of course, it should not be a shower gel and shampoo. A large, beautifully packaged, useful and pleasant-smelling set, which includes all-all-all.
  12. Subscription to attend a master class. Do you think you can give a woman a birthday present? There is nothing better than something from the field of hobby. Pay for courses or a master class for making rolls, cards in the technique of scrapbooking, beadwork, art of decoupage, etc.
  13. Instance for collection. Another option for keen on nature. If the lady is engaged in collecting, she will be very happy to receive a new statuette, doll, vase, etc. Just look for a rare and original thing.
  14. Luxurious basket of flowers. Excellent set of flowers + money. Take note if ideas run out. Buy a large bouquet of your favorite flowers or order an original composition from a florist. Which flowers are better to give for a birthday? Of course, the most beloved. If in doubt, choose roses, you can not go wrong.
  15. Elite alcohol, candy, fruit. This is a good option for congratulations if you do not know what to give a woman to a colleague for a birthday. Such a gift can be presented to a sister and even a mother. But to congratulate the second half is only suitable if it will be attached to the envelope with the amount, a box with a ring or favorite perfume.
  16. Journey. The cherished female dream is quite feasible for you? Give a dream birthday, this gift will be remembered for a long time.
  17. Portrait of the words. An original and very nice gift that will appeal to every woman. A portrait of touching and warm words is a creative and unusual decision.
  18. Gadget or digital technology. The birthday girl will be pleased with the new smartphone, tablet, e-book, as well as a good digital camera, photo frame, etc. It all depends on her interests and hobbies.
  19. Sports accessories. If the birthday girl is actively involved in sports, she can’t live without workouts, you can give cool girl sneakers, a tracksuit, a subscription to a good fitness center, a sports watch with a pedometer, calorie counter and other “frills” for her birthday.
  20. Romantic dinner in an unusual place. Have a rooftop dinner or picnic in a picturesque setting. As an option - a separate booth in an expensive restaurant. Ideal - in the restaurant Le Jules Verne on the Eiffel Tower.
  21. Striptease. Incendiary dance in its own performance! A storm of emotions and great sex are guaranteed.
  22. An interesting quest. To hand your gift interesting and unusual, arrange a quest at the end of which the birthday girl will be able to reveal an honestly deserved gift.
  23. Breakfast table with pillow. Not too original, but a nice gift. But only if you agree every morning or at least on Sundays to use it for its intended purpose, feeding your favorite coffee in bed.
  24. Room decoration balls. Let him wake up in a room decorated to the ceiling with delicate balloons. It is an inexpensive birthday present for a woman, but very, very nice.
  25. Pet. This is a good and very long-awaited gift, but only if a woman dreams of a kitten, puppy, turtle or hamster of a rare breed.
  26. Pet Accessories. If the lady doesn’t feel like in her chihuahua or bald cat, she will squeal with delight when she sees a glamorous jumpsuit, a jacket with ears or a cool collar with a pendant.
  27. A set of stylish frames for diplomas and certificates. A good option to congratulate colleagues and unfamiliar women. Familiar woman can give a set of stylish frames for certificates and diplomas that can be hung in the office.
  28. A set of kitchen or home textiles. Women love beautiful tablecloths, towels, potholders, bed linen and other home textiles. Choose depending on age and the status of the birthday girl.
  29. Business set. Variants of gifts for women colleagues are actually not so diverse. A close acquaintance imposes restrictions. But the leather diary, glider and stylish pen - this is what you need. And expensive, and stylish, and appropriate.
  30. Hammock for the legs. Will be pleasant both to the colleague, and to the close woman. Hammock, invisible under the desk, will help relieve tension and relax the muscles of the legs.
  31. Organizer stand for cosmetics and jewelry. You can find interesting solutions for the storage of cosmetics and decorative cosmetics (of course, if it is not very much, but this is not your concern).
  32. Creative vase. Choosing an interesting gift for a woman is a fascinating activity. And if you prefer original and creative gifts to useful ones, go for souvenir boutiques and shops. There you can buy a beautiful flower vase, which is always in the house of a real woman. This may be a modern model for minimalist interiors or an old vase for rooms in a classic style.
  33. Car kit for girls. If your birthday girl is an avid avtoledi, she must have this glamorous-looking, but useful inside set with tools, gloves and an emergency sign in her car.
  34. Travel organizer for underwear. A nice case with compartments will help keep your laundry in order and provide quick access on any trip. A good gift for those who travel frequently or travel around for work.
  35. Sexy lingerie. You can safely include a set of linen in the list of the best birthday gifts for a woman. Of course, this is not an option for everyone, but only for the beloved second half, with whom you are close enough and who loves to fool around a little!
  36. Tiered jewelry box. On the dressing table is always a lot of jewelry, accessories. The box is a great gift, useful and beautiful.
  37. Refined watches. If the question “what you can give a girl,” you will be told that you can’t give a watch, don’t listen and don’t believe. Watches are a wonderful option, a sophisticated and useful gift. If you are too superstitious, take a small "something".
  38. Gift Recipe Book. A great gift for cooking from God. The book will be a manual for the preparation of delicacies. Delicious breakfasts and sumptuous dinners are provided for the whole family.
  39. Umbrella with an unusual print. An umbrella is not only a practical thing that protects from rain, but also a beautiful accessory. Therefore, a woman can have two, three, and four fashionable umbrellas suitable for different outerwear.
  40. An envelope with money. If you really do not know what to give, or doubt in your own abilities, put a few solid bills in a beautiful envelope, buy a bouquet of flowers. Women are usually very happy with such gifts. After all, it can be spent on what you really want.

We hope that our ideas for birthday gifts for women you liked and helped to choose something interesting. And, of course, do not forget about the colors and beautiful packaging. Agree, diamonds in a velvet box or a car with a huge bow look much better than without them!

What to give categorically should not be

Есть определенная категория вещей, которые категорически запрещено дарить на именины. К ним стоит отнести товары, что могут намекнуть человеку на его несовершенство.

К примеру, банные, мыльные принадлежности как символ того, что имениннику стоит почаще мыться, антицеллюлитный крем, утягивающее белье, кремы, препараты для похудения напомнят о неидеальной фигуре, составы против морщин – о возрасте. The exception is when a woman is a very close friend and specifically asked to make just such a gift.

Considering that birthday is a personal holiday, it is recommended to avoid general gifts intended for the whole family, for example, a set of dishes from which everyone will eat. Many women will be offended by gifts that hint at their role as a housekeeper, preferring perfumes, jewelry, things meant only for them. Although, again, if the birthday girl has long dreamed about such pots, household appliances, utensils - feel free to buy!

Based on popular beliefs, it is forbidden to present to the birthday

  • clock
  • towels
  • slippers
  • handkerchiefs as symbols of a fast separation
  • scarf can provoke controversy, disease
  • knives with forks - enmity.

It is forbidden to present an empty wallet, caskets, other things that involve long-term storage of items. They should be given with something inside, for example, to put a small bill.

The Greeks believe that girls can not give pearls, the symbol of widows, as it is able to attract trouble, tears. Christians urge to abandon the presentation of the cross, since it is possible to call fears, worries, nerves, with this decoration people are bestowed solely on christening.

Another bad gift is a mirror - a bridge between the world of the living and the spirits, such an act can bring troubles and problems into the house.

How to approach the choice of a gift

I advise you not to delay the procedure for selecting a present on the last day, this is an important and difficult matter. After all, how much you find yourself lucky depends on the location of the birthday girl, both on the birthday itself and later. So be careful, choose wisely!

First of all, it is necessary to proceed from the nature, characteristics of the woman herself:

  • Ladies household will appreciate the new dishes, original baking molds, fixtures, kitchen appliances that facilitate the process of cooking
  • Business ladies will be delighted with branded stationery, a good purse, briefcase, workplace or office decoration (for example, a beautiful picture, a luxurious stationery set on a desk)
  • Lovers of beauty will appreciate the original elements of decor: paintings, figurines, vases, handmade blankets, pillows
  • Watching people will be delighted with jewelry, a certificate at a spa or a cosmetics store, and good cosmetics.

List of interior gifts

Ladies who respect the beauty and comfort of their home nest will certainly appreciate interior gifts, that is, little things that adorn their favorite apartment or private house. These include:

  • an original vase, if you add a bouquet of flowers to it, then the gift will be able to “update” immediately
  • pictures
  • figurines
  • various panels
  • photo frames, single or entire collages, electronic with automatic page turning
  • cushions
  • plaids, furniture capes
  • elements of furniture (to a loved one, for example, mother, sister, you can present the now fashionable bean bag chair or hanging, depending on the interior)
  • unusual flower with a bright, original pot
  • aromatherapy plates
  • bowls for chocolates.

Before choosing such a gift, it is advisable to visit the birthday girl at home to assess the interior, style, preferences of the owners, so as not to be misled.

Gifts for beauty and health

We women must always remain beautiful, tender, vigorous, full of strength. And we appreciate the gifts that allow you to care for your body, face, health. This group includes the following ideas:

  • a certificate in a spa salon is a universal option, as a birthday woman for a certain amount will be able to choose exactly those procedures that are needed are interesting to her personally
  • good cream personal care
  • branded perfumes (it is important to know in advance the tastes of a woman, as it is difficult to rely on personal impressions)
  • jewelry, from gold, with precious stones, to fairly cheap silver or even jewelry
  • bath for water massage of the feet, which will perfectly relieve fatigue after a hard day's work
  • manicure set for lovers to take care of themselves on their own
  • luxurious set of cosmetics so that the lady could look every day in a new way
  • curling iron, hair dryer, styler will help make the styling process simple, interesting
  • a humidifier that allows you to create a microclimate in the room
  • A subscription to the pool, gym will appreciate a lover of a healthy lifestyle.

Such a gift will once again remind the birthday girl that she is a beautiful, desirable woman, and not a housekeeper, mother, mistress, worker.

Gifts - Impressions

Gifts-impressions are gradually gaining popularity, that is, not things, but a certain type of activity. Of course, such a gift can not be put on the shelf, but the memories remain for many years. Interesting options are:

  • parachute jump, airplane flight around the airport for lovers of extreme, air, sky
  • SPA treatment with chocolate
  • antistress massage
  • car driving extreme lesson
  • karting
  • family or individual photo session, captured the birthday girl in all its glory
  • passage of the quest room
  • riding lesson
  • off-road buggy ride
  • weekend with loved ones, and it can be both romantic - Paris, Venice, Florence, and a country sanatorium. The main thing is that the birthday girl was comfortable, interesting, pleasant
  • master class on make-up, embroidery, cooking, modeling, decoupage, rock climbing, floristics
  • wine tasting, cheese, sweets
  • kayak trip on the river.

The options are varied, it is important to proceed from the interests of the woman herself. Various master classes will suit the creative ladies; sport and quick work will be a mastery of a new sport, always working, watching oneself, and will enjoy various cosmetic procedures. But to offer mom or another lady of considerable age a parachute jump is not worth it - God forbid your heart can not stand it!

What to give a young woman

Inexpensive gifts are more suitable for a young, even a young girl, especially if they are presented not by parents, but by friends, girlfriends. Agree, the young man will not afford to buy a beloved necklace with a diamond, and inappropriate it looks on a bell-girl.

But this age leaves just the same unlimited scope for fantasy, a young lady may be suitable:

  • jewelry box where the woman can put her “treasures”
  • modern gadgets from an external speaker in the form of a cute animal, headphones, a computer mouse, a rug to it to a modern tablet, smartphone
  • various decorations according to the taste of the woman
  • useful things according to hobbies
  • beautiful box of delicious sweets
  • flowers, they are always relevant.

Gift ideas for women 30 years old

This age assumes more serious, meaningful gifts. A woman is quite mature, as a rule, has already taken place as a wife, mother, has a profession, and from this it is worth starting. So, fit:

  • trifles for home, kitchen, various sets of dishes, interesting fixtures, appliances (robot vacuum cleaner, multicooker, coffee maker, food processor), decor elements
  • things that emphasize the status of a business woman (leather briefcases, handbags, branded scarves, gloves, original flash drives, writing materials of a famous company
  • the husband may well donate a fur coat, almost every birthday girl dreams of her, even if there is already a similar piece of clothing
  • good decorations are relevant at any age, especially now that a woman has blossomed
  • spouse or the closest can make a birthday girl a luxury gift - a car
  • nice gifts, impressions or gifts that allow you to relax, forget about your daily worries (certificate for visiting the spa salon, scented candles, massager).

If a woman is 40 - 50 years old: a list of gifts

By this age, most of the ladies have already organized their life, so getting rid of banal “glasses, tablecloths, vases” is already difficult. But to buy truly original, expensive gifts, not everyone can afford. Do not hurry to get upset, I offer a list of unusual gifts for a mature woman:

  • rich, elegant jewelry, scarves, gloves, scarves
  • good household trifles, which the ladies do not have yet, because the dishes tend to beat, the technique breaks, textiles wear out
  • things that allow you to take care of yourself, for example, a set of anti-aging creams (the main thing is that the birthday girl should not be offended by the hint), body oils, a manicure set, hair masks
  • the opportunity to relax, so a husband or children can ask a woman in advance to forget about the bustle of preparations for the festive table and do everything themselves, giving the birthday girl the opportunity to feel like an honored guest
  • to spend time together, especially if the children are already living separately, it is sometimes enough for all relatives to gather in their father’s house or restaurant to please the birthday girl.

A gift for an elderly woman

Old age is not a reason to be sad for birthdays, because relatives and friends are preparing luxurious, touching, thoughtful greetings. Here such gifts are well suited:

  • kitchen utensils, if the hero of the occasion loves to bake, cook, stew, fatten children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren
  • a warm blanket, a bathrobe, slippers, a hot-water bottle to warm the “old bones”, because elderly people have slower metabolic processes, they need warmth
  • player with a disk where the most favorite films of the birthday girl are lovingly recorded
  • for an advanced grandmother - a tablet with the Internet on which she can chat with her friends on Skype, watch news, TV shows, recipes, tips, play, finally (as they say, life is just beginning to retire, you need to develop!)
  • satellite dish with which a woman will not be bored in the long evenings
  • delicacies prepared by loving hands of relatives (cake, cookies, original meat dish) - simple, but such a gift carries so much attention, tenderness
  • DIY items can be either a card glued by a young grandson (great-grandson) or a hand-knitted sweater, a photo collage with a picture of the whole family, a notebook, a lamp, a hand-made rug
  • communication in the family circle when all relatives come to the birthday party.

Gifts for women birthday interesting

Even tempted women will be interested in such things:

  • certificate of trial occupation of the original sport, new hobbies
  • portrait painted by a lady photo
  • Japanese lover - a luxurious sushi set
  • map of the conquest of the world, on which the woman will mark the cities already visited by her
  • self-written poems.

100 gift options for women

  1. Jewel. This is one of the most desired gifts, especially if you choose it correctly, taking into account the style and preferences of the birthday girl.
  2. Smartphone - Another classic gift that will surely come in handy for any woman.
  3. Professional photo session. It is only important to choose the right theme, taking into account what the birthday girl appreciates and what she likes.
  4. Congratulations or confession verses. This is not exactly a gift, but it will definitely please a romantic lady.
  5. Portrait of a birthday girl, made in an interesting technique. Just avoid the cartoons - women are often offended.
  6. Journey. If you have a close enough relationship to allow such expensive and personal gifts, feel free to please the birthday girl.
  7. Beautiful underwear. This is also a very personal gift, in addition, you need to know exactly the size, so it is not always appropriate.
  8. Cool cup. This is an inexpensive and pleasant option, especially if you put on your overall photo with a romantic signature.
  9. Unusual umbrella. Choose something beautiful and original - in the shape of a heart, with a fabulous print, backlit or with perky “ears”.
  10. EBook. Be sure to download any birthday books or some of the most fashionable bestsellers.
  11. Humidifier. It will help keep the skin young and healthy, and protect against dryness caused by heating and air conditioning.
  12. Romantic walk on horseback. If the birthday girl is not afraid of horses, she will be glad to such entertainment.
  13. Plot on the moon - an excellent gift for the dreamer who believes that soon there will be cities on Earth’s satellite.
  14. Flowering exotic potted plant - This is a great alternative to the traditional bouquet, if, of course, the birthday girl loves homemade flowers.
  15. Concert Tickets of a Favorite Artist or a performance that matches the tastes of the recipient.
  16. Good camera. If a woman likes to take pictures, but still enjoys an old “soap box” or shoots it on the phone, such a gift will please her. And, if the camera is already there, you can buy something for it - a lens, a case, etc.
  17. Smart pot for home plants. It is useful to those who love flowers in the house, but constantly forgets to take care of them.
  18. Unusual set of bed linen. You can choose something modest and romantic, for example, with a 3D-flower, or a product with “peppercorn”, for example, a cam-sheet.
  19. A set of photo frames in the form of a family tree. This is a good gift to your wife or girlfriend, with whom you plan to link your life.
  20. Collection of favorite music or movies on discs.
  21. Beautiful notebook, preferably in a leather cover with stamped stamp.
  22. Pocket mirrordecorated with rhinestones or unique engraving. Well, if it is engraved on the author's quatrain in honor of the birthday woman.
  23. Photo album. It is better to give preference to a unique product in the scrapbooking technique, since the album usually comes from China and the birthday girl probably has one.
  24. Beautiful scarf or snud. If the birthday is in the cold season, such a gift will definitely come in handy.
  25. Cozy pajama - silk, fleece, cotton or ridiculous kigurumi, as long as it matches the tastes of the birthday girl.
  26. Silk Scarf. Choose a fashionable product from a reputable manufacturer or a unique hand-painted scarf.
  27. A set of towels with spicy pictures. A girl with a good sense of humor will surely enjoy.
  28. Funny T-shirt with an unusual print. As a basis for creating a picture, you can take a photo of the birthday girl or your general.
  29. Purse. It is necessary to invest money in it in order not to bring financial problems to the superstitious girl.
  30. Cosmetic bag - This is an inexpensive and useful gift that is useful to any woman.
  31. Jewelry box. They are traditional forms, decorated with carvings, rhinestones or paintings, or unusual, for example, in the form of a dresser.
  32. Beautiful hairpinif the recipient wears them.
  33. Apparatus for home manicure-pedicure. This is a useful gift for a practical lady who does not like to spend money on salons.
  34. Perfume - a gift for the most beloved, all the tastes of which you know very well, and you can predict the reaction to any fragrance.
  35. Hair care devices. They are chosen taking into account what hairstyles the birthday girl is wearing so as not to present something unnecessary.
  36. Tattoo. Many women dream of such decoration for their bodies, but they fear the reaction of a loved one. If the birthday girl is one of them, donate a certificate to the tattoo parlor or go together and help choose the most successful sketch.
  37. Jewelry flash drive. If a girl works with a PC, your gift will always be there to remind you of the holiday and cheer up.
  38. Unusual night lightFor example, 3D in the form of a heart, a bear cub or a skull for lovers of the Gothic style.
  39. Engraved pen - A great gift for a woman who often writes or signs paper.
  40. Fitness bracelet. This is a great toy for an active lady who plays sports and looks after her health.
  41. Cool computer mousedecorated with rhinestones. You can pick up and mat to match her.
  42. A photo collage of your shared romantic photos. It will turn out very beautiful and unusual.
  43. Gift associated with the recipient's zodiac signFor example, a stone talisman piece or a picture of Swarovski stones with its symbolic image.
  44. Unusual chocolateFor example, in the form of flowers or handmade chocolates with unexpected fillings.
  45. Thermomug. It will keep the temperature of the drink to warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  46. Present from balloons. It can be a composition in the form of flowers and hearts, or just a huge armful that will definitely lift your spirits.
  47. Block chewing gum "Love is.". This is a symbolic present, which will remind the taste of youth and will delight the birthday girl.
  48. Coffee mugs, decorated with Swarovski crystals, if the recipient likes this drink.
  49. A day at the spa. You can even go together and have a great time with health benefits.
  50. Video greeting or film about the birthday girlcomposed of old photos and the most interesting videos.
  51. Silver cutlery. Such a present will be appreciated by a real hostess, who is trying to make everything in the house “according to the highest standard”.
  52. Handmade cosmetics, created specifically for the birthday girl based on her tastes.
  53. Cross stitch kit. If a woman enjoys at least a little handicraft, she will be glad to such a gift.
  54. Flowers in a vacuum. They can be a good alternative to a living bouquet, as they will not wither for a few more years and will please the hostess.
  55. A real star from the sky. You present a certificate confirming that it is from celestial bodies named after the birthday girl.
  56. Romantic night in a good hotel.
  57. Shopping with a stylist. Surely the lady will be glad to update her wardrobe with the help of a professional.
  58. Wrist Watch. Многим женщинам нравится такой полезный аксессуар, особенно порадуют ювелирные часики из драгоценных металлов.
  59. Букет из конфет. Это красиво, вкусно и сравнительно недорого, поэтому будет актуальным на любом этапе отношений.
  60. Меховое изделие. Если день рождения приходится на холодное время года, можете подарить красивую шубку, палантин, жилетку или прикольные норковые варежки.
  61. Прыжок с парашютом. Не каждый человек решится на такое, но если ваша леди – отъявленная экстремалка, она будет в восторге.
  62. Сертификат из салона красоты. It is advisable to give one that will allow the birthday girl to choose the necessary procedures for herself.
  63. Cool phone case or passport cover. These are cute budget gifts that help out at the very beginning of a relationship.
  64. Subscription to the fitness center. If the beloved has long hinted that she wants to play sports, give her the opportunity.
  65. Brand bag suitable style.
  66. Dinner on the roof of the house - A good idea for a warm season.
  67. Copy of a hollywood star indicating all the merits and merit of the birthday girl.
  68. Cool home slippers. Someone will like luminous unicorns, some felt boots made of natural wool or slippers with the possibility of heating from USB.
  69. Love confession on billboard - expensive and impractical, but very romantic gift.
  70. Pet. If the birthday girl has long dreamed of a pet, buy her a kitten, puppy or other animals at will.
  71. Box with live butterflies. They flutter and turn the lady's room into a real fabulous tropical world.
  72. Riding around the city in a limousine or in a princess carriage. Such a walk will definitely create a festive mood.
  73. Attend master classrelated to the birthday girl hobby.
  74. Breakfast in bed. This is not really a gift, but it is from him that you start this holiday.
  75. Balloon Flight with the obligatory issuance of aeronautical certificates at the end of the adventure.
  76. "Cilia" for the headlights on the car - an amusing motorist present.
  77. Portrait puzzle birthday girl or your common photo.
  78. Mechanical butterfly or fireflies in the bank. This is a romantic gift for those who are afraid or pity living insects.
  79. Lightbox with a photo of the recipient - interior decoration and lighting at the same time. And it is also very stylish and romantic.
  80. Unique cakeFor example, decorated with photos or funny figures from mastic.
  81. Nominal statuette "Oscar" - A copy of this.
  82. A set of pink tools for car repair.
  83. Day of flowers. They must wait for her everywhere — in the morning in bed, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the bag and in the car, at work, etc.
  84. Cool apron. If the birthday girl loves to cook, then such a gift will please her. You can also present tacks in tone.
  85. A set of beautiful plates with an unusual pattern. You can put on them and any photos.
  86. Unusual pad with massage filler. They come in different shapes and sizes, give what is more suitable.
  87. Bijouterie. Choose something fashionable, from famous brands or unusual handmade products.
  88. Adventure in the quest room. Be sure to go there together, it will unite and bring you closer.
  89. Evening in the VIP-hall of the cinema watching an interesting movie, selected taking into account the tastes of the birthday girl.
  90. Parktronic or navigator - great gifts for motorists.
  91. Magnetic board for fridgeto leave each other reminders and recognitions.
  92. Scratch World Map like a traveler or a lady who only wants to visit all corners of the world.
  93. Tea cup in the form of a cat with a fish inside it is a very cute and inexpensive gift to please your beloved one.
  94. Bluetooth Keychain Tracker for iOS / Android - real salvation for the lost, which always loses keys and other small things.
  95. Blanket with sleeves, you can pair, for cozy fans in front of the TV or near the fireplace.
  96. 3D-portrait in the stack. It is very beautiful, but to create it, the birthday girl will have to visit the studio herself and sit for a while in front of the scanner.
  97. Breakfast table in bedit is advisable to start using it right now.
  98. Couple dance lesson. If the birthday girl loves to dance, go with her and arrange an unforgettable evening.
  99. Certificate on individual tailoring.
  100. Medal "The best woman in the world." Such a gift is inexpensive, but it will definitely cheer up the beautiful birthday girl.

And do not forget about the little things that help to create a festive mood. Flowers, cards, beautiful packaging for a gift - all this is very important and will help make this day unforgettable. And, of course, the most sincere and good wishes to the dear birthday girl are important. Think of them in advance to turn your birthday into a real fairy tale.

Funny birthday gifts

A woman with a good sense of humor, will appreciate the comic gifts, among them are the following:

  • statuette "the most charming and attractive", "best wife", "queen"
  • set motorist in pink color
  • a pink beer helmet to be one of the men’s drinking company
  • T-shirt, cup with a funny inscription, it can even be specially ordered
  • cat ear muffs
  • funny sneakers.

I recommend to watch the video - great gifts for your girlfriend.

Original birthday gifts for woman

For lovers of originality, I propose interesting ideas for presents:

  • collage with the best photos of the birthday girl, her family
  • glossy magazine dedicated to the hero of the occasion (it can be ordered on special sites of gifts, souvenirs)
  • creating a personal site for blogging, thinking, trading
  • a small, but expensive gift invested in a kinder surprise (car keys, jewelry, watches). To do this, ready-made candy should be carefully deployed, split the halves, without breaking them, remove the toy from the plastic “yolk”, put a present instead, and then put chocolate back in the warmed knife, wrapping it with the same foil - the birthday girl's surprise is guaranteed!
  • This gift will surely surprise and delight an older woman who recalls Soviet times with a bright feeling. The newspaper Pravda, in which is placed her photograph and an article about life or some notes.

DIY gift

In the absence of funds and the presence of a bold fantasy, I suggest to make a gift with your own hands. Such a gift will never get lost among the rest, carrying a piece of the soul that gives away. Interesting options are:

  • a bouquet of paper and candy
  • verse, poem of his own
  • self-made collage of favorite photos of a woman with a beautiful frame (it’s better to do it yourself as well)
  • personally prepared sweets, sweets
  • personally made phone case, tablet
  • handmade decorations
  • vases with decor.

At first glance, this is very difficult, but it is enough to watch several videos of master classes - and the task is quite doable. Dare!

Birthday gift for a woman colleague

Female colleagues are also worthy of attention, especially on their birthdays. Of course, presenting truly expensive gifts here will be inappropriate, but there is a whole group of things that will be pleasant, unexpected, useful, and at the same time fairly inexpensive:

  • office supplies, the business woman will not give up a good pen, a convenient stapler, a written set,
  • beautiful flash drive for data storage,
  • diary
  • business card holder
  • USB splitter
  • a box of good tea is an excellent basis for a festive tea party,
  • sweets,
  • umbrella,
  • scarf,
  • gloves, for example, for touch screens.

What to give to the woman leader

Lady boss requires a more serious approach, you should show respect, but also without too much sycophancy. Suitable:

  • little things for the office - vase, picture, stand for stationery
  • branded stationery
  • if the manager has a sense of humor, a comic plate, a figurine with the inscription "best boss"
  • live indoor flower
  • antique gizmos
  • expensive service
  • exclusive book
  • a moderate lady will appreciate a bottle of good wine (brandy, liquor, depending on the woman’s personal taste).

How to surprise a woman who has everything?

And what to give a lady who, at first glance, has absolutely everything? Show your imagination by presenting an original handmade item or a gift-impression. Any charmer will surprise:

  • a flower or a whole bouquet with congratulations on the petals, the name of the girl or even her portrait
  • set of exclusive handmade sweets
  • photo album made using the scrapbooking style
  • song created, recorded at the studio specifically for the birthday girl
  • video from photos, video of personal archive of the woman.

Cheap memorable gifts

Congratulations of the beloved woman can be inexpensive, because the main thing is attention, the correct selection of things, and not its price. Good options for budget gifts are:

  • beautiful hairpin, they are not superfluous
  • towels, for their beauty, you can roll the figure
  • flowers can be indoor
  • comic reward (medal, statuette, order) "best wife", "best mother", "goddess"
  • beautifully decorated sweets.

I hope this advice will help you choose the perfect, memorable birthday present for a woman. Well, take care of the beauty of the presentation process - a couple of warm words, a smile, a hug, a kiss will help make the holiday even better. I wish you good luck in your search, get new ideas on our blog!

Gift Ideas for Mom:

1. Kaleidoscope
2. Composition of flowers,
3. Decorative frames,
4. Coffee set,
5. Embroidery on order,
6. Stylish handmade jewelry,
7. Pictures for women from Swarovsky crystals,
8. Bathroom accessories
9. Silver jewelry
10. Set: earthenware teapot with several cups and a pack of delicious high-end tea,
11. Paid 10 massage sessions,
12. Leather gloves and a beautiful scarf.

Gift ideas for your favorite girls and women:

1. Handmade postcards
2. Diamonds
3. Portrait of a beloved woman, embroidered with a cross
4. Own song recorded under the phonogram,
5. Trip to Spain, Italy, France, Canaries, etc. for two,
6. Coffee mugs with rhinestones or Swarovski crystals,
7. Rest for a day or two in a high-class hotel,
8. A huge bouquet of roses,
9. Beautiful and expensive underwear.,
10. Silver flowers
11. Mounted film from photos under her favorite songs,
12. A collage of money
13. Gift cards "on desire",
14. Portrait to order
15. Statuette of funny animals
16. Beautiful pocket mirror.

Gift ideas for very "expensive" women:

1. Gold jewelry
2. Cutlery in silver or gold,
3. Jewelry boxes of goose and ostrich eggs,
4. Money
5. Large corporate cosmetic set,
6. Mobile phone.

Gift ideas for loved ones:

1. With decoupage design - a computer mouse, a box, a cosmetic bag, a mirror, a photo frame, containers for the kitchen, a jar of bath salt, etc.,
2. Circles with her or your joint photo,
3. Handkerchiefs with personal embroidery,
4. Creams: day, night, moisturizing (most importantly, look at age restrictions),
5. Body and face scrubs
6. Cross-stitch kits,
7. Humidifier or air ionizer (very important for urban residents, as well as those who suffer from allergies)
8. Jewelry made of silver, pearls,
9. Handbag.

Gift Ideas for Grandmas:

1. Retro phone,
2. Beautiful table or wall clock,
3. Decorative vases,
4. Decorative decorations for the home,
5. Soft towels, large with pictures,
6. A cake baked by you
7. Antiques, jewels, antiques.

Gift ideas for little girls (daughter, niece, sister, etc.):

1. Stuffed toys
2. Amiguram, knitted toy,
3. Musical pillow
4. Stuffed toys
5. A lot of balloons
6. Trinkets, such as "perpetual motion" or "watch with eyes",
7. Beautiful hairpins,
8. Automatic toothbrushes,
9. Amulets, talismans,
10. Pedigree book,
11. Family tree,
12. Moneybox,
13. Home fountain

Gift ideas for women colleagues:

1. Photo albums with an interesting design,
2. Porcelain figurines,
3. Bouquets of sweets
4. Reproduction of a famous painting
5. Porcelain doll,
6. Sushi sets,
7. Figurines
8. Keyrings,
9. Dancing flowers and toys Flip Flap,
10. Unusual sweets.
11. Cool teapots,
12. Lively flowers in a pot,
13. perfumery gifts
14. Fruit basket,
15. Candles, of unusual shape,
16. Stylish hourglass,
17. Cool ashtray.

Gift ideas for fashionistas:

1. A beautiful and unusual umbrella,
2. Signs of the zodiac from SWAROVSKI crystals,
3. Accessories for mobile phone (suspenders, chains),
4. Siamese cat,
5. A belt (necessarily from a fashion brand),
6. Beautiful watch on the same beautiful bracelet,
7. Sunglasses,
8. "Ladies" mouse for the computer.

Gift ideas for a woman boss:

1. Bath salt in the form of flowers or effervescent bath products (can be made in the 2. original design in the form of various figures),
3. Sasha,
4. Parker pens or pencils,
5. Dear liquor,
6. Champagne, to him is good chocolate
7. Dear perfume,
8. Cake with a photo.

Gift ideas for sophisticated women:

1. personal table set (fork, spoon, knife),
2. A filler for a decorative vase, flavored
3. Theater binoculars
4. Fan,
5. Designer jewelry
6. Exotic plant in a pot, always with instructions,
7. "Music of the wind" (metal tubes-suspension, which ring from the touch or movement of air),
8. Ethnic gizmos,
9. Ancient books, postcards, paintings, prints,
10. Decorative designer dolls.

Gift ideas for a friend:

1. Nice tights,
2. Pendant or brooch on the bag, key chain, decoration for your phone (beads, beads, Swarovski crystals, etc., handmade)
3. Handmade soap,
4. Cushions with embroidery,
5. Digital camera,
6. Concert or performance tickets,
7. Subscription to your favorite magazine,
8. A very good expensive book that you want to buy yourself and want and prickly,
9. Soft slippers with “ears, muzzles, eyes”,
10. Perfume, eau de toilette.

Gift ideas suitable for all women:

1. Flowers and love
2. Hike to a restaurant,
3. Aroma soap,
4. Stand for mobile phone
5. Little dog,
6. Cosmetic bag
7. Stand for rings,
8. Jewelry box or for needlework (made of porcelain, glass, wood, white metal, inlaid, rhinestones, heart-shaped, chest, traditional forms, fashionable or antique, etc., etc.),
9. Aroma lamp, aromatherapy oils,
10. Elegant bedding set,
11. Mousses and hair gels
12. A set of perfume probes (collect samplers in all perfume departments, fold them into a beautiful box, tie with a ribbon),
13. Device for drying manicure,
14. Expensive mascara,
15. Gifts on zodiac signs,
16. Gourmet gifts (depending on preference).

Gifts for the eighth of March, not recommended for giving to beloved women, as well as female boxers, female Karate women and simply unbalanced:

I recommend also to get acquainted with the mini black list of women's gifts. I highly advise you not to give it to your dear, close, loved, dear, sweet girls and women. Well, if only you plan to leave in the near future.

1. Membership card of the 3-year wellness promotion society,
2. Films about Rambo, documentaries about the war, chronicles of accidents, etc.,
3. Five-year subscription to Menshealth,
4. Awesome engine for a motorboat,
5. Parabolic antenna with a special package of sports channels,
6. A set of sports body kit on our "baby", standing in the garage,
7. Super-set of brushes, rags, car wash products,
8. Tutorial on the repair of equipment, furniture, car, etc.

The most important thing is to be original, sensitive and prudent with your women, think of what listed above she wants most or what she really needs, that she will be really useful.