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12 worthy films of 2018, which were undeservedly deprived of attention


In recent years, many masterpieces have appeared, fresh and amazing. Indeed, there are films that can impress the viewer no less than those that are vigorously discussed at popular awards and film festivals. Just such films hide a little deeper and should be a good look. We offer you a list of 20 films of the last year that you should pay attention to.

November / November (2017)

Rating on film search - 7.2, IMDb - 7.4

Estonian horror movie. It has everything that could ever be in the Estonian horror: a pagan village, mysticism, spirits, evil spirits, pestilence, and, of course, love.

Black and white cinema is filled with Baltic folklore, irony and black humor. Interesting storyline beautifully intertwined with great camera work. The viewer is immersed in the contrasting atmosphere of sarcasm, romance and horror. They say film fans are delighted with him.

Two-faced lover / L'amant double

Rating on film search - 6,1, IMDb - 6,2

The film was shot by Francois Ozon according to the book “The Life of Twins” by Joyce Carol Oates. The film shows the life of a Parisian woman who is trying to understand the secrets that her lover carefully hides from her. The curiosity of the heroine, Chloe, leads her to the truth, but this makes Chloe's life more complicated and confusing.

A mixture of detective, erotic, romance and thriller does not let go of spectator attention. Cinema is not for everyone - provoking and sharp, it will leave a bad impression on people with high moral values. But if you, like the main character, have curiosity stronger than emotions, welcome to the world of a specific, French cinema.

First Player Prepare / Ready Player One

Rating on film search - 7.5, IMDb - 7.5

Very funny movie of Mr. Spielberg. More than two hours of non-stop action that takes place in the distant 2045, when with the home planet everything is very bad. There is nothing joyous on the planet except virtual reality. The main character is immersed in a huge virtual universe, and everything happens there that you can only dream of in real life.

The film is teeming with references to the classics of the world film industry, cult video games, comics and pop culture. That tape, when you are surprised while watching: “Lord, I heard it in my childhood!”.

How to Talk to Girls at Parties

Rating on Kinopoisk - 7, IMDb - 6.8

Faddish, but sweet story takes place in 1977, in London. Representatives of the punk culture, which was extremely popular at the time, meet aliens. Very beautiful aliens. Guests from distant worlds behave strangely, bizarrely, than pretty frighten earthlings.

Cultural shock, awkward moments and fantasy - only a small part of what is happening in the film John Cameron Mitchell. Against the backdrop of everything, love happens between a punk-earthling and an incredible alien woman (played by the charming El Fanning). In general, it turned out a good story about an unusual youth life.

Summer 1993 / Summer 1993

Rating at Kinopoisk - not enough ratings, IMDb - 7.2

For fans of the touching, but not too dramatic movie. An autobiographical tape, shot by Carla Simon Pipo, shows us the life of a little girl. The child is experiencing a serious drama in his life - the death of the mother and moving to a new family.

Despite the fact that in the heart of the story is the bitterness of loss, the movie conveys sincerity and spiritual purity. Plus, the Spanish nature and atmosphere are immersed in a cozy world, permeated with real experiences.

American Animals / American Animals

Rating at Kinopoisk - not enough ratings, IMDb - 7.6

A painting by Bart Light in which he laid out in full, prompting the respect of all lovers of trash and action films. In American Animals, a group of students decides to steal the most valuable book in the United States from the library, worth $ 12 million. The level of sarcasm becomes clear when the viewer sees that the “most valuable book” depicts pink flamingo.

Madness, action and regular “what the hell” - the main components of the film. A must-see for all lovers of semi-comedies.

Sweet Edge / Sweet Country

Rating on Kinopoisk - 6, IMDb - 6,2

The Australian Warwick Thornton film shows us a dramatic story of human ignorance. The main characters are Sam and his wife are black. Skin color is the cause of the trouble that the characters go through.

Cinema causes a storm of emotions and shows the viewer what the life of a person experiencing racial discrimination. In addition, the Australian nature in the film and the magic of camera work are fascinating.

Ritual / The Ritual

Rating on film search - 6,1, IMDb - 6,2

The film from the category of "tin in the forest." He was shot based on the book by Adam Neville, who serves as one of the screenwriters of the film. As befits a horror movie of this format - people are lost in the forest, in which devils happen.

Fans of such horror films like The Blair Witch will definitely love this movie. It is dark, damp, tense, and all this is seasoned with Norse mythology.


Rating at Kinopoisk - 6.5, IMDb - 6.5

Psychological thriller, worthy of viewing. The main character, Sawyer, is a victim of persecution. It tires her so much that she leaves for another city. When talking to a psychotherapist, she talks about her pursuer. Soon, Sawyer is in a psychiatric hospital, which causes her to doubt her adequacy.

Stephen Soderbergh's debut horror work was shot on iPhone 7 plus. “Not in Yourself” - a horror director debut.

Maid / Damsel

Rating at Kinopoisk - not enough ratings, IMDb - 5.8

The painting is the result of the work of the Zllner brothers. The main roles were played by Robert Pattinson and Mia Vasikovsk.

The action takes place in the Wild West, which the viewer is shown from an unexpected angle. Here the main character is Samuel. He and his miniature horse are going to save his beloved, Penelope, from the clutches of the criminals who stole her. Characters are extremely unusual and there will be no time to be bored while watching.

Zama / Zama

Rating at Kinopoisk - not enough ratings, IMDb - 6.9

Don Diego Zama is a colonial officer and lawyer. He resides in a colonial settlement, alone, and terribly longs for the house. Sending to the king requests for a change of duty station, he has been waiting for a response for years. Circumstances are slowly eaten up by Zama, and he falls prey to various existential experiences.

The film is a brilliant adaptation of the book of the same name by Antonio Di Benedetto. And the director, Lucrecia Martel, spent on the creation of the tape more than 10 years.

Quiet Place / A Quiet Place

Rating on Kinopoisk - 7, IMDb - 6.8

An amazing horror movie shows the story of one family. They live on a farm, normal family life. except that no one ever talks. Each family member communicates with the help of gestures, and moves around the house very carefully - any sound will provoke terrible monsters, and they will attack. However, it is impossible to live silently.

Director of the film - John Krasinski. In addition to directing work, he plays the father of the family. Interestingly, Emily Blunt, who fascinatingly played the wife of the main character, is in fact the wife of the director.

Black Panther / Black Panther

Rating at Kinopoisk - 6.5, IMDb - 6.6

Avengers this year looked all and sundry. What about the Black Panther? About the character from the universe of Marvel this year came a separate meter. Some have nicknamed him the best superhero film of the century.

Throughout the movie an epic action game. In the legendary Wakkanda, rare metal is mined, from which super-durable weapons and armor are obtained. But if earlier Wakanda was hidden from the whole world, now they have learned about it. Chaos occurs inside the state, but the Prince of Wakanda, T’Challa, is ready to take control of everything.

Annihilation / Annihilation

Rating at Kinopoisk - 6.9, IMDb - 6.7

Alex Garland has already surprised the audience with his work "Out of the car." This time - Annihilation. Beauty and horror are intertwined in this picture, leaving indescribable impressions.

The scene of action is the planet Earth. Only slightly modified. After a meteorite crashed into it, the so-called Zone X appeared - the abode of anomalous phenomena, from which no one can get out alive. Biologist Lina, lost her husband because of this mysterious Zone. She goes on an expedition to find a solution to Zone X.

Isle of Dogs / Isle of Dogs

Rating at Kinopoisk - 8.1, IMDb - 8.2

No sooner had the impression of the “Grand Budapest Hotel” passed, as Wes Anderson again began to surprise us. This time - a wonderful full-length cartoon. It is made stylishly, with soul and be suitable for viewing by the whole family.

The plot is tied to the order of the mayor of Megasaki: immediately withdraw all dogs from the city, because there are too many of them. Dogs are referred to an uninhabited island where garbage is usually taken. But the son of the mayor arrives there on a small plane to find his dog named Spotts. The boy is waiting for incredible adventures together with new best friends.

An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn Evening with Beverly Luff

Rating at Kinopoisk - not enough ratings, IMDb - 5.3

Unusual movie from an unusual director. The past work of Jim Hoskin was the “Greasy Strangler”, which, to put it mildly, did not appeal to everyone. On the contrary, the picture released this year has already won a hundred hearts. Even with a unique Aubrey Plasa in the lead role.

The heroine of the picture, Lulu, is not in the most awake. She did not have a relationship with her spouse. She did not have a relationship with work. But one day she sees an advertisement for the show “An Evening with Beverly Luff Lynn” and becomes obsessed with one single idea: she must get to this show at any cost. The fact is that Lulu finds out in Beverly a very familiar person to her. Now she will do everything to get on this evening.

The Rider

Rating at Kinopoisk - not enough ratings, IMDb - 7.6

If you are in search of a touching, but at the same time motivating film, “Rider” is what you were looking for. Chloe Zhao has created a picture that enchants, tweaks for the soul and encourages movement.

Brady is a cowboy. He adores rodeo and horses. He believes that everyone has a purpose to follow. After a serious injury, Brady is absolutely forbidden to return to his activities. However, the desire in him does not fade away - through criticism, censure and swearing, he remains with his beloved affair.

Reincarnation / Hereditary

Rating at Film Search: 6.7, IMDb - 7.6

This horror movie definitely deserves a reward. In originality and richness, it surpasses a significant part of the representatives of its genre. This is the very first full-length film by Ari Astara. I wonder what can be expected from him in the future?

The film tells the story of a family in which, after the death of a grandmother, strange things start to happen. Secrets from the pedigree are popping up. The film demonstrates how children are transmitted the mistakes of their parents and at what cost they have to get rid of. All this is incredibly cool shot and mounted.

You have never been here / You Were Never Really Here

Rating on Kinopoisk - 7, IMDb - 6,7

In this art-house action movie Joaquin Phoenix has appeared! This is already a good reason why this film is obligatory for viewing. “You have never been here” - an extremely successful film version of a novel bearing a similar name. The director of the film is the glorious Lynn Ramsey. Once she shot "Something is wrong with Kevin" and now, six years later - another masterpiece.

In “You've never been here before” tells the story of Joe, a stern man, a former FBI agent. He has a difficult past, because of which his mentality is not all right. His consolation is the salvation of girls who have become sex slaves. One day, a daughter is stolen from a local authority, and Joe goes in search. Blood, guts and sudden plot twists - everything is as it should be. If you choose an action movie, stop there.

First Reformed Church / First Reformed

Rating at Kinopoisk - not enough ratings, IMDb - 7.6

Probably in the present historical time this film is what everyone should see. A view from the perspective that Paul Schroder offers us refreshes thinking. This is one of those motion pictures, after which the aftertaste is felt for a long time.

It tells the story of a priest whose son died during military service. Depressed and upset, Priest Toller fights with his despair. In the outside world, evil things continue to happen, which draw the attention of the divine servant to total hopelessness. The attention of the audience presented a very high-quality drama, occurring within unusual circumstances.

2. Between rows

The picture of the German Thomas Stuber was highly appreciated at the Berlin Film Festival. For the seeming simplicity in the film, deep philosophical questions are raised: about loneliness, about the obstacles that a person builds in his head, and about the formula of happiness, which is essentially the same for everyone.

  • IMDb - 7.1.
  • KinoPoisk - 7.0.

3. Passenger

The appearance of Liam Neeson on the screen in recent years has become a kind of quality mark for Hollywood action films. “Passenger” is another confirmation of this. This is a strong Franco-American thriller, based on - maybe not new, but quite interesting and, most importantly, a logical story. And this time the character of Neeson is an ordinary person who has fallen into a difficult situation with no connections in the special services or superhero skills.

  • IMDb - 6.3.
  • "KinoPoisk" - 6.5.

Another participant of the last Berlin Film Festival and a contender for the Golden Bear is the Iranian black comedy. The grotesque story of a forgotten director develops against the background of the serial killings of his colleagues. The picture from an atypical side reveals an oriental flavor and awakens interest in, frankly speaking, little-known Iranian cinema.

  • IMDb - 6.4.
  • "KinoPoisk" - 6.5.

5. Shoplifters

The premiere of the Japanese film in Russian cinemas was literally the other day, but foreign critics have already managed to appreciate it: the film deserved the Golden Palm branch at the Cannes Film Festival. The touching story of a poor family, forced to trade for theft in order to survive, offers to reconsider their views on the eternal questions about good and evil and understand that life is not as simple as it may seem at first glance.

  • IMDb - 8.1.
  • KinoPoisk - 7.6.

6. The man who surprised everyone

The original picture by Alexei Chupov and Natasha Merkulova, who are already familiar to the domestic viewer as the screenwriters of last year’s Salyut-7 and several author films. The picture develops in the Russian outback. The main character is trying to defeat an incurable disease in all possible ways. Even the ancient Siberian epos is used.

  • IMDb - 7.3.
  • "KinoPoisk" - 6.5.

The next American project of Timur Bekmambetov’s studio, shot in screen life format (the action takes place mainly on gadget screens) and, as critics say, the most successful of all films of this genre. Not bad twisted plot, great acting game. Plus, the ever-pressing problem of fathers and children, taking into account modern realities: there is something to think about.

  • IMDb - 7.8.
  • "KinoPoisk" - 7.3.

8. The Eternal Life of Alexander Khristoforov

The film is obligatory for viewing for anyone who is tired of pessimistic plots. The slogan says that the picture extends the summer, and this is true. The relaxed atmosphere, intellectual humor and motivating ending give a pleasant aftertaste. And of course, the comedic talent of Alexei Guskov certainly will not leave indifferent.

  • IMDb - 7.1.
  • “KinoPoisk” - 6.8.

9. Reincarnation

A worthy mystical drama with a rating of 18+, based on the tragedy of a single family. Unlike the usual American horror, this film is not punctuated with hackneyed tricks typical of the genre. At the same time, from the very beginning, everything is permeated with anxiety, which grows in the course of the story. The peculiar dynamics, musical accompaniment and interesting plot do their job: it turned out a high-quality and very scary movie.

  • IMDb - 7.3.
  • "KinoPoisk" - 6.4.

  • Canadian hinterland, mountains, Christmas Eve. The peaceful life of the forester Joe and his family is suddenly disturbed when a dangerous gang of drug dealers are announced in the town. The main character in the performance of Jason Momoa is ready for anything to protect their loved ones. It is worth noting the brilliant camera work: snow-covered landscapes bring a separate aesthetic pleasure.
  • IMDb - 6.1.
  • "KinoPoisk" - 5.4.

11. Incredible Adventures of Fakir

A film for aesthetic pleasure and uplifting. Sweetheart, and in some places naive romantic story, flavored with local flavor (what are the views from the heights of Paris or the bright streets of Mumbai). An international team from France, Belgium, India, Singapore, USA worked on the picture. It is not surprising that the idea of ​​tolerance and love for all that exists is the red thread.

  • IMDb - 7.0.
  • "KinoPoisk" - 6.7.

12. Invisible

The talented pianist Sophia is blind, but she has a unique ear: when a murder occurred in a nearby apartment, she heard everything in the smallest detail. From this point on, the danger threatens her too, but the girl is not as simple as it seems. By the way, this tape is the debut of Natalie Dormer as a screenwriter and producer, and quite a good one. Yes, and acting on the level. See for yourself to be sure.

  • IMDb - 5.7.
  • "KinoPoisk" - 5.7.

Уже видели что-нибудь из этого списка? Или, возможно, вам есть что добавить? Делитесь в комментариях.

39. Ральф ломает интернет. Ральф 2

Первый анимационный фильм "Круши это Ральф" был снят Ричардом Муром еще в 2012 году. Этого режиссера мы помним со времен "Симпсонов" и "Футурамы". And after 6 years, the team of the creators of the first "Ralph" again teamed up to work on the sequel "Ralph breaks the Internet. Ralph 2." Voice of the big Ralph will still be John Riley. Rich Moore, who won an Oscar for the joint direction of the brilliant utopia "Zeropolis" again takes on the case. By the way, the Ralph project is Moore’s second job with Disney after Zeropolis, which collected a huge number of awards and nominations in 2016.

38. Halloween Returns Horror Movie

Another Halloween movie ?. Yes. We have already seen quite a few films of a similar subject matter that have disappointed us. However, some films from the list interest us primarily because of who plays them and who creates them.

Let's look at the prerequisites for creating the 2018 film. This is the latest version of "Halloween", which is a direct sequel to the original film, released in 1978. Jamie Lee Curtis appears again in the role of Laurie Stroud. Her character seems doomed to live in the shadow of Michael Myers, the omnipresent killer in the mask. The director of the new Halloween film was David Gordon Green, whose films "George Washington" and "All Real Girls" were marked by the enthusiasm of critics.

So we are waiting for the director to present us now. Can he breathe new life into an aging franchise?

37. Aquaman

The content cut out from the films has already become a talk of the town, so in the new sci-fi action movie from James Wan we expect a much greater presence of Jason Momoa in the role of Aquaman than in the League of Justice. The film will be interesting to fans of underwater life and fans of Atlantis. The exact opposite of what you saw in the 2017 Atlantis film. "Aquaman" is really a direct descendant of an ancient civilization, the son of Atlanna, the queen of Atlantis in exile. From an early age, Arthur Curry, aqua, has unprecedented abilities to breathe under water, to communicate with fish.

That he will manage in the future 7 seas. In addition to Momoa, Nicole Kidman, Dolph Lundgren and Amber Heard will also play in this film.

36. Time break

A science fiction film from Disney, where Jennifer Lee made the screenwriter. Do you remember her in "Cold Heart"? The premiere of the film in Russia is scheduled for March 8. So this gift will be for the audience. The director of the film on the book "The rift in time" Madeleine L'Engle became Ava Duverny. The plot of the picture promises to be extremely twisted, where the main character is not only to find her father, lost in time and worlds, but also to save this world from destruction. It is known that the creation of the film "Disney" has invested a 9-digit figure. And what a selection of actors we have: Oprah Winfrey, Rhys Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling, Chris Pine, Gugu Mbata-Row.

Everyone's favorite book "The crack in time" seems to turn into an unforgettable film version. We look forward to the release of the film.

35. Judgment Night 4

"Judgment Night 2" still remains the top of a series of dystopian thrillers. However, this year’s prequel “Doomsday Nights”, which was written by James DeMonaco and directed by Gerard McMurray, may disrupt this state of affairs. From the new film "Judgment Night 4" we learn the history of the cultural event, which became known as Judgment Night. So popular, like Black Friday, but much more bloodthirsty, because for as long as 12 hours, once a year, all laws in the country are repealed and you can commit crimes with complete impunity.

Welcome to the massacres, a movement that began as a simple experiment on the First Judgment Day, but turned into something much bigger and more terrible.

34. Fighting my family

Stephen Merchant spent most of this year on his first film, in which he acts as an independent director. He also wrote the screenplay for the film and played the role of Hugh. The film is interesting mix of British actors - Merchant, Nick Frost, with American - Duane Johnson, Lina Headey, Vince Vaughn. This comedy-drama or dramedi narrates the life of a former professional wrestler who travels around the country, taking part in small tournaments. At this time, his children dream of joining WWE - the International Organization of Wrestlers. The film is based on the real story of the Bevis family, where all family members are professional wrestlers.

Once Saraya or as she is called "Page" (Florence Pugh) gets a contract for work from WWE, her dream has come true, but the main events are still ahead. Fans of Dwayne Johnson, this is the first of three films with the participation of the actor, which we describe in this review.

33. Tomb Raider: Lara Croft

The last 2 films of "Tomb Raider" were not memorable. This probably affects the curse adaptations of video games in movies. But the Norwegian director Roar Uthaug, who had already shocked the public with the disaster film “Wave” in 2015, and Alicia Vikander, who will play Lara Croft, are able to turn this unfortunate trend in the other direction, proving to the whole world that you can make such a film that will shut up and the video game itself.

Lara will go on an adventure to the island to find her father there and reveal the secrets of that area. She has a lot to experience and survive, so that the struggle for survival will not be for life, but for death.

32. Bumblebee

It has been more than 10 years since the release of the movie “Transformers,” which was filmed by Michael Bay. This time Travis Knight, formerly known for his work in animated films, including the 2016 hit like Kubo. The Legend of Samurai, will be the director of Bumblebee. The new film "Bumblebee" is a story about a teenage girl (Hayley Steinfeld) and her best friend a giant alien robot, an autobot that can turn into a VW beetle.

Actions take place all in the same 80s of the last century. What will show us the new director in collaboration with Michael Bay, this time as a producer, we will see in December 2018. Travis, do not let us down!

31. Bohemian Rhapsody

Biographical film about the legend from the world of music, Freddie Mercury. In the film, he will play Rami Malek, most remembered by the audience on the series "Mr. Robot". For this role, Malek received an Emmy Award. It’s hard to talk about this promising project, because at the moment Brian Singer, the director of the film, is fired. What else can be added to this? It seems that there is a struggle of interests.

While the release of the film is still scheduled for the end of December 2018. Perhaps it will be a gift for the New Year for Freddie Mercury fans.

30. Rampage

Among those films for which we review films based on games in the minority. If “Tom Raider Lara Croft”, “Ralph vs. the Internet” and “Ready Player One” are not enough for you, then you can turn to adapting the video game for the 80s slot machines from Midway.

The film was directed by Brad Peyton, remembered by the catastrophe film “San Andreas Rift”. The plot begins with the fact that in the laboratory experiments were conducted on a monkey. But in the process of its holding something went wrong, and the monkey grew to gigantic proportions, turned into a sort of King Kong. It turned out that the same thing happened with the wolf and the crocodile. Now these three destroy skyscrapers on their way, trying to establish dominance in the territory of America. Duane Johnson, not only an actor, but also a wrestler, will play the role of a primatologist in the film. Together with their friend genetic engineer, they will try to stop the collapse and catastrophe in the world.

29. Skyscraper

Duane Johnson is gaining momentum. We did not have time to present it in the previous review, as it was time to announce it again. The "skyscraper" sends us back to the 80s, and this time Johnson will play a former FBI agent, a war veteran, who is now monitoring the skyscraper security system. And having arrived in China, a skyscraper rated by him as the safest on the planet is being destroyed. In all blame Ford, Johnson's hero. This is where the events begin to unfold, because he needs to find the real culprits of what happened, which set him up. But do not think that everything is so serious. The film was created with the collaboration of Rawson Marshall Turber, who delighted us with the comedy "Dodgeball" and "We are the Millers.

So “Skyscraper” may not be the most sophisticated film of 2018, but definitely promising.

28. Slenderman

The new horror film from Sylvain White, the creator of the action movie "Losers".

The horrors of the past were created on the basis of urban myths and legends. But where are these legends now? As where, of course, on the Internet. The creepy stories that have been circulating around the web for many years now can horrify readers. One of them is the story of Slenderman, thin, tall, with a disproportionately long arm of a man, dressed in a funeral outfit, without any distinctive features on his face. Where he appeared, just expect that children will disappear somewhere without a trace. The reasons for Slenderman's actions are unknown to anyone; this is a mystery.

The origin of the myth on the Internet in 2009 is attributed to Eric Knudsen. Thank you, Eric! It seems that the cold of horror will penetrate to the bones of anyone who watched this movie. The premiere is scheduled for May 2018.

27. Red Sparrow

"Red Sparrow" is the name of the spy thriller, in which we again see the duet of Jennifer Lawrence and Francis Lawrence, familiar to us from the films "The Hunger Games."

This is a thriller that beats the theme of Russian-American relations based on the book by Jason Matthews. The main character of the Russian spy, former ballerina Dominic Egorova (Jennifer Lawrence), was assigned to uncover the American "mole" of Nathaniel Nash (Joel Edgerton). But is not everything so simple, and perhaps Dominica herself will become a double agent?

Brilliant cast members: Jeremy Irons, Charlotte Rampling, Matthias Schonarts, Kiaran Hinds, Mary-Louise Parker seem to guarantee the success of the film coming out in March.

26. Creed: The Legacy of Rocky 2

"Creed 2" will make an excellent company for the film "Rocky 4", because this is the sequel to the film "Creed", which received an Oscar nomination. Michael B. Jordan will again appear in the role of Adonis Creed, and Sylvester Stallone will play Rocky Balboa for the eighth time during his acting career. Dolph Lundgren also returned in the role of Ivan Drago.

There are rumors that Rocky and Drago will also appear in the film. Stallone will also perform not only as an actor, but also as a sequel director.

25. Particle of God

In April of this year we will see a fantastic horror film from Julius She. This is the sequel to "Cloverfield, 10". Producer JJ Abrams is still focused on a group of astronauts who are in orbit, while the Earth has disappeared, humanity no longer exists. The incredible discoveries made by the heroes of the film lead to fantastic consequences.

So far this is only a sequel, but in the future regular annual production of films on Cloverfield is already planned. The cast includes David Oyelovo, Daniel Bruel, Gugu Mbata-Rowe and Elizabeth Debika.

24. Dog Island

“Dog Island” is another animated film from Wes Anderson after “Fantastic Mr. Fox” in 2009. The theme, by the way, is very similar, again bestial. The director of the film was remembered to us after the scandalous “Kingdom of the full moon” and the Oscar-nominated film “Hotel Grand Budapest”.

This time the action takes place in the future of Japan, on the "dog island" where the dogs are sent to quarantine. In fact, in Japan there is an island of cats, but there is no quarantine there. Among the characters of the animated film are 5 dogs and a boy named Atari, who went to the island in search of his lost pet.

Voicing dogs will be a star Hollywood line-up: Scarlett Johanson, Brian Cranston, Jeff Goldblum, Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Leo Schreiber and others.

23. Mary Poppins returns

"Mary Poppins Returns" in December 2018. The sequel to the first Mary Poppins of 1964, where the book of Pamela Travers is taken as a basis. Emily Blunt will play the role of the magic nanny instead of Julie Andrew, and the film director was none other than Rob Marshall, the creator of the films Chicago, Memoirs of a Geisha, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Shores. The film also features Dick Van Dyke, Colin Firth, Meryl Streep and Julie Walters. I must say, not at all a weak cast!

22. Mission: Impossible 6

"Mission Impossible 6" or "Mission Impossible: Consequences."

Despite the fact that as many as 5 parts of the “Mission” have already been filmed, the creators of the vintage film series always find new high-tech tricks, and Tom Cruise is still inimitable in performing his stunts. Christopher Macquarie, the Oscar-winning screenwriter (“Operation Valkyrie”) this time will speak not only as a writer, but also as a film director. The only criticism on our part is that the villains from the previous parts of Mission Impossible always "drowned out" by the spectacularity and speed of the events in the film. If in this version Tom Cruise's hero, Ethan Hunt, got a decent antagonist, then the new sequel would be the best among previous versions.

The premiere is scheduled for July 2018.

21. Pacific frontier 2

Guillermo del Toro appeared in this film as a producer, leaving the role of director for Stephen Denaytom. In the second part of the “Pacific Rim,” kaizu monsters invade Earth, where they will be confronted by technically improved mega-huntsman robots. In the lead role of Jake Pentecost, the son of Stacker Pentecost, we will see John Boyegh, who is remembered to us by Star Wars. The first film "The Pacific Frontier" met our expectations, it was very colorful and bright. In spirit it could be characterized by the words "more than life itself." The same mood can be expected in March from the Pacific Line 2 as well.