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Sights of Mykonos


Mykonos is a magnificent Greek island that belongs to the Cyclades archipelago and is located in the central part of the Aegean Sea. The area is about 85 square kilometers, and the coastline is impressive and reaches 89 km. The population is small - only 10 thousand people. It is worth noting that Mykonos has become a very popular and almost legendary resort, where you can see a variety of celebrities.

Interestingly, according to legend, the island was named after Mykonos, which is widely known in ancient culture and is considered one of the descendants of Apollo himself.

Relief and climate

The main part of the island consists of granite, so the terrain is largely represented by rocky hills, but there are practically no steep mountains here, unlike other “neighbors” belonging to the Cyclades archipelago. In combination with an incredibly beautiful coastline, the low cliffs create a magnificent landscape that will inspire anyone.

The island’s climate is Mediterranean, but Mykonos is blown from all sides by the winds, so it’s not hot in summer. The average temperature in the warmest time of the year is about 25-30 degrees. From about May to September, almost all over the Aegean Basin, the meltemi predominated - periodic strong winds, which sometimes blow several days in a row and can cause discomfort.

But the weather is pretty pleasant in winter. The winds subside, the sky clears, and the temperature drops to 7-15 degrees. But to see snow here even in the cold season is almost unreal.

What to do on the island?

What to do to the traveler who arrived on the island of Mykonos? In this heavenly place there will definitely not be time to be bored, because there are plenty of entertainment options, and for every taste!

So, what should a tourist do in Mykonos? Consider one of the following options:

  • Beach vacation. He will please absolutely anyone, that's for sure. And it is worth noting that there are various beaches on the island: international and popular among tourists, ideal for family holidays, romantic and picturesque, and even secluded nudists. Among them is worth noting the favorite nudists Paradise and Paranga, popular among water sports enthusiasts Psaru, Calafati and Platis Yalos, intended for family holidays Ornos, Turlos and Agrari, as well as some others.
  • Visit one of the nightclubs, because at night, life on the island literally beats the key, as evidenced by rhythmic and loud music coming from different parts of Mykonos.
  • Almost all water sports are available, such as diving, surfing, water skiing, windsurfing, parasailing and many others. And the lesson will be able to find both beginners and amateurs (you can hire an instructor), and true professionals.
  • If you want to get aesthetic pleasure, then just take a walk around the island, it is very beautiful here. Fancy rocky hills, windmills, small but very beautiful churches, picturesque taverns, as well as funny and fabulous little white houses with bright windows and twisted wrought-iron balconies impress and attract attention. And you can just enjoy the beauty of the incredibly clear sea and its azure waters.
  • If you want to try Greek cuisine, then visit the local restaurants and cafes, there are a lot of them here. Moreover, the menu of large establishments will please with a wide choice, therefore gastronomic pleasure is also guaranteed.

What to see?

What to see a tourist in Mykonos? Attention deserve such attractions as:

  • A real business card of the island are famous old windmills. There are only five of them, and these unusual structures can be seen from almost anywhere in the island, so they definitely will not go unnoticed and will attract surprised looks.
  • The doors or gates of Mykonos are two towers 3.5 meters high, which meet visitors and personify the majesty of this place, as well as its origin and a certain connection with Olympus.
  • The archaeological museum of the island appeared more than a hundred years ago and was created for the sole purpose of preserving cultural heritage, namely, unique treasures found many centuries ago in the “Pit of Purification”. The collection includes various statues, statues, ornaments and other artifacts belonging to the II-I centuries BC.
  • It is worth looking at the lighthouse of Mykonos, which appeared on the island at the end of the XIX century after the tragic event - the collapse of the English ship. The height of this structure is about 19 meters.
  • Alefkandra is a real “mini-Venice”, in which you can find beautiful houses that are located almost right next to the water, and narrow, incredibly picturesque streets.
  • You can visit the monastery of the Turlos Virgin, built in the XVIII century and located near the village of Ano Mera.
  • To learn more about the history of Greece, you should visit the Aegean Maritime Museum. It appeared relatively recently, but it will fully acquaint everyone with the amazing history of navigation of this country.
  • Church of Panagia Paraportiani. On Mykonos, all the churches are beautiful, but this one is simply amazing! At first glance, it may seem that it was created from snow-white meringues or ice cream, and although such a structure is not large at all, it is not striking in size, but in magnificence.
  • To better know the island, you can visit the Ethnographic Museum, there are also many interesting exhibits.
  • The fortress of Castro will strike with numerous white churches, which over the past few centuries seemed to have grown together with each other and now resemble a huge white rock.
  • Delos is a small rocky hill and a village in which there is an interesting archaeological area. And if you believe one of the legends, it was in this place that Apollo and his sister Aphrodite were born.

Unforgettable travel, let Mykonos surprise you!

Mykonos is a great place to stay.

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Part Cyclades Archipelago enters a small but very picturesque greek island mykonosbathed in water Aegean sea. Despite the fact that the island is very small in size, it is known for all The mediterranean as a place of endless celebration, beautiful nature and unique attractions.

Climatic conditions of Mykonos as well as possible are suitable for spending holidays here at any time of the year. The hottest months are July and August, the air temperature during this period is on average + 27-30 degrees, but the heat is very easily transferred due to the refreshing sea breeze.

The winter on the island is very mild and warm, although it often rains. The thermometer at this time can drop to + 12-13 degrees and it is considered the lowest temperature.

Mykonos often compared to the European resort of Ibiza, and for good reason, as the atmosphere of unbridled fun and fashionable parties, attracts a lot of young people, from street musicians to world famous celebrities such as Sharon Stone and Brad Pitt. Due to the developed infrastructure, the resort is accessible to tourists with any income level. Here there are high-class hotels with exorbitant prices, and inexpensive bungalows located on the coast. They are often chosen by young couples and student companies. But, going on a trip to this heavenly place, remember that any accommodation must be booked about 2-3 months in advance, otherwise your vacation will be complicated by finding accommodation. Also, take care of the registration of passport and Schengen visa, without these documents you will not get to Greece.

Those who love luxury and prefer impeccable service, most often choose five star hotel Kivotos, the most elegant and elegant on the island. It is located in a picturesque Hornos Baywhere you can enjoy the enchanting views of the Aegean Sea. The philosophy of this hotel is an individual approach to each guest and in the most careful attitude towards him.

In October, when the high season ends, the time comes for tourists of more mature age. They prefer comfortable accommodation and a relaxing beach holiday. Although for them at the resort organized a lot of entertainment.

The island is also a great place to spend a family holiday. The hotels have all the necessary conditions for accommodating children of different ages. A nursery is organized for the little ones, where tutors with medical education work. There are children's clubs where various animation programs are held.

Mykonos they call it a dancing island, absolutely everyone here dances: locals, including children and old people, tourists and even celebrities. Music sounds from every house, cafe and restaurant, concerts and loud festivals are often held. Night for Mykonos special time: discos, cutting-edge clubs and entertainment centers, theme parties, all these activities will leave an indelible impression of the rest spent here.

The main attractions of the island are his resort areas. Port called Chora is a festive gate for guests Mykonos. This is where the journey begins to the world of complete carelessness. History lovers can visit the ancient white churches and go on excursions in the ethnographic and archaeological museum. The museum of ethnography exhibits antique furniture, rare musical instruments and unique icons. The pride of the archaeological museum is the oldest terracotta, dating back to the 7th century.

Beautiful golden sand beach - Tourlos Agios StefanosIt is located near Chora and is very popular among holidaymakers. There are changing rooms, shower cabins on the beach, and for a fee you can use sun beds and umbrellas.

The most visited place on Mykonos considered beach area Platis Yalos. A well-equipped beach, a wonderful seascape, windsurfing and round-the-clock entertainment give tourists a great mood for the entire time they are on the island.

In the center MykonosIn addition to nightclubs and casinos, there are excellent restaurants that offer delicious Greek cuisine and sea delicacies. There are restaurants in many hotels, as well as cafes and poolside bars, where bartenders prepare unusual cocktails. For fans of fashion brands, boutiques of stylish clothes are open, where you can find items from famous European designers.

Souvenir shops are scattered all over the island, and they are always full of tourists who want to take a piece to their homeland. Mykonos. Here you can buy ready-made souvenirs made of stones, wood and seashells, and you can order a painting or skillful embroidery with local landscapes.

The main cities of the island of Mykonos are Chora, the port city and the capital, and Ano Mera

Chora is a stunningly picturesque Cycladic city with labyrinths of small streets and white alleys, alleys, houses and churches surrounding the harbor in the middle of a wide bay. It is one of the most multicultural and populous cities on the islands of the Aegean Sea. Despite the fact that there are a lot of shops, boutiques, art galleries, cafes, stylish bars and restaurants, the capital has not lost its originality. Despite the rapid growth and development of the island, the traditional Cycladic architectural style remained untouched due to strict building rules. You will see the brand stores of Chanel, Burberry, Louis Vuitton and other famous and prestigious brands. These stores are aimed at tourists who arrive on cruise ships from a nearby port.

Ano Mera is a small village in the center of the island and the only settlement from Mykonos, 7 km east of Mykonos town. Ano Mera is located around a large central square, which has a series of Greek taverns on three sides. Among these, it is also necessary to highlight the Monastery of Panagia Tourliani, founded in 1542.

1. Ano Mera

Where to go on Mykonos: the streets of Ano Mera

You can spend all the time on the beaches, but first we recommend to explore the interesting places of Mykonos. One of them is the Ano Mera village built around the monastery of Panagia Tourliani. Each visitor will admire the restored monastery with majestic bells and a marble fountain. Inside the monastery you can see a collection of Byzantine relics, and walking around, discover the shops with souvenirs.

Near the village there are other attractions: the monastery of Paleokastro and the ruins of a Byzantine fortress.

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How to get there?

Mykonos will have to be reached by sea or air. Four kilometers from the capital of the island of Chora is an international airport. Two local carriers launch airplanes to Mykonos from the capital of Greece, Athens, every day. In summer, charter flights of European airlines are added. From the airport to any place on the island can be reached by taxi.

From the two ports of Athens (Piraeus and Rafina) ferries are also sent during the high season. The ferry will sail for a long time, about five hours, it will be faster to get to a high-speed vessel (you can save a couple of hours).

From transport - buses and taxis. A more expensive option - rent a car or quad bike. Buses depart from three end stations:

  • "Factory" (directions - Psaru, Platis Yalos, Paradise, Paranga),
  • "OTE" (directions - Calafati, Elia, Ano Mera).
  • “Old port” (directions - new port, Agios Stefanos).

You can buy a bus ticket in the machine at bus stations, shops, tourist shops and in hotels. The fare is cheaper during the day, the night rate is 2 euros. You can get to the remote places of Mykonos by taxi (they stand on the main square of the city) or by boat from the beaches of Platis Yalos and Ornos.

There are a wide range of hotels, different in price and category, but on average the price tag is higher than in Greece as a whole.

Other small settlements:

Agios Ioannis is a small village with two taverns, one restaurant and one tiny shop. Agios Ioannis is known as the place where the film "Shirley Valentine" was made.

  • Agios Stefanos is a town with many hotels, good restaurants, taverns and cafes.
  • Platis Gialos is a popular tourist resort, from where small fishing boats carry tourists to the southern beaches of Mykonos.
  • Hornos - there are several options for living, cafes and bars, a butcher shop, a bakery, a supermarket and a pharmacy.
  • Tourlos is the port where most cruise liners stick. Here come ferries from the mainland and other islands. There are also many private yachts and fishing boats.

Greek is the official language of Greece, it is spoken by all the inhabitants of the island and most of its visitors, but tourists will have no problems communicating in foreign languages, especially English.

How to get there

There are daily flights from Athens airport (35 minutes) to Olympic Air (Olympic Air) and Igin Airlines (Aegean Airlines). In summer, both airports provide daily flights from Thessaloniki. There are less frequent flights during the high season of the Sky Express company (Sky Express) from Rhodes, Santorini, Crete (Heraklion) and Volos. During July and August, Astra Airlines (Astra Airlines) provides flights from Thessaloniki. You can monitor promotions and special offers for airline tickets here, for example.

In the arrivals area at the airport, you can find ATMs, shops, cafeterias, public telephones, a mailbox, the office of the Mykonos Hotel Association, Olympic Air (Olympic Air) office, Aegean Airlines office and many car rental companies. In the terminal building on the ground floor there is also a duty-free shop for departing passengers, which sells cigarettes, perfumes, cosmetics, travel accessories, souvenirs.

Take a free sky map of Mykonos in the airport baggage claim area. This map is also available in stores in Mykonos.

Drive from the airport to the city of Mykonos

Many hotels in Mykonos offer transfers from the airport, both for free and at prices that are higher than the price of a taxi. The best chance for a free transfer will be if you book directly through the hotel. Transfer through the hotel is the easiest way to get to your hotel, so check this information before you arrive.

Typically, taxis are at the airport, in the parking lot opposite the terminal, but it is not always possible to get a taxi. If there is no free car in the parking lot, then you can call a taxi by the number from the parking plate. Taxi from the airport to
город стоит примерно € 8, и дополнительно на несколько евро больше, если Вы везете багаж.

В разгар сезона от аэропорта до Южного автовокзала Миконоса время от времени ходит общественный автобус. Автобусный билет стоит € 1.60. Автобус отправляется с Южного автовокзала Миконоса в 12:15 дня и 1:45 дня, а затем поедет обратно от аэропорта до фабрики через 10 минут. Расписание меняется каждые две недели, имейте это в виду. Не стоит ждать автобуса, если он там не стоит. Автобус будет не нужен, если вам нужно в порт(старый или новый).

С материка Греции, из Пирея и Рафины, ежедневно ходят паромы и скоростные катамараны. Скоростные катамараны вдвое быстрее, но и обойдутся вдвое дороже.

Путешествие между портами Пирей (Афины) и Миконос занимает от 3 ч 30 мин до 5 ч 15 мин, в зависимости от типа парома. On a slower ferry, an economy class seat will cost 32 euros, while on high-speed services you will have to pay 54.50 euros. In Piraeus, all high-speed ferries to Mykonos depart from port Ε7, regular ferries depart from gate Ε1. Most of the ferries connecting Piraeus and Mykonos will end by the end of October and resume operation by April.

Many travelers, going to any of the Cycladic islands, do not even consider Rafina as a possible port of departure, but if you arrive at Athens airport, you better take the ferry from Rafina, and not from Piraeus. Mykonos-Rafina road takes from 2 hours and 10 minutes to 5 hours and 30 minutes, depending on the type of ferry. The ferry fare is € 23.50 per person in economy class, 52.50 euros will be required to pay for a seat on a high-speed catamaran. Most of the ferries going by Rafina-Mykonos stop work by the end of October and resume work by April.

Mykonos can also be reached directly from other Cycladic islands. Courts from Syros, Andros, Tinos and Paros sail several times a day. There are daily flights from Naxos, Ios, Santorini and Crete, as well as the daily night ferry “Nissos Mykonos”, departing from Samos and Ikaria. The ships from Serifos, Sifnos, Kimolos, Milos, Folegandros, Sikinos, Tirasia and Anafi are less frequent.

Ferry companies:

  • Hellenic Seaways - shipments on hydrofoil and ordinary ferries from Piraeus (Hayspeed 5 and Hayspeed 6) and Rafina (Flying Cat 3).
  • The Seajets ferries run regularly on schedule in the summer from Piraeus (Superjet) and Rafina (Sidget 2).
  • Blue Star Ferries (Blue Star Ferries) ferries run daily on schedule from Piraeus all year round (Blue Star Ithaki).
  • Aegean Speed ​​Lines is a daily high-speed ferry service from Piraeus (Speedranner 3).

Ferry Schedule

To start booking a place on ferries should be from mid-July until the end of August, before or after the Greek holidays. Remember that every year on August 15th on the island of Tinosis there is a pilgrimage of thousands of Orthodox, and most of the ferries from Piraeus and Rafina to Mykonos make a stop on the island of Tinos. During this period, it is recommended to purchase tickets in advance. Also expect many Greek travelers to visit Mykonos on Holy Trinity Day, which in 2015 falls on May 31 and June 1. Do not forget that if you order tickets online, you will still need to pick them up from a travel agency.

The voyage may be canceled due to strong winds. Such cancellations are rare and happen several times over the summer.

In Mykonos there are two ports: the old and the new. The new port is located in the Gulf of Turlos, about 2 km north of Mykonos. Before you go, check which port your ship will be in. Most ferries arrive at the new port. High-speed catamarans are still in the old port.

From the port to the capital

In high season, catching a bus to the capital in Tourlos is almost impossible. Best to take a taxi. You can walk along the busy main road without a sidewalk, so you can reach the city in about 45 minutes.

From the old port to the city you can quickly walk along the road along the coast.

Cruise liner

Mykonos is a popular stop for motor ship tours on the Greek islands. Almost all cruise ships stop at the new port in Tourlos, some cruise ships moor in the old port, and if several ships arrive at once, one or more of them can moor offshore.

If you are arriving at a new port, use the tourist route bus to the capital. You can also take a taxi, but it will be difficult to do with a lot of people arriving at the same time. The bus will most likely drop you off in the parking lot near the North Bus Station of Chora. It is less than 10 minutes away. From there, everything is within walking distance.

If you arrive in the old port, in 10 minutes on foot you will reach the capital, and you will not need a bus.

Guests can easily explore Mykonos on their own. There is no need to book excursions. The recommended excursion to Delos can also be booked on your own (with or without a guide).

When is the season. When is it better to go

The climate of Mykonos is characterized by hot, dry summers and mild winters. As in most of the islands of the Aegean Sea, summer rains are rare, they can be expected between October and April. Temperatures in July and August vary from 30 ° C during the day to 22ºC at night. The Cyclades are famous for their constant winds (called meltemi), which slightly soften the heat in July and August.

In general, from mid-May to mid-October, it is warm and sunny enough for you to enjoy sunbathing. You can pick up a ready tour from Russia to Mykonos, say, here.

Mills, (western part of the city)

Windmills are one of the most recognizable sights of Mykonos since the 16th century. Once this island was a major producer of wheat and bread. From the windmill area there is a magnificent view of the Little Venice, the area is the most popular place in Mykonos, for admiring the sunset.

Little Venice (Alefkandra), (far western part of the city)

The area is located by the sea, famous for its picturesque wooden balconies and medieval two-three-storey houses that stand like a wall above the sea. Little Venice is one of the most beautiful and romantic places in Mykonos, from where you can also admire the sunset. A popular pastime is drinking cocktails in one of the many bars or cafes, while admiring the sunset on the seashore. You will reach the Little Venice on foot from the mills and down the stairs. The place is just five minutes walk from the Fabrika bus station, for which there is a sign on the other side of the square.

Panagia Paraportiani Church, (far west side of the city)

Of all the churches on the island of Mykonos, the most impressive is the church of Panagia Paraportiani, a real Byzantine pearl. This snow-white church, the beginning of construction of which dates from 1425 and was built before the 17th century, is the most popular and photographed of 400 churches on the island of Mykonos. The church consists of four chapels, which are located on the ground floor, and another one on the floor above. One of the chapels on the ground floor is open to visitors from early morning until sunset. The church is located in Kastro, the oldest area in Mykonos.

Pelican Petros (Petros the Pelican)

The talisman of the island, which can sometimes be found on the waterfront or in the city. The initially wounded Pelican was found by a fisherman after a storm back in the 1950s. The locals cured the pelican and left him on the island, feeding him. Soon he was given the name "Petros". Unfortunately for local residents and tourists, Petros was hit by a car on December 2, 1985, and was never cured. Petros died in 1986, but he was so popular that the new Pelican was made his successor. Now there are three pelicans living on the island. This means that Petros with whom you meet may turn out to be Petra. Well, here is mykonos.

The beaches. Which is better

Most beaches have taverns and restaurants equipped with sun loungers and parasols. The average price is € 12 for a set of two lounge chairs and an umbrella. The best beaches are located on the south side of the island, protected from strong northern winds. On popular beaches, the sale of illegal goods such as DVDs, fake bags, clothes, jewelry and watches is often found. The merchants will come right to you, which may seem a bit annoying, but they quickly disappear after the simple phrase 'No, thank you'. On many beaches, even in more family-oriented, the 'European' style of sunbathing is popular - topless.

South coast

  • Psarou, (5 km from the town of Mykonos). This is an elite beach popular among Greeks. With many hotels, apartments and restaurants. Psarou is easily reached by bus from Mykonos town. Get off the bus one stop before the final Platis Yalos.
  • Platys Gialos, (6km from Mykonos town). Popular with family and tourists. Many hotels, apartments, restaurants and beach bars along the long sandy beach. It is possible to rent a jet ski. Buses to the city pass very often, every 15 minutes. From Platis Gialos, boats go to other southern beaches of the island of Mykonos.

  • Paranye, (6km from Mykonos town). Sand beach. Sometimes there are stones in the water, but many places where you can walk on the sand. There is a campground, several hotels and several good beach bars and restaurants. Also popular with gays. Nudism is quite common, especially at the right end (facing the sea). By 5 o'clock in the evening on the beach it becomes very noisy, including because of the bars.
  • On the right side of Paranje is a large, quieter sandy beach without sun loungers, umbrellas, restaurants and bars. Paranje is easily reached by bus from Mykonos town or by frequent boat transfers from Platis Gialos (first stop). This beach is a short walk from Platis Gialos (15 minutes) and Paradise (10 minutes). On your way, just minutes from Platis Gialos beach, you will pass by Agia Anna beach, a charming little bay not far from Paranje, with a small number of umbrellas and sun loungers for hire. On this beach with golden sand is a tavern in the traditional Greek style (Nicholas).
  • Paradise (Kalamopodi), (6km from Mykonos town). This is probably the most popular beach known for its parties. Already at 16:00 the music will be very loud. The beach is easily accessible by bus from the town of Mykonos or by boat from Platis Gialos (second stop).
  • Super Paradise (Plintree), (7 km from the town of Mykonos). On the beach there are restaurants, beach bars and several hotels. On the right side of the beach is a zone of nudists and gays. Around 4 pm, the music will be quite loud (Bar-Club Super Paradise Beach and Coco Club) At this time, some people will prefer to leave the beach, for others it is time for a party. The bus to the Super Paradise does not go, but you can easily get on a regular boat from Platis Gialos (third stop). You can also take the bus to Paradise and then walk for 20 minutes. From June to September, in the mornings the boat goes from the city to the Super Paradise, the return boat arrives at 16:30. Traveling by transport is complicated by an uncomfortable and winding road. Driving along the last hill can be quite difficult, as it is very steep.

  • Agrari (8 km from Mykonos town). Agrari Beach is less popular than its neighbor Elia, but much calmer. The beach is equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas, and various water sports attractions. If there are enough passengers, the boat from Platis Yalos will stop at Agrari. Otherwise, you just need to walk 5 minutes over the rocks from Elia Beach. A trip with your own transport from the city will be difficult.
  • Elia (8 km from Mykonos town). Elia is one of the largest beaches in Mykonos. This is a well-organized beach with sun beds and umbrellas, as well as with various water attractions (eg, water skiing). There are three restaurants and taverns. Also popular with gays, especially in the rocky beach area between Elia and Hagar. There is nudity, but not as often as in Paradise, Super Paradise and Parange. The nudist zone is located on the right side of the beach (to Agrari). Elia is most easily reached by bus from Mykonos’s North Bus Station, as well as by boat from Platis Yalos beach (the fourth and final stop). The last return boat departs at 6 pm, but after this time there are two buses still (departure at 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm).

East Coast

  • Kalo Livadi, (10km from Mykonos town, 2km from Ano Mera). Quiet, long sandy beach. Guests are provided with several taverns with delicious food, and several small hotels and villas. It is better to get there by your own transport, but you can also get there by bus. Take the bus to Elia and get off the bus on the top of the hill where it turns to Elia and from there walk about ten minutes downhill to your left.
  • Kalafati (12km from Mykonos town). Very large, beautiful, but less developed beach, a favorite place for windsurfers because of the coastal breeze. Various water sports attractions are available here, including jet skis, water skiing, wakeboard and water slides. Kalafati can be reached by bus from Mykonos town, but this bus only runs a few times a day. Right next to Kalafatis are the sandy beaches of Draumi and Tafarni.

  • Lia, (14km from Mykonos town). Deserted, sandy beach. Sun loungers and parasols are available for rent. There are several small houses of fishermen from a small village, two taverns and a beach bar. To get there you need your own transport, or you can walk here from Kalafati.

North Shore

  • Fokos. A small beach with coarse sand, unknown to many people. This beach has amenities such as sun beds and umbrellas, which one good tavern offers. To get to Fokos you need your own transport. Follow signs to Fokos from Ano Mera.
  • Phtelia, (near Ano Mera, southern part of Panormos). This beach faces north and is therefore influenced by strong northern winds, making it an ideal place for windsurfing, but not for swimming or sunbathing. Phtelia is an isolated, very quiet place and even in July and August due to wind and dust is not crowded here. To get there you need your own transport. Road to the beach down from Ano Mera.

  • Panormos. On the north side of the island and facing east, over the bay. Panormos is a long and beautiful beach. In this remote location there are two restaurants, one hotel and a trendy beach club. On the right side of the beach is a nudist zone. The most easy access to the beach is by city bus from the city, from the Northern bus station.
  • Agios Sostis. This beach is located east of Panormos Bay. Agios Sostis is one of the most remote beaches on the island, without renting sun loungers and umbrellas. There are few people on the beach, no hotels or houses, only peace and quiet, but there is a very nice small restaurant. Tolerant to the bath nudists. To get there you need your own transport. Travel along the road beyond Panormos beach.

West Bank

  • Agios Stefanos (3 km north of Mykonos town). Well developed, sandy beach next to the new harbor. Agios Stefanos is a very popular beach and in the summer it is crowded. About the length of a football field. Agios Stefanos can be reached by bus from Mykonos town.

  • Tourlos, (2 km north of Mykonos town). A small beach near the new port of the city of Mykonos. Tourlos beach is not as popular as it used to be because of the construction of a new port and jetty, but the beach is still busy.
  • Mykonos City Beach. Small beach in the harbor. There is no reason to stay in the area, except if you are waiting for a boat that departs from the old port. Much better beaches are within easy reach.
  • Megali Ammos, (1 km south of Mykonos town). The nearest beach is in the center of Mykonos, just a 10-minute walk from the city along the coast towards Ornos (you can take a bus to Ornos). The beach is located near the main road. A large slab lies in the sea, preventing comfortable swimming. There are no umbrellas and sun beds on the beach due to strong northerly winds. There are several hotels, apartments and a wonderful tavern Joanna Niko.
  • Hornos, (3 kilometers south of the city of Mykonos). Family and tourist beach. He gathers a lot of people thanks to his deck chairs, umbrellas, as well as bars and restaurants. Sandy beach slowly stretching into the sea. There are schools for water skiing and surfing. Ornos is easily reached by bus from the city (or walking along the coast along the road for about 30 minutes). 2 km north of Ornos is Korfos Beach, which is suitable for windsurfing, but not for swimming or sunbathing.

  • Agios Ioannis (Shirley Valentine Beach), (4 km south-west of Mykonos town). Agios Ioannis is a small beach with the possibility of scuba diving. The beach is never too crowded. Nearby there is an excellent tavern and a cocktail bar. From the beach there is a beautiful view of the nearby islands of Delos and Reneas. Easy to reach by bus from Mykonos town. Next to Agios Ioannis, there is a small Kapari beach, with a small nudist area. This hidden beach is located north of Agios Ioannis, you need to go behind the church of Agios Ioannis, on a steep descent.

Museums. What are worth visiting

All museums operate from April to October, except for the Archaeological, it is open all year round. Most people prefer to go to museums when rainy days or bad weather begins, but you should definitely visit the Archaeological Museum.

  • The Archaeological Museum of Mykonos, (near the northern bus stop), ☎ +30 22890 22325. Open daily from 8:30 to 15:00, except Mondays. The exhibition includes a large number of vases from the prehistoric to the end of the Hellenistic period (25th - 1st century BC.), Gravestone statues, steles and funeral urns from the neighboring island of Renea (Delos Necropolis). There are few finds from Mykonos. Entry fee € 2.
  • Музей Фольклора (в нескольких метрах от Парпотиани) ☎ +30 22890 22591. Открыт ежедневно с 14:30 до 18:30, кроме воскресенья. Музей расположен в доме капитана корабля 18-го века , в нем представлена мебель, иконы, части скульптур, народные музыкальные инструменты, текстиль и традиционная одежда. Вход € 2.
  • Музей-дом Лены, Триа Пигадиа (центр города, после Приморского Музея), ☎ +30 22890 2239. Ежедневно с 18:30 до 21:30, кроме Воскресенья. Музей-дом Лены- это филиал Музея Фольклора, является имитацией дома, человека среднего достатка 19 века, полностью восстановленный с мебелью.
  • Эгейский Приморский Музей, Триа Пигадиа (Центр города, у Музея-дома Лены), ☎ +30 22890 22700 ([email protected]). Открыт ежедневно, с 10:30 до 13:00 и с 6:30 до 21:00. Коллекция мореходных инструментов и древних сосудов.
  • Сельскохозяйственный музей, Апоно Мили (возле мельницы), ☎ +30 22890 22390. Открыт ежедневно с 6:30 до 21:30, кроме воскресенья. Коллекция традиционных сельскохозяйственных инструментов.
  • Мельница Бони, (в верхней восточной части города), ☎ +30 22890 26246. Открыта ежедневно с июня по сентябрь, с 16:00 до 20:00 вечера. Ветряная мельница 16 века, с видом на город. Настоящая, полностью функционирующая мельница с дровяной каменной печью.

Recommended places

In Mykonos you will find many restaurants and eateries. Throughout the city there are various shops and pancakes, where you can eat quite well for just a few euros. Mykonos offers food options for a variety of tastes, and at different prices. You can easily find good Greek food at reasonable prices, or it is also easy to spend a fortune. Almost all restaurants (and many bars) place their pricing menus at the entrance, when you walk, you can take a look and see which places offer attractive food according to your budget. Restaurants with views of the harbor or the sea (especially in Little Venice) tend to have higher prices, because you also pay for the place and the view. Restaurants on the streets, deeper in the heart of the city, offer food at a more reasonable price.

Mykonos Town

  • Appaloosa Bar and Restaurant (Appaloosa Bar & Restaurant), 11 Mavrogenaus, Platea Jumenio, city center, ☎ +30 22890 27086 ([email protected]), Mexican and European food, relaxed atmosphere, and also a great place to drink cocktails.
  • Aqua Taverna, Little Venice, Mykonos (Per Caprice), ☎ +30 22890 26083. A small Italian restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine.
  • Avra Hotel, Restaurant (Avra Restaurant), 27 Kaloghera, Mykonos, ☎ +30 22890 22298 ([email protected]). Open from 7 pm to 1 am. Great Greek food, not exactly cheap, but worth it. You can sit inside or on a small terrace overlooking the street and the garden.
  • Bakalo, (Bakalo) 84 Lakka, Mykonos (150 m down from the South Bus Station), ☎ +30 22890 78121 ([email protected]). Cheap Greek eatery.
  • Blue Ginger Restaurant, Perifle Road, Argirina, Mykonos (above the main part of the city, opposite the medical center), +30 22890 27602 ([email protected]). Open from 6 pm to 1 am. Excellent Oriental fusion restaurant serving Thai and Chinese dishes. The view of the sunset and the great atmosphere.
  • Caesar, (Caesar) Platja Gumenio, Mykonos Town (city center), ☎ +30 22890 23104. A small restaurant. Acceptable prices.
  • Catari, (Catari) Agia Anna, Mykonos (near the old port), ☎ +30 22890 78571 ([email protected]). Traditional Italian pizzeria.
  • Evas Garden, (Eva's Garden) Platja Gumenio, Mykonos Town (city center), ☎ +30 22890 22160 ([email protected], fax: +30 22890 27060). Open from 6 pm to 1 am. Homemade Greek and international cuisine in a beautiful rooftop garden. There is a dining room indoors for windy nights. Excellent service and good atmosphere.
  • Joanna's Niko's Place, Megali Ammos (right on the beach, 10 minutes walk from the town of Mykonos along the coast towards Ornos), ☎ +30 22890 24251. Fabulous taverns with delicious Greek food at reasonable prices. A great place to sit in the evening and watch the sunset. Recommended table reservation.
  • Gola Restaurant, (Gola Restaurant) Periferiakos, Drafaki, Mykonos (MKAD), ☎ +30 22890 23010 ([email protected], fax: +30 22890 27387),. Open from 7:30 pm. One of the best restaurants on the island of Mykonos, on the outskirts of the city of Mykonos. Gastronomic restaurant with a modern decor and a beautiful view of the city and the sea. Excellent Italian food. High prices (the cheapest dish from € 20), you should go on a holiday or to indulge yourself. 25% discount in the first hours of work. from 7:30 pm-9: 30 pm.
  • Catherine (Katrine’s (La Maison De Catherine)) Agios Gerasimos, Mykonos (corner of Gerasimos and Niko), ☎ +30 22890 22169. Open from 6 pm to 2 am. One of the most famous and oldest restaurants on the island, with classic French and Greek cuisine and excellent service. Stylish and expensive. The average price for a meat or fish dish is € 100, minimum prices from € 20.
  • Ta Kioupia Taverna, Agias Moniz Square, Castro, Mykonos (Via Agias Moniz Square from Niko's Tavern, near Paraportiani), +30 22890 22866 ([email protected]). Good, great menu, traditional Greek cuisine at reasonable prices.
  • Kounelas Fish Tavern, Svoron, Mykonos (near the harbor, next to the gate to the port), ☎ +30 22890 28220. Open from 8 pm. A small tavern with seafood. Fresh fish is served with Greek salads at a reasonable price. You can choose a dish from the menu or choose seafood from the dishes of the day. Lots of visitors.
  • Lotus (Lotus), 47 Matozhiani, Mykonos (walk along the main street, turn on the half of the street), ☎ +30 22890 22881. A small, romantic place where you can sit under a canopy of grapevines. Good food, bar. Expensive, but worth it.
  • Marion (Maerion), 16th Kalogera Street, Mykonos (behind Alpha Bank on Matozhiani Street (the main street of the city), ☎ +30 22890 28825. Open from 7 pm. Small, expensive tavern, with Greek cuisine and specialties from Mykonos Island. Many visitors.
  • Marco Polo, Lakka Square, Mykonos, ☎ +30 22890 22126. Greek tavern.
  • Niko's Taverna. Ioanninu, Agias Moniz Square, Mykonos (one block from the harbor towards little Venice, near Paraportiani), ☎ +30 22890 24320/28220. Open from noon until 1 am. A very popular restaurant that is always packed. Extensive menu, Greek dishes at reasonable prices.
  • NiSa Restaurant, Kalogera Street 10, Mykonos (behind Alfa Bank on Mitogiani Street (the main street of the city), ☎ +30 22890 78550 ([email protected]) Open from 7 pm to 1 am. Very good Greek cuisine. Dinners on the veranda for those who like to admire the view. Not cheap, at average prices for Mykonos.
  • La Piazzetta, Kunesus Garden, Mykonos (in a hidden courtyard, behind a tobacco shop, at the end of Matogianni Street (main street of the city), ☎ +30 22890 22343 ([email protected]) Elegant restaurant. Relaxed atmosphere , gourmet food and a good selection of wines.
  • Ano Mera. In the town square there are many restaurants serving traditional cuisine.
  • Vangelis Taverna, Ano Mera (main square), ☎ +30 22890 71577. Perfect service, but high prices.

Aneplora, Kalafati, ☎ +30 22890 72470 ([email protected]) Eastern cuisine.

Konstantis Taverna, Ornos (on the beach), ☎ +30 22890 22837. Beautiful restaurant serving fresh seafood.

Platis Galos

  • Atlantis (Atlantida), Platis Gialos (the third restaurant from the beach stop), ☎ +30 22890 26618. Excellent restaurant, part of the Hotel Acrogiali (Hotel Acrogiali). A large variety of Italian and Greek cuisine dishes are served on the seaside terrace, at good prices.
  • Avli tou Sodori (Avli tou Thodori), Platis Galos (second restaurant from the bus stop, at the beach), ☎ +30 22890 78100 ([email protected]). Great restaurant. World cuisine and Greek cuisine served on the seaside terrace.

Nyammos (N'Ammos), Psaru (right on the beach), ☎ +31 22890 22440 The beautiful, snow-white restaurant "rich and famous" is famous for being frequented by celebrities. Mediterranean Kitchen. Very expensive, but judging by the reviews, it is worth it.

Beach Taverns

  • Restaurant Agrari (Agrari Restaurant), Beach Agrari, ☎ +30 22890 71295. Traditional beach restaurant with lawn.
  • Fokos Taverna, Fokos Beach, ☎ +30 6945828561. Open from 13:00 to 19:00., Until 20:00 in August. They serve meat, grilled fish, hot dishes (daily specials) and various salads. A bit far, but it is worth going for the sake of the tavern.
  • Kiki's Taverna, Agios Sostis (Open from 11 am to 6 pm. Hidden pearl. There is a lounge for two dozen people, but due to lack of electricity it closes in the evening. Everything is really tasty and fresh, cooked on a grill, served with fresh homemade salads.
  • La Luna Beach Taverna, Lea Beach, ☎ +30 22890 72150. A remote Italian cafe, worth a visit for the sake of cooking and relaxing on the beach.
  • Lia, Lia Beach, ☎ +30 22890 71015. Seafood is served daily by the fisherman, the owner of the tavern.
  • Nikolai Taverna, Agia Anna Beach (2 minutes walk from Paranga Beach in the direction of Platos Galos), ☎ +30 22890 23566. From 10:00 to 22:00. Family tavern, with traditional Greek cuisine. The tavern was built in 1967.
  • Tasos Taverna, Paranya Beach, ☎ +31 22890 23002. Popular tavern with first-class seafood.
  • Vasoula Taverna tavern, Agios Stefanos. Seafood tavern. Beautiful view of the coast.

Security. What to watch out for

Mykonos is usually a safe island. The only problem is violation of traffic rules, incl. drunk driving. If you want to rent a motorcycle or quad bike, be aware that the roads are narrow, sometimes with sharp turns, you need driving experience and caution to drive safely.

  • Myconian Private Medical Center (Mykonian Health Private Medical Center), Dexamen, Mykonos (behind the city center), ☎ +30 22890 27407/27464/24211 ([email protected], fax: +30 22890 27407) Open daily from 8 : 00 to 23.30.
  • Mykonos Hospital, Mykonos (up the hill from the city, about 1 km on the road to Ano Mera), ☎ +30 22890 23998/23994. Mykonos State Hospital with a 24-hour ambulance service that provides services for pathologists, surgeons, pediatricians, dentists and radiologists.
  • Police, ☎ +30 2289 22235.

The cheapest way to call abroad, really cheap is to use a prepaid phone card and call any place on the phone (including from the hotel room). Prepaid calling cards are sold in many shops and kiosks in the city of Mykonos. A phone card is nothing more than a regular phone number and a pin code that you must dial before dialing a regular phone number. If you want to call abroad, buy an international phone card. For one euro you can talk for 45 minutes, so get the cheapest card (about 3 euros). Speaking to someone for half an hour will be cheaper than sending an email from an internet cafe. As a rule, the validity of such a card is 90 days after the first call. You can use such cards at payphones, which are widely available in the city, although they are often broken.

Internet café Angelo's (Angelo's Internet Cafe), (on the road to the southern bus station and mills), +30 22890 24106 ([email protected]). The most popular Internet cafe in Mykonos, price 1 € for 15 minutes.

Internet cafe No + Plus (Net + Plus Internet Cafe), Ennoplon Dinameon Street, ☎ +30 22890 28617

Things to do

  • Delos, a small uninhabited island near Mykonos, is a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its important archaeological sites. They conduct daily excursions from the city of Mykonos, except Monday, at this time the excavations are closed. Boats leave at 9, 10 and 11 am from the pier on the west side of the harbor, behind the small church of Agios Nicholas. A boat trip takes about 30 minutes. Boats return from the excursion at 12:15, 13:30 and 15:00. Boat tours are organized from Platis Gialos and Paranga Beach. The excavations are open from 8:30 am to 3 pm, so get up early if you really want to see Delos. The cost of the tour is € 17 per boat, plus € 5 per entrance (for students, admission is free, and for those who are 65 € 3). The sightseeing tour starts at 10 am with departure from the pier on the island of Mykonos, it will cost € 40 (with a boat trip and entrance ticket). Delos is a must see for any tourist.
  • Private cruises to the island of Delos and Reny, on a traditional Greek sailing boat.
  • From Platis Yalos beach you can take a cruise on the research vessel Glass Bottom (GlassBottom), this is a boat with a glass floor below, through which you can view the underwater life. There are cruises from the beach to the beach (€ 45), sunset cruises (€ 35) and cruises to the island of Delos and Reny (€ 45).
  • It is possible to make a day trip to the islands of Tinos, Syros, Paros and Naxos.

Shopping and Shopping

You can go shopping or look around in the fabulous small boutiques of exclusive brands, among them visit the outstanding Greek jewelry stores, souvenir shops, and art galleries. Take cash and credit cards. Most stores are open seven days a week, but will be closed from 2 pm to 5 pm. Many tourist shops will stay open until late. In case you are looking for department stores, then know that they will not be there.

Mykonos is the home of a large number of artists, so there are many beautiful galleries offering original works.

Of course, you will also find the shops you need to meet your basic needs. There are mini markets, grocers, butchers, kiosks, bakeries, wine shops, several small supermarkets (and large supermarkets outside the city), many pharmacies, bookstores, electronics stores.

ATMs are available throughout the city. Many of them are concentrated near the Southern Bus Station.

Bars. Where to go

1. Argo Bar, Manto Square (first floor) (on the "taxi square" in front of the Kamares restaurant) ☎ +30 22890 28766 ([email protected]) Opens from 22:00 and closes late at night. Nice atmosphere and loud music

2. Bar Astra, Tria Pigadia, (in the city center), ☎ 30 22890 24767 ([email protected])

3. Caprice, Aghion Anargion Street, (Little Venice) ☎ +30 22890 23541 Located on the edge of the dam in Little Venice. Here you can enjoy music, cocktails and a festive atmosphere.

4. Katerina's Bar, Aghion Anargion Street, (Little Venice), ☎ +30 22890 23804. From 22:00 to 3:30. A two-story bar, each floor of which has balconies towering over the sea, from which you can watch the sunset while drinking cocktails.

5. Cafe-bar and restaurant Madupas, (in the port), ☎ +30 22890 22224. Have a drink or dine on the terrace in the harbor and watch the people walking. Cheaper than other places in the harbor.

6. Montparnasse (Montparnasse) (Piano-Bar), Aghion Anargion Street 24, Venice Small Square), ☎ +30 22890 23719 ([email protected]) Open from 8 pm to 3:30 am. Montparnasse, a bar with a balcony right above the sea, is another popular place to watch the sunset. From 10 pm to 2 am the bar turns into a piano bar with a cabaret. Friendly atmosphere, recommended to visit.

7. Scandinavian Disco Bar (Skandinavian Bars-Disco), Agion Ioannis Barkia, (next to the Nikos tavern), ☎ +30 22890 22669 ([email protected]) It consists of an open area with a lounge, two bars on the basement floor and a disco -bar upstairs. Friendly atmosphere, excellent service and drinks at the best prices (a large beer mug for € 5).

Bars and night clubs

  • Babylon, Port Paraportiani, (Old Bay, located behind Jacky O '), ☎ +30 22890 25152. Open from 10 am until late evening. There is a dance floor and drag show. Babylon has fewer people than Jackie O '. Beer costs € 6.
  • Bar Castro. Kastro Bar, Agion Anargyron Street, Mykonos (Little Venice, near Paraportiani), ☎ +30 22890 23072, Open from 19:00 until late evening. Castro offers a magnificent view of the sunset in a calm and romantic atmosphere to the sounds of classical music. This is a cocktail bar, but their most famous drink is coffee. (secret recipe, but metax is felt). The arrangement of tables and benches is such that it is almost impossible not to talk to strangers. From early evening until 22:00 a lot of people. Recommended for visiting .. Cocktails € 10-12.
  • Lola. Lola, Zani Pitaraki 4, Mykonos (between Limni Square and Little Venice), ☎ +30 22890 23072 ([email protected]). Open from 7 pm until late at night. This is a new bar in the style of cabaret, sitting in which there is a sense of theater.
  • Cafe Pieros. Pierro's Cafe, Motodzhiani Street (1st floor), Mykonos (main street in the center of the city, “gay square”), ☎ +30 22890 22177 ([email protected]). Open from 21:00 until late evening. Bar and disco, above from old Pierro's.
  • Bar Port. Porta Bar, Ionni Voinovich, Mykonos (in an alley just a few meters from the temple with blue domes in the harbor, next to the Kounelas Fish Tavern), ☎ +30 22890 27087. Open from 8 in the evening to 3:30 in the morning. Crowded from 23:30 to 2:00. Porta Bar is located in one of the courtyards of Mykonos, so you have to ask around the locals to find it. Otherwise use the rear entrance, which is easy to find between the Nikos Taverna and the Skandinavian Bar. Festive atmosphere. Beer at € 5.

Beach bars

  • Kalua Beach Bar, Paranga Beach, ☎ +30 22890 23927. In the afternoon, this snow-white beach bar serves good local cuisine at reasonable prices. Come to 6 pm, by this time the DJ comes and the dancing begins.
  • Panormos Beach Bar & Restaurant, Panormos Beach, ☎ +30 22890 27640. A trendy beach bar and tavern that turned Panormos into a more cosmopolitan beach.
  • Super Paradise Beach Club, Super Paradise Beach, ☎ +30 22890 23023/25373 ([email protected]). The holiday begins at noon and lasts until late at night, in July and August a lot of people.
  • Guapaloca Beach Bar, Paradise Beach (right side of Paradise Beach), +30 22890 22852, ☎. Beach bar, which mainly attracts young people. In the afternoon, a Brazilian dance show takes place, and at night a unique body-art party.

Clubs and nightlife

Mykonos is famous for its nightlife, as can be seen from the huge number of bars and nightclubs. Drinking can be quite expensive.

Although Mykonos’s nightlife is concentrated mainly in bars, there are a number of popular dance clubs, some of which attract world-famous DJs.

1. Cavo Paradiso, Paradise Beach (on the hill to the left of Paradise Beach), ☎ +30 22890 27205 ([email protected], fax: +30 22890 25949),. Open from 12:30 to 8:30 in the morning, only in July and August. Cavo Paradiso, an open-air wieces club, has a fantastic view of the sea and a huge pool in the middle of the club, where you can have fun and dance before and after sunrise. The party does not start, at least until 2 am. Party people from around the world voted for Cavo Paradiso as one of the 10 best clubs in the world. Famous DJs such as Roger Sanchez, David Morales, Paul Oakenfold, Tiesto and Sander Van Dorn play here every summer, often with various musical events. Very expensive!

2. Paradise Club Mykonos (on the hill to the left of Paradise Beach), ([email protected]). Самый большой ночной клуб на острове и за который проголосовали как за один из 100 лучших клубов мира. С тремя этажами и бассейном. Знаменитые ди-джеи, как Моби, Боб Сенклейр, Федде Легран, Дэвид Гетта и Армин Ван Бюрен, играют здесь каждое лето. Начало вечеринки каждый день с 4:30 утра, с пиком посещаемости в июле и августе.

3. Space, площадь Лакка, Миконос (недалеко от начальной школы и амфитеатра), ☎ +30 22890 24100 ([email protected]). Дом-музыкальный клуб. Ночной клуб Space крупный клуб города, популярен среди молодежи. Вечеринка не начнется до полуночи и продолжается примерно до 6 утра. Напитки от € 15.

Такси. Какие особенности существуют

Расстояние от города Миконос в км

  • Аэропорт 4.2 (€ 5.90)
  • Агиос Иоаннис 4.5 (€ 5.90)
  • Агиос Стефанос 3 (€ 4.00)
  • Аграрис 7.5
  • Ано Мера 8 (€ 6.90)
  • Элиа (€ 11.40)
  • Калафатис 11 (€ 10.50)
  • Кало Ливади 10
  • Орнос 3.5 (€ 4.40)
  • Парадайс 6 (€ 7.20)
  • Паранье 5
  • Платис Ялос 5 (€ 5.90)
  • Псароу 4.5 (€ 5.90)
  • Турлос 2 (€ 3.70)

Миконос-один из самых маленьких Кикладских островов. Длиной от 12 до 15 км и шириной 10 км. На острове вы можете передвигаться на автобусе, такси, автомобиле, скутере, квадроцикле или лодке.

На всем острове есть всего около 30 такси, а это значит, что вам нужно будет запастись терпением. В Миконосе главной стоянкой для такси является площадь Манто (так называемая городская площадь или площадь такси), которая находится у гавани, возле статуи. Вы должны будете отстоять в очереди на такси, иногда можно стоять часами. Вечером найти такси будет затруднительно. В такси не считают метраж, но есть прейскурант на котором написаны цены до каждого пункта назначения. Тарифы разумны, но некоторые водители могут попытаться содрать с вас еще несколько евро. Вызов такси стоит € 1,30, и еще € 5 в дополнение к тарифу. Контактные телефоны: 22400 и 23700.

Водный транспорт

Служба перевозки Плати Ялос – это удобный и интересный способ добраться до южных пляжей Миконоса.

Из Плати Ялос до пляжей Паранга, Парадайс, Супер Парадайс, Аграри и Элиа ежечасно отправляются рыболовные судна, преобразованные в туристический транспорт. The flights go from 10:15 am to 4:15 pm, with an interval of an hour. Last return to Platis Yalos from Eliya at 6 pm and from Super Paradise at 8 pm.

From Hornos ship depart to the beaches of Paranga, Paradise, Super Paradise, Agrari and Elia. Vessels depart at 10 am, 11 am, at 12 noon and 1 pm.

The return ticket price is € 5 from the beaches of Paranga and Paradise, 6 € with Super Paradise and 7 € with Agrari and Elia. Transportation services may be delayed due to strong winds, but with the exception of Super Paradise, all of these beaches can be reached by bus from Mykonos town.

It is also possible to take a cruise on beautiful traditional yachts on the route Delos - Naxos - Paros and back (from 1 to 4 days), but for this you need to book them in advance.

From June to September, from time to time boats from the harbor of the city of Mykonos, on the yarn Super Paradise, Agrari and Elia.

The island has a bus network that can take you around the island. The city has two bus stations, each of which is located on opposite sides of the city. From the Southern Bus Station, from the factory, you can take buses to Platis Gialos (buses run every half hour), Paraga (every hour), Paradise (every half hour), Hornos and Agios Ioannis. There are also night buses that run every hour from Mykonos to Platis Yalos and Paradise. From the North Bus Station, located near the old ferry port, you can take a bus to Ano Mera, Elia (departure at 11 am, at noon, 14:00, 16:00, 18:00 and 19:00, return 30 minutes later ), Panormos and Kalafatis. Schedule is written at two bus and terminal stations of bus routes. Bus schedule changes approximately every two weeks. The frequency of departure of buses is higher in the high season.

The road from one bus station to another will take about 20 minutes on foot.

You can buy a bus ticket from the driver himself (this requires an exact amount of payment, without change), you can also buy bus tickets before boarding. Bus tickets can be purchased in advance at a special bus vending machine (for this you need euro coins), and you can also buy them at kiosks, mini-markets, and tourist shops. Return tickets do not sell, for the return trip you just need two tickets in one direction. When boarding, you need to hand over your ticket to the driver, the driver will check the ticket and tear it up. Buses have ticket stamping machines, but most often they don’t work. Do not be surprised if a person passes on the bus who checks your tickets again. Even if your ticket is already torn and not stamped, it will still be checked again, so are looking for fake tickets. The bus ticket costs € 1.60, on the route further Elia and Kalafatis costs € 1.70. Tickets for night buses cost € 2. At rush hour, a bus to Mykonos will be packed with passengers as much as possible.

Transport rent

Mykonos has an extensive urban public transport system. By public transport you can easily reach all the southern beaches, which are considered to be the best. Renting a motorcycle or car is a great way to explore the remote corners of the island, especially on the north coast. Motorbike and car rentals are easily available throughout the island. The most popular type of car rental in the city is motorcycle rental at agencies, in the area of ​​the Southern Bus Station, where they offer a wide choice of transport. In another area you can rent a motorcycle not far from the old port, behind the archaeological museum.

If you rent a car, keep in mind that they are not allowed to drive around the city. There are parking on the outskirts of the city, but in the high season to find a place is not easy. You can always try to find a place in the huge public parking, located next to the old port. Considering that Mykonos is a very small island, you can rent a bike and this can be your best choice if you plan to drive into the city and the beaches. Rent a bike can be quite cheap, you can also leave them almost anywhere, and it is much better than to leave the car under the scorching sun all day. In any case, if you come to Mykonos airport and decide to rent a car, keep in mind that there are many car rental companies right outside the airport. You can get acquainted with the prices for car rental here.

Why be ready?

Most of the rest - Europeans and Americans. Although there are also guests from South America, Africa, Australia. There are almost no Asians. Recently, Russian speech can be heard more often, but it is still exotic.

Experienced tourists say that with our mentality it is better not to come to this place. Here is the "land of freedom", you need to be well aware of the norms of life in Europe. The untrained traveler will not understand the local rates, nor the freedom of manners. And if quite frankly, the hypocrite here will be a foreign body among the democratic motley people.

Holidays in Mykonos are a habit of seeing what is unusual in Russia. Pretty blonde goes hand in hand with a dark-skinned man? Easily! Three girls on the street kiss the same guy? Why not! There is absolutely no complexes sunbathe naked among children, and families with children drop in at the gay bars on the beach. Fashionable club tracks begin to be heard from all sides of the beach before sunset ... With this, everyone here doesn’t say anything about sodomy and depravity, about which people love to buzz so much, without understanding it at all.

I walk down the avenue, the night city

The only form of public transport in Mykonos is buses. The routes are varied, but you should not leave the hotel by bus in the evening. The traffic interval is quite large, so you can wait an hour or more at the bus stop. With a taxi, too, an ambush. Making a phone call doesn't mean getting a car fast. Therefore, the general advice, if you live in Town, is to look for nightly entertainment closer to your place of stay.

Most hotels are located in Mykonos Town. Locals call it Chora. Here are the very white houses of hotels, shops and cafes that you saw on the way to the island. Cozy narrow streets of the town will surely lead you to one of dozens of amazing restaurants or taverns with delicious food.

Almost all tourists have breakfast at the hotel, dine at the beach bar, and dinner go to Mykonos Town. It is important to choose the right time. At 19-00 some restaurants are still closed, but by 9-00 pm you may face the fact that the restaurant is full, there are no tables. It is better to book a table in a vending cafe in advance. To the question of time. It seems to be distorted on the island of Mykonos. At midnight, the town is just beginning to live, and buzzes like an anthill.

Many people are sitting in restaurants, and yet it is the time of the opening of the first nightclubs and bars. Two hours later, the restaurants are closed, and the remaining cheerful people take to the streets and go to hang out.

Information is for party-goers: the dance clubs we are used to are on Paradise Beach (not to be confused with Super Paradise Beach), where famous DJs often play in the middle of summer.

Of course, Mykonos is not similar to Ibiza, and in the city itself is an institution on the principle of pubs.

It is most convenient for people living in Town to get to the beach on a rented motorcycle or car. You can wait and public transport, which goes to the beach at noon and at 14 o'clock.

I'm lying in the sun…

The main feature and attraction of this island of Greece, of course, is the beaches. In Mykonos, beaches can be very different from each other. There are also wild surfers here, and ultramodern ones, equipped according to the latest fashion, where you can call a waiter by pressing a button on a lounger.

Elia Beach is perhaps not only the longest, but also the most beautiful beach of the island of Mykonos. Here is a very good bottom when entering the water. In general, Elia has coarse yellow sand, but in some places there is coarse pebbles, especially at the water's edge. Buses always go here, although quite rarely. The ticket costs about 2 euros. The bus leaves from the station in the old port area.

Elia is a very clean, but at the same time crowded beach (although Paradise is even more touristy). Nearby you can find parking and a restaurant. For the entrance, two sun loungers and an umbrella will have to pay 25 euros. Grab a snack at the beach restaurants. There is a service of removal of food and drinks from the institution. The food is varied and tasty. The sea and sand are very clean.

At the far end of Eliya is a nude zone, where people come to swim and sunbathe and gays. Prices for snacks, water and alcohol, of course, are too high, but this is due to the lack of competition. In general - a good not crowded beach.

Pretty secluded beach, away from the main tourist routes of Mykonos. Unlike the big beaches of Agios Sostis, they are not forced by the cot from coastal cafes and bars, and there are no restaurants on the shore. No sun beds, umbrellas or restaurants (there is only one tavern, but not the beach itself, but a little higher).

Great place to relax "savages." One of the best northern beaches of the island, which will make you feel complete unity with nature. The sea is calm, despite the wind. From the city to get about fifteen minutes.

This quiet beach is perfect for couples and romance.

One of the most pretentious beaches of Mykonos. One gets the impression that couples accustomed to luxury love to relax here. There is a sufficient number of cafes and restaurants. Mykonos Island in Greece attracts many tourists, because it is a great place to relax. If you are strong enough to rise before dawn, you can swim in the warm sea alone.

Yellow fine sand, clear water, shops and bars at your side - what else do you need? Here everything breathes comfort. On Platis Gialos Wi-Fi is available in the area of ​​lounge chairs, it is possible to take food with you - to go. Prices are quite reasonable not too high, as on some other beaches in Mykonos. Platis Gialos is suitable for families with children.

Good wide sandy strip, entry into the water is shallow. Its only drawback is that there is no free zone, so those who came with their own towel are located in front of the first line of the sun beds. Sun beds, by the way, paid about 6-7 euros per piece. Boats to other beaches of the southern part of the island depart from here. Of the minuses - there are a lot of black traders who sell fake Rolexes and leather bags a la Louis Vuitton.

Super Paradise (from the English. "Super Paradise") is located in a picturesque deep lagoon. Public transport did not go here before, so it was always chamber-style. But recently the beach has changed: on Super Paradise went the bus and boat on the sea. By car, the beach is easy to find, if you pay attention to the road signs.

A stunning bar on the site of an ordinary cafe opened, a restaurant with live music has grown in the center of the beach. New comfortable sun loungers and umbrellas (though not cheap). There is a volleyball court, shower. The entrance is free. The sea is wonderful, the sand is great. There are many people, but not enough to look for a place between them.

Holidaymakers are pleased with their art dancers, in the evening they entertain the guests in thongs. In general, the place is not pompous, but fun, more for young people and large companies. Although in the evenings in the discos one can meet incendiary European old men.

A small beach, which can be reached by bus from Fabrika station. It is easy to drive and park in cars. The highlight of the beach is the lack of complexes. For some Russians, it will surely be remembered as the beach of perverts. Even if you look at photos from Mykonos, Greece, you can make sure to topless sunbathing there is the norm. But on this beach people are completely naked, and they are many. Therefore, we do not recommend coming with children unless you have the same free morals as the Europeans.

There is a spacious free-fire area, a good entrance to the water. Quiet bay, almost without waves. The sea is crystal, and the atmosphere is relaxed. Eat where to eat. At a distance of several meters from the shore is a huge rock. There you can swim up and climb on it to sunbathe. On the neighboring beach Paradise goes boat-taxi. Near and Platis Gialos. In general, you can spend all day here.

Mykonos hotels are great deals now.

Where to go, except for the beach?

So - Mykonos, Greece, attractions. In fact, there are many interesting places on the island. We have selected for you a list of the most popular among tourists. And, of course, diverse.

The Rarity Gallery is a modest-sized contemporary art gallery. The entrance is free. Local exhibits are created if not talented, then obviously witty people. Usually in such museums, the “works” resemble the works of crazy artists, but there is something to see here. Basically, paintings and sculptures. One guard deserves some applause (one can only guess that he is not real, only by the absence of a crossword puzzle).

The interior of the landmark is stylish: white walls and arches contrast with the dark, almost black ceiling made of wooden beams. Every year, from May to October, seasonal summer exhibitions are held, representing the works of the Impressionists. Here are exhibited works of famous artists in narrow circles: David V. Ellis, Fabio Aguzzi, Lucian Abate, Hanneke Beaumont, Charles Bel, Fotis and others. You can find a gallery in the center of Town, on Kaloger Street.

Matogianni Street is also in Town. As the locals say, all roads lead to Matogianni. Small street close. Tourists are maneuvering among the white houses, cozy shops, artists' workshops and pink bougainvillea bushes ... There is something to profit and lovers of antiques. The stairs and the shutters are painted blue or red, very beautiful. On Mykonos, goods are more expensive than on neighboring islands. This is especially noticeable on ceramics and jewelry.

On Matogianni Street, you can buy all sorts of useful (and not so) trifles, in general, everything from souvenirs to clothes. There are also boutiques of world famous brands: Lacoste, Victoria’s Secret, Juicy Couture ... Well, where can I go without bars, restaurants and dance floors! Here life is in full swing at any time of day, even in the dead of night, it lives and breathes.

Delightful snow-white buildings, which locals call Kato Milli. Perhaps this is the main attraction of Mykonos, because all roads lead to them. Windmills-towers appeared in this country in the XII-XIII centuries. The remaining of the twenty, seven island mills stand in the area of ​​Chora and Castro. Round mill constructions, gazing into the open sea, for centuries have resisted powerful gusts of the Cycladic winds.

It is not allowed to go inside, you can only take pictures outside. The place is really spectacular, tourists crowds take a selfie. You can see the beauty in the restaurant near the mills and enjoy the view of the sea. Hence, an interesting view of Little Venice and the embankment, where unsuited houses seem to look out of the water. Better to come early in the morning. Surely stumble on a pelican. Birds are used to people and pose for a photo.

Church of Paraportiani is one of the best places in Mykonos, almost every tourist has a photo. It is called a pearl. This is an ancient and valuable architectural monument, which should certainly be included in a trip to Chora. A wonderful Christian church of the XVI-XVII centuries, without sharp corners, completely snow-white. Surprisingly there are no blue accents characteristic of Greek architecture. Made in the Cycladic style, consists of several chapels. It seems nothing special, but against the blue sky and the sea looks great. The entrance to the landmark is closed, you can only be photographed nearby.

An authentic place in which you will enjoy all the flavors of true Greece. If you are tired of the hustle and bustle and respect the wine, then the farm Vioma is worth a visit! The hospitable daughter of the owner conducts a tour and shows and tells everything in detail. Wine tasting here is unthinkable without Greek appetizers: dried tomatoes, cheese, carb ...

In the fresh air right on the plantation you will enjoy it all under the opera arias. At first, the farm may seem strange and a bit dilapidated, but after exploring the charming family, you will appreciate the understated rural beauty. The pleasure of this will be about fifty euros for two, and the memories will be priceless.

And a few words about the weather.

The climate on this island of Greece is typically Mediterranean: that is, hot summer and mild winter. It is a pleasure to rest here. The weather in Mykonos is subject to strong winds. In the high season (that is, in July-August) the wind strength reaches 6-7 points. In the middle and late summer, the air temperature reaches 25-30 degrees, but the same wind helps to endure the heat well. Rain is rare, and the weather is mostly sunny. The water is heated to a temperature of 19-22 degrees.

In winter, the cold is not felt, there is no fog. Therefore, you can admire the local scenery. Snow falls extremely rarely, so to make a snowman on the New Year on the island will not work.

Mykonos, Greece, for those who do not accept all inclusive. It is for those who are young in soul (and body), and are able to appreciate the freedom, the spell of the waves of the sea, the charge of general fun, the heterogeneity of people and the taste of Greek cuisine.

2. Panormos beach

Sights of Mykonos: Panormos Beach

This beach in the north of the island is suitable for those who want to relax in a quiet place. Panormos is less developed than other beaches of Mykonos, but its calm beauty and picturesque surroundings smooth out all the flaws.

3. Panagia Paraportiani

Религиозные места Миконоса: Панагия Парапортиани

На Миконосе стоит посетить религиозные и исторические места, одним из которых является белоснежная церковь Панагиа Парапортиани в Хоре. Интересна святыня уникальной формой, вызванной особенностями конструкции: на этом месте были построены друг на друге пять небольших церквей, благодаря чему Панагия Парапортиани обрела асимметричную форму и радует необычным сочетанием стилей архитектуры.

4. Пляж Элия

Это самый протяженный пляж на острове, который не так переполнен, как пляжи с вечеринками. Добраться до Элии можно на лодке от пляжа Платис Ялос. Things to do? For example, water sports, visit one of the bars, soak up the excellent fine sand and enjoy ocean views.

5. Platis Yalos beach

Mykonos Attractions: Platis Yalos

This beach is located in the south of Mykonos, near Chora, and is considered a family beach, near which you can find many good hotels. One of the advantages of this natural attraction of Mykonos is that it serves as a starting point for trips to other famous beaches. Italian and Greek restaurants, as well as takeaway food stalls, are nestled along the coast.

6. Paradise Beach

Where to visit Mykonos - Paradise Beach

Traveling through Mykonos can not do without relaxing on the famous Paradise Beach, where the island’s best parties are held. The place is frequented by popular DJs, here you can both relax and have fun.

7. Super Paradise Beach

Attractions Mykonos: Super Paradise Beach

The name of this beach transparently hints at us that the goal is to surpass "Paradise Beach". Tourists who come to Mykonos for a relaxing holiday can safely miss this beach with round-the-clock fun and loud music. Fans of parties and dances should please here.

8. Kato Miles

Symbols of Mykonos - Windmills

An interesting feature of the landscape of Mykonos are the windmills built in the 16th century by the Venetians. Today, they received the status of “attractions of Mykonos”, thanks to the active attention of tourists. There are 16 windmills on the island, 7 of which are located opposite the Chora. Call them Kato Miles.

Birthplace of Apollo and Artemis (Delos)

Mykonos is an excellent base for day trips to another Greek island - Delos. According to one legend, this is the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. Among the attractions of the island is the now-dried Lake Sacred Harbor, the terrace of Lviv, the house of Cleopatra and the luxurious house of Dionysus, built in the II century. Also on Delos there are quite good museums and cafes. We recommend to go, you will not regret!

10. “Little Venice”

Sights of Mykonos: "Little Venice"

As the name implies, the quarter “Little Venice” is part of Mykonos, where there is no section between buildings and the sea. Waves splash between charming houses and cafes in which people sit right on the edge of the water. The quarter was built in the 16th and 17th centuries by sea merchants and is located in the west of the city of Chora.

Mykonos Island Travel Guide in Greece: article content

  • General information about Mykonos and our reviews
  • Weather in Mykonos and when it is better to go
  • How to get to Mykonos from Moscow, Athens and from the islands of Greece
  • The best hotels of the island of Mykonos: from budget to 5 stars
  • The most beautiful beaches of Mykonos
  • Sights of Mykonos and what to see on the island
  • Prices for food, hotels, travel
  • Buses and sea taxi
  • The most beautiful photos of the island of Mykonos in Greece

What is Mykonos?

To begin with - a brief geographic reference. Mykonos is one of the islands of the Cyclades archipelago, located in the Aegean Sea about 160 km south-east of Athens. The area is 85 square kilometers, the resident population is a little more than 10 thousand people.

Mykonos is considered one of the most beautiful islands of Greece and at the same time the most expensive, rave and glamorous. The island is very popular among wealthy tourists, creative people and gays (which, however, you may not notice at all if you don’t look out for something special).

Mykonos Island is a real postcard Greece: perfectly white houses with perfectly blue shutters, beautiful beaches and windmills on the hilltops. Previously, these mills brought the main income to the inhabitants of the island, but now Mykonos lives mainly at the expense of tourists. As for nature, the vegetation here is rather frail, as in all Cyclades, and the climate is very dry.

Useful links:

We visited many famous places in Greece, but it was Mykonos that became our favorite island.

Weather in Mykonos and when it is better to go

The tourist season in Mykonos, as on all the Cyclades, lasts from late May to mid-October. As a rule, the warm weather here is already in April, but the sea becomes suitable for swimming near the end of May. BUT the highest season in Mykonos is in summer, especially in July-August. These months are not only hot here, but also very crowded, and hotel prices are the highest. From the end of autumn to the middle of spring, life in Mykonos freezes - the sea is cold, sometimes strong winds blow. Nevertheless, even at this time there are quite a few tourists who are willing to sacrifice bathing for a relaxing holiday and low prices.

If you want to relax on Mykonos at an affordable price and without tourist crowds, then we recommend to go to Mykonos either in June or in September and early October. The temperature of air and water in these months is still (or already) comfortable, and prices for accommodation are lower than in the peak months. The rains on Mykonos from April to November are only on major holidays.

Best hotels in Mykonos: from budget to 5 stars

As already mentioned, Mykonos is a beautiful island, glamorous and popular among wealthy travelers. Therefore, hotels here are more expensive than the average in Greece. However, in Mykonos it is even possible to save on accommodation without losing the quality of rest.

How to do it? First of all, we advise you not only to look for hotels on Bucking, but to use hotel search engines. We ourselves in all our travels use Hotel Search Hoteluk. It automatically compares prices in different booking systems (Booking, Agoda, Island, etc.) and gives you the best options, and for booking a room it will take you directly to the website of the booking system.

Besides, if you want to save money, we advise you to rent self-catering apartment hotels. Often they cost a little more than “regular” rooms without a stove and a refrigerator, but they allow you to spend much less money on food. However, if you are renting an apartment, this does not mean at all that you are obliged to hang around the stove on vacation and prepare yourself breakfast, lunch and dinner. Aparthotel allows you to give yourself such simple pleasures, like a cup of tea with sweets on the balcony of your room at any time of the day or night.

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Many "postcard" houses with blue shutters in Mykonos turned into hotels. In this photo - our apartments Casa Annalocated within walking distance of the city and the New Port.

The most beautiful beaches of Mykonos

There are many beaches in Mykonos and they are all very beautiful. We have compiled for you the rating of the beaches of Mykonos, assessing them according to four criteria: the beauty of the landscape, infrastructure, privacy and convenience for swimming. Details and photos of the winners - in our article:

The most popular on Mykonos are beaches with extremely original names Paradise and Super Paradise. No matter how many days you come to Mykonos: a visit to these beaches must be included in your program. Both are very beautiful, many photos and reviews about these beaches can be found in our articles:

Super Paradise Beach is considered by many to be the most beautiful on Mykonos. Popular among gays, nudists and other connoisseurs of beauty. Our guide to Mykonos strongly recommends it to you.

Sights of Mykonos and what to see on the island

The main attraction of the island of Mykonos is the island of Mykonos itself with its white houses, blue shutters and narrow streets, to wander through which is an indescribable pleasure. And also its beaches, of course. But there are special places on Mykonos that also deserve your attention. And given that they are all located next to each other ...

It is customary to single out the five main attractions of Mykonos. This is the Little Venice district, windmills opposite it, Matoyanni street, Paraportiani church and (do not be surprised) live Pelican Petros. In more detail about these sights and how the pelican here wormed, read in our article:

In addition to walking through the streets, exploring the sights and recreation on local beaches (as well as clubs) in Mykonos there are still a lot of activities. The most interesting are in our article:

You look to the right - Little Venice, turn left - windmills. It is not surprising that so many people gather on this embankment, because this is where a great view of the sights of Mykonos opens.

Prices on Mykonos for food, hotels, travel

It seems, we have already written that Mykonos is one of the most expensive islands of Greece? As proof, here are some prices at local cafes:

  • fish with a side dish - 25 euros,
  • grilled prawns - 19 euros,
  • sandwiches - from 5 to 8.5 euros,
  • salads - from 5.5 to 10 euros,
  • pizza - from 10 to 16 euros,
  • coffee - from 2.5 to 4.5 euros,
  • breakfast - from 8.5 euros,
  • soups - 7.5 euros,
  • 700 ml bottle of wine - from 21 to 42 euros,
  • main dishes with chicken - from 12 to 16 euros.

But the prices of some products in one of the cheapest stores in Mykonos - AB Food Market (place on google maps):

  • oranges, 1 kg - 0.93 euros,
  • eggplants, 1 kg - 1.45 euros,
  • packs of cheese from 175 to 270 g - from 2.6 to 5.3 euro,
  • frozen shrimp, 500 g - 18 euro,
  • a pack of vermicelli, 500 g - from 0.6 to 1.57 euros,
  • a dozen eggs - from 2.79 euros,
  • Mythos beer, 0.5 l - 1.48 euro,
  • Heineken beer 0.5 L - 1.57 Euro.

The price of living here is also at a height: in the "middle" season (May or October) the most common room in a local hotel costs from 30 euros, in high season - from 100 euros. Traveling in Mykonos in buses costs from 1.6 euros depending on the distance.

For more details, our article will help you plan your expenses in Mykonos:

What a guide to Mykonos without a review of local prices. In short, prices in Mykonos are high. However, if you rent an apartment hotel and buy groceries in stores, you can make it more budget.

Public transport in Mykonos

There are two types of public transport in Mykonos - buses and water taxis.

The water taxi (it’s also a sea bus) runs between Mykonos ’Old and New ports. The fare is 2 euros.

As for the "ground" public transport, the main transport hub in Mykonos is considered to be the stop Fabrika (place on google maps). From here you can go to any of the beaches of the island at a price of 1.6 to 2.3 euros, and only to the beach Super Paradise - for 4.5 euros. The fare from the Fabrika bus station to Mykonos airport costs 2 euros.

Another bus station is located in the Old Porto (place on google maps). From it you can go to the beaches of Agios Stefanos, Kalafatis, Kalo Livadis, Paradise, Elia.

In more detail about transport on Mykonos - in our article:

Fabrika Bus Station is the main transport hub of Mykonos. From here you can go to any beach, at the pier and at the airport.

The most beautiful photos of the island of Mykonos in Greece

And finally our guide to Mykonos will decorate the 5 most beautiful photos that we brought from a trip to this island. So to speak, a little visual agitation. The best motivation to travel to this fabulous place and think hard!

There are even more interesting pictures of Mykonos in our photo gallery:

This completes our guide to the island of Mykonos in Greece. We tried to make it as complete as possible, but if you didn’t have enough information, leave feedback: we will answer all questions in the comments.

And now we leave you alone with Mykonos. Sit back, pour yourself a cup of refreshing tequila, we finish.

Just Mykonos, just an ordinary street. To the left you will go - you will come to the embankment. You will go to the right - you will go around the house and you will come to the embankment anyway.

Venice in Mykonos is small, but very beautiful. There she is, on the opposite bank.

Paradise Beach - the most rave place in Mykonos. The landscape here is impeccable, but the bottom is covered with uncomfortable slabs in some places.

Paraportiani Church is one of the main attractions of the island. Under one dome here hides not one, but as many as five churches.

Matoyanni Street is one of the most beautiful on Mykonos. It is considered the main one on the island, and it is also a local shopping center.