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Fashionable and luxurious open back dresses


Every year, designers offer all the more interesting and improved outfits. But a little black dress, a long wedding dress and a model with an open back remain at the peak of popularity for many years. Dress with a cut on the back is far ahead of the outfit with a deep neckline.

How to choose a dress with an open back, how and with what to wear it you will learn in this article.

For the first time, dresses with a bare back ascended to fashionable Olympus in the 1920s. At that time, the garcon style was relevant. Girls with lush breasts covered their beautiful forms with the help of ruff and slimming underwear, while not being shy about showing their backs. Of particular relevance, this style acquired in the 30s.

In those days, the actresses did not wear dresses on a naked body, but combined them with special bodices, the straps of which comfortably fell down.

A gentle summer dress with an open back can be seen on such famous women as Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Norma Shearer, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly. Now you can plunge into the world of beautiful and elegant dresses, opening the veil of female attractiveness!

Features socks dresses

Stylish outfits with an open back are always beautiful, sexy and feminine. An attractive neckline, intriguingly delicate skin, gracefulness - all this in itself combines original models of dresses, at the same time strict, inaccessible and frank.

If you pay attention to evening dresses with an open back, in this case you need to consider several important factors. Skin condition is paramount. Since the back is almost completely bare, your skin should look perfect. There should be no redness or rash on it. Otherwise, you will get spoiled for the whole evening mood.

The second important factor is the figure.. If your choice fell on a lace dress with an open back, pay attention to your silhouette. A girl should be slim, only in a dress you will look sexy and tender. Grease rollers that appear when turning, will darken the appearance. If you have a full figure, choose a dress with a minimum neckline. Also do not forget about the royal posture, which should be your constant companion!

The third important nuance is the choice of underwear.. The chic effect of the outfit can be reduced to "no", if you do not choose the right clothes. Beautiful dresses with an open back need a competent choice of a bra. Fit the bra without shlek, silicone bra and invisible bra. They will make the neckline more attractive and help create the desired image. It is permissible to wear dresses with an open back along with regular bras, as the heroine of the series Sex and the City loves to do. This option is acceptable if the underwear is beautiful, made of high-quality satin and lace.

How to choose a dress?

We all know that in order to look beautiful and feminine, you must correctly emphasize the dignity and hide the flaws of your figure. Girls in evening dresses with an open back look elegant and stylish, but most of the styles are suitable only for tall and slender women. If you do not like to wear heels, then we recommend to abandon this outfit. Evening long dresses to the face of women with a model appearance.

Outfits that open the back slightly below the waist or slightly below the shoulder blades are very relevant. They also fit slender women.

Ladies of small stature to face sheath dress with an open back. This is a daily choice. Fashion designers manifest themselves in fantasy, and offer beautiful girls various choices of cutouts. Short dresses can be cut to the waist or to the shoulder blades, triangular and square, minimalistic, in the shape of a heart. Popular products with drapery, decorated with rhinestones, bows, with covered shoulders, decorated with lacing.

If you want to look restrained, causing men not a passion, but a desire to solve the riddle, in this case, select small and neat cuts. Women with perfect parameters can afford a mini dress with an open back.

Girls with curvaceous to face short cuts, as well as deep, but narrow. With a properly chosen cutout shape, your image will be very feminine, and will fall into the “ten”!

Variety of styles

In the photo it is noticeable that fashion designers offer dresses with a huge variety of necklines, which in turn are decorated. Often cuts are emphasized with bows, folds and stones. Exquisitely look models where the neckline on the shoulder blades is complemented by a neckline around the waist. Cuts in the shape of figures give the silhouette an even more slim, such nuances are often used to decorate wedding dresses.

The ads sometimes show girls who have a cutout on the dress reaches the buttocks. This outfit looks very vulgar, so in life it is difficult to apply.

Designers offer a variety of styles, characterized by originality. Each such dress emphasizes the individuality and brightness of the woman. Dresses for the prom are often made of elegant fabrics, additionally decorated with decor. Cocktail outfits are suitable for a party or disco. It can be a velvet, silk or guipure dress.

Casual clothes are ideal for the summer. Many options of air and light fabrics will effectively complement the wardrobe. Simple and natural fabrics on summer dresses will allow you to feel comfortable and not notice the summer heat. You will have a stunning view!

The last few seasons at the peak of fashion chiffon outfits knee-length and floor. Jerseys are also popular, they are presented in both the short version, and also have a free and long cut.

Cutting on the side, in the form of a triangle or a deep neckline - it's up to you! Be sure to consider the features of your figure. Some girls better open the upper back, the other - lower.

If you are embarrassed to wear such dresses, pay attention to the options with laces on the open part. This design trick allows shy girls to look fashionable and flirty!

Backless Wedding Dresses

They just drive you crazy - stunningly delicate and at the same time attracting the attention of wedding dresses with a bare back. These models appear again and again on the catwalks, captivating with their attractiveness.

An elegant collection by Israeli designer Bertha Bridal annually pleases brides with stunning outfits. In the collections of the master there are no baroque magnificent models and excessive pompousness, vulgar elements and roses. Delicate guipure dress emphasizes the elegance of the bride. Such outfits best suit very slim girls, in them the bride looks like a porcelain figurine!

In addition, designers such as Chanel, Dolce and Gabbana offer bridal robes with an open back. Some designers emphasize the criss-cross decor. Monochrome long dresses with elegant inserts, bare back and delicate decor - the most current trend in recent times!

Hairstyles and accessories

Girls are experimenting, and designers with stylists support them in this. Therefore, under such a dress, you can easily choose any hairstyle. Beautifully looks bun and collected hair in a bun. An elegant option would be the French braid or spikelet.

But the best is considered to be styled with hair pinned up. To clearly see the neckline, we recommend wearing the hair on its side. But loose hair, covering the back, will reduce to "no" all the attractiveness of the cut. If you have short strands, do the styling with curled hair.

Pick the hairstyle that most suits you. Exquisite accessories in the form of a bright hairpin or hairpin will complement the image. When choosing supplements, pay attention to the strings of pearls hanging down to the middle of the back. Consider when choosing accessories your style direction.

The magic of the dress will be revealed!

We will try today to open all the mysteries and secrets of the female image, so that you can look just stunning!

  • Choose a model of simple cut. The abundance of decor, details and massive elements will not give greater elegance. While the simple and elegant colors will create the necessary accents. The back in such a dress is in itself an ornament, and it attracts attention.

  • Consider the occasion. The cutout on the back, like on the chest, can have different lengths. The dress for a secular party can be with a deep neckline. For everyday life, it is better to choose a model with a small neckline and knee-length.

  • Minimum decorations. Remember that the less jewelry you have on you, the more elegant and expressive the dress looks. That it is the main focus of the image, so give preference to the original earrings and thin bracelet. Such a choice will not distract attention from the silhouette and demonstrate good taste.

  • Soft color. Since such models themselves are very bright, you do not need to experiment with shades. It is preferable to wear plain and classic dresses.

  • Consider the color type of appearance. Match the color of your dress to the color of your hair, skin and eyes. This will make the appearance more vivid.

  • The importance of length. The length of the dress depends on where you are going to wear it. If we are talking about an evening event, then it is appropriate to wear a long outfit. Short styles are better to wear during the day and use as a cocktail dress.

  • Style and fabric. In terms of the design of the dress no one limits you! But still for a wedding or anniversary, it is better to choose a straight and long dress, and a short knitted or knitted dress for a disco or an evening out.

  • And if it is cold? Are you afraid to freeze at an important event? In this case, bring a cardigan, a coat or a coat. Scarves, stoles and jackets will not work!

Whatever dress you choose, you'll always look bright, sexy and intriguing in it. At the sight of such a dress, in the imagination there is an image of an ideal woman, which men so dream of. Such models carry the attractive elegance, romance and bright provocation ...

Who would suit such a dress?

Fashionable dresses with an open back, unfortunately, are not for everyone. Happy owners of a slim figure can wear them. Although the forms can be appetizing, the back should look perfect, because any folds and other defects associated with excess weight will be bare and, accordingly, be evident.

Some requirements are imposed on the skin. If her condition leaves much to be desired, then first put it in order and make sure that your bare back will look attractive, and not ugly and ridiculous because of acne that covers it.

And finally, posture. If you are used to slouching and walking, stooping and drooping of your head, you will not be able to demonstrate the chic of a luxurious dress with an open back in all its glory and fully, because this part of the body should be beautiful and feminine, have a sexual bend.

When is this outfit appropriate?

Dress with an open back is the right way for the evening look, in it you will shine and delight. You can also wear a cocktail party, a date or a meeting with friends. Some models are quite suitable for everyday wear in the warm season. But this option can not be called business, office and discreet, so it is not suitable for official meetings and office work.

How to make a choice?

How to choose a dress with an open back? Pay attention to the following points:

  • Length. Top of elegance, sophistication and femininity - this, of course, long dresses. But only slim and tall girls can afford such a model. Although high-heeled shoes may come to the rescue. If the growth is small, and the studs you do not like or contraindicated, then the ideal option for you is a dress above the knees. But remember that overly short dresses often look vulgar and inappropriate. Midi length is suitable for girls with fairly long legs.
  • Style. It is worth paying attention to him, and to find the perfect option, you need to take into account the peculiarities of your figure. If you are the owner of an ideal body, then any model will suit you. But to show all its advantages will allow fitting dress. Excessively wide hips will help to hide the flowing flared hem to the knees or below. If the buttocks are not as voluminous as we would like, then choose a dress in the “new look” style with a lush bottom. And the excessive thinness will be hidden by a free model with draperies.
  • Cutout. The back can open as usual round deep cut, and more interesting. For example, this part of the dress can be decorated with laces interlacing the body, chains or laces, and various draperies. Also cutout can be figured and decorated with inserts with lace, ruffles, bow at the bottom and other decorative elements. But they should not be bright and numerous, because the bare back should remain the main focus of the image. It is worth paying attention to the depth of the cut. It can be as insignificant and modest, opening only the upper part, and extreme, almost reaching the buttocks. But the hollow between them (or the panties closing it) must remain hidden from prying eyes, otherwise you will look extremely vulgar and vulgar.
  • Sleeves. The dress with long sleeves looks more elegant and feminine, it personifies a certain restraint bordering on femininity and sexuality. With this model, you can create luxury evening or holiday images that can be seen at special events, such as the Oscar award. The dress is not straps - it is rather a cocktail option. The image will be more relaxed, catchy. You can also choose a model with short sleeves, barely covering the shoulders or reaching the elbow.
  • Colour. The classic and undoubtedly chic version is a black dress. White will make the image more delicate. Wearing a red dress, you just attract male attention and emphasize sexuality and passion. A blue dress will make you a mysterious stranger. Emerald color is a guarantee of a luxurious look. Burgundy is associated with wisdom and maturity. And if you want something bright and unusual, then give preference to juicy and fashionable tones, such as mint, coral, pink, yellow.
  • The decor. The open back is already a bright detail of the dress, so its other additions will be superfluous. Evening dresses can be decorated with rhinestones, stones or beads, but such elements should be low-key and few, because views should not be turned to them.

Fight everyone outright

To look attractive and slay all, it is important to know how to wear dresses with an open back.

  1. Start creating the perfect image with a choice of underwear. The bra should remain imperceptible, otherwise all chic will be reduced to zero, and the image will look ridiculous. There are several options. The first is a silicone strapless bodice. It looks like two interconnected cups, fixed on the chest. But if the bust is voluminous and low, then he will need support. Come to the aid of the second option - a bra with transparent silicone straps and back. He will perform his tasks, but will remain unnoticed. The third option is the so-called transformer bodice with straps wrapping around the waist (their position can be adjusted). And another option - body with an open back. In it, you will feel comfortable, and the image will be impeccable.
  2. Hairstyle. If you have long hair, then it is better to collect and raise them in order to be able to demonstrate your back. But you can leave a few flowing strands, they will add to you the mystery and grace.
  3. Footwear. It is possible to wear dresses with an open back only with shoes on heels! Classic evening shoes with stiletto heels are perfect for evening wear, and sandals or shoes with a steady heel or elegant wedge heels will complete the cocktail look.
  4. Accessories. The maximum that you can afford, wearing a dress with an open back - these are small earrings, studs and a thin invisible bracelet. As for the handbag, choose a concise and elegant clutch.

Finally, some useful recommendations:

  • Wearing a dress with an open back, ask someone to rate you in it (you can hardly do it yourself even with the help of a mirror), and even better take a picture. Carefully look at yourself in the photo to immediately see any defects, for example, suddenly appeared pimple on the back.
  • If you are worried about the fact that in such a frank outfit you will feel uncomfortable, then grab a jacket or a cape covering your back. As soon as you feel confident, show yourself in all its glory.
  • Be confident and believe that you are irresistible! Then everyone will appreciate your image.
  • Can't choose a suitable option? Посмотрите фото платьев из каталогов популярных брендов или с модных показов.

Будьте сногсшибательной и неповторимой в платье с открытой спиной!


Нет ни одной женщины, которая бы осталась незамеченной в таком экстравагантном наряде. Платье с открытой спиной имеет свои характерные особенности:

  1. Оголенная спинка приемлема только на коктейльных или вечерних платьях.
  2. Глубина выреза разная. Она может варьироваться от лопаток до поясницы или еще ниже. Форма выреза тоже может быть разной: треугольная, прямоугольная, ассиметричная и т.д.
  3. The front part of the dress, as a rule, has a simple cut and a minimum of decorating elements.
  4. Sometimes the back area is decorated with stones, rhinestones and other decorative elements to make an even greater emphasis on the back.

How to choose and who will suit

Unfortunately, a dress with an open back will not suit every girl. Therefore, if you decide to purchase such a dress, you should consider some of the nuances:

  1. Leather. If you decide to wear such a frank outfit, then the skin of your neck and back should be flawless. In order to remove small acne and peeling, use a scrub and a sponge of medium hardness.
  2. Figure. The figure also plays a dominant role when choosing a dress. Agree that hanging fat, very few people like it.
  3. Posture. The open back of the dress does not allow stooping and stooping. This style of dress requires a truly royal posture.

With a full skirt

Dress with a fluffy skirt is a great choice for petite girls. If you have minor flaws on the back, then in this dress you can focus on the legs. Fashionable stylists offer young girls to choose models of bright colors. Bright colors will help to diversify gray days and get positive for the whole day. Dresses with a fluffy skirt are also presented in models for everyday wear. In this dress you can go to the cinema, cafe or club. Makeup for this dress should not be made too bright. Enough to emphasize its natural beauty. Accessories can be bright colors if the dress is dark, or to be in tone with the dress.

A straight dress to be both in length in a floor, and short or average length. A long dress of direct cut is suitable for gala evenings and receptions. It will ideally sit on tall girls. Short straight dresses are more suitable for short girls. As a rule, the cut is not so pronounced on short dresses. In order not to look vulgar, it is recommended to adhere to the rule: “the shorter the dress, the more modest the cutout”.

Evening dress with open back and bow is one of the most feminine models. In such a dress, very often a bow or dress trim can be made in a contrasting color to give a special charm to a woman. The bow, in turn, can be decorated with stones or rhinestones. The dress with a bow can be both in a floor, and short. The bow, in turn, can be either on the back of the dress or on the front.

A loose dress is a universal model: it fits both young girls and adult women. A loose dress is still convenient in that it can cover up some of the flaws. If you are the owner of beautiful and slim legs, then feel free to choose a short model of the dress. And for those who want to make the image mysterious, there are long models.


Models of tight dresses are always in fashion. A dress that emphasizes all the curves of the female body can be found in almost every woman’s wardrobe. However, a dress can play a cruel joke if you make the wrong choice. Tight-fitting dress models are preferred for owners of an ideal “model” figure. Agree that the protruding folds on the body, look unattractive.

Dress with bare back can also be performed by knitting. However, most knitted dresses are preferred for everyday wear. Knitted dress can be combined with a variety of accessories and shoes, for example, it can be hats, scarves, jewelry, high heels or sandals. Knitted dresses are presented in different styles and in bright colors, so you can easily choose a dress to your taste.

On straps

The dress on the straps looks very unusual and original. Straps can be arranged both in parallel and intersect and interlace. To give a special charm to the image, the straps can be decorated with stones or rhinestones.


I love dresses with an open back.
and the back even allows you to wear them ..
but, damn, constantly pimples .. I do not know what to do ..

July 20, 2012, 17:48

irinas, you did not contact the beautician?

July 20, 2012, 17:58

AnnaAngel, she tells me that this is the type - there is nothing special on the face, but everything goes back and chest.
in fact, the situation is not critical, if you simply wear an open back, then as you write it should be in the appropriate state, and I usually have a couple of pimples.

July 20, 2012, 18:23

irinas, if not critical, and special treatment is not necessary, try ozone therapy in the fall or winter.

July 20, 2012, 18:51

irinas, you can try to periodically wash problem areas with tar soap.

July 20, 2012, 22:34

I love dresses with an open back :) And sexy, and nelohy chance to troll people tattoos,)

July 20, 2012, 17:51

By the way, about the posture. If it is not very, then the back, at least open to the waist, combined with drapery perfectly masks the stoop.

July 20, 2012, 17:54

Cool post. Nicole Kidman must also add photos - she loves her open back and her back is perfect. There was a kak.to post where her husband helped her out of the car and held her clutch in her hands - there she had such a back.

July 20, 2012, 17:54

I think dresses barely covering the ass with a huge neckline is a little too, too defiant. I do not even know where to go to this, on an evening walk along the beach?

July 20, 2012, 17:55

And the post is awesome, the author is well done!

July 20, 2012, 17:56

Miss_Moss, yes, yes!))) Added to favorites)

July 20, 2012, 20:02

and I liked the red dress Blake))
I did not like the dress of Eva Herzigova and the last dress of Diane Kruger, too many naked bodies

July 20, 2012, 17:56

Biilik463, just on a bad back with bony clavicles - does not look very. Therefore, it seems to me Kruger and Eve are somewhat off topic) Hilary Swank still has the same back (I want to cover something up,).

July 20, 2012, 21:24

I have such a white lace dress) in general I like dresses with an open back) excellent post)

July 20, 2012, 17:59

Nothing annoys me so much like a bra across the back with a dress or a T-shirt with an open back. it's horrible. and no thongs looking out of jeans can compare with this. there at least kind of like "by chance". and here the man Meryl probably chose. well, why? 1. it is not sexy, 2. it is not beautiful. To me it looks weird. As if the girl did not see what shirt she was wearing. And oops. There is such a bad luck.
... well, does not allow your breasts to wear such things without a bra, well, you do not have special clothes. Well, buy with a closed back. it's so simple) sore) sorry, everyone who wears it. but it's awful awful awful)))

July 20, 2012, 18:05

polezenka, when the chest is small, there is a bra cups, just attached to the chest. Keeps girls checked! And since such dresses are of course many nuances require consideration.

July 20, 2012, 18:08

oh yeah :) when I saw this performed by B. Beckham, no one can already convince me that she is an icon of style. And these weren’t the times of Spice Gels, but about 2-3 years ago.

July 20, 2012, 18:10

And I remembered the scene from the film "Blond in some kind of boot", when the heroine appears in a black, very closed, at first glance, chaste dress, and then she turns around - and not only that back, but half the dog is visible. It then seemed very sexy to me, the actress’s figure was awesome!

July 20, 2012, 18:08

vodostochnaya, I also love it when everything is deafly closed from the front, and from the back - SURPRISE! :)

July 20, 2012, 18:11

vodostochnaya, are you talking about the film with Karol Bouquet - Business Romance?
there is such a scene in the theater ..

With sleeves

Dress models with sleeves are a very popular option for an outdoor event on a cool day. And even the most candid cutout on the back is compensated by the presence of the sleeve.

The most harmonious look in this combination monochrome outfits. An example is the bow actress Kate Hudson.

With cleavage

Dresses in which the neckline and back are open at the same time are designed for bright, self-confident women who are not afraid to show everything at once.

Basically the neckline in the models of this style is not too deep.

With a cut

It is considered that any incision visually adds harmony to your legs. Dresses with a neckline and a slit are very popular among fashionable celebrities.

It is worth noting that there are nuances when choosing such a dress. For example, a longer cut to the thigh will be more relevant for young girls, and for women of “balzac age” an elegant cut to the knee will be more appropriate.

Closed front

Completely, discreetly and mysteriously, the dress will be completely closed at the front, but with an open back.

At first glance, this will give your image austerity, but as soon as you turn your back, no one will have any doubts about your seductiveness. This version of the model is ideal for going to a restaurant.

No less popular is the combination of an open back and a full skirt in a dress. And the length of such a dress does not matter at all. It is very important to find their competent and harmonious combination.

It is possible to consider as the widespread and effective direct dresses smoothly repeating a female silhouette.

They emphasize harmony, visually add growth. They are most often worn for social events.

Incredibly exquisitely able to look like a lady in mermaid dresses with a train and neckline. They are widely popular in evening and wedding fashion.

A-silhouette dresses for many years now give girls comfort and convenience.

The light flowing hem and open back perfectly emphasize the grace of its owner. And not least, such dresses are suitable for owners of magnificent forms.

With train

Dresses with a train and an open back always cause delight, even if they are made in the style of minimalism. Their solemn appearance emphasizes the status of the owner of a chic dress.

Lace models of dresses with an open back look gentle and self-sufficient. They can be worn both at social events and in everyday life.

It is only important to choose the right color scheme and the size of the notch for a particular occasion.

Summertime is a great time to tempt and seduce the stronger sex. Light fabrics, feminine silhouettes, open back - a heavy weapon of these coquettes.

Depth and cutout shape

The depth of the notch varies within the region of the shoulder blades and the coccyx.

Rounded and triangular cuts below the shoulder blades, which look great on girls with small hangers, are very popular.

Various variations of romantic figured cutouts in the form of a drop, heart, or flower, reaching to the middle of the back, are suitable for modest women. Regarding the length, the dress can be both short and long.

The elongated neckline to the waist can afford the owners of an ideal figure and skin.

Incredibly sexy look dresses with an oval neckline to the tailbone.

As for the cutouts, they are so diverse that they cannot be counted all of them.

Not a little known and common form of the cut - scout. In her side, shoulder blades and hangers are open.

Double cuts look impressive.

Cutout Decoration

There are also various ways to decorate a bare back.

The most common is the interlocking straps on the back. Their number, thickness and location depend on the fantasy designers.

V-neckline can often be seen with luxurious embroidery with all kinds of stones, rhinestones and sequins. Various pearls and beads, buttons and interestingly playing satin bows are actively used.

The figured neckline to the shoulder blades, often met in the wedding fashion, is embroidered with lurex, lace and stones.

Fantasy cutout

When choosing a dress with an open back, you need to take into account some limitations, such as skin condition, but this does not apply to a dress with imitation of naked back.

The deep neckline is covered with a flesh-colored fabric or a thin translucent lace insert, on which create all sorts of patterns.

Any of the fair sex wants to be irresistible at their wedding. To date, many designers offer a variety of wedding dresses with a cut on the back.

Also, you yourself can choose the depth and shape of the cut, its decoration according to your wishes and tastes.

Evening and cocktail

Elegant dresses with a cut on the back became a favorite for evening fashion. Modest or shocking - they best emphasize the dignity of the figure, but you should consider some of the nuances.

If the waistline is not clearly marked, then narrow elongated cutouts with lacing or clasps will mask this flaw.

Girls who are not tall dresses with an oval neckline and in the form of a triangle, ending behind a line of shoulder blades are better not to wear because they will add unnecessary centimeters, which cannot be said about pointy and elongated. These options cutout fit and girls with a short torso, which should be maximally lengthen.

Girls tall need to look at the small oval, triangular or drop-shaped notches on the back.

Luxurious evening and cocktail dresses with an open back 2018-2019: news, trends, features of choice

The fact that dresses with an open back is the best among the styles of evening and wedding dresses are confirmed by celebrities of the cinema, show business stars and socialites who transform themselves into such models to shine on the red carpet, admiring the fans.

Such intriguing dresses with bare back can afford only stars with a flawless body constitution, because although the style is very elegant, it exposes the back of a woman, showing all the curves of her silhouette.

You can see fashionable designer dresses with an open back on such celebrities as actress Angelina Jolie, model Miranda Kerr, movie celebrities Jennifer Lopez, Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman, singer Beyonce, etc.

Wearing dresses with an open back can be subject to flawless leather, the selection of proper linen, the ability to keep the royal posture.

Fashionable dress with an open back 2018-2019 will help to create wonderful images for the prom, highlighting the girl among others.

Note that the style is very demanding, because it will look your best only in tandem with an elegant hairstyle, gentle, or evening make-up, corresponding to the design of nails.

Transform the magnificence and chic dress with an open back and a feminine lady who is invited to a dinner party, a secular party, a solemn event involving such dresses, or she meets distinguished guests at home.

Undoubtedly, the most beautiful dresses with an open back 2018-2019 have become trendy among wedding dresses, because they beautifully emphasize the divine beauty of the bride with the help of lace and chiffon inserts, appliqués, intricate bindings and webs.

If you are fed up with neckline ... Luxurious dresses with an open back 208-2019 - styles, length, finish

The new collections of Chanel, Iris van Herpen, Christos Costarellos, Zuhair Murad, Cushnie et Ochs, Alex Perry, Elie Saab, Versace and other fashion houses showed amazing evening and cocktail dresses with open back 2018-2019 in red, black, green, white color.

Also, models of blue, pink, and metallic shades conquered the podiums, perfecting the look, bringing notes of aristocracy and high prices to each bow.

The most relevant today lace dresses with open back maxi length of chiffon and satin, organza, translucent fabrics. They are gorgeous, luxurious, full of original details of the decoration in the form of hand embroidery.

Short dress models with open back 2018-2019 will be more concise. The most acceptable midi length.

Among the best styles of cocktail dress with a bare back is a bell, a trapezium and a pencil. It is possible to dress such a dress for the New Year, a buffet table, an informal meeting. And what to be modest, many spring-summer collections include this style in everyday wardrobe.

The creators of amazing evening fashion presented dresses with an open back year, spectacular model bustier and straps with an embroidered bodice.

Closed dresses with a high neck, as well as memorable variations of the dress with an open back with different format variations of the sleeves deserve attention.

The cutout on the back can be oval, triangle, asymmetrical, rocker, droplet, square.

Often, designers show dresses with an ajar back, where it is covered with a transparent fabric, and flowers, lace, rhinestones, appliques, etc. are embroidered on it of extraordinary beauty.

Dress with an open back in 2018-2019 with ties and bindings playfully and coquettishly, emphasizing the extraordinary grace and fragility of the A-line, straight and magnificent models.

Now you will see inspirational dresses with an open back, which you should strive for, making your figure perfect and your bearing proud and royal.

Who would suit a dress with an open back?

The combination of inaccessibility with frank sexuality and mystery can be realized if you choose the right model for yourself. Is an open back demonstration suitable for everyone?

If the open model is of interest to you, let's start with the main points:

  1. How good is the condition of the skin on the back to show it? After all, the back will be significantly exposed, therefore, the skin should be almost perfect. On the back should not be acne and acne, scars. Otherwise, you can get the opposite effect from the opening of the back.
  2. How attractive is the figure when stripping your back? In closed clothes, those extra pounds are not so striking, while in open clothes, the rollers of fat will be evident.
  3. Осанка должна быть практически идеальной. Сутулость совершенно не вяжется с откровенной сексуальностью.

Такой вариант одежды независимо от цвета и фактуры ткани точно нельзя считать деловым и офисным. Но они вполне уместны в теплое время года для повседневной носки.

Для высоких стройных девушек идеального телосложения подойдут любые фасоны.

Остальным же следует учесть особенности своей фигуры:

  1. Slim models - only for slender girls.
  2. If you have wide hips, then you can opt for a model with a tight top and flare. The length of the skirt in this case may be up to the knees or below, but not too short.
  3. For girls with voluminous buttocks - the choice should fall on a model with a lush bottom edge.
  4. If a girl is too thin, she is recommended to give preference to models with draperies, which will visually give roundness and alluring smoothness to the bends of the body.

Short and long models:

  1. Long dresses are considered to be the highest degree of elegance and sophistication. Such models will look good only on very slim and tall. Tip: High-heeled shoes can help.
  2. For low well suited with a length above the knees.
  3. The average length of the dress will suit the ladies leggy. Since midi visually reduces the length of the legs.

Cutout Design Options

A wide selection of cutout design allows you to fantasize and choose a very original model.

Which cutout to choose:

  1. Round neckline can be quite deep. This is a universal shape, smooth, which blends well with the decor.
  2. The figured neckline can give the girl more visual visibility, focusing on the back. Such models are emphasized by light and sophisticated decor. Tip: As a wedding dress, pay attention to the model with a figured neckline.
  3. A very deep cut can create a real sensation. The depth of the notch can range from modest to low.

Cutout decor

For decoration can be used:

  • cross lacing
  • ties,
  • braid with rhinestones,
  • bead embroidery
  • chains, etc.

The very design of the contour of the cutout can be not only smooth, but also figured, trimmed with lace, ruffles, curly lines and even a bow located at the deepest point of the cutout - on the lower back.

Tip: Whatever decor is chosen for the cutout design, it should not distract attention from the bare back, but only emphasize the beauty of the female body.

Sleeves: to be it or not to be?

  1. Elegant dress with long sleeves. Here is a game of contrasts: rigor and restraint, on the one hand, and sexuality, on the other. Long sleeves allow you to create solemn images for special occasions.
  2. The version with straps is for cocktails, when looseness and brightness are quite appropriate.
  3. Short-sleeved style that barely covers the shoulders is more versatile.

Dress color: bright or discreet?

Choosing a style of dress, looking at models in magazines and the Internet, draws attention to the abundance of colors and shades.

Depending on the event for which the outfit is intended, the fabric and color are chosen:

  1. For a solemn event, it is better to refrain from wearing an electrician. Otherwise, you will not just find yourself in the center of attention, but also become the center of condemnation for bad taste.
  2. The most elegant will be: beige, white, black, brown, dark blue and dark gray. Selection should be carried out taking into account the color type, skin tone, hair color.
  3. Red dress - for bright and original. For those who are confident and daring by nature.
  4. With prints - for everyday choices. Such a model can be a pea, a flower or a combination of several fabrics in one product.

The choice of fabric for the dress

Since the dress opening the back can be called an anthem of sexuality, the fabric from which it is sewn must meet the highest requirements.

It can be made from almost any material pleasant to the body:

  1. Knitwear and silk. These materials well emphasize the curves of the female body.
  2. Lace. Refinement and tenderness emphasize the fragility of the figure.

Dress Decoration

When planning a case to demonstrate your outfit, select accessories in advance. For example, a set of earrings and bracelet.

It is undesirable to use those accessories that partially cover the back. Even if you mean a necklace with an adjustable clasp, the chain which goes down the back. This applies to all kinds of scarves and capes.

Only high heel! For the evening look - classic shoes, which can be open-toed. For more democratic events, such as a cocktail, you can offer high wedge shoes.

Clutch Laconic and elegant, which will fully correspond to the style of the dress and the image as a whole.

In order to maximize the elegance of the image, you should pick up the hair so that the curls do not cover the back. But there are no strict rules. Several playful curls can be released from the hairstyle.

Selection of underwear for an open dress

Improper underwear can ruin the whole image. After all, a fully open back imposes restrictions on the choice of linen:

  1. This is, first of all, special bras that do not have shoulder straps in the conventional sense, but there is a clasp that runs along the back in the lumbar region. Such models provides the opportunity to choose a well-known brand such as Victoria’s Secret.
  2. For dresses that bare the back only at the top, it is recommended to opt for a bra with a zipper around the neck.
  3. For very open sex models that not only open the back, but are also free at the sides, you need a silicone bra in which there are no straps at all.
  4. Bodysuit with an open back - also a good option, if such a model allows the style of the dress, you will appreciate the convenience of wearing.