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Why learn to dance booty dance?


Twerk is a new trend in modern dance, the founder of which was the world-famous Miley Cyrus. And the topic of how to learn to twerk, has become one of the most popular with today's youth. It was on this style that Miley created the fashion, trying to get rid of the disgusting image of the heroine of the Disney children's channel. The desire to dance has embraced girls and boys all over the world, and the age of twerking fans has already started at about 12 years old.


One can judge how fast something can gain popularity among all young people, regardless of social status or age. Literally in a short time, the term was included in the online version of the Great Oxford Dictionary.

What does twerking mean? One of his official interpretations is that it is a dance in a provocative manner, which is accompanied by a rather active movement of the hips in a deep squat. At first, the public reacted a bit coldly and even judgmentally to this style, but less than a few months later, as fitness classes and dance schools began to recruit groups to study it. And the most amazing thing is that there are still enough people willing to quickly learn how to dance.

How to learn to twerk dance

The technique is quite simple at first glance, but it only seems so. Despite the fact that there are several basic movements, not everyone can learn them and correctly carry out sometimes. That is why many girls attend dance groups to fully master the art of shaking their buttocks.

How to learn to twerk at home? It's very simple - it’s enough to follow a few rules:

  1. Put your hands on your hips and sit in a deep squat. The legs should be shoulder-width apart, and the feet should be turned so that the knees are just above them.
  2. To move your hips forward, place your thumbs on the tailbone and push down.
  3. To move the hips back, on the contrary, pull yourself on the pelvic bone.
  4. Remember that a deep squat means you can't move anything more than your hips.
  5. When you have already understood how to move your booty correctly, you can put your hands on your knees and unfold them so that your wrists look outside.
  6. Now increase the pace, and you will succeed!

This is only a basic movement, and there are many different techniques of twerking. For example, you can dance against the wall. For convenience, they stand on all fours with their backs to the wall, rest their hands on the floor, and raise their legs against the wall. At the same time they are bent, as if in a squat. You have to stand steadily, you do not need to cling to the wall with your stomach and try to align. When the legs are bent, you need to move your hips as described above.

Tips for beginners

The first and most important advice that experts can give in this case is to put their legs shoulder-width apart. If you put them wider or closer to each other, then the correct deep squat will not work, and as a result the dance will look a bit strange.

Never wear tight-fitting clothing if you want to figure out how to learn how to twerk. Jeans and the like are not suitable for beginners - better short shorts, as well as leggings. Among other things, they will be able to effectively emphasize the pelvic line.

When you are dancing against a wall, then try not to fall forward - you should steadily rest your hands and not lose vigilance. Another important piece of advice is to get your hair in a pigtail or tail. Thus, they will not climb into the face and interfere with dancing.

Warm up before dancing.

Warm up for bootie dance

How to learn to dance twerk safe for health? Remember that with this we will get a huge load on the muscles, so you should first prepare well for the session and warm up. You can perform simple tilts to the sides, back and forth, and you should do them slowly and feel how the muscles stretch. You can also clasp your hands behind your back and bring your chest forward; the pelvis should be strongly retracted - these are the so-called backbends. That is, you should go through all the movements of the basic warm-up before the dance.

Before each lesson, a small stretch should be carried out to warm up the muscles and not to be injured when you are dancing a dance. Moreover, in the middle of the lesson, you should also be a little distracted and stretch, try to sit on the longitudinal and transverse splits, and then continue to dance again.

Tverka health benefits

Many are looking for ways to quickly learn how to twerk, but some do not even realize how useful it is for their health. First, your muscles will always be in good shape. With the help of such a dance, you can fully reveal your sexuality and get rid of many unnecessary complexes.

Rhythmic contraction of the gluteal muscles will help get rid of cellulite, and rotation of the hips and good stretching will only strengthen the legs. The effect of doing twerking can be compared only with a good anti-cellulite massage.

Due to the constant active movement, your body will become more taut. At the same time, due to an increase in blood flow, the cardiovascular system is strengthened. Deep squat makes it possible to pump up the muscles of the inner side of the thigh. As a result of such activities, pain during menstruation is reduced.

Here you could find answers on how to learn how to twerk, and you can get much more - a beautiful relief figure and a constant good mood. After all, how can you practice butyness and think about life problems?

Booty Dance: Why is it worth learning to dance

This extravagant dance does not leave anyone indifferent. He attracts outright sexuality of movements, surprises with some primitiveness mixed with modernity and simplicity. There are a number of reasons why it is worth doing this kind of dance.

  1. Those girls who learn to dance booty dance will never be left without male attention. Undoubtedly, on the dance floor of any club, they will be out of competition.
  2. Alternating tension and relaxation of the gluteus muscles, raising and lowering the pelvis, intense rotational movements of the hips - all these pas require considerable physical effort. Such a dance is the best method of burning extra calories and training a whole group. abdominal, gluteal and thigh muscles.
  3. Buti-dance helps women to perfectly master the body, to make movements plastic and graceful.
  4. "Dance of the priests" improves circulation in the pelvic organsthat is a good prevention of diseases of the female genital organs.
  5. After the girls manage to learn how to dance booty dance, they become more relaxed and confident.
The site sympaty.net believes that the above arguments are quite weighty, therefore, recommends that all its readers begin to engage in bouti-dance. To start practicing this wonderful dance, you just need to prepare a little.

"Dance of the priests": theory

Buty-dance is based on several basic types of movements:

  • Hip rolling - movements of the abdomen and hips, resembling elements of belly dancing and bellydance. In the process of performing these smooth rolls, the hips are rocking in accordance with some specific rhythmic pattern. Working out such a pattern is one of the essential elements of a lesson for those who want to learn how to perform booty dance.
  • Booty shake orrump shaking - alternate tension and relaxation of the gluteal muscles, as well as raising and lowering the pelvis. Such movements create the impression of "shaking" and are most characteristic of buty-dance. Learning this element is quite simple. The most important thing here is a good stretch and appropriate physical training.

Booty dance: how to learn to dance at home

According to experienced dance teachers, in order to master the basic movements of the style of bouti-dance, girls it is enough to attend 2-3 classes in a dance school. Undoubtedly, in a good school, the entire learning process is controlled by the choreographer, who for each student selects an individual program and helps to master the basic steps of the dance more quickly and correctly. However, not everyone has the opportunity to attend dance halls at a certain time.

In addition, the schools in which this dance is taught are not in all cities of our country. Therefore, most often girls are concerned with the question of how to learn how to dance booty dance at home.

In fact, one of the advantages of the “dance of the priests” is the ability to comprehend its basics on your own. Need for this quite a bit.

  1. The most important condition for effective learning is desire. Therefore, it is recommended to start with self-motivation. You can tune in the right way with the help of clips Shakira and Beyonce. Their well-honed plastic movements will inspire difficult lessons for beginners, and fiery dance music will cheer up and lift your spirits. In the question of how to learn to dance booty dance, the selection of the right music is very important. Best suited compositions in style hip hop, reggaeton, Brazilian funk, ragga, r’n’b.
  2. At the class you need to dress correctly. For buty-dance is characterized by beautiful frank outfits with shorts, emphasizing the buttocks.
  3. Learning the basics of buty dance is recommended with the help of some manual. Of course, girls, by nature gifted talent to dance, will be enough to copy the favorite movements of hip-hop performers or R & B. But most newbies need professional explanations and advice. Therefore, it is recommended for home schooling. purchase a video tutorial or find several video tutorials on the Internet on the topic "How to learn to dance booty dance".
  4. It is very important to properly prepare the room for this dance. Such an improvised home ballroom should be spacious enough and well lit. It will also be useful to take care of a large mirror so that you can watch your movements from the side.
  5. Start classes necessary with warm upto warm up the muscles. At the beginning and in the middle of each lesson, you must also stretch or stretch. This will help to better master the technique of dance and make movements more plastic.

Booty dance need to at least 3 times a week. The duration of each lesson should be at least 40 minutes. Perhaps, it may seem to someone that this is too time consuming. But in fact, Buty Dance will fully justify them.

After all, it favorably affects both the physical and mental state of women, making them beautiful, sexy and confident.

What it is?

Booty dance is a relatively new and very exotic trend in dance culture, suggesting active movements of the buttocks and hips. Sometimes it is called the "dance of the buttocks" or "dance of the priests." Other common names are Booty shake, Swag, Twerk.

The history of such a trend is connected with the ritual dances of women of African tribes, which were used to attract men. To this day, Booty dance has a pronounced erotic character and sexual overtones.

Is it helpful?

Here is what booty dance can give you:

  • You will become flexible, confident and sexy. Even after a month of regular workouts, you will notice how your posture, gait, movement, and even your behavior and attitude will change.
  • Increased muscle tone. During the dance, the muscles of the buttocks, back, abdomen, legs are actively involved. And this means that your body will become taut and prominent.
  • If you list the benefits of such a dance direction, it is impossible not to note its benefits for women's health. Since most of the movements are in the hips and pelvic region, in which all organs of the reproductive system are located, the blood circulation and blood supply of this zone will noticeably improve. This means that with the help of dances, you can improve the functioning of the uterus and ovaries, normalize digestion, stabilize the menstrual cycle, and also prevent stagnation.
  • During one lesson, how many calories are burned, how many per half-hour jog at an average pace. So if you combine workouts with proper nutrition, you can get rid of extra pounds.
  • It is interesting and enjoyable. Yes, classes give real pleasure and a lot of positive emotions.

Is it possible to do everything?

There are some contraindications:

  • inflammatory diseases of the sexual sphere,
  • gestation period (accelerated blood circulation can lead to hypertonus of the uterus and the threat of miscarriage),
  • oncological diseases,
  • certain vascular and heart diseases, for example, thrombosis, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, heart failure,
  • diseases of the joints and the spine (during classes they bear heavy loads),
  • critical days,
  • some diseases of muscle and connective tissue.

How to start?

How to learn Booty dance? If you decide to seek help from professionals, then first decide on the choice of a dance school. First, find a reputable school with talented teachers. It is better to choose a place located near the house. Secondly, determine the teacher and sign up to him. Third, make a training schedule.

If you plan to study at home, you can do it with the help of video lessons. It is advisable to find a whole course consisting of several lessons. And it will be great if each video has a detailed description that will allow you to understand the essence of any movement and execute and fix it faster.

Start by learning the basics, then move on to the more complex elements of dance. By the way, you should train in front of a large mirror. This will allow to evaluate the correctness of the execution of steps and correct errors.

What is required?

To start classes, you will need:

  • Comfortable clothes. You can practice in a tracksuit, but professionals recommend choosing something sexy and tight. So, short tight shorts will allow you to see every movement and work of the muscles and achieve maximum results. You can also choose tight leggings. You can wear a shirt, t-shirt or top on your upper body.
  • Comfortable shoes. To protect the joints of the feet from damage, choose sneakers with sufficiently thick soles. When all movements are mastered, you can try to dance in shoes with heels.

How are the workouts?

Each workout consists of several basic steps:

  1. The first and very important stage is warm-up. It allows you to prepare the muscles for loads and heat them, thereby protecting them from damage. Warming up can include simple exercises and some stretching elements. It lasts an average of 5-10 minutes.
  2. The second stage is the main unit. Basic movements are mastered, each of them is worked out and honed.
  3. Next comes the stretching. The teacher will help stretch the muscles of the back and legs and gradually sit on the longitudinal and transverse splits (in such positions, you can also perform basic movements), as well as to achieve a perfect backbeat.
  4. The final stage of training - the so-called setting. Separate movements will be linked into bundles, and a full-fledged dance will be made up of bundles.

One workout lasts an average of 45-60 minutes. But if you are a beginner, it is better to start with half an hour, since the Booty dance is a big burden, and it is worth gradually increasing them. To achieve results, you should conduct classes at least two or three times a week. At the training, in addition to shoes and clothes, do not forget to take water and personal care products (to take a shower after class).

Basic movements

The main movements of Booty Dance:

  • Rump shaking - active and rhythmic movements of the buttocks.
  • Hip roll - rotation of the waist and hips.
  • Booty shake - fast movements (vibrations) of the buttocks.
  • Rhythmic thumps thighs.
  • Describing the eight hips.
  • Isolation in the process of dancing one buttock from another. This movement is quite complex and requires maximum effort and full control over your own body.
  • Isolation during movements of the buttocks of the lower body from the upper. Thus, active movements of the lower body can be combined with slow and feminine movements of the upper part.

Useful tips

A few tips that will make training even more effective and enjoyable:

  1. To prepare the buttocks (it is he who plays the most important role in the Booty dance), you can perform squats or lunges. It will also be useful daily exercise stretching, it will help to quickly achieve results.
  2. Choose the right music. You can choose any musical direction, but the songs should be rhythmic and dynamic.
  3. Dance not only in training, but also at home. Just turn on the music and repeat all the movements learned with the teacher.
  4. When you have fully mastered all the basic movements, start improvising.
  5. Do not engage in poor health and in a bad mood.

Enjoy the dance of booty dance and become flexible, vibrant and sexy!

A bit of theory

Motions in the dance booty are divided into several types:

  • Hiprolling - these movements of the hips and abdomen resembling belly dancing are essential elements of this dance.
  • Bootyshake - as the name suggests, this is a rhythmic contraction of the muscles of the buttocks and movement of the pelvis, imitating a bunch. Это основное движение танца попой и сейчас мы расскажем, как ему научиться.

Учимся танцевать Booty dance дома

Как гласят рекламы, вы можете всего за два или три занятия в танцевальной школе овладеть танцем попой. Of course, dance schools have a lot of advantages, ranging from individual programs and ending with the supervision of teachers, but the biggest disadvantage of the school is its price. And in some cities there is also the absence of the school itself. Therefore, we will tell you what to do to learn how to dance the booty without leaving the house.

  1. The most important thing is self-motivation. Watch Shakira or Bionse clips, take a closer look at their smooth, fascinating movements and create the right atmosphere with the help of hip-hop music, Brazilian funk or other styles.
  2. So that the clothes do not hinder movement, it is better to wear shorts.
  3. It is best to start learning, armed with a video dance dance booty. Of course, you can learn this dance simply by imitating your favorite singers, but only professionals can give valuable advice. Several of these video lessons you can see at the end of this article.
  4. It is necessary that the room resembled a home ballroom, was free and well lit. And you also need a large mirror so that you can see yourself from the side.
  5. Never forget the warm-up before the dance and stretching in the breaks. This will help warm up the muscles and prepare them for the dance.

If classes are less than three times a week, they will not bring the desired result. Each lesson should be no shorter than forty minutes. At first glance, this may seem like an excessive requirement, but the result is worth it.

Remember, booty dance will make you sexy and relaxed.

Video lessons

What is the bootydance

The main base of bootie dance, or as it is also called, "swag dance" (shaking booty) lies in the rhythmic movements of the fifth point, namely:

  • rotation, thighs,
  • shaking the buttocks, based on the complete isolation of the remaining muscle groups,
  • work the abdominal muscles,
  • characteristic movement of the knees.

The movements of the booty of dance contribute to the strengthening of women's health, as well as the frenzied popularity of the opposite sex.

Booty dance: how to learn to dance correctly?

Like any new product in the dance industry, boutique dance enters the Russian dance culture in small steps, gradually. Therefore, unfortunately, there are few fitness clubs where they teach this hot dance. If there is no teacher of dance in your city, you will practically lose nothing if you study at home on your own. After all, nothing complicated in this dance, despite the entertainment, no. So, how to learn this non-trivial dance:

  • 1. Choose a suitable dance school. If there is no such, we make a selection of video lessons with which, thankfully, the Internet is full.
  • 2. We select in our schedule 2-3 days, on which we will be engaged. Keep in mind, the best result you show, if each workout will last 45 minutes - an hour.
  • 3. Before each lesson (not important, at home or in the studio) it is necessary to warm up - do not be deceived by the apparent ease and ease of movement. You can be injured very seriously - do not neglect the security measures.
  • 4. Next comes a slight stretch. How to do it properly, can also be viewed on the Internet.
  • 5. After the body is prepared, proceed to learning basic movements. Do not try to comprehend everything at once - move one or two movements at a time.
  • 6. In the middle of the session, there should be time for stretching again. If you do everything right, you will very soon sit on the longitudinal and transverse splits (or at least half-splits).
  • 7. At the end of the class, combine the learned movements into a bundle. So you and your body, remember the desired position.

What will give you a booty dance? - Lots of

Dancing buty dance, you will be free, you will reveal your sexuality, stop the complexes. In terms of health, this dance is also very useful:

  • 1. muscle tone
  • 2. prevention of stagnant female diseases,
  • 3. solving problems with the hip, lumbar joints,
  • 4. improved blood circulation.

As you can see, buty dance hides a lot of positive. Do not hesitate, try butti-dans - very soon you will not recognize yourself, and there will be no end of the fans. Join the fashion stream - move your body!