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Micronidling: reviews, principle of operation and advantages of the procedure


It's no secret that over the years, our appearance has undergone changes, including any woman’s business card - a face. In his youth, his oval is clear and smooth, due to elastic collagen filaments, but with the inevitable structural deformation of collagen, he gradually begins to lose its properties, leading to age-related skin defects in the form of gravitational ptosis and wrinkles.

Beautiful ladies do not give up in the struggle for youth, all the more so as new methods of rejuvenation and elimination of cosmetic defects are being developed, one of which is micronidling, which appeared several years ago, but is already actively offered by advanced cosmetic and health centers.

Micronidling is a mechanical perforation of the skin using a special apparatus for feeding its deep layers with biologically active substances, which activates fibroblasts that produce such important facial features as collagen with elastin and hyaluronic acid. Another common name for the method is collagen stimulation therapy.

Operating principle

The essence of the process is the injury of the skin with the needles of a roller to create small holes in it, through which special serums are inserted. In this way, active substances from the serum composition can quickly reach the deeper layers of the skin and be absorbed by the cells, stimulate the production of collagen with tissue regeneration, leading to skin rejuvenation.

Another pole of the method is the destruction of small stagnant capillaries with needles, which allows you to update the blood in the affected area and improve metabolism. Along the way, skin color improves and its evenness is achieved by eliminating skin seals. The needle marks quickly disappear, without causing much discomfort, but the result of the procedure pleases for a long time.

Advantages and disadvantages of the method

Mikronidling like both parties involved in the process. Women for the speed and long-term effect of rejuvenation, and beauticians for simplicity and safety. Like any cosmetic technique, micronidling has its pros and cons. The advantages include:

  • alternative procedures such as laser resurfacing, deep dermabrasion and peeling in terms of rejuvenation and scar removal,
  • alternative to fillers in terms of wrinkle repair,
  • slight pain during the procedure
  • absolute safety and sterility using disposable microneedles,
  • the ability to work out any zones by adjusting the length of the needles,
  • the ability to deliver nutrients deep into the dermis,
  • minimal rehabilitation period.

Among the shortcomings I want to note:

  • the release of blood during the process throughout the skin treatment area,
  • lower intensity of the method in comparison with the laser technique, which requires repetition of manipulations after some time to achieve a lasting effect, which, however, is achieved,
  • skin damage when using poor quality equipment,
  • the possibility of complications in the presence of related factors, for example, herpes simplex.

Who is recommended method?

Micronidling is an effective tool for solving a wide range of cosmetic problems associated with age-related skin changes, but it is no less successful in combating such defects as stretch marks and scars, skin hyperpigmentation as a result of hormonal disorders, cellulite and body fat.

Micronidling is able to eliminate the effects of chemical peeling and plastics - to restore sensitivity and narrow pores to the skin, and trichologists recommended the method for activating hair follicles, growing hair and improving their structure, nourishing the skin on the head, and so on. Indications for the procedure, if the patient has:

  • loose and sagging skin, mimic wrinkles,
  • age spots, scars and scars, post-acne,
  • oily skin, enlarged pores, comedones,
  • dry and dehydrated skin
  • as prevention of age-related changes in the skin.

Micronidling has a number of contraindications, so before starting the procedure, you should consult with your doctor and make the right decision if there are concomitant, especially chronic diseases. It is also important to identify allergies to substances used in the method and take into account contraindications in the form of:

  • pregnancy and lactation,
  • the presence of autoimmune and oncological diseases,
  • infectious and skin diseases,
  • acute and chronic diseases with their exacerbation,
  • bleeding disorders and diabetes mellitus,
  • rosacea and acne skin diseases with keloid scar growth.

Method Description

The course of treatment lasts from one and a half months to three, with one procedure per week. The process has its stages, in general, it takes one hour. In stages, it looks like this:

  1. Specialist beautician removes makeup and cleans the skin.
  2. Then disinfects it with the help of special preparations.
  3. Performs local anesthesia.
  4. After twenty to thirty minutes, apply on the skin serum with an individual composition, depending on the problem - from vitamins, minerals, hyaluronic acid, amino acids, collagen.
  5. Treats the skin with a roller, massaging all areas, before the performance of droplets of blood.
  6. The blood is removed, and antiseptic is applied to the damaged areas.

The duration of the course is determined by a cosmetologist.

Equipment and facilities

Micronidling is performed using a special roller, equipped with approximately two hundred small needles, and a serum, gel or solution with a composition of active substances. Roller is a universal tool, because it is suitable for any areas of the skin and solving a wide variety of skin problems.

Injectable preparations in the form of a serum, gel or solution are individual for each client, they depend on factors such as skin tolerance and the existing problem. The most popular means to stimulate the production of collagen.

Devices vary in length of the needles. Short, up to one millimeter long, are used for surface exposure, and can be used in domestic procedures, but with the least efficiency.

The devices are medium in which one and a half millimeter needles are successful in anti-cellulite procedures and the removal of deep wrinkles. Long, with needles up to two and a half millimeters, are used by cosmetologists for the correction of such defects as deep scars, stretch marks and “orange peel”.

  1. Fractional, with skin punctures of individual problem areas using microscopic needles, where the length of the needles and the depth of penetration are individual for each client.
  2. Electric, using a unique laser and the lack of punctures on the skin.

The technique is selected by a specialist, taking into account the tasks set and the individual condition of the patient's skin. The results are noticeable quickly, almost after the first procedure. After five sessions, the problem area ceases to be a problem, updating almost completely.

Rehabilitation and follow up

After the procedure, the client does not need rehabilitation, quickly returning to the normal rhythm of life. However, there are a number of rules aimed at preserving the effect for a longer period, which must be implemented in the period after its implementation:

  • for some time you will have to abandon the decorative and conventional cosmetics that you used to care for your skin, preferring special healing, moisturizing and antibacterial drugs prescribed by a cosmetologist,
  • Among the forbidden procedures are a solarium, a swimming pool, a sauna, a bath, a hot bath,
  • set aside for a while visiting fitness centers, exclude outdoor activities,
  • protect your skin from sun exposure by using sunscreen when going out.

Of course, thanks to cosmetologists for the steady concern for the beauty of women, but we must remember that hardware cosmetology is not a panacea, but only a necessary measure in the absence of superficial skin care. Therefore, it is better to preserve the beauty of the young, not to be lazy to take care of the skin with the help of natural remedies, and if necessary, to use non-aggressive hardware methods, including micronidling.

Micronidling. Reveal the secret of the procedure

It is used for both face and body, and for the scalp. Skin rejuvenation, getting rid of scars and cellulite, alopecia treatment is only part of the results that this procedure gives. It is an excellent and more benign alternative to laser treatment, peeling, face plastics.

Characteristics of the procedure

Micronidling was developed by plastic surgeons in the 90s of the last century. To implement it, special devices (mezorollers), equipped with numerous needles with different or adjustable length, are used. In the course of the study, it was found that microprocols of the skin stimulate the processes of tissue repair and increase the efficiency of absorption of the active components contained in therapeutic or cosmetic preparations. According to the results of studies conducted in Japan, due to microdamages, the penetration of nutrients into the skin improves 100,000 times compared to standard methods.

Initially, this procedure was performed only by doctors, who mostly used 3 mm long needles, which caused discomfort to the patients and caused prolonged healing of the tissues. Further studies have shown that equally satisfactory results are achieved using needles of 1 mm length. Due to this length, the process is less painful and safer.

Currently, these procedures are carried out in many beauty salons, and cosmetologists use devices with even shorter needles with a length of 0.2 mm - 1 mm.

The effect of micronidling is comparable to the effect of chemical peels or fractional lasers, which are also based on fragmented skin damage, but have advantages over them:

  • Fast recovery (1 - 4 days).
  • Versatility of use.
  • High efficiency.
  • Quick results visible after the first treatment.
  • Mild soreness (using local anesthesia).

Effect and effect of micronidling

Microprocols on the skin induces skin tissue to self-renew. But keep in mind that the consequence of the procedure is inflammation caused by the violation of tissues and small blood vessels. It usually lasts up to three days.

The process of tissue self-regeneration is based on the release of specific growth factors from the blood, which stimulate the division and activity of skin cells and the formation of blood vessels. Fibroblasts increase the production of collagen and elastin, as well as moisturizing agents. These reactions are controlled by the immune system and last for several tens of hours. Then, due to an increase in the amount of proteins and mucopolysaccharides, new tissues begin to form.

The mechanisms of tissue formation take several months, then they are rebuilt, as a result, the skin becomes thickened, moisturized and elastic. The remodeling process takes several months and basically involves the transformation of previously formed type III collagen into cohesive type I collagen.

Although the result of micronidling of the skin is a long process of skin renewal, the improvement is quickly becoming noticeable. In addition, the long-term effect of the procedure is guaranteed.

In the photo before and after you can see what results gives a course micronidling:

Depending on the purpose of treatment (for example, skin moisturizing or rejuvenation), medicinal preparations rich in active substances, that is, vitamins, amino acids, peptides or highly moisturizing substances, such as low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, are additionally used. These components effectively penetrate the tissue through the channels formed during the puncture of the skin. They remain open for several hours after the operation; therefore, it is recommended to additionally use appropriate means at home, since their absorption and efficacy at this time are several hundred times better than standard use.

Micronidling gives the following results:

  • Rejuvenation and noticeable reduction of wrinkles.
  • Reduction of hypertrophic and atrophic scars, stretch marks, cellulite, discoloration.
  • Treatment of acne and postacne.
  • Thickening of the skin.
  • Restoration of skin firmness and elasticity.
  • Nutrition and hydration.
  • Alopecia treatment.

Below you can see photos before and after micronidling, to see what effect it gives.

photo before and after

Indications for micronidling

The procedure is recommended for those who suffer from the following problems:

  • Flabby, loose skin.
  • Age-related changes and the presence of wrinkles.
  • Dark spots.
  • Enlarged pores.
  • Acne, acne.
  • The presence of scars and scars.
  • Thin, dry skin prone to wrinkles.

It is also worth taking micronidling courses to prevent age-related changes in the skin or to increase the effectiveness of the use of cosmetic moisturizers and nourishing preparations that improve its condition.

How is micronidling done: procedure procedure

Before the procedure, the parts of the body undergoing treatment are anesthetized with cream and thoroughly disinfected. Then choose the appropriate length of needles depending on the thickness of the skin in the treated area. The procedure is performed with special devices - mezorollers made of surgical steel and titanium and equipped with needles. Tips for them are interchangeable and sterile. Movements are made along the location of the muscles.

During processing, it is possible to replace the needle length in the range of 0.5-2.5 mm, which allows simultaneously piercing, for example, thin and delicate skin around the eyes and thicker skin on the cheeks. These devices also have an adjustable puncture rate. In addition, thanks to the use of the technology of rapidly vibrating 11 needles, the accuracy, speed and surface area of ​​the procedure are increased, and bruises and hematomas are also prevented. The location and number of needles are chosen so that the operation can be performed even in the most inaccessible places.

During the procedure, the skin turns a little pink, and small petechiae can appear on it - pinpoint reddening. Immediately after treatment, there is a slight burning and tingling. Then a medicinal preparation is applied to the treated area, depending on what problems the skin is experiencing, for example, active serum enriched with nutrients.

It is usually recommended to perform about 4 procedures with an interval of 2 to 4 weeks, but the exact amount is prescribed by a cosmetologist. The average duration of the procedure is 60 minutes.

Rehabilitation after the procedure

One day after micronidling, the skin may be slightly reddened, and after a few days it may flake off. But usually on the 5th day of the effects of the procedure is not visible.

There is no rehabilitation period after it, but it is not recommended to take a hot bath, solarium, swimming pool or sauna for 3-5 days after the session. It is also desirable to abandon for a while from decorative cosmetics, to reduce their stay in the open sun, not to swim in the waters.

Neglect of these rules can lead to redness, irritation, and other unpleasant consequences, including infection.


As with any cosmetic procedure, micronidling has some contraindications. It:

  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • Infectious, oncological and skin diseases.
  • Diabetes.
  • Cuperosis and severe acne.
  • Diseases associated with skin coagulation disorders.

Also, the procedure is not carried out in areas where there are moles.

Micronidling and the use of a mezoroller at home

In addition to professional procedures, you can perform micronidling at home. For this purpose, a roller (mezoroller) with a needle length of not more than 0.5 mm is used. The method, frequency and drugs used in home treatment should be properly selected according to the needs of the patient, so you should always consult with your doctor or cosmetologist.

It should be remembered about the preservation of sterility mesoscalers, and therefore do not forget about the use of appropriate disinfectants. Active preparations for treating the skin, which are applied after the procedure, must be safe, tested and effective. Select them also should be with a beautician.

How does micronidling affect the skin?

The apparatus for the procedure is called a mezoroller. It delivers bio-substances and cosmetics under the skin by piercing it, and cells are stimulated with microneedles.

The processes performed after micro punches are divided into stages and each has its own purpose.

  • The first. The growth factor immediately activates platelets and cell division, elements in the tissue becomes larger. Punctures are applied quickly, and individual areas of skin are given a certain amount of time,
  • Second. This stage lasts up to 3 days. Происходит воспаление, а после заживление проколов. Воспаление стимулирует активизации процесса восстановления кожного покрова.This leads to the strength of vessel walls, the production of hyaluronic acid and natural collagen. At this time, it is contraindicated to use cosmetics, the reason for this swelling. It is allowed to use BB cream,
  • Third. It begins to form a fresh skin in the field of punctures. Due to the recovery of the membrane, the skin flakes off and you may feel a slight itch,
  • Fourth. Plastic. From a week to a couple of years. Collagen 4 and 6 types are replaced by collagen first. It makes the skin supple and fresh, wrinkles are smoothed and pigment spots fade.

Advantages of micronidling

The processes that are activated when applying small punctures:

  1. Synthesis of new collagen and replacement of old. This creates a so-called skin frame,
  2. Skin healing is very fast. Young cells replace old ones. The mezoroller injures the skin so much that the activation of synthesis occurs faster,
  3. Neoanogynez. Cell metabolism is improved by newly formed blood vessels. It also improves cell respiration. The newly formed vessels promote a pleasant color of the skin and in general its appearance,
  4. Bacterial inflammation in this procedure is excluded, as skin injury occurs correctly. The risk of infection is extremely minimal.
  5. Beauticians recommends micronidling because of its effectiveness in combining with simplicity. After the procedure, scars are excluded because the needles do not penetrate too deep into the skin. This procedure works better than dermabrasion and chemical peeling. At present, no procedure has such a result in the production of collagen. The result obtained at the exit of the procedure is on the same level with laser rejuvenation.

What care is required after the procedure?

What actions does the micronidling procedure involve?

  1. The skin is completely cleansed of all cosmetics,
  2. Mandatory disinfection,
  3. Because of the pain, painkillers are used,
  4. On the skin impose solutions, which include: hyaluronic acid, as well as vitamins and collagen. The beautician selects an individual serum based on the problems of a particular client,
  5. Processing mezoroller. The skin is treated with zones. The impact occurs before the appearance of blood droplets,
  6. In conclusion, the blood is removed, and the damaged areas are treated with antiseptic agents.

The number of procedures you need is set by a beautician. It is held once in two months, on average. Its duration is about an hour.

To effect lasted longer follow these rules:

  • The first day you can not put any cosmetics, only products recommended by a cosmetologist,
  • For a week or two you should forget about saunas, fitness, swimming pool and the like,
  • When you go out into the sun, apply a protective cream and try not to fall under direct rays.

Indications and contraindications to the procedure

What are the indications for micronidling? Let's get a look.

  1. Dark spots,
  2. Scars and scars
  3. Mimic wrinkles,
  4. Age-related skin changes. The procedure is used as a prevention,
  5. Skin dehydration,
  6. Flabbiness of skin
  7. Increased oily skin.

You will have to refuse microleasing if you have:

  • Infectious diseases,
  • Bad blood clotting
  • Acne,
  • Oncology,
  • Diabetes,
  • Pregnancy, lactation,
  • Exacerbated chronic diseases
  • Kuperoz,
  • Keloid scars
  • Skin diseases.

Remember that this is not a panacea. Micronidling should be used when withdrawal without internal intervention ceases to give any results.

Consumer reviews

Elizaveta, 41 years old

- I was offered a procedure in a beauty salon, when I came to the peeling, I enthusiastically decided to try it and did not lose. I had to suffer a little pain, but it was worth it. After a couple of days, the skin became noticeably fresh, the color was healthy, and the small wrinkles smoothed out. The feeling of lightness on the face is beautiful. I will definitely continue to do this procedure, insignificant pain is incomparable with so much wonderful effect. I feel my skin is 20 years younger.

Marina, 27 years old

- I read a lot on the Internet about this procedure, although I am afraid of pain, but I still ventured to somehow reduce the appearance of a scar on my face. She feared terribly and as it turned out in vain. I was not hurt, I even experienced a pleasant feeling. Such tingling relaxed me a lot, and the whole procedure was in a pleasant slumber. The beautician picked up the application tools for me and clearly explained the rules for caring for the face after. I honestly carried out all the prescriptions, for a year I spent about eight procedures, and my scar really became less noticeable in addition, I smoothed out wrinkles, healed the color. The skin has become softer and more elastic, it is pleasant to touch it.

What is the essence of the procedure?

The essence of the procedure is that with the help of a special apparatus (in this case, a mezoroller), puncture punctures of the skin are applied, through which the active substances penetrate the skin from the cosmetic. It follows that the activation of cells - fibroblasts occurs mechanically (by microneedles) and with the help of active substances from a cosmetic.

As mentioned above, the procedure is carried out using a mezoroller, which has a round shape and is similar to a brush, but instead of bristles it is covered with microneedles. Mesoscalers come in different sizes. They differ in both the width of the roller, and the number and size of microneedles. The needles that are used for the face are very small, and the needles for the body are larger.

The specialist conducting the procedure is able to control the depth of exposure by choosing the length of the needle and the degree of pressure on the roller. The degree of impact can be both minimally superficial and deep.

The mechanism of action on the skin

What processes occur in the dermis after microprocols? All processes can be divided into several stages.

First stage. Immediately after punctures, platelets are activated, which release protein from the growth factor PDGF (рlatelet-derived growth factor). PDGF stimulates cell division (proliferation). Also, PDGF helps to increase the components that make up the connective tissue (collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid).

Mesoscaler punctures should be carried out quickly in order to have time to carry the active substances into the skin, while the puncture wounds do not have time to close. For this reason, each skin area is processed in turn.

The second stage includes the processes of inflammation and regeneration, which usually last 1-3 days. Inflammatory processes activate cells that stimulate the regenerative processes in the skin. The formation of growth factors leads to the appearance and strengthening of the vascular network, to the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. At this time, the face is hyperemic with traces of edema, so do not use decorative cosmetics. In rare cases, you can impose a BB-cream for going out.

The third stage is marked by the formation of young tissue on damaged surfaces. This process is called granulation. At this stage, the skin can flake and itch, but during this period the process of neocollagenesis and restoration of the basement membrane begins.

The fourth stage is called plastic. It lasts two weeks after the procedure up to two years. During this period, type 1 collagen is synthesized, which replaces type 3 and 6 collagen. Over the years, collagen breakdown prevails over its synthesis. And it’s not even the fact that over the years collagen is produced less, but the fact is that over the years the produced collagen has a defective structure and is a mixture of amorphous protein that does not contribute to the youth of the skin. The micronidling procedure promotes the synthesis of orderly, elastic collagen. Also, due to microdamages of the skin, local immunity is enhanced and the skin regenerates quickly. The skin becomes fresh, supple with good turgor. The complexion improves, pigment spots and wrinkles disappear.

The procedure is recommended to conduct courses 1 time in 4-8 weeks. The visible effect occurs after 3-4 procedures. The number of recommended procedures is determined by a cosmetologist, depending on the patient’s skin type, age and health condition.

You should know that the procedure of micronidling of the skin of the face cannot be performed more often than once every 28 days. Young elastic collagen is formed in just 28 days, but if you carry out the procedure with a smaller interval, the skin will produce only type 3 and 6 collagen, which forms scars and skin irregularities.

The advantage of the micronidling procedure

During the micronidling procedure, biologically active substances penetrate the skin through the holes left by the mesoscalers. Everyone knows that our skin is an obstacle to the passage of active substances from cosmetic preparations. Therefore, it needs transporters who can carry the active substances into the deeper layers of the skin. The mezoroller increases skin permeability by 85%, and in the case of the usual application of a cosmetic preparation, skin permeability is only 3%.

Controlled skin microtrauma triggers several processes at the same time.

First, as mentioned above, the process of neocollagenesis starts. Instead of old, amorphous fibers, young and elastic collagen is synthesized, which forms a strong skin frame.

Secondly, rapid tissue regeneration occurs. Instead of passive fibroblasts, young and active cells appear. In order for tissue regeneration to occur, it is not the number of fibroblasts that is important, but their activity. Traumatizing the tissues with a mesoscaler stimulates the activity of fibroblasts, which contributes to the synthesis of substances of the extracellular matrix.

Third, there is neoangiogenesis. New blood vessels are formed in the damaged skin, which improve cellular metabolism, cell respiration and nutrition. The formation of new vessels contributes to the improvement of skin color and its external characteristics.

The micronidling procedure is characterized by a low level of skin trauma, which significantly reduces the time of the rehabilitation period and reduces the risk of bacterial inflammation of the skin. As a result, the risk of developing infectious inflammation is minimized.

Specialists all over the world prefer the micronidling method due to its simplicity and efficiency. The design of the mezoroller eliminates very deep penetration of needles into the layers of the skin, the injury to which contributes to the formation of scars.

According to the research, micronidling turned out to be much more effective than chemical peeling, laser polishing, and dermabrasion, and the results of this procedure were beyond praise for the synthesis of collagen and elastin. The results after the micronidling procedure are commensurate with the results after laser rejuvenation of CO2, phototherapy (IPL) and fraxel. Also, this method is used for complete or partial alopecia and to improve hair growth.

How to carry out the procedure?

The micronidling procedure has several stages:

  1. First of all, the beautician performs makeup removal and skin cleansing.
  2. Then, special preparations are used to disinfect the skin.
  3. This procedure is quite painful and requires local anesthesia.
  4. After 20-30 minutes, active serums are applied to the skin, which include vitamins, minerals, hyaluronic acid, amino acids, collagen. Sera are made individually for each patient depending on the problems that need to be fixed.
  5. Then proceed directly to the treatment of the skin with a mezoroller. In turn, each area of ​​skin is massaged. Massage with the mezoroller is continued until the blood drops on the skin.
  6. Then the blood drops are removed, and the damaged areas are re-treated with an antiseptic.

The duration of the procedure is 60 minutes, once a week for 1.5-3 months. The number of procedures is determined by the cosmetologist.

Since the micronidling procedure is minimally invasive, and it still violates the integrity of the skin, each patient should be ensured that the doctor uses either a disposable mezoroller or a well-disinfected, reusable roller. There is a high risk of infection through microtraumas that this unit leaves. In addition, the proximity of the vessels or high sensitivity of the skin can lead to a small bleeding.

Post procedure care

In order for the effect of the procedure to keep as much as possible, you should follow a few simple rules that are included in the post-procedure activities:

  • do not use decorative cosmetics or ordinary cosmetics for skin care of the face. During this period, you can use only special healing, moisturizing and antibacterial drugs that your cosmetologist will prescribe to you.
  • It is forbidden to visit tanning salons, swimming pools, saunas, baths, take hot baths and go to fitness centers, you should also refrain from outdoor activities,
  • avoid sunlight and always use sunscreen when going out.

Indications for the procedure

What are the indications for micronidling?

  • loose and loose skin
  • mimic wrinkles,
  • dark spots,
  • oily skin, enlarged pores, comedones,
  • dry and dehydrated skin
  • scars and scars after acne,
  • prevention of age-related skin changes.

Types of mezorollers

Dermatorollera, or dermarollery classified by the length of the needles:

  • short - 0.2-1 mm, suitable for home use, have a superficial effect,
  • medium - 1.5 mm, affecting deep wrinkles and "orange peel",
  • long - 2-2.5 mm, used to affect the deep layers, scars, stretch marks and cellulite.

Long needles and needles of medium length are intended only for professional use, short ones are used by manufacturers of mezorollers for home use (the least effective).

From medical to home micronidling

Experts practice several ways to conduct micronidling, in particular, fractional and electric. Despite the common tasks and similar results of the two methods, the difference between them is fundamental.

In the first case, microneedle punctures are used; in the second, the patient is exposed to a unique laser without punctures.

What method to choose, the doctor decides personally, taking into account the patient's skin condition, as well as the tasks.


Fractional micronidling

Fractional micronidling is a microinjection technology with perforation of individual problem areas. The impact on the skin is a special device with microneedles.

The depth of damage and the size of the needles are selected individually depending on the characteristics of the defect - wrinkles, scar, stretch marks. Microinjections cause the body to wake up and begin tissue regeneration at the site of damage. Thus, a young almost perfect skin is formed.

Already after the first correction, the results will be noticeable, and after 4-5 sessions the damaged skin area will be updated almost completely.

Fractional micronidling is effective in combating:

  • post-acne and scars,
  • small and deep wrinkles,
  • enlarged pores
  • couperose,
  • Rosacea,
  • stretch marks
  • pigmentary disorders.

Almost immediately after the procedure, you can return to everyday affairs. The rehabilitation period is minimal and does not require medical supervision.

Micronidling electric microneedle device

Electric micronidling

In the salons is called - electroporation. Correction involves the use of pulse currents of ultralow amplitude instead of a needle, which ensure the penetration of therapeutic solutions through the pores of the skin.

Non-injection technique is safer and less painful, does not cause swelling and hematomas. It is an ideal solution for those who are afraid of injections, as well as for patients with sensitive skin.

Depending on the selected drug can achieve the following results:

  • reduce skin laxity,
  • reduce hyperpigmentation
  • moisten all layers of the epidermis and dermis,
  • model the contour of the face
  • reduce swelling and dark circles under the eyes,
  • prepare the skin for other cosmetic procedures, as well as restore it after chemical peeling or laser polishing.

The rehabilitation period is minimal - there may be slight redness and swelling, which pass for 2 days.

The recommended course is 7-10 procedures with further repetition 1 time per month.


  • dark tanned skin
  • hematological and oncological diseases,
  • diabetes,
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding,
  • acute infectious diseases.

Trust the procedure can only be experienced cosmetologist, otherwise there may be pain during micronidling, as well as unpleasant consequences in the form of various complications.

Micronidling at home - an alternative for independent

On the Internet you can find many offers to purchase a mezoroller for micronidling at home.

The device provides a compact device in the form of a roller with a handle. Microneedles with a length of usually no more than 0.5 mm are placed on the platen.

Using the mezoroller is very simple:

  1. the device is treated with alcohol,
  2. we clean the face of cosmetics, wash with warm water and soak with a clean towel,
  3. we put a cosmetic preparation (can be bundled with the device),
  4. начинаем водить мезороллером по коже по вертикали, горизонтали и наискосок (достаточно 3-5 движений),
  5. наносим на кожу специальную маску, а затем увлажняющий крем,
  6. дезинфицируем прибор и убираем в футляр.

It is not recommended to sunbathe for 2-3 days after home correction, and it is also necessary to apply a cream with UV protection.

Short needles have an impact on the surface layers of the skin and help in the fight against fine wrinkles, enlarged pores, sagging skin. If you have more serious problems, as well as possible contraindications to the procedure, you should seek advice and further treatment from professionals.

Experts also warn fans of home micronidling - without proper qualifications and experience, the risk of infection or the visible scars increases many times. For home use, it is not possible to adjust the depth of needle entry and to choose the correct zone of influence.

If you still decide on a home correction procedure, rinse the face thoroughly with an antiseptic and use a quality machine with good needles. Also, be careful in applying any skin care products that have not been tested for combination with micronidling.

Our verdict - who should conduct facial correction

Any manipulation on the face can have both positive and negative consequences. When it comes to micronidling, you need to understand what goals you set for yourself.

If this is the prevention of age-related changes and the elimination of minor defects, you can try a good mezoroller for home use. Carefully read the instructions for the device and approach the procedure responsibly to avoid complications.

If you have serious problems, such as deep wrinkles, stretch marks or acne scars, contact an experienced cosmetologist for help, who will select an individual treatment plan for you and use modern equipment to suit your skin's characteristics.

Face micronidling price

Mikronidling as a service appeared on the market of cosmetology relatively recently. But quickly managed to gain popularity among customers. This is a fairly simple way to restore the elasticity of the skin, to return them to youth and freshness.

The price of the service is influenced by various factors - from the level of the beauty salon and the skill of the beautician who conducts the procedure to the individual characteristics of the client. It is worth noting that in different beauty salons a consultation of a cosmetologist may be included in the price of the service or not - specify this information.

Also, the price is affected by the possibility of using an individual mezoroller, which is usually reusable and can be used up to ten consecutive procedures. Cosmetics has a different value, which is applied to the skin after treatment with the device.

In Russia, micronidling is done in different regions - the procedure is quite common. If you focus on prices in Moscow, here the service is provided on average for 5000-13000 rubles.

In Ukraine, the cost of micronidling ranges from UAH 400-800 per session. In Kiev, this service will be somewhat more expensive than in other regions.

Description of the face micronidling procedure

Face micronidling is the process of mechanically piercing the epidermis using a special mezoroller with needles to deliver bioactive compounds to the deeper layers of the skin. Such effects can activate fibroblasts responsible for the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Thus, the activation of fibroblasts is carried out mechanically.

The mezoroller has a rounded shape and is similar to a brush, which instead of a pile has needles. There are many types of devices. They differ from each other in size, shape, length of needles, their number.

So, needles for the effects on the skin of the face have the smallest diameter and size. Usually in the range of 0.2-0.5 millimeters. They loosen the top layer of the skin, improve the absorption capacity of the epidermis. Spines for the body are larger - 0.5-1.5 millimeters. They are used to combat stretch marks, cellulite, hair loss, flabbiness. To eliminate the effects of acne and smooth the scars, you will need needles of about 3 millimeters in length.

The essence of the procedure is similar to mesotherapy, but the main difference between micronidling is that the drugs are not injected into the skin, and the effect is carried out in a different way.

It can be divided into several stages:

    After the skin is damaged by needles of the mezoroller, platelet activation occurs. The latter produce proteins from growth factor that enhance cell division. Also, these proteins stimulate the formation of connective tissue substances - collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid. Puncture needles should be made quickly, so that the damage could not close, and the bio-substances had time to get under the skin.

Next comes the process of inflammation and recovery of the skin. As a rule, it takes 1-3 days. Inflammation triggers the work of cells that stimulate the regenerative process in the epidermis. In parallel with this, the vascular wall is strengthened, collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid are actively synthesized. During this period, swelling of the face, redness may occur.

At the third stage of the procedure, new tissue begins to form on the damaged areas of the skin, granulation occurs. During this, the face may itch, peel off. During this period, the processes of neocollagenesis, restoration of the basement membranes are launched.

  • The last stage is plastic. Its duration ranges from two weeks to two years. At this time, the collagen of the first type actively replaces the collagen of the third and sixth types.

  • Over time, collagen breaks down faster than synthesized. "Old" collagen has a damaged structure, does not contribute to the rejuvenation of the skin. Micronidling helps the skin synthesize an orderly, resilient collagen. In addition, the process of injury to the epidermis enhances local immunity, the skin is quickly regenerated, it returns elasticity, density, freshness. Also age pigmentation leaves, complexion improves.

    Micronidling is not recommended to be carried out too often. If you make a new procedure earlier than 28 days after the previous one, the epidermis will produce third and sixth type collagen, that is, the one that is responsible for the formation of scars. To form a young and elastic collagen, it will take at least 28 days.

    Micronidling is not a particularly traumatic procedure, it takes only a few days to heal skin lesions, the risk of developing bacterial infections of the epidermis is minimal.

    During the procedure, professional cosmetics for mezorollers are used. Depending on the individual characteristics of the skin, age-related changes and problems, mezococktails, serums, gels with hyaluron and vitamins, concentrated bioactive substances with collagen, elastin and other useful components may be prescribed.

    As a rule, collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, which are included in micronidling preparations, have a low molecular weight structure with a particle size of less than 9 nm. Due to this particle size, substances penetrate into the layers of the epidermis as deeply as possible.

    Indications for face micronidling procedure

    Micronidling can solve a whole range of cosmetic problems. It is prescribed for such age-related skin imperfections: flabbiness, sagging, wrinkles, dryness, hyperpigmentation. In addition, the procedure effectively fights scars, pigment spots caused by hormonal changes. Also micronidling returns the sensitivity of the epidermis and shrinks the pores after plastic surgery and deep chemical peels.

    The procedure eliminates excessive fat and epidermal greasiness, helps to fight comedones and enlarged pores. It is also effective for excessively dry and sensitive skin.

    Used micronidling and to combat the effects of acne - scars, scars, redness. This procedure is also prescribed for the prevention of age-related skin changes.

    In-salon micronidling procedure

    Micronidling is carried out with the use of special means to improve the condition of the skin or without them. The feasibility of the use of certain drugs is determined by a cosmetologist after a careful examination of the face and the identification of problems.

    The procedure in the cabin is carried out in several stages. Consider them:

      Skin preparation. At this stage, the epidermis is thoroughly cleaned, removes makeup residues, and disinfects the skin.

    Anesthesia. The micronidling procedure is not too painful, but unpleasant, and therefore local anesthesia is performed to minimize discomfort. As a rule, this stage is necessary if a mezoroller with needles more than one millimeter in length is used.

    Skin treatment with special preparations. They are selected individually for the needs of the client's epidermis. It is unacceptable to use products with perfumes, pigments, preservatives - it can be unsafe. Micronidling enhances the absorption capacity of the epidermis, and the ingress of some chemicals into the deep layers of the skin is highly undesirable.

    Impact mezoroller. The needle roller “passes” several times in a row on the skin of the face. Massage with a micronidling apparatus continues until the first droplets of blood appear. After which it is removed and the epidermis is treated with an antiseptic.

  • Application of skin care products. After completing the micronidling procedure, the epidermis needs care. To do this, use a light mask, cream, serum, sunscreen. This cosmetics should accelerate wound healing, eliminate the likelihood of inflammation.

  • The result and consequences of face micronidling

    Recent independent studies of the effectiveness of various cosmetic procedures have shown that micronidling greatly exceeds the efficiency of chemical peels, laser resurfacing, and dermabrasion. The results of a course of exposure to the skin by this method are comparable in effectiveness with laser rejuvenation of CO2, phototherapy and fraxel. Also, none of the above procedures can not achieve such an active process to produce your own collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

    The advantage of the micronidling procedure is that it does not require a long rehabilitation period. After a day, you can return to the usual way of life with only some restrictions.

    An undesirable consequence of the procedure may be redness of the skin, slight swelling, swelling, inflammation. Sometimes an allergic reaction to the drug used develops.

    If the procedure is performed too often and long needles are used, scars and micro-scraps may form instead of beautiful and elastic skin. Therefore, do not resort to micronidling more often than recommended.

    Real micronidling reviews

    Despite the fact that the micronidling procedure is relatively new in the market of cosmetic services, it has already gained popularity and positive feedback from customers. On various thematic sites and forums you can find various comments about this service.

    Tatyana, 32 years old

    I first heard about micronidling from a girlfriend and also decided to try it myself. I was assigned a course of three sessions. The procedure is not very pleasant - it hurt, albeit with an anesthetic. But I saw the effect after the second session. I really liked the result, mimic wrinkles disappeared, the skin smoothed, the tone evened out, pigment spots left in the cheek area. Before micronidling, I tried various procedures for the prevention of early aging and I can say that it was the mezoroller that turned out to be the most effective for me. In addition, this procedure benefits because of the short rehabilitation period. I did not have bruises, like after injections, as well as inflammations, like after revitalization. In general, it is definitely worth trying for anyone who wants to preserve youthful skin as long as possible.

    Ekaterina, 34 years old

    I read about this procedure, but I was somehow afraid to do it. I came to the salon for peeling, and they suggested that I do micronidling. In general, she decided and never regretted it! It did not hurt at all, it turned out to be even a little pleasant. Such soothing tingling, no discomfort, I even dozed off during the procedure. I picked up a special cocktail for skin with hyalurone and collagen. He had to slightly tighten the skin, return her elasticity, and he coped perfectly well! Besides, I had a small scar on my cheek from an old injury. During the year I did eight procedures. So the scar became less noticeable, and the skin was refreshed, it began to glow from the inside. I am very pleased!

    Daughter presented a micronidling coupon to the salon. By the age of 40, I had pronounced “crow's feet” and the oval of my face swam a little. The beautician suggested that I use a mixture of hyaluronic acid, collagen and vitamins to refresh my skin. The procedure itself is a bit unpleasant, but not very painful. After the session, the skin until the evening was reddened, and then the redness went away, the swelling disappeared, but peeling appeared. However, nothing terrible, the doctor warned me that it would be so. But then the face noticeably fresher, wrinkles smoothed out. And this is just after one procedure! I will definitely do it again, because I see the effect and I like it.

    Photo before and after micronidling of the skin

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